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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 266  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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poor province a military spokesman says some of those killed burned to death when shops and government buildings recess from far. sports by rumors of a teacher students monkeys mohammed's house more jakarta. there's been another outbreak of violence between protesters and government forces in the indonesian province of pop-y. according to the ministry spokesman around 20 people have been killed in the tunnel when a sign that there were clashes at a high school and the airport there is now closed i'd also in the capital of jai a poor of several people were killed there including an indonesian military officer this was during a protest at the university now various pictures are being shed on social media which al-jazeera has not been able to independently verify but the team did speak to a pastor hartley in woman who said that it was so chaotic that he was not able to leave has challenged you to the fact that people were destroying the buildings outside
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now the region has seen unrest since mid august of accusations of racial and ethnic discrimination in the some of the protesters are calling for a referendum on independence now the indonesian government and the possible also try to curb these protests by bringing a crackdown on internet access i would believe that that is that blackout has now been enforced once again and the president has said that social media is to blame for some of the fake messages that have been shed online around some of the violence that occurred earlier in the day and he's people to be more cautious about the information that's being said on social media and right now we understand that an investigation is underway into the latest violence. and there's no shortage of heroin and opium in the mountains of myanmar. ports of the golden triangle one of the world's. sports for narcotics here's a fighting that has forced around 100 into camps where drug addiction is difficult
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to scrape from laura bird mommy reports. with china tens of thousands of people live in displacement camps distressed and poverty stricken many find solace in the cheapest and most readily available drug heroin. the no one. has been on and off the drug for years. when conflict fled 80 years ago her mother fled to china and left pan alone with no money. i became a drug addict because of me actually i have quit once before a long time ago but i came back to use drugs again it's all because of me my heart's not strong to say no to drugs pam is recovering apologists and rehabilitation center run by the catch an independent organization near the capital . women
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a some of the most vulnerable as there are not enough jobs for them and prostitution is rife. but drug users come from all walks of life. during the initial dry out days some where these chains to prevent them from running away. and we lived in the i.d.p. camp near china's border and there are many drug dealers and users that when we hear people in the i.d.p. camps are addicted to drugs we investigate find out who is using a. suspected uses and camps are asked to provide hearing tests to show if they're using drugs if they fail the force to come into the center. many fear going back home where it's a dollar a hit heroin is not only affordable but it's difficult to escape. almost every house and every village is selling the drugs they sell on the streets and alleyways people are selling drugs because of
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a conflict. the conflict began in 1962 when the military took control of the region a cease fire was broken 8 years ago when me and my forces and the caption independence army fought for control with talks stalled there's uncertainty over who will control the state in the future which could continue to have consequences for the many vulnerable people living here. about a manly al-jazeera. sports max here on i will just 0 with that champion feeling the entire season ends in california leo will be here with all the details after that's. too strange indeed. you have to shoulder court all the more with your comp still
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fight against corruption. new chiro heroes like new. refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror. talk to al-jazeera we what guarantees will be given to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. sign
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for the sport now years later. well the president of russia has a legit committee admits their place at the 2020 tokyo games is under threat after possible signs its moscow anti doping lab with data the world any doping agency has given them 3 weeks to explain and consistencies this comes barely a year after water lifted russia's original ban over a state sponsored doping program what has president craig ready stands by that decision despite these latest developments. it's disappointing a good thing is an embarrassment because the whole point of the exercise was to get access to the information so that we could put together which international federation should prosecute against people that have been cheating and we've done
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that we have 47 cases under way at the moment and potentially an awful lot more from the dart or the half we've no phone some inconsistency we're going to do with that we're going to do that properly the alternative to doing nothing is that you see here you rebuild the russian anti doping agency which we did over a number of years but we don't know compliant so what happens. also on monday as expected it was announced that russia's ban from athletics has been extended as well that means that for the 2nd time running their athletes will miss out on the world championships starting in doha this week. that the council unanimously endorsed the strongest recommendation that we have probably the us had . the. from the task force that the russian federation remains suspended that will be opposition. as we enter congress and i'm sure the
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member federations will want to endorse the unanimous position that was struck by the council we had a lengthy discussion today in council after. and the taskforce reported to us and the issues were debated in length and the feeling was very strong about this well israel has blocked a gaza football team from playing a local cup final in the occupied west bank cut them at the office tried for months to get permits but have not been able to israeli human rights group again has challenged the move in court but it may it's unlikely wednesday's game will even happen. really the fault is that palestinians cannot outside of the gaza strip except for people who need very very narrow roads here yesterday morning so in theory actually the players meet that criteria there is credit here that allows for palestinian national teams and and teams to travel but the players were blocked in
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any case and i think that's an experience that of course many many people can relate to and the default is that no one trials except for those rare people who do get a permit to do so and i think this is something that is of course much broader than just sports of course this is a question for these players access to their right place but they've been working in training to play this game and they should be able to do so but this is definitely about a much bigger question which is about the fact that is being isolated from the west bank that its people civilians are being protected from traveling from moving goods in a way that they could build palestinian society that they could access the fruits of development that they can live live normal lives like other people do well the amir of qatar says that the upcoming 2022 world cup will be quote the greenest
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tournaments ever he made the pledge at the u.n. summit on climate change in new york. we are committed to organizing an environment friendly tournament the 1st carbon neutral tournament in the world through the use of solar powered stadiums and cooling and lighting technologies that are walter an energy efficient. at the rugby world cup the 6 nations grand slam winners wales have started with a victory against georgia it was a fast start for wales securing a bonus point by half time jonathan davies with one of their 4 tries before the break but the georgians then came out fighting child. touching down after this powerful drive but wales pulled away again a nice move down the right when solid tomas williams get on the end of a kick forward by george north and north would go on to complete the scoring with wales a 6 try 43 points to 14 the final score next up for wales is their crucial clash in
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pool d. against australia on saturday or my after beating south africa on saturday new zealand players have a 10 day break to prepare for their next pool match against canada their coaches say they'll be no relaxing as they chase a 3rd straight world cup crown. well caps are a bit live in your standards dial you know the minute we think we've had one good game and we've made it mean we're going to get spanked. the only way we're going to progress senior food in this tour is if we keep trying to meet i want to expect tysons on a daily basis that's where the person comes and. so those soon to be know the ryans and extend. he was expected to be one of the stars of this world cup but after being sacked by the australian rugby union israel folau is returning to international competition to play rugby league for tanga the fullback of tongan heritage has been cleared to play in their upcoming matches against great britain
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and australia for laos australia contract was terminated in april after he posted on social media saying that hell awaits gay people he's suing the organization for unlawful dismissal because of his christian beliefs israel's brother john also plays rugby league for talk. pakistan cricket fan said they're looking forward to welcoming the sri lankan team to the country later on this week it will be the 1st tour made by a sri lankan squad since terrorists attacked their team bus in the horror back in 2009 when 8 people were killed following the attacks international teams refused to play in pakistan although zimbabwe did play a one day series in the country in 2015 sri lanka will be the 1st major international team to play there in 10 years but a very good is no terrorism here it's a peaceful country everything is going smoothly and i wish more people would come and buy tickets so that it would be an exciting series and we should get a message that teams like australia and south africa should come into pakistan.
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former wimbledon champion angelica herbert has been knocked out in the 1st round of the would open in china she was beaten by puerto rico's monica poorly in a repeat of the 2016 olympic women's singles final which was also the winner of her for losing 2 sets 21765761 who will play allison risk in the next round. joseph new garden is celebrating his 2nd indy car championship in 3 years he came home in a 2nd place in the season finale at laguna seca in california on sunday to clinch the title new gardens of victory in the series come pleated a clean sweep of the big prizes and $21000.00 for team penske after simon pagenaud those victory at the indianapolis $500.00. they just did such a great job this this group all year long and i don't want to turn away at the end . do something silly but you know they called the great race and i just i tried to
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be as smart as i could today i'm sure brad everybody already that's it for me has more for you thank you so much leo well that wraps up this new star it's thank you for being on the team here into the hunch over night at the state bar on the scene in london and i. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with rick i'm still fight against corruption. this fire needs heroes heroes like no who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darkie used to shine a light let's make the road to
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a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror now. we will maintain this fighting force liberal the united states army this overlying is going to. have a club of dependency we have a mismatch between the way. and the reality of the 21st century. only if the persons that are sitting out you should be transparent. shits relocates on al-jazeera. through these doors will walk the influences the
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experts my special guests. on these pews will sit and inform the audience and my distinguished panelists ready and waiting for a combative debate. for nearly 200 years people have insisted on making their voices heard here in the chamber of the oxford union and this time i'll be waiting for them a new series of head to head coming soon on al jazeera. so you'll come to us young people for hope how dare you gratitude and berber rates world leaders at the un climate summit where 30 countries have promised to be carbon neutral by 2050.
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caliber rifle stick bar if you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up at least 40 civilians are killed at a wedding party in afghanistan by what's believed to be a u.s. airstrike. a classroom collapses at a school in kenya's capital killing 7 children and injuring dozens more. person launches its biggest peace time of patri ation the collapse of trouble for thomas cook leaves more than half a 1000000 travelers stranded approach. a world leaders have gathered at the u.n. to discuss how to stop climate change from causing a planetwide catastrophe the summit at this year's general assembly wants countries to build on their pledges from the historic paris agreement in 2015 which aims to cap the global temperature rise at one and a half degrees this century well at least 30 countries have sworn to be carbon
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neutral 520-5066 the promise to have more ambitious climate goals finland and germany have vowed to ban the use of coal within a decade but 14 nations representing a quarter of global emissions of signal bay don't intend to revise their current climate plans by next year and that is the deadline set by the un chief antonio to terrorists. well the swedish climate activists gratitude has made in a passionate speech at the u.n. telling world leaders they have betrayed young people she spoke at the summit before world leaders delivered their pledges for the environment u.s. president donald trump made a brief appearance at the meeting which he had been expected to skip entirely his government has been a regular target for turning berg calvinist millions of children across the world to take part in her weekly fridays for future school strikes saying this is all
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wrong. i shouldn't be up here i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean people are suffering people are dying entire eco systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. the eyes of all future generations are upon you and if you choose to fail us i say we will never forgive you or 2nd life now to the u.n. in new york or speaks al-jazeera rosalyn jordan rose that was a very emotional very accusatory speech by grattan burg. and it wasn't just that set of remarks i grab the tumbler delivered on monday morning here at the united nations climate action summit she and a number of other young activists then issued a complaint at the u.n.
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against several nations for not doing enough to prevent global warming from happening the accusation basically in part is that countries have ignored the impact that the over use of fossil fuels house on the global environment not just the temperatures but on weather patterns on the health of plants and by extension on the health of humanity and they're asking for a real change they're asking for countries to be held accountable certainly one of the things that was behind the climate action summit was that the secretary general and only a group that has wanted to have countries come up and explain what they have been doing since they signed onto the player the paris climate agreement back in 2015 he wasn't going to let anyone on the stage who was simply going to issue platitudes about trying to do right by the environment he actually wanted to see concrete plans things that would change employer governments are doing and what businesses
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are doing and employed local communities themselves are doing to try to reverse the rapidly warming temperatures worldwide rose we've just seen pictures as all of us president all trompe briefly attended that meeting didn't speak of course but what did the well be just who did speak what if they have to say. well what the world leaders who were here attending had to say was that their countries are trying to do more to move away from having a fossil fuels as their primary energy source a real pledges of trying to use more renewable sources of energy solar wind hydro electricity in. formats in as little as a year but more realistically in the next 10 to 20 years by about 2050 trying to cut down their net emissions trying to install equipment trying to plant more
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trees doing whatever is available techno law technically in order to reverse that promise that process of global warming of course it is worth pointing out that the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg did address donald trump although not directly while he was in the hall saying that he hoped that this summit taking place in their hometown as it were would in persuading the president to change his policies on global warming and to perhaps reconsider rejoining the paris climate change agreement it's pretty well known now that the president withdrew the united states from that agreement in 2017 that he is now directed his department his. environmental protection agency to go after the state of california which has very tough auto emissions rules a move which in turn has sent the california state government to court to try to
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prevent the federal government from its efforts to try to clean up the air so it's very much his 10 minutes in the hall did really galvanize people's attention because it is only the united states that is not a signatory to paris at the u.n. thank you. candy happening at the u.n. this week of course and sekret general antennae caetera has announced the formation of a constitutional committee to syria it's seen as a step towards restarting the stalled peace process aimed at ending the conflict. i am pleased to announce the agreement of the governments of the syrian arab republic and the syrian negotiation school mission for a credible balance than the inclusive constitutional committee that will be facilitated by the united nations in geneva i welcome the progress made by my by the government and the opposition and my special envoy facilitative you get him and
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in accordance with security council resolution 2254 of 215 and we will convene the constitutional committee in the coming weeks we get more on this from a diplomatic at us again space he's also at the u.n. in new york and james how did this committee come about some how significant is it . well it's part of a resolution from a long time ago 2254 u.n. security council resolution and the u.n. has been trying to get this little piece of the puzzle right for a very long time this committee they've been arguing over names they've been arguing over just a couple of names for many months now they have now got a list the u.n. went to damascus has it believes now the syrian government taking full part in this process and they could sit down in geneva in just a matter of weeks to come up with the ideas for a new constitution with syria that's important because it could potentially bring democratic elections in
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a country that has never had them since the assads took power in 1970 but i was telling you it's only about that peace the future of syria this is going to do nothing to help the situation on the ground particularly in it labe where the bombardment and destruction continues every single day and james there's also been a couple of rather interesting developments concerning iran. fast moving developments concerning iran and the one of the most important concerns the u.k.'s position on iran the u.k. is saying along with the u.s. it believes that iran was behind the attacks that took place those drone attacks on saudi oil installations nations but more recently the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has given an interview to a british t.v. network in which he said following that it was time to look at all the problems with iran and potentially renegotiate the iran nuclear deal now this would be very important because of course all the other signatures apart from the u.s.
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have stuck by this nuclear deal in response that t.v. interview president trump said i respect boris a lot and i'm not surprise he's the 1st one to do that i can tell you here outside the u.n. in the last hour i spoke to a european ambassador to the u.n. and that. ambassador when i read boris his words to him took a very deep breath and said oh my god oh my god that's the shock in european circles that perhaps the u.k. is joining the u.s. and not agree with that nuclear deal to add though to the confusion in the last few minutes a spokesman for the british government has put out a statement saying what we're trying to do is get iran into compliance with the nuclear deal and the u.k. prime minister supports the iran nuclear deal so the u.k. in a position i'm sure senior u.k. diplomats don't want to be in a position of complete confusion and i think that confusion is likely to try and
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get clarification in the coming hours other partners of the u.k. will be wanting that ahead of a meeting of the remaining signatories the iran nuclear deal that's taking place on wednesday with regard to iran itself they're saying quite clearly they don't think they're going to have a sit down meeting between president rouhani and president trump that was the word from the iranian foreign minister when i was at a breakfast with him a few hours ago in the here in new york he also said iran will come up with a new peace initiative and president rouhani speech to the general assembly we're going to call it the hormuz initiative they're going to invite all of the country is that border the gulf to discuss maritime security regional security arrangements under the umbrella of the u.n. it's certainly an interesting proposal but of course under that formula the u.s. doesn't get a seat at the table so one suspects washington might not be too happy with the idea interesting developments there for our diplomatic as a space to get to that teeth in st james at the u.n.
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thank you. at least 14 civilians attending a wedding party in afghanistan have been killed in a rate backed by u.s. airstrikes the attack by afghan forces took place in the most a color region in helmand province the governor of helmand says afghan special forces killed 14 taliban fighters and 6 foreigners in a raid but the raid also hit a wedding celebration killing mostly women and children but mcbride has more from kabul this seems to have been a major military operation in the movie the color district of helmand province this is a known taliban stronghold involving both it seems ground forces and also strike now the ministry of defense here in kabul is talking about this in terms of being a successful military operation saying a none.


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