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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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what. comes in the cults on al jazeera. 0. dollar i missed in this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.k. france and germany say it's clear iran bears responsibility for the attack on the saudi oil plants. if you choose to take a loss i say we will never give you teenage climate activist pressure turn back the rates wildly it is at the u.n. climate summit. donald trump has his supporters behind egypt's leader saying
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everybody has demonstrations. and dozens of wedding guests are killed during an anti taliban raid in afghanistan. now the u.k. france and germany say it's clear that iran bears responsibility for the attacks on saudi oil installations earlier this month the european leaders met on the sidelines of the un general assembly in new york and french president. direct talks with his iranian counterparts hassan rouhani who denies involvement in the attacks iran's foreign minister has again ruled out the possibility of negotiating a new nuclear deal british prime minister johnson hinted that the u.k. may withdraw from the 2015 agreement diplomatic editor james bays has the latest from united nations. is the u.k. about to break seats from the iran nuclear deal there is great confusion after
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comments made in interviews by prime minister boris johnson in which he said it was a bad deal that needs renegotiating and that president trump was the man to do so as president from the right is it was a bad deal it wasn't a great deal iran was was and is behaving disruptively in the region and i think is one guy who can do a better deal for years trump was quick to seize on what appeared to be a change in u.k. policy oh i respect boris a lot and i am not at all surprised that he was the 1st one to come out and say that later though this statement is clarification the prime minister supports the j c p o a that's the iran nuclear deal the iranians aren't currently in compliance and we need to bring them back into compliance. it all comes at a time of growing tension the u.k. france and germany have now joined the u.s. in declaring that iran was responsible for the drone attacks on saudi arabia's oil
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installations meanwhile iran's foreign minister mohammed job as the reef says a meeting between president trump and president rouhani will certainly not take place this week but he says iran will propose a new peace mechanism it's calling the hormuz initiative which will consist of all the countries in the gulf under a u.n. umbrella he believe it should be owned by the countries in the region but the u.n. umbrella addresses a number of consensus because the u.n. umbrella dresses disparities in size power. he's a but. he's just about it isn't always do even if you do the g.c.c. as you know developments regarding iran are moving extremely far and president trump is likely to devote a significant part of his speech to the general assembly on choose day to the ongoing crisis james 0 at the united nations. i spoke to
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harry mann leverett he's a former white house and u.s. state department official she says european leaders have failed to protect the 2015 iran nuclear deal. there is no proof the french the british and the germans are not even waiting for a un or international investigation which the saudis have themselves called for 'd the e.u. 3 as they're called the germans the french and the british are coming out jumping the gun not waiting for investigation to say that iran must have done it there's no other explanation well that really underestimates as they have for years what the yemenis have been capable of doing and i think we all have underestimated what the yemenis are capable of doing much to our much to our peril nobody is really interested in continuing with the iran nuclear deal the including the iranians but i think the europeans have taken a real gamble throwing their weight behind president trump in some sort of new multilateral deal because trump is not interested in
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a multilateral deal he is interested in by lateral deals where the u.s. has overwhelming leverage against the party that it's negotiating with so trump wants a deal with with iran and in the end he's going to turn on the europeans and they're going to be left out in the cold so this is a really calculated calculated policy that trump is pursuing and the europeans are really now on full display for their weakness they can't even protect what they said was their landmark diplomatic achievement with iran which was in their utmost national security interests the whole process really is in tatters. well there at the u.n. for a climate change summit to try to prevent a global irreversible catastrophe the summit's part of the general assembly countries to accelerate reforms a new u.n. report has found commitments to cut greenhouse gases must be at least tripled to meet the goals of the 25th day in paris agreement now at least 66 countries have signaled their intent to achieve a net 0 carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 but 14 nations and they represent
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a quarter of global emissions have refused to improve their current climate plans by next year a deadline set by u.n. chief antonio terra's their action drew a scolding from teenage climate activist groups attorney bag roslyn jordan has. the 1st day of autumn in the northern hemisphere but as the u.n. general assembly gets underway in new york temperatures are still unseasonably warm and the teenager behind a global youth movement on climate change took the stage at the united nations to tell the dolt the situation is unacceptable i shouldn't be up here i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. just as you'll come to us young people for hope how do you know you can talk about is money and fame or tales of each time of economic growth how did you know it's perhaps not surprising that
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someone so passionate about climate change had earlier been left unimpressed by the arrival at the un of a world leader who does not share her urgency the un secretary general called this summit to get countries businesses and ordinary people to unveil their best plans of action this is not too late we can do it limiting warming 1.5 degrees is still. but if you require your fundamental transformation all aspects of society are we going to. use lands fuel our transport and followed our economy good tell us what you want at the summit to be a show of support for the goals of the 2015 powers climate change agreement those who spoke said they were committed to exceeding their obligations under paris don't go to really to the do. you know emissions or unbacked for from the 3 how about we need. to have some more support to go into other sectors
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to reduce. carbon footprint listening in at least for a few minutes u.s. president don't trump who had pulled his country out of the accord in 2017 and who had been expected to skip the summit his presence didn't go unnoticed and we also thank president trump for coming today to the united nations hopefully our discussions here will be useful for you when you formulate climate policy secretary general antonio good data is compiling a list of the plans unveiled at the climate action summit on monday so that he can present it to delegates at the un's 25th annual climate change summit in santiago chile in december a boost to change fundamental human behavior so that the world as we know it doesn't go up in flames rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the united nations and on the
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sidelines of the un general assembly u.s. president on all trying has praised egypt's neda. saying he's brought order to his country as follows days of rare anti-government protests in several egyptian cities human rights activists say the police have now rounded up more than $400.00 people in response to the rallies against sisi on friday you can be with the president you will always find something like this in our region especially with political us. there has been an effort for many years to make sure that this political islam has a role on the political arena however this part of the world will remain in a state of instability and as long as political islam is there you know i'm not i'm not concerned with. egypt as a great leader highly respected he's brought order before he was here there was very little order there was chaos and so i'm not worried about the. house has been following developments from the united nations. president of the for taxes he faces
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growing discontent at home and international community a critical of us here why it's violations here in new york he got what he was hoping for a strong endorsement from the u.s. president donald trump who said that he was impressed with the. president a c.c. of that egypt was in turmoil until a seizure took over into a 1013 what was interesting is that when sis was asked about the protest movement in egypt he said basically this were people affiliated with political islam and that political islam was given a chance in 2012 in egypt a reference to the muslim brotherhood when they took over and that it was rejected by the egyptian people he didn't mention the young protesters who took to the streets over the last few days denouncing the legacy of president there but as you see saying that here impoverished the nation that he along with the military elite embezzled public funds and this is creating some concerns among the egyptians who are willing to take to the streets on friday in another. denouncing president for.
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the people who are concerned say that because of the strong endorsement from the u.s. president sisi could use that political leverage to further clamp down on this can distant under his opponents. well there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including bristol's largest peacetime repatriation mission begins stranded thomas cup holiday makers ahead of. hong kong workers pay the price of protesting as mainland china puts pressure on their employers. and russia is in danger of missing out on competing at the tokyo lympics nearby spain and scores. dozens of people have been killed at a wedding party in afghanistan during an. raid backed by u.s.
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airstrikes the operation by afghan forces happened in the mussa collar region in helmand province of helmand officials said the afghan army was targeting a taliban hideout close to a wedding celebration while the u.s. military command said explosions from al qaeda weapons and suicide vests followed precision airstrikes robert bryant has more from kabul. this seems to have been a major military operation in the mussa color district of helmand province this is a known taliban stronghold involving both it seems ground forces and also an airstrike now the ministry of defense here in kabul is talking about this in terms of being a successful military operation saying a number of foreign taliban fighters as it describes them were killed in this attack others were captured and a large cache of taliban weaponry was seized but it does seem according to various reports coming from helmand province including the governor's office. number of
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civilians were also caught up in this attack particularly from a wedding party that was happening nearby that was caught in this airstrike now the number of civilian casualties varies the taliban has issued a statement saying tens of people have been killed others injured other figures differ to that but what we do know it does seem as though a large number of civilians once again have been caught up in a battle between taliban and coalition forces and a number include colluding many women and children this comes of course as afghanistan is preparing for its presidential election in the coming saturday the last couple of days have been generally quiet here in afghanistan but we have seen generally a surge in the number of attacks taking place both by the taliban who have threatened to disrupt this election process and also in response coalition attacks trying to
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make sure that there is security here for this election to take place and we are still several days away from polling. israel's president has wrapped up his 2nd day of consultations to form a new government following last week's election stalemate ribbon reverend met the current prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main challenger benny gantz dance finished just ahead of netanyahu in the vote but both men are still short of a majority at least 7 children were killed in kenya's capital nairobi when next classroom collapsed just as they were starting a morning lessons 64 other students are in hospital and 2 of them are in a critical condition catherine so i reports from nairobi. it's all the afternoon and child or young girl has been searching for his 11 year old son caleb was on the ground floor of the 2 story building his neighbour's daughter 14 year
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old juliet kerry is also missing she is in a classroom above. a young girl has come to get information from aid workers helping parents trace missing children. i 1st came here in the morning but they did not find them i have been to 4 hospitals they also told me to quit picking them watching. after frantically looking for them all day where youngest son is found safe but juliet did not make it. the collapse of the primary school building happened when morning classes were just starting just as pupils were settling down to begin lessons. when i arrived the children were under the rubble 6 of them what they had we took them to the watcher. government officials say investigations into the cause of the collapse have begun the school for more than 800 children was built of i and shoots separated by
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a concrete slab that appeared to have been poorly reinforced all these are books that were left behind after the building collapsed children who survived the tragedy have been collecting some of the intact book they'll be sorting them out later and perhaps reuse them we also have community members who've been here all day they are still trying to come to terms with what happened kenyans who can't afford to take their children to expensive private schools or get a place in crowded public institutions bring them to chibok community schools such as this they don't tragedies like this happen the whole neighborhood comes to help i don't have a student or a pupil here. to come to the risk sure. we may feel i'm a parent. after what had been a long and traumatizing day some injured pupils who'd be taken to hospital were discharged their parents eager to take them home but several other parents will be
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going home alone catherine soy al jazeera nairobi. the u.k. has dispatched a commercial airliner stranded passengers affected by the collapse of one of the world's oldest travel agencies thomas cook these were the scenes in turkey hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers have been left stranded after britain's thomas cook ceased trading after failing to secure additional funding from creditors and triggered the u.k.'s biggest repatriation operation since world war 2 for a challenge reports grounded planes empty check in desk. shuttered shops the ghostly infrastructure left behind by the death of the oldest travel company in the world a life changing event for some 21000 thomas cook international staff a huge up evil for more than half a 1000000 customers i'm sure about how they'll get back to their own countries from holidays to the u.k. the responsibility for getting stranded nationals home falls on the civil aviation
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or 30 it's a huge operation to get everyone back by october 6th these holiday makers on the spanish island of new york are clearly happy to be getting on a plane. this is the largest recall since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home everybody. back back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return date the u.k. government refused to bail out the company with 247000000 dollars in their talks with lenders and shareholders collapsed on sunday. i want to apologize to my 21000 colleagues who will be heartbroken secondly i would like to say. to all our customers those who are on holiday with us now and those who have booked with us in the coming months although most travelers will choose other companies for future holidays turkey's hotel federation still
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thinks it could miss out on $600.00 to $700000.00 tourists a year hotel years across the world face pay debts. where thomas cook tourists were briefly detained in one hotel says the company owes its hotel $66000000.00 for july and august so what went wrong with one of the biggest travel companies in the world well one of the factors was they just failed to keep up with the times in an age where many people are happy to order holidays themselves online rather than a package from a travel agents in a shop but then there's also the weak british pound. an early european summer heat wave and then the impacts that breaks its uncertainty is out on whether people here want to risk going abroad to their favorite european destinations. the u.k. government is fast tracking an investigation into how the company and its directors handled it slide towards insolvency thomas cook set up his business 178 years ago
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booking train tickets for victorian britons now it's consigned to the history books . out a 0 london. now german airline condo is half owned by thomas cook but its planes are still flying dominic cain has a balance a shot of felt's air force. their line condo operators flights for the thomas cook group and it says that around 240000 customers passengers have flown with 2 destinations on holidays who are currently still there right now the difference with these passengers these customers is that condo is still operating flights it's applied for an emergency bridging loan from the german government to allow it to remain in operation cert says it's still operating at churchill's passengers can return to germany but the important thing to stress is that thomas cook in so far as the agencies that operate within it well they are no longer selling any of their packages to anyone any packages that have already been sold today monday the 23rd
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and for the 24th of september will not be honored condors also said that it will not fly any new thomas cook passengers on its planes clearly that the board is in the court of the german government will it approve the bridging loan that has been applied for is clearly that will be decisive in the deciding the situation that these $240000.00 passengers customers find themselves in the certainly the airport such as this burger insurer felt for those people working in the agencies the shops that provide these packages for their future is certainly as it were uncertain. in hong kong 20000 people have signed up to speak at the fast a public dialogue session with the government since mass protests began 4 months ago that the chief chief executive sorry the city's chief executive says only $150.00 people will be picked to a draw to voice their opinions during thursday's event carolan says she'll carry on
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holding these sessions even if they're disrupted by protesters she's expressed hope that. peaceful dialogue will help find a way out of the unrest that's been rocking the social protest as in hong kong has an ass on the streets to 16 weeks resisting what they say is beijing's growing control over the semi autonomous region but there's also pressure coming from the mainland on how businesses do business in hong kong scott's hytner reports. nathan leone used to be one of the 1st faces visitors would see at the headquarters of h.s.b.c. for 30 year old worked in guest relations at the hong kong bank employed by an outsourcing company the bank uses after he joined a general strike as part of the anti-government protests earlier this month he says h.s.b.c. told his company not to give him any more work in the bank h.s.b.c. denies that i know that. before all the business
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of h.s.b.c. is actually located in chinese mainland so is so is that they really cannot tool to say no to a chinese dictatorship so then more i am all employees will be we become silent and that the quick cash or other large companies heavily reliant on china for business have cracked down on employees who openly participate or support the protests cathay pacific airways flies many chinese passengers and needs china's airspace to operate hong kong's major airline has been seen to bow to political pressure from beijing by sacking its chief executives and employees who took part in protests and have talked about it on social media have also been fired. some companies that have sided with beijing are direct targets of the protesters and boycotts and vandalism . in the latest sunday protest targeting shopping malls demonstrators forced a restaurant to close the chains founder told the u.n. human rights council radical protesters don't represent all of the people in hong
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kong. it's not just locally based businesses feeling the pressure for. beijing international clothing brands are issued a statement on chinese social media supporting beijing's one country 2 systems after a newspaper asked why some of its hong kong stores were closed during the general strike some economists see this pressure from beijing on businesses in hong kong as inevitable part of the ongoing process of the mainland trying to gain control here but that the protests have quicken the pace. economist kevin cho he sees that as part of a calculated strategy exert heavy pressure as a threat to other companies after those 2 cases i think this is they will realize that all they're the big brother is watching us so they're going to more well behaved and then and then i don't think it's going to be as big as i mean it's going to like the origin and people going to say similar things and then they can behave themselves the city was built by the british to trade with china and beyond
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always in pursuit of bigger and better now some feel there could be a shift in how business is conducted here now that politics is playing a bigger role it's got harder al-jazeera hong kong. now still ahead on al-jazeera 5 nations a re a temporary arrangement to distribute by grants rescued from the mediterranean. calls for a public up rising an exiled cambodian politician seeks a national rabbani and. and wales are up and running at the rugby world cup mia will be here with action on the map so against georgia. however it may be duly to say the rain is finished in china but i think the season
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right in the line you see through here has more or less gone and what's coming out of tibetan plateau is the remains of the southwest monsoon of india which is on its way out but he is the last big 4 it goes so as wall not to be humid all the way from shanghai to tomko and west woods there is rain in sichuan but it probably will make no further eastward progress is going slowly south the same can be said of the rain band for the southeast go big holes and it looks ceased you might guess in daily shout developing in the central philippines for example in thailand in sumatra the certain conglomeration of potential for showers or thunderstorms in singapore sumatra back towards morning a crushing being in the mix all the time it's still dry season in indonesia and it's like and stay for a bit longer as it should. so that monsoon i was talking about the one the receding certainly is but it's been give me a loss or very recently in this general line from the pole towards an all points south in fact there's
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a warning just been issued for sri lanka for the potential for heavy rain for the next 2 or 3 days so this particular picture of a receding monsoon a very wet one. it was sponsored by qatar and. this is a dialogue which you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice but i'll start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little b.h. and literally before you do a ph and i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. through these doors we want the influences the experts my special guests. on these pews will sit and informed audience and my distinguished problem
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is ready and waiting for a combative debate. for nearly 200 years people have insisted on making their voices heard here in the chamber of the oxford union and this time i'll be waiting for them a new series of head to head coming soon on al-jazeera. and again i must. remind of our top stories this hour u.s. president on trump has praised egypt's leader abdel fattah el-sisi for bringing order to his country dismissing concerns over recent protests in several egyptian cities human rights activists say police have now rounded up more than $400.00 people at rallies against $0.60 friday. the u.k.
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france and germany say it's clear that iran bears responsibility for the attacks on saudi oil facilities this month the european leaders met on the side. lines of the u.n. general assembly in new york where british prime minister barak strong sent hinted that the u.k. may withdraw from the 2015 iran nuclear deal. at the u.n. for a climate change summit to try to prevent a global irreversible catastrophe they have been told that greenhouse gas commitments must be at least tripled in order to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreement jonah hill has been following developments from the united nations. i'm announcing that earlier this morning we have filed an official complaints under the convention on the rights of the child's. weld leaders don't like being told what to do much less by a group of school children including a certain swedish teenager who decided to take them to court my name is to get the
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timber and i am 16 years old and i'm doing this because well it is off failing to protect the rights of the child by continue to ignore the climate crisis a summit on climate change is the centerpiece of this year's general assembly and grettir totenberg it stand strong not everyone is a fan though it's a shift in emphasis 1st secretary general antonio tennis who came to office focusing on conflict resolution but instead has watched peace escape the likes of syria yemen and libya with a new cold flick looming in the gulf it is that sense of urgency but i have to say the secretary general didn't do it alone i think all you had to do is watch the millions of people especially young people that were in the streets on friday and the secretary general's fully aware that he may have been speaking but in the back there were millions of young people screaming and pushing and demanding action that
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it takes children to call world leaders to account on something like climate change says a lot about the state of global diplomacy as it does about the ever more elusive search for consensus that the u.n. and this vast gathering are supposed to be about $193.00 countries represented more than $500.00 side events a blizzard of activity but how much can actually be achieved for the diplomat and u.n. weapons inspector richard butler anyone who walks into an assembly like this and thinks that i can get what i want from it selfishly and take it away put it in my pocket. is not living on the same planet that i'm living on into depend. is the name of the game finding solutions that shoot a larger rather than a smaller number of people is what this place is about and the moral imperative to do so is the key thing that an assembly of this magnitude mobilize the imperative
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to act on climate change is not shared by president trump who attended a parallel meeting on religious freedoms instead a deliberate attempt to divert attention from a cause he doesn't believe in critics said an attempt to doesn't appear to have worked jonah al-jazeera at the u.n. in new york. well the brazilian president is due to speak at the u.n. general assembly on tuesday after intense criticism for his handling of the amazon fires in america and its. president jalal sonata will be opening up the general assembly on tuesday in new york but he is conspicuously absent at the special session in which world leaders are supposed to propose concrete ways to combat and counter climate change instead what brazil is doing is launching a brand new very glossy p.r. campaign called brazil by brazil and it says the following the brazil is a modern productive environmentally conscious country sustainable and open to the world and full of opportunities what president also not
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a says is that the world our planet needs brazil to feed it both grains and to be produced massively here in the amazon region and that the country has the right to continue to cut down parts at least of forests like the one you see behind me the campaign says that brazil will do this in a sustainable way but no one really called crete examples had been given about how that's going to be done the idea clearly is to try to reverse brazil's tarnished image after the sustained weeks months actually of forest fires but that is going to be a very hard sell. now 3 u.s. congressional committees have threatened to push ahead with trying to obtain documents relating to president donald trump's dealings with ukraine trump is coming under fire over reports he adds ukraine's president to investigate the son of joe biden his administration has blocked congress from obtaining a whistle blowers complaint allegedly detailing the president's actions former u.s.
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vice president joe biden is seen as a potential main rival to trump in the 2020 presidential election mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the chairman of 3 congressional committees have signed a joint letter sent to the secretary of state my pompei are demanding that the transcript of president trump conversation with the ukrainian president be presented to congress in another move as well the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed the acting director of national intelligence to appear before it on thursday to explain why he's been withholding the complaint made by a whistleblower from congress something that congress contends he's legally obliged to do the whole issue has galvanized the debate about impeachment a number of democrats were reluctant to go down that route including the house speaker nancy pelosi arguing that it could be politically explosive however the
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latest incident concerning that phone call with the ukraine has 2 more democrats beginning to insist that the impeachment process is the only way to go because a day though is thursday when the acting director of national intelligence is quizzed by members of the house intelligence committee the u.k. is main opposition labor party has pledged to hold a 2nd referendum on bret's it within 6 months of winning an election however the party remains divided on whether it would back leave all remain in such a vote lawrence lee reports from bryson where the party is holding its annual conference. one of the great mysteries of brics has always been what the labor party's position on this is certainly the membership of the party overwhelmingly supports staying in the european union but their leader jeremy corbin is quite another question through his entire political career as a renegade left winger he'd been the euro skeptic and great danger to the cause of
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socialism in this country or any other country of the imposition has u.r.l. but by the time the brics referendum happens he done what looked like a half hearted about turn labor party's going to be committing to campaigning to stay within the european union for the last 3 years the party membership has tried to convince itself that colvin is on their side and no longer the problem for kolb it isn't only the voters find his positional bricks it confused it's that throughout his entire political career he sets himself up as a conviction politician prepared to go out on a limb to try to break the mold of traditional politics so much ambiguity of a brick's it seems to fly in the face of his own idea of himself activists forced a motion calling for the party to unequivocally support staying in the european union there's this idea that somehow we're going to wait until after the election to tend that we've got no position now and then. sort of but will definitely
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campaign for maybe the future never be except that we're going to campaign for many future i'm sorry but i don't think that treating voters like they're idiots is a vote so could read. i read the leadership on the conference delegates such as the support for kolbe in that speaker after speaker urged them to vote for his position which is not to decide on a bricks at policy until after he becomes prime minister they won and then separately the pro e.u. side lost it as a mole so the story of the day it is surely that the membership of the party people not in this room have not had their views reflected by their own leaders and that does not bode well for corbin lawrence leigh al-jazeera that labor party conference in brighton. now 5 countries have come up with a temporary plan to redistribute the large numbers of refugees and migrants rescued from the mediterranean italy malta from germany and finland which currently holds the e.u. presidency have agreed to share rescued asylum seekers the deal will apply until an
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e.u. meeting on october 8th when they hope many more will join the agreement now italy is new interior minister said the idea was that migrants would be sent to various states within 4 weeks of disembarking using a quota system and those countries would then handle their asylum requests well if lee and malta have consistently refused to allow rescue vessels to dock they say they are unfairly bearing the burden of migrant arrivals so nigger has the latest from burka. it may be one step towards a solution but it's one of the delegates seemed to be satisfied with as they came up with a blueprint for a temporary emergency mechanism in order to resolve the migration crisis in europe they certainly seem to be optimistic that they would present those plans on the 8th of october at another interior minister's meeting in luxembourg now the challenge for this would be in order to get all the member states to try and take in more
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of the asylum seekers that have landed especially in malta and italy there has been a great deal of pushback from countries such as poland and hungary who refused to do so and certainly the migration policies have played a part in that but there is also another solution and office certainly of taking in a higher quote from france and from germany they said they would be prepared to take 25 percent of any asylum seekers who landed here italy would also be prepared to take 10 percent but that is they say because they've received tens of thousands of people on their shores nevertheless trying to persuade other member states to take in more people will certainly be a challenge and also will no doubt rile up our. voices in other countries throughout the european union. the clerk is the representative for the united
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nations high commissioner for refugees in greece and he says other countries must do more than just send money to greece. the last 2 months have been very difficult in terms of arrivals on the islands with many families young children arriving from turkey and who are afghans syrians mostly many of them are staying in 5 camps which are overcrowded sometimes 7 times their capacity particularly on the island of samples and this was it is creating a lot of tension among the communities which led to weeks ago to the killing of one afghan miner by another miner so it is it extremely important that. the greek authorities have the possibility of managing rightly but more transferring as quickly as possible people to the mainland by increasing the capacity of course the greek authorities are receiving up to 2000000 euros by the european commission that what is required right now particularly for the unaccredited children is that
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european states take themselves parts of them to their own countries and not only pay greece to deal with them now reform the cambodian opposition leader who lives in exile is calling for a people's uprising and an on the rebellion against the government the governing party is threatening 30 year jail sentences for anyone who responds to the call by sam rainsy when he reports from neighboring thailand. the last time sam rainsy returned to cambodia for make sile he was welcomed by supporters under very different circumstances he'd been convicted in absentia of spreading false information he arrived back in the capital phnom penh 6 years ago after receiving a pardon from king norodom see a money which was requested by prime minister hun sen now along with other exiled members of his party he is planning to return again on november the 9th but this time the government says they'll all be arrested they have no choice my party
5:42 am
cannot take part in any election in the future because my party which. is the only credible opposition party has been dissolved so i have to call on the people who arrives our previous stay in cambodia lasted just over 2 years before he left for france again to avoid jail for another conviction sinsin there have been several more charges laid against him which he says are politically motivated and designed to destroy an illegitimate opposition the current leader of his cambodian national rescue party came so carr is under house arrest after being detained on treason charges 2 years ago the opposition was then dissolved by the courts and months later the ruling party of the prime minister went on to win every seat in the 2018 election the political vacuum has provoked criticism from many in the international community we have consistently urged the cambodian government to restart a genuine multi-party democracy and to protect human rights and fundamental
5:43 am
freedoms that doesn't seem to be happening the cambodian government describes reigns as call an attempted coup and is threatening to jail anyone who supports it for up to 30 years the cambodian government says it's an arrest warrant for sam rainsy to all other southeast asian nations in case he tries to travel through another country on his way back to cambodia government all parties here in thailand say they received no such notification the latest charge against raincy is for insulting the king who he says should be standing with the people. what they seem potter is freedom of expression and most of the cambodian people now realize that we have a powerless and using this king who is actually a puppet for the dictator one san despite living in exile sam rainsy says he's not afraid of being arrested because the people and the armed forces will back him on
5:44 am
the other side is prime minister who in sin has grown increasingly intolerant of dissent which suggests the attempted comeback by the opposition may not be a peaceful one wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. at least 20 people have died during violent protests in indonesia's powerful province angry demonstrators set fire to vehicles government buildings some hundreds police say most of the people killed were trapped by the flames at least 3 others were shot by security forces for him how much has more from indonesia's capital jakarta there's been another outbreak of violence between protesters and government forces in the indonesian province of pop-y. according to the ministry spokesman around 20 people have been killed in the tunnel when the sun that there were clashes at a high school and the airport there is now closed i'd also in the capital of die a poor a several people were killed there including an indonesian military officer this was during a protest at the university various pictures are being shed on social media which
5:45 am
al-jazeera has not been able to independently verify but the team did speak to a pastor hart in woman who said that it was so chaotic that he was not able to leave his charge due to the fact that people were destroying the buildings outside now the region has seen unrest since mid august of accusations of racial and ethnic discrimination in the some of the protesters are calling for a referendum on independence now the indonesian government in the policy also try to curb these protests by putting a crackdown on internet access i would believe that that internet blackout has now been enforced once again the president took a widow to has said that social media is to blame for some of the fake messages that have been shed online around some of the violence that occurred earlier in the day and he's quoting a people to be more cautious about the information that's being shared on social media and right now we understand that an investigation is underway into the latest violence will ensue don activists say thousands of people have been protesting
5:46 am
there against a di economic conditions in the western province of darfur demonstrations have taken place in the city of niala and also in the capital khartoum the demonstrators have also been rallying against stuff for security problems it's one of the biggest protests since a power sharing deal was signed between the military and pro-democracy leaders last month. now the crisis in indian administered kashmir is expected to be a key point of discussion at the u.n. general assembly it's now been 7 weeks since the indian government revokes the region's autonomy and shut down the internet and telephone lines and teachers there say the unrest is preventing students from returning to school they try guessing the reports. oh. 'd these students in srinagar should be at school instead the local community center is doubling up as a temporary classroom and up to school bundle. after the schools were closed i
5:47 am
started coming to this community torsion center the staff teach us well and i like to study here i have made new friends and it feels like a school now oh my god. the community school was set up after parliament in new delhi revoked the special tone of the status of indian administered kashmir 7 weeks ago the subsequent tension on the streets left many parents afraid to send their children to school and those concerns persist. meters more. kids playing on the street we come up with an idea that we will start communication centers to teach students that they would not feel lonely. some schools have reopened in srinagar but many like this one remain closed experts say the disruption to education services will have a long term impact on students this is the most impressionable age. when your learning process should not get retarded there should be no all blockades in
5:48 am
this free flow of learning and once you are were being barriers in the free flow of learning this is the day this is the beginning of the. internet and mobile phone services in srinagar remain cut off. for this ph d. student that means years of hard work are in jeopardy. legacy shows teaches. you should be solved with good hose and long beans and to the results. because a lot of dong. my. kid. does occasionally supplemented. top students in indian administered kashmir have grown up surrounded by poverty and violence the events of the last 7 weeks have made that already difficult lives even harder victoria gay to be 0.
5:49 am
head on al-jazeera israel is banning players from a palestinian team from leaving the gaza strip has more on the politics impacting playing coming up in schools.
5:50 am
his name with the sport thank you so much the president of russia has alleged that committee admits their place at the 2020 tokyo games is under threat after possible signs its moscow anti-doping lab tampered with data the world anti-doping agency has given them story weeks to explain and consistencies this comes barely
5:51 am
a year after water lifted russia's original ban over a state sponsored doping program why is president craig greedy stands by this decision despite these latest developments disappointing i don't think is an embarrassment because the whole point of the exercise was to get access to the information so that we could design together which international federation should prosecute against people that have been cheating and we've done that we have stuck to 7 k. she's underway at the moment and potentially a lot a lot more from the doctor and the we have we've notified him some inconsistency we're going to do with that we're going to do with properly the alternative to doing nothing. you rebuild the russian 90 doping agency which we did rules are a number of years but we don't know compliant so what happens. also on monday as expected it was announced that russia's ban from athletics has been extended that
5:52 am
means that for the 2nd time running their athletes will miss out on the world championships that will start in doha this week the council unanimously indorsed the strongest recommendation that we have probably the us had. the. from the task force that the russian federation remains suspended that will be opposition. as we enter congress and i'm sure the member federations will want to endorse the unanimous position that was struck by the council we had a lengthy discussion today in council after room and the task force reported to us and the issues were debated in length and the feeling was very strong about this the amir of qatar says the upcoming 2022 world cup will be quote the greenest tournaments ever he made the pledge at the u.n.
5:53 am
summit on climate change earlier in new york as you move we are committed to organizing an environment friendly tournament the 1st carbon neutral tournament in the world through the use of solar powered stadiums and cooling and lighting technologies that are water and energy efficiently israel has blocked a gaza football team from playing a local cup final in the occupied west bank that often has tried for months to get permits but have not been able to need to abraham sent us this report from the stadium where when days mash is supposed to take place. the father mother of a club in the gaza strip might lose the opportunity to play in the agent's champions league the players were one game away from winning the palestine cup that qualifies them for the international tournament only to find most of them were banned from playing by the israeli government it banned them from leaving gaza to go and play in the occupied west bank showed on the right in the field and i feel
5:54 am
defeated we can't even practice the sport we love like the rest of the players in the world we can't even go from the gaza strip to the occupied west bank even though we are one state. how the mother of another west bank drew their 1st leg match one all in gaza in june the overall winner after both legs would have played in the asian clique but israel only allowed 5 players to leave gaza denied entry based on what israel called security ground palestinians say the ban is the norm not the exception. this is a political decision linked to how the israeli occupation functions and deals with the palestinian sports that paralyzes our movement and restricts our ability to play the game not only does israel control movement between the occupied west bank and the gaza strip but also decide who can enter or exit the palestinian territory i think the message that this kind of sense is that even if just one player. you
5:55 am
know even if you're trying to. the effect is that you're. i think the sense of wrong as i think that people are doing for every. obstructions i think it's a little you know. the car the lack of freedom of movement was at the heart of a palestinian bid to suspend israel's membership of football's world governing body for 4 years ago. palestinians them dropped a motion in exchange for an israeli promise of better treatment which palestinians sportsmen and women see hasn't been kept palestinians complain that is reduced dictions on their movements is here to another example of how they are deprived of having a functioning society that. the occupied west bank us kept in megan rapinoe as won the award for futures best woman's player at a ceremony in milan rapinoe was part of the u.s.
5:56 am
team that won the women's world cup in france back in july she was also named the player of that tournament her national team coach joe ellis was named best woman's coach. and on the men's side it was another win for leona messi he was named feet as best men's player after scoring $54.00 goals in $58.00 games messi beat out christiana rinaldo and virgil ben dyke whose club manager won the men's coach award after liverpool to the champions league. at the rugby world cup the 6 nations grand slam winners wales have started with a victory against georgia it was a fast start for wales securing a bonus point by half time jonathan davies with one of their 4 tries before the break but the georgians then came out fighting. really touching down after his powerful drive but wales pulled away again a nice move down the right wing saw thomas williams get on the end of
5:57 am
a kick forward by george north and north would go on to complete the scoring with wales 6 tries 43 points to 14 the final score next up for wales as their crucial clash in pool d. against australia on saturday. and he was expected to be one of the stars of this world cup but after being sacked by the australian rugby union israel folau is returning to international competition to play rugby league for talking up the fullback of tongan heritage has been cleared to play in their upcoming matches against great britain and australia for australia contract was terminated in april after posting on social media that quote hell awaits gay people he's suing the organization for unlawful dismissal because of his christian beliefs israel's brother john also plays rugby league for tonga well that's all you sport for now we'll have more for you later and that's it from a better 100 i would have fallen back to stay with us.
5:58 am
and say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. personally journeys of people following their chosen. weakness on al-jazeera. october on al-jazeera this month marks one year since the mudder of journalist jamal khashoggi joined us on october the 2nd for special coverage of the hot sun will host a new series of interviews with our teachers tackling the big issues about tone and world leaders experts and environmentalist will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the arctic brand new episodes of full lights examine the u.s. role in the world and we'll bring you coverage of the announcement of the $29000.00 new nobel peace prize winner october announces in
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a. every year 50000000 tons of electronic waste is thrown away the majority is illegally dumped in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most creative as of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making the big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. to man made on the waste trail on al-jazeera. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations we believe are out there going anti-riot you know. we are
6:00 am
challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. the u.k. france and germany say it is clear iran bears responsibility for the attacks on saudi oil plants. hello this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back t. ball also coming up if you choose to fail us i say we will never give you teenage climate activists gretta turnberry the rate's world leaders at the un climate summit. donald trump throws his support behind egypt's leaders saying everybody has demonstrations.


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