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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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numbers are very very big now. 40 people including children are killed as an afghan and waiting as u.s. backed forces targeted a nearby taliban i doubt. i'll just hear a lie from also coming up if you choose to fail us i say we will never keep you teenage common. rates world leaders at the u.n. climate summit i'm scowls at donald trump. kenya to audit all of its schools after shortie construction is a plane for a building collapse that killed a children. a giant jets the rescue the u.k.
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sense of a 380 to pick up tourists stranded by the bankruptcy of trouble for thomas cook. the deaths of 40 people at an afghan wedding are adding to major concerns about security days out from the presidential election no one has yet certain exactly what happened in the most a color region of helmand province on sunday night the government says the army was targeting a taliban training base where they killed fighters and arrested others the question is why so many civilians died let's go to our correspondent rob mcbride who joins us live from kabul rob there seems as i mentioned that to be a tremendous amount of confusion about the death toll and what exactly the intended target was what more do we know. that's right i mean all sides it seems are still trying to ascertain exactly what happened on sunday night what everybody is agreed
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on of course is that there has been a substantial loss of life part of the problem here is mr color district is a taliban stronghold deep in helmand province it is very remote area but the ministry of defense says it is trying to launch an investigation to find out exactly what happened but it is sticking with what he was saying yesterday monday that this was a targeted action against what he calls foreign al qaeda operatives it says that around $22.00 foreign fighters were killed a further 40 or so were captured in what seems to have taken place is a ground offensive but also an air strike so a possibly a double attack now everybody seems to accept that a number of foreign fighters were targeted and work killed but there is no obvious the dispute about exactly the number of civilians who were caught up in this we do know it does seem as though a wedding party or was caught up the number of civilians at this wedding party were
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killed and injured pictures have been picked up by one of the main agencies that are now reaching kabul which do seem to show women and children being amongst the victims there are some very some very harrowing scenes of bodies but also injured injured children now we don't know the original source of these pictures so it's difficult to vouch for their veracity but if they are authentic then it would seem to indicate that there has been an attack there has been a number of civilians caught in this wedding party who are now casualties in the rubble all of this appears to be happening during an upsurge in violence in the run to elections there next weekend. that's right things go in cycles here the last couple of days have been relatively quiet but of course there are incidents all the time most of them don't tend to make the news because these incidents happen all across afghanistan but generally there has been
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a not pick up tick in violent activity the taliban has said it's committed to trying to disrupt these elections to step up its violent attacks the authorities here say they're just as determined to try to fight back and to try to maintain the security to keep open as many polling stations as possible but it does come with some sobering figures that are being released just yesterday monday by afghanistan's ministry of health showing that in the past year some 3300 civilians were killed in fighting between the taliban groups of fighters here and the security forces and a further 14 and a half 1000 civilians were injured and we know of course that already in 2019 according to the united nations this year has the dubious reputation of having more civilians killed by coalition actions than by the taliban and as you mentioned there we still got several days to go before this election tomorrow wednesday is
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the last major day of campaigning and then afghanistan goes into what they call this period of silence where the political scene tries to cool itself down people contemplate how they're going to vote on saturday there is no such equivalence in the military sphere neither side it seems are committing themselves to any kind of ceasefire or even reducing the amount of activity ahead of saturday neve rob a bride in kabul thank you very much. the u.k. france and germany have joined the u.s. and blaming iran for the drone attack on saudi oil facilities earlier this month european leaders met on the sidelines of the un general assembly in new york french president emanuel also spoke with iran's house and rouhani who insists his country had nothing to do with the oil strikes. separately u.k. prime minister boris johnson has been putting out mixed signals about the iran nuclear deal as our diplomatic editor james base. is the u.k. about to bricks it from the iran nuclear deal there is great confusion after
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comments made in interviews by prime minister boris johnson in which he said it was a bad deal that needs renegotiating and that president trump was the man to do so as president from right is in there was a bad deal it wasn't a great deal iran was was and is behaving disruptively in the region and i think this one guy who can do a better deal trump was quick to seize on what appeared to be a change in u.k. policy oh i respect boris a lot and i am not at all surprised that he was the 1st one to come out and say that later though this statement is clarification the prime minister supports the jay c.p.o. way that's the iran nuclear deal the iranians aren't currently in compliance and we need to bring them back into compliance. it all comes at a time of growing tension the u.k. france and germany have now joined the u.s. in declaring that iran was responsible for the drone attacks on saudi arabia's oil
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installations meanwhile iran's foreign minister mohammed job and zarif says a meeting between president trump and president rouhani will certainly not take place this week but he says iran will propose a new peace mechanism it's calling the hormuz initiative which will consist of all the countries in the gulf under a u.n. umbrella he believe it should be the countries in the region but the u.n. umbrella addresses a number of concerns versus the u.n. umbrella dresses the disparities assize how. he's a bird. he's just about it before always do even if we do the g.c.c. as you know developments regarding iran are moving extremely fast and president trump is likely to devote a significant part of his speech to the general assembly on choose day to the ongoing crisis james 0 at the united nations well leaders have come
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together at the u.n. for a climate change summit to try to prevent a global irreversible catastrophe the summit part of the general assembly countries to make faster reforms a new u.n. report has found commitments to cut greenhouse gases must be at least tripled to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreement at least $66.00 countries say they intend to achieve net 0 carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 but 14 nations representing a quarter of global emissions have refused to improve their current climate plans by next year's deadline set by u.n. chief antonio terrorists while their inaction drew a scolding from teenage activists gretta totenberg as jonah hole reports from the un i'm announcing that earlier this morning we have filed an official complaint under the convention on the rights of the child. weld leaders don't like
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being told what to do much less by a group of school children including a certain swedish teenager who decided to take them to court my name is to get the tune that i am 16 years old and i'm doing this because well it is off failing to protect the rights of the child by continue to ignore the climate crisis a summit on climate change is the centerpiece of this year's general assembly and grettir totenberg it stand strong. it's a shift in emphasis 1st secretary general antonio tennis who came to office focusing on conflict resolution but instead has watched peace escaped the likes of syria yemen and libya with a new cold flick looming in the gulf it is that sense of urgency but i have to say the secretary general didn't do it alone i think all you had to do is watch the millions of people especially young people that were in the streets on friday and the secretary general's fully aware that he may have been speaking but in the back
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there were millions of young people screaming and pushing and demanding action that it takes children to call world leaders to account on something like climate change says a lot about the state of global diplomacy as it does about the ever more elusive search for consensus that the u.n. and this vast gathering are supposed to be about 193 countries represented more than 500 side events a blizzard of activity but how much can actually be achieved for the diplomat and u.n. weapons inspector richard butler anyone who walks into an assembly like this and thinks that i can get what i want from it selfishly and take it away put it in my pocket. is not living on the same planet that i'm living on interdependence is the name of the game finding solutions that suit a larger rather than a smaller number of people is what this place is about and. the moral imperative to
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do so is the case. that an assembly of this magnitude mobilize the imperative to act on climate change is not shared by president trump who attended a parallel meeting on religious freedoms instead a deliberate attempt to divert attention from a cause he doesn't believe in critics said an attempt that doesn't appear to have worked jonah al-jazeera at the u.n. in new york well as he attends the u.n. general assembly. shaikh mounting questions and pressure about his dealings with ukraine he's accused of pressuring the ukrainian president to investigate the family of political rival joe biden congressional committees want to obtain documents relating to the phone call in question many democrats believe it could be grounds for impeachment. explains from washington d.c. . the chairman of 3 congressional committees have signed a joint letter sent to the secretary of state my pompei are demanding that the transcript of president trump's conversation with the ukrainian president be
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presented to congress in another move as well the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed the acting director of national intelligence to appear before it on thursday to explain why he's been withholding the complaint made by a whistleblower from congress something that congress contends he's legally obliged to do the whole issue has galvanized the debate about impeachment a number of democrats were reluctant to go down that route including the house speaker nancy pelosi arguing that it could be politically explosive however the latest incident concerning that phone call with the ukraine has led to more democrats beginning to insist that the impeachment process is the only way to go the key day though is thursday when the acting director of national intelligence is quizzed by members of the house intelligence committee. i'm coming up after the
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weather 5 european governments strike a temporary deal on taking in refugees and migrants but a light on details plus egypt's leader gets praise in the us despite protests at home calling for his resignation. how the cloud mass has been producing thunderstorms gradually from the western med to the ages it is drifting still further south east was a continuous process is the end of this latest frontal system in the atlantic so a slightly cooler air over warm water absolute recipe for thunderstorms briefly is cold enough it is snowing there so when night in the out so this is the pitch the picture for tuesday the potential for the storms anywhere really from western rumania size woods towards the tip of greece causes a drift off into the renault thirty's and this will cost roll in the twenty's now
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the trades $26.00 as well and the number of arrows just quite wet and windy weather i think it will be particularly windy and wet in the south of england and that process slowly brings things east was the whole of central and west europe is rather a mess trout and rain and breeze wise by the end of wednesday and moscow's to 8 degrees police is no longer windy now all this is happening over land in europe so the mediterranean itself actually still about place to be in if you're in tunis 30 degrees you might think was rather good 35 in cairo and still 41 down last one in fact the weather is still active in the sahara we still got big thunderstorms rolling off ethiopian harden's through nigeria off into the atlantic.
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you're watching out is there a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.k. france and germany have by the u.s. i'm blaming iran for a drone strike on saudi oil facilities earlier this month iranian prime minister haasan who denies the accusations. world leaders have been attending
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a climate change summit at the u.n. to try to prevent a global irreversible catastrophe teenage activist groups at sumburgh delivered a scathing speech accusing world leaders of betraying young people by failing to do enough. on the deaths of 40 people at an afghan wedding adding to major concerns about security days out from the presidential election the government says the army was targeting a taliban training base. well tom in c. is former deputy defense minister in afghanistan he joins us now live from kabul close to this isn't meant to have been an intelligence led operation how is it possible then for guest of the wedding to have been mixed up in this incident. well sadly what happens is that the taliban often uses civilians and civilian homes as shields and also as safe havens and but also on the other side of the afghan
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government intelligence apparent this is not very strong and often times it leads to sad civilian casualties this doesn't appear to have been a one off incident there have been reports that there be more civilian casualties blamed on afghan and coalition security forces than on the taliban in 2019 what's going on. well this civilian casualties who has been going on you know sense to us as been documented since 2006. often what happens is because both sides would like to intensify the war and pressure each other. on the battlefield they end up targeting areas where there's a lot of collateral damage even though the afghan government and the coalition forces have very stringent standard operating procedures or is so easy as it is called where they where as if they see and if they have intelligence both through
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the eyes are a human intelligence that there are you know possibilities of human civilians basically around a particular target they wouldn't target that area but often case what happens is that recently they have increased air operations in afghanistan and you are now as you know airstrikes often lead to a lot of tragic civilian casualties so the rise in the hike in civilian casualties it has mostly to do with air strikes and also special ops with faulty intelligence the president gunny has repeatedly called for the armed services in the country and for coalition support to be much more cautious when it comes to. rolling rolling out operations there exactly like this with only days away from the election of course an incident like this clearly doesn't look good for the president doesn't. the president recently fired his chief of intelligence the national director of security mr starr precisely over civilian casualties because some of the. special
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forces conducted some operations in eastern afghanistan which is the main base of president irony and this particular incident in helmand would also in a major way affect his political standing in southern afghanistan so politically it will cost him and also it will also affect. the professionalism of the afghan forces but the president and other security forces has been calling security forces leaders as we calling for reform of the targeting practices and also on protection of civilians there has been policies and mechanism put in place they really should is how you deal with it and how you implement those policies and make them as which are in place to protect the civilians and is there a worry that incidents like this could play into the taliban's hands. oh absolutely the taliban has been using the civilian casualties card for a very long time for recruitment especially in rural afghanistan and they have been
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using the pictures the videos of these particular incidents and putting them on c.d.'s and d.v.d.'s and also in various other media formats to recruit afghans from rural afghanistan to join their ranks so i it absolutely plays into that. see in afghanistan thank you very much for joining us well as they met in new york donald trump is praise egypt's president el-sisi saying he's bought order to his country in follows days of rare anti-government protests in several egyptian cities human rights activists say police are rounded up more than 400 people you can work with you will always find something like this in our region especially with political islam there has been an effort for many years to make sure that this political islam has a role on the political arena however at this part of the world will remain in a state of instability as long as political islam is there you know i'm not i'm not
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concerned with. egypt there's a great leader highly respected he's brought order before he was here there was very little order there was. so i'm not worried about it. police in indonesia's remote province say they found several bodies under bird buildings bringing the death toll from un rest in the region to at least $26.00 many of them died after more but set fire to government buildings shops homes and cars in the one manner the violence was sparked by allegations that a teacher insulted an indigenous student. kenya's government has ordered a nationwide audit of all school buildings after a roof collapse killing 8 people was and injuring 64 others in nairobi the 1st floor of the building gave way trapping the children below to remain in a critical condition catherine sawyer reports. it's all the afternoon and child already has been searching for his 11 year old son caleb was on the
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ground floor of the 2 story building his neighbour's daughter 14 year old juliet kerry is also missing she is in a classroom. a young girl has come to get information from aid workers helping parents trace missing children. i 1st came here in the morning but they did not find them i have been to 4 hospitals they also told me to quit picking them watching. after frantically looking for them all day where youngest son is found safe but juliet did not make it. the collapse of the primary school building happened when morning classes were just starting just as pupils were settling down to begin lessons for the. night when i arrived the children under the rubble 6 of them what that we took them to them watch our. government officials say investigations into the cause of the collapse have begun this call for more than
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800 children most belt of i and shits separated by a concrete slab that appeared to have been poorly reinforced all these are books that were left behind after the building collapsed children who survived the tragedy have been collecting some of the intact they'll be sorting them out later and perhaps reuse them we also have community members who've been here all day they are still trying to come to terms with what happened. kenyans who can't afford to take their children to expensive private schools or get a place in crowded public institutions bring them to cheaper community school such as they. didn't tragedies like this happen the whole neighborhood comes to help. students or a pupil here. to come to the rescue or for any case or we need to you. after what had been a long and traumatizing day some aged pupils who'd been taken to hospital y. discharged their parents eager to take them home but several other parents will be
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going home alone catherine soy al jazeera nairobi doctors without borders is accusing the world health organization of rationing the availability of an ebola vaccine in the democratic republic of congo the medical charity says fewer than half of the 450000 people who should have received the vaccine or been immunized is calling for an independent investigation the w hate shows also announced the rollout of a 2nd experimental vaccine from october almost 2000 people have died since the a bold outbreak began last year. 5 e.u. countries have come up with a temporary plan to take in refugees and migrants rescued from the mediterranean italy molto france germany and finland which currently holds the presidency have agreed to share rescued asylum seekers the deal will hold until an e.u. meeting on october the 8th that was then to the other states in the block in hopes many more will sign up italy says the plan is to send migrants to various e.u.
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states using a quota system and those countries would handle individual asylum requests well it's only a multi i have consistently refused to allow rescue vessels to dock they say they're unfairly bearing the burden of migrant arrivals so when you get a lego house more from the burger just outside multis capital valetta. it may be one step towards a solution but it's one of the delegates seemed to be satisfied with as they came up with a blueprint for a temporary emergency mechanism in order to resolve the migration crisis in europe certainly seem to be optimistic that they would present those plans on the 8th of october at another interior minister's meeting in luxembourg the challenge for this would be in order to get other member states to try and take in more of the asylum seekers that have landed especially in malta and italy there has been
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a great deal of pushback from countries such as poland and hungary who refused to do so and certainly the migration policies have played a part in that but there is also another solution and office certainly of taking in a higher quote from france and from germany they said they would be prepared to take 25 percent of any asylum seekers who landed here italy would also be prepared to take 10 percent but that is they say because they've received tens of thousands of people on their shores nevertheless trying to persuade other member states to take in more people will certainly be a challenge and also will no doubt rile up our. voices in other countries throughout the european union the u.k. has dispatched a commercial airliner for travelers stranded by the collapse of one of the world's oldest travel agencies thomas cook these were the scenes in turkey hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers were affected when britain's thomas cook cease trading
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after failing to secure additional funding from creditors is triggered the biggest biggest repatriation operation since world war 2 we challenge reports. grounded planes empty check in desks. shuttered shops the ghostly infrastructure left behind by the death of the oldest travel company in the world a life changing event for some 21000 thomas cook international staff a huge up evil for more than half a 1000000 customers i'm sure about how they'll get back to their own countries from holidays to the u.k. the responsibility for getting stranded nationals home falls on the civil aviation or 30 it's a huge operation to get everyone back by october 6th these holiday makers on the spanish island of new york are clearly happy to be getting on a plane. this is the largest since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home
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everybody. back back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return date the u.k. government refused to bail out the company with 247000000 dollars in their talks with lenders and shareholders collapsed on sunday. i want to apologize to my 21000 colleagues who i know will be heartbroken secondly i would like to say. to all our customers those who are on holiday with us now and those who have booked with us in the coming months although most travelers will choose other companies for future holidays turkey's hotel federation still thinks it could miss out on $600.00 to $700000.00 tourists a year hotel years across the world face unpaid debts. to musea where thomas cook tourists were briefly detained in one hotel says the company owes its hotel $66000000.00 for july and august so what went wrong with one of the biggest travel
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companies in the world well one of the factors was they just failed to keep up with the times in an age where many people are happy to order holidays themselves online rather than a package from a travel agents in a shop but then there's also the weak british pounds an early european summer heat wave and then the impact that breaks its uncertainty has had on whether people here want to risk going abroad to their favorite european destinations. the u.k. government is fast tracking an investigation into how the company and its directors handled it slide towards insolvency thomas cook set up his business 178 years ago booking train tickets for victorian britons now it's consigned to the history books . out a 0 london. trial is underway in a french court to determine whether the pharmaceutical company behind a weight loss drug covered up its deadly side effects about 2600 people have
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accused the drug makers servia of misleading patients for decades the drug known as mediator was developed to treat type 2 diabetes but was widely prescribed as an appetite suppressant it was withdrawn from the market in 2010 after being suspected of causing heart failure. this is out there and these are the top stories the deaths of 40 people and an afghan wedding are adding to major concerns about security days out from the presidential election there no one is yet certain exactly what happened in the most a color region of helmand province on sunday night the government says the army was targeting a taliban training base where they killed fighters and arrested others the question is why so many civilians died rob mcbride has more from kabul. both sides seem to still trying to ascertain exactly what happened on sunday night what everybody is
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agreed on of course is that there has been a substantial loss of life part of the problem here is my district is a taliban stronghold deep in helmand province it is a very remote area but the ministry of defense says it is trying to launch an investigation to find out exactly what happened but it is sticking with what it was saying yesterday monday that this was a targeted action against what it calls foreign al-qaeda operatives the u.k. france and germany have joined the u.s. and blaming iran for the drone increased missile attacks on saudi oil facilities earlier this month french president a manual micron also spoke with iran's leader hassan rouhani who insists his country had nothing to do with it all strikes world leaders have gathered at the u.n. for a climate change summit to try and prevent a global irreversible catastrophe they've been told the greenhouse gas commitments must be at least triples to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreement teenage activists gretta tom berger delivered a scathing speech and we she told leaders you have stolen my dreams and my
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childhood with your empty words donald trump has praise egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi saying he's brought order to his country it follows days of rare 'd anti-government protests and several of gyptian cities human rights activists say police of rounded up more than $400.00 people in response to the rallies against sisi on friday kenya's government has ordered a nationwide audit of all school buildings after a roof collapse killed 8 peoples and injured 64 others in nairobi the 1st floor of the building gave way trapping the children below to remain in a critical condition well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story stay with us.
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and to you. is it too late to stop climate change scientists warn time is running out as millions of young people demand to weld lead as now a low that passion into political action this is it's a story. hello welcome to the program i'm in wrong come on we're running out of time to stop climate change that's the warning from the united nations weather agency as well and leaders meet in new york from major u.n. climate conference the weald meteorological organization says called an emissions increase 20 percent in the palm.


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