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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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of the struggle for rights as well as to the spirits of all the oppressed martyrs of terrorist strikes and bombardments. in yemen syria occupied palestine afghanistan and other countries of the world including iraq. ladies and gentleman. the middle east is burning in the flames of war bloodshed aggression occupation and religious and sick terror young fanaticism panic stream ism. and under such circumstances the suppressive people. of palestine are the biggest victims of discrimination appropriation of lands settlement
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expansions and killings continue to be practiced against the palestinians. the us then zionist imposed plans such as the deal of the century recognizing a told us as the capital of the zionist regime and the excess sion of the syrian golan into the occupied territories. are certainly doomed. as against the us destructive plans. the islamic republic of iran's of regional and international assistance and cooperation. on security and counterterrorism have been. so much decisive. you know that clear example of such an approach is our
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cooperation with russia and turkey within the astana format on the syrian crisis and our peace proposal for yemen. in view of our active cooperation with the special envoys of the secretary general of the united nations. as well as our efforts to. facilitate re conciliation talks among the yemen parties with the 4 european countries. which. resulted in the conclusion. of the stockholm peace accords it's on hug day the ports. of the. distinguished participants i hail from
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a country that has resisted the most merciless economic terrorism you know what it is. and has defended its rights to independence and to science. and technology development out of. the us government while imposing extra territorial sanctions and threats against other nations. has made a lot of efforts to deprive iran from the advantages of participating in the global economy. and has resorted to international piracy by misusing the international banking system. ma we're audience he has been the higher nears amount of freedom seeking movements in
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the region. while seeking peace and progress for our nation as well as our neighbors and we have never surrendered to foreign aggression. and implication. we cannot believe the invitation to negotiation of people who claim. to have applied the harshest sanctions of history. against the not all dignity and prosperity of our nation. how someone can believe you know that this silent killing of the great nation and pressure upon the life of 83000000 iranians would not particularly women and children are well come by the american government officials.
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who pride themselves on such pressures and exploit sanctions in an egg dicked of manner against a spectrum of countries such as iran venezuela cuba china and russia. in the. middle of the iranian nation will never ever forget and forgive these crimes. and these criminals. ladies and gentlemen. the attitude. of the incumbent u.s. government towards the nuclear deal. or the j c.p.o. way not only violates the provisions of the united nations security council resolution $2231.00 but also constitutes
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a breach of the sovereignty and political and economic independence of all of the world's countries. in spite of the american withdrawal from the j.c. v.o.a. and for one year iran to remain fully faithful to all of its nuclear commitments. in accordance with the j c.p.o. way. out of respect for the security council resolution we provided europe with the opportunity to fulfill its 11 commitments made to compensate for the us withdrawal however unfortunately we only heard beautiful words. while witnessing no effective measures now. it has now become clear for all that the united states turns its turns back to its commitments and europe is
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able incapable of fulfilling its commitments and we even adopted as step by step approach in implementing paragraphs 20 $6.36 of the j c p o a. and we remain committed to our promises in the deal on the however our patience has a limit but when the us does not respect the united nations security council. resolutions and when europe displays inability. the only way shall be to rely on national dignity pride and strength. model they call us to negotiations while they run away from treaties and
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deals we negotiated with the incumbent u.s. government on the 5 plus one negotiating table however they failed to honor the commitment made by their predecessor. on behalf of my nation and state i would like to announce that our response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative. the government and people of iran have remains that fast against the harshest sanctions in the past one and a half years and will never negotiate with an enemy that seeks to make iran surrender with the weapon of poverty pressure and sanctions. if you require that positive mansour. and as declared by the leader of the
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islamic revolution. the only way for talks to begin is to return to commitments and compliance. if you are sensitive to the name of j c p o a well then you can return to its framework and abide by the united nations security council resolution 2231. stop the sanctions. so as to open the way for the start of negotiations i would like to make it crystal clear if you are satisfied with the minimums we will also convince ourselves with a minimum. either for you. or for us. the j c p o a was a minimum for you and for us however if you wish more if you require more you
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should also give and pay more if you stand on your ward that you only have one demand for iran i.e.e.e. non production and non utilization of nuclear weapons then it should it could easily be attained in view of the i.a.e.a. supervision and more importantly with the fatwa of the iranian leader instead of a show of negotiations. you shall return to the reality of negotiations men morrill photos are the last station of negotiations not the 1st one. ladies and gentlemen we in iran despite all of the obstructions created by the unity us government are keeping on the path of economic and social growth and
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prosperity. iran's economy in 2017 registered the highest economic growth rate in the world. and today despite fluctuations emanating from foreign interference. in the past one and a half years we have returned to the track of growth. and stability. iran's gross domestic product. minus all has become positive again in recent months. and the trade balance of the country remains positive. and will distinguish participants the security doctrine of the islamic republic of iran is
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based on the maintenance of peace and stability in the persian gulf and providing freedom of navigation and safety of movement in the strait of hormuz the recent incidents have seriously endangered such security. security and peace in the persian gulf seal of amman and the strait of hormuz could be provided with the participation of the countries of the region. and the free flow of oil and other energy resources could be guaranteed provided that we consider security as an umbrella in all areas for all of the countries. upon the historical responsibility of my country in maintaining security peace stability and
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progress in the persian gulf region and strait of hormones. i should like to invite all the countries directly affected by the developments in the persian gulf and the strait of hormuz. to that coalition of hope meaning for most peace endeavor. the gold of the coalition for hope is to promote peace stability progress and welfare for all of the residents of the strait of her most region and enhanced mutual understanding and peaceful and friendly relations amongst them this initiative includes various venues for cooperation such as that collective supply of energy security freedom
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of navigation. and free transfer of oil and other resources to and to from the strait of hormuz. and beyond. that. the coalition for hope is based on important principles such as compliance with the goals and principles of the united nations mutual respect equal footing. dialogue and understanding respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty inviolability of international borders peaceful settlement of all differences. and more importantly. 2 fundamental principles of non-aggression and in non interference in the domestic affairs of each other the presence of the
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united nations seems necessary for the creation of an international umbrella in support of the coalition of hope. the minister of foreign affairs of the islamic republic of iran shall provide more details of the coalition of hope. to the beneficiary states. ladies and gentleman the formation of any security correlation and initiative under any title in the region with the central command of foreign forces is a clear example of interference in the affairs of the region the security zation of navigation is in contravention to the right to free navigation and the right to development am and would escalate tensions and more
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complication of conditions an increase of mistrust in the region. while jeopardizing regional peace security and stability. of our region shall be provided when american troops pull out security shall not be supplied with american weapons and intervention the united states after 18 years has failed to reduce acts of terrorism however the islamic republic of iran manage to terminate this scourge of dire with the assistance of neighboring nations and governments all to bed way towards peace and security in the middle east passes through in war democracy and out toward diplomacy. security not be purchased or supplied
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by foreign governments. the peace security and independence of our neighbors is the peace security and dependence of us america is not our neighbor. this is the islamic republic of iran which neighbors you and we have been long caught. that neighbor comes 1st. then comes the house. in the event of an incident and we shall remain alone we are neighbors with each other and not with the united states the united states is located here not in the middle east the united states is not
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the advocate of any nation. neither is the guardian of any state in fact states do not delegate power to attorney. to other states and do not give custodianship to others if the flames of the fire of yemen have spread today to his jaws the warmonger should be sought and punished rather than leveling allegations and grudge against the innocent the security of saudi arabia shall be guaranteed with the termination of aggression to yemen rather than by inviting foreigners we are ready to spend our national strength and regional credibility and international authority. the solution for peace in the arabian peninsula. security in the
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persian gulf and stability in the middle east should be solved inside the region rather than outside of it that the issues of the region are bigger and more important than the united states is able to resolve that the united states has failed to resolve the issue in afghanistan iraq and syria. and has been the supporter of extremism. and to dawlish ism. such a government is clearly on the able to resolve more sophisticated issues of today distinguished colleagues our region is on the edge of collapse. as a single blunder you can fuel
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a big fire. we shall not tolerate that provocative intervention of foreigners. we shall respond decisively and strongly to any sort of transgression to and violation of our security and territorial integrity however the alternative improper solution for us is to strengthen consolidation among all the nations with common interests in the persian gulf and the hormones region this is the message of the iranian nation let's invest on hope towards a better future rather than in war and violence. let's
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return to justice. to peace to law. commitment and promise and finally. to the negotiating table. i think you all for your attention. iran's president hassan rouhani addressing the united nations general assembly in new york a speech of 2 very different tones he spoke a lot about peace about negotiating about the idea of a coalition of hope which we'll discuss in a moment but then also very much pointing the finger at the united states it is not an advocate or guardian of any other country and that we should respond decisively to any violation of our integrity we have got to correspondence looking at this one's own best of years and teheran will be with you shortly but i'm starting with our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations. as i said james it was i
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felt there were 2 different tones coming out of that entire speech what was the biggest line that you had coming up. well i think there are a number of important lines there towards the end of our region is on the edge of collapse a single blunder could fuel a big fire i don't think there are many people who would disagree with the severity of the situation in the middle east and particularly the gulf at this stage but clearly president rouhani has a different view on what to do about the situation he came up i think with 2 important statements one about his new initiative i'll come to that in a moment but 2 of our sitting down with president trump and the iran nuclear deal he made it quite clear his conditions for doing so he said that the u.s. had to accept the existing deal because he said it was binding international law resolution 2231 of the u.n. security council he said too that the sanctions must be lifted then if all of that
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is done then then they could sit down with the u.s. and potentially have further negotiations about further issues now clearly the u.s. does not like the iran deal it doesn't want to accept the iran deal and i don't think those conditions would be acceptable to the u.s. so we do have a problem here and i think it now is impossible to see a meeting between president trump and president rouhani here in new york remember just a few weeks ago 'd at the g. 7 summit in beer it's it had seemed like a possibility if a slim one because the french were working so hard to mediate between the 2 sides and remember president ronnie's not be here much longer and president trump is giving his final news conference in just a few hours time and then be heading from new york back to washington with this issue but also lots of domestic issues on his wind the other important thing of the
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speech was that initiative we've heard about it before we've been getting details fleshed out all week. from the iranians they say this is an important peace initiative that would bring in all the countries of the gulf area all of those that border the gulf would be invited under a u.n. umbrella to discuss all of the problems in the region issues like navigation in the region along that most important waterway of the straits of hormuz where so much of the world's oil passes that's certainly a proposal that is not going to particularly upset some members of the international community for example russia current president of the u.n. security council russia's come up with a very similar proposal i've even heard the u.k. of various points saying that maybe there is some merit in looking at an old security council resolution that suggests something similar going back to the end of the iran iraq war and even the u.n.
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secretary general has suggested something a bit like the helsinki process at the end of the cold war pull you all the regional elements together it's worth to be telling you that a high level source in the u.n. secretary it says when the secretary general floated out idea iran accepted it straight away and said yes we're on board with this saudi arabia when they were approached with it rejected it straight out i haven't great analysis from a diplomatic it is a james bays at the u.n. in new york thank you and from him we go to zain the following events from teheran so just a build i guess on what james of saying there zain iran being very. blunt shall we say about the things in the region saying the middle east is burning in the flames of war bloodshed aggression and occupation but then painting itself as a regional peacemaker. that's exactly right tamala if you'll remember the last time we covered this last year when president hassan rouhani was that the u.n.
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general assembly when he took that podium and made a speech the value of the iranian ryall against the dollar was approximately $180000.00 when trump spoke last year and even went as high as $190000.00 and now it rests at about a stable 112114000 the reason i bring those numbers up is really to give you a sense of how iran was one year ago the economy was in tatters it was on the defensive it was under the gun and constantly worried about what the united states might do next in terms of what it calls economic terrorism the tone the optics of the iranian president going to new york with his delegation was a very solemn one what we've seen in the last 24 to 48 hours is a very different delegation from iran we've seen jovial photographs and video of iran's president meeting with various world leaders and we've seen a much stronger representation by the iranian president in this speech and that really is going to be obvious to people here in iran watching what he's saying iran
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is in a much stronger position in terms of its strategic situation as well certainly it is a very difficult and tense time with iran being blamed for the attacks earlier this month on saudi arabia's oil facilities in iran is concerned about defending its reputation there but even then we see a weekend and on the back foot saudi arabia iran's main rival in the region but president donald trump's most hawkish member of his presidency the national security advisor john bolton is out of a job the israeli leader benjamin netanyahu is struggling politically we are seeing trump come under impeachment and all the while iran is riding a high of having shot down a u.s. drone of having successfully released its oil vessel from detention in gibraltar it's still holding on to. a british oil vessel that it was successfully was able to capture saying that it was violating iran's rules and regulations in the strait of
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hormuz so iran is appearing strong and that is something that president rouhani was keen to reflect not just to the world but his own people as well last year his numbers his popularity it has it was dipping and it still isn't great but this will certainly go a long way towards helping iranian people sort of have more faith in their current presidency and he really hit he it was very much on the nose the language he used he made one statement during his speech saying that iran can use its national strength regional credibility and international authority to help the other countries in the region he was specifically talking about yemen there but really trying to send a signal that iran is no longer on the defensive it's not a small player not just on the regional stage also not on the world stage it is a major player and intends to maintain that pole position so investor of the in tech thank you. analysis now with me in the studio professor and director of the center for international and regional studies at georgetown university here in
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qatar nice to see you again thank you so let's go through the speech bit by bit i think james in a great job of giving us the overview but let's not what the idea of the nuclear deal and talks because that was where president rouhani started and he said quite unequivocally our response to talks under pressure is no in other words as long as it got sanctions on us we're not interested in talking to that main the deal is what state is the deal in its life support the deal is all about all but dead but there are still efforts to keep it alive by the remaining european signatories we don't really know where great britain stands in so far as the deal is concerned but certainly the germans show great commitment to it continued commitment there was an important. and that rouhani made that i think needs to be emphasized and he said the deal could be distorted of something big
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here and he said it let's settle on the minimum and then we can talk about the other dimensions and i think this point probably is too subtle for donald trump to pick up but it is an important certainly don't get are going to go back to that he basically said if you're satisfied with the minimum and he was saying the minimum was the. deal as it was then so are we where ok with that and if you want more than give more so is that too subtle i mean that's it's fairly obvious and in fact the iranians have been saying this that the nuclear issue could be the start of dialogue and negotiations over bigger issues the worst is concerned with. for example iran's support for the hezbollah developments in syria iran's. tough rhetoric against israel and so i think that was a very important reminder that rouhani made this is something that has been saying
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for some time but i don't think it's been. it's been highlighted enough you mentioned zarif the foreign minister who will apparently be before writing more details on the coalition of hope that this interested me because it was a very big plan he laid out freedom of navigation and paste ability progress for all residents of the strait of hormuz region how do you think this will be received because i guess this is something which goes out to everyone in the gulf on both sides of the divide you know it's an important initiative but i think it's important to mention that this is not necessarily all that new as we heard james bay say one of the things we know is that it has for some time been calling for regional dialogue but much of the iranian initiative has been done through back channels and through confidential diplomatic means this now. what has brought iran's diplomacy into the open and has really put the court on the. the ball is now
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with the saudis. these have now to respond the wrong. for a change have taken the diplomatic initiative and both the united states and the saudis now need to react one way or another or well i mean you say the united states needs to react to things what's on rouhani kept saying is hey you don't have any business in our part of the world in fact i mean check my notes here the united states is located here not in the middle east it is not the advocate or guardian of any other country stability should be sought inside the region not outside of it so iran doesn't want the united states to be exactly and i think there has sound rouhani is audience was the so-called arab street of course he knows that language that rhetoric doesn't necessarily sit well with regional leaders but certainly he's talking to the arab public opinion and he's saying let us resolve regional issues in the region rather than relying on outside security providers
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her income rather thank you so much for staying with us through that do appreciate your analysis thank you want to go back to our top story the impeachment inquiry against president trump and we've got bruce fine to talk about it now former united states associate deputy attorney general in washington d.c. it's always nice to see you bruce and you're perfectly placed to talk us through some of this you've had a chance i guess to go through what has come out from this this memo this phone conversation how bad is it in your opinion for the president. well in isolation it's not quite a smoking gun but we must be cautious this is a declassified document i remember in the nixon impeachment i was involved in some of the transcripts released by the president were not accurate and created a misleading impression so although it comes from the white house there could be
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alterations or interpretations that are made in the president's favor but putting that aside. we also need to remember that an impeachable offense does not require a crime it is something that violates the public trust as alexander hamilton explained in the federalist papers and what we do know from the transcript is that despite a u.s. law that prohibits seeking anything of value from a foreign or foreign government to influence the outcome of a campaign in the united states and that the president quite explicitly asked the new president of the ukraine to open and continue investigations of mr biden and his son for possible wrongdoing given the rampant corruption in ukraine there would be countless other persons to investigate for corruption there picking out the bidens leads to the inference that it was done for
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a political purpose not to try to purge ukraine of corruption. the 2nd thing we need to remember is the statement was not made in isolation it comes after the president had withheld up to $400000000.00 of foreign and military aid to ukraine in discussions with the o.m.b. director otherwise we need to know what was stated at that time as to the reasons why things were being held up was their communications then internally well you know this is a chance to get mr biden under investigation if we try to give a signal to ukraine that the aid will not be forthcoming unless they respond to this request and the money alternately was released after there was strong congressional law being then we also have the issue of rudy giuliani in the transcript he is placed on a par with the attorney general william barr is someone who could assist the
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ukrainians in this investigation mr giuliani however is not been confirmed by the senate and he doesn't hold any government post so is this an attempt to circumvent the orderly exercise of foreign policy because unlike mr barr mr giuliani is not someone who is subject to any congressional oversight but there clearly will be a need to interrogate mr giuliani and mr barr who mr trump repeatedly refers to in the transcript as those who should be the collaboration the the intercessors with ukraine pushing the investigation but it was fairly and i want to say that there is a mitigating circumstance and that is the ukrainian president in the conversation is quite eager to assist he doesn't need to be pushed very hard to say i will undertake this investigation and he seems almost to be more anxious than the president of doing that now whether it's because he thinks he's winning brownie points with mr trump we don't know 1st what's your type on the show releasing all
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face memos. not that we can ever really get inside the mind of of president trump but usually if you release something it would be to exonerate yourself not to make things potentially look worse. well that was also said the nixon impeachment i referred to it and i was there at the time and some of the things mr nixon released the transcript of his tapes was quite incriminating but i think it's because if you look at the transcript in isolation it's not terrible there's we don't have mr trump explicitly saying you will not get your aid unless you target and find some kind of criminality against my political opponents it's not that crass so he may believe that as those who are unschooled and don't see the transcript in the context of a wider effort by mr trump to use the appropriated money of congress to help him politically it doesn't look all that terrible and it may well be as well that he
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thinks that this will be an opportunity to show that even the president of ukraine thought this was worth investigating it wasn't unique to the mr trump because the president ukraine i say is very anxious to say i'll get my attorney general right on this. response was a pleasure talking to you thank you for staying with us to talk through these developments thank you. bill from one battled leader to another britain's prime minister is due in parliament any moment now to face calls for his resignation boris johnson was forced to cut short his trip to new york at the united nations general assembly he flew home after a supreme court judges ruled his decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks before the birds that deadline was unlawful as m.p.'s returned to work the attorney general jeffrey caulks told them they had no moral right to sit in
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a parliament which was dead and was a disgrace for not respecting the people's vote to leave the e.u. he said johnson has no choice but to ask for another extension to the brig's it line if there is no agreement with the e.u. by october 19th the support now from paul brennan. 40. 4. colleagues welcome back to our place of work. with these words the u.k. parliament was back in action the speaker of the house john bercow resuming the business of parliament proceedings which the prime minister had unlawfully try to block and bold and by choose day supreme court ruling the chamber was packed with m.p.'s keen to interrogate the government 1st in the firing line the attorney general geoffrey cox. mr speaker only this attorney general's watch the government
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has been found in contempt of parliament and now it has been found in contempt of the law doesn't he just accept he hasn't got a shred of credibility lash. was it was boisterous confrontational stuff on both sides why so you're being asked to let her decide upon whether they should continue to see the mercy why. certain 3400000. was pierced ears or disgrace was the prime minister cut a solitary figure as he disembarked his air force jet at london's heathrow airport his visit to the un general assembly cut short the prime minister's final engagement before leaving new york was a reception for commonwealth nations where he again justified his suspension of parliament as preparation for a queen's speech setting out new legislation as one of reasons by the way we need a queen's speech is a kid on. drag that track that sutton. to have
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a bold environmental agenda as the prime minister's convoy wound its way to westminster through the west london traffic boris johnson might be forgiven for wondering whether he will last that long the opposition leader john. corbin is being urged or goaded into calling a no confidence vote but he's refusing until boris johnson officially takes no deal breck's it off the table he has refused to give the undertaking he would do that no application has so far been made to the e.u. and so far as i'm aware no proposal on a future agreement with the has been made either that was always our priority and remains our priority the editorial reaction of the u.k.'s traditional news media has divided along predictable partisan lines random samples of british public opinion reveal a wide range of confusion frustration and uncertainty in just $36.00 days from now britain is due to leave the e.u.
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but there is still no certainty over how or even whether that is actually going to happen whole brennan al-jazeera. an update now with rory challenge that westminster rory geoffrey called taking center stage earlier today he went as the prime minister expected. well we don't know exactly because the shuttle was being delayed some more we have been hearing michael gove's speaking. dominic rob. next and then we also expecting the prime minister to speak after that he is going to be stepping into a very very torrid house of commons it is a top see turvy worlds. of british politics is in at the moment here's where we stand we have the pro gay sion the suspension of parliament which m.p.'s just come back from never actually happens according to the supreme court's the speaker of
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the house of commons john bercow ordered that words be expunged from the historical records we have a prime minister who the opposition is demanding resign goading or daring the opposition to call a vote of no confidence or accept his challenge of a general election they are refusing to do so it is driving the government's insane really we have the attorney general saying that palm is a dead polymers that they are a disgrace that these turkeys can't avoid christmas well if these the turkeys that turkeys that are currently holding the current prime minister of this country hostage until he does what they are insisting on and that is take no deal off the table perhaps one of the many things that boris johnson can do to get out of this predicament is the thing that he said he would rather be dead in a ditch than do and that is go to the european union and apply for an extensions of
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brecht's it only then will he be able to get the general. election that he is trying to get out of the opposition has been a lot of people defending doris johnson today from his posse obviously but the coals for him to resign grows stronger as well is there any indication about what boris johnson's future at least what downing street is saying is future is. well downing street and boris johnson making no indications that he's considering his position that he's going to step down the messaging that you're getting from senior conservatives at the moment is on 2 tracks you hear things like we heard from geoffrey cox the attorney general in parliament earlier today saying that the judiciary should be respected they are independent one of the finest judiciaries in the in the world the government doesn't like the decision that went against it in
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the supreme courts but it is the law and it will abide by it's that's one of the government's messages but then you get a different set of messaging coming from people like jacob reese morg and other city inclined members. of the conservative who say that. supreme court did was essentially a constitutional who did it is frustrating the government in trying to enact the will of the people and take britain out of the european union it's that kind of messaging that puts. brick states as being a battle between the government on the side of the people against a kind of elites establishments who are frustrating that will blocking britain from doing what it has to do what the people want to do and that is come out of the european union chalons with the update from westminster thank you for
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that rory so we're waiting to hear from prime minister boris johnson we've already heard from her son ronnie the iranian president at the general assembly of course developments to do with impeachment of donald trump in the united states all of that coming up in a couple of minutes the latest news here and i'll just. an ethiopian woman determined to tell the world a new story about her country our new source our humanity is the most beautiful and we've got i wish all can just realize that i am just love about despite the
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challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera. october on al-jazeera. this month marks a year since the murder of the journalist shot she has sat most a new series of interviews are. tackling the big issues of our time. world leaders experts and environmentalists will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the arctic. blame themselves a focus on examining us is thrown in a lab and will bring you coverage of the announcement of the 2019 nobel peace prize . october i'll just say it.
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took the bodies on the line for india's biggest star but the industry's stunt performers are unknown and on the one i want mates mates the name and women risking it all for the bright lights of bali on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this job. details of donald trump's controversial call to ukraine's later are released after the u.s. president's rival seek an impeachment inquiry. santa maria this is the wild news from al-jazeera no deal says iran's president hassan
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rouhani is refusing to negotiate a nuclear pact while his country remains under sanctions. no show you should i think you know i'll show you much old anger and persians reopened parliaments as prime minister bars johnson flies home to face cold. as for his resignation in the depths of despair i want the un says warming oceans could be a huge threat to humanity. in the past 90 minutes the white house has released details of a phone call between president of the trump and the president of ukraine the conversation happened in july but it is at the center of moves by the democrats for an impeachment inquiry into the u.s. president in the call trump repeatedly brought up his political rival joe biden and his son hunter suggesting they should be investigated well donald trump has reacted to the release of the memo let's have a listen celebrities have historically with us or wherever and if you take
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a look at the democrats they went down to see the president of ukraine and they asked him for all sorts of things and don't go with the republicans and stay with us like it's a political war they shouldn't have done that and that should be an impeachable event i guess based on what you're saying just so you know understand it's the single greatest witchhunt in american history probably in history but in american history it's a disgraceful thing the letter was a great letter meeting the letter revealing the call that was done at the insistence of myself and other people that read it it was a friendly letter there was no pressure the way you had that built up that call it was going to be the call from hell it turned out to be a nothing call other than a lot of people said i never knew you could be so nice to me how good is our white house correspondent following developments like emily it seems to me the more i read and hear about this telephone call is that it is
12:51 am
a matter of perspective donald trump clearly believes the phone call was fine and that's why he's released the transcript and his proxies are also saying look there's no per quid pro quo here there's nothing definitive while those on the democrat side will say look he mentioned it he said that specifically. yeah there's no quid pro quo in that many expected this transcript to show that the us president was dangling the promise of aid that had been approved by congress in exchange for an investigation of a political rival you're right that was not in the details of the call released by the white house in this memorandum if you will but what it does show is that the president pushed ukraine to investigate his political rival former vice president joe biden now as you heard there the president is defending all of this saying that the real story is perhaps the actions of the former vice president and whether or not when he was in office his son was able to profit from alleged energy deals this
12:52 am
is something that the republicans here in capitol hill are pressing to make the story line but democrats are saying it's just the opposite what this transcript confirms is that the president used and abused his presidential powers to investigate a rival that is what they are saying needs to come to light the top democrat in the republican controlled senate says that there needs to be even more information released namely the intelligence official that was listening to that call and flagged it to the inspector general he or she needs to testify and then the inspector general needs to turn over that report to congress now we are expecting here on capitol hill the director of national intelligence to try to block that information from congress to testify on capitol hill but right now the argument seems to be you're right perspective democrats saying one thing about whether or not this is a big deal or not republicans arguing just the opposite what sort of reaction has
12:53 am
there been kimberly's to say we're waiting to hear from people adam schiff may be speaking soon as well but what sort of reaction from the democrats on. well notable is the reaction from u.s. president donald trump's political rival the democratic presidential nominee and 2016 hillary clinton the former 1st lady. she has tweeted on social media she writes the president of the united states has betrayed our country that's not a political statement it's a harsh reality and we must act he is a clear and present danger to keep it to keep us strong and free he is a clear and present danger to things that keep us strong and free i support impeachment but i can tell you that this is something that has been slow moving on capitol hill for quite some time the republicans argue that democrats have been calling for impeachment since the day donald trump took office they voted on it 3 times but this seems to be a seismic shift in terms of moderate democrats now joining that call saying that there is
12:54 am
a concern about the abuse of presidential power so not only are we watching to see the test with will take place tomorrow but we're also looking ahead to the u.n. general assembly where the u.s. president is scheduled to meet with the ukrainian prime minister around 815 g.m.t. and not to belabor the point kimberly but i saw a do you think it's always worth reiterating impeachment doesn't mean the president gets removed from office that's not how it works in the united states of this is just the beginning. yeah very quickly what we've begun to see here with the call from nancy pelosi as of less than 24 hours ago the top democrat the house of representatives is the start of impeachment proceedings but there needs to be a vote on a pietschmann in the house of representatives that's essentially what you would refer to as the indictment but in order for the sentence to kind of be carried out that has to happen in the senate that is the republican controlled body that would actually remove donald trump from office were very far away from that there hasn't
12:55 am
even been an impeachment vote in the house of representatives well it does look like there are an increasing number of democrats that would support that vote you're right it doesn't mean donald trump is going to be removed from office because the republicans and senate could protect that from happening for donald trump thank you kimberly how could i white house correspondent up on capitol hill today elsewhere in washington d.c. we are waiting to hear as i said from adam schiff the chair of the house intelligence committee one democrat who's been extremely vocal in his opposition to donald trump we're expecting a news conference there and we will bring that to you as soon as it happens in the meantime we will speak to christine pelosi a member of the democratic national committee's executive committee she's in our washington using to thank you for your time as well as it is this and by this i mean the transcript of what appears to be a transcript of the phone call is it a silver bullet is it what the democrats were looking for is it enough.
12:56 am
it's outrageous that the memo that you're talking about it's a memorandum labeled notes and reflex and recollections which is not a word by word transcript so we don't even know what they left out but what they put ad and what they have shared with the american people is a situation where the president of the united states is threatening the president of the ukraine he is holding up money that the united states congress has passed to send to you crane on the condition that the the president of you can promise to work with the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani and the attorney general of the united states bill barr to investigate and get dirt on potential presidential rival former vice president joe biden it's absolutely outrageous it is it is a confession and i'm not sure why the white house thought that this was a good idea or thought that somehow this was exonerating because i see 3 different people committing serious breaches and of course the president committing an
12:57 am
impeachable offense so this is as the house of representatives is in the grand jury this stage of things deciding on whether or not to deliver an indictment this is very very damaging evidence out of the gate and makes us hungry for what the rest of the lower who was you know sort of a would you mind staying there for me because adam schiff just about to speak let's have a listen to him call between the president of states and the president of ukraine as well as the legal opinion. drafted by the department of justice. the notes of the call reflect a conversation for more damning then i or many others had imagined. it is shocking at another level that the white house would release this these notes and felt that somehow this would help the president's case for cause. because what those notes reflect is a classic mafia like shakedown of a foreign leader they reflect the ukrainian president too was desperate for u.s.
12:58 am
support for military support to help that country in a hot war with putin's russia a country that is still occupied by irregular russian forces and which people face. a very. dangerous and continuing and destabilizing action by their aggressive neighbor and at the same time a president and states who immediately after the ukraine president expresses the need for further weapons tells the ukraine president that he has a favor to ask president communicates to his ukrainian counterpart that the united states has done a lot for ukraine we've done an awful lot for ukraine more than the europeans or anyone else has done for ukraine but there's not much reciprocity here this is how
12:59 am
a mafia boss talks what have you done for us we've done so much for you but there's not much reciprocity i have a favor i want to ask you what does that favor of course the favor is to investigate his political rival to investigate the bidens. and it's clear that the ukraine president understands exactly what is expected of him and is making every effort to mollify the president what adds another layer of depravity to this conversation is the fact the president states that invokes the attorney general of the united states as well as his personal lawyer as emissaries in the case of the attorney general as an official head of a u.s. department of partner of justice that he says will be part and parcel of this now i know that the attorney general is denying involvement in this. but nonetheless you
1:00 am
can see why the department of justice would want this transcript never to see the light of day you can see why they have worked so hard to deprive our committee of the whistleblower complaint and in fact the opinion by the justice department is startling in its own regard because in that opinion the department of justice at vance's the absurd claim that the director of national intelligence has no responsibility. over efforts to prevent foreign interference in our elections well that will come as news or at least it should to the director of national intelligence who is charged among other things with detecting foreign interference in our elections and with reporting to congress about foreign interference in our elections but it is apparently the view of this justice department that the director has no jurisdiction in this area and it is a sad fact that the director of national intelligence will.


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