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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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very good and now i just want to ask you to do me this little they are course that's the quid pro quo it was the godfather nobody would miss it wow mafia impersonations i was not expecting that helen now but we are down i mean i'm so surprised alan now that we are clearly in the official realms of of going down the impeachment paf my big picture question is this what's the point what's the point in going down this path when you know this is what the democrats that donald trump won be removed from office because the senate won't allow that the republican majority senate won't allow it number one it is constitutionally and morally right to hold trump accountable for his impeachable offenses the house has the sole aren't for impeachment is not the role of the house to consult some kind of crystal ball and try to figure out what the senate may or may
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not do what all the facts are on the table which they are not secondly it holds strong that will by becoming the 3rd president ever be impeached by the full house or for last thing he wants to be the 1st line is next if the house votes articles of impeachment that doesn't just lead to an easy exoneration the senate it presents mitch mcconnell and the republicans with some terrible choice we're moving on to other news on iran's president to send to define a message to the united states about sanctions asan rouhani addressing low betas at the u.n. general assembly masaba to eat on how had he done a. our patience has a limit when the u.s. does not respect the united nations security council resolutions and when europe displays in ability the only way shall be to rely on national dignity pride and strength they call us to negotiations while they run away from treaties and deals.
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with the incumbent u.s. government on the 5 plus one negotiating table however they failed to honor the commitment made by their predecessor on behalf of my nation and state i would like to announce that our response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative so let's ask our at the united nations now what does that mean for the nuclear deal if he's saying we're not talking as long as the sanctions stone place. i mean the tension will continue was defiant for 2 reasons he wanted to send a message to his own people that iran is not caving in to the pressure from the americans and he was sending another message to the international community that it's the u.s. not iran who should be blamed for the crisis because of the american disengagement from the 2015 nuclear deal it was remarkable the moments when he was saying basically that he's not willing to talk to u.s.
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president donald trump as long as the sanctions continue as describing those sanctions as silent killing of the iranian people but i have to say that iranian officials over the last few days were also talking about the potential for some slight concessions in the near future in the near future to be able to bring about a solution to the crisis like ratification of the. additional protocol that paves the way for international atomic energy agency inspectors to ensure that the nuclear program is for peaceful reasons they were talking about small changes to the nuclear deal the europeans are been trying at the same time to ask the iranians to now a differences with the americans and this explains why iranian president hassan rouhani today was basically lashing out at the european union in particular saying that they are the ones who should be brokering a deal or narrowing the differences because they were part of the deal however what
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we've been listening or getting from americans from the europeans. was only empty rhetoric this remains to be a delicate task for the americans but also for the iranians who have been facing mounting pressure from the e.u. in particular saying that this could be a last chance for you to narrow the differences with the americans otherwise the future could just bring about further escalation of further tension. at the united nations. in the news ahead on al-jazeera millions of children are being vaccinated in the philippines after the country's 1st case of polio in almost 2 decades i don't know if the quake hits pakistan administrate kashmir killing at least 33 people and injuring hundreds more.
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how the weather's slightly dry across the middle east come a little bit of cloud once again just spilling out sift through the black sea that will not just wait for the southward and a swiss perhaps a little bit of wet weather on that but by and large it does look dry more hot sunshine into baghdad still rolling a couple of degrees above the seasonal average and that continues to be the case as we go on through friday friday notice some wet weather there. watch georgia armenia maybe it's. 28 celsius in the sunshine for the sunshine stretches down across the right group an age where it is largely settled to say we have the a remnant of our tropical west side making its way away from amman now that's pulling in lands drying out quite smartly but it did as you can see coast some localized flooding that's the chance of one of 2 showers as we go on through the next day but it's patriotic quickly and the winds really of make great significance as we go on into friday notice some wet weather just making its way into the gulf
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of aden some damn weather that for a time because so much weather so just pushing up into mozambique on show way and hey we'll see temperatures still a little suppressed across that east the side of south africa but warming up for friday. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking the p. 3 aircraft carrier saving lives even a dangerous job as a vaccine so it's on a good 24 hours there are patients waiting for these medicines are not being pain lives are at risk but the real could go one of the gang stops on because of the road that they can do it with what for them. risking you know guinea on al-jazeera .
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this isn't just iran these are the top stories the white house has released the details of a july 25th phone call between president obama and the president of ukraine. it is a conversation that's become the focus for the democrats official call for an impeachment of. iran's president has told the united nations general assembly he refuses to negotiate on the issue of its nuclear program as long as sanctions remain in place and also said the gulf region is on the edge of collapse and warned a single blunder could fuel a big fire. now another developing story on israel's president has asked benjamin netanyahu to form a new government after president rubin rivlin met with it and yahoo as you see on
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screen and benny gantz scans finished just ahead of netanyahu and last streets general election but both of them short of winning a majority let's get some clarity hopefully with harry forsett now in west jerusalem harry how is it that the man who got fewer votes or whose party got fewer votes now gets to form the government or at least the 1st chance to form a government. clarity is a pretty scarce resources in israeli politics right now but i'll do my best netanyahu got 32 seats his party did in the elections gantz his blue and white party got 33 but the very quickly after the result and worked to form up what he said was an unbreakable sort of 'd alliance of right wing and religious parties which gave him $55.00 recommendations of members of the knesset
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the israeli parliament to form a government now hypothetically gantz had $54.00 because he had his own $33.00 plus another 11 from left of center parties plus another 10 from members of the joint list grouping of many palestinian israeli parties but they the the 10 members wouldn't sit with gantz in a government they would merely recommend him so according to the president riven rivlin. netanyahu has a clear a path towards forming a coalition government you need $61.00 to have a majority he has $55.00 pretty much locked in and still on the sidelines of course is a big door lieberman his former political ally and friend and enemy and very much seen in the enemy camp at the moment having brought down the coalition talks last time around assuring in the election which netanyahu forced saying that he wouldn't give it to somebody else to do it to have an opportunity in april so here we are
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netanyahu being intrusted with this mandate the question is whether he tries to get a few extra people peel son out of blue and white try to get some of the left wing parties on board appeal to leave him and or whether he himself decides that it's a lost cause fairly soon and hands it back to president rivlin we wait to see how things play out from here very interesting thank you harry fawcett in west jerusalem. well the u.k. parliament has reconvened an m.p.'s have a lot of questions about its suspension by the prime minister early this month johnson is expected to address m.p.'s shortly. remember tuesday the supreme court judges rule to his decision to send them home was in fact unlawful parliament was suspended for 5 weeks in the lead up to the break that deadline in october paul brennan with us now from outside the houses of parliament in westminster. hall
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style i wonder is maybe the word pull to describe the reception awaiting boris johnson. certainly there was a hostile beginning to the day i suspect that the prime minister will not find a welcome mat in front of the dispatch box when he returns there hello i have to say that opposition m.p.'s are taking great relish in holding the government ministers who'd been standing at that dispatch box in the lower house holding on to account over the past 5 to 6 hours of parliamentary business now that they've been able to get back into the chamber after the on lawful croatian the prime minister told about 2 and a half weeks ago and it started off very bombastic indeed from the attorney general geoffrey talks who said that this parliament was a disk writes he said the employees had no rights to be sitting in the green benches and that there should be a general election is strictly
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a special day but that simply provoked the opposition m.p.'s into an absolute fury and i think courage that we look up barrie shipman's intervention so furious was barry sherman that it actually went viral on social media now since then it's calmed down somewhat but the prime minister is due to take to his feet in the next 10 minutes or so is already about an hour of it you and it will be curious and separate fascinating to see exactly how he approaches this he hasn't been apologetic so far about the way that the supreme court ruling went or you continue with that unapologetic confrontational approach or is he going to change tack that's something we're going to have to wait and see for the next few minutes to see what he says yeah it's interesting because there is so much pressure paul on board. johnson 2 i think the phrase used by jeremy corbyn was considered his position but as far as i've seen it maybe you can tell us the word coming from downing street is that he's he's standing firm.
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date that was to say no no word of apology at all it seems that the strategy being pursued by the prime minister was advised by his senior private advisor dominic cummings being that the prime mover amongst those with the prime minister is positioning the government is being somehow in alliance with the people close to the people and the parliament and the judiciary is somehow holding back holding back the will of the people it's a dangerous tactic and many have piece of comments it that this is somewhat dangerous language to start. but rather for the home secretary a former conservative home secretary at that warned against that kind of strategy we'll wait and see what the prime minister says but i have to say he is not turning back at this stage and this famous phrase of his he would rather die in a ditch than prevent stop or go to the e.u. for an extension to take keep britain in the e.u.
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beyond october 31st that still stands there's been no change in that policy it's all very interesting all right we'll be back with paul brennan at westminster after we hear from prime minister barak johnson expected in the next well 5 minutes or so . now a u.s. house committee is holding a debate to try to jumpstart legislation to limits gun ownership assault weapons flooded the market in 2005 after the original band from 1904 expired the committee of democrats is also calling on the government to buy back guns from citizens in the wake of a series of mass shootings a recent us media poll found just over half of all americans support banning the sale of assault weapons. a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in pakistan administered kashmir has killed 33 people and injured a 1000 others dozens of homes businesses have all been flattened. in our reports this is the aftermath of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. homes roads and other infrastructure damaged or
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destroyed. as got to get the earthquake was sudden so severe we had no time to get out of our house the next thing we knew part of the roof collapse and we had to a skate from the side door we built our house 8 years ago and now it's gone here and. a 20 minute drive from the city of mead poor people are still in a state of shock so it's good the cream on our village is a risk 300 houses now some are gone and others have sustained major structural damage people are now sitting out in the open. relief work to carry out research and rescue operations helps out regular david retrievable. the national disaster management authority through the warning about. everyone to remain vigilant the ball was in most parts of pocket on board.
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you can see a trail of destruction and people now go nor where did they leave. to go back to their homes. poor pakistani administered kashmir. now in the philippines millions of children are sick it polio vaccination is following the discovery of the 1st cases of the disease there for 19 years jamil and dugan has that story for now from manila. health experts say the philippines is at risk it is estimated at least $11000000.00 children are not properly vaccinated across the country and there are recent outbreaks of measles and which just left more than a 1600 filipinos dead as early as january of this year and coupled with the announcement of the department of health of the return of polio type 2 which is a ready been eradicated 19 years ago is starting to raise fears in many communities
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here and just like. please be. more and more the most vulnerable you. need. all you want. the world health organization and the department of health are going to roll out a series of national vaccination programs within the next few months hoping to immunize at least $5000000.00 filipina children across the country especially in the mindanao region where the outbreaks are severe according to the philippine government the growing vaccine scare since last year has also contributed to the reduction of vaccine coverage in the country now down to 40 percent. waiting to hear from the british prime minister boris johnson in the house of commons in
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london shortly and we've just seen him in fact leaving number 10 downing street so shouldn't be too long til he gets across it's very close actually to palace of westminster this long awaited speech now the 1st time he will be speaking to the house since the supreme court declared his suspension of parliament to be illegal so that is boris johnson prime minister heading off to parliament and we'll bring you his speech when it happens in the house of commons shortly. in the meantime we're running through the headlines because it's been a busy day here the white house has released the details of a july 25th phone call between donald trump and the president of ukraine low to mid selenski it is a conversation that's been the focus for democrats official call for an impeachment inquiry the notes of the call reflect
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a conversation far more damning then i or many others had imagined. it is shocking at another level that the white house would release this these notes and felt that somehow this would help the president interrupting that to go to london the house of commons prime minister bars johnson. change of government to be good at them having an action 9 with your permission i shall make a statement on various cities to find sure they'll be ample opportunity everybody wants to question the prime minister in conformity with the usual practice to do so but the statement must and will be heard by the prime minister say thank you mr speaker with your permission i shall make a statement on this day supremes court verdict and the way forward for these paralyzed followers i mean you guys you move people to lead the european union than have ever voted for any party or proposition in our
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history i have to say i both parties promised the public good they would all know the results sadly many have since john all ringback they could to abandon those promises and to overturn that democratic right time down to 3 years or over and delay the lift this country the risk of being locked up forever in the orbit of the e.u. this government i lead has being trying cruelly to get us our time most people over here most people indeed most supporters of the party opposite regardless of how they voted 3 years ago think the referendum must be respected. they won't break see it done i want breaks it down and people want us out on october the 30 bush ha ha with the new deal if possible box without one if yes or $364.00 days ago
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i was told the brussels would never reopen the withdrawal of agreements have when they are discussing a real good with broad agreement in the negotiation a i showed a good russel's would never consider alternatives to the backstop. it keeps the came back to early in the e.u. but with no strike where now discussing those alternatives in the negotiations i was told. brussels would never consider arrangements that were not permanent we're now discussing in the negotiation is an arrangement that works on the principle of consent and does not come in and i was told there was no chance of a new deal whatever we are discussing a new deal and this is in spite of the best efforts of the party opposite and this parliament to read on negotiation shape i hate to take
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a deal off the table the truth is that the majority in this parliament the majority of these are not are opposed are not opposed to the so-called new deal this parliament does not want brics it to happen i don't know how many of those many of those who voted for the surrender act a few weeks ago the same and then that their intention was to stop playing the deal . they have say every day since the parliament must vote against any deal at all i think the people of this country could see very clearly it was people that had. people and. i didn't. just stick you waiting wildly i can scarcely hear the prime minister myself and i wish to hear the statement as other call they should also do the prime minister your people of this country can see perfectly clearly what is going on
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they know the problem and does not want to honor its promises to respect the referendum the people at higher know this parliament will keep delaying it will keep sabotaging the negotiations because they don't want ideal mr speaker the truth is that members all. zits are living in a fantasy world i. say a good somehow they are going to happen so this is what they want to do and it can some of us referendum they're going to legislate for a 2nd referendum parliament who promise but this time actually the opposite the parliament will promise that this time it really really will respect that her. and they think that the public will the whole point to remain and everybody will forget the last few years mr speaker i have to say i think that is an extraordinary delusion and a fantasy a fantasy even greater than the communist fantasies peddled by the your god who
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are they will not have the public the public don't want another referencing i have that what they want and what they demand is that we all know the promise we made to the very top has to respect the 1st referendum. to move on to put great seat behind us and focus on the n.h.s. on violent crime by i don't cutting the cost of living and that is why i brought forward a queen's speech this government intends to present a program for life after bricks it a good sign members of this house could not stand that either instead of facing the voters the opposition turned tail and brain and fled from an election instead of deciding to let the voters decide they ran the course instead
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and despite the fact that i followed the exact same process as my previous sentence in calling a queen's speech the supremes court was asked to intervene in this process for the 1st time ever and it is absent. no disrespect to the judiciary to say i think our court was wrong to her majesty i want to assure you i will let you go why should i have to talk. or. whatever the strength and intensity of feeling on the passions to which these matches give rise we must hear what he's being said in the chamber and i wish to the prime minister. who was wrong to pronounce on what is a century a political question right out of time great national controversy so we have opposition m.p.'s that blog and delay everything running to the courts
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to block couldn't do they even more including blocking legislation through improvements to invest in our n.h.s. and keeping violent criminals in jail i think the people on the stuff outside this house understand what is happening they know but nothing can disguise the truth is not just that this holiday do you prove a lot or a law and i'm refusing to give up on the priorities of the people it's not just on able to move forward it's worse than that mr speaker i took she is so fishnets and political cowardice i heard all day but i was willing to move aside and give the people a say they see m.p.'s demanding that the people should be given a say one week and then running away from the election that would provide the people with the say wants to pool they see more ever more and labyrinths legal and
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political maneuvers from the party or hate god which is determined absolutely determined to say we know best and from this at the 17400000 people who vote in the european you. you are the leader of the opposition and he's party do not trust the people thank you leader of your president's party all determined to throw out the referendum results whatever the cost there don't care to speak up about the build hundreds of millions of cars that will come with every week. they don't care for another year or more is wasted in arguing about a referendum that happened 3 years ago all that matters to them now are is an obsessive desire to overrule the referendum result while we want to take our country up again to go forward with that fantastic program an exaggerated program
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of investment in infrastructure in health and education and technology they are threatening on the handbrake whoa mr speaker we will not betray the people who sent us here who were not on what they want to do we will not abandon our priorities good matter to the public and we will continue to challenge those all the different parties to up hold democracy in our own revolted by total members opposite certainly disagreed with this government's commitment to leaving on october 31st they have a very simple remedy i think disposal well. they could have very teed for a general election where i have to confess this is because i was a little shocked to discover that the party whose members stood up in brighton this week and repeated me that i've been the most strident terms demanded an election i heard them is the very same party whose members already twice this month who don't
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once but twice refused to allow the people to the side for the next 2 years they have demanded an election but twice they have voted against it the leader of the opposition changes his mind so. often i wonder whether he supports the election today or whether the shadow chancellor oh the shadow attorney general have a routine again because they know that the voters will judge them manifesto for what it is move point miss benette is he going to demand that he's going to demand an election. and then vote against it i heard just as he did so you want to get it in you bricks deal and then vote against the 2 he actually going to vote no confidence in this government is he going to dodge
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a vote of no confidence in me was prime minister who in order to escape the burden of a by choice was one to. tell us he's hot even wants to be prime minister have any ruler who he should change he says to her he says that i should go to brussels on the 17th of october negotiate another point it's the day to day but he doesn't want to go himself and even if he did he wouldn't let him but he's quite frankly they recoil they were cool at the idea of him negotiating on the people's behalf representing this country with the like so glad i'm here. let alone the e.u. or the more lives of terror are. or is it perhaps that he wants a conservative government do it be a curious state of affairs indeed if i majesty's loyal opposition had every faith in the government of the dare i sell
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a pin for the party or because it does not have confidence in the government they will have a chance to prove that they have until one house right easy's let them listen and it is a white house. they should listen as mr speaker they have until the house rises today to table a motion of no confidence by the guy who now that i have i know you can have that vote tomorrow or in any of the other parties the smaller parties thank you guy who. why are you continuing to measure who did you talk to who are very willing to have the courage to will they refuse to take responsibility and do nothing but the other under they why wouldn't they or what are they scared of me just because i think it is and i wonder if i have that's
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what your skin i don't have. peeled to the house very nice and to have some regard to how our proceedings of views by people watching them in the country or. let the remainder of the statement be had a great one of the promises exportation but i don't require it so i'm perfectly content what i want to hear is the rest of the statement and then questioning on it the prime minister is the speaker well it's a speaker thank you as i commend these statements to the hard side bar i say it is time to get great seats done ira breaks it down so we respect the referendum get pretty done so we could move on to deal with the people's priorities the n.h.s. the cost of living let's get done so we can start to reunite this country off of the divisions of the referendum rather than having another one it's time for this parliament finally to take responsibility for its decisions we decided to cool that
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referendum we promised we probably still have time and again to respect i think the people of this country have had enough i mean this parliament mistry this stand aside and let this government get. done oh bring a vote of confidence and finally face the day of reckoning with the voters and i commend to his statement to the higher the hit go. a hang. thank you mr speaker i thank the prime minister full an advance copy of his statements unfortunately it was like his illegal shutting down of parliament i have. to know all of you know
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a fact and should be quashed. ah well right in the words of the supreme court i had this mrs fake you know was 10 minutes of bluster from a dangerous prime minister who thinks he is above the law. but even she knows and i suspect here in truth mr speaker is not fit for the office which evolved i. this is me. i am glad to see so many colleagues back here doing what they were elected to do holding the government to account for its failings. its the attempts to shut down democracy its sham breaks it negotiations it's chaotic and inadequate no deal preparations its allegations of corruption it's fight
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on climate change rights fight to step in to save thomas cook this government was this government mr strake you are fighting the people of correction the people of britain know it. i. 2 2 2 i said a prime minister shouldn't be shouted down the same goes with the leader of the opposition let me say to people ben who even from a sedentary position. you will. you will get nowhere. and these proceedings will continue for as low as ease necessary for the chair to say i'm satisfied the proper scrutiny has taken place e.t.s. as simple an encoder of
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a simple as that brings yet i mean i hear you say yes if the supreme court verdicts represents an extraordinary and i believe precarious moment in this country's history. the highest court in this land has found the prime minister broke the law when he tried to. yes and when he tried to shut down democratic accountability at a crucial moment in our public life. the judges concluded there was no reason and i quote let alone a good reason for the prime minister to have shut down parliament going on after yesterday's ruling mr speaker the prime minister should have done the
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honorable thing and resigned to it was. it was it was. yes mr speaker. he is forced to go back to this house to rightfully face the scrutiny he tried to avoid. with no shred to over it bourse or humility and of course no substance whatsoever. so let's see if he will answer some questions. does the prime minister agree with his attorney general right now that the government got it wrong always the leader of the house that the supreme court's the supremes court committed
2:38 am
a constitutional cooed this mr speaker is of vital question about whether the government respects the judiciary or nor should. the attorney general was also categorical that the government would comply with the e.u. withdrawal number to act can the prime minister confirm that. mrs baker. right. mrs fake i want to pay tribute to those m.p.'s from all parties across the house the lords and in the scottish parliament on the welsh assembly who have not only fought so hard to stop a disastrous no till but continued to take the case against
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progression through the colts. the government has failed to silence our democracy yeah ah this is make up. this is fake during the period up on a lawful pro or a guy should the government was forced to release their yellow house no deal analysis and plans no wonder a prime minister has been so easy to avoid scrutiny and so eager to hide the dangers of his plan. the release of those documents leads to many questions the government must know. that our parliament is back in operation. so i would like to start by asking the prime minister why. well yeah
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i would like to start is to speak up by asking the prime minister why the government described it leaked yellow how my documents in oldest as being out of date. when the documents were later produced in september they were. the same documents hades they have try to hide from the people the truth the real truth of a no jailbreak say. i mean try to never a dull moment is that in the british parliament these days we've been hearing from jeremy corbyn there the leader of the opposition and before him prime minister barak johnson speaking in parliament for the 1st time since the supreme court ruled his suspension to parliament to be illegal he said i want to get bragg's it done and no disrespect to the judiciary but their decision on is wrong paul brennan
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outside the house of parliament in london to talk us through a bit more of this i mean if you looked up defiant in the dictionary right now paul you'd see a picture of doris johnson next to it and he was just it he will not back down and be defiant bone best stick now is doubling down rather than backing down he said the suing the same line of bluster as the opposition leader said simple i say conviction is another way of putting it if you're a supporter of boris johnson yes he's not for turning he's accusing the opposition of being the problem is just saying what we spoke about off an hour ago an area of concern for some m.p.'s that the fine minister and his advisors ship a serious strategy whereby he's positioning himself as kind of the supporter of the people against the judiciary an apology which are somehow against the people you
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had that where he said i think that the people outside this house will understand what's happening said boris johnson the shia selfishness and cowardice is what he accused the opposition of his said that the opposition all that matters now to them is an obsessive desire to over rule the referendum results we will not betray the people who sent us here said boris johnson it was fractious it was bad tempered and then the opposition leader jeremy called and took to his feet and he was having none of boris johnson he said this this was 10 minutes of bluster from a shameless prime minister who's. thinks he is above the law instead he is simply not fit for the office. with no shred of for morse or humility and he has no substance. an angry furious exchange across the ballot box no surprises frankly but fairly typical of what has become a rather untypical 'd period in our british politics poll just to go back to one of
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boris johnson's central arguments there where he said of the labor party they could have voted for a general election and i was shocked because they demanded one of the party conference and he makes a good point the labor party has been calling for an election for quite a long time now and surely this is the the time to strike while the iron's hot. day one that is that what the prime minister appears to be trying to do is to challenge the opposition to a vote of no confidence if you are so convinced that i am a poor prime minister that i shouldn't be in the post. paul a vote of no confidence the prime minister is clearly challenging to do that what the opposition have calculated is that certainly the labor party has calculated is that now is not the time they consent that they don't have the votes to actually win the no confidence vote they're also concerned that if they pull down the government and create the opportunity for a general election the person who would decide the date of that general election is
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the prime minister and they do not trust the prime minister to name a date before the 31st of october and then potentially switch it after the 31st of october by which time it would be a done deal and of course here in the u.k. we have a period of purdah which very often is up to 6 weeks before a general election takes place where no business century happens government kind of texel long but it's the civil service that just keeps the country running there is no examination of big big policy ideas and decisions and so there is a very grave concern that if the opposition given to the temptation to call for a vote of no confidence in prime minister may backfire on them there's a lot of war going going on in the headquarters of the main political parties paul final thought this is the question what happens now we see these statements in parliament parliament is back in session i mean what happens tomorrow the next day . well it's likely i think that there will be
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a short recess the conservative party conference boris johnson's ruling party is due to hold its policy and you'll conference up north in manchester i think it is. they normally break it to allow the m.p.'s to leave london and actually attend that with the opposition parties grant that window of opportunity they might not they may decide that they want to continue this period of interrogation that they've been pursuing of the last 7 hours today bearing in mind we've had 2 and a half weeks where they haven't been able to do that we've got major things going 150000 tourists and travelers stranded by the bankruptcy of thomas cook for example so it may be that the opposition decides to keep the government keep the government here but they're not going to let the government take the fees out of the fund paul thanks for now we'll be hearing more from paul brennan at westminster of course as the night continues there in london. and the debate goes on jeremy coleman the
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leader of the opposition saying the prime minister should have resigned and no one trusts him to finds from both sides of the house in london full conference call that story of the un general assembly and us impeachment in just a moment. some asked. obvious. to the core. but were all complicit in creating wild of terror and oppression. living in fear and denial they
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sea level flight. with a rare eye witness testimony from the men who fought the french on the ground to newseum the battle for independence episode one of the rebels on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera . is the single greatest witch hunt in american history this is how a mafia boss talks the impeachment inquiry hates zappos the white house releases
2:49 am
details of a phone call between donald trump and the president of ukraine. also in the news iran's new president hassan rouhani says he won't negotiate a nuclear pact while his country remains under sanctions. and they go she actions are now under way in israel as the president benjamin netanyahu to form a new government. follow that i'm christi paul in london with the latest from europe including british prime minister boris johnson faces repeated calls to resign is calm and say it's the 1st time since it suspension misty delete all but he challenges the opposition to court confidence votes in him. and in supporting here why have produced the for. major upset at the rugby world cup based on fiji 3027 to win their 1st world cup match thanks 2003.
2:50 am
so the white house has released details of a phone call between donald trump and the president of ukraine the conversation happened back in july but it is now at the center of moves by the democrats for an impeachment inquiry into the u.s. president in the call trump repeatedly brought up his political rival joe biden and his son hunter suggesting they should be investigated says. there's no indication whatsoever and if you take a look at the democrats they went down to see the president of ukraine and they asked him for all sorts of things and don't go with the republicans and stay with us and like it's a political war they shouldn't have done that and that should be an impeachable event i guess based on what you're saying just so you know understand it's the single greatest witchhunt in american history probably in history but in american history it's a disgraceful thing the letter was a great letter meaning the letter revealing the call that was done at the
2:51 am
insistence of myself and other people that read it it was a friendly letter there was no pressure the way you had that built up that call it was going to be the call from hell it turned out to be a nothing call other than a lot of people said i never knew you could be so nice. so don't trump says it's a nothing call but here is the key part of the conversation between himself and president selenski the notes of which would be classified by the president in the white house so ukraine's president cements can he thanks trump for u.s. support saying his government is almost ready to buy more of the javelin antitank missiles from the us states for defense purposes trump then according to the notes replies i'd like you to do us a favor before he starts talking about robot mode and then encourages and ski to speak to his personal lawyer rudy giuliani and the u.s. attorney general bill barr about allegations concerning joe biden so let's make some sense of this now with kimberly how could our white house correspondent who's been following developments today from capitol hill when we read out that bit of
2:52 am
the conversation it seems quite clear and i guess that's what the democrats are saying the inference is there but the republicans see it in a different way there republicans are saying look at there was no quid pro quo here we never heard from the president in that memo of the details of the call in any way saying that the aid that has been promised by congress to the ukraine that it was contingent on investigating president trumps political rival joe biden but democrats feel very strongly that yes well that might not have been expressly contained in those notes it was certainly implied it was inferred and this is why they say there is a need now not only to hear from the whistleblower who 1st flagged this telephone call but also the inspector general of the intelligence community who wrote this report take a listen to adam schiff the chair of the house intelligence committee who says
2:53 am
there is clearly something wrong with this phone call and that he believes and democrats believe the president abused his presidential powers the notes of the call reflect a conversation far more damning then i or many others had imagined. it is shocking at another level that the white house would release this these notes and felt that somehow this would help the president's case or cause because what those notes reflect is a classic mafia like shakedown of a foreign leader so kimberly it seems to me that the whistleblower themselves the person are brutalist to attention. they need to be heard now or at least that's what the democrats are saying that to move this on we need to hear more information . yeah and what's really notable about this canal is that republicans for the most part agree with you in fact there was a vote in the u.s.
2:54 am
senate controlled by republicans that put forward unanimously that this needs to be released to the public and that's what the top democrat in the u.s. senate is calling for for this whistleblower complaint to be made public now it's not likely we're going to get that at least right away but what we are going to get on thursday here on capitol hill is the testimony from the director of national intelligence the acting director that is he had been up to this point walking some of this information according to democrats from being investigated you have to remember the congress has a constitutional obligation to conduct oversight out of the white house so they claim they were asking for this information it was blocked by the dry acting director of national intelligence now he has agreed to testify about this so this is going to continue in a very long saga we should point out in all of this though well this is an investigation in terms of the impeachment proceedings there needs to be a vote the house of representatives to impeach the president but then the president
2:55 am
could only be removed from office by the senate and that again controlled by republicans a very big long shot so it's still a long way to go in terms of those who may be wondering whether or not this means that donald trump could soon be stepping down great stuff from a white house correspondent kimberly how could up on capitol hill today thanks kimberly a little earlier full some analysis i spoke to. who is a professor of history at the american university ellen you wrote the book the case for impeachment do you know see that in front of you. i absolutely see that you're trying to me something i predicted actually at the same time as you know i predicted donald trump's victory i said based on his history of spotting the law and lying that he would be impeached and nancy pelosi would not have gone on national television and address the american people just to start an
2:56 am
impeachment inquiry that goes nowhere of course this is going to end in the voting of all articles of impeachment by the us house the only question is will it just be one article focused on the abuse of power in pressuring ukraine to intervene in the american presidential election all were dressed to many other charm transgressions structure of justice. alone his campaign laws violations hush money payments by lation of the monuments cause of the constitution says you can't take that in thing of value or in power contempt of congress and possible financial crimes those are the real open questions now what do you make of the releasing of this memo of the phone call in the 1st place i mean they republicans and don't trump thing to be while saying that basically well there's nothing bad that there's not anything specific a specific quid pro quo that incriminates them or number one it's not
2:57 am
a transcript it's recollections and there are a lot of the lip season there and i wonder if the worst part of the conversations months now but just on its face leaving aside for a moment the question of a quid pro quo queerly. an effort to pressure a foreign leader to intervene on your behalf in an american presidential election is a gross abuse of power never trump has been shouting no collusion no collusion for 2 years and now he's been gauging in collusion with looking to the next election i also believe it is clearly a criminal violation of the campaign finance laws which says that the candidate in trump is a candidate raising money you cannot accept anything of value from a foreign national much less a foreign power now you know his henchmen bring in barges that oh no it's not a violation because you're on your biden is not
2:58 am
a thing of value what other nonsense i've been studying american politics for more than 50 years there was scarcely anything more valuable than opposition research then during your opponent's political campaign spent millions of dollars on operations now let's address the quid pro quo michael cullen then his attorney for 10 years made a point that trump is like a mafia boss he doesn't directly say things he speaks in code but the code is crystal clear and the code was crystal clear here about the quid pro quo you could hear the voice of god on corleone from the godfather here you know i invited state has been very very good to you and now i just want to ask you to do me this little they are course that's the quid pro quo if it was the godfather nobody would miss that. wow my fear in presentations i was not expecting that helen
2:59 am
now that we are down in philips of. l m l that we are clearly in the official realms of going down the impeachment path my big picture question is this what's the point what's the point in going down this path when you know this is for the democrats that donald trump won't be removed from office because the senate won't allow that the republican majority senate won't allow it number one it is constitutionally and morally right for hold trump accountable for his impeachable appearances the house has the sole authority for impeachment is not the role of the house so some kind of crystal ball and try to figure out what the senate may or may not be what all the facts are on paper which they are not secondly it holds countable by becoming their current president ever to be
3:00 am
impeached by the poorhouse last thing he wants to be the 1st line of your next if the house votes article. that doesn't just lead to an easy exoneration it presents mitch mcconnell and the republicans with some terrible choices let's move to some other developing news iran's president who sent a defined message to the united states about sanctions hassan rouhani addressing world leaders a little earlier at the u.n. general assembly. but even on. the dawn of. our patience has a limit when the u.s. does not respect the united nations security council resolutions and when europe displays inability the only way she'll be to rely on national dignity pride and strength they call us to negotiations while they run away from treaties and deals are all. did with the incumbent u.s. government on the 5 plus one negotiating table however they fail to honor the committee.


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