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tv   New Route Lensa Mekkonen  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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according to malaysian media around $300.00 students in total be evacuated from indonesia which is facing its was far spies and has problems since 2015 in the provincial capital of tech and the air pollution index has dropped from dangerous to unhealthy levels. slash greenhouse gas emissions now or watch cities vanish underwater rivers run dry and marine life collapse this is the warning from scientists behind a major study on the harm climate change poses to our oceans glasses and ice caps on mountains to our coasts nobody will escape unharmed oceans absorb more than 90 percent of heat generated by greenhouse gases keeping our planet livable but at a terrible cost by the end of the century the numbers of marine animals will have decreased by 15 percent and fish catches by almost 25 percent coral reefs will turn white as hot sea water is starved of oxygen the heat is also melting the glass is
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an ice sheet sea levels could rise by one meta by 2100 affecting hundreds of millions of people in coastal areas ocean currents will also change causing disasters like super cyclons and storm surges to strike once a year by 2050 flood damage is projected to increase 102-1000 times by 2100 some island nations will be uninhabitable and far above in the himalayas blassie is feeding 10 major rivers could shrink dramatically hitting water supplies across a swathe of asia. he is one of the lead authors of that report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change joins me now via skype from poland what is striking about this report is the conclusion that the impact of the climate crisis on the world's oceans is now inevitable whether we take action or not.
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that would mean that the choice and became not actor which is lacking in a true so it's true that our action. be good and how bad the impact will be and this is about it's important that we cut our emissions. what about these figure of 4 meters and eventual sea level rise of more than 4 meters how could that change will reshape the map of the world if it weren't for me to see 11 as can't happen if we don't use our emissions that would mean that we accept that we have if i meet us 11 days by the end of the santee and 4 metre by 2300 this is only if you do not change course if you remain on their mission past. however we have a choice we can teams our mission ends and we can act also locally so
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tell me about that choice then because it looks as though what we face with right now is a climate crisis that's bad or a climate crisis that could be horrendous and dangerous and could kill millions of people so how do we get to a place where we avoid the worst case scenario. that if it's come to see that. be have to virtue to day 4 and a local person dies it's not only the. global sea level rise rich it's matters about oil so what happens to look at the many places of sinking such as the nih or so object. so in those places we have to take care that really do get around what they're pumping most of guys at extraction so that the. soil is not further compacting in the thinking. it's the impact of cedar hood ice. if we can
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do anything to prevent this fate what needs to happen to at least adapt to it particularly in those low lying coastal communities yes exactly we can manage. cost better be can. help nature to ask if you support the quota only if you support dogs and beaches and unions they can actually help us to other places where we cannot don't want to be. and see dikes but all of this going to be you know if you're doing a 3 do so emissions. you will have been playing a very close attention to the u.n. climate summit in new york you have been listening to world leaders making various commitments or in some cases refusing to do so where does that leave you in terms
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of optimism on whether we can prevent a serious crisis in the loss of many lives. scientists i am optimistic in terms of. we do have a good scientific and. but it's the be done and so if i were looking what happened in new york most of these use and the voices of the use give me hope that. we can. craft a better future i am also mother i do have 2 kids and that they are related to anything us at home and proofing our behavior and every day choices glad to hear that thank you very much of our a ending on a more positive note their lead author of that very important i.p.c.c. report thank you thank you. now
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a long lost 13th century painting valued at more than $6000000.00 has been found hanging in an elderly french woman's kitchen the christ mocked painting by earlier in a sense artists imbued measures just $28.00 centimeters by 26 the years it had unknowingly been hung close to a cooking plate in the woman's home near paris the painting was discovered by an auction house which had come to value her possessions it say will be the 1st instance of a similar painting coming to market. business updates. going places together.
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odd. business updates. going places together.
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time now for the sport with. marion thank you so much here why have produced a huge upset at the rugby world cup the south americans pushed fiji to the brink of elimination with a 30 to 27 win in japan they would stokes reports that silence as a mark of respect and time to reflect before kick off and come a she the small fishing town wrecked by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami more than a 1000 people from the town were killed the stadium itself is built on the site of 2 schools destroyed by the wave and is a symbol of the town's recovery of about. fiji with a clear favorites for this one after giving australia a scare in their opening game they were up against uruguay the youngest team in the
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tournament made up largely of semi professionals and as expected it was the pacific island stars who struck 1st with a try in the 8th minute. but you're a quite right 19 in the world 9 places below fiji then found their rhythm number $0.09 a rotter burst through and managed to scramble his way over for the 1st try they went on to school 2 more before half time and a big upset was on the cards you require were up 24 points to 12 at the break i fiji threw everything at them in the 2nd half trying to claw their way back into the match they scored 2 tries but it just wasn't enough in the butt 10 felipa chese kick to penalties to keep them out of reach and secured a famous victory. by the now 13 pool d. just a point behind australia and whilst we meet on sunday. i'm really proud. of my country. we're not the biggest we're not the turners crowd we came here to
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when we were preparing deuce soused for. i'm really proud of my country and the only thing i disagree with you today and sometimes i. just wanted to go today i know that most americans are good a good team there's no need for them you got to listen to them fiji came away with him because he's done this point with a 2nd defeat severely dents their chance of making the knockout rounds they did stops al-jazeera. the top 2 from each pool advance of the quarter finals with wales and australia the teams expected to go through from pool d. but year why have a good chance of claiming a 2nd straight win when they play georgia on sunday. teatime defending champions new zealand started their campaign with an impressive win over south africa it was a result that move them back to the top of the global rankings the squad contains 3 brothers shorty scott and bowden brett will make national history if they all make
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the starting line up for the team's next game against canada a sibling as you grow older. this year sort of go your own way is that it's no some time for us to commit to it all together and you know be living the train that we all want to play for the old legs and live in a place that is. and terminal and have gone top of italy's syria maybe a lot see a wind mill to move ahead of defending champions eventis an avalanche or up to 3rd after win over romano avalanche her in the champions league for the 1st time this season but started that campaign with a 4 nil defeat against animal sorrow they were 2 no winners today tally in capital this time at. the world's best track and field stars are in
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doha out of the world athletics championships sprinter kristen coleman has rejected accusations that he's a drug cheat the 23 year old was investigated after he missed 3 doping tests coleman successfully fought the case of declaiming he'd only missed 2 and a 12 month period american as the world's fastest 100 meter runner this year. as ironically i mean i don't really know what is to say i mean. he explained the situation i don't you know it's a guinea before me i don't take any the legal or illegal a i do is you know work or in my god given talent in abilities and you know continue to do that but it is you know mistake i could see the. day there any time i make a move or anything like that. olympic hammer champion announcer often t.g. gets on has been suspended for a doping offense a sample of his from the 20 a leavened world championships has been retouched it was found to contain
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a banned steroids. french open winner and world number one ashley barbie is through to the quarter finals that they will hand open in china the australian beats a few canon of the united states in straight sets friday could become the 1st australian to finish the year as the world's top ranked female player. but 2nd seed carolina list is out the czech player was beaten by 19 year old diana yesterday ukraine. and rome had dennis made a triumphant return to action in his 1st competitive appearance and his son an absence from the tour de france in july the australian has successfully defended his title the 29 year old beat his nearest rival by more than a minute on the roads of yorkshire in northern england that mysteriously quit this year's tour the day before a stage she was expected to win. and that is all your sport for now it's now back
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to mary and london thank you very much farai that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with a full bulletin of news for you going to bring you a recap of all the day's top stories and much more to join you see very shortly. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking away threats let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job it's a vaccine that talks on
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a good 24 hours there are patients waiting because mothers who must be in pain lives are threads of a week ago one of the gang stop somebody calls on the road at that can be a good one for them. risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. landau has been tossed officials expect to see images from the all the top with details coverage dangers remain true black blood for the wrong ways before care for not want to get out the front heard of hurricane dorian . from around the world his flooding will lie in state for a few days then he would be the age at the national hero status change in the capital. rewind returns with a new series and not just about to say don't mention. money and.
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remind me to be true to say. it was all indios 10000000 children born in bondage of the victims of trafficking in one dog and the large numbers are very very big not on al-jazeera. but he actually said that was a very innocent call you can release it all you want. donald trump denies he pressured ukraine's leader to investigate a democratic rival in a political storm that's threatened the u.s. president with impeachment.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program iran's president warns the u.n. that the persian gulf is on the edge of collapse and accuses the u.s. of economic terrorism. the u.k.'s prime minister faces derrius m.p.'s for the 1st time off to parliament suspension is declared on lawful and demands a general election. and slash emissions now or watch coastal cities vanish under water new warning that he managed to miss rescue the oceans to rescue itself. it's a phone call that sparked an impeachment inquiry into the world's most powerful leader u.s. president donald trump has denied he pressured ukraine's leader to investigate one of his biggest political rivals democratic presidential candidate joe biden the phone conversation in july is at the center of moves by furious democrats who want
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the president out of office but trump insists he's done nothing wrong. the which and continues but they're getting hit hard in this which aren't because when they look at the information it's a joke impeachment that i didn't do it to take a look at that call it was perfect i didn't do it there was no quid pro quo but there was with biden and there was with these senators and they threatened they said you do this you do that we're not going to give you votes so that's that's the real deal so we have an honest group of people that have been maligned. also shabba has been a sense of outrage amongst many lawmakers after seeing this read out all this this memo of the phone call released by the white house what was president trump trying to do in this speech. that the president should be trying to protect america's national interests national security and if wrongdoing is found by joe biden in the
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ukrainians have information then it is something that should be part of the us as national security interest the problem is is that the transcript isn't just about other people's potential crimes it's about it's about seemingly donald trump that was explicitly getting his personal lawyer involved in trying to find information about joe biden and hunted by them and we should be clear that the hunter biden affair is long been an open secret. the democrats he did get assigned a queue of lots and lots of money from the ukraine from ukraine and off to his father and president obama helped overthrow the previous ukrainian government and they've always been questions about you know why why did the bike get all that money has no he's no experience and in energy and so on is about car in favor of the trumps kids did i got to go to a similar position i think that the questions asked as well but he's. told trump is
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using a slightly discredited discredited theory here the joe biden got a prosecutor 5 who was looking into home to biden but actually turns out not to be the case in fact if anything that prosecutor in ukraine was slow walking the investigation into potential wrongdoing at this energy company in ukraine so this is all or of a murky but these are sort of the the part of the narrative that we have on the republican party about about joe biden about the democrats about that corruption i mean they're all it out of there but these are the wrong ones so that's why that these raised eyebrows so he said look this is just about this president would do we want to find wrongdoing other people's wrongdoing but certainly it looks him like he's getting rudolph giuliani his personal lawyer to try and ferret out information with the office of the president of the united states on the phone to the president of ukraine with this money pending. military aid as well. so this is the soup of circumstance which the democrats are seizing upon which many says is just as is
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a bit too much right so we've also been hearing from u.s. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff making some remarks about the the whistleblower complaint. right so i think we should remember also that it's not simply the alleged crime of using abusing the office of the presidency in order to get on your own your potential opponents from a foreign government but the fact of when the time to cover up this all began because we heard that a whistleblower in the intelligence community had heard accounts all for these conversations and was very concerned took these concerns to the inspector general who oversees the intelligence community who also decided ok there's something in this one seems like the general decides that he he he then gave it to the director of national intelligence who's supposed to within a certain time frame then immediately give it to the relevant committees in congress he didn't do that the director of national intelligence did not do that instead diverting this information to the department of justice who took
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a look at it and said you know what we don't think that this is terribly good we don't think this is this is worthy of the senate intelligence committee of the house intelligence committee to take a look at it's all to do with criminal malfeasance is not to do with intelligence community it's actually more about personal rather private diplomatic communications and anyway the whistleblower had everything secondhand so to say that so then the d.n.i. sat on it now this or that was leaked and that's what got congress really angry that once again it seemed that the white house was subverting the power of congress as a check and balance so now the white house has really as we understand the whistle blow account of the initial whistleblower complaint this is what it was all about in the 1st place so the house and senate intelligence committee now have access to it in fact nancy pelosi i believe the house speaker is looking at it right now in fact and we heard from adam schiff who's the the house intelligence committee chairman who called it deeply disturbing and very credible a lot goes right on this because even if it is deeply disturbing a very credible you know maybe some more republicans will get behind this idea of
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an impeachment inquiry but again the as we saw from donald trump he's emphasizing that this is secondhand information from what we understand it probably is but the whistleblower actually got the information or this was a nerd to the information perhaps to go to the wall street journal east by concerned white house officials themselves thank you very much. yes that story from washington. iran's president has accused the u.s. of mustiness economic terrorism saying he'll never hold talks with washington while his country is under american sanctions as iran is addressed the u.n. general assembly while fears rise of a simmering tensions in the gulf iran's 2015 nuclear deal has been unraveling ever since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of it last year the iranian government has retaliated by scaling back some of its commitments under the deal as now reports
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his speech was closely watched by friends and rivals looking for any indication that iran is willing to talk to the u.s. but the president has a low honey made it clear he won't meet president donald trump as long as the u.s. continues to impose sanctions model be mozart carry me harm they call us to negotiations when they run away from treaties and deal with our response under sanctions is negative iran's leader has called on regional neighbors to join an alliance to secure freedom of the advocation in the strait of hormuz where much of the world's oil supply passes to. know how to exclude the u.s. from taking part in what he called the coalition of hope but the u.s. and saudi arabia have quickly dismissed the proposal. the european union is keen to cool the tension in the gulf and prevent further escalation its top diplomat for the recovery greenie says she hopes the 2015 year clear deal will continue to be
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respected despite ongoing differences we will continue to work together with unity of purpose to try and preserve it without ignoring the challenges the trump administration is ramping on iran everyone u.s. secretary of state. said sanctions and isolation would continue until iran's nuclear ambitions occur that is long as around medicine behavior continues and continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be taken and the u.s. and saudi arabia continue to blame iran for the attacks on the world's largest oil processing plant in the kingdom 11 days ago saudi diplomats have stepped up their pressure saying all options against iran are on the table iran's behavior cannot continue like this iran must abide by international law iran must comply with
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rule based international order and the iran's aggressive behavior must be checked the attacks took out nearly half of saudi oil production which the state oil company is rushing to restore as the u.s. continues to build the case against iran o'hanley warned against any attack saying we. will quickly follow. their attacks on saudi oil installations threatened to be a game changer and could lead to a major confrontation but the e.u. russia china and some countries in the middle east say the crisis should be solved through dialogue and that would only further destabilize the region. new york. the british prime minister has challenged opposition parties to call a motion of no confidence in him which could lead to a general election arce johnson has been facing repeated calls to resign over the
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supremes court's ruling that his move to suspend parliament was illegal but johnson told a packed parliament that he believed the u.k.'s high score was wrong aren't so he has more on this now from westminster. parliament spac the protestors are out again and inside the gloves are off and the knives are out back from the usa came the prime minister attempting to show he's still in charge the public don't want another referendum that they want they want and what they demand is that we all know the promise we made to the voters to respect the 1st referendum. very trying to move or to put the brakes it behind us he was roundly heckled they were shouting at him to resign the judges concluded there was no reason and i quote let alone a good reason for the prime minister to have shut down parliament.
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after yesterday's ruling mr speaker the prime minister should have done the honorable thing and resigned. i johnson keeps trying to blame the opposition for blocking brick sits and insists he is making progress with the european union his opponents say. he's lying every single thing that boris johnson's done since he became prime minister has gone wrong for him he's lost every single vote in parliament lost over 20 of his own m.p.'s who now have no loyalty to him and he's been accused of misleading the queen and unlawfully suspending parliament it's one thing him saying he wants to get on with his plans but in politics everything's about momentum and at the moment he hardly has any of the surrender. junction repeatedly tried to in.


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