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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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to have shut down parliament. after yesterday's ruling mr speaker the prime minister should have done the honorable thing and resign. johnson keeps trying to blame the opposition for blocking brick sits and insists he's making progress with the european union on his opponents say he's lying every single thing that boris johnson's done since he became prime minister has gone wrong for him he's lost every single vote in parliament cost over $20.00 of his own m.p.'s who now have no loyalty to him and he's been accused of misleading the queen and unlawfully suspending parliament it's one thing him saying he wants to get on with his plans but in politics everything's about momentum and at the moment he hardly has any the surrender as. johnson repeatedly tried to infuriate his political enemies he described the opposition
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bill which demands he seek an extension to protect it from the european union as the surrender acts that language surrendering to europe is used by the far right and many m.p.'s have faced death threats as a result consequently the atmosphere inside parliament became furious. in the sun. and appears. like how the prime minister didn't quite this month. trial. was to be. moderate how lonely it has to come from the. surface. to make matters worse johnson described those concerns about m.p. safety as a humbug all in all it was the most angry parliamentary session anyone can remember the government accuses the opposition of running away from an election they say he broke the law over suspending parliament and fear he. do it again that's to the
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sense of democracy and ruffling the whole thing is a horror show lawrence lee al-jazeera london. still ahead for you on the program israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu gets and now they are forming a government after last week's deadlocked election. and the story of thousands of students protesting in indonesia after a controversial drop criminal proud which could ban extramarital relations. hallow we've got more showers easing through the great australian by the for much of australia is fine and dry high pressure. is the lid on the atmosphere suppresses the cloud keep the skies largely clear notice there is a little bit of cloud that's just pushing those workers northern parts of the south wales easing over towards ago coast my just can't see our life it was to go through
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the next day and that's been on the cool side recently into the southeast in colder temperatures showing signs of some recovery as we go through thursday audiencia friday so getting up into the high teens over $24.00 the force a little bit of cloud there into central parts pushing over towards w a 20 celsius there for path they hate us for the north darwin around $32.00 celsius in the sunshine sunshine something out of premium for new zealand recently has a fair amount of cloud around is what we call it the the land of the long white cloud that will cause there's been somewhat wet weather into the south auckland so when she weather to over the high ground i'll clearest way out of the way as we go on through friday generally not too bad the north temperatures here around 1415 celsius for all cannot see bad in japan at the moment a lot of the 5 and dry but it's turning away it's as we go right through the weekend.
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as britain prepares to exit the e.u. people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns overspent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid for breaks it people in power on al jazeera. pan. hello welcome back a quick recap of the headlines u.s.
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president donald trump has tonight he pressured ukraine's leader to investigate one of his biggest political rivals democratic presidential candidate joe biden the political storm sparked an impeachment inquiry into the world's most powerful leader. iran's president has accused the u.s. of muscular economic terrorism saying he'll never hold talks with washington while his country's under american sanctions hassan rouhani addressed the u.n. general assembly while fears rise over simmering tensions in the persian gulf. british prime minister boris johnson has challenged the opposition to call a motion of no confidence in him which could lead to a general election u.k.'s parliament has reconvened for the 1st time since its the suspension it was deemed on lawful. or political developments in israel where the president riven rivlin has tossed a long time prime minister benjamin netanyahu with assembling a new government following last week's deadlocked election netanyahu still has no clear path to a 5th term after emerging from the september 17th ballot without
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a parliamentary majority harry false reports from west jerusalem. israel's president let out the caretaker prime minister to announce a result he'd been trying to avoid riven rivlin wanted benjamin netanyahu to form a national unity government with his main rival benny gantz those talks failed and instead he chose the man with a bigger potential coalition bloc to have the 1st chance at forming a government edict military decision on who should be handed a tartar form of the government depends on who has more chance to succeed currently 55 supported knesset member netanyahu in 54 supported knesset member benny gantz however 10 of them said they wouldn't sit with him in a government before the announcement a 2nd meeting between netanyahu and dance at the president's home serve merely to confirm what was already clear the talks between the parties had gone nowhere neither man reportedly willing to go 2nd in a rotational prime minister agreement netanyahu said he would continue to push for such a deal within days the pressure is on his 1st and hearings on corruption charges
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a jew next week. the moment got to the top only i'll do the utmost with the money that you gave me if i don't exceed a return the monday to you and with the help of god that israel says ns and yourself mr president you establish a broad national unity government down the line after the announcement dance reiterated that he would not serve under a prime minister facing indictment who insisted on bringing with him a large block of right wing parties the longer the process goes on the closer he gets to being charged the more pressure mounts on that and your own to stand aside but if benny gantz a strategy is simply to wait until conditions favor him well the president reminded him that he had another option he could really toss the ball to the knesset and ask it to find an alternative candidate who could muster 61 recommendations the president has made his initial choice but it's no breakthrough israel's political stalemate goes on are a force that al-jazeera westerners and gyptian rights groups have documented more
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than 1400 arrests since anti-government protests started last week and this danger national is now calling on world leaders to confront egyptian president abdel fatah sisi while they meet in new york for the united nations general assembly demonstrators rallied in several egyptian cities last week demanding sisi stepped down over allegations of corruption more protests are planned for this friday. haiti's president is urging for calm after days of protests that have paralyzed the caribbean nation demonstrators in the capital port au prince have been demanding the resignation of juvenile noising he's accused of corruption and of failing to solve worsening fuel and food shortages most of haiti's feel used used to come from venezuela but supply has dried out due to unpaid debts when all here are mere. but i am extending my hand to all the national so we can sit down together to form a national government that has the capacity and legitimacy to address the urgent
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problems of the country. i promise not to answer political violence with violence but to answer with dialogue but after many attempts we've seen the house or senate isn't able to complete its constitutional duties. police in indonesia fired tear gas and water cannon at student demonstrators who rally in the capital for a 3rd day they are angry about the changes to a controversial criminal code which could ban extramarital relations and make it illegal to insult the president mohammad has more now from jakarta. students marching in indonesia's capital and several other cities calling on the government to hold controversial legislation being debated in parliament last week the government passed a law to amend the power of the corruption eradication commission this week parliament planned to make changes to a pending criminal code bill which could discriminates against religious minorities no sex outside marriage ban abortion and make it illegal to insult the president
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but the outcry by protesters forced to delay. students police outside parliament in jakarta security forces responded with tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. there are so many problems weakening of the anti-corruption commission and then rushing to pass the criminal code they want to pass other bills to before the parliament term ends but there is no transparency. as the tear gas cleared the cleanup began. riots police and ambulance has remained on standby for protests around parliament there's a clear message left behind this defeat he says we are anti parliament and down below it says you're violating the people's rights the students here say they'll continue this fight until there's change for decades previous indonesian governments have tried to change laws that were established under dutch colonial rule president djoko we doto revive discussion when he was elected 4 years ago
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human rights groups say the latest proposed changes and he reformist. for the last 20 years in the need to have gone through a reform process in which. the agenda on corruption at the cation human rights protection have had tremendous achievement the law will roll back all reforms in indonesia and the field of human rights and human rights and to crush analysts believe this is why politicians are pushing to create indonesia's own criminal code but the political fallout could threaten president djoko we don't has credibility he was a president who are riots on the public support who is riding on the wave of the public support from the very beginning but now he is turning against the public that means that he will be viewed by the public more to being for the elliotts for
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the political parties and so on and so forth. concerns are growing that the pending criminal code will be introduced with a new parliament to sworn in next week protesters say they'll continue to make sure their voices are heard for he limits al-jazeera jakarta. well we go to pakistan now where a magnitude 5.8 earthquake has killed 33 people and injured a 1000 others dozens of homes and businesses have been flattened and the trap is also at pakistani administered kashmir. reports this is the aftermath of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake homes roads and other infrastructure damaged or destroyed. as also got to get the earthquake was sudden and so severe we had no time to get out of our house the next thing we knew part of the roof collapse and we had to escape from a side door we built our house 8 years ago and now it's gone. ahead and sung go
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really age a 20 minute drive from the city of need food people are still in a state of shock so it's good that our village is a risk 300 houses now some are gone and others have sustained major structural damage people are now sitting out in the open. in relief work sent in to carry out research and rescue operations help sad regular david retrieve. the national disaster management go toward a.j. through to warning about. and ordered everyone to remain vigilant. the ball for great warfare in most part still photography on board cruder duty everything you can see a trail of destruction and nor read it is safe to grow bag through their home that i'll give you draw. near me a poor bugger thought he administered care for me. slash greenhouse gas emissions
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now or watch cities vanish underwater rivers run dry and marine life collapse this is the start warning from scientists behind a major study on the harm climate change poses to our oceans our glasses and the ice caps and from our mountains to our coast no one will escape unharmed oceans absorb more than 90 percent of heat generated by greenhouse gases keeping our planet livable but at a terrible cost by the end of the century the numbers of marine animals will have decreased by 15 percent and fish catches by almost 25 percent coral reefs will turn boneyard white as hot sea water is starved of oxygen the he says also melting the glass is in the ice sheet sea levels could rise by one meter by 2100 affecting hundreds of millions of people in coastal areas ocean currents will also change causing disasters like super sightlines and storm surges to strike once a year by 2050 flood damage is projected to increase 102-8000 times by 2100
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some island nations will become uninhabitable and then far above the himalayas glassie is feeding 10 major rivers could shrink dramatically it's in water supplies right across a swathe of asia the consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping in severe. this report highlights also the urgency of timely ambitious who ward needed an enduring action. what is its stake is the health of ecosystems wildlife and importantly the world we leave for our children. greenpeace scientists a building a case to protect more marine areas environment edits and it clark is on a vessel in the south atlantic ocean off the coast of south america. yes we're on board the greenpeace ship esperanza where scientists are investigating a newly discovered area of reef we're about 600 kilometers from the mouth of the
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amazon in that direction and about 130 kilometers from the shore french guiana and scientists here on board a conducting all manner of research from the seabed to the surface hoping to bolster the case for protection of the world's oceans to the chuen of 30 percent by the year 2030 the team here following closely the publication of this report which lays out in stark terms how the oceans are warming the dangers of sea level rise which could affect hundreds of millions of people and the impact on bio diversity in earlier we spoke to search plane from the french center for scientific research and he gave us his assessment the concern is 1st of all very personal views that i i grew up we have a world we've a certain scenario we were certain vision of the world and we were certain wildlife and i'm always a little sad thing that i will leave to my daughter i've got a daughter she's pretty young he's only 20 year plus and so i will leave that we're
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a very different song to what i get and so it's a personal sense of where the 1st before scientific i would say sincerely on that in the context of the i.p.c.c. you get to worry about life being i've been able in several centuries and 1000000 to adapt to different and then suddenly changing that habitat transforming that he thought and so the end of these these are the end of those 4 and we don't know exactly but clearly they'll be strongly affected yes the climate is changing and yes our finances changing yes we are getting into over temperature and this is this is this is going to change our or our abbots this is not going to be all the changing the wildlife this is going to change all saw the agriculture of this is going to change also where we living and then our lifestyle. so explain that while it's evident that the oceans of the world are taking a direct hit when it comes to the climate crisis it's also clear that research and
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science like which we're seeing here on board the esperanza it's crucial if we are to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and just one of the related stories of bringing the tally in prime minister decepticon to his call for action to tackle global warming after revelations that last year on europe's highest mountain is at risk of collapse roads in the vicinity of more blong have been closed in alpine hamlets evacuated local mayors to follow misurata she says a section of the class is containing about $250000.00 cubic metres of ice could fall down the mountain threatening a nearby valley. to scrape recap of the headlines before leaving the us president donald trump has denied he pressured ukraine's leader to investigate one of his biggest political rivals democratic presidential candidate joe biden trump's phone conversation with rodman is a lenski in july is at the center of moves by democrats who want the president out
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of office and of launched an impeachment inquiry the which aren't continues but they're getting hit hard in this which are because when they look at the information it's a joke. impeachment that i didn't do it to take a look at that call it was perfect i didn't do it there was no quid pro quo but there was with biden and there was with these senators and they threatened they said you do this you do that we're not going to give you votes so that's that's the real deal so we have an honest group of people that have been maligned. in our other top stories iran's president has accused the u.s. of merciless economic terrorism saying he'll never hold talks with washington while his country is under american sanctions rouhani has addressed the u.n. general assembly while fears rise of a simmering tensions in the persian gulf iran's 2015 nuclear deal has been
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unraveling ever since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of it last year the government in tehran has retaliated by scaling back some of its commitments under the deal supremes the british prime minister has challenged opposition parties to call a motion of no confidence in him which could lead to a general election boris johnson has been facing repeated calls to resign over the supreme court's ruling that his move to suspend parliament was illegal. israel's president we've been revel in his task long time prime minister benjamin netanyahu with assembling a new government following last week's deadlocked election netanyahu still has no clear path to a 5th after failing to secure a parliamentary majority in the latest election. and haiti's president is urging for calm after days of protests that have paralyzed the caribbean nation demonstrators in the capital port au prince have been demanding the resignation of german and moyes you're up to date with the top stories this hour coming up next on al-jazeera its people in power and then they'll be more news from the heart after
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that in about 25 minutes time. bodies on the line india's biggest stunt industry stunt performers are unknown and on the one i want mates mates the name and women risking it all for the brought lots of bali on how jazeera. in june 26th the u.k. decided to leave the european union in the aftermath amid acrimonious debate on the exact terms of britain's departure questions surfaced about the legitimacy of the referendum that began it all we asked journalist polish ma to investigate now with the brics it saga still mired in divisive political wrangling but showing his report again.
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last. october 28th seen hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through central london one of the biggest demonstrations seen in the u.k. in gives a name to get in the 2nd child's to rethink britain's proposed exit from the european union believe on the way the couple is going to cover their own behind by giving us a people's vote to take so we can actually decide. what to do next. a lot of us think that remaining is a much better idea and trying to reform the european union make that better product running high he went brits britstown quite. britain's prime minister might
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say the same thing. but a truce of my not quitting has meant staying faithful to the small majority that voted to leave the 2 years ago whatever the cost yet what if that vote was tainted what if instead of being a free and fair reflection of the people's will the referendum was one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on british democracy in any other election if for a lot of they say level had to be uncovered then we have the legislation that puts aside the results and we have the election again as the deadline for britain's exit from the e.u. draws near there are still too many troubling questions about the vote that breaks it underway about its fairness and its legitimacy about who was behind it who paid
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for it and the motives of many of those involved. my name is dr paul lashmar i'm an older and deputy head of journalism at city university of london. breaks it is a watershed moment for the u.k. like everyone else my students will be directly affected and look at the mess they could be one of the most important political events of their lives so i've been looking for answers what i've heard is a story so complex and murky it almost defies belief. thank you it only began in 2030 to placate a wing of his party that had long being antagonistic to the prime minister david cameron was taking the biggest gamble of his career we will give the british people a referendum with a very simple. choice. like
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all ballots in the u.k. the referendum was to be overseen by the electoral commission. anyone could take part in the public debate the commission designated 2 official campaign poll g's. one of favorite maybe in the e.u. one for leavin and gave each a fixed spending limit of $7000000.00 pounds. only british registered donors were allowed to contribute to those campaigns now they go on. david cameron became the public face of the pro e.u. campaign better off we are safer in a reformed european union vote leave was fronted by the p.m.'s cabinet colleagues boris johnson and michael gove i think we should take the chance now as a country to take back control the probe breaks its side have the backing of another unofficial campaign leave. its most prominent figure was nigel farrar of the u.k. independence party but cameron's plan backfired because all the odds the u.k.
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opted for the exit the u.k. has voted to leave the european union. you know history was in the right. the shock on the remains side was profound early hopes of an easy victory dashed how had it gone so horribly wrong. as the post-mortems got underway attention began focusing on the role played by social media a powerful tool for sway in public opinion to find out more i went to see one of my university colleagues would be looking at a bracks of debate for a very long time dr marco bastos is a specialist in communications of this is what we call a network graph or a plot if he showed me a graph of twitter activity during the referendum strange patterns emerge we notice
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a drop in the number of users that we were monitoring it was a significant drop i hadn't seen anything that big up to the point and they turned out that. he had very much to very much sort of like features thoughts of computer generated accounts program to automatically push messages online. what's happening here is that this box is we tweeting a range of real world users this is a single message in all likelihood there was we tweeted several times by this very same bot marco explained that while bots were used by the remaining campaign it was the leave side that made the most of them there were more bots for leave out of the campaign for sure. the figure was of quite clear some of my colleagues have looked into similar data and they have come to the conclusion that these accounts war at least a portion of them were operated by that research agency in russia based in some
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petersburg the internet research agency for. is a troll for an organization created expressly to sow discord in this information on the web it was identified by american intelligence as having played a key role in manipulating the 26th election of president donald trump the no one year to the time it now seems that they are also played a role in bricks it. on the death of a friend they found a marked change in behavior say accounts that had been intimate tweeting brax it suddenly started to. edinburgh university research dr clearly well and has examined millions of tweets that were posted prior to the referendum many of them it turns out from the same suspect internet research agency accounts the tweets often at the same format which was that hash tag many u.r.l. and they were using that to keep marriage trending topic so that people saw mation
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and that they were trying to access that's. what we have here is trolls so it's human people writing tweet what they flicked was being. the true scale of the russian twitter activity on brakes it only came to light by accident because the company passed the data to us congressional investigation into the trump election that probe another key social media player facebook was already playing a starring role in this year's i covered what is facebook doing to prevent foreign actors from interfering in u.s. elections one of my greatest regrets in running the company is that we were slow in identifying the russian information operations in 2016 and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry what no one yet fully understands is the role that facebook may have also played in bricks if the company says it has
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found almost no evidence of russian interference and repeated that claim in a statement to this program but research was skeptical of facebook is basically a black box so we don't really know what's going on inside facebook. and that's not just facebook that's the instagram what and a number of other platforms operated by. the fact that doubts persist is jus in part to the company's connection to another murky affair. in early 20 the guardian newspaper revealed that 87000000 personal facebook accounts had been illegally harvested by a u.k. based strategic communications business called cambridge analytical it worked with the trump presidential campaign and had ties to leave the. an offshoot of a larger company called s c l which had an alleged background in military dissin from ation cambridge analytic as promised was that it could target people with messages to modify their vote in choices so for
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a highly erratic and conscientious audience you're going to need a message that is rational and fear based or emotionally based the cambridge analytical scandal would eventually wind almost $120000000000.00 off of facebook's market value and raise serious questions about the vulnerability of western democracies to manipulation. to find out more i went to meet the journalist behind the guardian's cambridge relative to screw her account walter told me how she 1st began to pull the threads together it started when in order to confirm the data company's links that leave you you she contacted the campaign group spokesman and you went more andy right back and he said happy to clarify came originally she did do work for us but we never paid them they were happy to do it for free and. there's definitely something interesting here because this looks like
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a donation to me and donations need to be declared. champion for art in front of the golden left and he's the person who took that photo. and in the face of the more he's in one as well the bad boys it breaks it and breaks it he said it was like a petri dish for the charm campaign. you know it was like a test case carol's revelations led to the biggest data protection investigation ever held on both sides of the atlantic we started a conversation with mr zuckerberg he was gentle that i can start to identify mental vulnerabilities in voters and work to exploit them by targeting information designed to activate some of the worst characteristics in people chris wiley a former director of cambridge analytic turned whistleblower gave evidence to the u.s. senate and a british parliamentary committee that began taking an interest in the brakes at referendum and fake news the definition of
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a conversion so we're going to say that i had to get these institutions sheeted you could send the aca the referendum might have been different i think it is completely reasonable to say that there could be a difference in a raffle and. you know had there not been in my view. there needs to be a deeper investigation of the of fake accounts and a group of facebook groups being used to propagate information conservative m.p. damian collins is the chairman of the british parliamentary committee which had evidence from facebook we feel that we should hear from mark zuckerberg because he buys an image he's the person who decides what happens at facebook there are still big concerns are faced with not enough to investigate the role of fake accounts they've not been transparent on the issue of data breaches and user data and they got in the hands of people who shouldn't have it. fake accounts russian trolls data mining complicated stuff and none of it doing much to quell my fears.


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