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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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to stick together and fight the country is at stake but i can tell you that some of the comments of from the president have been increasingly conventional if you will including some reporting coming out of new york that the president is now actively trying to figure out who it is that spoke to this whistle blower in essence like aiding this person to a spy and then saying that in the old days spies were dealt with much differently getting back to this whole impeachment inquiry the president once again almost suggesting fug like tactics to deal with silencing someone who is. what many people would consider her roic act and that is to be a whistleblower shining a spotlight on abuse of power extraordinary stuff kimberly how could a white house correspondent thank you elizabeth and still with us as well in washington associate professor of american studies and political science at georgetown washington university i wonder actually does but if we can take a step back just at this point just given what came of these just say that this
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sort of almost dunked in which some of this. inquiry could take you know we've seen impeachment in the united states before it wasn't that long ago that it happened to bill clinton but it just it's so different now isn't it the the emotions on both sides. it is really different in a way and the entire circumstances surrounding impeachment are quite different back then it was about not only clinton's behavior with a private individual you know one of his in turns but also lying about it. committing perjury and that was the justification for impeachment here we have a much different set of concerns it's not only about impeachment i mean about. possible perjury but it's more about. lying under you know not necessarily lying under oath i guess in the way that it was for clinton but it's about. larger
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behavior some of his problems some of his ways of abusing power that sometimes it's hard to pin down as to whether or not he's crossed the legal line where he can be actively prosecuted but for the claim of impeachment which is high crimes and misdemeanors that can include an abuse of power that might not be explicitly criminal and right now we see republicans and democrats trying to draw different lines in a way that seems really different than clinton situation and regardless of those lines that you talk about the way general trump is trying to frame it is through the emotion of our community saying it was the most perfect phone call it was a beautiful phone call and now i've got to deal with adam schiff he is taking this and we discussed this a very very well actually how do you have those 2 arguments when you've got one side going to the law in the constitution and the other side almost a purely emotional argument. one thing we've seen with trump is that he is actually very adept at appealing to emotion to a larger sense of
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a kind of american nationhood that he embodies and that his supporters believe that he embodies and that they're very emotionally attached to so this is something that we've seen from trump not only in this situation but throughout his presidency and even in his campaign in many ways it's what allowed him to propel to win over other republicans who might have had similar values but were really rooted in questions of the law and procedures and we certainly saw the democrats and hillary clinton's campaign rooted in that way but part of what has always propelled trump and what has catalyze so many of his supporters and to stick with him is the way in which he works on their emotions the way in which he energizes both fear but also the sense that he's the one who can allay that fear the way he energizes a sense of injustice on him that often feels like what he suggests is also happening with his constituents that they are also being treated poorly in this way
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but also a way that he can solve usually by ways that are. may or may not be necessarily legal that seems less relevant for him and for his supporters the fix you think all of this is having the 2020 race. not just the reelection or the attempt to reelect by donald trump but joe biden as well who is still at this stage the democrat front runner. think that is the key question right now and i think democrats are really grappling with this question of how will their call for impeachment proceedings impact the general election and their chance of winning out over trump in 2020 right now the u.s. is consumed by what we're seeing right now at the beginning of these impeachment proceedings with trying to figure out what actually happened in that phone call whether that was an abuse of power who was trying to cover it up and in many ways that has sidelined what has been one of the most important stories which has been
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the democratic candidates and their own messaging and their arguments for how to become you know whether or not they're fit to be president so we have seen it already take over some of those issues and the question is who will end up benefiting from that will it actually harm the democrats in the end if they're not able to get their message out or if they become all consumed by an impeachment that ends up failing or ends up being seen as so incredibly unjust by both trump supporters and independents that it actually encourages people to vote for trump for a 2nd term and that is what we saw with bill clinton so many people found the impeachment proceedings against him on just that he actually had his most popular ratings as president after the impeachment itself so that something that could happen here again you know it's something to remember isn't it. great talking to you thank you for joining us today. there is plenty more ahead on this news are
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a community under fire in south africa why soldiers will be fighting gang violence for months to come and you detention center takes shape in northern india after $2000000.00 people were left off the national registry and in sports 7 tries for england at the rugby world cup. we'll have all the details later. right now though iran's president has said his country will of course engage in talks with the u.s. if sanctions are lifted us an iranian made those comments at a news conference on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly in new york today but he reiterated the trumpet ministrations current tactics are not working. it was very clear that the path chosen by the u.s. from the onset would never succeed so despite these pressures and these wrong choices they kept saying that we wish to speak to iran we have no problem talking
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or negotiating but we are not willing with the existence of preconditions to enter into talks if america takes the maximum pressure the sanctions off the table and in a way demonstrates it sincerely and gives us the needed trust that with this government we are able to talk and reach a conclusion of course that would be a different set of circumstances and a different atmosphere. here's the team covering this story zain by the in teheran will be with you shortly starting there with our diplomatic etta james bays in new york at their news conference as well james we heard you get a question through to the president what did you glean from that today. well i think you have to look at the big picture of where we are with our son rouhani doing that news conference and about to head back to where zain is to tehran what has been achieved what everyone have been looking for is an important week of diplomacy that could move very. delicate and dangerous situation in the gulf forward to a more peaceful one and i really don't think
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a lot sadly has been achieved even though you had president trump and president rouhani here you had peacemakers like president matt kroll prime minister of bay of japan has been trying to come up with mediation efforts we've even in iran come the prime minister of pakistan has been trying to see if there's any way forward because he spoke to the saudi crown prince before he came here and he also spoke to president rouhani but off the. 5 days of diplomacy here in new york really that no there is not been a major breakthrough from any of the participants clearly the work is still continuing there's still diplomacy going on and i can tell you even though president rouhani is about to depart here prime minister zarif will be staying in new york until saturday but no breakthrough i think the macro plan plan is still there and people will try and to reintroduce that at times going forward the idea there to try and revive the iran nuclear deal get
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a credit line to iran some $15000000000.00 so that iran is happy then to come back to the table and talk perhaps about a deal that goes further than the iran nuclear deal you have the new deal proposed by iran by iran and president rouhani speech he's spoken about it again this news conference this whole mood peace plan all the countries around the gulf region that border on the gulf coming together under a u.n. umbrella certain other countries are not against that idea it certainly echoes of proposal put forward by russia and even one floated earlier on by the u.n. secretary general but people are telling me on the whole i don't think the timing is not right at this time of high tension to try and get saudi arabia and some of its allies to agree to such a plan and the u.s. certainly has shut the no enthusiasm for. the plan so lots of people here lots of people iran i think very near if not at the top of the agenda this week in new york
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but no breakthrough ok james bass is a diplomatic editor at the un and his own bus ravi in teheran i wonder if this was an opportunity almost for the iranian president to get on the front foot the world stage new york he's got international media in front of him was happy to take questions from across the board sort of put himself in the spotlight a little bit. that's exactly right this trip was very much about really showing off the achievement so to speak that iran has had in the past year the economy is doing better the trumpet ministration is in trouble on many fronts the most hawkish member of that administration that was very anti iran in terms of his policy recommendations national security advisor john bolton is gone israeli leader benjamin netanyahu is struggling politically and iran has had she vomits militarily speaking and shot down a u.s. drone recently and it is on
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a strong defensive position in the strait of hormuz as well so for the iranian government through this press conference for the iranian president hassan rouhani this was about really reflecting iran's policies and restating them and actually the fact is a lot of what was discussed with regards to the nuclear program or the idea of talks or the idea of compromising in any way in terms of being flexible on the tenets of the j.c. moving forward with more intrusive inspections all those things are you know discussions that have happened in the past much of the press conference was dedicated to reiterating points that iran has been making for months even years but the hot topic the real hot button issue as the delegation flew from to her onto new york was the issue of the attacks that were claimed by yemen's who the fighters on a ramp go facility saudi oil facilities in saudi arabia and that really was the 1st question out of the gate to president hassan rouhani who was asked point blank if iran had any evidence that it was not behind those attacks in any reasonable what
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way and what president hassan rouhani did was flip the narrative and said that the accusations the allegations are being made by parties against iran it is up to them to prove that iran carried it out not for the accused to prove that it did not and he said that iran had nothing to do with he denied it he said that yemen has been at war with saudi arabia for a very long time this was self-defense this was retaliation by yemeni people and he even said. with the world leaders that he met and he met many world leaders during this trip he asked them what evidence do you have to point to the fact that iran carried this out world leaders he said told him that they don't have any evidence but they did not expect the yemen yemen's hooty fighters to have this level of capability to carry out such a successful military attack of this kind on saudi arabia and what hasan rouhani told them is that their information about the ground the reality of what yemenis can or can't do is simply outdated zain so much talk about the j. c.p.o.
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as it's officially known the iran nuclear deal and about the state of it what's your actual assessment on what sort of state the deal is in right now after this week at the general assembly. well to be honest ever since the u.s. pulled out of the deal even before that the deal was at risk since donald trump was a presidential campaign or not the president there has been concern here in tehran of what he might do when he pulled out of the deal of course you're we've we've all seen how that's played out in terms of the continued viability of the deal really what we can point to is what iran's government leaders are saying supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei today in the statement with the guardian council with his council of elders spoke about this as well what they've been trying to do ever since the united states pulled out of the deal is put pressure on europe and european signatories to try to do more there were 2 points the president hassan rouhani made that echoed a lot of what the supreme leader said today is that europe has said that it wants
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to stick to the deal but it has put the burden of maintaining the deal on the shoulders of iran's government of iran and it's been all talk and no action from european leaders in terms of helping iran gain the financial benefit that it was promised as part of the deal and that is something they said over and over again we also heard from president hassan rouhani in this press conference say that the relationship with china one of its biggest oil purchases has been hurt in some way by u.s. sanctions so these are really indications that the deal the sanctions are hurting the deal they are hurting iran's relationship with with other clients with other allies with other potential oil customers and trading partners so really it really depends on how patient iran is willing to be we've seen them say that they're going to pull back cooperation we've seen them make good on that promise they're using centrifuges now that can enrich uranium faster and they've promised to keep going in that direction unless something changes now how healthy is the deal really if i can answer that question i think i'd be making
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a lot more money but the fact is that iran remains committed to the idea of dialogue they may remain committed to trying to achieve success through dialogue holistically at least that's what they say but they're also running out of patience . ok so i have a survey in tehran thank you the bat. we're going back to new york now here's james bay that diplomatic get us out with a guest. yes kemal because normally when we listen to all of the discussions on iran clearly we've heard many viewpoints over this week but normally one of the most vocal voices here every year about iran at the u.n. general assembly is the prime minister of israel and prime minister netanyahu is not here this year because of the israeli election an election where he certainly didn't come out on top but it looks like he is still going to form or try to form a new cabinets in a new government in israel but we can still get the israeli reaction to what's been
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going on here because i'm joined by israel's ambassador to the u.n. danny done on who's here with me ambassador let's talk 1st about iran you heard the president of iran president rouhani speak here and also give a news conference he's sounding pretty reasonable he says he'll go back to negotiations if the u.s. goes back to the nuclear deal and there's a drop of drop of drop so less sanctions the know they'll have new talks again he's also come up with a new peace initiative called the who moves initiative for all in the gulf that sounds very reasonable does it not that's really a joke when he is coming to the u.n. if we you speak very nicely about cooperation but when he goes back to tehran if finding terrorism do we expect a day when years to step away that the region that the one who created all the problems in the 3rd of almost you the pluck seized thought that the best one was that the u.s. drone in only a few days ago that attack the thout facility so that's the joke we expect from the
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u.n. international community to put more pressure on their uranium to demand from them to stop sponsoring terrorism and not to buy their lives little honey thank to send us here in new york but is. did a good idea to solve the iran nuclear issue in a sensible way if indeed indeed and i think if they were they would be willing to stop what they're doing with a ballistic missile test with the un you would sponsoring terrorism they would find out an earth all over the world but that talk about they're enriching uranium but they are under i.a.e.a. inspection they have nuclear technology they don't have nuclear weapons you know the only country in the middle east that has nuclear weapons and has never dealt with the i.a.e.a. it's your own country's threat they don't have a nuclear weapon that yet but you have them but we found out we got the material
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from the archive into one we pulled out the information and by the way but you have even though i've found traces of you when you and and when you look at stability in the region you know they've they when you in the will of nuclear capability they might use it if there is adding to the stability in the region and you know what i'm challenge you against why don't you interview my arab colleagues from the region and ask them the plenty of the middle east whether it's evil or that when you know i don't need to speak to some of your arab colleagues and moving on to the arab israeli issue and the palestinians we need to speak about that as well because we had president abbas in the general assembly today and he's threatening to pull out from all agreements with israel because of what israel has said it's going to do which is our next part or all of the west bank 1st let's be clear on that prime minister netanyahu said it wasn't an election stunt or does he mean it by militant denton i was stated by me is that i've been spoke about the importance of the joint on the valley so i will thank you with the we need to defend our people here by me
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to have to form a coalition and the government before applying the holy see but this is supposed to be where the policy palestinian state is supposed to go under the oslo accords does it mean that you're going to rip up all those security. council resolutions and go against international law in any agreement being 50 in the past and in the future to jordan a valley would be the border with it we have to control our borders so that's would be our policy one day when we have the bush regime but means that a bath instead of coming to new york why he's not coming to georgia lim to negotiate de witt without them using this platform to call him to stop what incitement stop with the payment for terrorists come to deal with the lamb negotiate directly with the baileys said that they did it cause then did it that is the only way to achieve a peace treaty it will be empty speeches here in new york but by a they've been down there with these valleys were running out of time but very last i don't understand what the israeli position is for the palestinians are you
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expecting them to live in ghettos in some sort of apartheid system has exposed to one absolutely not we call our concern more than many many of the arab league of the board the future of the palestinians but we need someone to have a dialogue we've look what happened in gaza we pulled out of gaza we got the hamas those organisation we don't want to see the theming to dance them oh yeah we invited that but it's the leadership to engage in direct negotiation this is the only way to move forward i'm busted a don't know and thank you very much said the israeli prime minister not here this year the israeli foreign minister will be speaking here on friday but you heard the israeli viewpoint vector mouth thank you for that james by the united nations and just to recap james and the ambassador was speaking about there from the perspective the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas who has said israel is holding a reckless war against the palestinians which includes the victim people from their homes to taking away people's rights to worship he was speaking as we heard at the
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un general assembly abbas also said all agreements with israel are off if it goes ahead with plans for more illegal settlements in the occupied west bank. week before the israeli elections prime minister netanyahu came out to arrogantly announce that should he prevail in the elections he would end next and apply israeli sovereignty to the jordan valley northern dead sea and israel's colonial settlements despite the fact that all of these areas are pied palestinian territory we reject this plan entirely our response is if the israeli government is to proceed with this plan all signed agreements with the government of the occupation and any obligations will be terminated just before we grab a break a little bit of breaking news coming from the pentagon via the reuters news agency the pentagon saying it plans to send 4 radar systems
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a battery of patriot missiles and about $200.00 support personnel to saudi arabia in their words to bolster saudi arabia's defenses after the attack on the saudi aramco or oil installations earlier this month this is confirmation of a pentagon plan to send forces there we didn't know exactly how many or what would be sent but as i say now 4 radar systems patriot missiles and $200.00 support staff support personnel is how it's described from the u.s. to saudi arabia. when we come back on this news hour clinging on to hope in mexico families wait for answers 5 years after the disappearance of dozens of students and then spoke with farai how it's really turned on the style against canada at the right people.
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and it has been a good few damn poles of rain in turkey recently is a season change that's the massacre brought it really across georgia azerbaijan and you see the clouds streaming off the mountains there hasn't produced much rain you use rain shadow on the least out of the mountains anyway but we have got that normally back again which means temps as you might think would drop not much $36.00 in tehran $23.00 in baku doesn't seem very cold to me the development of more rain seems likely in eastern turkey through georgia again maybe armenia but the south is still quiet still 42 in baghdad it's been 47 off the shore of kuwait and just been i 30 in lebanon on the coast of measuring things haven't changed much for the science ariza it's hard he would see morning in the evening with much breeze down the full cost for doha's an example so lousy more breaks in the cloud still got the chance of developing showers in the yemeni mountains or maybe the southwest is particularly all the saturday on it is otherwise it's just sunshine and
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a bit hazy to be off it dusty now the weather in southern africa has been pepto recently the active stuff in the next day or so is going to be in the channel here between madagascar and the mainland which might see significant rain for something madagascar. fish bodies on the line india's biggest stunts but the industry stunt performers on unknown and on the one on one ace mates the men and women risking it all for the brought lots of bali on how jazeera. al-jazeera. every.
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day has on hold erik prince to account. and. head to head on a josie it up. there on the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories the acting u.s. director of national intelligence has been testifying before a congressional committee over his handling of a whistleblower complaint the complaint details
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a call from president donald trump urging ukraine's leader to investigate its potential election rival iran's president said his country will of course engage in talks with the u.s. if sanctions are lifted a son ronnie made those comments at a news conference on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly in new york. to other news the former french leader jacques chirac has died his lengthy career at the pinnacle of french public life included 2 terms as president and prime minister it was during that period he became a champion of the single currency and a vocal opponents to the u.s. led war in iraq he also served 18 years as the mayor of paris of this period was maybe less successful but looks back at his life. people gathered outside former president jacques chirac's home in central paris to remember one of france's most famous politicians while tributes poured in for the conservative leader discoveries spanned 5 decades in a tweet form a socialist president for us all known said the french no matter their political
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convictions have today lost a statesman and a friend there of paris prime minister twice and president for 12 years he held nearly all the top jobs sure i was born in paris in 1932 his political prowess was clearly evident he spent the 1950 s. working in the civil service before becoming a protege of prime minister 2 after that his climb was steep and fast within 12 years he was prime minister his march to the lease a palace began after he left the cabinets becoming men of paris in 1987 when he set his eyes on the presidency it would be almost 20 years before he would gain his seat in the least say he was elected promising tax cuts and more jobs but within months there was a general strike bringing millions into the streets the in foreign policy chirac was a supporter of multilateralism but he didn't shy away from taking a stand on a trip to jerusalem in 1906 he forced his frustration with the israeli security
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officers assigned to accompany him but i won't be able to go back to my own way and i go back to iran to god i was very late let them go and they're going to go that door no dad or no problem with this is the. vision of not rocket of there is no obligation to stop no. one journalist traveling this year ak at the time remembers it 50 and that made him an immediate and overnight hero in the arab world the in the next days we traveled through and through through the. the massacres in beirut everywhere people had seen that on television and were. absolutely amazed that a western leader could speak that way to israeli forces which no one had done before in 2003 the u.s. president george bush failed to persuade chirac to join the invasion of iraq
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winning the french leader praise from some quarters memories of his leadership will be sullied by the corruption during his 18 years as paris may 20 levon he was conflicted of embezzlement jacques chirac though was a consummate french politician a survivor but his legacy is uncertain and damaged by his personal failures natasha butler al-jazeera paris now the south african army's been ordered to stay in a suburb of cape town plagued by gang violence for a further 6 months but people say the military reinforcements have done little to actually curb crime as fundamental reports. rival gangs at war a common occurrence on the cape flats where people say they're terrorized by gangs dealing drugs the video recorded by people living in a block of flats the shots rang out and they ran about. this is wait 2 weeks ago 3
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children and a 19 year old suspected gang members were shot and killed at point blank range in iran look at them from the elsie's river community policing forum shows us where gunman entered a shack killing almost everyone in it when the caning they shot the younger all teen years old. in the face. gruesome the it's cutie and 13 year old girl in the you know and the 2 moms in would rush out at the enemy and they rolled off the beat and one of them actually played the. elses river is plagued by violence much of it linked to gangs selling drugs their fight for control often escalating to gun battles leaving communities in the firing line the was no reason for them to kill the tool and it was clearly as a message of change and this whole community but mostly to that this is what they
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capable government statistics say the number of murders on the cape flats of almost doubled to 90 this year that's despite the army being sent in the military says soldiers were sent to the cape flats to create a safe environment so police could do their job but people who live here say they only see soldiers on the streets a few times a week often for just a few hours at a time they say little has changed the army deployment was meant to last 3 months but it's been extended to next march soldiers patrol the streets manned checkpoints and gather intelligence i think that the minister of police put the army and. as a political response. i don't think too much sought went into the process if you bring the army in. you you militarize the situation and you know there's a good chance of escalating violence. brazil is an example of that. you have
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like people on the police side and in the army side when the army was sent in to support overstretched police last month police minister de lay said the deployment would be a temporary fix but even with the army there the police haven't been able to stop the killings and peace remains elusive for many living on the cape flats. al-jazeera cape town. the president of haiti is appealing for a national unity government at least one person's been killed in the latest protest demanding the resignation of president of an arm or as a capital port au prince has been paralyzed for days by demonstrations or is accused of failing to tackle deep rooted corruption and to end the food and fuel shortages when all here are mere by i'm extending my hand to all the national actors so we can sit down together to form a worthy national government that has the capacity and legitimacy to address the
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urgent problems of the country. all i promise not to answer political violence with violence but to answer with dialogue but after many attempts we've seen the house or senate isn't able to complete its constitutional duties it is the 5th anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students in mexico thought to have been abducted by gang members from a cocaine cartel with the help of corrupt security forces some suspect secure rested by police have been released after it was found they were tortured to confess the grieving families though fear the justice system will never find the answers they want is more from in mexico city. says she has hope her son is still alive even today 5 years since he went missing along with 42 other students from the town of i. hope was. every year when it's my son's but they i miss him most and.


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