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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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potential conflict with consequences he said for the whole world he wrapped up by saying the un has the responsibility to stop this happening and i've just seen as well on twitter jono one of the trending hashtags worldwide imran khan voice of kashmir it's really resonated it would be interesting to hear what narendra modi thinks about this but we don't get that opportunity he's already spoken. well the indians have said they intend to make use of a mechanism here at the un right of reply at some point later today perhaps. beyond that point we're not sure when that a member of the delegation or the mission here in new york would deliver some sort of a right past look we know what they're narendra modi thinks broadly speaking anyway he is of the opinion that kashmir is an an internal indian matter he doesn't invite outside scrutiny of it he took the measures he took in revoking self rule in indian administered kashmir he says to stamp out separatism and terrorism word inspired
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and fermented by pakistan he feels that nothing is untoward in any of this and certainly no takers for donald trump's offer to mediate between the 2 leaders made this week india doesn't want outside eyes on this he did in his speech reference the idea of terrorism he called for world unity around it but without mentioning either kashmir or pakistan at all almost there's yahtzee hand. we belong to a country that has given the world not war but buddha's message of peace and that is the reason why our voice against terrorism to alert the world about this evil rings was seriousness and outrage we believe that this is one of the biggest challenges not for any single country but for the entire world and humanity the lack of unanimity among us on the issue of terrorism dense those very principles that are the basis of the creation of the u.n. and that is why for the sake of humanity i firmly believe that it's absolutely
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imperative that the world unite against terrorism. so as this general assembly week begins to wrap up no evidence sign whatsoever that it has achieved any moves towards avoiding a confrontation between india and pakistan sort of competition that just played out in speeches in the general assembly hall and which resulted in this very dark warning from the pakistani prime minister the potential for ethnic cleansing indeed the potential for a nuclear war over kashmir quite the end to the general assembly isn't it thank you john hall at the united nations meanwhile hundreds of people in the in the administered kashmir been holding a protest rally there in trinidad to demand u.n. intervention in resolving the kashmir issue the protesters are hoping around towns that un speech will lead to action. iran has released a british tanker that it detained 2 months ago in the strait of hormuz the seizure of the stana impair oh in july further escalated tensions in the gulf as i said begg reports now from tehran. more than 2 months after being captured by iran's
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revolutionary guard the british that tank is the name peril has now left the iranian port of blunderbuss tracking data shows the vessel has set a new destination for ports rasheed in the united arab emirates iran accused the tankers crew of violating international maritime regulations it's seizure was seen as a retaliation for british marines detaining in the rain and super tanker off the coast of gibraltar to. iran of the. use of attempting to deliver oil to syria in violation of this you sanctions against a regime the rename tanker was released last month and despite iran's reassurances to a british court delivered its cargo to syria the release of the stone in peril is being seen as an attempt to ease tensions in the gulf and some say may be intended to make european leaders more receptive to proposal for a new peace plan that's after iran deny devolvement in attacks on saudi oil processing plants yet this month rebels claimed responsibility but germany britain
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and france have all joined the u.s. and saudi arabia in accusing the iranians something u.s. president donald trump was keen to point out to the u.n. general assembly in response to iran's recent attack on saudi arabian oil facilities we just impose the highest level of sanctions on iran central bank and sovereign wealth fund. all nations have a duty to act. no responsible government should subsidize iran's blood lust. iranian leaders have said they want to counter a new u.s. led naval coalition in the gulf that the pentagon says will help protect shipping from further attacks they ring is also want to find a way to avoid u.s. sanctions on iran's economy lifeline or that sports france has been working to save the 2015 nuclear deal that trumpery through from 16 months ago the joint comprehensive plan of action allowed to iran to trade or in exchange for curbing its nuclear activities iran has been reducing its commitments to the deal saying
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european countries need to find a way around u.s. sanctions but european leaders appear to be growing increasingly frustrated with iran's failure to comply with parts of the deal u.s. sanctions against iran's oil and banking sector taking their toll president rouhani may be calculating that the release of the state in peril will lead to some relief for iran struggling economy and show european leaders that engaging with iran. have positive outcomes aside bake al-jazeera that run in the news ahead on al-jazeera chained abused and tortured nigerian police free at least 300 imprisoned boys and on high alert afghanistan prepares for the presidential election just one day away.
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how there's more rain gathering in turkey and in the caucasus it'll take a day or so to come across the last lot how he disappeared just as basically planted so the immediate future they will see the green mass thunderstorms the potential for floods of course flash floods in the higher ground in georgia and maybe across an advisor on the us by john but otherwise it's quiet the sun's out the temps haven't changed very much sergio's in tehran 40 odd in baghdad is typical now the rain disappears eastward and there's another caspian it more or less falls apart little bit of showers to his to potentially there but it's not come for the south so we are talking about through iran and the levant down towards the arabian peninsula dry weather it's slightly warmer maybe hotter in riyadh and doha for the next day or so the cloud further south the remains of that tropical side well induce a shower to in west in yemen or the mountains of western society and in southern africa active weather once more is coming towards the western cape at the moment
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that circulation near madagascar will probably provide good showers for southern madagascar the next day or so but this gathering cloud here and when you reduce a pretty wet and rather unpleasant western cape i suspect for sunday. planet is feeling the heat of the climate an ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the wind i'll be with you throughout as well on violent correspondent nic we'll have reports from the front lines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help combat threats al-jazeera brings you a new weekly. s.o.s. what sets up the facts and the science behind the issues affecting our planet's.
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to the top stories this hour on al-jazeera demonstrators in egypt are again calling for president out the front of sisi to step down protests have spread to several cities and they have also been counted demonstrations in support of president c.c. . the pakistani prime minister montana's use his speech at the un general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's actions in kashmir has warned the un to intervene to prevent war between 2 nuclear power maybe it's and iran has released a british tanker that had been detained in the strait of hormuz since july the scene impera departed from the port of bandar abbas it is now out in international waters. hundreds of former u.s. national security and foreign policy officials have signed
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a statement calling donald trump's phone call with his ukrainian counterpart a profound national security concern u.s. democrats are now appealing for more witnesses to come forward with any evidence that trump asked ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival joe biden a whistle. has also accused white house officials of trying to conceal politically sensitive information about the cole with the ultimate cements i spoke to robert late early a former general counsel for the director of national intelligence who said the whistleblower should be encouraged and protected not targeted i don't think the public is going to hear from the whistleblower because he's he through his lawyers or she has made very clear that the whistleblower does not want to be publicly identified but i think that the intelligence committees are going to hear from the whistleblower in a classified setting and i think it's the more important thing is to pursue some of the leads that the whistleblowers complaints identifies people at the state department who may have been involved in other conversations with ukraine people
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who can explain why it was that the president held up the aid to ukraine people who can say what on earth rudy giuliani was doing and in all this i think there are other leads to be pursued that should be pursued promptly i think it was very distressing that in the course of the intelligence committee hearing yesterday only one republican was willing to say that he found the content of the president's conversation unacceptable i think it's equally troubling to me that not a single republican was willing to stand up and defend the whistleblower for coming forward and you have a situation where the president of the united states is essentially accusing the whistleblower of treason suggesting that the whistleblower should be executed questioning the whistleblowers motivations people like the this whistleblower should be encouraged and protected to come forward through the system is this person did and not attacked in hong kong thousands of protesters have been rallying in support of activists detained near the border with mainland china wolf and sarah
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clarke. thousands of people have rallied in central hong kong to show their support for those people who've been arrested and listed anger over what they say it's police abuse on those who've been detained in a detention center on the hong kong china. this is the 1st of a number of protests in the coming days on saturday will be an assembly at the legislative council building on sunday will be a march on hong kong but through expected to attract large numbers the police are preparing also for violent clashes in october 1 which marks the 7th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china beijing groups will celebrate. the pro-democracy activists will also hold their own and china demonstration of us i will go out and voice my opinions i expect the m.t.r. train stations to be closed but i was still joined the demonstration to be more than 1500 people arrested in these anti-government demonstrations which are now entering this 17th week. the un special rapporteur clement volatile has expressed
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concern over the number of anti-government protesters arrested or abducted in zimbabwe since january this is the 1st official visit by an independent human rights expert to the country has more from her. un special rapporteur mind flay spent 10 days in zimbabwe jail his visits he made several government officials opposition parties and civil society groups human rights workers told him at least dozens of activists have been abducted since january the most recent year leader dr peter. dr mike bloomberg he was aloof. and the matter is currently under investigation by the authorities i will lack to mention that this is some notes and i was illiterates goose and that's union leaders that request to meet with me as well as that. to be leaving
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in. minutes of. relief. and fear also raise concerns about the role of the military and the police when it comes to dealing with anti government protests last year during post-election violence soldiers opened fire and killed at least 6 people people who were demonstrating over a disputed election result in january genius day away and security forces with a ploy to try and dispersed some people who were protesting on the street several people were killed no one was over a say in all the police finally broke off with demonstration organized by the main opposition party in d.c. several people were injured when the police and the top some people were calling for better living conditions more jobs and for the economy to improve he said he also made some n.g.o.s who say they are constantly being watched by the state they
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are afraid of hard jobs properly because there's a climate of fear in zimbabwe has filed the reports will be released sometime next year probably in june when reports your made recommendations to the government and how to better protect the citizens nigerian police so they are freed more than $300.00 male students held captive in a building in the northern city of kut some were found with metal chains around the wreck it is alleged some of the students as young as 9 were sexually abused and tortured the building was disguised as a school and operating as a rehabilitation center 7 people have been arrested. and interest with more on that from. police say some of the rescue children had marks on their body that showed evidence of torture at some point or another meanwhile many of them were found chain tool structures or some some form of metals inside the building which was
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registered as an islamic school but also some rehabilitation work is going on there the police are saying that neither do the operators of the institution had licenses to operate as health workers or rehabilitation workers nor the institution is somewhat registered as a rehabilitation center and it's believed that many of the inmates of that institution or school were taken there by their parents either for islamic education or for some form of these drugs if occasion because it's thought that many of those found there had abuse some illicit substances at one point or another investigation is currently going on but reports from the city itself says that many of such institutions exist in the city of kabul and in other parts of nigeria. afghanistan is on high alert a day out from the country's presidential elections $100000.00 extra security personnel will be guarding polling stations across the country following threats of more attacks from the taliban in iraq mcbride reports few voters believe the
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controversial election will even make a difference. compared to previous elections most afghans are going into this ballot bowl with a sense of trepidation than hope international forces have been reduced and the security situation has worsened. the front runner remains the incumbent president. but seems both of the 2 pre-election t.v. debates he failed to show up giving his main rival abdullah abdullah free rein to attack him. the current president has failed he should have made a consensus on the peace process with political allies and started negotiations with the taliban the taliban has repeated. carry out attacks against polling stations in the cities there's a heavy security presence to prevent that but the taliban has made large gains in much of a role role afghanistan which could result in a low turnout that. works as a journalist in northern conducive province which is changed hands between
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government and taliban control several times a month. that people are getting ready to move to other places we saw the same situation at the last election in the 4 we have skied only about a 3rd of people will vote she is one of only a few women working in media in this part of afghanistan and as the manager of a local radio station has faced death threats from the taliban still she is determined to go on with her work and with her right to vote and to be able to even if the taliban gets control of could us i will still use my right to vote because my one vote can determine our future i want to be a role model for my afghan sisters. still exerting a considerable influence is the former president hamid karzai he holds out hope of long term peace with the taliban in spite of the recent decision by the us to cancel the deal. i call upon my taliban brothers to come and
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sit with afghans if you want to talk to foreigners talk to them but you should be making actual peace with your own people bertie's warned that any violent disruption because of this election would make peace as elusive as ever rob mcbride al jazeera couple. senegal is opening the doors of what's been described as the biggest mosque in west africa the structure boasts a marble exterior it has capacity 430000 worshippers construction began a decade ago in the capital dhaka. this is al jazeera these are the top stories demonstrators in egypt are again calling for president of the fattah el-sisi to step down protests have spread to several cities these pictures from an anti-government protests near cairo former
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government contractor mohammed ali who helped spark the protests also posted a new message to social media or whatever it is the how the. c.c. you swear that you will leave power if the people don't want you so please be a man of your word don't let your offices upset the people let them walk in the streets freely you promise the people freedom so please stop being a liar. the pakistani prime minister imran canners used his speech at the un general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's actions in kashmir has warned the un to intervene to prevent war between the nuclear powered neighbors while india's prime minister narendra modi's spoke to the un about his country's successes over the last year he noticeably made no mention of the recent tension in indian administrate kashmir in hong kong thousands of protesters have been rallying in support of activists detained near the border with mainland china on thursday chief executive kerry lam also took part in a community dialogue session with members of the public the 1st time she'd sat down
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with her critics since the protests began 16 weeks ago nigeria's police said they freed more than 300 male students held captive in a building in the northern city of kut do know some were found with metal chains around their ankles it is alleged some of the students as young as 9 were sexually abused and tortured the building was disguised as a school and operating as a rehabilitation center 7 people have been arrested. and hundreds of former u.s. national security and foreign policy officials have signed a document calling donald trump's phone call with his your ukrainian counterpart a profound national security concern it was democrats are now appealing for more witnesses to come forward with any evidence that trump asked ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival joe biden a whistleblower has also accused white house officials of trying to conceal politically sensitive information. those your headlines we're back with
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a news hour in about 25 minutes from now next though on al-jazeera inside story with sam he said. democrats call it a cover up details emerge of the white house's efforts to lock down records of a presidential phone call will be impeachment effort against donald trump intensify or will it backfire on the president's opponents this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the show i'm sam he's a than leveraging the office of the u.s. president to interfere in the 2020 alexion that's the accusation facing donald trump in a whistleblower complaint that set him on course for an impeachment investigation trump has been accused of trying to persuade the ukrainian leader to dig up dirt on his rival joe biden john hendren has the details from washington d.c. . democrats have a new word for the white house response to a whistleblower this is a cover up the accusation follows a newly released whistleblowers report that says the white house trying to lock down the transcript of a phone call in that july call president donald trump pressed ukraine's president to find dirt on a rival presidential candidate in this case former u.s. vice president joe biden reads like a classic organized crime shakedown the report says u.s. officials told the unnamed whistleblower that they were directed by white house
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lawyers to transfer the transcript of a conversation to a separate electronic system that is otherwise used to store and handle classified information even though the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive that left trump's new acting director of national intelligence explaining on capitol hill why he withheld that mid august report from congress until thursday we consulted with the white house counsel's office and we were advised that much of the information the complaint was in fact subject to executive privilege a privilege that i do not have the authority to waive so a white house transcript of that call shows that trump repeatedly urged ukraine's volodymyr zelinsky to investigate whether joe biden sought to interfere in a conflict of interest probe of the ukrainian gas company for which his son hunter biden worked at the time trump was with holding nearly $400000000.00 in aid without explanation under fire trump denies using any pressure what these guys are doing
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democrats are doing to this country is it grace but they're going to tie up our country because frankly this so tied up this so it's good up as the director of national intelligence testified here on capitol hill president trump was at the united nations talking to staff he told them he wanted to know who told the whistleblower about his phone call adding that they were close to a spy and then he said something that sounded menacing. according to the whistleblower several senior u.s. officials were concerned by the president's call now exhibit number one in hearings to decide whether to impeach donald trump john hendren al-jazeera washington. let's bring our guests into the show now than we have in london greg swenson a spokesman for republicans abroad u.k. by skype in reston virginia rena shar republican strategist and in burlington
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vermont hassen a democratic political strategist good to have you ward if i could start with greg in london so does the effort by the trumpet ministration to move those wreck hordes to shall we say an unusual computer server does it indicate a cover up now of course not look the president needs to have executive privilege you need to be able to have private conversations with another president of another country that's just natural and you also recall that there were a lot of leaks especially early on in this administration there's no shortage of of opponents of the president baked into the into the deep state in washington and in the intelligence services the f.b.i. and the cia so look even you know there's no secret that there is a lot of leakers and a lot of whistleblower so you know there are so many weeks at the beginning like rachel this info on olympic tape maybe. if it's just a general approach to security you would probably be moving all your sensitive
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records but if it's just one phone conversation you know i think that raises a bit of a question mark it's. well it could if you're especially if you're on the other side and you're desperate to find something on this president they've been trying to impeach him since december of 2016 on whatever the you know the topic of the day is you know to try to with the russian collusion story really invested in that and so they just need something so look they'll pick on anything this one happens to be the the news of the week from the whistleblower sounded it almost sounded like a lawyer who wrote that. document not not an analyst but anyway look you need to have that confidentiality that has been an issue in the administration but i don't see anything really wrong with that and by the way the when they did release the document which they they did without a lot of pressure i mean yeah it took a couple of days but if there was anything bad in it then he would have disclosed it he would have claimed executive privilege but he's pretty quick to release and i
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didn't think you know depending on which side of the aisle you're on you know it didn't seem to me like there was any real smoking gun there just a couple of implications that you can interpret one way or the other ok we'll come to the content of the transfer a moment if i can continue that point with reno so greg's point here renewed is that basically there's nothing and unusual in the effort that the white house made to keep this conversation private there are too many as greg said perhaps deep state elements in the f.b.i. and the cia is he said and this is how anyone should behave if he wants to keep his private matters private. well 1st and foremost i hope greg is ok because he's reaching really hard to make the point he's making i'm sure shoulders hurting i mean i have not heard anything more bizarre in my life and i'm a peach tree and it doesn't matter about my party politics that or the fact that i've been a republican longer than donald trump has and i've been a strategist in the party far moderate than mr tucker but the reality is simple
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here this is about words that reviews everyone except under any other president a word like weaver in the readout from the white house how do they not see that that's problematic when you ask where creeper that's the definition of quid pro quo and to the point that many republicans are in washington about there being no mention of aid being withheld from the crane at the call it's because the aid was already withheld before so it is very puzzling to me that many folks are not willing to put country over party here look i've never supported donald trump but the reality is simple i would not accept this kind of heat here for anyone but is it going to jump they're going to maybe maybe convert to gregg's defensive i could pin hey i guess supporters of donald trump would argue that this is a president who's been on the fine since well even before he got into the white house and nothing is really held on him and does he have a right old as some people have a right to be a little bit paranoid. now sammy i there is no need to defend gregg here there's no
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need to defend anyone here everybody is entitled to their own opinion everybody should read the transcript of the call everybody should read there was a worth of playing in my book there is nothing more future got it than whistle blowing in this country we cannot let the people in power hide from the fact that they are using taxpayer dollars my hard earned money is being taxed in this country and it goes to eating country to their defense and i think it's very simple and we know for a person who is that part of the intelligence community been an analyst to come forth and say i've heard things that i'm worried about of course that troubles me that the person that counts weren't firsthand that he or she was not standing in the oval office to hear the call themselves or the other allegations are making but the reality is simple and impeach for proceeding inquiry allows the president the best venue to defend himself so donald trump has nothing to hide he should really submit himself to this think really and stop calling everything a witch hunt stop gaslighting the american public and lying day in and day out all
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right i'll give credit a chance to come back in on this go his crack. yeah yeah it was a long monologue or a long rant so it's hard to hit every point but i'll try to address a few i think you know 1st so we have to look at this president's been harassed from the beginning and the trump papers have have to try to look for you know for it for anything obviously they invested a lot in the mall or investigation now is a failure so now they'll take anything look this is a president let me jump in if i can i was out for a defense all this yes sure hasn't done that either but is it not fair to say that this president has behaved in a way that to many americans it seemed against the normal presidential convention and that's precisely why he's been on the fossa much since the moment he got into the white house sam you're absolutely right he doesn't act like a traditional president and that's one of the reasons why he was elected so whether you like him or or not you know a lot of us conservatives were very skeptical or nervous about him when he started and you know we didn't think he'd govern like
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a conservative and we were pleasantly surprised we also were a little disappointed with the frenzy on the progressive left and the never trumpeters on the right who have just been very unfair you know in the media and again on the progressive left so look this this president will never catch a break it's one of the reasons why i think this will backfire though because so many of the people the common sense voters the you know the moderate center right and center left voters are going to look at this sure sorry greg that is not just a raise there has been under fire is it i mean it's very day one from things like apparently inviting russia to hack or get hold of hillary clinton e-mails to the alligator saying hey do me a favor to the president of another country that's not just. politics right this is this is you could see what i'm getting at here is that he will could be. no i can't sammy i mean it's a really good point and he has an a very unconventional delivery and an very unconventional way of communicating is
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very transactional he likes the art of the deal he like. the flattery too and you noticed he was really gaming the flattery with with the president of you the ukraine and and you and you also noticed you know he was held to the 8 until the phone call because he likes to be asked for the order now but remember a lot of this has been done before vice president biden did it in 2015 the obama administration did it in 2016 and of course you had to the senator 3 democratic senators menendez leahy and durban sent a letter last may doing the exact same thing except it was in writing and when vice president biden did it he bragged about it when he got back to washington so look i think that everybody has to look at this is politics they're all there is often gaining with aide and you know or is that sort of implied quid pro quo sometimes it's very clear and deliberate like with biden sometimes it's a little more subtle all right let me bring out a shot into this i will come back to you just let's give
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a 2nd father said to weigh in on all this is this whole just politics what's been released so far doesn't seem like there's good grounds for impeachment. there's a fundamental question here and that fundamental question is is is that is the united states a country that is ruled by the government as governed by the rule of law or are we a country that allows individuals presidents to be use the power they have an office you just heard greg over here talk admit that this is indeed quid pro quo that indeed $400000000.00 worth of aid was threatened or suspended for the purpose of digging up dirt on a political opponent the president's benefit that is extraordinary and it's upsetting or should be upsetting to republicans to democrats and people who don't have a political party affiliation to be able to use and abuse power in this way for one's own political gain the report there was a report not only indicated this quid pro quo it also indicated a cover up it also indicated that there is more yet to come this is the tip of the
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iceberg this is extraordinary and not in a good way i think it's upsetting when i hear people say oh well this is actually normal this is politics as usual i think we have to admit and we have to say no this isn't politics as usual and it doesn't have to be this way we as a country have to do better when we go we can't bring as of this impeachment inquiry is about or let me bring reno in ultimately at the end of the day arena should we not forget vis is more of a political than an evidence based judicial process. where we agree with that yes the politics of the day here no doubt but everything in washington so. that it's hard to even look at that actual evidence that is. what it is and how this president who say no that's an orange that very clearly in or out and reno is not exactly what's going to happen
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when this gets to the senate do you really think senators are going to be looking at the evidence without any concern for political calculations the upcoming elections and so on. and the influence of money is so great in this country in our elections that these members of congress were republicans who are even considering voting against a man that they have not liked from day one they are so consumed and obsessed with winning their seats back that they don't want to fall out of line they don't want to fall out of the good graces of the republican national committee and they believe that republicans overwhelmingly support this president so what are they to do if they don't want to speak up they want to keep their sleeves they think donald trump at the most gets another 5 years or a year and then he thought he term limited out but they take him with election over and over again if they say the right thing in the state of life not want to speculate about the senate but i want to say this yes i supported donald trump being president i didn't vote for him but when he took office i thought it's a good thing to applaud the president wished for his success i decided that it is
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the right thing only when this stuff came out because i said to myself there's nothing more clear cut than a president asking for the help of a foreign power in trying to eliminate of an american political opponent that they are scared up and that's exactly what's happened here republicans them spin and spin all they want but have this been barack obama he would be behind bars and i did not vote for obama either all right so let me take this back to out of shot i said you said a minute ago this is about the rule of law i think serena agreed with me at the end there that there is a lot of politics and spin at play is this going anywhere can the democrats really pursue a successful impeachment. i do think so i'm not saying that it's easy and i'm not saying that it won't be political of course it will but i look back to the nixon impeachment trials and i see a process that played out it took some time obviously and it wasn't popular at 1st but it's important to note that a process played out there were investigations and as things came to light the
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country including republicans including people of both parties came around and that's what i'm hopeful for here that if we let the process play out we'll let it play out in the open then people will come around and it may be the president doesn't get impeached or doesn't get convicted but i think if we let the rule of law if we let process play out then we can have a better outcome and i don't think it's just about impeachment and it don't think it's just about democrats if you take a look at the seventy's and with the nixon impeachment we didn't just impeach the president he did resign but after that we passed a slate of laws that were reforms anticorruption reforms the united states because we as a country asked are we a country governed by the rule of law so we passed campaign finance reform we passed reform about where our intelligence services could do in terms of surveilling citizens we even the a.b.a. or the american bar association pass new rules and regulations about ethics as for a lot of for lawyers i think that there is a better vision for this than just saying oh the democrats republicans i think that
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if we center on the fact that this is a country that is governed by the rule of law that there is a better path forward all right let me take the 1st of you on so the gregg we've time may be enough congressman come around to impeachment do you see that that's the direction that at least some republicans may go for with time. and i don't think so look i think the media on the left have spent the last couple days really jumping on the president spinning it their way it's natural for them to do that the you know the mainstream media has gone into a frenzy the the trump their enjoyment syndrome has gone into the bit of overdrive so you know they might get some some softer response from some republicans and maybe some voters but i doubt it i mean it it if it goes you know unedited sort of the result all right but doesn't it seem like some republicans are surely in shock and trying to figure out what they want to do i mean senate majority leader media donal's show and i think highly of the thursday's testimony and revelations you can
2:39 am
share you could say that about the steel dossier too and there's a lot of similarities between this and the steel dossier so you know look i think republicans by nature especially conservatives like to digest things not like to you know really take a look at a hard look at evidence look at the you know the trump papers will always jump on the impeachment bandwagon i have no doubt about that they did it they tried on the stormy daniels thing they tried it on russia collusion it doesn't really take much so as but it's a great question as for the republicans in the house in the senate sure there could be some leakage some leakage if they buy into this narrative but i doubt it and i also see what the democrats in the house look a lot of them you know you know you mentioned earlier you know the fact that you know the senators are up for reelection of course they are that's what politicians do the democrats in the house have to run next year in their congressional races many of which are in districts that trump one that's why nancy pelosi has held off on the impeachment narrative for 2 and
2:40 am
a half years she finally gave in this week to the progressive militant left on i think maybe she's just conceding the next election at this point she knows this there's a great risk and she knows a great risk that this backfires and boomerangs on the democrats that somebody outside the ring hollow points in 98 let me take that to us chad because you are a democrat then. how do you think this pursuit of impeachment is going to impact the presidential elections the a miscalculation here by the democrats. i don't think so and 1st and foremost like i say this has to be something that goes beyond typical partisan politics because something fundamental is at stake here but there are a couple good examples for us to go down i think. politicians see it that way. i think people are coming around to take a look so in that in 2018 we picked up a massive number of seats nearly 40 seats in the house so things are already are not going the way that the president wants and if you take a look back at the last time we successfully impeach
2:41 am
a president on the basis of the rule of law democrats not only picked up the house and the senate but kept it for decades so i think when we are driven we're motivated by something fundamental as to their foundational principles of the country people see that and reward that as something that that they want to identify with and so that's why i think it is a good idea both for the country and it is important for democrats to stick to their principles on this and that's why we're seeing a little bit of change as well that people see that their constituents are demanding accountability reno the whistleblower complaint indicated that there seems to be other recalls perhaps other calls which have also been locked down shall we say do you expect we're going to see more details more complaints emerge. well not in this moment because there's a really high risk of the whistleblowers cover being blown essentially being outed to the american public who wants to reveal things when donald trump's you know face
2:42 am
basically if angry and always use language like militant left and wants to essentially try to take down any american that speaks out against the president if look donald trump pulls pages out of the dictator's playbook on a on a relatively regular basis and i think where we are right now is the point where americans need to confront reality and actually read what's happening in their government the average american is usually blue collar somebody that busy working 9 to 5 not sitting like most of us talk about we consuming people abused at the rate at which we are but i applaud the average american average everyday american because when i meet with what's right what's wrong be do the right thing and i think this is been incredibly past week in washington and it's going to make its way out into the country over the course of the next many weeks and people are going to get a chance to look at this by themselves like i said i didn't come to an event until this i waited for the ball or i felt like it was something of a nothing burger yet and i give this person a chance but no more this is too dictatorial and this is exactly guess what
2:43 am
conservative the pot were for many years we don't want to government gets you big and too oppressive and frankly donald trump inaccurate conservative i mean he's opposing terror the way he says goodness gracious this should not be the. right greg i think we've got a minute fuel before we start to head towards invesco sure do legally ideologue agree with to much has been crossed. even if impeachment doesn't succeed there is some benefit for the country maybe it will generate some kind of reform or legislation to uphold the rule of law not just in how you want to approach these foreign leaders been things like a moments and all the all the issues which of course so much shall we say just comforts in the u.s. . you know look i can agree with you know we'd all like to return to a very clear definition of the rule of law and have these politicians obey you know actually obey the rule of law and so that's why one of the reasons trump was elected the whole you know drain the swamp you know argument or narrative but look
2:44 am
you know that we're saying this on both sides of the aisle the what biden did you know in in ukraine specifically in 2015 what obama's the obama administration did and 16 it's a bomb and you know it's really disappointing to see that to see what happened with hunter biden and and joe biden and you know it's look the biggest loser here very well might be joe biden because of this all this insanity so look i'm disappointed but i can agree with that going back to the rule of law would be great for everybody on both sides of the aisle and and look i think that if there's a chance for the rest of the country to absorb this all the better i agree with with your other guests that you know if you read the document and you read the the whistleblower statement comes your own conclusion but right now you know impeachments been polling in the mid thirty's not really holding my breath on our in 40 seconds why would nancy pelosi a very astute political actor the sue impeachment now most observers say is
2:45 am
probably not going to succeed. because she knows it's a process she has she knows the long game you mentioned the polling for impeachment your polls are a couple days old in the last 2 days 3 polls have come out that have shown support for impeachment going up 8 to 10 points i think nancy pelosi knows that the american people are demanding accountability and then she needs to get ahead of it right the reason that congress is doing this is to have an open inquiry we need to get to the bottom of this that there i mean this is something that is important for our process important to uphold the rule of law and so important for this show to to get everyone's perspective on this so thank you very much to i guess i'm afraid we are out of time let's thank greg swenson rena sharp and out of show us and and thank you too for watching you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion head over to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle there is at
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a.j. inside story from me sam is a van and the whole team here for now to provide. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these votes let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job it's a vaccine so it's on a good 24 hours there are patients waiting for this medicine so must be in pain
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lifestar threads back it was a week ago one of the gang stop somebody calls on the road at that point it would work for them. risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. and. matthew has an old american prince to account.
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and. head to head on a 0. this is al jazeera. everyone on. this is the news hour from al-jazeera. calling on egypt's president to step down thousands join the protests in cities
2:49 am
across the country. what is going to happen. when the glove use lifted will be a lock box pakistan's prime minister delivers an extraordinary attack on his indian counterpart over kashmir and warns the u.n. needs to intervene. change the used and tortured nigerian police free at least 300 imprisoned boys. hello i'm maryam namazie and london with all the news from europe including. i think we all coming to the moment of truth in these negotiations another round of bracks it talks taking place in brussels but conflicting messages from the u.k. and ireland and later we'll have sport live from the house for the 1st stadium for the world athletics championships the big names are taking to the track and there is also the 1st ever night marathon along the house waterfront.
2:50 am
thousands of protesters have defied a security clampdown and egypt joined demonstrations calling for the president to step down they accuse president i will fight there also. corruption and destroying the egyptian economy the roads leading to cairo's tahrir square have been closed and all football matches canceled rights groups also reporting what appears to be the biggest round of mass arrests in egypt since 2013 plus supporters of the president have held their counter demonstrations all the details now in this report from stephanie deca. they took a risk to come out to the streets in protest for a 2nd friday that's despite warnings from egyptian security forces that they would face a harsh response al-jazeera cannot independently verify these videos but they are said to be in kenya the city in upper egypt and also in elmwood achmea the capital cairo other reports suggest a large security presence in central cairo with the streets virtually deserted the roads that you square which has been the heart of previous protest over the years
2:51 am
blocked off. another narrative in what is just as much a media campaign state television showing pro-government protests in the capital president abdel fatah sisi returned to cairo early on friday from the un general assembly in new york this welcome posted on his official facebook page with the president reassures this crowd that all is well with the market what are you doing here why you got up early on a friday morning life is good and easy you have to know that the egyptians are very aware of how they try to fake the realities and realistic things and deceive the people for the sake of allah and for the sake of you what happened before will never happen again don't worry and don't be worried good morning to you but despite the president's assurances something is happening here waiting out troops all over the streets of cairo now is and we are to do random checks all over the city is a very clear reflection of this government's insecurity. the fact that the thing
2:52 am
that runs this government more than anything else is the voice of its own people a government that secure in its standing at security which little missy and it support among egyptians wouldn't be so frightened or terrified by hundreds of protesters in the streets of cairo it started with this man mohammed alley a contractor for the egyptian military for 15 years the largest and most powerful institution in the country recently breaking rank uploading videos statements from spain where he now lives in self-imposed exile accusing senior military leaders of wasting millions of dollars to build villas palaces and hotels it hasn't gone down well with many who are finding it hard to live day by day. more recently there's a lot of economic discontent cc's economic policies have mostly failed the wealth gap has increased and egypt's poverty rate is rising pretty dramatically hundreds came out to protest last friday what has been the biggest show of discontent
2:53 am
against feces rule human rights watch says nearly 2000 people have been arrested in the last week alone al-jazeera is banned from reporting inside the country the bigger picture of what is happening here may take time to become clear but it seems once again egyptians have lost their fear and are defying wooders to remain silent stephanie decker al jazeera. well the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says over 2000 people have so far been arrested michel reminded the egyptian government that under international law people have a right to protest peacefully and she urged both orators to radically change their approach to any future protests his share with us now in studio al-jazeera correspondent who has covered egypt extensively force a much just pick up on what michelle bachelet was saying that lots of arrests over 2000 this is i guess in contrast to when you're actually seeing clashes in the
2:54 am
streets but it's another way of i guess cc's government dealing with the problem as it were just actually able of the street prevention prevention better than the cure right so what took people by surprise both those in support of of those against them last friday was the sheer number of protests not just in terms of size but actually where they were taking place of course egypt alexandra cairo months or of those places with the build up to this friday the fact that it was wasn't as spontaneous as last friday the government decided well let's crack down on what they went off to come on this is something very significant is they went after a cross-section of political personalities from liberals to intellectuals to even those who actually supported the july 3rd coup initially and then lost faith in the ability to deliver those. promises of economic development and freedom and so forth he had used to entice people in order to get that supports so you have people like khalid the wood and others who are amongst those who actually were part of the rebel movements or through rewind back to 2013 that were trying to oust egypt's 1st
2:55 am
democratically elected president for months in order for. power so those arrests definitely had an impact and i did true that the videos and we've seen short clips of special forces units on to the teeth masked across from ceased square in central cairo as well as other areas in the capital the closing off of the streets and here this is why it's important i think a lot of people we see analyzing and interpret it but let's stick to the facts and the facts or at least 2000 people left in the past week the facts are all the metro stations in cairo that need to square the roads all of us and arrested on the grounds of what we're just just arrested on the i mean it's egypt this is the fact we have for example our colleague not much to say no more than a 1000 days in prison with no justification whatsoever and like him there are tens of thousands according to certain human rights organizations more than 50000 political prisoners over the past couple of years and the idea here is that the question being asked if. he claims has so much support if he is winning elections
2:56 am
with 98 percent of the voters he claims then why is there a need to cut her clothes off all the streets that need to tahrir square why is there a need to round up these people there is support for him obviously and we will talk about that now but i mean there is also a lot of anger because of the poverty because of the lack of opportunity because of the unemployment and that's really what's spurring people on as i look at these pictures i'm guessing that little bit of deja vu from 2011 where we didn't know it was completely uncharted territory then and it took everyone's by surprise tell me what is different this time other than the fact that it's obviously a different leader that is being dealt with how. or is it too early to tell there is definitely differences in it there's differences both in terms of the regime and the deep stay. of egypt essentially the military that's been running the country for decades in that they are now more prepared they know how to combat this they won't allow for even the slightest chance that would maybe exacerbate the issue so
2:57 am
that's why they're going after these people through dawn raids on credit lines and so forth from the opposition's perspective there is also maybe a sense of maturity amongst the fact that this is no longer something that is being driven by certain ideological political parties partly because those parties have essentially been destroyed the muslim brotherhood and others because all of their top echelon in fact it may be top 3 tiers of the leadership of either been rounded up or exiled or killed so those different but there's also an age makeup to it and there's poverty so when we speak about 2011. there was obviously a lot of the chants were bread freedom social justice people were poor there was an economic under development and so forth however today you're talking about that poverty doubling so according to world bank estimates up to 60 percent of egyptians live either on or below the poverty line that's true dollars a day so that in itself shows that the anger and resentment felt would by default be a lot greater because the reasons for that anger and resentment has increased as well
2:58 am
write one to keep an eye on them clearly thank you for that let's move on to other news the pakistani prime minister imran khan has used his speech at the u.n. general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's actions in kashmir and run can warn the roomful of world leaders that the situation will end in a bloodbath in delhi imposed a lockdown in the territory after withdrawing its autonomy trances the un should intervene to prevent war between 2 nuclear powered neighbors what is going to happen when the fuse lifted will be a bloodbath the people will come out then 100000 troops there they haven't come do. he's done this too for the prosperity of this is supposed to be for the development of these 900000 troops one of they're going to do when the when they come out they'll be a blood but has he thought it through what happens then. john
2:59 am
holl of the united nations it was some speech wasn't it jonah that talk a bloodbath as we heard there even reference the idea that these people are feeling so oppressed and seeing what's going on you he said yeah i'd pick up a gun too. and. yes he said that his speech to the general assembly well ahead of time was going to lay out the case against india over kashmir so there's no great surprise there this was a speech though. deeply impact passionately delivered and full of rather grim foreboding he's talking about a curfew there in indian administered kashmir that's been in place security control since the beginning of august when do the prime minister decided to revoke the special status the self rule that had been in play there $900000.00 indian troops facing off against a population now of $8000000.00 and what mr carney saying is when those controls and lifted people will come out onto the streets there will be
3:00 am
a backlash he believes that will inevitably lead to a massacre a bloodbath on the streets which will be blamed on pakistan which will in turn bring these 2 nuclear armed neighbors into a state of conflict he very methodically laid out the case he said that modi had rebuffed his overtures to peace towards reconciliation a year ago he said that india had travelled 11 un declarations aimed at preserving the rights of kashmiris he said that mr modi was driven by an ideology of hate a fascist type ideology borrowed from hitler and mussolini in the thirty's that was bent on racial purity and the eventual ethnic cleansing of muslims from the face of india deeply incendiary language being used here but in the end those start warnings of ethnic cleansing of potential nuclear war and his final call to the u.n. you have the responsibility to stop this happening he said and in contrast journal tell us about him.


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