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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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all nations have a duty to act. no responsible government should subsidize iran's blood lust. iranian leaders has said they want to counter a new u.s. led naval coalition in the gulf that the pentagon says will help protect shipping from further attacks the iranians also want to find a way to avoid u.s. sanctions on iran's economic lifeline oil exports france has been working to save the 2015 nuclear deal that trump withdrew from 16 months ago the joint comprehensive plan of action allowed iran to trade oil in exchange for combing its nuclear activities iran has been reducing its commitments to the deal saying european countries need to find a way around u.s. sanctions but european leaders appear to be growing increasingly frustrated with
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iran's failure to comply with parts of the deal u.s. sanctions against iran's oil and banking sectors are taking their toll president rouhani may be calculating that the release of the stannin piro will lead to some relief for iran's struggling economy and show european leaders that engaging with iran can have positive outcomes john kerry can out his era. our time for short break here on al-jazeera when we come back some of the breakdowns on the fear of detention we look at the impact of the security crackdown in administered kashmir and he's one of the leading faces of hong kong's pro-democracy movement now joshua long is taking on a new challenge in the us. and there we have some rain in the forecast across the middle east is generally further to the north and as this system here is streaming through the black sea on tools
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accounts been see so the caucuses will see some rain over the next 24 hours saturday really is quite damp as you can see and look at this how much because once that system plays out the forecast is fading nice but a lot cooler than of late 21 degrees celsius 41 celsius in baghdad now the temperature still high for the south across much of the arabian peninsula some fat in the forecast pushing into southern sections a saudi arabia and again through saturday and sunday we'll see more rain into the south and the southwest of yemen a look at the time which is further to the north doha warming up again on sunday up to 48 degrees celsius and still really feeling quite humid and also a bit warmer in muscat there with a high of 34 degrees celsius damages are on the high side as well into south africa in particular 1st of all across into madagascar elsewhere it is dry but look at these temperatures 26 and been 28 in johannesburg on saturday that should be a drive a saturday into cape town but by sunday we could see some rain in
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a little bit cooler at 19 degrees celsius look at this johannesburg 29 degrees 6 degrees above the average. an ethiopian moment determined to tell the world a new story about her country our answers our humanity is the most beautiful thing we got i wish you can just realize that i am just the footbaths despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera have been several explosions in afghanistan as polls opened for the presidential election one was in the capital kabul another was heard in the southern city of kandahar as a high security presence around the country for the vote front runners the incumbent president ashraf ghani whose cost. donald trump special envoy to ukraine has resigned as the controversy continues over the u.s. president's phone call with the country's leader during the conversation trump is reported to have asked him to help investigating his rival joe biden and his son who has business interests in ukraine. and hundreds of protesters have defied a security clampdown for a 2nd successive friday in egypt and joined demonstrations scorn for the president to step down they accuse abdel fattah el-sisi of corruption and destroying the
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economy. 100000 extra security staff are guarding polling stations across afghanistan following threats of more attacks from the taliban and as rob mcbride reports few voters believe the controversial election will make a difference. compared to previous elections most afghans are going into this ballot bowl with a sense of trepidation then hope international forces have been reduced and the security situation has worsened. the front runner remains the incumbent president. but seems both of the 2 pre-election t.v. debates he failed to show up giving his main rival abdullah abdullah free rein to attack him. the current president has failed he should have made a consensus on the peace process with political allies and started negotiations with the taliban the taliban has repeated its threat to carry out attacks against polling stations in the cities there's
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a heavy security presence to prevent that but the taliban has made large gains in much of the role real afghanistan which could result in a low turnout that baena akbari works as a journalist in northern conducing province which is changed hands between government and taliban control several times and. people are getting ready to move to other places we saw the same situation at the last election in the 4 with ski it only about a 3rd of people will vote she is one of only a few women working in media in this part of afghanistan and as the manager of a local radio station has faced death threats from the taliban still she is determined to go on with her work and with her right to vote and to be able to even if the taliban gets control of could us to use my right to vote because my one vote can determine our future i want to be a role model for my afghan sisters. still exerting
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a considerable influence is the former president hamid karzai he holds out hope of long term peace with the taliban in spite of the recent decision by the u.s. to cancel the deal. i call upon my taliban brothers to come and sit with afghans if you want to talk to foreigners talk to them but you should be making actual peace with your own people bertie's warned that any violent disruption because of this election would make peace as elusive as ever rob mcbride al jazeera couple. the newly established syrian constitutional committee will meet in switzerland at the end of next month the united nations special envoy on syria says the committee represents an important breakthrough for the future of the war torn country our diplomatic editor james bays spoke with get medicine. for the 1st time of the 8 and a half years of war and conflict we actually have an agreement between the government and between the opposition as and c.
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so this sense an important message to the syrian people that change is possible have you vesey all the names with regard to human rights make sure there's no one with blood on their hands and given the tentacles of the assad spice this make sure there's no members of the intelligence community hidden in his communities and let's be. clear i'm on this we want to be have done is to is to work on the assumption that the government is responsible for their 50 that they have nominated the opposition is responsible for the 50 that they have nominated and then we have a middle 3rd that the u.n. them has been working on together with the parties so of course this is a compromise can you guarantee to us after all the time of the assads in power since $970.00 just sharm elections that the end of this whatever constitution they come up with will be a properly democratic constitution and there will be as that resolution says free
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and fair elections i think what i can guarantee is that the verdict of the constitution will be based on the aspirations of the syrian people you know this is syrians sitting together for the 1st time update on the half years of working on their own constitution and i see rightly pointed out the security council has risen and. pursuant to the new constitution there should be free and fair elections where all syrians should participate including their spur on the un supervision so this is my mandate i've already of course discussed this both with the government and with the opposition s.n.c. i have of course i'm elected expert all ready berthing on this for me of preparing ourselves and of course preparing hopefully then the syrian parties can i guarantee that this will take place no but as the right to stated on this is part of my
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mandate it's very clear to stamp that stated and it's also international consensus that's it's 1st take place. a major border crossing between iraq and syria is due to be reopened on monday they are crossing has been closed since 2012 to all but government or military traffic the trade route has been seized and controlled by various groups over the past 70 years including syrian rebels and i saw a crossing will now reopened for trade and travel pakistan's prime minister has used his speech at the un general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's crackdown in indian administered kashmir imran khan want of a bloodbath in the disputed region last month india revoked the semi autonomous status of kashmir a territory under its control in his speech earlier india's prime minister made no mention of kashmir journal reports from the united nations as a nod to the many many never believe the u.n. general assembly was drawing to a close in new york when suddenly it burst grimly back into life pakistan's prime
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minister decried india's decision to revoke self rule in majority muslim populated indian administered kashmir it was part of a policy he said of hindu nationalism and ethnic cleansing what is going to happen when the curfew is lifted will be a bloodbath the people will come out then 100000 troops there they haven't come do as he says he's done this do for the prosperity of this is supposed to be for the development of these 900000 troops one of they're going to do well when the time out they'll be a bloodbath. in his speech accused india's prime minister narendra modi of fascism of pursuing an ideology of hate and racial purity drawn from hitler and mussolini in the 1930 s. he said the un must intervene to avoid conflict between 2 nuclear armed neighbors
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this is a test for the united nations you are the one who guaranteed the people of kashmir the right of self-determination. they are suffering because of that and this is the time this is the time not to appease like in 1939 appeasement took place this is the dime to take action and number one action must be that india must live in human curfew a short while prime minister modi had conspicuously avoided any mention of kashmir which india insists is an internal matter but there was a veiled reference to what he has previously called pakistan backed terrorism in the region almost there is give after you hand. we belong to a country that has given the world not war but buddha's message of peace and that is the reason why our voice against terrorism to alert the world about this evil brings was seriousness and outrage we believe that this is one of the biggest
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challenges not for any single country but for the entire world and humanity the lack of unanimity among us on the issue of terrorism dense those very principles that are the basis of the creation of the u.n. and that is why for the sake of humanity i firmly believe that it's absolutely imperative that the world unites against terrorism oh well. as both leaders spoke a block away from the u.n. building anti modi protesters demanded the world take action 55 days of court feel no food no house no madison and they can't go out it's not here we are here to protest we want to know the but let the word know what's happening there and nobody's doing anything. and on the ground in srinagar kashmiris under strict security controls and with indian troops keeping watch made their voices go
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was both prime ministers modi and khan met separately with president on trump on the sidelines of the un general assembly this week but nothing has come of trump's offer to mediate between them and hence no sign of any real progress in avoiding further escalation over kashmir jono al-jazeera at the un in new york. where hundreds of people including local politicians have been arrested in indian administered kashmir since the area's special status was revived many people are now suffering stress and anxiety but their access to mental health care has been limited by the security restrictions mama john june reports. we're han nazir used to feel safe in his home but now he's finding it increasingly difficult to fight off dark thoughts will call long haul global call of who i'm scared and i get not maze of the incident i see soldiers approaching as if they're going to shoot me again i'm not able to sleep properly a keep on waking up a few times during the night my mind stops working sometimes and i get palpitation
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else. last month as protest swept through srinagar in indian administered kashmir where han was shot by paramilitary officers he's been recovering ever since. around a little bit so those were hands father nazir holds up his son's x. rays and says at least 350 shotgun pellets were removed from where hans body yet as worried as he is about where hans physical injuries and here's equally concerned about his son's mental health and she will walk you on the bones he has become violent and shouts that he will jump from the window at night when he is asleep he shouts they are coming soldiers are coming then we convince him that no one is here everything is fine don't worry then i keep my law and try to make him sleep. healthcare professionals have long known of the mental health problems of people in kashmir according to a survey conducted by doctors without borders in 201545 percent of the adult
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population in kashmir showed symptoms of significant mental distress a growing number of doctors are now warning that india's recent move revoking autonomy in indian administered kashmir and its security lockdown are limiting people's access to mental health care services in the valley some predict this will also cause a rise in the number of people with mental health issues obviously. don't has an impact on this mental psyche. patients as well as the normal in the short because this. has effected. all the details of their life like we got more out of old houses as not only just last year 0 only began her career as a lawyer 0 used to feel enthusiastic about all she hoped to accomplish in the future that's all changed. when i go out of my home i see shops shut down there's no way
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a little word snow no nothing nothing untoward sufficiently and when i come back and confined to 4 was of my house of my home and i cannot think about my future now zia is despondent. what next what next in my life how do i plan my life how do i start my life my professional life. so while. i'm down. i'm sitting at my place i get suicidal thoughts at the same time i'm suffering from anxiety with nowhere else to go see a says she can only wait and worry in this room whose walls used to provide comfort but now feel like they're closing in on her. the prominent hong kong activist has announced he's running for local office in an attempt to bring the protest movement into the city's political system as announcement came after thousands rallied in hong kong on friday. he's been forced.
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to move. since the summer. that high road is essential to put pressure on the hong kong government and also president. we are determined to fight all the 5 universal suffrage which made pretty good. protest as of looted shops and set fire to police cars in haiti's capital of a food and fuel shortages at least 4 protesters have been killed in port au prince in recent days as haitians demand the resignation of the president. the demonstrators accuse him of failing to deal with deep rooted corruption and he says appealing for calm. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera several explosions have occurred in afghanistan as polls open for the presidential election one is in the capital
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kabul and another in the southern city of kandahar security personnel have been deployed around the country for the vote the frontrunner is the incumbent president ashraf ghani has cast his ballot tony berkeley has more now from the afghan capital . well we're getting reports that some people turned up to vote and their names are not on the register getting reports that some polling stations haven't opened because the workers haven't turned up now that could be because of this acuity situation it could be because they're just very apathetic and it's very difficult we were told that out of the $7500.00 polling stations planned for this election only $5000.00 were going to go ahead anyway and out of the 9000000 voters there are only anticipating around 4000000 to go and vote but if this polling station the center of kabul is anything to go by that figure could be way down on that donald trump special envoy to ukraine has resigned as the controversy continues over the u.s. president's phone call with the country's leader. during the conversation trump is
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reported to have asked him for help in investigating his rival joe biden and his son who has business interests in ukraine hundreds of protesters have defied a security clampdown for a 2nd successive friday in egypt and joined demonstrations calling for the president to step down. and seen some of corruption and destroying the economy well the former government contractor whose videos helped spark those protests has issued a new message on social media calling on sisi to resign or what is the how that harkened back some c.c. you swear that you will leave power if the people don't want you so please be a man of your word don't let your offices upset the people let them walk in the streets freely you promise the people freedom so please stop being a liar a major border crossing between iraq and syria is due to be reopened on monday they are crossing has been closed since 2012 to all but government or military traffic.
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a protest as of looted shops and set fire to police cars in haiti's capital of a threw down fuel shortages of news for protesters have been killed in the capital in recent days were those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the of the us watching other. some were coerced. others rallied to the cause. but were all complicit in creating a world of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of ice. on al-jazeera.
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my it is our longlasting tradition and culture. is our family centered lifestyle. my ethiopia is our earth and this is. we are definitely part of the reform process the reason i'm sitting right here is part of the reform process. the reason i've actually i mean. to really be gauged and be part of this conversation is part of the reform.
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you have always been known for the incidents of the past where we had an unfortunate time in. where we lost millions and that has been stuck and people head and we have not done enough to change that these snares for presentations are our approach needed to change them brain now and this is the moment and right heart of the. voting in that tourism that i like you tell you started your. reaction i'm not going to open their minds. so i think to me or not so for
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a bit of truth then what do you know. vision we are going to win and not need we don't want it. if we want to is a good to us to come and visit then we need to build our infrastructure and where are these infrastructures we need to build these conversation happening for real this time around within this period of time how do we need these sites accessible they're not. so today we are scavenger hunting to look for sites. not just as a tourist attraction but also coming to development and coming to the impeachment and learning about history and we're also trying to see if that if we were going to do this and if people were going to come and find sites how would how easy would it . i think had just as huge potential in terms of his heritage
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to develop and to rebuild to revitalize the urban communities which is crucial because we are going through repetitions for mission and during this period we're just about to lose our own identity because it's our own tradition and i could take share there is a mirror in the reflection of ourselves in our past. i mean finding these buildings is a challenge so it turned out that the mistake they make about the heritage buildings here. g.p.s. location doesn't really match with the with the engine so that should that's one reason we want to do the resource my thing then we won't have to do this you know you won't have to go out to a scavenger hunt to see how do you think we're going to pay for that and i for one follow up and work and it doesn't measure. getting up.
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and. i'm going to check all cash. they could take a bigger place this and that the only. safe orderly. chipotle in the valley has out that's one of those. standards you can buy. that even and i will not that you don't possess the. kind of that said i don't have a horse and i look says that's going to lead we need to buy and they're. going to both of you will still be able jesus. to get
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a month or. 7 beautiful not because there was. you know what i don't know but still. a little. oh that's just kind of a little. mo. so the move was made out of libya. such as he is a mage soon i've never thought only of. you think of it as your list. of. ok you. did it with you in getting most of the old
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days. they. should really diminish your money to me is it going to be national just not is the domain decision was intended to make oh did the land now do just an ocean or she. was happy that it didn't i guess. there's so much history and so much culture that we hop that we have not preserved and we have not used. we're losing them we're losing them in the process of modernization and the process of growth and that's it doesn't have to be that way we can always a grow that we can always go on along side of protecting our history and really really using it for something much more than what it was originally designed for. as was which which you're going the. way but you know the rest of the double plymouth within which. begins to muck up the.
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music in the bush is you going to get a better name than now that we're going to come in again and it would be just for the 3 major averages are the 2 region. our stories have never been told by us dalton think you took an irishman has never been done completely by you to bent's themselves it was always has been someone else telling our stories telling our cultures telling our history telling our lifestyle. for us is about to clearly taking on the space and scene that really need to tell our story and we need to make sure it's still a threat because it's ours. and. and.
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i grew up with 2 journalists in the house my parents so information was the news to me stuff like favorite body and they were talking about it so i grew up in a space where you know. you counts not but before. because my mom was active and highlighting muslim moments rights that i was being taught and communicated while i was growing up by the time i was a teenager i really knew how to balance it out and know that when to call off something to be something to address this is really happening you know from a very gender perspective and i need to address it versus this is just that and out of authentic you know knowing enough understanding how. they don't engender
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dynamics works. my biggest challenge is the resistance to the transformation of we are agreed through a transformation and there is that painful year where the status quo the confort zone is going to go away so say that to you we're not doing business as usual we're going to change because we're going to get better that's that's that why they need to have this conversation about the because. productive to not. going to get. the simple answer yes we would be happy if you could promote us. coming to office the 1st space they tried to explore and would simply understand
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how things have worked before. and it was very. quick for me to recognize that especially with the private sector how to talk and to recognize that a lot of was being done but nothing was coming out as fruitful and consult a move again to have to know. which part of our foreign as a country is a truism is going to be an economy current and it's going to have to bring impact so i took a lot of actions around that that a lot of farcical interests were not very happy about and do really soul the newbie in the house asking this question doesn't come off as. a nice. gesture you know people would say is it because you're a woman is that because of your new. into the government system and if i look at it
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from that perspective i would start taking it very personally i see this not so much about. what they are in prison right now and that's the transformation. i take from that perspective and. i believe that by their was me be here as a woman are not this is agenda would have been a fed resistance no want to. give up to not come in we didn't describe any meeting and i got a bit in the muck out of. just the minute you might want to get the game and just let me know then it makes economy. pretty much a very busy like. one of those that i'm in the taking a break today but it's pretty. crazy schedule.


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