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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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at the united nations. now the former egyptian government contractor whose online videos helped to spark recent protests against president of the fossil c.z. so the rallies need to be stepped up and held every day people have been else on the streets for 2 fridays in a row this month demonstrators accuse the city of corruption and of destroying the economy. today god willing are heard there is a could live game after the game we should go to the streets for one hour we would protest outside our. if we see that there is a large number of protesters we should keep going if we see police stop and go back or we should exist and so police forces just think every day. well protests have also been taking place outside the egyptian embassy in court to you to demand the release of a sudanese student detained in cairo where he is her son is accused of taking part in recent anti-government demonstrations and of belonging to the muslim brotherhood
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and outlawed in egypt his family says he was tortured and forced to make a false confession on state television the 22 year old moved to egypt august to study. the trial of sudan's former president bashir has been delayed until next saturday following a brief court hearing there she is facing charges of corruption including illegal possession of foreign currency and illicit enrichment the trial 7 session was held in khartoum amid heavy security a top saudi arabian minister has refused to answer questions about the whereabouts of a man believed to be involved in the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi. bures the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs and he was interviewed by u.s. public broadcaster p.b.s. but didn't reveal saudi location. well look this is you're asking all these questions he was a close aide to the crown prince where is he now you should ask the public
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prosecutor probably prosecutor won't talk to us. then if you call him again. weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera in haiti anti-government demonstrations bring more payoffs to the streets. and for years after a cease fire and more now are there any signs of long lasting peace. i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we're hanging on to the summer warmth across eastern parts of the u.s. eastern areas of kind and certainly across the deep south further north a taste of winter diving in across the rockies a fair bit of snow a top temperature in calgary of minus one celsius right on that leading edge of the
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cold air which is going to continue sink its way in a lively storms in the process but a southerly wind will have a great effect as we go through the next couple days chicago 22 celsius 18 celsius there for minneapolis and knows temperatures will rise as we go through monday still what a messy picture with that rain to central parts of canada into scotch was pushing a bit with manitoba snow the over the rockies to the east of that week so getting up to 21 in new york 70 in found high it's around 15 in seattle 17 the force san francisco notice some snow there just around sierra nevada so some larger stores a possibility of some wet weather to just around the desert southwest plenty of showers meanwhile across the caribbean quest of showers just about anywhere actually temperatures typically where they should be at around $3132.00 degrees but warm sunshine between.
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country because bodies' economic failure job losses rising to the belts plus stripped of its all totally kashmir's true $1000000000.00 for harvest is left to watch and olens brags that housing prices double most of driven out of the car culture in the culture 0. and i missed our reminder about top stories this hour yemen's truthy rebels have
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announced that thousands of saudi backed fighters have surrendered during a month long military campaign that he is have been targeting the southern saudi region of. as spokesman says they've also captured several saudi army officers. and speaking at the un general assembly the foreign minister of yemen's internationally backed government named iran for the conflict he thanked saudi arabia for its role in helping to fight the rebels but criticized its coalition partner the u.a.e. for supporting separatist forces in the south. and a series of attacks as well as technical delays didn't stop people turning out for afghanistan's 4th president still action since the force of the taliban but the turnout was low as nearly 70 attacks across the country killed 5 and injured hundreds of other. hong kong is bracing for another day of mass protests and government demonstrations have been taking place for months they began over the introduction of a bill that proposes to send criminal suspects to mainland china for trial now that
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law was shelved but the protests have continued and often violent part of the beijing voices are also making cells had sarah clarke reports this is one of a number of rallies planned in hong kong on sunday this is the probation movement i plan to sing china's national anthem to celebrate october 1 which is china's national day this is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china on sunday afternoon the pro-democracy movement have another march planned where they'll walk from victoria park into central and this is in the wake of last night's saturday night pro-democracy protests celebrating the 5th anniversary of the umbrella movement where we saw some minor clashes between police and protesters . sara was saying there on saturday police in hong kong fied tear gas and used water cannon to disperse anti-government protesters near the chinese army had courses demonstrators threw rocks breaking windows and blocking roads and coincided with the 5th anniversary of the umbrella movement
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a series of protests against increasing chinese control of the territory scott hi there takes a look at how the movements compare born and raised in hong kong how when cho looks at the recreate the main symbol of the territory's umbrella movement of so-called lenin wall this is the site of the 1st that went up in 2014. 5 years on protesters are again building them to post messages and themes that have brought millions out to the streets while helen agrees with the focus of what's happening now she did not back then she believes freedoms are being stripped away and the situation now is more urgent in. the amber and a movement to me i think it's only me it just the yanks this matter and hate that it's pricing full it's almost that the needs and i'm already out for more than 60 years old. old woman and i just asked for the the piece and
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there are. no more life or phone call over to mark the 5th anniversary of the umbrella movement a rally was held next to hong kong's seat of government hundreds of thousands gathered in tomorrow's park. as with most of the larger protest events there was anger directed at police they've been accused of using excessive force against demonstrators. a surveillance helicopter hovering over the rally a target of the protestors lasers pro-democracy leaders say that the success and passion with this protest compared to the umbrella movement 5 years ago is rooted in how it's organized. isaac chang was only 14 when he was out on the streets during the umbrella movement now he's one of the leaders of a pro-democracy political party born out of the umbrella movement of the defenses of the previous before that they will fight for a sense of peace the previous will have once and all i say said while leaving the ok. he also says there are many people driving the protests now in their 17th
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weekend as the range of issues is much larger than 5 years ago bringing out people of all ages. as with many of the recent large protests riot police are called in to clear out the remaining protesters the steps of the original lennon wall now were claimed by police scott hodder al jazeera hong kong. now at least 36 people have been killed and dozens of others injured in a collision between a bus and a truck in eastern china it happened on an expressway just north of shanghai and jumpsuit province initial investigations suggest the bus had a flat tire just prior to the accident police in nigeria trying to find the families of hundreds of men and boys freed from a purported school on thursday as many as 400 captives some as young as 6 were released during a raid in the city of could do you know they were supposed to be enrolled in a religious school as a number of them had been chained up beaten or sexually abused 7 teachers have been
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arrested zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has been buried in his home village of the there have been a dispute over where he should be laid to rest the government had wanted the 95 year old to be buried at the national cemetery but backtracked after complaints from his family. a plan to build a coal power plant on a unesco world heritage site in kenya has sparked fears about the impact on the environment and wildlife a consortium of multinational companies wants to build the plants on the islands but as nicholas hock reports some locals are also welcoming the project. a protected site under threat is an ancient settlement built from coral and mangrove timber. for centuries arab chinese and indian traders have come to these islands of exceptional beauty. while its beaches in ancient history attracts tourists this
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location facing the indian ocean is now attracting investors. with produce many since him as. his farm to investors who want to transform this unesco world heritage site home to endangered lions and buffaloes into 1000000000 dollar coal plant which they did because we see he said different up and coming to all the. time on the whole a lot you. know but young people who have been protesting against the project saying it will damage the environment kill animals and destroy their island we have a little did you get right to it that was we then you need to find out that we did not want this cleaned up a little let's find out more until they took the government to court and won but the consortium are appealing the court's decision now we've reached out to this consortium to get an answer to our questions but to no avail this is a consortium made up of various multinational companies from the united states
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china and europe supported by the world bank in their appeal to the judge they say that the courts overlooked their efforts to mitigate the damage to the environment saying that this coal plant would bring electricity to millions of people. damage to the environment has already started with the construction of this deep seaport the coal plant would not only power it it would also bring electricity to $20000000.00 kenyans who live off grid despite the risk to the environment the state wants the project to go ahead so this world heritage site unique in its history and wildlife sheltered from human intervention for centuries is about to be irreversibly damaged because hawk al-jazeera. you know. these 50 people have died off the heavy rainfall in northern india and parts of the stage of other pradesh buildings and roads in densely populated areas are underwater relief camps have been set up for the thousands of people forced to
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leave their homes now the british flag a tanker seized by around 2 months ago is now off the coast of jew by terror on released it on friday the seizure of the senate in the strait of hormuz in july escalated tensions in the gulf it happened after britain detained an iranian oil tanker and gibraltar un human rights experts are urging saudi arabia to release a female activist imprisoned for $500.00 days. clueless being detained on a national security grounds now she was instrumental in a movement that for to lift a ban on women drivers the un human rights special procedures group says it's shockingly hypocritical that i'll have girl remains behind bars for campaigning against a law that riyadh has since changed. and myanmar it's been almost 4 years since a so-called nationwide ceasefire agreement was signed between ethnic rebel armies and the government but there's still no sign of last piece some groups are refusing
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to sign the document into doing what's regarded as east asia as the largest non-state me which runs an isolated stays on the border with china and thailand when hate takes a rare look at the secretive wall stays. in the far east of me and is a defacto independent territory it's run by the country's largest rebel army which unilaterally declared it a state it's largely cut off from the outside world in particular the rest of me and their women there right now why is still a wild frontier people who live here have id cuts but only for this state we can travel outside a few. the united states army controls 2 areas on the borders with thailand and china the state is run under a one party communist system it's heavily reliant on chinese support in the form of trade investment and in the near future thanks to a new casino possibly tourism. when i 1st moved here there was only jungle everywhere but now it's more developed in the past it was very poor and 5 behind
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but it's getting better. there was signed a bilateral ceasefire deal with the me and me in 1909 and haven't been directly involved in any significant fighting since the largely left to run their own affairs and still maintain a well organized and well resourced fighting force of up to $30000.00 now about having under pressure to join the governments nationwide cease fire agreement which like many other ethnic armies are refusing to do they say they're not prepared to meet one of the key conditions of that deal which is for this soldiers to lay down their weapons and join the me and my military the why are also fiercely protective of their income streams like jade mining and the illegal wildlife trade many products like tiger and beer teeth are sold openly in the state capital punk come the united states army is also thought to be one of the region's largest manufacturers of illegal drugs
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a business that says it's no longer in but there are many who believe those who run this area are still stuck in the past and until they open up life will not improve for you i'm in philadelphia i want want to continue to develop i want to see more people move through here which will improve created business in the past 2 or 3 years it's been very bad i can make a so much. state serves as a reminder of how fragmented me and mar is while the syria may be at peace for now it's the people that continue to pay the price of civil war through isolation and a lack of developments wayne hay al jazeera. now at least 4 people have been killed off the days of violent protests and demonstrators are accusing president president of corruption and blame him for a food and fuel shortage they say they'll continue protesting until he resigns reports from the capital port au prince. chaos has taken over the streets of port
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au prince. what started as demonstrations over the ongoing fuel shortage has grown into a nationwide protest calling on haitian president just now to resign no diplomat the president promised the haitian people to lift them from poverty to pull them out of the dirt and when he became president he made everything work. on friday thousands took to the streets authorities in the haitian capital tried to control the crowd but with little effect mobs of angry demonstrators broke into buildings and looted businesses. several people have died. one police station was vandalized by looters and nearly set on fire people could be seen running off with police here things like wyatt shields body armor and anything else they could carry. but those years if the president really loves haiti he should resign he should wait for there to be more looting in the streets for him to resign. with nightfall the streets of the haitian capital have quieted down and the
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city is now under a sort of self-imposed lockdown haitian president should always continue to call for a national dialogue but opposition leaders haven't said as demonstrators to continue to protest and continue to pressure the president to resign meaning the unrest in the country is likely to continue madrid up port au prince. now the northern hemisphere has been treated to a spectacular light show these images of the northern lights were captured an invalid and the lights all the result of electrically charged. well again i missed as you tell you with the headlines on al-jazeera yemen's who the rebels have announced that thousands of saudi backed fighters have surrendered during a month long military campaign that he is have been targeting the southern saudi
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region of now a spokesman says they've also captured several saudi on the offices will go through all of the log thousands of. prisoners. from among the prisoners number of high ranking officers and soldiers of saudi citizenship. from the lucero operation to be destroyed imprisoned and captured and speaking at the un general assembly the foreign minister of yemen's internationally backed government blamed iran for the conflict he thanked saudi arabia for its role in helping to fight the rebels but criticized its coalition partners the u.a.e. for supporting separatist fighters in the south a series of attacks as well as technical delays didn't stop people turning out for afghanistan's 4th presidential election since the fall of the taliban but the turnout was low as nearly 70 attacks across the country killed 5 and injured hundreds of others hong kong is bracing for another day of mass protests
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a probe aging rally is being planned for sunday chinese government supporters are expected to gather in the area of color and it's happening just 2 days before the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china at least 36 people have been killed and dozens of others injured in a collision between a bus and a truck in eastern china it happened on an expressway just north of shanghai in junkfood province initial investigations suggest the bus had a flat tire just prior to the accident. un human rights experts in saudi arabia to release a female activist now in prison for $500.00 days. clueless being detained on national security grounds she was instrumental in a movement that fought to lift a ban on women drivers the un human rights special procedures group says it's shockingly hipparchus hypocritical that our health law remains behind bars for campaigning against a law that riyadh has since changed well those are the headlines join me for more
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news here after counting the cost stay with us. question of. conspiracy lies in justice special coverage on al jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week come modi deliver on his ambitions to create a $5.00 trillion dollars economy with job losses on the rise consumers tightening that belts india feels more like it's in recession. kashmir's $2000000000.00 apple harvest left to rot after moody's strips the region of autonomy. but islands brigs
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it housing crisis dubliners being driven out of the capital as big business drives up property prices. prime minister narendra modi has an ambitious target for india he hopes that by 2015 the economy will double in size to 5 trillion dollars making it the 4th largest economy behind the us china and japan right now modi could miss that target just like his promise to create $10000000.00 jobs a year during his 1st term to become a 5 trillion dollars economy well india needs to sustain a growth rate of 8 percent more for a couple of years very few nations have managed to sustain that level of growth china south korea and japan are exceptions but g.d.p. sank to just 5 percent in the april to june quarter the government maintains that the economy will expand by 7 percent this year independent economists though
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disagree some even believe that it is in recession already at the same time and. it is not a 45 year high of 6 point one percent growth doesn't improve hopes of creating jobs for the $1000000.00 young people who join the workforce every month will be dashed just to underscore the challenge that india is facing despite being the 7th biggest economy in its income per capita per person is around $2000.00 a year by comparison indonesia's per capita income is $3900.00 it became a trillion dollar economy in 2017 is well on the way to quadrupling in size by 2030 south korea per capita income comes in at $31000.00 now you could argue that's an unfair comparison because of the size of india's population well china's per capita income is at $9800.00 to reduce income inequality and reduce
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poverty india has a fair way to go right now creating jobs is a priority or most 300000 people in india's auto sector alone of lost their jobs in recent months al-jazeera is priyanka gupta reports. the engines of india's economy are slowing down the auto industry says it's in the middle of its worst crisis in nearly 2 decades. that's taking a toll on workers like you. but never. ever have been out of work for a month the landlord is asking for the groceries we're asking for money no money to give. many who do have a job say they're anxious factories are reducing workers to cut costs and that. if. we don't have enough farmland at home for us to survive so people like me opposed to find work in big cities and even here we don't find employment for days
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and sometimes months. the problems in the factories are reflected in cash rooms where business is slow these brand new cars are gathering dust as they remain unsold not enough people are bypassing the cars and commercial break old lack of demolishing a serious downturn for the auto industry which employs more than 37000000 people so stop here reflects just how badly the indian economy is really doing. now the auto industry is asking government leaders to cut taxes brought in the demand or cross sectors where there's a commercial because it's presented records. as all the sectors start to be going so real requesting for some stimulus package. the government says it's working towards helping the struggling more to industry there the fact that as president they got more make. a domo sic that is facing the problem because of some
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global economy because of demand and business cycle there are many is already would that the industry. ministry under the guidance of the planners minister would find . promise in the rains or more the was reelected early this year promising to transform india from a near 3 trillion dollar economy into one what 5 trillion dollars but india's g.d.p. growth is at a 6 year low investments have dropped consumers don't have enough money to spend and of rule economy is struggling when they're promising the more. right now currently the way the economy is functioning and the way the government is indifferent to what the bears know where that fighting in economy is happening by 2024 because you need a certain rate of growth. meanwhile detains you and others wait to make ramp rooms hoping for work and the money they need to support their families. well joining us now from new castle miguel china who's a senior asia combest the pantheon macroeconomics good to have you with us miguel
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this economy has been described as being in quezon recession what do you think is it i don't think we're very it to be honest certainly some industries are feeling recession like conditions are in pretty good auto industry which has suffered over the past 2 years or so when declining sales and production but if you look at other major parts of the economy for example the i.t.n. b.p.'s service export industries they're doing pretty well from what we can see so yes 5 percent growth is the slowest in 5 over 5 years for india but at the same time that's still pretty respectable given the current global economy environment miguel the government has finally begun to bring in policies that could stimulate the economy that the $1400000000.00 housing fund $20000000000.00 in tax cuts for businesses is that going to help. well starting with the 1st reform effort you mentioned there will i think the r.b.i.'s rate cuts over the past 6 months or so
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totaling over $100.00 basis points now is probably going to do more for the housing sector than at $1400000000.00 and granted by a bit of government from our perspective though last friday said corporate tax cuts were are a game changer for india not only will they stimulate demand in the short term especially for those manufacturers who want to incorporate from sober to to seek advantage of the much lower 15 percent rate on the table but over the long run it also puts in u.s. tax environment up much more competitive level compared route its main competitor just i would say in southeast asia. were the likes of vietnam and thailand have tax rates of for a 20 percent singapore singapore 15 percent 1570 percent 15 percent tax rate noone is really going to boost the business competitiveness we regard to those other economies in terms of attracting investment to the country but the tax cuts
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actually benefit the wider economy is that trickle down effect or all the cuts really cost on the shareholders well i mean if you look at where the main focus of those tax cuts are and it's in terms of attracting manufacturing investment. the hope is that with if these companies start to invest. generally manufacturing the manufacturing sector is much more labor intensive than any services industries can can provide in terms of jobs so i think there will be some trickle down to eventually to to the labor force once these investments come in it's not going to be this move this process but i mean there's a lot of scope there for for the labor for in this labor market to shift from still primarily a heavily agricultural sector centric workforce if you look at the livest it just takes 44 percent of workforce is still. agriculture that's well above the 20 percent global average well above china's 27 percent i'm so used to have
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a lot of scope to bring people working agriculture into my factory i think that in the last last week's tax cuts will definitely help in that transition but as modi got what it takes to to light a fire under the indian economy or is he a busted flush him in his 1st term so the 1st time in economic terms was was pretty much a failure of job losses on the rise you mentioned the economy at 5 percent growth demonetization the goods and services tax all the promises of the economic achievements that he presided over when he was the leader of states simply haven't materialized on a national level have they. i would agree with you that he wanted to ditch in in 2016 was a very huge misstep and then defects of that botched exercise are still being felt today so part of the recent slowdown is this is structural because of that the quiddity hit from that exercise i think the goods and services tax in the short
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term has caused some ructions an economy i think long term it's mostly positive for especially interstate businesses within india so yes those 2. say reform efforts were a mixed bag but i think over the long run the nationwide g.s.t. implemented in 2017 will benefit the country's growth prospects over much longer term again it's been great to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us on counting the cost thank you very much we're staying in india it's harvest time in general in kashmir where apple production contributes 10 percent to the state's $20000000000.00 income but apples have been left to rot as farmers can't find people to pick the crop that's off the prime minister modi lockdown of the bullish the state's autonomous status and a serious 1st tamil has more. this
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should be a happy time his family's apple crop is looking good this season and will be ready for harvesting september but the region's lockdown has made it hard to get supplies and laborers from outside are being told to stay out there but you know when i got to the liberal side me the government told them to go home pesticides we can't get because the markets a shot rice vegetables we can't even get meat for us says because everything is shut. that's affecting people with small businesses especially in farming where worried the restrictions on communication and movement means they're hard work will be thrown away. it's a situation that's common throughout the kashmir valley most businesses shut in srinagar carpet sellers have already stocked up for both the tourist and wedding season this month but few have had any sales in weeks so many employees would hare . brained him.
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houseboat hotels and. lakes sit empty. and with only local people riding a few of the gondolas many boat men are fishing to pass the time and catch a meal just before the restrictions earlier this month the government order tourists to leave the area taking with them one vital piece of the region's economy but it's not the 1st time kashmiris have suffered from work and businesses being shut down. we know by. and or take on. what they know their. season everything is at stake but they know that the existence the. state. doesn't know if he'll be allowed.


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