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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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were boycotted as anti beijing demonstrations continued into their 17th consecutive week despite the protests it appears to be business as usual in the financial district where budweiser has made its debut in the hong kong stock exchange and on cheese state china will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china live now to our correspondent there adrian brown and adrian it will take many people by surprise who've been witnessing these scenes of chaos and often violence in the territory of hong kong over the last 17 weeks that the financial side i mean the the whole heartbeat if you like of hong kong continues to thrive it would appear. yes you're absolutely right we are in a parallel universe here in hong kong the fact that the world's biggest brewer has decided to go ahead with its listing on the hong kong stock market is a reminder of course that hong kong remains a key financial center in spite of the tear gas and in spite of the riots and in
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fact there's a growing feeling martin among those in corporate hong kong that in spite of the trouble hong kong is still the best option in asia in spite of all those problems now this listing has gone ahead in spite of the fact that budweiser in fact to postpone their listing back in july but it's now gone ahead here in hong kong on september the 30th 2019 a day of course just before we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china so yes it is a tale of 2 cities but the focus today for many legislators here martine has been the violence because the violence we saw on sunday was perhaps an ominous portent for what is to come on october the 1st and we've been hearing from claudia mo a pro-democracy legislator who's often criticized the police for their violent acts she calls them in the past but has never so far condemned the violence by
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protesters but on monday she made an outspoken attack against the police saying there were no longer showing restraint and were guilty of an abuse of power here's what she had to say. we need to tell the world that police brutality in hong kong is becoming the manatee making it part of our daily lives and this mouthpiece. in hong kong it's now we're predicting or reporting some call intelligence report saying that there might be rough rough koreans who are the russians that would kill police there and more than a dozen local police people infiltrating the protest crowd and obviously trying to apply africans all frayne. crimes on the protesters mainly our young this is just despicable.
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well that was claudia mo the pro-democracy legislator and as i say martin she has often criticized the police but has never criticized the protesters for the violent acts that they have carried out now so far we know that more than a 100 people were arrested on sunday another 3 were reportedly picked up on monday 25 people were injured one of them an indonesian journalist and as i say almost a real growing sense of foreboding here in hong kong that we'll see more of this on tuesday and a sort of fatalistic acceptance that tuesday is going to be a very violent day so a day of celebration on the mainland but i think a day of anger here in hong kong all right thank you for that brown there live in hong kong. investigation. find out where all the money.
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pays a price this spring cleaning up the world athletics championships taking gold in the $100.00 pieces. we've got some very active weather a mobile weather across northern parts of your loss of plowed just bands of class streaming ganging up from the atlantic to to make its way further east with so we see one area cloud of rain pushing out of the british isles across the low countries in scandinavia on towards the baltic states that's going to be making its way for the race was that wet windy weather running across poland easing over tools that western side of russia making way for the next system which will fade in across all and during the course of monday for the south it is fine and dry we have got some warm sunshine around athens at around 29 soldiers a lovely 26 in rome
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a stage finally dry and sunny road across southern parts of you know that's where the best of the weather will remain mostly cloud right pushing its way into western russia as we go through tuesday some rough spots around the baltic states for a tie but the next weather system that's rolling across the low countries northern parts of germany fading further a switch and you can see more rain yet more rain coming back in across england and wales in particular cool fail to the winds here coming in from a northerly direction further south we got some wet weather feeding in across france as well but for spite of portugal it does stay fine dry and sunny. good weather sponsored by countdown and. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our nights in taking these roads risk saving lives even a dangerous job a vaccine so it's only good when 4 hours there are patients waiting for his mother
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since who must be in pain and lives through this is a real could go one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road that can do it with one foot. risking it all guinea on al-jazeera. the right time for a strike of the top stories here it out of this morning saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman his spoken publicly for the 1st time about the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi he told an american t.v. network that he takes responsibility for the killing which happened inside the saudi culture that in istanbul because it happened under his watch but he denies
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any personal involvement. turkey's president better one has written an opinion piece for the newspaper the khashoggi wrote for following the crown prince's interview president at one promise his country would continue to investigate because he called the killing one of the most controversial diplomatic incidents of the century. hundreds of students in hong kong that boycotted classes and joined a sit in a day after a violent demonstrations gripped the semi autonomous territory and beijing demonstrations continue now into their 17th consecutive week despite the protests by adviser made its debut on the hong kong stock exchange with its stock rising more than 6 percent. now yemen city commanders say they are releasing $350.00 prisoners as a gesture of goodwill to the saudi u.a.e. coalition in the hope that it will lead to
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a larger mutual exchange of detained fighters the move comes just days after his the forces captured thousands of saudi troops inside saudi arabian territory very close to the yemeni border. the u.s. president donald trump wants a leading democrat investigated for treason in a series of tweets the president said house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff had lied to congress he wrote i deserve to meet my accuser is specially when this accuser the so-called whistleblower represented a perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate and fraudulent way he'll say tweeted without citing any evidence u.s. house intelligence chairman adam schiff lies were made him back to the most blatant and sinister manner ever seen in the great chamber i want to shift questioned at the highest level for fraud and treason. but as the president fights back against that in pete's rent inquiry he says he wants to meet the whistleblower who filed
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the complaint more now from our correspondent andy gallacher. it was an announcement that changed the political landscape in washington betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security house speaker nancy pelosi wants reluctant to start impeachment proceedings change her mind after a transcript of a call between president donald trump and president volodymyr selenski of ukraine was released president trump now stands accused of abusing his power undermining national security and inviting a foreign power to interfere in u.s. elections senior democrats on the intelligence committee say the trumpet ministration won't be doing itself any favors if it doesn't cooperate with the white house fight us on this i have to imagine they're going to fight this tooth and nail and yet even as they do with the more that they fight to try to prevent an obstruct the lawful functions of congress the more they're going to make a case for impeachment on obstruction of justice of congress republicans are now
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rallying behind their embattled president saying donald trump was judy bound to press the ukrainians to look into allegations about joe biden's son hunter and his dealings with a ukrainian energy company trumps personal lawyer. rudy giuliani himself an important player in the scandal is likely to be called before house democrats if he decides that he wants me to testify course not testify even though i think adam schiff is an illegitimate chairman this year's already prejudged the case if you want fairness here we've got to put somebody in charge of that committee who has an open mind impeachment proceedings are now moving at a pace that neither the republican party nor president from can control at all of all this is a report from a so-called whistleblower deemed credible by the acting director of national intelligence it's thought he or she may appear behind closed doors so i'm going to ask you one today for both parties the stakes couldn't be higher republican senator
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lindsey graham one of the president's closest allies says the accusations a 2nd time law yes it's all hearsay you can't get a parking ticket conviction based on hearsay blower didn't hear the phone call right who told him it's just lower about the phone call and everything else he says donald tried doesn't get every american deserves to confront their accuser so this is a sham what's going on now is the single greatest scam president trump is now in the fight of his political career and says the proceedings are a hoax democrats say trump's own words from his phone call with the ukrainian leader in which he says do me a favor though or a clear violation of the law and agalloch or al-jazeera washington. a national dialogue to end cameron's long running political crisis has got underway hundreds of delegates are attending the event which is taking place in the capital yolland day but they're adults how successful it will be as many of the key rebel leaders
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are absent from a dangerous now reports from yonder. the probably dialogue is taking place at all for some cameroonians represents progress are abroad hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the current crisis but what we want to look forward to is how quickly the government can step in to alleviate their suffering people who've been displaced by this crisis over the last 2 years in the 2 regions of north west and southwest have come. displaced for the 2nd time in 4 months florence she and her family have found shelter with this church the mother of 6 fled fighting between separatist and government forces and encumber husband was killed and who was burnt. when she arrived in the capital she hoped life would get better she was wrong we are today like. we are not treat her like.
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we have been displaced she's here in 10 min i've displaced people you see people living in their houses where there is no roof i had those things in there nor did i never know it would come to me she says there is a lot of distrust among the people underlining a growing divide between the english and french speaking peoples of cameroon a country considered more stable the neighboring states only 8 years ago since then more than half a 1000000 people have been displaced by the separatist violence another 40 to 50000 have cost the border into nigeria as refugees. attacks in the north and the fallout from the last national elections have added to among the least of problems. despite deep divisions religion is a common thread binding cameroonians of different faiths. and that is not lost on the government it's officials attending this interfaith service to drum up support for the national dialogue. what understanding. is all
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evolves what is more functionally not just good and if you absent from the died of you don't want to better spit it nation building plates important you should come and sit with. no preconditions and discourse but already there are concerns as to how much it can achieve and many secessionist want to hear so they sent in a former united states diplomat to represent the president be a wants to use the discussions to convince them to made out they arms and to start the healing process well campbell. more than $400.00 delegates will be attending the talks over the course of 5 days they will attempt to draw a national consensus to break cameras political stalemate. but it's hard to say for now if the outcome will be acceptable to all parties. well many expect to see the government at some stage after this conference will devolve sutton powers to regional governments strengthen their ability to deliver goods and
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services to other regions where these cameras are been coming from like funding for education health and infrastructure in the regions which will according to the government help to alleviate some of the suffering has been experienced in some of these regions. that $25.00 super cars that were seized from the vice president of equitorial guinea have now been sold off an option and they've raised more than $23000000.00 so this process prosecutors took the girls into the 16 as part of a corruption investigation into duty in obiang and gamma the money will go to charities in this tiny west african country which is $1.00 of africa's top on produces so saadoun is a business and human rights researcher of human rights watch and she says the vice president and his father who is the president believe there's nothing wrong with taking public funds the defense is actually quite incredible for quite a few of these cases the government or the person accused has argued that there is
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no offense to the crime of corruption of taking money from public contracts. for ministers is not actually against equitable can in law and so they argue that it can't be corruption because there is no. violation of any crime within the country and so that not only has there not been any internal investigations into somebody like tutoring who has been accused and actually convicted of corruption in equitorial guinea but he has actually gone up through the ranks and now he now he's vice president of the country which means under the constitution if is if his father who's about 70 years old becomes incapacitated or retires or dies then children would become president. at least one person has died in a fire which broke out in an overcrowded migrant camp on the greek island of les paul several fires were lit during protests that maria cam refugees are demanding to be
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transferred to the mainland police fired tear gas a major reports of clashes between migrants and offices where it can houses around 12000 people it was only built for 3000 right now time for the sports season peter senators a round up of the action from day 3 of the world athletics championships. here at the international stadium shelly and fraser price is the sprint queen of doha the jamaican stormed away in the women's 100 meters final at a time of 10.71 seconds to win a world title for the 4th time britain's the national smith came home 2nd with measure say 3rd at $32.00 fraser price is the only this woman to win this title in the usa were the winners of the new $4.00 by 400 meters mixed relay event the cultivates of london allyson felix courtney 0 colo and michael cherry took gold in a world record time to make a one the server with bahrain getting the bra it's in the men's triple jump
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christian taylor has battled his way to a 4th world title of the 2 germs and simple $17.00 loses was enough to be fellow american would play to take his title. also out on the field the women's pole vault title was won by angelica super over the russian competing as a neutral athlete at the championships with a country still banned by war that matrix took over the method of 4 meters and 95 centimeters before. i met your updates from day 3 of the world athletics championships you're in though. right time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out saudi arabia's crown prince is broken publicly for the 1st time about the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi he told the american t.v. network that he takes responsibility for the killing inside the saudi consulate in a stamboul because it happened under his watch but he denies any personal
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involvement. this was a heinous crime like honestly but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government limit that is when a crime is committed against a saudi citizen by officials working for the saudi government as a leader i must take responsibility that this was a mistake and i must take all actions to avoid such a thing in the future. but following the saudi crown prince his interview turkey's president roger tired of our wrote an opinion piece for the newspaper that jamal khashoggi wrote for the washington post the president promised his country will continue to investigate g.'s murder he called the killing one of the most controversial diplomatic incidents of the century yemen's who think commanders say they're releasing 315 prisoners as a gesture of goodwill to the saudi coalition in the hope that it will lead to
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a larger mutual exchange of detained fighters the move comes days after here the forces captured thousands of saudi troops inside saudi arabia close to the yemeni people that are hundreds of students in hong kong of boycotting class and joined a city in a day after violent demonstrations gripped the semi autonomous territory and beijing demonstrations continue into their 17th consecutive week despite the protests budweiser has made its debut on the hong kong stock exchange with its stock rising more than 6 percent u.s. president donald trump has accused a leading democrat of treason he says the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff lied to congress and should be investigated the president also wants to meet the whistleblower who filed the complaint about his phone call with the ukraine president. right up today those are the latest headlines coming from us here at algiers there are back in about 30 minutes or so with more of the day's news but coming up next here it is there it's risking it all.
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modi's economic failure job losses rising consumers tighten their belts plus stripped of its kashmir's true $1000000000.00 harvest is left to watch and. housing crisis is. out of the counting the cost.
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of. the. fall many in the west african country of life can be quite a struggle. a quarter of the country is covered in forest and the government has neglected roads and basic services. constant delays paralyze the nation's economy. and yet guinea is a rich country rich in gold. but most canadians never see the benefit.
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in. today pierre on his assistant bus transport medicines in record time from the capital conakry to kiss a dugu on the other side of the country so we're going to. guinea is still plagued by serious diseases like polio defeat area and rabies the pharmacy's primary concern is delivering the vaccines to where they're needed before the climate spoils them. with no refrigerated truck or ice boat pierre packed his vaccines in a box with just enough ice for the trip. come on. focus on the bus and then. the next challenge is getting the vaccines to a porter at the bus step of a downpour has caused huge traffic jams. common
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bus routes we did see some of this is it from. guinea's capital conakry is at a standstill. the taxis stuck in traffic for hours. vendors and beggars try to make the most of the situation. journey using a little piece of string to put. your nose out of your pants and hear them to not understand produce you can tell me about them you can hear ambrose. after 6 hours in traffic the taxi finally reaches the bus stop.
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running with careful instructions the pharmacist hands the vaccines to the owner of the bush taxi a bass. it was going to go for a family event on monday thanks a bunch of deposit bankers are about to find some people to look at those who wanted to sign up but this is the fragile vaccines are placed under the front seat . of their. own don't know how mom is going to do you know they're very different to what you. so then it is going to be less about. the government. i. gainey has no railway complains a prohibitively expensive taxis are the most common form of transport. but drivers take advantage by overcharging clients. this passenger tries to travel on credit
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with her baby. you know not getting it done more damage than it was then you got me to go yes i'm worried about me and now. the driver feels sorry for her and a deal is struck but another passenger is more of a problem he's hurt his hand and wants a window seat. where you can see the most in the best most mussing. the man in the baseball cap has reserved the seat. in what. was this was a sensitive moment the link you allude to this because nobody is the cutest kid knows it is not the lucy this young one certainty dearly departed part of is not going to hear the money that. will finally 9 passengers
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2 babies and 2 drivers a crammed into the taxi. a bass takes pride in his car which is 22 years old. that's what it was at apollo never to connect to me if i'm going to fit into something because i think until the moment the all. the passengers with the vaccine is finally leave the capital. the ice meant to preserve the vaccines has now been melting for 8 hours if the driver doesn't make it to do go in 16 hours the vaccines will be useless and might as well be thrown away the 690 kilometer road to kiss a dugu is strewn with potholes few drivers respect the rules of the road. accidents are frequent.
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even before leaving the capital the drivers patience is tested. the 2 drivers constantly swap over the boot is not exactly comfortable. 2 more hours a wasted in traffic. the deadline for the vaccine looms. the drivers decide to drive through the night. since the start of the journey there's been a strong smell of petrol in the car still no one seems concerned. when the good news you can see. but whose job it is a simple method uncle jimmy something. the petrol fumes might keep
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the evil spirits away but highway robbers a real threat. yet you seem a little bit sloppy again do you live here in france are pick this up. your mum did military because citibank you somebody meet. this girl you got a police officer for you you got to go to. school think if you do this but if. the stop is a welcome relief to the cramped passages their bodies a and their stomachs are empty. t.j. i think. you. can never hear from him telling you what you were going to what road is known.
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as a precaution they wait until daylight before setting off again. by the early morning the vaccines have been on the road for 22 pounds. even so sharif proceeds with caution. but making them on the idea beat. us. good judgment at these times is critical. the gamble seems to have paid off after 24 hours the taxi arrives in kiss a do good. but luck is against them. the pharmacy is closed the ice has melted and the vaccines urgently need to be
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refrigerated. but the money going to them to open up was up with you know i. don't know their man got no no i've got a device you get one foot out. the pharmacist is on his way but one passenger is tired of waiting. for a physical that big will be more look at me now you could mention that i like him and i got on well i mean there are good and we got better than a lot of the over there now but. leave it on. the pharmacist arrives an hour later he quickly refrigerate the vaccines relief all around ok. most villages and some towns in guinea lack the most basic services. kissa dugu and its $200000.00 inhabitants get only
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a few hours of electricity a week. the main hospital has an emergency unit that's reserved for pregnant women who can't. get it. miriam a nurse dashes off to the hospital's only ambulance the vehicle was donated by unicef 13 years ago without the means to maintain it it's a miracle it's still running i'm. due to the high price of petrol it can only be used once a day. can bring us up and that can help you process duchamp said frank gibbs again i met on profit a bit so that's going to baffle stepped up and run.
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this world. that number that they have what they're the outcomes that it out now the. nurses waste a lot of time tracking down patients in the bush there are no signs indicating the names of roads all villages. were going to you know call them if you haven't got a way where martin were both. of them to you know what i mean i don't know i know a little known about. 2 hours later and they still haven't located the pregnant woman. going to go back to the parking lot of her house it was not going. to make things worse the old ambulance breaks down. the man was there now. but did anybody i think you did. have to shift.


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