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tv   On The E- Waste Trail  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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donald trump has once again waded into the impeachment inquiry tweeting on monday the fake whistle blower complaints is not holding up it is mostly about the call to the ukrainian president which in the name of transparency i immediately release to congress and the public he goes on to say the whistleblower knew almost nothing he says it's 2nd hand information and fraudulence in a 2nd so he says spy chief adam schiff illegally made up a fake and terrible statement and pretended it was trumps he says schiff statement read to congress bore no relationship to what trump said on the call the ukrainian president's if it is the tweets with arrest for treason our white house correspondent kimberly hawkins has more from washington d.c. . as both sides ready their war rooms democrats putting together their messaging as this impeachment inquiry continues but on the side of republicans it's become clear that there has been a conscious decision to make u.s.
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president donald trump the key spokes person already monday has seen a flurry of tweets from the u.s. president making his case not only calling this the greatest witch hunt in the history of the united states but also calling into question the credibility of the chair of the house intelligence committee adam schiff saying that he should be even suggesting that he should be arrested for treason given the fact that he opened a hearing last week talking about that july 25th phone call now the focus of the impeachment inquiry between donald trump and the ukrainian president but the fact that he portrayed it in fictional terms has left many people not only questioning his motives with regard to that but the president saying that there could potentially be something illegal about it certainly the president is trying to under. the care of the u.n. special envoy for syria care pederson is addressing the u.n. security council he's expected to announce the details of a meeting share childes at the end of next month in geneva they will include
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a 159 constitutional committee let's listen in to the united nations in geneva this president i believe this should be a sign of hope for the long suffering syrian people it comes off to the agreement on to government of syrian arab republic and the syrian negotiations commission to a package of the nominees to tickle me on the terms of reference so procedure to guide its work i believe you should stop for a minute and take stock of the significance of this agreement. this is indeed the 1st concrete political agreement between the government and the opposition to begin to implement a key aspect of security council resolution 2254 and to set a schedule and process for
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a new constitution it implies a clear acceptance of the all there as an interlocutor it commits their nominees to sit together face to face dialogue and negotiation while at the same time open a space for civil society at the table and it is also a shared promise to the syrian people to try to agree on the do all spaces or deny to nations on new constitutional arrangements for syria and new the social contract to help repair a broken country this can be a door opener to avoid a political process that needs to lift legitimate aspirations of the syrian people mr president seizing this opportunity will not be easy syria remains in the grave this crisis with violence and terrorism continuing 5 international armies
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operating on this territory appalling suffering and abuses a deeply divided society and a sense of despair among its people inside and outside the country trust and confidence is almost long existent the constitutional commenting will it really matter if it becomes a step along the difficult path of this conflict and to a new syria and if its launch and work are accomplished by all the steps to build trust and confidence among syrians and between syria and the international community in. mr president the secretary general formally announced the agreement on 23rd september along it to join the secretary general in very calming and appropriate progress made by the government and the opposition i particularly sang
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syrian deputy prime minister and foreign minister. and syrian negotiations commission leader hariri for their engagement with me indices dain dialogue to help bring this agreement about like the general i'm grateful to devide range of syrian women and men including the women's advisory board participants in the civil society support room and syrians from all parts of the country who have offered their counsel and insights i during the search for general and expressing my particular appreciations to the governments of russia turkey and iran for their support in the conclusion of this agreement i also joined the search for general and expressing my thanks for the support of the members of this council including all 5 permanent members and i join him in expressing appreciation to the small
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group for their support mr president the secretary general transmitted the agreed terms of reference and core russo procedure on the constitutional committee why are you to the security council you all know we have it as a document s. last 2900775. the agreement is framed by key prints by key principles that most on the pin any process and any a certain amount these include respect for the united nations charter security council resolutions serious sober entity unity independence and territorial integrity and the syrian led and all nature of the process the principles also include the objective or un supervised elections and this surge in the resolution 2254 based on the new constitution they also recognized the need for a broader political process to implement their solution 2254
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because situational comedy has a clear mandate it show will in the context of the un facilitated geneva process prepare and draft for popular approval a constitutional reform as a contribution to the political settlement in syria and the implementation of the resolution 2254 the constitutional reform show interest and body in the constitution and constitution and practices of the country the letter and spirit of the living interest syrian essential principles that emerge in the geneva process and very affirmed. the commenting may review the 20th constitution including in the context of all the syrian constitutional experiences and amend the current constitution or draft a new constitution because that usually reform adopted by the
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constitutional committee must be popularly approved and transposed into the national legal order by any means that will be need to be agreed upon. there is a clear balance and i believe workable structure there will be 2 equal cultures from the government and the opposition who proceed in consensus and they exert their prerogative necessary to ensure the calm it is smooth functioning there is a small boarding of 4515 government nominees 15 opposition nominees 15 from civil society to prepare and draft proposals and there is a large body of 15050 government nominees 50 opposition nominees and 50 from the civil society to discuss an adopt proposals
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the agreement promotes consensus within the committee where possible but also specifies a decision making interest hold of 75 percent all main components need to be on board for proposals to move forward no one blocked can dictate the old comms and the incentives exist to reach out to the middle middle ground and across the divide the parties have agreed and committed to work x. of a decision and continuously to produce results and continued progress without foreign interference or a stern and deadlines and also bit of preconditions or insisting on agreement on one point before this discussions can begin on. the
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parties have welcomed and bodied in the agreement the facilitator role of the united nations. including using good offices and reporting to discount on progress both parties have told me that they have confidence in the united nations and want to work with us in a sustained and constructive manner mr president we will do everything we can to meet their expectations the name of the 150 members will be released by your nations and the united nations once all nominees have formally confirmed their participation but let me say if you've heard above them beyond the government and opposition nominees to the middle 3rd comprises 50 years civil society actors they hail from different religious ethnic and go graphical backgrounds range of
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political leanings an elite includes respected experts some live inside syria orders are based on sides syria facilitating agreement on this list has been the most complex part of the deal and suring sufficient credibility balance an inclusive pivoting in a manner that keeps all on board has been a key priority for us the result is of course and they go she hated compromise and like all compromises no one is completely satisfied we are production nearly half the civil society list of women and we have around 30 percent women in the overall 150 annie viable sustainable peace process needs to have women of all political persuasions at the table who represent half its population and who
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through all of the course of the conflict have taken on an ever more prominent role in their communities mr president. we have worked hard to secure guarantees and here i quote from the agreement that numbers of the constitutional committee and their relatives or political and civil society organizations and entities over which they are part are not subject to threat or harassment or action against person or property directly related to their work in the constitutional committee and to addressing an resolving any incident and concerns should they arise these guarantees have been sullenly given and must be respected mr president hundreds if not thousands of syrian experts and activist men and women on all sides have done outstanding work throughout the years of this conflict developing ideas and
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proposals spaces for a lasting peace and doing this they helped create a public space for democratic and civic debates and we have actively supported and facilitated this lot all of them could be on this committee but i am confident that they will continue to make their voices heard and i am equally confident that committee members understand their responsibilities towards all syrians and their obligation to listen to listen to and take on board the ideas of alders i will continue to consult widely and closely among syrian civil society including through the civil society support room and made of him and survives reboard and with all components of the syrian society including in the north east of the country but mr president let me above all stressed the following the future constitutional
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syria belongs to the syrian people and to them alone this is about meeting the aspirations of the syrian people. united nations will generously god the syrian and syrian led nature of this process syrians not outsiders will draft a constitution and the syrian people most popular approve it we will be there to facilitate the process in a manner that ensures its continuing credibility balance an inclusive ity and help when needed mr president let me assure you and all the syrian people that i am fully aware that the constitutional committee alone can of course not resolve the conflict we must look squarely at the
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facts and address the conflict and the crisis more comprehensively in line of course with resolution 2254 the humanitarian crisis continues in live especially and in a manner and in many other parts of syria it live is calmer today than what it was last month but violence continues and there is an ever present threat of 11 or all the parts of syria being involved in all of compliance conflict meanwhile various groups listed by discount council continue to master sides touching all syrian communities a solution is essential that does not endanger civilians as a solution to h.g.'s and other extremist groups in a lab and to a resurgent isis everywhere or elsewhere violent confrontations between international players remain frequent inside syria and across international borders
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the specter of broader regional come the gratian still looms over the country the country sovereignity territorial integrity and independence is not respected. ok we've been listening there to care pedersen he is the coordinator the special envoy for syria and i think the new constitutional committee at the u.n. security council let's get more now from our diplomatic editor james james just sum up for us what we've been hearing from your pederson just how big a breakthrough is this. well the u.n. are certainly hanging on to this and trying to present it as an important development because they were working on this constitutional committee now for 18 months and it really did get bogged down over the list of names and they now seem
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to have an agreement trying to push ahead and have this committee meeting on october 30th for the 1st time 150 different syrian delegates remember that gap patterson who started his work at the beginning of this year is the 4th special envoy to do this very difficult job during 8 and a half years of war in syria 2 of the other special envoys managed to get the 2 sides to geneva but those talks broke down because the syrian government side was not prepared either of those occasions to properly negotiate with the opposition so this time they're trying to do one piece of the puzzle which is to come up with a new constitution for syria and the authority for doing all this comes from a security council resolution and 20152254 you heard him talk about that now that also talks about free and fair elections in syria so potentially you can see a pathway to democracy but then also listen to what he was also talking about which was the ongoing bombardment and death toll in it live it's clear that although the
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syrian government has said yes to this process it is continuing a military operation backed by its russian allies in the north of syria and i can tell you that there are certainly some on the security council who fear what the syrian government is doing is letting this constitutional committee start its work let it get bogged down in the details while they pursue a military solution was regard to it live and then eventually pull out of the constitutional committee and say well we won militarily so some i think very cynical about this but certainly diplomacy which had been dormant for a long time on syria is having another try on october 30th in geneva when all of these delegates come together and their games get pettis and they're very keen to stress as that the future of syria belongs to the syrian people and them alone is there a message in there for all the various factions who is supporting different sides in this civil war. well there certainly that's what the u.n.
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wants the message to be and focus of course on the make up he said certainly of the civil society list 40 percent were women in the u.n. wants a proper representation do they have proper representation well we don't know yet because they haven't released the list of names so we don't actually know who is on the list of names and when i sat down with special envoy patterson a couple of days ago i pressed him on whether they'd actually vetted the names to make sure there aren't people with blood on their hands and he said no they haven't because he said the syrian government and the syrian opposition are coming up with their own names the u.n. didn't come up with those names so there may well be people with blood on their hands and knowing the way assad runs his police state in damascus there may well be members of the syrian intelligence service on the government's list of 50 people and james what does this terms of the talks they are set to start on october 30th is there any more groundwork that the u.n.
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needs to be doing or is the next stage in this process to head to geneva and see how it all plays out. well they're going to have to announce the names and they said they won't do that until all of those who've been chosen have agreed to go to geneva now of course there is a potential problem that when some people see some of the other names they might pull out the other potential problem is that there's one quite big component of the political map of syria that's been left out and that's the main kurdish political bloc the s.t.c. that's the political when the s.d.f. which is an important player militarily and politically in the country and because they're not part of the main opposition they're not part of the opposition list and they've been left out of this process and they believe that it's going to be impossible to come up with a future map for syria a road map for syria if you don't have an important party taking part in this process james bay is there live from the united nations thanks very much dean said
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that spend all we've got time for on this stay with us here on al-jazeera the news continues after top talent to see if. he's considered by many is the most prominent islamic studies scholar in the
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western world. but at the height of the mutual movement in 2017 professor thought of was forced to leave his post the oxford university over allegations of sexual assaults ramadan categorically denied the accusations but as the cases against him increased he voluntarily flew to france to meet with the investigators the best selling author was eventually detained in february of 2018 a paris court of appeals released on the ban on bail 10 months later he still rejects the allegations but the investigations into the cases continue is justice in france being served or has this case been politicized professor thought of talks to al-jazeera. present part of chroma dan thank you very much for talking to of to 0 thank you for inviting me until late 2017 you are here blue the most prominent islamic scholar in
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europe maybe even the what's the role that since then however you've been accused by several women of rape you've been detained you've been put in solitary confinement. all the while you for framed from speaking to the media why have you chosen to talk now look the situation was better than for 2 years i was on drugs or media coverage which was very bad and it was almost a media lynching in the special in france and then now after 2 years while all the facts and what we have investigations are quite clear that the to my case it's empty and my lawyer is quite clear about this i decided to write a book about the whole story for the people to know what happened exactly and then also because we had a loss complain that was filed recently and i think that it's time for me to speak what's different i mean we'll go through chronologically what's happened but what's different about this last complaint from the other it's
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a woman who's also accusing your yes but that's exactly the point they have been repeating your lawyer and to people who didn't listen to me that there is nothing that i haven't done anything and then with this last case we have exactly what should be known by 2 people because we had the woman who claimed that i raped her in may 23rd of me 2014 in leone you know what why you look at facts and you know the media coverage was so bad in france more than 120 odd. press new journalists doing his or her job just looking at the facts what are the facts as far as your thoughts on that that's the point the point you come in you read that on the basis of one narrative a woman went to the police said i was raped not only by terry crumb of them but also by another man who was from his staff and this was on the 23rd of may 2000 and
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1423rd of may 2014 i was in bad 2 more giving a lecture in front of 10000 people and this is on you tube more than that i never. went to these heart of i don't want to soften. enrile i never when that so she claims that you raped her in the south of france was you say you have evidence that you are in fact in the united states exactly exactly and then more than that which is very important is it came at a moment where if you look at the last investigations coming from the criminal squad everything is collapsing in that so that they used this as a small screen not to speak about the evidence is now showing that they are innocent of all the crimes. ok this is let's take them apart one by one was late 2017 october i believe off the back of the internationally kind of acclaimed hashtag me to a campaign where women were encouraged to come out and tell stories of how they
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were either sexually abused or attacked by people you had this self-proclaimed former salafist turned reformist hindu who came out and claimed that you had raped her several years ago in fact in 2012 in fact and described it as a violent rape. to the point that she says she became traumatized so much so that you couldn't even hear your name for several months if not more so we have to come to the facts here and this was not even heard by the media not even heard after what you know i kept silent the begin saying i'm not going to talk to journalists i'm going to talk to judges the problem that i had is that the judges what not even listening to me and not even looking at all the evidence is that are just proving that i was insane so as to this woman she lied she didn't know the place she didn't know the time she came with rather what you mentioned in other posts or tenchi she
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change for time her story 4 times and then she said she gave a 1st date that this was a 2nd date it was not this one she gave. it was not this one he'd she changed again and i had judges in front of me why don't you say you don't know what you are raped you don't know the date you don't know the place and more than that her son her own called conning to testify saying she's lying she was not there she was at the marriage in this time more than this what we know now the last investigator injuries at our wedding a wedding yes so what we had in the recent investigations coming in last august is that she said i was a sad left the very naive as to sexual sexuality as far as sexuality is concerned you come to this in 2002 until recently she had on skype more than 50 relationships exchanges
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with men during all this period but that doesn't necessarily mean that's point yes but what i am saying is that she started by lying about this add to this the fact that she didn't know the place she didn't know the date as i said and more than this into the. rosen 93 years before she was in touch with me she was trying to contact carolyn for rest the notorious you know enemy i have in france she's known as being against eric raymond so why caroline and what is caroline marcus she's she's a join the list but she wrote the book against me so 2 years before that she was in touch with her 3 years before and then she was harassing me if you don't respond to my messages i'm going to work with you enemies so once again she's talking about enemy is good this evidence have you submitted this to the other there is no no
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that's the opposite what i'm telling you now is that what is coming out of the brigade the criminal squad reports so the prosecution themselves have been investigating these women exactly and this is what they've been able to exactly but the problem that they have is that the police and the criminal squad are saying this and the judges don't take this into account they don't even listen so so she is lying she's changing her story and then more than that she's in touch with my enemies 3 years before she came with this story there was another case that was brought on a month later by the time the courts and the media could only refer to her as crystal but later has been revealed her identity as poor alene and she says where she had accused you of raping her was thing at a hotel in 2009 she said that you left the room that you went to give
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a lecture and another place and you came back and continue to rape her and that she was only able to escape once you went to the bathroom at 5 am she claims that she spoke to the reception to a bus driver and other people as well so let me come to this because once again i'm not going to speak about my opinion i'm going to tell you. what we find in the investigations coming from the criminal squad this fact is not mean a criminal just for our viewers who want maybe a compass or a gator this is the investigators exactly exactly so they are asked by the judges to do the work on the field and that's to come with the facts so what they're saying is 1st. what she said about the time with for example she said at 4 o'clock i went to a bus they didn't find anyone all the drivers did not recognize her she said i went to the police she did she doesn't remember the address of the police of her own town 3rd she said i have a medical certificate showing that and
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a medical certificate is not talking at all about this talking about him arre it's so this is the starting point then she changed her story 3 times i had to do is that she said i was. held prisoner in the room and while they were giving a lecture yes but the point is is that we have a picture of her in the audience we ask. for her exit row the audience of what's the address of the lecture she said she was sick is treated in the room and at the same time she's in the audience of the. images but there is one and we checked the judge's ask a company is he is he in the room they said probable. highly probable 3 other companies from the u.k. are saying one is saying 85 percent is her and the other like face 1st recognition
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companies exactly. facial recognition so this is what they were saying so you know what the judges did with 4 companies saying it's she was in the company this is what i said from the very beginning by the way she was attending my electorate so she was not in the audience by the way. just ask yourself is it possible to secrete sic a straight somebody in a room in the heart of who is a possible to get out so that the starting point of this just very strange story that we have but morley claims you took her crawls you took her phone out she chanced right away she changed the stories for time here the story for them but the point is that when we had all this evidence that she was attending the lecture she asked the chargers ask my mother asked my father as my ex boyfriend asked kathleen for hest the same woman asked another woman who was and the
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churches are relying on the friends against the evidences coming from the companies the expert on bunnies that doesn't work now add to this this is due more to important thing that came in august. the investigators found in her computer messages between her and another woman seeks the us before our meeting saying what were setting a trap for tariq ramadan her defense could say that she was trying to set a trap to get you any compromising situation but that doesn't necessarily contradict that compromising situation being turned into a criminal i say every x. accepts that there are s.m.s. us that are that were found by the investigators this as investors are saying i didn't know if you liked me i missed you as soon as i crossed the door
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she claimed that this messages were sent before the meeting and then they investigate went to the mobile phone they were sent after how could you be raped when just after the meeting you say i missed you and i want to see you again and then if i didn't i haven't liked it i wouldn't have stayed she claimed it was before the meeting after the skype meeting so look these are it's just unbelievable it doesn't work it doesn't stand for the time when these claims or these accusations. are pretty complaints were being filed you were in qatar at the time. or you were visiting lecturer there as far as i understand there's no extradition treaty between paris but so why did you truce voluntarily to fly to to france and see the police it's very simple because i'm innocent so i wonder full of
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confidence i have nothing to hide the only thing that they had to hide to tell you the truth which is true because i made one mistake which was to say i'm not going to talk about my private life so when they said what happened with this woman i deny that anything happened and this was a mistake because i wanted to protect myself to protect my family and just you know there is one thing that you are talking about 3 another thing to your private life so i had witnesses. i had contradiction with my own life and when i went there i decided on the disk you know huge disk lot of all this bad and dirty coverage that i'm going to have to talk about this so this was a mistake but it's understandable we can't put that the same level this you know trying to protect myself we speak with lying about being raped and all what happened that you feel that you were naive and not speaking to the press because in
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the end of the day the role of the media especially in this day and age is not divorced from the role of political decisions even to some extent st vishal decisions are made with public opinion being. playing a significant part of the presumption of innocence on the judicial side was not protected and the secrecy of the whole process was not protected so it was quite clear that the lawyers or the plaintiffs even the judges were giving thing you know i was in a police station having the police man in front of me happy that the media were talking about the whole issue why i said look that's not the way justice should work in a democracy society so of course at that point i would say that. my my take on the whole issue is why i knew he was targeted i knew that for the last 30 years i was demonized because of who i represent in the french
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political and public scene and the way i was treated here it was quite clear we are going to get him and he is he will and in jail this was my feeling from day one when i entered the police station whilst you were in jail a few months later in march of 2018 a 3rd complaint was raised against you this time by money or a bush. what was. story behind not going to look at rosario i'm not even charged for that by the way because the story is completely you know not plausible at all she said i was raped 9 times and i was in touch with him and then when they came with the evidence that things were not like this the judge of had no option but to come so you're not charged for that so more than that you know what she's saying now and what again it's within the case. record now coming
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from the last investigation she was saying i was pushed by somebody who is known in france as a parody israeli french activist jocko that fantasy who was pushing her to change 1st toys she said i she asked me to change a story and she sent a message to her brother saying they are giving me money i am doing it for money so and herve broader was saying you are lying to her to his sister you are lying so once again you have a woman connected to my enemies pushing her to do so and the judges with all the evidence what with that we gave them had no option but why do you believe there is a conspiracy against you so look it's not that i think that there is something i'm just looking at the facts and looking at the people and the names that you have in
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the file after 2 years my lawyer is asking the churches you want to talk to a learned so far right activist callin for us kathleen for highest for the last before the case was put in october 2017 until august 2018 had bored then 661 messages and phone call tweezed. 1st bent this karen for not heard by the judge there could have been friends no she's saying that no she's saying that i cheated they came to me to tell me so from the very beginning she came as are drawn that is covering the story not as friends he she she denied but now why the judges don't want to listen to her callin for us so these people are in the fuss not heard by the judge but what do you represent that so dangerous to the case why does go of
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course that yes that's an important point because this will explain the whole story . innocence and at the same time i'm a public figure in progress for the last 30 years they were describing me portraying me as the grandson of hasn't been a fundamentalist even supporting extremists when they came to extremism doing the founder of the muslim exactly so so. being an extremist didn't work when they were talking about me being involved in you know illegal activities it didn't work and then i came in and what i'm saying in france is look there is no future in this country if you don't treat muslims on an equal for the citizens i'm not even a minority i'm a european citizen you have to dissent us now all this business that you are talking about the headscarf and let me be clear. you cannot impose the headscarf to
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a woman from an islamic perspective you can't impose her to take it off from a human rights perspective you see disenfranchise you on extremists so i what i'm sure you're not the only person on that i'm not but i'm vocal and i speak french as the french and i know the culture from within and more than this we all know you know even in his last book nicolas sarkozy is saying he is followed by so many people it's huge so i want to destroy him they are targeting the public figure someone who is perceived as a leader because in fact the more important problem is not about me. i want the activist and all the people who are vocal about their rights being as you know a european muslim and a muslim european a western muslims to understand it could happen to them as well because at the end of the day did don't want us to be equal citizens they don't want us to be french
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and say you know what this is our country if you are threatened because a city says my country the problem is not me it's you it's you the problem is the far right but it is this normalization of islamophobia and structural racism targeting the muslims so this is where i stand and this is what i understood from the very beginning that they were targeting you know one year before all the story started in 26 in 2016 i met with a representative of the domestic intelligence and he told me we know that you are now sitting down in france you have an institute you have now you ask who do nationality because you know that hugh years ago i asked for the french tourists wrist national yes because my wife is. french and my kids are french and swiss and this was this they didn't want this so the prime minister
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a di time i knew all of us say there is no way turk ramadans going to become french so they were scared about this the 1st question i got from a drone and says are you going to run for presidency what's that at that level some trust i feel french because i speak french like you and my from my culture with my you know egyptian culture is also a french culture so i know that this is what they want to destroy but it's not a question of individual it's not a question of a public figure it's a question of an ideological challenge for the future which is are we going to be to live together. to work together or want against the other away from the criminal aspect now and the wider press ramifications of things as you mentioned as has been admitted by even your adverse rees you have had a following of tens of thousands of young muslims even maybe hundreds of thousands across the world there's been reports that you've admitted to having extramarital
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relations what's your message to those people who maybe have felt a bit disenfranchised or confused when they've been seeing these different reports about you what what what is it i acknowledge that they made a mistake and this is disprovable journey that they went through which at the end you know it's strange but they have to see it as it is i'm thanking god for this test and this ordeal because he brings me back to myself so i went in the ward and went through the examination of conscience just to try to understand what happened i apologize to my wife to my kids to the people and i still doing so and i have to do so and at the same time after 9 comes the morning. finding my way in the sense i wonder people to understand the teachings when they were following me are not only in my books they're also in my life because it would
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happen to anybody no one is an angel we are all making mistakes that's our life what is more important is not to pretend not to make mistakes is what you do out a few mistakes to be a better human being i'm just promising the people i would try to be better to more than i was yesterday what does the whole future hold for thought a crime other than you say they tried to destroy you or are you now going to retreats or what does the future hold for you as to the social and political they mention i will not give up. for my rights and my innocence but more importantly for the rights of the muslim for the dignity of our religion i won't keep silent i'm going to speak out i'm going to carry on my work and being a better person than yesterday but being as vocal as i was in the past 1st of all the problem thank you very much for coke and officer.
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planted to speak at the feet of the climate an ecological a much an see the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the us why let's all be with you throughout as well on vitamin correspondent nic we'll have reports from the frontlines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called by threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly. s.o.s. the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. some of the back to today's headlines there are protests like this one that are trying to desert and we forested areas that have been already devastated sitting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion you've been out there with the protesters on the streets where they've been telling you international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform unspot.
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on al-jazeera. one in 3 brazilian women is a victim of domestic abuse it seems every day a woman dies and it just becomes a statistic that some have broken away from the cycle of violence it's not easy to leave you have to ask for help and inspire others to turn lives around i call the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour on live from
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a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes yemen's truthy rebels say they're releasing hundreds of prisoners as a goodwill gesture and they're demanding the saudi u.a.e. coalition does the same. saudi arabia's crown prince denies ordering the murder of . turkey's president says the investigation will go on. and police at hong kong say they've arrested children as young as 12 years old and antigovernment protests. at the world championships where the action is underway on day 4 and most of the world in the world of the reasons shelly and fraser price strikes gold again in just 13 months off to giving birth to her 1st child. hello yemen's houthi rebels have released hundreds of so do you eat back fighters
11:50 pm
as a gesture of goodwill in the hope it will lead to a larger exchange of prisoners this comes a day after who think commanders will ease the v. . footage that they said showed the capture of thousands of saudi backed fighters now that happened during what the whole thing is and so this was a wider assault inside saudi arabia close to the city of measure on that's near the saudi yemeni border and in the past few hours the red cross confirmed it has overseen the release and transfer of 290 prisoners even though hold the forces say they've released 350 detainees osama bin to have a begins our coverage was. paraded in front of cameras and told they can go home. these are some of the 350 prisoners released by humans who the rebels should be it's an overwhelming sense of delight happiness and pleasure as i am coming home back to my family at home and. we hope for the release of prisoners and detainees
11:51 pm
from all sides simply because we are yet many and all the prisoners and their families are suffering. they were on the list drawn under a un brokered prisoner swap agreement signed in stockholm in december the deal to release 7000 detainees was seen as a breakthrough through or peace but the yemeni government and the who tease and blamed each other for failing to implement it. will say this and conditional release should true their commitment about what can you not get here last what we are prepared and willing for an all inclusive swap deal with or they are yemenis or other nationalities and to prove our sincerity we have initiated the unconditional release of 350 prisoners we have called the united nations to pressure the other side to reciprocate. among those being held are saudi citizens who will be handed to the red cross aid workers have called for justice like this as a way to build confidence with the hopes that it can lead to a peaceful resolution the people who were released today were our fathers sons
11:52 pm
brothers of course we hope to see more initiatives in the future bigger numbers from all. all sides and as the international committee of the red cross we are always ready to act as a new teacher facilitator just as we did today in any future release operation so definitely we are hopeful and we also hope that this release. contributes to the revival of the stock on agreement in a media briefing on monday the spokesman for the sound the u.a.e. coalition was noncommittal releasing captives in response to the hutus from hundreds of fighters according to the who the military spokesman they launched a major attack inside the saudi territory of my drawings and destroyed multiple vehicles as well as short the capture of hundreds of yemeni and saudi soldiers which al jazeera cannot independently verify the saudi spokesman also cautioned against taking these videos at face value. it's part of a series of attacks including the one on saudi aramco which took out half of its oil production earlier this month who criticized world power for condemning the
11:53 pm
attack and said oil is a commodity which is not more expensive than yemeni blood it is an escalation of violence in a war that many see as a proxy conflict between iran and saudi arabia which i'm a big job it is there for more on this let's bring in mohammed a top he's joining us from assad to tell us what is the view from yemen on this situation particularly the release off some of the fighters how much is this a confidence backed measure. yes from the point of view of how these that the as you mentioned that they have done this measure no norther to express their guests of good will to complete the sweden we meant which was signed between the whole fees and also the internationally recognized government but so far there are no concrete measures both sides continue to blame each other but hope these say that we have already withdrawn from the seaport over what they done
11:54 pm
accordance to an in compliance to the sweden peace agreement while we accuse the other party hasn't done their part and now the guests of good world they have released this what these 350 prisoners of war but the international red cross said that the number is 290 so far it's good we're good move toward building the trust between the 8 sides in order to put an end to this war which has really put more death and destruction to yemenis have been yemenis have gone through difficult times especially with the continuation of the restrictions of imports especially the basic commodities and. let me ask you this while you are with us our whole thing is the whole thing as we know have proposed unilateral cease fires and the prisoner swaps but is there
11:55 pm
any sign of movement from those that they're fighting. yes. you have put this guy a can of her goes to a good well as you mentioned that they have starved their drone and missile attacks on saudi targets they say such a move. could nor could the 1st any more to come from the saudi arabian order to start with. and all sorts of totally there are 2 there are $23.00 there is sage. when when we heard about the the news release on the leaks from the wall street journal that the saudi arabia will will partially start with serious strikes for on 4 different regions this hasn't decided faction of the whole of these so that they want to toss the total they want the saudi arabia to totally stop its era strikes and also to totally leftists say he's only a month all right with an update from sunup thank you. about fighters have carried
11:56 pm
out 2 attacks against a foreign force such foreign forces that is in somalia the armed group stormed a military base operated by u.s. forces in the lower bowel region the attack was quickly put down by u.s. and so mali troops stationed there and the 2nd attack fighters attempted to target italian forces in the capital market issue marcum webb has more. the 1st attack was on a u.s. military base and field pilot dogleg which is just over 100 kilometers from mogadishu in the lower shabelle a region from there the u.s. launches drone strikes against al shabaab and al shabaab in a statement claimed its fighters. attacked the base and through the perimeter and fought with american soldiers inside although just a short while ago the u.s. ambassador to somalia issued a statement saying that in fact somali national armed forces soldiers had repelled
11:57 pm
the attackers at the perimeter the 2nd attack was in mogadishu the target was italian peacekeepers local media reporting that one civilian bystander has been killed and the others were injured the afghan president to ashraf ghani his main rival abdullah abdullah has claimed victory in saturday's election and official results is yet to be released and counting is still taking place the independent election commission says it's too early to declare a winner tony berkley with the latest from kabul. mr abdullah said he got the majority of the votes but it doesn't necessarily mean he's got enough to become president to do that he would have to have 51 percent but it's hard to know where he's getting his inside information from so far 3750 polling stations have sent in their votes that and that accounts for about 2100000 people at the still another 750 polling stations that still have to send in their votes the actual interim
11:58 pm
results will not be known until october the 19th and then the final result will be announced on november the 7th to become president you need 51 percent of the vote if they know they can do it gets that then it goes to a 2nd round probably later in november but maybe mr abdel is posturing for his own supporters maybe has some inside information it just goes to show that a lot of people here believe in conspiracies they believe that this election has been rigged pretty much like the one in 2014 at that time mr abdullah won the 1st round of voting and then president danny won the 2nd round of voting and it took some tense months for the 2 men to agree to work together in a power sharing government mr ashraf ghani as the president and mr abdullah abdullah as the chief executive officer and that was done with some strong arm tactics by the then u.s. secretary of state john kerry people call this government the john kerry government there was a tense time there was fears that it would result in violence it didn't it's
11:59 pm
a different situation today but people are still saying that this vote was rigged you've got to remember also that how much legitimacy does this vote give the candidates out of 9000000 registered voters probably less than 3000000 have voted that's not a big say people have been intimidated by the taliban violence but they also very disillusioned with the government run by president garnier mr abdullah. hong kong's government is ramping up security ahead of china's national day on tuesday police aren't dissipating mass protests across the city as the territory continues to face months of demonstrations but despite the unrest business continues in the financial district with a beer company budweiser debuting on the hong kong stock exchange sarah clarke reports. after a weekend of violence between police and protesters hong kong is business as usual . these demonstrations have become the norm of the last 4 months young rist has threatened the city's reputation as an international financial center but on monday
12:00 am
the asia pacific of the world's largest brewer a day boot on the hong kong stock exchange rising nearly $5000000000.00 it's the 2nd largest i.p.o. this year but it's a very good start to reopening the market is this the biggest to be the 1st meaningful you know large scale from raising we've seen for several months in asia yes hong kong continues to be and will be for the foreseeable future the main main international both investing and capital raising venue but visors initial attempt to list in july was prevented by political interest the scale and intensity of those demonstrations has only escalated on sunday hong kong witnessed some of the city's worst violence protesters set fire to parts of its business district and government headquarters was under siege police have arrested at least 150 people in a half of students one was told these are. the weekend's violence is an ominous
12:01 am
sign on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and hong kong government will officially host a flag right.


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