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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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risking it all in the car get stuck on the al-jazeera. were we were ok. then we get. out there you get. out. and the escalation of violence in hong kong where a police officer has shot a teenager the 1st time a protester has been hit by gunfire. this is china's communist leaders and celebrate 70 years in power with a highly choreographed the splay of national unity.
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hello barbara sarah you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. at least 2 people are killed and 200 injured in iraq as police fire and heat government protesters. and the u.s. secretary of state and 3 leading democrats accuse each other of intimidating witnesses in the trunk the impeachment inquiry. ella thank you for joining us there have been mass rallies and violent clashes between protesters and police in hong kong on the 70th anniversary of the founding of communist china police used live rounds of ammunition and one person is reported to be in a critical condition after being shot it's the 1st injury from a live round in nearly 4 months of protests across the territory adrian brown has more now from hong kong. the police had warned that choose day would be very
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dangerous it was the pitched battles carried on into the night with protest is defying repeated police warnings for people to stay off the streets even diners ignored the call though. this clash spread from one side of hong kong island to the other and then back again police a day earlier banned all marches but people still took to the streets not to celebrate 70 years of chinese communism but to mourn it but everyone can come up to there were may have loved has tomorrow this is an illegal notch designer are you all or will we all know there were more than a 100 arrests some of the most intense violence was on the other side of the harbor in cow loon a much watched video on social media appears to show a policeman shooting a young protester in the chest with a pistol the hong kong police force say it was in self-defense but this was the 1st
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time someone had been wounded from a police bullet since the protests began almost 4 months ago by quite. a large group of protesters were attacking police officers despite warnings from the police the assailant still continued the violent attacks the police officers lives were under serious threat to save his own life and his colleagues lives he fired a live shot at the assailant here we must again warn all rioters must stop all illegal acts police will continue to enforce the law seriously the anger of recent weeks had been building up to this day the most important date in china's political calendar this year. many train stations and shopping malls were closed in the security clampdown. just a few months ago hong kong was regarded as one of asia's most law abiding cities a model of good governance now all of that has been turned on its head with the
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police left to solve what is effectively a political problem these pro-choice in a protest is also see themselves as defenders of hong kong. today's the 70 birthday of our model and i wish our madeleine to have prosperity to have peace people to be happy national day celebrations here were low key this year the annual flag raising ceremony was held in a secure area well away from the protests which marred what was never going to be a day of celebration adrian brown al jazeera hong kong while unsurprisingly was very different picture on mainland china as it marks 70 years since the communist party however and the people's republic of china was formed rob matheson reports now from beijing. aircraft thunder through the skies above beijing armored vehicles rumble through chan and square
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a display of china's military strength as president xi jinping calls for economic and political confidence and sends a message to hong kong. we have to maintain that peaceful united one country to assist them. to keep hong kong and macau is a long term prosperity at the state realty 70 years ago when jan and square communist party chairman mao tse dong announced the founding of the people's republic of china. in the following 27 years most so-called great leap forward plan to boost farming and industrial production led to famine and the deaths of an estimated 30000000 people his cultural revolution clamped down dissent a year after mao's death in 1986 new leader dench helping declared china would open up internally and to the outside world the china of today bears little resemblance to the china of chairman mao the new middle class is getting wealthier and the
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country's transformed itself into an economic global power but one of the central messages of things celebrations today seems to be a cautionary one yes we should acknowledge what china has achieved so far but there could be tough times ahead. for president xi as centralizing and strengthening control in beijing some of the president's political rivals have been swept up in his crackdown on corruption as well as the ongoing protests in hong kong and allegations linked to human rights the trade war with the us is forcing china's economy to slow down this is a not a adversity of high expectations that is going to be very glorious in the near future it's an anniversary in which we look back on the china has been able to attain and we talk about a new era of sacrifices and struggle in 1800. tenement square saw bloodshed when pro-democracy demonstrators stood up against tanks in 29 china is determined
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to show that its military is stronger than ever but the success of president xi jinping whose leadership may depend on how he handles china's newfound respect pretty rock matters algis in beijing. a little earlier i spoke to vaudrey why he's a former diplomat at the british embassy in china and now an associate fellow at chatham house here in london he says violence has been escalating for so long in hong kong that tuesday's shooting was almost inevitable i don't think it's a huge turning point it is a sad escalation and it is really sad that this young man has been so badly injured it was sort of coming because the demonstrations were getting more violent and the police reactions were getting more violent and sooner or later something horrible had to happen and it has now happened what the demonstrators want i think and the people of hong kong want is some kind of reaction from their government to show
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that their government is sort of on their side and pushing for democracy and you know better governance in hong kong because i think that's part of the problem that you know people just feel lack of trust in the way that the government has been handling all this and they want to see it working better. at least 2 people have been killed and more than $200.00 injured in iraq after anti-government protests turned violent more than a 1000 people marched on to here square in the central baghdad many of them students angry at him lack of the job opportunities as the situation deteriorated to be seen as live stun grenades and tear gas thousands of the injured are members are going back security forces smaller protests also elsewhere in the country and
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around congress for now from that. event started beginning around about lunch time here in baghdad when there was a very small protest that took place in tahrir square it was very quickly dispersed by iraq's security forces however there was then a call made on social media for more people to come to the square around 6 o'clock people started gathering and the numbers became bigger and bigger what we're hearing is there were thousands of people out on the street there's no official figures actually to say how many people there were but what we did see was very quickly an escalation of violence the police pushed back the protesters as they tried to march on a bridge to go into the former green zone which is where still a lot of the foreign embassies based they were pushed back and then what was happening is they were moved into different parts of central baghdad and they were pitched battles between the police and the protesters the police used life they used rubber coated steel bullets they used water tanks cannons to come and try to
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disperse the crowd and it's only going for a while now it's got a lot of people in the government very worried out of one of the most influential shia clerics tweeted saying the government must look into exactly what went on them how these events unfolded and he he's also very interested. because his party is a crucial part of the government so he's effectively asking the government to investigate itself now we are hearing that there is concern about these protests spreading it wasn't just in baghdad it was in nasiriyah and it was in not just as well in the south so what people are very concerned about to be in the government is that these protests may develop into a nationwide movement now on the social media people been sharing the videos from the scene itself it is clear that the violence was significant certainly more significant than we've seen in a few years here in baghdad what happens next remains to be seen but they're all
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calls already well more people to come out on the streets in the coming days the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating dawn comes devens with ukraine have accused the u.s. secretary of state might pump a all of intimidating witnesses this after pump a 0 pushed back against the request by house democrats to the pose of 5 current and former state department officials in the ukraine probe saying it could be seen as an intimidation attempt the u.s. president is facing an impeachment inquiry relating to his dealings with the ukrainian president followed me into zelinsky well i do feel castro joins us live now from washington d.c. with more on this i mean what can you tell us about the exchange between pump aoe and the democratic chairman. well barbara both sides claim that they are trying to protect these witnesses but the bigger question is who do the witnesses
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actually want protection from and that is an unanswered question because these individuals interesting lee are implicated in this ukrainian scandal but they may not be de facto trump defenders who are we talking about one is the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yvon of h. she was recalled under sudden circumstances last may and her name came up in that phone call between president donald trump and the president of ukraine in which trump was pressuring the ukrainian president to open an investigation into trump's own domestic political rivals he said on that call that yvon of h. was in his words bad news she has agreed now to speak before congress behind closed doors on october 11th and nother witness is kurt volker he is the former u.s. envoy to ukraine his name is brought up in the whistleblower report which brought all of this to light and he is said to have traveled to ukraine to try to contain
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the damage from the phone call between trump and the lewinski now kurt volker resigned last week when all of this emerged into the open and he has agreed to speak before congress on this thursday. and what about trump himself what's his reaction been to all of this. right well the president did not have any public events scheduled today but he was publicly airing his grievances on twitter in a series of tweets he again tried to discredit the whistleblower who remains anonymous he asked why he the president was not quote entitled to interview the whistleblower he said this whole investigation into his dealings with ukraine is a hoax now that alissa did a critical response from a member of trump's own party this is senator chuck grassley who is the senior most republican senator he said that this whistleblower should be heard and should be
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protected not exactly a scathing rebuke but it is evidence of perhaps growing discomfort and concern within the republican rank and file barbara. how does your class do with the latest there from washington d.c. heidi thank you. still to come in this half hour a political standoff in parole which now has 2 presidents and an opposition refusing to meet congress. scientists say part of a glass here on the tally inside of mark blank could be days away from collapsing onto a family. head of the most of his guys across much of the strain there is some weather around but it's further to the south working its way across the great by an hour it has been
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a warm month of a september in fact a wreck or for the hottest september ever and also the droste to 42 years as you can see there the average high temperature 22.9 that's 2.6 degrees above the average now we've got more weather in the 4 cosmos these funds have been sliding by the sound so not bringing any rain either the weather will some very warm air in place is across into adelaide and eventually cross into melbourne so you'll see these temperatures much above the average such in melbourne by thursday 27 degrees and of course that really is no sign of any much needed rain consol the same across into new zealand it is much cooler air all the way to wednesday really across both islands it does tend to clear away by thursday but feeling cooler in christchurch there with a high of 11 celsius and plenty of rain on its way across tools the korean peninsula and also western areas of japan this is typhoon me tag now is moving fairly rapidly by thursday it should be a tropical storm but still with some very heavy amounts of rain is
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a flooding rains and also some very strong winds as it works its way across see the 23 degrees is the high. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from all that dungy and this and that to believe this is a plus or something and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is 0 on al-jazeera.
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time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera there have been mass rallies and violent clashes between protesters and police in hong kong on the 70th anniversary of the founding of communist china police used live rounds of ammunition and one person is in a critical condition after being shot. at least 2 people have been killed and more than $200.00 injured in iraq after anti-government protests turned violent more than a 1000 people most of them students marched on baghdad's to your square angry at a lack of job opportunities and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh and the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating trumps the links with ukraine have accused each other of intimidating witnesses. her police and military chiefs say that they still support martin vickery's president this fight the opposition controlled congress voting to suspend
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him from office it's got to dissolve congress on monday and the building is now being guarded by police after congress itself to find the order they continued to sit symbolically swearing in his vice president as the nation's new leader the right wing opposition has a long standing feud with his scatter over his attempts to tackle corruption but he still has widespread public support. where the winners here are the people not to be scum are the people and the people who've been looting for the complex to close it in his cabin is a courageous man and that's why we support him. before of peru's most recent presidents have been embroiled in corruption inquiries involving the brazilian construction giant or the break the daughter of disgraced former president of bet of regime adi is leader of the opposition majority party in the dismissed congress keiko fujimori is currently in prison awaiting trial after being accused of
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accepting a $1200000.00 a $1000000.00 in illicit electoral funding from other brecht this kyra has accused the opposition of trying to use congress and the courts to shield themselves from ongoing criminal investigations through his judicial system is the tory slee corrupt with judges caught on wire taps they go seating deals on sentences for serious crimes but in a sanchez has more now from outside peru's congress in lima. well there's a lot of police here in the area of the congress which is behind me blocking all entrance to it the situation right now is of much uncertainty bizarre to say the least now peru has 2 presidents one sworn in vice president but has had also sworn in as the new interim president for 12 months or the presidency was declared
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vacant after legislators filed a motion last night and right after that approved a vacancy for moral incapacity without a trial without an impeachment so there's a lot of questions about the legality of this name on the other hand this person mapping discover at the presidential palace he swore in the new prime minister he received the visit of the top military who issued a communique saying that the legal precedent of peru is nothing discover and for a president who doesn't have a party in congress he has received the support of thousands of peruvians who has been marching not only since last night but throughout the last few months demanding the president who discovers the soul of congress because many people associate congress with corruption. a white woman who shot an unarmed black man in news own home in texas has been found guilty of murder the woman was an off duty police officer at the time of the killing and she now faces
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between 5 and 99 years in prison the verdict has been hailed as a significant moment in the battle to hold police accountable she points miscarriage in your team would you please state even for those hoping for accountability the verdict was a sham mislead find the defendant eric eicher guilty of murder as charged. in the one of the attorneys for the family explain why there were sharp intake of breath when the verdict was announced it's a sad reality that this community waited on pins and needles to decide whether or not someone could be held guilty for killing an unarmed black man in his home while eating ice cream this should have been automatic this should have been anticipated expected but it is extremely rare in september of 2018 and we're going to return to our apartment building after her shift on the dallas police force she says she was tired and mistakenly into the wrong apartment be unlocked apartment of 26 year old
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accountant both them is wrong who has been eating vanilla ice cream on his couch watching t.v. gaga said she feared an intruder was in her apartment she drew her weapon and shot both him twice she admitted she intended to kill him she says she soon realized her mistake and was distraught because he. killed me. we want to get it. controversially the judge allowed her lawyers to introduce a hostile doctrine the idea that a person's home is a person's counsel and therefore someone has a right to use nearly full force in its defense a wonderful human being has lost his life. he did it shows just a tragedy all pulled back for the prosecution dismiss that argument and just go on. most of what she said what are. prosecutors allege geiger made a conscious decision to use deadly force against both them quote kamandi style and
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question why she didn't simply follow police procedure and stay in the car door if you thought an intruder was in her apartment and radio her colleagues on the police force for backup well and give up a lead guy didn't give both him any medical help after he was hit and the jury appears to have accepted the prosecution's argument that the use of the consul doctrine was inappropriate given the draw was the homeowner and guy got a person trespassing over the last several years there's been many high profile cases of police officers killing black people in the us in most the police of escape punishment by arguing that they feared for their lives the same argument used by geiger that did not work this time it took us losing someone like both to put dallas this entire state and the whole world to finally hear what we've been saying all along there are serious issues within the dallas police department and training issues the sentence for murder in texas is between 5 and 1009 years in
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prison she al-jazeera. around a 1000 refugees and migrants have staged a new protest in europe's largest migrant camp to demand better living conditions asylum seekers marched from morea camp towards a port on the greek island of les goss before being stopped by riot police some held signs a reading free us from held the protests came after a woman was killed and 17 people injured on sunday in a fire at the overcrowded camp which sparked riots morea camp was built for 3000 people but currently it houses around 12000. or more than a 1000 refugees and migrants have died trying to cross into europe this year the united nations is calling for expanded search and rescue operations in the mediterranean sea the figures do show that we have passed the very sad milestone of a 1000 deaths so far in 21000 and that is the 6th year in
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a row that we have passed a 1000 deaths what i can stress is of course the numbers of people attempting to cross the mediterranean a much lower so that points to the fact that the journey is themselves a much more dangerous but greece is holding its 1st summit on the mediterranean burgeoning oil and gas industry the 2 day conference is being held amidst a growing dispute with turkey over who has the rights to offshore energy reserves and has expanded its exploration of potentially ducati of gas resources in the region to answer opulence says more from athens. the eastern mediterranean energy leadership summit focused on the energy resources particularly gas being discovered in the eastern mediterranean in the last 10 years israel and egypt are now energy independent they are also exporters cyprus is 1st discovering reserves of gas that will not only make it energy independent but also
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a major export but all of this stands in contrast to the position of turkey which disagrees with the other players in the eastern mediterranean on their claims of ownership the turkish ambassador made a surprise visit to the summit he hadn't been invited it seemed but he revealed himself during a morning panel when other speakers had spoken of turkish gunboat diplomacy and described turkey as a spoiler in the region because turkey has been sending its own state and drill ships and exploration vessels in the eastern mediterranean in areas that cyprus claims as its exclusive economic zone and this has caused the criticism of both the united states and the european union who have called these turkish explorations illegal the turkish ambassador said that unless there is a bilateral agreement between turkey and cyprus to resolve that island's future political status as a confidence or
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a federation that can be no exploration or exploitation by cyprus of the energy reserves it perceives as its. thousands of catalan separatist supporters have rallied on the streets of barcelona to mark the 2nd anniversary of the region's banned independence referendum separatist leaders pledged to keep up their fight for independence prompting spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez to warn them not to play with fire spanish media say vide police have been sent to catalonia need fears of violence 2017 referendum and that the rationing dependence plunged to spain into its biggest political crisis in decades experts say a section of a rapidly melting glass you're on the italian side of montblanc could break off in the coming days italian authorities of closed the road and banned hikers from the area fearing the collapse of a much bigger chunk that last year's instability has been blamed on climate change
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and high temperatures over the summer months from plumpness year natasha butler reports. the mall paul martin range is the highest in europe jutting dramatically into the sky on its southern slopes in italy is the plot of past year glazier for as long as anyone here can remember the vast expanse of slow moving ice has been part of the landscape but that could soon change scientists say the glacier is melting at an alarming rate because of climate change and could collapse the fame that is happening is that the movement of the of part of the front of the glacier is much faster than the rest of the glacier and this means that we have a sector of the glacier that could and train. laps or part of it the section at risk is the equivalent in volume of $100.00 lympics swimming pools below it a valley popular with tourists if part of the glacier was to break away would cause
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a huge avalanche of snow ice and rock the wooden danger anyone using this road that is why the local mayor is taking no chances he has closed this road and walkers and hikers are not allowed to access any of the mountain huts in this area the mayor says the shrinking glazier shows how climate change is transforming the region. this is evidence of global warming we have higher temperatures in the summer and winter now our mountains are in crisis our glass is a diminishing we must take responsibility and stop this as we are increasingly losing parts of our classes with some tories staying away livelihoods are also it risk. and i really hope the ice breaks will soon so it's over because it's hard for me to work i make cheese but there's no want to buy it. how long the plot past your place you can remain intact is unclear but
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scientists say its case is far from unique nearly all of the more blow ranges glaciers all shrinking full stop because of climate change what once seemed able to withstand the pressures of time is now very visibly fragile natasha bottler al-jazeera italy. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera there have been mass rallies and violent clashes between protesters and police in hong kong on the 70th anniversary of the phone call no less than a police use live rounds of ammunition and one person is reported to be in a critical condition after being shot it's the 1st thing jury from a live round in nearly 4 months of protests across the territory by quite. a large group of protesters were attacking police officers despite warnings from
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the police the assailant still continued the violent attacks the police officers lives were under serious threat to save his own life and his colleagues lives he fired a live shot at the assailant 118 year old man was shot his left shoulder area was injured he was sent to the princess margaret hospital in a conscious state the police do not wish to see anyone injured in the incident it is really heartbreaking here we must again warn all rioters must stop all illegal acts police will continue to enforce the law seriously. well meanwhile in beijing there were large celebrations on a military parade to mark the chinese 70th anniversary the parade showcased around $15000.00 army personnel along with hundreds of weapons and the $160.00 aircraft president is eating paying addressed thousands of supporters saying no force can shake the status of this great nation. at least 2 people have been killed and more
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than 200 injured in iraq after anti-government protests turned violent more than a 1000 people marched in the center of baghdad and elsewhere in the country many of them students angry at a lack of job opportunities as a situation deteriorates with police use live ammunition stun grenades and tear gas . the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating donald trump's dealings with ukraine have accused u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe open to me dating witnesses this after pompei o pushed back against a request by house democrats to depose 5 current and former state department officials in the ukraine probe saying it could be seen as an intimidation attempt those are the headlines stay with us this is europe is coming up next and we'll have more news in half an hour. you don't want you to look.
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today is one way to be good. the day off.


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