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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 6:00am-6:35am +03

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reports from the frontlines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called by al-jazeera brings you a new. s.o.s. the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. a show of support for teenage protester fighting for his life in hong kong after being shot by police during a violent. hello and welcome time to be. live from doha also coming up. the impeachment inquiry a coup us the secretary of state is warned by democrats against restricting access to witnesses. in ukraine signs a deal with russian backed separatists to hold local elections in the east.
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while was killed and why has the public not been informed about the death until. the saudis must provide answers a year after the murder journalist was last seen entering the kingdom's istanbul consulate. there has been a mash of supports in hong kong for the teenager shot by police during protests on tuesday hundreds gathered outside the school attended by the 18 year old he was in a critical condition after being shot in the chest at close range but we're hearing he has stabilized it was the 1st time a live bullets has been fired at this protester and this year's unrest. and separately these are live pictures of protesters gathering outside
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a court that's hearing the cases a more than 100 demonstrators accused of participating in riots on sunday. first has this report from hong kong. the police of whom the choose day would be very dangerous it was the pitch battles carried on into the night with protesters defying repeated police warnings for people to stay off the streets even diners ignored the call though this clash spread from one side of hong kong island to the other and then back again police a day earlier banned all marches but people still took to the streets not to celebrate 70 years of chinese communism but to mourn it if we don't come up today when they have not cast tomorrow this is an illegal notch does are you all or will we all know there were more than a 100 arrests some of the most intense violence was on the other side of the harbor in cow looting. a much watched video on social media appears to show
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a policeman shooting a young protester in the chest with a pistol the hong kong police force say it was in self-defense but this was the 1st time someone had been wounded from a police bullet since the protests began almost 4 months ago to date i'm set our national day is supposed to be a day to celebrate and be happy but unfortunately some riotous choose to. do all these all these sorts of criminal damages assonance woundings assaulting police officer and their ers. behavior which more or less equal fron to a riot offense. the anger of recent weeks had been building up to this day the most important date in china's political calendar this year many train stations and
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shopping malls were closed in the security clampdown just a few months ago hong kong was regarded as one of asia's most law abiding cities a model of good governance now all of that has been turned on its head with the police left to solve what is effectively a political problem these prochoice in a protest is also see themselves as defenders of hong kong. today's to 70 per day of our model and our model and to have prosperity hong kong to have peace people to be happy national day celebrations here were low key this year the annual flag raising ceremony was held in a secure area well away from the protests which model what was never going to be a day of celebration adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. live for us from the school of the teenager who was shot by police during tuesday's protest
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so scott and set the scene there for us and give us the latest on the teenager. what amazing here the secondary school would be here you know before about an hour before we came on air there were hundreds of people out here on this roadway just in front of the entrance to the secondary school some of them alumni some of the people from around the area some of the protesters and what was quite interesting is the principal of the secondary school came out spoke with them briefly and then they went into the assembly hall and were having a dialogue and there was quite interesting that very quickly the principal came out and brought them in now we spoke to a friend of this 18 year old who's injured in the shooting incident now we need to say that he's now in stable condition we're hearing operation tuesday evening now he's in stable condition but to one of his friends here we asked him you know what do you think he's thinking now what do you think one of the 1st words out of his mouth when he wakes up is going to be and he was very resolute his friend in saying that he would want to keep up the fight to keep these protests going. and scott in
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his speaking there we were seeing live pictures from a courthouse i believe it's the car the high courts where more than 100 protesters are going to be. tried could you give us the latest on that on the protesters that are now facing. repercussions for their actions. that is the west coast when magistrates courts and they are hearing luminary hearings from a group of protesters that have been arrested now this is something that's kind of been ongoing we were at that court just last weekend and then it was probably about 40 protesters and essentially just kind of the 1st procedural. hearing you know setting certain dates and things like that so this is just the 1st but obviously it's a lightning rod for the proto. it's moving that's why you see so many of the protesters out at that court today it's also part of you know one of the several events that
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had been scheduled for today the day after october 1st and that is there at the court but then also here in front of the school were expecting a body the kind of represents a lot of the protesters groups that they're going to hold a press conference here in just a couple of hours most likely talking about the shooting victim himself and what transpired yesterday but you know we heard some chatter in these social media mechanisms the protesters used to communicate that there could be other events but so far it's been focused on the courtroom and here in front of the school scott high level the latest from hong kong thank you. now u.s. president donald trump has denounced an impeachment investigation against him as a coup a war of words between the house democrats and a key member of his cabinet has a ruptured in washington as more witnesses are being called to testify secretary of state mike pump a push back against an order for 5 of his officials to appear before congress he says it's an attempt to bully and intimidate the state department stuff the
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chairman of the 3 house committee say any attempt to prevent officials from speaking to them is illegal and will be seen as obstructing an inquiry now democrats are investigating whether president trump withheld aid to ukraine to pressured into investigating his potential democratic rival joe biden but the crane and president has dismissed the allegation and he says he cannot be influenced. i've never felt any influence on me there are a lot of people in russia in the west standard ukraine who would like to influence me but i'm the president of ukraine independent ukraine and it seems to me that. shows that it is impossible to influence me. castro has been following those developments from washington. under mounting pressure u.s. president donald trump again took to twitter to express his displeasure on late tuesday night tweeting that as he received more information that this is not
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impeach meant it's a coup startling language coming from a sitting u.s. president and tweeted moments after a new headline broken u.s. media that being that yet another inspector general an insider from the federal government was willing to speak to congress this would be the inspector general of the state department who reportedly will deliver an urgent briefing to congressional staff on wednesday this all comes as the house intelligence panel prepares to interview 5 current and former state department employees they include the former ambassador to ukraine merida avan of it who is implicated in the phone call between trump and president zelinsky of ukraine trump on that phone call said that the former ambassador was bad news she reportedly was not on board his administration's attempts to convince ukraine to launch an investigation into
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trump's domestic political rivals. is scheduled to testify on october 11th but before that the panel will hear from was the former ukrainian envoy who resigned from that post last week just as the pietschmann inquiry had been launched he reportedly went to ukraine following the phone call between trump and the lewinsky to control the damage from that phone call volcker is scheduled to give his deposition before congress on thursday. now elections are to be held in separatists controlled eastern ukraine paving the way for talks of moscow it's the latest peace move government led by president. last month's mass prisoner exchange with russia by tory gates and he has this report. protesters outside the ukrainian president's office in the capital kiev they're angry about an agreement with kremlin backed separatists in eastern ukraine which allows for elections a little speech
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a territory they say it amounts to capitulation to russia. the war has been going on in ukraine as a secure almost 5 years because ukrainian soldiers die there should be a blood and volunteers provide aid to the community cares about ukrainian independence and the in one day all of these if it's a broken by a statement of capitulation by the presidential office the agreement between the ukrainian government kremlin backed separatists russia and european monitors was signed in the belorussian capital minsk separatist negotiators say it's an important 1st step to end the fighting between separatists and ukrainian government forces the began after russian forces seized an annex the crimean peninsula from ukraine in 2014. it's a starting point where we begin the process of creating the conditions for political resettlement 1st of all means
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a change in the ukrainian constitution and the adoption of a special law about the election. at least 13000 people have been killed in fighting over the last 5 years ukraine's with a day elected president polygamy is a lengthy wants to revive peace negotiations with russia but analysts say this stalemate consolidate demands by separatists the greater autonomy so you really. free and fair elections. under current conditions and that's exactly what moscow wants it wants to use this process with what it considers a weak ukrainian president who's growing more and more isolated from international partners in the west. manage at a very decisive moment and solidify the crime again from ground 0 as cases elections will be held only when ukraine regains control of all its borders with russia sale was niche i need well this means to journalists and members of the audience that there will be no election under the gun and they can't be any more
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suitable but these protest as big as the lenski has made too many concessions already and a warning that russia will be a tough negotiating partner in any future talks to end fighting in eastern ukraine to victoria gate and be out there on capitol hill. and still ahead and. the clock is ticking but the problem of the irish border and brags it is far from resolved. close to collapse the long long play share that's melting at an alarming rate. hello there still staying very warm and pretty dry across much of the southeast of the united states then we've got this line of cloud and this is bringing with it some thunderstorms severe at times and this is the dividing line really between the
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very warm dry as and then this much cooler behind as you can see quite a line of showers and thunderstorms right there were towards the northeast into new york where we have seen in the last couple days and we will continue to see is a slight warmer into southern canada and also across northern sections of the united states that rain with the snow working its way east. that is another winter storm heading to british columbia the time it is not too bad. the cool in new york at 19 and a very well 35 celsius there in atlanta and then let's head to south into the caribbean widespread and thunderstorms really across much of the region and of course we've seen some very heavy amounts of rain into southern and western mexico courtesy of what was tropical storm nada now look at this this is a bridge that collapsed under all that water this is in vienna and obviously this is the damage that those rains can do but the good news is the rain is actually easing out of the picture we will see more across central america and fairly widespread particular cross much of cuba but wednesday and thursday it isn't
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i love area watching i've been there and has reminded her top stories this hour and hong kong hundreds of people have gathered outside the school attended by the teenagers shot by police during protests on tuesday he was in critical condition but has since stabilised it's the 1st time a lot of bullet has been fired at a protester and this year some arrest. us president donald trump has denounced the impeachment investigation against him as a coup his secretary of state mike pump aoe has called an order for 5 of its officials to appear before congress bullying the chairman of 3 of the investigating house committees say any obstructions. will be considered illegal. and separatists in the east of ukraine have signs accords with the country's government and russia and a move that could bring peace in the region a step closer. it's one year since the journalist jamal khashoggi entered
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saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul to obtain documents for us upcoming marriage he never came out and rest occasions by turkish officials and decay but khashoggi was killed and dismembered by a saudi hit squad saudi crown prince mohammed bin salam says he takes responsibility but denies ordering the killing. fiance is demanding answers from riyadh and the crown's prince monley that. it is meaningful that this was broadcast close to the october 2nd date it sounds to me like it was something that was said to weaken or listen public pressure secondly if that is not the case and it was carried out under the crown prince's responsibility then we would have the right to ask him about the details then why was jamal killed and why has the public not been informed about the death until now i am talking about the details for instance we don't know where the body is his funeral prayers have not been performed there is
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no b.-real if he carries full responsibility then i believe we should be able to ask these questions in that case mohamed bin so munch should give an answer. well geez case has sent ripples throughout u.s. politics and put washington and we are close relations in question i've had a has this report from washington. a gathering on capitol hill to remember. the event arranged by the project on middle east i'm ocracy the same organization that hosted the journalist's last public appearance in the u.s. before he traveled to turkey and his death. just over a year ago he was full of praise for the saudi crown prince crown prince thank you very much the day before muhammad when solomon had paid a visit to the white house a slight smile on his face as president trump outlined the financial importance of the saudi relationship some of the things that have been approved and are currently
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under construction and will be delivered to certain area very soon but many in congress had a different view on the value of the relationship expressing deep concern about the saudi war in yemen there was always deep tension between congress and the white house on the issue of saudi arabia the war in yemen just one of the reasons stretching back to the involvement of saudi nationals in the $911.00 attacks the murder of u.s. resident jamal khashoggi added yet another layer to congressional theory this intensified even further after the cia chief briefed congress on the matter angering even the president's most loyal supporters i want to make sure that saudi arabia is put on notice that business as usual has come to an end for me the president though insisted the saudi relationship would be maintained dismissing questions about the crown prince's involvement as irrelevant maybe he did and maybe
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he didn't writes a president this is a minute in the months that followed congress passed legislation opposing arms sales to saudi arabia demanding the withdrawal of u.s. forces supporting the war in yemen and insisting the administration a step to accountability for jamal khashoggi is murder. the bulls the smiths by presidential veto and a year after jamal khashoggi death congregational angus' still burns we're gaining bipartisan support here in congress for stronger and stronger action this is this issue is not going away the over rocking reality though that the executive will continue to defy congress from the solve the issue until it is changed either through the ballot box or by a successful impeachment trial of the president before the senate my kind of al-jazeera washington north korea's far 2 missiles off its east coast towards japan just hours after saying it would resume nuclear talks with the u.s.
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on saturday south korea and japan say they detected the launches from one son so says it's possible they were launched from a submarine which would be a 1st this year both traveled east and one landed inside japan's exclusive economic zone. then you just knew parliament has been sworn in following a lengthy probe protests hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested this week and they're objecting to propose legislation that they say will limit freedoms and cripple affair efforts to stop corruption regular mohamed has this report from jakarta. inside indonesia's parliament the swearing in of $575.00 members taking an oath to uphold the country's laws and democracy. but outside tension is palpable parliament has come under fire for rushing through several controversial bills before the end of the legislative term what initially started as a student protest turned into
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a wider movement of civil society groups trying to protect their rights thousands of taking to the streets over the past week calling for a revised anti-corruption law to be repealed critics say it weakens the power of the corruption eradication commission and only benefits the elite and corrupt officials one of. the freedom of indonesia we cannot express ourselves we are really i guess in some cases demonstrations turned violent protesters threw rocks petrol bombs and lit firecrackers around 26000 security personnel responded with tear gas to disperse crowds on monday. mass protests led to president joke of a daughter delaying the passing of some bills 5 full be up for discussion in the new parliamentary term but the most controversial a pending criminal code which could discriminate against religious minorities outdoor sex outside marriage ban abortion and even make it illegal to insult the president protesters say the measures could turn indonesia into a repressive society how can we call our country democratic when the nation is
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piloting the people's right women one be allowed on the street after 10 we know that many in the nation women who work late to support their families this is very unfair and demands have grown beyond legislative issues there are calls to end forest fires and military. actually in west papua the government has tried to make changes to its goals for many years detaching from lot of in the south asian stocks though new rules for many here it could reverse progress already made pressure is mounting on the president as he heads into his 2nd 5 year term in office he maintains the upcoming laws and bills may require more consideration while his caught in a tug of war between appeasing the public and political elite analysts believe all i should be on the new parliament to communicate with more transparency newcomers and see if i'm not. from the public then there was like more write all of these gelatin and 1000000 the us has shown all of us they can make
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a very good all the game and slackness it these are some of the biggest demonstrations indonesia has seen since 1908 the protesters say they want the president to side with them and hear their aspirations and for now they say their demonstrations will continue he mohammed al jazeera jakarta. proof vice president has resigned her post as well as declined the opposition's designation to be interim president morsi it is our role as was sworn in after the opposition controlled congress was dissolved by president martin this current but she hopes her decision to refuse the role will lead to new general elections the opposition voted to remove his car from his position the right to an opposition has a long standing feud with the car over his attempts to tackle corruption but he still has widespread public support. boris johnson has confirmed there may be need to be customs checks on the island of ireland after breaks it but says that won't
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be necessarily involves new infrastructure his comments have been met with concern in the anger in arlon which is against returning to a hard border or a challenge says this report from the conservative party conference in manchester. it's boris johnson thinking of bringing customs checkpoints back to the island of ireland it's what dublin fears after an irish broadcaster said it had seen leaks brecht's proposals sent by london to the e.u. and the british prime minister spent cheese day morning at the conservative conference in manchester denying it it's of course early days and we're working very hard to get a deal over the line i think the references that i've heard a plan over to papers don't actually relate to what we are going to table i think there's some. confusion about what's being what's being reported but yeah this is going to be. a difficult negotiation what breaks it means for the irish
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border is still as foggy as the landscape itself to preserve northern islands delicate $998.00 peace deal its border with the republic of ireland must be kept open and free of physical infrastructure but after bret's it this will be the u.k.'s only land front here with the european union so hardening of the border seems inevitable solving this conundrum has eluded everyone so far boris johnson's predecessor to reason may and the e.u. agreed the backstop a fudge of sorts there would keep the whole of the u.k. inside the e.u. customs zone after bret's it until a proper solution could be worked out but boris johnson says he's ditching the backstop for hard it's never been a clean enough break. the government is about to send europe its final ideas for whatever will replace the backstop but brussels doesn't like what it's seen thus
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far we have received by now and for documents from the u.k. as of last tuesday we have not received any proposals from the united kingdom that need or the object as a backstop as we have been retreating and demanding some analysts think the prime minister knows it's probably futile or since it has to square a circle get a deal the e.u. will approve of which will get through parliament at the moment that looks all but impossible so it's hard not to believe that actually in number 10 what they're gaming is a situation as to how best to fail to get a deal to go to the electorate to look convincingly as if you tried your best. parliament requires boris johnson to ask europe for a brakes if extension if he can't get a deal he says he'd rather be dead in a ditch than do so but he still won't explain in any detail how he can avoid it rory chalons manchester. experts say a section of a rapidly melting glacier on the italian side of blank could break off in the
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coming days italian authorities have closed to road and banned hikers from the area fearing the collapse of a much bigger chunk the glaciers instability has been blamed on employment change and high temperatures over the summer months from plumpton long natasha butler has this report. the mall paul martin range is the highest in europe jutting dramatically into the sky on its southern slopes in italy is the plot of past year glazier for as long as anyone here can remember the vast expanse of slow moving ice has been part of the landscape but that could soon change scientists say the glacier is melting at an alarming rate because of climate change and could collapse the thing that is happening is that the movement of the of part of the front of the glacier is much faster than the rest of the glacier and this means that we have a sector of the glacier that could train. laps or part of it the
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section at risk is the equivalent in volume of $100.00 lympics swimming pools below it a valley popular with tourists if part of the glazier was to break away would cause a huge avalanche of snow ice and rock the wooden danger anyone using this road that is why the local mayor is taking no chances he has closed this road and walkers and hikers are not allowed to access any of the mountain huts in this area the mayor says the shrinking glazier shows how climate change is transforming the region. this is evidence of global warming we have higher temperatures in the summer and winter now so our mountains are in crisis our glass is a diminishing we must take responsibility and stop this as well chris and he lives in parts of our glasses with some tories staying away livelihoods are also it risk . and i really hope the outbreak so soon so it's over
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because it's hard for me to work i make cheese but there's no want to buy it. how long the plough past you place you can remain intact is unclear but scientists say its case is far from unique nearly all of the ranges glaces all shrinking faster because of climate change what once seemed able to withstand the pressures of time is now very visibly fragile natasha al-jazeera italy. you're watching out is there and these are the top stories and hong kong hundreds have gathered outside the school attended by the teenager shot by police during protests on tuesday he was in a critical condition but tests and stabilised it was the 1st time a live bullet has been fired at a protester in this year's unrest mascot huyler's in hong kong with one that no
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major organs were hit but he's still in critical condition he underwent surgery when he arrived here late on tuesday we know that his lung collapsed and he was hit in the chest earlier police identified it more easily in the shoulder but no it was squarely in the chest because there was a collapsed lung as a result and he's still critical condition so is this a tipping point yet has to be you know there's really no other way to look at it because you know the protesters have been on the streets as you mentioned you know for nearly 4 months this is a new new territory we're in now police say they do self-defense they actually shot one of the protesters so this brings it to a new level. you know as president donald trump has denounced the impeachment investigation against him as a coup his secretary of state why pompei a has called an order for 5 office officials to appear before congress bullying the chairman of 3 of the investigating house committees say any obstruction by pompei
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it will be considered illegal. his vice president posed as well as declined the nation to be interim president. warning off the opposition. by president. general elections the rightwing opposition has a long. attempts to tackle corruption but he still has widespread support. at least one missile off its east coast towards japan just hours after saying it would resume nuclear talks with the u.s. today south korea and japan say they detected a launch. sold it's possible they were launched from which would be a 1st. and women might change. with us.
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i end up on this i'm supposed to last 7 inches for the cape but i keep one then slave in bed then from the 1000 room we begin today's. is to consider getting back on. your boss doesn't bombings really feel c.p.s.u. when we're having that.
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and i let me show you something this is a $1.25 a well i live it with by a very small cup of coffee millions of people around the world exist on less than this amount a day of the numbers have gone down but there's still a lot of work to be done at a time when the world is looking at how to reduce extreme poverty the spotlight has been towed on the women wherever they have the opportunity to be actively involved in the local communities and economies the huge benefits to the people around them to local communists and researches know that investing in women. it's not just the right thing to do it's small it's economics because there's a ripple effect the sprites into the wider community so let's take a look at how this works out of the ground.


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