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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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that office solution is very easy for us to have a 100 percent recycled material techno on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello everyone and welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey continues its military build up for an operation against kurdish fighters on the warning is sounded over the potential for a new humanitarian crisis. the trumpet ministrations accused of obstructing justice after a key witness is blocked from testifying as part of an impeachment investigation.
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as protests deepen ecuador's government signals it's open so in some national mediation to resolve the crisis. and a cash crisis at the u.n. which warns it might not be able to keep up its global commitments including paying stops at the end of the month. in doha with all the day's sport so africa qualifies for the quarter finals i'll tell you who the springboks are likely to face next at the big. kurdish forces of ward any military escalation in northeast syria could lead to a return of isilon calls a mass displacement of people to use troops a gathering near the syrian border in preparation for an offensive against the kurdish. if it was
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a preemptive strike by ankara targeting the syrian iraqi border in an attempt to cut kurdish supply lines. the u.s. president denies he's abandoned kurdish. withdraw american troops from the region he's also toned down his language towards praising turkey as a traitor. well amid the rhetoric the un france and germany have both sounded the warning offensive could have a significant humanitarian impacts in the region. from the turkish syrian border turkish heavy weapons aim across the syrian border towards the town of tilapia. the mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces or s.d.s. defeated eisel here in 2050 with the help of u.s. led coalition forces. the turkish government describes the main fighting force of the s.d.f. as
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a terrorist organization linked to its outlawed kurdistan workers' party which is fought against the turkish government for decades the s.d.f. control around 430 kilometers of syrian territory along the turkish border they have fought and worked alongside the u.s. troops for years they say u.s. president trumps decision to withdraw the nearly 1000 american soldiers is a stab in the back one which gives turkey an opportunity to attack. threats made by turkey to attack the area is not something new they have consistently done it for years we as syrian democratic forces take the matter into account and are fully prepared to fiercely respond to any imminent attack on syrian soil. turkey's government says it wants to create what it describes as a safety zone of around 30 kilometers in the site syria so around 2000000 of the 3600000 syrian refugees in turkey can return. what you're looking at
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there is a turkish artillery position now locals tell us that the army came a couple of weeks ago to set that position up meanwhile across the border as the air force is a saying any military operation by turkey could risk the global fight against leisel there are thousands of eisel fighters in s.t.'s jails the us president donald trump says turkey must bear complete responsibility for any eisel fight is that a scape during a military operation turkey has so far no clear plan about how to deal with thousands of children are still fighters on the syrian side of the border towns like to lobby out people who have already suffered years of war are afraid and says . it more in ops people will be wanting to blend displaced there should be go if you ask anyone saying we're not leaving but eventually we will be displaced. the
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prospect of more suffering for the people of northern syria is very real the turkish army says preparations for a potential military operation are complete. al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border was the situation develops the un secretary general has called on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and is there a spokesperson the u.n. ambassador has about the risk of a turkish offensive in syria. we have heard rumors of turkish interventions and it's been brings concerns to hers it could have significant humanitarian impact on this region. we are still very concerned with the fights against day the global coalition has been doing a great job since 20140 it's a success and we should note joe put it as a success day she's still present in syria in iraq the fight against day she's not
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over with regard to the north east of syria of course is very worrying. we know the concerns that turkey has but again there's only a political solution and we are very afraid that any. military operation will again have disastrous humanitarian consequences so we are indeed concerned about what we have been reading about the situation and us president all trampas invited his turkish counterpart recha to the white house next month a white house correspondent kelly hellcats has more details. what we do know is there's been a real shift in tone with regard to the u.s. president his relationship with turkey i mean just 24 hours ago the u.s. president was promising on twitter to obliterate turkey's economy if it did anything that was not consistent with the u.s. wishes now the u.s. president on tuesday morning promising
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a very strong relationship with turkey saying things that reminding perhaps u.s. voters particularly that turkey is an important trading partner that there is an important value to the nato relationship that the 2 share and that there is a partnership when it comes to the collaboration of the building of the f. $35.00 fighter jet that the u.s. of course is very fond of now in the midst of all of this the u.s. president is also saying that he will not in any way abandon the kurdish fighters that the u.s. has been fighting alongside to defeat eisel in recent years but i can still tell you that the shift in syria strategy out of the u.s. president that was announced late on sunday evening is not sitting well with even members of his own republican party one of the latest senator marco rubio who has called the president's stance morally repugnant and a stain on the nation's reputation even as the president touts the benefits of the relationship with turkey in the united states there is considerable concern about
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turkey's actions into northern into the northeast region of syria and how that could affect the can the kurdish people particularly the kurdish fighters that have been so loyal to the united states the white house as blocks of plant appearance in front of u.s. congress by a diplomat's the sense of the impeachment inquiry into donald trump who is for the u.s. ambassador to the. say the trumpet ministration ordered him not to appear in front of what is the president is calling a kangaroo court mike hanna has more. ambassador sunderland had flown back from brussels and was eager to appear agreement for the deposition had been reached at the state department but then at half past midnight a voicemail was left on someone's lawyers phone saying the trumpet ministration would not allow him to give evidence the failure to produce this witness. the failure to produce these documents. we consider yet additional strong
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evidence of structure and of the constitutional functions of congress a co-equal branch of government republican committee members all back to the white house move what we see in this impeachment is a kangaroo court and chairman shift is acting like a malicious captain kangaroo and there's no pressure whatsoever coincidentally or not a phrase very similar to that used to by the president an hour earlier unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court treated president trump where republicans rights have been taken away and true facts are not allowed out for the public to see republican members of the house committees insist democrats have been selective in what evidence to make public particularly of that provided last week by u.s. representative to ukraine could focus which made clear u.s.
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diplomats had been discussing the preconditions for a meeting between president trump and his ukraine counterpart this has to be a fair process and when you have a press release being drafted by our democrat colleagues cheery picking text messages when the full text of ambassador bowker's testimony last week would have exonerated this president let's release it ambassador sunderland was mentioned repeatedly in the testimony made public his texts and emails indicating he was in direct communication with the white house throughout the discussions about ukraine his evidence is regarded this critical in terms of understanding the motive behind the trumpet ministrations engagement with the president of ukraine and the house committees are insistent he must testify a formal subpoena has now been issued calling on ambassador sunderland to appear with all these documents mike hanna just. washington. the u.s.
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senate intelligence committee has found russia was behind a social media disinform ation campaign designed to influence the 2016 presidential election the committee report outlines how social media platforms were used to sow division and spread fake news in an effort to get donald trump elected u.s. intelligence chiefs traced the accounts to the internet research agency a russian organization widely believed to be directed by the kremlin with echo's findings in the miller report which led to the indictment of 12 russian nationals linked to the ira al jazeera source in jordan joins us live now from washington d.c. said rowles did we learn anything new in this report. well i think there was a lot of information that was already out in the media that many people knew about this disinform ation campaign that was waged during the 2016 election and this report from the intelligence committee on the senate side did confirm that the
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efforts of the internet research agency didn't start as early as 2014 although it did note that descent from ation efforts coming from moscow date back to the early 1960 s. and all sorts of incidents had been tested or attempted to have been influenced during those decades one thing that was that really did stand out was that this was not just an effort to undermine the candidacy of the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton it was also aimed at several republican republicans excuse me who were also running for the republican nomination against donald trump they include the senators ted cruz and marco rubio as well as trying to have basically promote any information that could somehow so discord between various parts of the u.s.
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population it did note that an ordained amount of misinformation was aimed at african-americans in an effort to was stoke racial tensions in this country now what this report from the senate intelligence committee is calling for is a more formalized cooperation between the u.s. government between tech companies that produce social media and the general public to one try to figure out when information that is bad information is being disseminated to try to figure out how to prevent that dissemination from really taking off like wildfire and 3 and this might be the hardest thing to a chief felicity trying to. ultimately teach us citizens who are using social media that they need to be much more sophisticated in what they're reading that they need to be much more skeptical about what they're reading and to think twice before they retreat or share or like the information because the committee has found that as
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much as people engage with the material the much more likely it is that bad information is going to be transmitted from one place to another and as the report noted in one point felicity the 1st impression is the one that often sticks absolutely. they were the nicest in washington thank you or i still has on this news hour from london as the brics it deadline of a closer british prime minister boris johnson's criticised for playing stupid blame games with the european union. the promise of jobs to stop widespread protests now iraqis demanding the government or follows through with its plan. is iran prepares to allow female fans into focus stadiums we sit down with one of the women helping drive change in her country.
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now the president of the european council has accused the u.k. prime minister of engaging in quote stupid to blame games as the bracks it deadline edges closer this is british media say the german chancellor has made it clear to forest johnson that a break sit deal is overwhelmingly unlikely reports. by the time boris johnson's cabinets arrive for the morning meeting westminster was awash with the news that downing street had decided to play hardball and with the european union. probably they haven't even been briefed on the suggestion of the u.k. looked like readying itself to collapse the talks on a compromise deal but that does appear to be the suggestion faced with the delaying of disruptive and annoying tactics of the opposition we say on behalf of the 17400000 enough enough enough we need to leave. downing street then brief that the german chancellor had demanded that the economy of northern ireland stay in the
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news although it's putting the last nail in the coffin but the e.u. insisted the talks were not yet dead technical talks are continuing to date so i don't see how talks could have actually been broken down if they are happening today and in the days to continue there is no denying the loss of faith though the president of the european council donald tusk tweeted this boris johnson what's at stake is not winning some stupid blame game at stake is the future of europe and the u.k. as well as the security and interests of our people you don't want to deal you don't want an extension you don't want to revoke. which is latin for where are you going. with parliament suspended from wednesday opposition parties now assume johnson will call an election next week after accepting a breakfast extension as demanded by parliament and then campaigning to leave the e.u. with no deal by getting them to then offer the extension perhaps on the 17th of october
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or the 18th of october when european council meet he would then be able to say to parliament and to jeremy corbyn in particular i've got beat stench and i want my general election now and i think in those circumstances jeremy corps will be highly likely to say yes the blame game between london and brussels mirrors the entire brics a debate there's precious little left except bad blood certainly the european union never really thought that boris johnson administration was actually interested in the deal because his proposed compromise over what happens in northern ireland is so complicated and convoluted the e.u. thinks it was basically set up to fail it is assume though that if boris johnson asks them for an extension to breakfasts they will grant states if only as a last chance hope that a different government might be elected in a national election which could save the u.k. and the e.u. from a no deal bricks it barnsley al-jazeera in london. iraq's government is under pressure
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to deliver on its promises of jobs and training programs after a week of violent protests appear to have calmed more than 100 people were killed and 6000 injured during rallies against rampant government corruption and widespread unemployment imran khan reports now from baghdad. somewhere in this crowd is abu hussein he's 30 years old this video was recorded on friday in the southern city of baghdad he decided to join the young people in his neighborhood after he saw them spontaneously protest he's off to hide his identity because he was detained on the 1st day of the demonstrations he says the iraqi police made him delete videos respond and sign a declaration that he wouldn't take part in further demonstrations. of the law to help i decided to demonstrate because it's our legal right under the constitution we didn't demand that the government resign it's been elected by the people but we
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want an end to the corruption and provide justice to all iraqis also we want young people to get jobs housing and older people to get pynchon sits on fear that some politically connected people have jobs and others don't know in. his words echoed by people here at both on the air base that demanding jobs within iraq security forces prime minister i'd love to lawdy has promised security jobs as part of planned reforms in the wake of these protests are not for job no not in the sabah let alone also i got you know i came here at 4 30 am to enroll the guard told me to go home and play computer games is this how you treat someone who is looking for work what i want. the it's not just iraq's poor who want reform outside the prime minister's office engineers are also demanding jobs and transparency. she has fallen into sweeping protesting for 90 days if you don't have the ability to provide us with jobs then why are we going to
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university why do we study so hard you might as well close the college an. iraqi government insists is working to improve the economic situation and has announced a set of potential reforms intended to tackle corruption and reduce unemployment the government's under a tremendous amount of pressure not just from a civil society but also. from religious parties and the opposition now some say they want you elections others say that they want reforms to be implemented immediately now there's a lull in the protest but how long that last really depends on the protestors and what they feel that demands of being listened to imran khan al jazeera baghdad. protesters have clashed with security forces in ecuador's capital as the country grapples with a 6th day of anti austerity demonstrations thousands of indigenous people have converged on barricading roads and burning tires they're angry the government to scrap 40 year old fuel subsidies ecuador's president has temporarily moved the
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government away from to the coastal city of quil we were all 7 latin american nations have expressed support for ecuador's government there accusing the venezuelan president nicolas maduro of behind the rest when latin america and russia you see in human can join us live now from the capital quito and tell us a little bit more about what's been happening where you are. politically i'm about 150 meters from the entrance to the national assembly in a park which is practically the place where the indigenous groups of this country meet and that is exactly where they've been convened and there are thousands and thousands of them that come from all over the country to protest then to demand that other president moreno repeal the austerity measures that he put in place last week although he resigned he is not here as you just mentioned that hasn't stopped
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them from coming here and in fact about to happen hour ago they managed to break down the barriers that the riot police had put up and almost made it into the national assembly in other parts of the city where we were near the presidential palace they've been battling running battles between police and protesters that have been penned on here and as they too are trying to reach the presidential palace to make the point that they are hearing that they're not going to lean toward the political capital of this country until they get what they want but it was the point isn't it lucy what exactly do they want because this process of course started as a demonstration against fuel prices but has. why didn't for months. it has and what we're seeing now is that a lot of people are calling for the resignation of the president and for no and actions to be held anticipated elections and they say that that's because he has shown that one that they can trust him when he came to office back in 2017 and did
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so promising to never ever repeal these subsidies that the country has always had the decades fuel companies and among others but they say he like of them now they say look i'm going to let you put the capital flows that he has no authority and a day and that he and basically resigned from the presidency and so there are different groups now it's not clear right now i'm sorry there's a lot of good guys coming in this direction now. listen i. mean barrels back and forth. yeah well anyway i think they want some people want a president out another who want to negotiate but not until he got pixelate looking at austerity measures in his city or at least please go away and recover from the effects of the tear gas but for the moment thank you so much thank you. united nations is suffering a cash crisis and is warning his operations around the world could be compromised assert of its member states haven't paid their share of the costs in the u.s.
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which owes the u.n. more than one $1000000000.00 it's told al-jazeera it will provide the vast majority of what it owes by the end of the year all diplomatic as a change of pace has this report. if the un hadn't already made severe cuts to its budget it wouldn't have had enough money to stage the high level week of the u.n. general assembly when world leaders visited new york last month secretary general antonio good terrorists said the organization is confronting its worst financial situation in a decade the organization is facing a c.v. here financial crisis to be more specific as severe liquidity crisis the question is simple without cash the budget cannot be properly implemented our work in the already forms and at risk the secretary general was very clear about the dire problems the un is facing but at no point did he list the countries
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that are causing it by not paying what they owe and surely you've got a big problem here and you need to name the people responsible for it there's 193 member states 129 have paid up in for the balance as not of those who haven't paid the us which has the largest g.d.p. in the world owes by far the most a sum of over $1000000000.00 and $55000000.00 that's more than all the other 63 countries on the list of those who haven't paid put together the u.s. also owes well over $2000000000.00 to the separate u.n. peacekeeping budget james bows out jazeera but the united nations a feel shortage is making life even tougher for millions of people in yemen they hear things to control the capital sanaa say there haven't been any shipments of fuel or basic goods despite the withdrawal of their fighters from the key port of the data $100.00 tab reports now from sanaa. our son ali collects
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plastic bottles from this pile of garbage in sana'a he has a lot to choose from because a shortage of fuel means the city's garbage is now being moved out. this has become the only way for others to survive. and been banned them. we are happy that this place become the main garbage collection center we sell plastics for 3 u.s. dollars but it hardly covers the needs of our family many of the city's garbage trucks are parts of this deposit in the capital the man in charge of operations shares says at least 2 tons of garbage out piling up every day is appealing to the international community. comes to merely 300000 liters of diesel a month even in the current crisis we won't be able to deliver our services to the
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community if the crisis persists trucks on load the garbage here at this makeshift collection center this is our 1st initiative to cut down consumption a few. health experts are warning our president mental crisis that could drag another cholera outbreak the recent one killed at least 3000 people. who call an international health officials warn this fuel and garbage crisis could hamper their efforts to eradicate cholera so far at least $100.00 yemenis have died from the water borne disease this year. good enough heroes are some how we get our current fuel crisis is likely to undermine our efforts to lower the case of cholera and of a mix the spread of garbage and sewage water main reasons behind the spread of such diseases. the crisis has not only affected garbage collection it's also making it difficult for people to move around the city public transport is difficult to find
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. used to work as a driver for a private company i don't want to let it lead up i've lost my job because the company owner couldn't allocate diesel juicer the severe shortage of it now i cannot even afford to refill my gas cylinder as gas prices are high as well life has become very difficult in our country. that say despite giving up control of course including in the south and the last years sweden agreement shipments of fuel and other goods coming through. in accordance with the sweden agreement the port of her died or has come under the supervision of the un especially after the hutus retreated far kilometers in compliance with the signed agreement. that for millions of yemenis like us anally and his friends what was already a difficult life has become even more challenging those who were was able to feed
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themselves and now picking through rubbish in the hopes of earnings and living our fault bob as it is on. now there is plenty more still to come on this news hour including how a 7 word tweet or spots a major international route with u.s. basketball's biggest overseas market. fresh from a nice in jail and straight back to the streets we'll speak to one u.k. climate activist undeterred by the police response to extinction rebellion. and why it's all change at ac milan after just 7 games. well happy schools. i was still got some rather lively showers around central parts of the mediterranean sea this area cloud here just pushing across greece heading across
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the channel that will help help to make its way a little further east which as we go on through the next 24 hours some quiet weather does gradually come back in behind you can see a slightly finding joy as we go into wednesday was that pleasant sunshine for the time being further north is not quite as pleasant while blustery showers are rocking in the cross the british isles the low countries and there was a front some snow over the high ground there through switzerland that's all pushing a further east words buster weather there is standing across germany and also fading its way over towards that western side of russia more the same as we go on through thursday but skies come back in for high temperatures getting up to around 12 or 13 degrees for a germany and for poland 60 celsius for london 17 there for paris still some wet weather into northern parts of england in scotland fading on into all into swells want to show us to a little further south you see by this stage will see some wet weather just into central parts of the mediterranean that may well just brush the far north coast of
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libya tunisia you can expect to see a little bit of wet weather that's making its way a little further race with with a fair bit of cloud pushing towards egypt. with a record number of nominations the world waits to see who wins 29000 nobel peace prize the nobel committee when announced the winner on friday al-jazeera has been awarded exclusive international rights to interview the winner after the award ceremony december the nobel prize on al-jazeera. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. but in the meeting all chunks joined the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all my enjoying one when they. can make.
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a little. sound of the box us this is europe. on al-jazeera. again a reminder the top stories on al-jazeera kurdish forces of want any military escalation in northeast syria could lead to a return of all i saw and calls a must displacement of people to is preparing for an offensive against the kurdish s.d.f. which it considers to be a terrorist group. the white house says it will not cooperate with an impeachment
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inquiry into president donald trump says the investigation which was launched by democrats without a full vote by the house of representatives. violates a constitutionally mandated process. protests as have clashed with security forces in ecuador's capital during a 6th day of violent demonstrations over fuel price hikes thousands of indigenous people have converged on quito barricading roads and burning tires as. well as return now to our top story that is turkey's planned offensive against kurdish troops in syria where the kurds are responsible for thousands of detained eisel fighters and their families they want i still could take advantage of any turkish attack but dismissed more from bail in iraq semi autonomous kurdish region . the syrian kurds are a network of detention centers where they hold about 11000 ice all fighters 9000 of them are syrians and iraqis the other 2000 are from the other 4 corners of the
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globe and they run camps for displaced families these are mainly the wives widows and children of ice and fighters and the most notorious of those is our whole home to some $70000.00 mainly women and children human rights watch describes our hole as a dust bowl inferno and a u.n. commission of inquiry said that women and children in the camp remain at a high risk of further radicalize ation the white house has said that turkey will now take responsibility for all their eyes will fight is caught in the area turkey's given no hint that it publicly that is prepared to do this and the concern certainly is from the syrian kurdish side of what if they have to divert the few guards that they have at these camps to the battle of frontline bottles with turkey and the syrian kurdish commander of our whole camp he says that i saw are
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regrouping and reorganizing in the company says that as many as 30000 people in our whole are i saw loyalists the united states has announced visa restrictions on a number of chinese officials over what it described as the repression of we go muslims in the western region of. it comes a day after the washing after washington blacklisted $28.00 chinese companies that develop facial recognition technology saying it's being used to oppress muslim minority right minorities rights groups say china has detained around $1000000.00 acres and other muslims in what it calls reeducation camps in the western region china says the camps of occasional training schools necessary to control terrorism . well chinese state television has canceled the airing of n.b.a. exhibition games in china this week it is the latest escalation in a dispute with the u.s.
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basketball league that's off the owner of the houston rockets expressed support for protest as in hong kong the n.b.a. commissioner says it's a massive freedom of speech but the issue is threatening lucrative chinese sponsorship on t.v. deals but matheson has the latest now from beijing. just 7 words help plunge the u.s. national basketball into a geopolitical crisis with billions of dollars of chinese sponsorship and t.v. rights at stake on friday donald mori general manager of the houston rockets n.b.a. team tweeted fight for freedom stand with hong kong in support of anti-government demonstrations there china is furious it regularly complains about what it sees as foreign interference in internal matters we are not apologizing for daryl exercising his freedom of expression i regret again having
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communicated directly with many friends in china that so many people are upset including. millions and millions of our fans frantic attempts by madi in the n.b.a. to pacify china have resulted in fierce criticism particularly from u.s. politicians hong kong has been part of china under the one country 2 systems plan since it was handed over by the u.k. in 1907 just months after paying billions of dollars to extend its streaming deal with the n.b.a. a chinese company 10 cent says it won't show any more rockets games effectively cutting the houston team off from chinese basketball fans so as iraq is fan it's very disappointing as a chinese i feel very disappointed by his collars for basketball is popular in china chinese style ja ming played his entire hall of fame career with the houston rockets he's now chairman of the china basketball association which says it's cancelling a cooperation agreement with the rockets the n.b.a.
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is not the only organization to have to apologize in the face of chinese anger in the past gap the marriott hotel group and daimler car company have all had to backtrack the hong kong airline calculus ific even sacked some of its staff who publicly supported the protest in hong kong because it was worried it was going to lose access to valuable chinese airspace analysts say anyone who accepts chinese investment should be aware of china's sensitivities he crossed the line. and then which. many. swans are investor or partner from overseas they know it they know it shouldn't you know no one should say china is not the only country to use investment as leverage but critics say that when the n.b.a. has been faced with a choice between freedom of speech and the risk of losing billions of dollars
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china's money talks rob matheson al jazeera beijing students in bangladesh have staged a 2nd day of process following the death of an undergraduate 21 year old was allegedly beaten to death by ruling party activists the criticising the government online to have a child who has more now from the capital dhaka. hundreds of stories gathered there at the dhaka university campus to protest against the killing of a fellow student allegedly by the ruling party members a proud father 21 year old student up bangladeshi engineering and technology university was brutally murdered by the ruling party strong wings member on sunday late evening similar protests been held in other parts of the campuses across the country here some reaction. anyway and that's why the us in handy for tasks to ensure that the maximum amount of punishment goes to that we're here
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because our friend was killed brutally and we want to put the honest with the highest punishment and we want the proper justice uproar was jailed for merely for posting a critical review on the government recent signing an agreement with the indian government on water sharing gas export and few other items and other strong across here are outraged all across the country for this killing the nation is outraged this is not the 1st time the ruling party struggling members have been used as an auxiliary force to suppress and repress common students free expression and dissent against the government. doctors remain on strike in zimbabwe despite a government order to return to work because dead locals to stall for tech today 60 percent pay rise saying it's not enough to keep the country soaring inflation has more details from harare. tendai missy was 16 year old son broke his leg last
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month she took him to a public hospital only to be told doctors have been on strike over pay and wages for more than a month her son's been admitted but she says all nurses can do for him is keep him comfortable. i don't have x. ray vision i can see what's happening inside his leg what if it is infected and rotting we are begging the government to talk to the doctors patrick azeri and the 7 year old son place that we're told to come back after a month when maybe the strike will be over. he's just a child or the head to do movies cost they say only specialist can do that i don't understand they are meant to care for the sick it seemed heartless. until there is a breakthrough zimbabwe's public hospitals are barely functioning doctors have long complained about pay and working conditions they want their salaries in us dollars
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or the equivalent amount at the official bank rate. last week unions rejected the government's offer of a 60 percent salary increase saying after deductions they are taking home basically nothing this is the entrance to the casualty ward usually it's busy with many people coming in and out but several patients say they've been turned away only emergency cases are being treated. where possible contingency measures have been put in place. some of the wards have been combined for is or for provision of services. government has requested assistance for i'm a uniformed. forces we have doctors from the army from the police as well is from prisons the country is suffering its worst economic crisis in a decade president innocent and that was his brain the economy back from the dead and
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it's patience but those words will be difficult except for straight to doctors and those who need medical care fuel prices go up every week that means everything else drastically increases for the poor living in zimbabwe is becoming increasingly challenging. al-jazeera had any more than a 1000000000 people worldwide living with a vision impairment or blindness because of a lack of basic health care that's according to a new report by the world health organization if found that at least $2200000000.00 people suffer from an impairment or total lack of sight but half of those cases could have been prevented or could still be fixed $65000000.00 people have impairments which could be corrected overnight with a cataract operation while $800000000.00 people are living without access to a simple pair of glasses it also found rates of blindness in low and middle income countries up to 8 times higher than in wealthy countries and the number of people
12:44 am
living with my conditions is projected to rise significantly the w.h.o. says that's down to an aging population and poor nutrition. many people exactly want at least 1000000000 people do not have access to the care they need for example there are 65000000 people around the world that need to cut that access judy but do not have access to it or there are 1000000000 people around the world that would need glasses but they don't have access to that glasses and i think every one of us who wear our glasses and would imagine how life could be with glasses 24 hours a day and for $300.00. 65 days a year can imagine very well how defeat could ever all the activities that we can that are if we would not have access to
12:45 am
a simple pair of glasses brazil state run oil company has from the 133 tons of oil from the country's northeast and beaches there well as been washing up there in recent weeks but its origin remains a mystery that a petro boss says it's not brazilian oil brazil's president says it could be the result of criminal activity or a shipwreck that has the latest. this is what an oil spill last month has done to this once pristine coastline along brazil's northeastern region 1500 kilometers of fix sticky mess that's damaging the environment at least 42 coastal cities have been affected present diable scenario says an investigation to find out the cause is still underway by the state run oil company petro brass bands he stopped short of naming a country he believes is responsible for the spill instead indicating it could be
12:46 am
the result of a shipwreck or criminal activity. the coastal states affected are particularly concerned about the timing it's the season for baby turtle hatchlings and to resume there could be a severe economic impact brazilian summer is just around the corner it starts basically end of november. early december so low growth forests will be hoping that things are cleared up by them we have seen the state of say sheep calling you know declaring this and see us this couldn't have come a 2 worse time for the president has been under international pressure for his handling of the fires in the amazon last month. also now wants to develop dams and through mining and farming in his recent speech at the un he accused environmentalist of wanting to keep the amazon tribes might cave men. there have been protests in cities like rio de janeiro against his policies on climate change
12:47 am
the brazilian veyron mental agency says it has cleaned up more than 100 tons of oil washed up more than 100 beaches in the northeast and as brazil investigates who or what caused the spill it's not clear what the extent of the damage will be so high that. hundreds of climate change activists have cameras house in central london for a 2nd day of world wide process aimed at disrupting major cities the extinction rebellion. traitors planned to protest in the british capital for 2 weeks demanding urgent government action to counts a global warming police have arrested more than 150 people so far out as arizona home at a leading member of the movement more to rahman shortly after he was released from jail. you spent an uncomfortable night in the cells having been arrested in the face of what seems to be stepped up police response what's morale like in the organization now but i think it's really higher stabbing i came out from the prison just faces loads of messages but i'm seeing most of the sights are being kept the
12:48 am
people. that i was taken with we you know we were supporting each other a lot seeing that even though we've been arrested we're keeping our sights we keeping our morale high definitely you were leading members you say of the april rebellion when central london was previously brought to a standstill by extinction rebellion is there a point do you think when peaceful resistance turns ugly in the face of police action. that was one of the key things we were trying to bring out this idea of a strategy of peaceful civil disobedience and really bringing up to the forefront in terms of the actions of how we behave with the police bring a lot of transparency to what is going to what we are intending to do so it doesn't devolve into into violence because it has to remain peaceful and a lot of the theory behind it is about how peaceful civil dispute is what creates much greater change than if then violence civil disobedience is there
12:49 am
a risk that in trying to capture the public mood you end up being seen more as a public nuisance the police are now much more going down this public nuisance route but that's as a criminal offense because i think that's a bigger power to hammer it down but i think i actually have to reverse the bad because people say why are they using these powers against peaceful protesters this isn't an issue that's been building up of the last hundreds of years and yet we're not even facing it and i think people in the public will notice that that they're not they're not we're not stupid i think people will recognise what the government want to do let's assume that you succeed in all of this in winning the public over capturing the public awareness and imagination but the government doesn't exceed to your demands what then what next we're keeping a very. to our 3 demands our demands are you know the government tells the truth about the climate and the culture modes and means and put in place policies to get scrivens your budget on time by i'm done but some places assembly parliament
12:50 am
a kind of time in a political emergency after they've heard about it but nothing has been done that just was empty words of the government is full of empty words and we need action and we're showing one action looks like ok robin thanks very much lou thank you thank you. this is nobel prize in physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for their research into the universe history and structure the prize will be shared between canadian american james people sound the swiss scientists michel mack and to the colonial peoples developed a framework that has become the foundation of the current understanding of the history of the universe they are recognized for that discovery of the 1st planet outside all solar systems and x. i promise you putting a stop. or a still heads on the program the wreck or tumble biles makes gymnastics history will happen in sports.
12:51 am
business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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and again i ask let's go to pisa. felicity thank you very much so africa have booked their place at the rugby world cup quarter finals with a thrashing of canada in cobi. the springbok school tame tries in an emphatic 667 victory was there enough hattrick in the opening 20 minutes well fly half elton yankees kicked 16 points canada also had to play no than half the game with just 14 men of the josh lawson or center for a shoulder charge the bonus point win potentially put south africa on
12:53 am
a collision course to meet japan in the last 8 the boks would be looking for revenge if that does happen japan beat them when their mates in the pool stages of the 25th world cup. 7 time european champions ac milan have sacked their coach mark a jump our low of the just 7 games in charge jump our low over saw 4 defeats during that time it leaves milan in 13th place in the italian said they are and already 10 points behind leaders you ventus they last won the league in 2011 and their only soloist since then has been the telly and super cup meanwhile the u.a.e. chairman who is also the head of european football's clubs association and they are nearly says he will continue his attempts to reform the champions league despite his master plan being rejected last month and he wants to change how clubs qualify from domestic leagues but as al-jazeera the winnings explains he's facing strong resistance from within the game. andrae and yeah they were speaking up one of the biggest global sports business events called latest which is like i said the home
12:54 am
of english rugby twickenham or the world cup is being played in japan before paul was very much what was being discussed on the controversial subject of how european football to look in the fiction now and yet he's really pushing for reform that will bring in friends the champions league effectively to the bigger clubs smaller clubs fights against that last month are not trying to hold up by that he says it really is about meritocracy we want an inclusive plan for these again the principles inclusive for all clubs based on sport emerge overseas and not historical privilege and that is challenging the access is that is that this is them through the domestic leagues exactly what we want or do we want to also value the sporting married on the page through the international competition itself the most important thing is that the qualification for the international competitions has to go via the domestically. just the connection which the fans would like to
12:55 am
have this is contained in connection with the least of the majority of the clubs would like to. otherwise they you kill the dream and if you kill the dream you kill the interest for the competition. there is currently a lot of tension and suspicion around european club football and its future so those that are involved are worried about it i need to make to get in the do that on told here in london again next week most of the world's leading cobbs are involved in this and i want to get this right i might show that the future is bright iran's female football fans already to make history on thursday when they'll be allowed into the stadium to watch the men's team play cambodia in a world cup qualifier but the decision has been made by protests in tehran with demonstrations outside the parliament building a correspondent saying baz ravi sat down with iran's vice president often me and women's affairs for an exclusive interview. sometimes this issue is blown out of
12:56 am
proportion i think the important area which is sometimes now over knocked on this issue of women's. attending different football events or entering the stadiums is the issue of sports for you vonnie and women in general. women are now entering for several years in national leagues championships in different fields including football including volleyball including different types of sports you know your government or government you're a part of is arguably one of the most progressive that iran has seen in recent memory certainly but you have on one side that is pressuring iran threatening to ban iran from international competition on the other side you have hardliners saying that they don't want women to have open access to be put into the stadiums freely in some ways it really seems like the government is caught in the middle
12:57 am
it's like dancing in a 2 headed snake you know how do you how do you square the circle how do you manage we see that now we're seeing the results we're seeing that the government has made serious efforts that and. we hope to see a game where we have women sitting in the stadium and watching and i think that we were moving ahead. american gymnast simone biles made history at the world championships in stuttgart on tuesday she's become the most successful woman ever to compete at the events of the winning her 21st middle the u.s. took gold in the team event for the 5th time in a row balls is tipped to win more titles when the individual competitions begin later in the week. and that's what we'll leave it for now felicity back to you in the face of thanks so much to my ball simply amazing last about it from a fantasy ball on the news out seen here in london and of course in di hope far away although back with that much more the day's news for you in
12:58 am
a couple of minutes time in the meantime thanks for watching i'll see some of my. october on al-jazeera. as the deadline of october because he for us gets closer stay with us for all of the ninety's developments on the bricks in. the hot sun will host a new series of interviews with our teachers tackling the big issues about town blogging does expects an environmentalist will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the yacht full clock just by taking
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a microscope to the most contentious issues facing america and brooklyn new coverage of the announcement of the $29.00 nobel peace prize winner the tiny amount is a. chief travel office a photo opportunity for many. and big profits for a few that is tourists flood europe's must see destination tensions are rising. with local communities paying a heavy price for popularity people in power asks what are the true economic and environmental costs of europe's tourism i've lived on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. turkey continues its military build up for an operation against kurdish fighters on the warning is sounded over the potential for new humanitarian crisis. again i've listed already watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the white house says it will not cooperate with an impeachment inquiry into president donald trump arguing he's been denied his right to due process.


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