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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the only thing that you're going to say is what we want if you don't say it we're not going to speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans that there be. the occupation of the american mind and i'll just 0. standoff in ecuador's capital with the president and he want ballo to protest his demands to bring back fuel subsidies. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha would be elizabeth purana also ahead the white house says it will not cooperate with what it's calling an illegitimate impeachment inquiry by house democrats. took it continues its military build up for an operation against kurdish fighters amid warnings it could
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trigger a new humanitarian crisis and fears a massive spread of garbage across treats could trigger another color outbreak. ecuador's government says it's open to international mediation as the country grapples with a 6th day of anti austerity demonstrations or protest as angry after the government scrapped 40 year old fuel subsidies as part of economic reforms lent to an i.m.f. loan or protests in the capital briefly stormed the heavily guarded parliament and clashed with security forces and other government buildings and quito was also attacked and damaged comes hours after president lenin modano announced that he had temporarily moved government operations from the capital the center of the protest to the port city of. with the belief that if the democratic system
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cannot be violated the constitution cannot be violated you cannot damage the assets of the ecuadorians and the ecuadorian people in general and of course even less damage to the physical integrity of people that's why we're here. and want to know also accused former president and venezuelan president. of orchestrating an attempted coup but deny the allegations called for early elections and. there is no crew here conflicts in a democracy are solved at the ballot box is precisely what we are asking in strict adherence to the constitution to allow elections to be held in event of serious social unrest such as the one we are witnessing a latin america editor lucien newman has more now from quito i'm about 200 meters from the entrance to the doors national assembly where the short while ago. 7 to tear down police barricades and almost make it inside they were pushed back with
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tear gas and fire other 2 other methods but they've been doing this all day long trying to pass the police the national symbol of the suits the presidential palace the president himself still there we spoke to. the federation he told us that it is too late now to accept the president's quote for dialogue is that unless. the stairway system to the place last week there was nothing to touch. her you are living on to other news now in the white house says it will not cooperate with an pietschmann to inquire into president donald trump's datings with ukraine calling the probe illegitimate but only the trump of ministration blocked a diplomat at the center of the inquiry from testifying to congress mike hanna has . ambassador sunderland had flown back from brussels and was eager to appear agreement for the deposition had been reached with the state department but then at
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half past midnight a voicemail was left on someone's lawyers phone saying the trumpet ministration would not allow him to give evidence the failure to produce this witness. the failure to produce these documents. we consider yet additional strong evidence of structure and of the constitutional functions of congress a co-equal branch of government republican committee members all back to the white house move what we see in this impeachment is a kangaroo court and chairman shift is acting like a malicious captain kangaroo and there's no pressure whatsoever coincidentally or not a phrase very similar to that use to buy the president an hour earlier unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court treated president trump where republicans rights have been taken away and true facts are not allowed out for the public to
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see republican members of the house committees insist democrats have been selective in what evidence to make public particularly of that provided last week by u.s. representative to ukraine could focus which made clear u.s. diplomats had been discussing the preconditions for a meeting between president trump and his ukraine counterpart this has to be a fair process and when you have a press release being drafted by our democrat colleagues cheery picking text messages when the full text of ambassador bowker's testimony last week would have exonerated this president let's release it ambassador sunderland was mentioned repeatedly in the testimony made public his texts and emails indicating he was in direct communication with the white house throughout the discussions about ukraine his evidence is regarded this critical in terms of understanding the motive behind the trumpet ministrations engagement with the president of ukraine and the house
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committees are insistent he must testify a formal subpoena has now been issued calling on ambassador sunderland to appear with all these documents mike hanna. washington well let's get more on this knowledge owned by jeff howe is a lawyer and also executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research and he's joining us live from washington d.c. nice to has a very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the white house making it very clear that no one is going to comply with the investigation so what happens next. well there are 2 things that happen next one is that congress identifies the witnesses who are out of the control of the president that is people who are no longer in the federal government other people who have information and also people in the federal government who choose to act individually in response to
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a subpoena even if their boss is opposed to them doing so but the 2nd thing that has to happen is that congress consider impeaching press president trump specifically on his obstruction of congress's investigation into him it is impeachable for a president to undermine congress's impeachment authority that was actually one of the articles of impeachment voted on by congress in 1974 set to be voted on by congress and voted out of the committee that was looking into an impeaching the richard nixon right before he resigned they were set to impeach richard nixon for undermining the investigation in the rights of congress and behavior here is quite simply worse than richard nixon's. 2 things from what you saying this to house a one do you think that there are federal agents who will go against the white house
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directive not to comply with the investigation and it seems like you are saying that if they don't comply that it is struction of justice as the democrats are saying. sure i think that there are people who will be willing to testify under whistleblower protections that exist in the law but that only it's contested right now to see how many whistleblowers would be willing to come forward it's clear that there is an effort by the white house to discourage whistle blowing and it's clear that to the extent to which the name of any whistleblower can become public that individual should expect torrent of abuse and that is awful you cannot really have a waffle society in which people who are bringing forth evidence of abuses by superior officials feel threatened but that is what's going on and so i don't know how many whistleblowers going to be willing to come forward despite the directives from the trump administration but i suspect some more will they're ready is
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evidence of that but it's not entirely clear and i do think it is something that the congress can do is to impeach on this basis it is an obstruction of the clear constitutional rights and responsibilities of congress to investigate the executive branch congress's untrusted is the only organ of the government that has the clear right to remove a high official including the president and if its ability to do that is being in cupid by the president if their ability to investigate potential misconduct by the president and his team is being impeded by the president that is clearly in and of itself impeachable behavior mr house it is great to get your expertise on this we do appreciate your time that's jeff allison live in washington d.c. thank you. now the u.s. senate intelligence committee has found that russia was behind a social media does information campaign designed to influence the 2016 presidential election the committee report outlines how social media platforms were
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used to sow division and spread fake news in an effort to get donald trump elected well u.s. intelligence chiefs trace the accounts to the internet research agency that's a russian organization widely believed to be directed by the kremlin it echoes filings of the mother report which led to the indictment of twal russian nationals linked to the internet research agency roslyn jordan has more from washington d.c. . the report from the senate intelligence committee is part 2 of its investigation into illegal foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election as many people already know it was the internet research agency run by a man with very close ties to the kremlin that was behind the massive social media manipulation that was designed one to destroy political support for hillary clinton the democratic nominee to to build political support for donald trump the
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republican nominee who is now the us president and 3 something that many people did not know before now to want to destroy the reputations of those republicans running against mr trump including the u.s. senators ted cruz and marco rubio and so the senate intelligence committee is calling on the general public on the u.s. government and on tech companies to try to find ways to promote more transparency to try to promote ways of coding off the back doors or security flaws that allow incorrect information to jump from website to website with rapid speed and 3 it does call on the american public to be much more sophisticated about what it reads on social media to be much more skeptical to ask questions to do research and not simply like or re tweet information just because it seems to confirm their
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world view they had no that that might be the hardest part of trying to stop what they still say is a very deceptive disinformation campaign leading up to the 2020 alexian. still ahead on alex's iraq clouds on the horizon why boss johnson's wrecks it dan appears to be doomed as the deadline looms ever closer. i would work in the reforms on its recess and running out of cash the united nations says is world wide operations are in peril. the weather's slushy fun to drive across a good part of china at the moment some cloud toes and
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a lot of the showers just around heartland into the gulf of tonkin northern parts of vietnam can expect to see some rain over the next dial to the hong kong temperatures here at around $31.00 degrees with the next couple of days some of the pictures we go through thursday perhaps showers down towards the southwest tending to peter out in the process in vietnam doesn't lousy dry by this stay dry to into indonesia but quite a rash of showers across malaysia pushing a little further north towards southern parts of india china can expect to see the usual hefty showers from time to time some big downpours there over towards southern vietnam you notice also looking rather wet the my peninsula will cause us some ultra because but to see some very heavy rain see as we go on through the course a day but will be some sunshine in between these are of course heat of the day showers sunshine say making its way across northwestern parts of in the end now but still some rather larvae showers downpours the monsoon rains of course over towards
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a more feast bear was being go all over towards bangladesh into the eastern side of the country still some showers rolling up the west and gets a little bit of rain to affecting parts of sri lanka. too much sponsored by count on anyway. 2 planes came to. 15 checked no hotel. it is possible to fully clean the premises and skeletons but what you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned the mystery wanted to be with it started speaking. before even the so you just heard. there in a saudi consulate on al jazeera. it's
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories thousands of protesters have clashed with security forces in ecuador's capital quito during a 6th day of violent demonstrations protesters are angry after the government scrapped a fuel subsidies as part of economic reforms linked to an i.m.f. loan. the white house says it will not cooperate with an impeachment inquiry into president donald trump says the investigation launched by the house democrats audits the constitution democrats have already warned that such a move would be viewed as obstruction of justice and the u.s. senate intelligence committee has found that russia was behind a social media doesn't from ation campaign designed to enter into the 2016 presidential election intelligence chiefs trace the accounts to the internet research agency that is
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a russian organization widely believed to be directed by the kremlin. now kurdish forces have warned that any military escalation in syria could lead to the return of iceland and to cause a mess displacement of people turkish troops are gathering and near the syrian border. preparation for an offensive against the kurdish led syrian democratic forces it follows a preemptive strike by targeting the syrian iraqi border in an attempt to cut their supply lines were turkey considers the kurdish militias which dominate as terrorists and wants to drive them away from its border charles traffic reports from. turkish heavy weapon the same across the syrian border towards the town of tilapia. the mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces or s.d.s. defeated eisel here in 2050 with the help of u.s. led coalition forces. the turkish government describes the main fighting force of
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the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization linked to its outlawed kurdistan workers' party which is fought against the turkish government for decades the s.d.f. control around 430 kilometers of syrian territory along the turkish border they have fought and worked alongside the u.s. troops for years they say u.s. presidents don't trumps decision to withdraw the nearly 1000 american soldiers is a stab in the back one which gives turkey an opportunity to attack that turkey and how the other side threats made by turkey to attack the area is not something new they have consistently done it for years we as syrian democratic forces take the matter into account and are fully prepared to fiercely respond to any imminent attack on syrian soil. turkey's government says it wants to create what it describes as a safety zone of around 30 kilometers in the site syria so around 2000000 of the
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3600000 syrian refugees in turkey can return. what you're looking at there is a turkish artillery position now locals tell us that the army came a couple of weeks ago to set that position up meanwhile across the border s.t.'s forces are saying any military operation by turkey could risk the global fight against leisel there are thousands of eisel fighters in s.t.'s jails the us president donald trump says turkey must bear complete responsibility for any eisel fight is that a scape during a military operation turkey has so far no clear plan about how to deal with thousands of children are still fighters on the syrian side of the border towns like to lobby out people who have already suffered years of war are afraid and says . it more in ops people will be wanting to blend displaced there should be if you ask anyone saying we're not leaving but eventually we will be displaced. the
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prospect of more suffering for the people of northern syria is very real the turkish army says preparations for a potential military operation are complete. on the turkish syrian border. now iraq's government is on the pressure to deliver on its promises of jobs and training programmes off to a wake of violent protests appear to have calmed more than 100 people were killed 6000 injured during rallies against corruption and widespread unemployment among con reports now from baghdad. somewhere in this crowd is abu hussein he's 30 years old this video was recorded on friday in the southern city of baghdad he decided to join the young people in his neighborhood after he saw them spontaneously protest he's asked us to hide his identity because he was detained on the 1st day of the demonstrations he says the iraqi police made him to leave videos
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resupplying and sign a declaration that he wouldn't take. for the demonstrations. i decided to demonstrate because it's our legal rights under the constitution we didn't demand that the government resign it's been elected by the people but we want an end to the corruption and provide justice to all iraqis also we want young people to get jobs housing and older people to get on fear that some politically connected people have jobs and others don't. his words echoed by people here at both on the advice that demanding jobs within iraq security forces prime minister i'd love to lawdy has promised security jobs as part of planned reforms in the wake of these protests are no no not on the sabbath i don't know if i got you know i came here at 4 30 am to enroll the guard told me to go home and play computer games is this how you treat someone who is looking for work what on i was.
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close it's just iraq's pull her full outside the prime minister's office engineers are also demanding jokes and transparency. she has fallen into sweeping protesting for 90 days if you don't have the ability to provide us with jobs then why are we going to university why do we study so hard you might as well close the colleges. iraqi government insists is working to improve the economic situation and has announced a set of potential reforms intended to tackle corruption and reduce unemployment the government's under a tremendous amount of pressure not just from civil society but also from religious parties and the opposition now some say they want you elections others say that they want reforms to be implemented immediately now there's a low in the protest but how long that last really depends on the protest is what they feel the demands of being this into iraq on al-jazeera baghdad. to yemen now
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a fuel shortage is making life even more difficult for millions of people the hokies who control the capital say there haven't been any shipments of food or basic necessities despite the withdrawal of their fighters from the key port of call data mohamed el at the reports from. sun ali collects plastic bottles from this pile of garbage and. he has a lot to choose from because a shortage of fuel means the city's garbage is not being moved. this has become the only way for us to survive. and being then complete. we are happy that this place become the main garbage collection center we sell plastics for 3 years dollars but it hardly covers the needs of our family. many of the city's garbage trucks are part of this deposit in the capital the man charge of operations here says at least 2 tons of garbage are piling up every day is
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appealing to the international community. will consume really 300000 liters of diesel a month even in the current crisis we won't be able to deliver our services to the community if the crisis persists trucks on low the garbage him at this makeshift collection center this is our 1st initiative to cut down consumption of fuel. health experts are warning of a president or mental crisis that could drag another cholera outbreak the recent one you know that at least 3000 people. who call an international health officials warn this fuel and garbage crisis could hamper their 1st to eradicate cholera so far at least 100 yemenis have died from the water borne disease this year a good enough heroes or somehow get out of current fuel crisis is likely to undermine our efforts to lower the case of cholera and other epidemics the spread of garbage
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and sewage water main reasons behind the spread of such diseases. the crisis has not only affected garbage collection it's also making it difficult for people to move around the city public transport is difficult to find. i used to work as a driver for a private company. i've lost my job because the company owner couldn't allocate the severe shortage of it now i cannot even afford to refill my gas cylinder as gas prices are high as well life has become very difficult in our country. that say despite giving up control of course including in the south and the last years sweden agreement shipments of fuel and other goods and not coming through. in accordance with the sweden agreement the port of her died has come under the supervision of the un especially after the hutus retreated 5
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kilometers in compliance with the signed agreement. for millions of yemenis like as an alley and his friends what was already a difficult life has become even more challenging those who were once able to feed themselves and now picking through rubbish in the hopes of earnings and living. the european council president is warning boss johnson not to play games as the deadline for breaks it ensures closer british media is reporting that german chancellor angela merkel has made it clear that a deal is overwhelmingly unlikely that's following the quote frank exchange with the british prime minister laurence lay has more from london. by the time boris johnson's cabinets arrived for the morning meeting westminster was awash with the news that downing street had decided to play hardball with the european union.
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probably they haven't even been briefed on the suggestion of the u.k. looked like readying itself to collapse the talks on a compromise deal but that does appear to be the suggestion so just with the delaying of disruptive and annoying tactics of the opposition we say on behalf of the 17400000 enough enough enough we need to leave. downing street then brief that the german chancellor had demanded that the economy of northern ireland stay in the news although it's putting the last nail in the coffin but the e.u. insisted the talks were not yet dead technical talks are continuing to date so i don't see how talks could have actually been broken down if they are happening today and in the days to continue there is no denying the loss of faith the president of the european council donald tusk tweeted this boris johnson what's at stake is not winning some stupid blame game at stake is the future of europe and
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the u.k. as well as the security and interests of our people you don't want to deal you don't want an extension you don't want to revoke. which is latin for where are you going. with parliament suspended from wednesday opposition parties now assume johnson will call an election next week after accepting a breakfast extension as demanded by parliament and then campaigning to leave the e.u. with no deal by getting them to then offer the extension perhaps on the 17th of october on the 18th of october when european council meet he would then be able to say to parliament and to jeremy corbin in particular i've got beat. i want my general election now and i think in those circumstances jeremy called would be highly likely to say yes the blame game between london and brussels mirrors the entire brics it debates there's precious little left except bad blood certainly the european union never really thought that boris johnson administration was actually
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interested in the deal because his proposed compromise over what happens in northern ireland is so complicated and convoluted the e.u. thinks it was basically set up to fail it is assume though that if boris johnson asks them for an extension to breakfasts they will grant states if only as a last chance hope that a different government might be elected in a national election which could save the u.k. and the e.u. from a no deal brics it currently al-jazeera in london. the united nations is suffering a cash crisis and is warning that its operations around the world could be compromised a 3rd of its member states haven't paid their share of the costs and secretary general antonio tears says the administration their organization rather is in danger of defaulting on its payments and might not be able to cover staff salaries at the end of the month are diplomatic editor james bays reports. if the un hadn't already made severe cuts to its budget it wouldn't have had enough money to stage
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the high level week of the u.n. general assembly when world leaders visited new york last month secretary-general antonio good terrorists said the organization is confronting its worst financial situation in a decade the organization is facing a c.v. here financial crisis to be more specific as severe liquidity crisis the question is simple without cash the budget cannot be properly implemented our work and already forms are at risk. the secretary general was very clear about the dire problems the u.n. is facing but at no point did he list the countries that are causing it by not paying what they owe and surely you've got a big problem here and you need to name the people responsible for it there's 193 member states 129 have paid up in for the balance that's not of those who haven't paid the us which has the largest g.d.p.
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in the world owes by far the most. over $1000000000.00 and $55000000.00 that's more than all the other $63.00 countries on the list of those who haven't paid put together the u.s. also owes well over $2000000000.00 to the separate u.n. peacekeeping budget james pays out jazeera but the united nations. hello again i'm elizabeth problem in darwin the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of protesters have clashed with security forces in ecuador's capital quito during a 6 day of violent demonstrations protesters are angry after the government scrapped 40 year old field subsidies as part of economic reforms linked to an i.m.f. loan our last america editor lucien newman has more from quito. i'm about 200 meters from the entrance to the doors national.
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to tear down the barricades and almost make it inside they were pushed back with tear gas and other 2 other methods for sleeping doing this all day long trying to cast. simply must get out of the white house says it will not cooperate with an impeachment inquiry into president donald trump says the investigation not just by the house democrats violates the constitution democrats have already warned that such a move would be viewed as obstruction of justice. the u.s. senate intelligence committee has found that russia was behind a social media this information campaign designed to influence the 2016 presidential election intelligence chiefs trace the accounts to the internet research agency that is a russian organization widely believed to be directed by the kremlin kurdish forces have warned that any military escalation in northeastern syria could lead to
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a return of eisel and cause a mass displacement of people turkey's preparing for an offensive against the kurdish led s.d.s. which it considers a terrorist group the european council president has warned the british prime minister not to play what he called a stupid blame game of the brics it there are reports in the british media that german chancellor angela merkel has told barres johnson that a deal is unlikely now this year's nobel prize in physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for their research into the universe's history and structure the prize will be shared between a canadian american james peebles and swiss scientists michel and d.d.a. . well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside stories coming up next thank you for watching.
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confusion over u.s. plans for syria donald trump is facing criticism for his decision to withdraw from the northeast paving the way for a tech issue pensive what are the risks of a military operation and what to do with eisel fight is in kurdish prisons this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program fully back to bill the white house is sending mixed messages about the future of america's role in syria for.


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