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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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in my limited most heartening one moment most new vanishing point book at home here is to keep it down to people being only. did not know me. see it can't have it in this world i don't why did you speak. nobody. should have been meant for levy you didn't get stoned on those you prove also why the person william it not to respond it's there you are going to continue to contact. yes guy it will go to others or in more young. people.
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not so long ago it was still possible to cross the border and large quantities of merchandise alive here in gaza and 1060 kilometers from the syrian border. according to several sources this turkish city is a hub for the trafficking of objects plundered by isis. push. and. shove. doesn't have a full of antiquity stores in one window check most spots what he thinks ossified smuggled in from syria. before. that it in stride. that you never stop to listen i'm ashley initials. you're seriously seriously. you
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know this whole thing. seems to me there was a particular sound with music in the unit i'm actually happy. there is doing so if you were to sit through the normal mostly diffuse young missive i'd be sitting there. serious and. you. shouldn't. allow this year a lot of the yellow new york going a little bit there was another the one in the muslim american ramadan i'm going there may have some or not and they are. unavailable not all of them gone that is ron marz image i like to get that someone almost. made it up out on top of it but it gives them with
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a paltry. amount of some group. called one of these objectives as you sample if not who you know is all if what. can rationally. put me won't create hope she called police well sure because it wouldn't be honest with you police action maybe only peña nieto live. in or a. city react to. the. last minute they always. did i think in another minute i sit and eat some part of many a very dizzy. or blanket child they tell me a good deal i make soup. and a community. hobbs to secure him keep on a lot then buy it if you can actually him but not us if you cannot be.
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any male input their ak is not. stand the thought that the sun don't all agree. on the lead the damage sun a bad. day. yet the cossack of their heritage i cannot sit at the back it was. called passe. it's no longer possible to publicly sell all purchase an archaeological object without legal documented proof of origin. the pressure on private collectors has increased. any of their acquisitions can be examined at any time.
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and so is the. reporters who. were going on when you said is that one also don't know what having your walk on water is possible emotionally these are pretty careful you are going to gather up the sources say 40 killing anybody who says he did this legal or. illegal question the clues each year and a commitment to case like you are a place group is cool going to see if i move knowing they sneak into the piazza and sumanda. situated in what i think nor. there. some don't say i want except i think i'll send them. all to ski or. awful excuse of a solution should get you fired up close enough to put on somebody to get on is up
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so i suppose so i'm sure i'll survive not because new command waiting on me. now finally got to call but it was one. of the. last to do employ up almost. since he would probably toward his office from. news reports reliable rules if he was indeed a deisel is a question when yeah those was a pretty nifty bonus you need an easier repressed moment and when ya do miss your. lord it'll sure or me a gallon or the you get 250 which. after an 8 hour search the customs officers seized $123.00 pieces archeologists have estimated the value of the collection at $95000.00 euros a collector will be questioned further the customs officers is facing 3 years in jail. she got it took it as they said was ok.
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if you were there if you. don't like their state. they able to call in your order if you are not safe it. is a hippo she said to. the. legal the shop. as european dealers and collectors are subjected to a growing number of controls they now represent only a small part of the international antiquities market far behind the chinese a new category of collector has appeared every year in europe they flock to specialized auctions ready to spend fortunes to buy back their national heritage. a spending spree that has seen prices skyrocket yet i guarantee it at least i'll
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get. very good. on our state of as i spun or sell a day of these or more this year in the peak of all event don't want the taliban for the. me puppet who were tons of shit so you may appreciate one of these example. by his hope of a gentle in the near leaky belong to. me no hope they can only bust like usual the boys hold on the meals as only diminuendo. guess is doing you better mention your. ass right there yeah they better you coming back then you're on a jet sheen. that's it the nose if you don't got boy sitting there up at a young one. well after this is all very elated don't p.r. media sounds for a softer largest thank you finally did they. say it today or
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not let's go to that question right on about their citizens present don't tell and this only present vote on. don't. want a person b. they did that see slip up with their except they didn't measure it deferred revenue says so i began. the reason gomez is sure he'll find a nato is prepared to buy this chinese steel is because wealthy chinese buyers are willing to invest fortunes in highly symbolic assets. these assets include a good number of plunder its national treasures objects with a high financial and ideological value. purchases are driven by a strong pottery arctic feeling and encouraged by the state.
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of. your hundreds. of feet down toward the. law and down the obama levy when the hot. hot to go. home being surety you. harleigh. this is believes that those who wish to become cultured should invest in safeguarding national heritage she has even founded an association which aims to repatriate historical masterpieces through any means. if. records see the. so much he that soil pressure you didn't feed how shitty that means yet that this is your father said that though he could see him truly that jennifer taiyo show that evil will. not go miss regularly visits mrs barnes home and headquarters to collect the funds necessary for buying back plundered chinese
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works that are sold in europe i am a foreigner working in china since long time i understood that when there isn't a question of really when. there is no big yawn of china but only one voice it's a national really it belongs to our national and everybody sings the same things you know is very different than our country's. taken when german soldiers. did. better what year that they had to hit the bush would you do it that the bush. bears are coming out. just to wash out and up and down. sound and about are told are slim. so small credo jail though jennifer usher she. has their fate ha ha. and then
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a washing. machine that soldier she is out that you know. the message got across in the west 2 plundered artifacts must be returned to china otherwise sooner or later you will be held accountable former president of the french union of antique dealers christiane did he personally paid the price in the late 1990 s. he bought a collection of chinese gold plates the for selling part of it to french businessman is wrong swapping no for 1000000 euros later the 2 men donated the plates to the queen mainly in paris 1. 1 of the most welcome again yearly plissken a few years after their donation the chinese announced that the plates had been looted and beijing demanded the repatriation in 2007 the 1st lawsuit was
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filed but not pursued 80 years on did he receive a phone call from the french culture ministry is old you. see news or you'll shoot please of g.d.p. new no. don't sit if they don't also also send you blue eyed new laden as you need for this and that you'll be doing it. but only real name law accomplices. so christian did cancelled his donation to the green a museum and flew to china to return the plates to the authorities the other generous patron of the arts francoise pino would return his plates in person to the chinese ambassador in paris a month before the official visit to beijing by french foreign minister. a model for cultural diplomacy.
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can't. dawn. dani babb. were. a. that is a very mirror film it is yours she averred vicious if it was a little less all fed to the needy bears the i pray you had to deal guess your loss . bargaining that has taken on a new dimension. and. parity is now being used for political leverage as a bargaining chip between states. the status of antiquities has
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changed once thought of as part of the heritage of all mankind cultural assets are now being held hostage by armed groups and used by states for narrow nationalist political and economic agenda as. action is needed by imposing tougher rules recognized by all through international organizations cultural heritage may regain its true place in our societies.
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most a kick in missions across much of the middle east has been some cloud bubbling up in the house to the east end of the mediterranean but no real rain with instead some failed to win so not helping the firefighting efforts this is in lebanon this is just to the south of beirut so the winds a fight against at times articles very low humidity and still some fairly high temperatures elsewhere say 36 in baghdad 23 celsius in kabul the time of his own quite as high as they were into beirut 28 degrees celsius but as a side not really helping those fog but low clouds and he's pushing through the eastern end of the trading as we head off into friday now further to the south across the peninsula the temperatures have definitely been coming down the humidity is also beginning to show signs of dropping but we've got plenty of moisture along these coastal areas in the south just pushing into those coastal areas of yemen and then again into the southwest as we head on into friday time did not see about those 35 in riyadh and the same across in whole southern africa is pretty woman. in
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the 4 calls for the next couple of days and about a cat just sitting off the coast of cape town east of madagascar and another warm day as a science friday again johannesburg a. tunnel to 0. they don't believe in the 2 states do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i said was that pakistan would never start a war and to rule we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground 0. in an ordinary week dr event atar at the heart of the only functioning hospital in town in northeast. in south sudan and his steam operate on around 60 patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which you won in recognition of his
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work and incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since 2013 the war has divided the country along ethnic lines 200000 people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs the war is destroyed or most infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost always including mother beetles of stewart living in the process of who are you know visions of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed. at night in a stalking somali moms patrolled the streets really skinny i'm not going to hire or lack of money i'm tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime beyond. a do
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a little bit by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera. the. fighting continues and northern syria as the u.s. vice president 5 to ankara for crisis talks with takis president.


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