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tv   Circle of Poison  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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really some go on fastens and take afghanistan to stay with me for a baby yet to retaliate to even come up trying to antagonize the police to be a back into the crowd one of their other charges being we are peaceful people are now sitting down because the police have announced that they will start advancing on this now behind me are thousands have. access to the square i think you know so when they move forward that is going to be a bit of a problem the hotels and the businesses have looked bad tools they've sucked up put up the sauces and put a lot of the windows have been smashed and bear in mind that this is a serious area. these protests and we're joined by thousands more peaceful demonstrators who said that while they had started protests against those sentences handed down to the codependents council and leaders on
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monday they were now very concerned about the police brutality that they had seen on friday many suspended to protest with rubber bullets and tear gas engine 150 protesters 3 of me now in critical condition was. in the news ahead. china's government cracks down on protests over transport paranoids and accountability the lights and something else. and we'll take you on an unusually tough and bumpy ride down on. hello there we've had some pretty good sunshine across central and eastern areas of china. has changed in the last year as are some clouds further towards the west and
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it is bringing one or 2 showers however really the bulk of the rains will be much further towards the east now for the time being we still got this very strong flow down to vietnam so want to scout a child is that there is some rain across into sichuan province as well but you'll notice this rain head that's on the screen now that is actually tied to the latest typhoon this is no good this will continue its way to the east of taiwan over the next couple of days so it may well produce some rain showers that far west but really the bulk of the rain should stay well away to the east and its ability to take a picture on monday certainly finally across into much of vietnam further to the south we have got fairly widespread rains here through much of indonesia some heavy rains further to the south in borneo and also some are saying the rains further towards the south and the are all the wet few days ahead and even some thunderstorms finally across into jakarta plenty thunderstorms across into indiana fact these rains once again popping up along the west coast folks in the next
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couple of days some heavy rain across into mumbai damages at a bit lower at 27. the weather sponsored by town. on the legacy of south africa's a n c what's the point made partying all of these what is the plough how does old take us how a liability and how perceptions have changed of this former liberation movement turned government you think is appropriate for a man who went to prison for defrauding paul i'm an eruption to run your politician corruption the hosam goes head to head with my leg embedded you know it seems not exactly there we add that i get a degree on al-jazeera. here
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with al-jazeera these are on top stories this hour pressure piling up on the lebanon's prime minister after a christian party quit the coalition government it's plunged the country into further political turmoil the latest move comes as thousands of people protested for a 3rd day in beirut demanding a revolution. the u.k.'s asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to bragg said spot and forced prime minister forest johnson to send a lesser seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote but he didn't actually sign the letter and also included another document saying an extension would be a mistake and spain's acting prime minister is dismissed catalan leaders call for pro for dialogue pro independence supporters protested for a 6th consecutive day on. turkey's president's plan to press on with his offensive in northern syria and quote crush codice forces if they don't withdraw from a proposed safe zone the truce is largely holding despite both codes forces and turkey accusing each other of violations. under the deal brokered with the u.s.
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kurdish fighters have to leave an area 30 kilometers deep into syria where turkey wants to establish its so-called safe zone but reject time for one says he will resume the offensive if the fighters don't withdraw but used to evening here is child's strafford with more from jenin panache on the turkey syria border volunteers and medics say that off to being repeatedly denied access by turkish backed forces to the town of russell iranian they were eventually allowed in and able to evacuate some of the injured from the hospital there and also deliver medical aid now there have been sporadic clashes in the town the wider cease fire across the border area though it does seem to be holding has been a statement made by the s.d.f. the kurdish forces commander was lume abdi he's accusing turkey of scuppering this us brokered deal by not allowing kurdish fighters out of the city of russell and
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we've spoken to some of the syrian fighters in there and they say well they say kurdish fighters are refusing to leave their positions meanwhile president or awad has has reiterated his threat that if those kurdish fighters do not leave the proposed safety zone by the end of choose date night then turkish military operations will resume as a curfew in place in parts of its capital after more protests over a planned public transport fare hikes president sebastian pinera has now backed down on the hikes but crowds are still out on the streets that decision to increase fares provoked nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations but subway and bus stations attacked. on friday the military was deployed after a state of emergency was declared jorge mn is a chilly in social research or from the university of cambridge who blames the government for not listening to the protestors concerns this should be
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a political dialogue this should be a certain some sort of. agreements table to talk about this to maybe step back with a decision of pricing the 1st of the of the metro that cost all of this but actually that is just tip of the iceberg many things will be defined in the events of this next 3 days he said because we have tanks in the streets we didn't see that in the last 30 years we have the militaries in the streets so there might happen something really really damaging for the future of this conversations but the must be some compensation and there must be a process of learning from the political class to understand that people cannot take it anymore because they're not i mean they can't live with this sit with this conditions mozambique's main opposition party renamo is rejecting the preliminary
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results of tuesday's general election the results show the ruling party headed for a big victory the european union observers are raising concerns about reports of ballot stuffing at some polling stations also an election observer was shot and killed and others were attacked. for. and there for. had not. this kind of look. and while we're talking elections voters in bolivia will choose their next president on sunday after 14 years in power. a fight on his hands to get reelected his predecessor as interim president is attracting support for condemning what he calls more honest as dictatorial leadership john holman has the story from the. was in past years elections were a walk in the park for ever more rallies livia's 1st indigenous president but this time around his 4th things are on comfortably close with the his campaign slogan is
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a secure future and his socialist policies have always managed to keep the economy growing one of the highest rates in latin america while still so cutting poverty through social programs and on me. he says if reelected plans to keep on doing the young people. will be one we would like to give 5 more years of experience to bolivia so that it continues to grow economically to finish a great project plans like construction of roads and airports. but for the 1st time in a while there's a credible challenger carlos messer the former journalist and prominent intellectual and he's attacking his achilles heel he's questionable commitment to democracy. i was 13 years almost 14 and there's too much it's too much injustice too much corruption and too much authoritarianism that's leading his towards a dictatorship. it all started with moralist his latest reelection bid after 3
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terms in power he needed to change the constitution to run again. he called a referendum to let the people decide now really they said no then he did it anyway . then outraged many and although there are 8 opposition candidates mrs become the figurehead for the discontent but analysts say the former interim president bolivia's loss leader before morale is this if you. policies of his own. a list of the here because they're working for him even though he hasn't done enough it's a protest vote not a convinced vote he doesn't have a political party he hasn't run a campaign if he showed more characters he wouldn't be 8 points down he'd be neck and neck and maybe even beating it will morales a moralist does seem more vulnerable than ever before environmentalist say the recent fires which burned down $5000000.00 hectares of forest were helped along by his government's allowance of slash and burn. allegations of corruption who also
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tainted his movement to socialism party but so far there's only one favor ever more alice is still the frontrunner here and that's because of his handling of the economy which has consistently grown and poverty which has been significantly cut a lot of people still support him but there are question marks about his approach to democracy itself and that's where his rivals are gaining ground. sunday's vote may not be enough to see moralise home if the latest polls are right this could be close enough to go to a 2nd round. john home and. let pass. in argentina opposition presidential candidate alberto finance as is expected to beat the business friendly incumbents. in next week's elections going into the opinion polls at least populous leaning finance business courting voters by promising to resolve the country's deep economic troubles but his vice presidential candidate
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cristina fernandez de kirchner is facing corruption charges stemming from her time as president in 2007 to 2015 she denies any wrongdoing there. a one man river rescue service is credited with saving lives in northern pakistan government leaders are now being pressured to start a full time emergency service after hundreds of pakistanis have drowned in a summer binge of aid has the story. it's one of the most popular tourist spots in pakistan. thousands visit the swat river every year but visitors often misjudge the depth of the rapidly moving water and children swim in the current oblivious of the dangers. hundreds of people have drowned over the years because there are no lifeguards and only one river rescue service. is the man to call when someone falls in or gets swept away but 1st he has to weave through traffic. the glacial melt during summer months is so strong it even sweeps away big holes illegal sand
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mining has left deep ditches in the riverbed and acts like quicksand if someone gets stuck. uses bamboo sticks and rubber to use as a d.i.y. rescue raft. in the rapids for about 100 kilometers this is the only rescue service most of the time he was only 5 wadi. he took over from his father and has been a volunteer for the last 30 years running. afoul more than 300 people who drowned in this river my numbers on social media and with the police in case there's a drowning i take my raft and start searching sometimes i'm lucky and find the person with an hours but sometimes it takes me days. but she is grateful to him for finding the body of his brother who drowned but is angry at the government. minister there was no help from the government rescue services they were incapable of didn't have any specialized gear to operate in the river our family is indebted
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to have helped us without any compensation and recovered my brother if he wasn't helping people no one would find their missing loved ones. some people in swat accuse the government of corruption and failing to provide a rescue service. they haven't provided any kind of facilitation or safety measures in case someone drowns the people who have been hired in the rescue service can even swim so how can they rescue someone. the local government admits that it needs to take action to rescue establishment that are out of the out of their nest program and stop or just illegal mining stored there de pretis you would not be foreign in this way would these out of the $45.00 prongs to a disease on which we are working to get these incidents less and less. in large afraid he might not be able to persuade his son to carry on the voluntary rescue work when he retires. and wants the government to raise awareness and hire
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professionals to save lives some of a job it out of there so after over northern pakistan a direct flight from new york to australia is touched down in sydney as part of quantas as attempts to expand long haul commercial flight q.f. 7879 which is also the type of boeing aircraft used for the test flight took 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach sydney and it had 70 minutes of fuel left in the tank 50 people on board most of them pilots and cabin crew who wore brain monitoring equipment to see how their bodies coped with the time in the air quanta says it could begin the flight commercially in 2022 beijing the current routes of singapore to new york and to oakland as the longest flights in the world small from andrew thomas now at the airport where the plane touched down in sydney. the happening of along a one off flights in the past but if this is from new york city and back becomes a regular shared field service well that would make it the world's longest
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passenger flight on this flights the few passengers that the old sock to business they will have paid so no one had to experience being stuck in the middle of an economy row for almost 20 hours nevertheless the airline quantas carried out experiments on but the passengers and the crew measuring their levels of melatonin for example to say whether they were getting sleepy in flight seeing whether different food at different stages in the flight kept people awake when they wanted them to be awake help and sleep when they want them to state the passengers that i spoke to said it was a very comfortable flight but then with 50 passengers on board only and the ability to walk around the whole of the plane it wasn't exactly representative of what a real flight would be once the airline wants to get they service up and running by about 20202023 but that is subject to a few things not least regulatory approval for a flight of its length they've also got to do a new deal with their pilots pilots are very skeptical about working on such a long flight and they need to negotiate with the union to get that through and then of course the economics of the will have to stock up primarily this is
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probably be a flight to business people traveling between sydney and new york need to get their boss because in the great scheme of things citing 3 hours 3 and a half hours perhaps on the current service a stop through los angeles or houston at the moment well they'll be a premium in terms of price attached to that and not everybody will want to play. and still in australia after a 2 grueling stages the crocodile mountain bike race finished on saturday and we caught up with one of the riders to learn more about his brutal experience my name is martin beside them i'm a race at their corporate trophy. i grew up in austria but cycling was always just a way to commute so i got into mountain biking when i came to australia a car going to be it is a hard race usually they have probably been about 2000 calories here my estimate is around about $8000.00 so big breakfast is important you probably eat well 5 exist opposed to one or 2 the variety of terrain you have here is very unique to this race you have corrugated rows that
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a horrible to ride on because it just shake you to bits you get sandy sections which take the energy right out of you if you're really fast flat things where all of a sudden you know you can fly along and eat up those kilometers and loose rocks the sense with big holes in them where you need to already look ahead a long way to choose your line you need to be concentrated for 7 hours when your mind starts drifting you make mistakes as this is known and it's just on and you just absolutely on fire nothing hurts you don't care about anything you just go go go go go across the finish line. sometimes you high 5 your fellow competitors it's usually a facepalm for you know a handshake then drink and drink and drink and drink to the point where it gets tedious. lamination is my trusted tent go to bed early try to get 78 hours of sleep and get up again in 66 o'clock in the morning and do it all over
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again. take you to the headlines now. piling up on lebanon's prime minister after a christian party quit the coalition government sponge the country into further political turmoil this latest move comes as thousands of people protested for a 3rd day in beirut demanding a revolution i want the government to resign and hold the elections. the u.k. has asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to brag that parliament forced the prime minister bars johnson to send a letter seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote however he didn't sign the letter and also included another document saying an extension would be a mistake. spain's acting prime minister's dismissed catalan leaders call for dialogue independent supporters protested for a 6th consecutive day on saturday angry that 9 of their leaders have been
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imprisoned turkey's president says he will resume an offensive by his forces in northern syria and quote crush kurdish forces if they don't withdraw from the proposed safe zone the truth is largely holding despite both kurdish forces and turkey accusing each other of violations under the deal brokered with the united states kurdish fighters have to leave an area 32 kilometers deep into syria where turkey wants to establish its so-called safe zone. a curfew is in place in parts of chile as capital after more protests over a planned public transport fare hikes president sebastian pinera has now backed down on the hikes but the crowds are still out on the streets that decision to increase fares provokes nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations with subway and bus stations attacked on friday the military was deployed after a state of emergency was declared and a direct flight from new york to australia has touched down in sydney as part of quantity as attempts to expand long haul commercial flight the boeing dreamliner
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aircraft took 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach sydney with 17 minutes of fuel left in the tank it carried 50 people most of them pilots and cabin crew who was brain monitoring equipment and you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next. is there a solution to lebanon's crisis protesters are demanding an overhaul of the political system the prime minister blames rival groups and his government the blocking reforms and has given them 72 hours to find a way out all their hopes for meaningful political and economic change this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm the stasi attacking outraged defiant and united behind a demand for political change lebanese people from all religious and political backgrounds according to the prime minister the president and other leaders to resign they say they want a revolution many criticizing their own political leaders something unprecedented in a country divided by sectarianism 2 days and nights of the largest protests in years was sparked by tax reforms including charging to use phone calls on the social media said this whatsapp that plan was quickly scrapped but there are other longstanding grievances they include high unemployment constant electricity shortages poor infrastructure and corruption the protests are a challenge to the unity government and prime minister saad hariri he's blaming
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parties in his coalition obstructing reforms required to unlock $11000000000.00 in aid pledged by international donors. i'm giving our partners in the government a very short deadline 72 hours to give us a solution that can convince us and the people in the streets and our international partners correspondents anahata has more from beirut. day 3 of the protests people are still defiant despite a government crackdown security forces and the army on late friday used heavy handed tactics to disperse the crowd and forcibly open highways which were blocked by burning tires people here continue to demand the resignation of the government they chant told us our revolution revolution but it's easier said than done because the response from the ruling alliance has been we are clinging on to power the
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hezbollah and the hezbollah movement which to me leads the ruling alliance the message from the secretary general was very clear you cannot topple the ruling alliance people here were very angry they consider this as a challenge as a veiled threat saying that if we decide to protest the balance of power will change so basically dismissing the 10s of thousands of people who have been out on the streets demanding for better economic conditions hezbollah's the solution is that the government officials will find another way apart from taxing the poor to raise much needed government revenues but people here want a change in the system but in the words of hasan nasrallah even if there is a new government it will be the same political forces that will make up this government that to a certain extent there is a reality to that because the political elites they've been ruling this country for decades there's really no alternative the civil society has tried to make some sort of a comeback but they haven't been able to to do that so it seems officials are working
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behind the scenes to find some sort of a compromise people here will not be appeased by that definitely but then we could probably expect a security forces to even use even more heavy high. tactics in order to con the street so really difficult times and i know it's unclear what is going to follow but what is clear the balance of power is in the hands of the they really are for it to. center for their for inside story. well let's take a look at some of lebanon's problems levanon has the world's 3rd highest debt level and more than a 3rd of under 30 five's are unemployed the government is accused of failing to provide basic services with domestic waste piling up in the streets and generators needed to overcome electricity blackouts lebanese were further infuriated when the government needed foreign help to battle the west wildfires in decades because firefighting helicopters were grounded long running political instability has shaken investor confidence and made it harder to revive the economy that's led to
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shortages of dollars and threatened pensions another drain on the economy is looking off to one and a half 1000000 syrian war refugees well let's have a listen to what some of the protesters in the streets have been saying. there is no future for jobs and this is not acceptable anymore we have stood up for a long time and now it's time to talk and this is the goal of this was the these people did not take to the streets to cause riots and chaos but to express their pain is suffering caused by this political situation that none of. the regime must be toppled from the top of the pyramid it's not useful if just one goes away we're hungry and tired we have no social security we don't have anything i don't believe that this city did the because i'm 60 years old every day i go to beirut just so i can feed my family these politicians pass in front of me and no one looks at me we want to overthrow the government the regime in the parliament.
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well let's introduce our panel of guests who are all in lebanon's capital beirut so by skype we have my yahia who is the director of the khan again middle east santa ana corey a political activist and a. also by skype sami nada an economist and also director of the 11th institute for strategic affairs welcome to you all well run it starting with you these problems have been going on for some time now what's been the tipping point what sports you all out onto the streets i think 1st hello and thank you for having me i think there is. a lot of. bad performance a lot of belittling of the people's minds throughout the years and i think the people who are ready to say we had enough they were ready because they clearly had enough more poverty less freedom more oppression it was too much now a lot of people are linking it to the decision of or the discussion within the government of the what's up tax i think this is just another tax that the people
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said we've had enough of we're not going to pay the price we're not responsible of the bad management of this economy it's been going on for years we gave this mandated 3 years as a chance it's just collapse even more and that's it say it was i don't think that was the main reason i think the whole performance of the government and then there was a lot of. bad decisions one after the other a lot of bad. behavior with the people a lot of activists were put throughout the year 2160 activists and journalists were asked to come to secure to the security forces into a geisha just because of the facebook status more taxes no employment very bad behavior towards the people i think all of this have had to come out 20 well you mentioned bad economic management there and i was taking a look at the numbers and they're pretty extraordinary lebanon's public debt is now
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equal to more than a 153 percent of g.d.p. the 3rd highest level in the wild so dollar reserves depleted the country is now staring down the barrel of a possible devaluation of the lira sammy how did we get here we did it to you because for the a year in a row that started in 2011 you have this. very delicate situation and that's just it your sense that when deficit i mean on one side you have the budget deficit with shared each. that he. what are the levers on the budget of the balance of payment you'll have more. dollars or 4 accountancy getting out of the country than getting in this that to the situation we're where we are today and plus you have a good source which is badly did not increase one percent so we are back b.p. and for that 8 year in a row and then in a deep recession and this is 10 stated by
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a high number of unemployment this what takes the people to the street today but the absence of 34 was the one major reason why this bunch of budget deficit kept growing and widening deficit balance of payment now what's very important and this is one major slogan and the. they want that change of strategy and one they say they want the change in job that is they need that change or step cotton the prevailing operating system which is stick steady and base what we call in that a big news on what hossa whereby the political forces in in the 6 get him to do all day articulate and think i am seeing that pressure that he forces a country this is the stick that you know there's you know the other face of
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corruption well i do want to ask a little more about the economic crisis and then we're going to move on to some of the other political issues because i i understand that have really has been doing the rounds and paris obvious abhi trying to off the money to to solve some of these problems and both western governments and gulf countries seem to be not terribly wanting to bail batteries out again so is this a case of government saying to bear it enough is enough. very much so i think it's saying to the current ruling elite these are you get your act together particularly i think the position of european governments there was a you know. mccann ism that's what established a couple of years ago too and around 11000000000 were pledged to lebanon through sad some of them were grand some of them were soft loans long term soft loans with
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favorable interest rates none of this funding has been released because it's contingent on reform until now that the form has not been forthcoming so what the message that they wrote is getting is enough is enough you need to get your act together you need to undertake painful but necessary forms. in order to for the something to be released and in order for us to continue supporting the country now for the international community to their core they're sort of all support the tween a rock and a hard place because they're obviously much other not have another failed state on their hands in this region but at the same time there's been so much support coming to lebanon all of the past few decades. and much of this continues to be mismanaged both economically and politically well there's no yes right and i think
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unless unless these reports are undertaken we're not going to see any funding coming this where there has been it really is conventional rattling on these issues for some time now though but now we're hearing the word unprecedented in relation to these protests so stay with you talk me through what's different this time around because i know we've seen kids coming out with with families in the streets we've had people calling out their own sectarian leaders by name so talk us through what's different that we're seeing now. i think what's very different are a couple of things one is the spread and the location of these protests they're happening across national territory and not just in the main cities there where they were very spontaneous so it's not a political party that's been calling for people to take this to the streets and perhaps most importantly is we're seeing criticism of the political leadership coming from the community that they're supposed to. be in control
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offs so we're seeing protests against the will of those hezbollah and the animals men from within the shia community the same within the christian community within the sunni community. where people going to the streets have been saying this is not about religion it's not about sex actually you want to bring down this sectarian regime that this of the sectarian political regime we're fed up and the way sectarianism has been used by the political elite to siphon off funds from the state in a sense what sammy described as his arm of the house i saw i mean you get to peace and i get a decent return so i think these are the things that are very much i'm president of and that sense they're also let's not forget they're an accumulation i mean this is coming at a certain ticking point for the country we've been there's been a lot of the session of a potential economic collapse and the country people are scared they're worried
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that if the euro collapses then this means their savings will be wiped out the future of they won't be able to provide for their children their for the church of their own children will be in jeopardy not to mention that their own. already precarious standards of living will plummet down once more figure that was least a few weeks ago that the public school system has seen an 18th. cent increase in woman by lebanese kids this is an indication because historically lebanese families that provide have preferred a private school system this is one small indication that they can no longer afford to send their children to private schools and it tells you it's also an indication of how their spreadsheets and power and their spending power is deteriorating basically well there are clearly a lot of issues and ron i'm going to come to you now because these protests that
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are dealing with some of these issues well all of these issues are leaderless it's a social movement by my understanding so far so how unified are the protesters and how concrete are the demands of all these protesters and i understand that this is about calling for an end to the entire political system but but is there a suggestion about what an alternative would be. so i think what what unites the protestors and this is very important is the general of the suffering of all of lebanon and this is very important what we are seeing is there was a gravitation of the different sectarian political leaders the people have been very clement to try this new deal that brought president on to the presidency between hezbollah between heavy between our own and other parties as well it's not working the gap is getting bigger and bigger they're only getting richer they're only getting more oppressive towards the people and the people are getting poorer they are getting more oppressed and this is not working there is
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a solution of course there is an economic solution i'm sure sami neither has a lot to say in this but 1st thing we are saying we are not being as people for the taxes that the rich can't be people with profits can't be banks can't be an economy can't pay so we will not pay for this bad management and now we are seeing there is in need for the government of all this this man they the government because this government represents the whole political class from the president to hezbollah to haiti and the rest we want them to resign we want a government that cares about the people to come and find a solution to this horrendous crisis we are in and then we take it further from there we're not saying this is very easy but we are saying this is possible and it's possible there are a lot of good people in this country that care about this country that could take it a step because where we are now is the rock bottom right mark coming to you but i believe we have just lost sami nada so we are going to continue this discussion with just you and rana picking up there on what ron
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a was saying is this about changing the people in government or changing the whole political system itself because there aren't that many alternatives on the table by my understanding i think changing the people in government will go much. the same political elite that's been running the government the country for the last since the end of the su. war in 199-989-1900 it's pretty much the same political elite so removing them and bringing some other people who are affiliated with will not do much in all honesty. the call to have a took technocratic government i.e. a government made of experts also will not do much because unless we have a very solid political backing for them in a way that will allow them to undertake the kind of reforms to the painful reforms that are needed structural reforms to the way the country is governed both
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politically and economically then that'll work pretty much either so the alternatives really is to change the system but i don't think i mean to my mind i think it's very difficult to change the system under the current circumstances so what i would see is some sort of incremental steps towards that goal and this is something i think that needs to be discussed thoughts flew a lot more clearly in terms of what the steps would look like how one how would one go about all the warning system that is at heart. a climb to listed with a clear identity in other words the sectarian power sharing is deeply ingrained in the within within the climb to the networks of the country and that have been does are responsible for siphoning the country's
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financial resources so i think that there is a fundamental challenge there and the impasse we find ourselves and today is not one that is easily so mountable the question to my mind is what will the next steps be on the part of the government hasn't israel has made his 1st comment since these protests began. let's take a lesson when actually they are well not it's wrong to see that the government has no other choice than imposing taxes if we call perigee give priority to the economic state we'll be able to see our country we don't want the government to resign if it does it will take one or 2 years to form a new one and the economic crisis will worsen so he's clearly saying no resignations there but he's also been calling for a plan and which the rich poor leaders and banks would sacrifice to end the crisis what does he mean by that and is that likely 1st what does it mean it will take 2
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years to form a new government whose it if they have good faith and they are saying we can't go have a date all of them said it there are veto powers inside the government we are not being able to serve the people the way we should so who is this it who will make what will take one or 2 years to form a government that cares about the people what we are saying is you have to resign now the mend it needs to end right now it's an era that didn't work we want a new government new people in power that will make us get out of this crisis and yes there is an economic way of getting back money of taking money that is not from the people we talked about progressive taxes we spoke about taxes on profits of the banks we spoke about the rent is economy and how there are a lot of apartments that are empty in this in this city alone in beirut i'm sure in the rest of lebanon as well there are properties on the seashore that are illegal that could be taxed as well all of this could happen we can stop putting people in
9:42 am
jail for their opinions we can stop now yesterday people were put in jail and now there were people who were arrested right now because they were protesting we can stop doing that in new government if there is a good faith from the people because the people in power and this is also something we have to understand yes they were elected in the. meant to be elections but this doesn't mean that people are not angry and this doesn't mean that people voted for many reasons and this doesn't mean that today we have the right to say we've had enough and this collaboration of these sectarian leaders is not working it didn't work it created a war it's not working it's created poverty it's it's a bunch of corrupted mafia leading the country so what hezbollah is saying is a bit weird taking into account that they are part of the same class of political leaders of political elite they are ministers they are in the parliament they are
9:43 am
in other situations in this government so we can't the when when they talk about not taking responsibility they should be the 1st one as well taking this responsibility and say it's not working we have to get out tomorrow one of the other things that nasrallah said was that if hezbollah then takes to the streets the supporters of hezbollah that would change the balance of power on the streets and they have already been reports of militia men from other political factions trying to confront or intimidate protesters so how real is the threat of a confrontation on the streets as you see it i think we see confrontations on the streets with or we're only seeing it and some parts of the south of lebanon for example here we've been getting a lot of reports this morning and swore that. some of the gunmen have been taking to the streets intimate and intimidating protesters however this is not going i mean that there is a small genie that's been at out of the bag people are not intimidated anymore
9:44 am
they're not scared to say we know you've been. you know stealing from us for decades now we may see the same phenomena in other parts of the country where the diehard supporters of the current political elites will stand for their sectarian representatives however what's wrong i was saying. which is there is a need for new blood new faces ame government there is there there is a desperate need for a new approach to the political and economic governance of the country we are at an impasse but it doesn't mean that there is no way out if you like in addition to the things that's why i mentioned there are lots of fundamental reforms that can be done within the current budget that would reduce the budget deficit in a substantial way these things are not being done because the current political leadership is still using state funds the projects that are run by state
9:45 am
institutions as well as the institutions as a way to siphon off funding for its own purposes this is coming at a time also when the you know there's a global financial or the the decline and on the economic front regionally the region is in considerable charm or in the traditional sources of funding memorandums here i am going to interrupt you there because i and i have one last very quick question and we are running out of time and i would i do want to ask ron of this if in the next 72 hours or as this deadline passes and if they manage to find some kind of agreement and they unlock this $11000000000.00 of magic money that could solve some problems will the protests stop them run a very briefly yes or no if this happens that they have been fooling us for the past 3 years of this mandate and they have getting people poorer and poorer and
9:46 am
oppressing people whereby they can find solutions in 72 hours and if this happens then this is a big lie and then this is what they have been doing for 3 years is actually the most hypocritical government that ever existed we've tried them for 3 years for 30 years as mass said after the civil war our generation is not paying the price for what's being done before we want a change and we were. until now we have nothing more to lose nothing and that's where we'll leave our discussion today will continue watching all of this very closely thanks to all of our guests my yahia runa corey and sammy nada who was with us earlier and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter and our handle is at a.j. inside story for meanest r.c.t. and the whole team here.
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on march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing's boss descending aircraft immobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the globe fault lines investigates system failure the boeing crashes on al-jazeera. to.
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go. in 1982 egypt and israel built on that drivel wedged between the neighboring communities of sinai and gaza. al-jazeera world has us in stories from those who are among the light of the division. gaza sinai and the war. on al jazeera. i'm kemal santa maria here in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the pressure is piling up on lebanon's prime minister after a christian party quits the coalition government it plunges the country further
9:49 am
into political turmoil the latest move comes as thousands of people again protested a 3rd day now in beirut demanding a revolution they want the government to resign and to hold early elections his latest round of protests triggered by a government decision to impose a tax on the use of whatsapp stephanie deca has more from beirut. we did see the biggest numbers on the streets particularly in the evening that have been out in the last 3 days and of course yesterday last night we were there as well when the army used strong crowd dispersal methods tear gas water cannons to disperse them it didn't stop them they're out in full force a real party atmosphere today people singing a lot of insults being thrown at particular politicians wanting the government to fall you mentioned there in your intro said he is one of the. main part of the political debate lebanese political landscape he says he's told his ministers to
9:50 am
pull out of the government therefore ministers it's not going to cause a collapse of the government as of yet but it is the 1st sort of political fallout of this wave of protests are going to have to wait and see this 48 hours to go more or less until that deadline ends its head he had placed him but certainly the momentum is there come all the people are out and they say they're going to come back they're actually going to stay is what they're saying we'll have to wait and see if they're all going to stay overnight i'm sure some will and then there's really protests tomorrow and then monday again a day strike being called to keep the pressure up remember banks have been closed shops are closed around these areas this is having a massive effect also on an economy that is already pretty crippled so there is a lot of pressure on the politicians to get some kind of a solution you know the headlines the u.k. has asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to brag that parliament forced prime minister boris johnson to send a letter seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote but he didn't sign melissa and he also included known another
9:51 am
document saying an extension would be a mistake and outside the parliament hundreds of thousands of people converged to demand a 2nd referendum protesters traveled from all over the country many cheering as the prime minister's deal to leave the european union was too late. spain's acting prime minister has dismissed council on leaders call for dialogue pro independence supporters are angry that 9 of their leaders have been imprisoned charlie angela has moved from bustling up. with the mood here is very on stage for the protesters who are establishing freedom political forces everyone counting the police some who are only $0.05 and take afghanistan to stay on track think of this as a yes to retaliate son protests of even come up trying to antagonize the police to be paid back into the crowd one of their own the sons of the we are peaceful people
9:52 am
who are now sitting down because the police have announced that they will start advancing on this well now behind me are thousands. i see more exits to the square i think you know so when they move forward that is going to be a bit of a scrum the hotels in the businesses have locked the doors they sucked up. the sauces and that a lot of the windows have been nice and bear in mind i think. there is an area that idea these protesters would join by thousands will they see them and see who said that while they had started their protests against those sentences handed down to the codefendant scotland was on the monday they were now very concerned about the police brutality that they had seen on friday penney's responded to a protest with rubber bullets and tear gas into 150 protesters 3 of me and now in critical condition and as a curfew in place in parts of chile its capital after more protests over planned
9:53 am
public transport fare hikes president sebastian pinera is now back down on the high expect crowds was still out on the streets the decision to increase fares provoked nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations another check on the headlines in iran half and all next the head to head with the house on. the world watched as nelson mandela head of the african national congress party the a.n.c. ushered south africa out of apartheid and into a democratic era where here our determination appeared as so certain which it. can be proud of. but while the new constitution guarantees
9:54 am
equal rights to all after 25 years of a.n.c. rule south africa is now the most unequal country. critics say one common denominator looms large corruption. my guest tonight has played a key role in south africa's modern history. from the time fighting apartheid to her role as south africa's deputy president a.n.c. and speaker of the national assembly. presided over what has been called the period of chaos in. folks that i now know the detectives on a number of my lamb my you out off on back so as the a.n.c. betrayed mandela's legacy will new president cyril ramaphosa set it back on the right track amid the house and i've come here to the oxford union to go head to head with bullock and bet they ask how successfully she thinks the a.n.c.
9:55 am
transition from a liberation movement to a ruling party and whether critics are right to say that it demands loyalty to itself above the country. i'll also be joined by andrew feinstein former south african politician and author of off to the party a personal journey inside and see he's. director of corruption watch u.k. a cozy koza known as an anti corruption politician who resigned from the n.c. in 2017 after calling for then president zuma to step down and call on the founder of south africa business abroad and member of the a.n.c. . ladies and gentlemen please welcome mr blecher and better. returning from exile the embattled became secretary general of a.n.c. women's league and rose through the ranks of the african national congress to
9:56 am
become one of the party's top 6 that. i. it's been 25 years since the end of apartheid there's no doubt your country has come a long way in that time but at the same time the sad reality many would say is that the past decade of a.n.c. rule has been a lost and wasted decade has. no because for me even every difficulty every mistake everything is a lesson and therefore an opportunity to do better so it hasn't been a lost decade you know because that's the view of cyril ramaphosa the current a.n.c. president of south africa called it a lost and wasted decade i don't agree but he isn't just the president others have gone much further than him the nelson mandela foundation has talked about the systematic looting that has taken place in south africa archbishop desmond tutu
9:57 am
said as far back as 2011 that the a.n.c. was quote worse than the apartheid government because he said at least you were expecting it with the apartheid government it's pretty damning. in there remember that moment when the shop said that and when we need team he doesn't really sound like that i'm saying maybe. the wrong things have happened yes people have done wrong things but that doesn't mean it's on lost it's all the a.n.c. will be remembered for fighting for racial equality. but in economic terms when we talk about inequality the world bank says that south africa today is the most unequal nation on earth that's a pretty embarrassing title for your country to hold as a must see it is very harsh but i wonder whether it's not an exaggeration i really think that we must see both good and bad it can be said by the world bank
9:58 am
the world bank is not god and therefore just because they have said it i mean there is not between god and the world. those are extremes. there are an institution of study of all i'm not sure they are some south africa they are all human beings and your country came bottom they not human beings i don't know you know if that their verdict is now i don't believe so and we must keep improving on what we discover is the weakness that we have is corrupt and one of those big weakness is corruption is one of the reasons why we have the commission that is going on where we are sane let it all come out because we need to know what is wrong how wrong it is who did what your acting like you were a passer by or an observer you were in the thick of all of this you know in the a.n.c. you were the chair you were the speaker in parliament you were the deputy president this happened on your watch these questions so for example back in 2017 your n.c.
9:59 am
colleague provin gordon was sucked as finance minister by then president jacob zuma he said at the time 152250 1000000000 rand or $11.00 to $15000000000.00 u.s. dollars had been looted from the state why didn't you speak out at the time and join with him to call out that looting ours right maidie and we were discussing this. issues every t. at that time with seized with them that is why we decided we need for these things to be investigated and we need for it to happen publicly in the open so that we get to know what exactly is the problem you're removing that no one knew anything that we're just discovering this not the state capital what's called state capture in south africa this idea that associates of the president and other powerful people took over utility companies energy companies state institutions that happened in full view of everyone's eyes actually know what things were not
10:00 am
happening in view of everybody finance minister there are many issues i'm learning for the 1st time in the past few months in terms of corruption in terms of how bad things were something that happened we don't need an investigation because i've been lots of investigations was the scandal involving then president zuma zone a state. homestead where nearly $23000000.00 u.s. dollars or $246000000.00 round of taxpayers' money was spent on what president zuma described a security upgrades which included a swimming pool and an amphitheater i'm curious what kind of security was the swimming pool providing the van president of south africa where a minister was in charge of that investigation and in his view that was not as we mean this is the police minister the president there then he put out a video to classical music in which he described the swimming pool as
10:01 am
a fire prevention measure. he did. that's their part to according to you and you accepted that.


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