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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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i'll take the police some go on fox and take afghanistan. with me because they get to retaliate on protests even come up trying to antagonize them to be told that into the crowd one of their other songs is being we are peaceful people now sitting down because the police have announced that they will start advancing on this but now behind me are 1000. and 2 more exits to the square you know so when they move forward it's going to be a bit of a scrum the hotels in the businesses have led to a tough talk about the sauces but a lot of the windows have not to bear in mind that this is a. very very. these protests is joined by thousands more these demonstrators who said that while they had started the protest against those sentences handed down to the codependents council and leaders on the
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monday they were now very concerned about police brutality that they had seen on friday penney's responded to a protest with rubber bullets and tear gas into 150 protesters 3 of me and now in critical condition still had on al-jazeera. chile's government crackdown on protests over transport fare hikes in the capital we'll have the latest from santiago. i mean take you on and on usually tough and bumpy ride down under. and over some heavy rain across the southeast of the united states old tied to tropical storm ernesto this is it but it's moving quite swiftly across the southeast is really where the main weather is over the next couple of days. but if
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you can see by sunday it really does pick up a pace and actually eventually it'll push out into the west of the atlantic so just sitting off the coast of the eastern seaboard so it'll produce more rain showers some heavy at times across this particular portion macare not quite nasty in the southeast in the meantime the threat of heavy rain and tornadoes and very strong winds at about 60 kilometers an hour out towards the west that's where we got the the snow piling into the rockies and then by monday as it works its way east and actually feeds into this much warm as the temperatures of course still a little bit cooler but even so the clash of that cold air and the more east woman to the east doesn't mean because he's in severe thunderstorms right the way along this line of rain right there down there into southern areas of texas and slightly plenty of scattered thunderstorms across areas of the caribbean and central america some fairly heavy showers through panama up towards the nicaragua not a bad day sunday across much of guatemala the yucatan peninsula but plenty of rain into southern and western areas of mexico and that really stays pretty much the
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same as we head through monday. this to. make heroes of you be sure to africa the middle east. to a stage play to make sure. they can make sure it still makes the state of the company splits to. be excited to be sure to say. to. these fees. make your.
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project al-jazeera let's break out the top stories right now that of the lebanese christian forces party mayor announced his ministers would resign from the coalition government the news was celebrated by thousands protesting for a 3rd night and calling for political change the u.k. has asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to parliament force prime minister boris johnson to send a letter seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote he did not sign the letter though it also included another document saying an extension would be a mistake spain's acting prime minister has dismissed cataloging leaders call for dialogue pro independent supporters are angry that 9 of their leaders have been in prison. for his president has vowed to cross on with his offensive and northern syria and crush kurdish forces if they don't withdraw from the proposed safe zone the truce is largely holding despite both kurdish forces and turkey accusing each other of violations under a deal brokered with the u.s.
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kurdish by. others have to leave an area 32 kilometers deep into syria work turkey wants to establish its so-called safe zone raja typewriter wants says he will resume the offensive at the fighters don't withdraw by tuesday evening charles trafford has more for. turkey syria border volunteers and medics say that off to being repeatedly denied access by turkish backed forces to the town of russell i know they were eventually allowed in and able to evacuate some of the injured from the hospital there and also deliver medical aid now there have been sporadic clashes in the town the wider cease fire across the border area though it does seem to be holding has been a statement made by the s.d.f. the kurdish forces commander muslim abdi he's accusing turkey of scuppering this us brokered deal by not allowing kurdish fighters out of the city of russell and we've
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spoken to some of the syrian fighters in there and they dates say well they say the kurdish forces are refusing to leave their positions meanwhile president or the one who has has reiterated his threats that if those kurdish fighters do not leave the proposed safety zone by the end of choose date nights then turkish military operations will resume. south sudan's opposition leader it was shar has returned to the country to meet with president salvage here both sides are expected to discuss outstanding issues just less than a month before their deadline to form a transitional government in morgan as the latest from juba. opposition leader rex much power is in south sudan for his 3rd visit since of these deal was signed between him and south sudan's leader salva kiir mayardit last year in sudan's capital out of tune that the 2 sides are expected to meet to discuss a number of outstanding issues ahead of the formation of a transitional unity government on november 12th and those issues include the
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number of states as well as security arrangements which the opposition leader says is vital to be completed ahead of his return to make him feel safe to come and found that transitional unity government in november. doctorate meszaros here based on an invitation from the president to meet the un security council in members of the african union peace and security council in prison kiran rick michelle will also said i have it today or tomorrow to discuss issues related to the peace agreement and we confirm that the 2 sides are ready to talk and resolve all outstanding issues for the sake of stability in south sudan now this comes at a time when south sudan itself is mediating talks between sudan's transitional government and various groups the 2 sides have signed a roadmap to start negotiating after the official peace talks were launched here in the south sudanese capital juba on monday but they are yet to get to the core issues of the negotiations which include humanitarian access political arrangements
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and security arrangements and this comes as the 2 sides say that they want to reach a peace deal before the end of the year for the prime minister who was appointed recently and who has pledged to make sure that peace is achieved within the 1st 6 months of the 39 month transitional period. by sandbanks main opposition party has rejected drafting the plymouth results of the tuesday the general election on tuesday their results show the ruling for limo party headed for a major victory the european union observers are raising concerns about reports of ballot stuffing at some polling stations and election observer was shot and killed and others attacked. as president trump s scrapped a plan to host next year's g. 7 summit at his golf resort in florida a decision was criticized when it was announced on thursday democrats and others accused him of misusing his office for personal gain and a tweet trump called the pushback crazed and irrational hostility he now says his
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officials will begin looking for a new site for the meeting and put forward the presidential retreat at camp david as a possibility. huge crowds answer the call of argentinean president to gather in the capital on saturday he's hoping to defy opinion polls and win next week's election against the presidential challenger alberto fernandez who beat him heavily in the primary vote and august traceable reports from going to size. thank you it was called the 1000000 march hundreds of thousands of people gathering in the center of one a scientist to saying yes we can. and show their support for argentina's precedent . that. i have terror if parent is and comes back we are here to defend the republic because if the others come back they will destroy everything the others are opposition leader of the for a man this and former president cristina fernandez a kershner from the peronist party. presidential elections are one week away and
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everything shows that what is called the fed and then this forum and this formula will win the show it's going to be extremely difficult i mean when we are coming right back even though even the country and. the camera the evaluation of it. by it makes it a week ago it. was. in august the primary election results show that there was at least a 15 point difference between fundamentalists and machree some say the difference could be bigger next time but markey believes they can turn the results around january will more jobs we have seen their attitude in previous governments of rests with arrogance with the way they have of conceiving power that so many of his reject enough of that corsair us came from venezuela 2 years ago he says he's afraid that if cristina kirchner comes back argentina will follow the steps of
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venezuela with a populist government that he says could become increasingly authoritarian we're going to go from there and i'm here to support argentina because this is a wonderful country and i don't want it to end up like us argentina is in the middle of a new economic crisis and that's the main reason i would lose next week but on saturday there were millions who believed his still has a chance. a court has come into effect in capital following protests about planned price rises for public transport presents a bash in painter a has backed out on the increase fares but crowds are still out on the streets the decision provoked nearly 2 weeks of violent demonstrations and led to a state of emergency and called on friday soldiers continue to patrol the streets it's the 1st time the military has been deployed since the end of the augusta pinochet dictatorship in 1984 hey said they would manage a chill and social researcher from the university of cambridge if lames the
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government for not listening to your protester concerns this should be a political dialogue this should be certain some sort of. agreements table too to talk about of these 2 maybes to bag with this issue of pricing the 1st of the of the metro that cost all of this but actually that is just tip of the iceberg many things will be defined in the events of this next 3 days or so because we have tanks in the streets we didn't see that in the last 30 years we have the militaries in the streets so that might happen something really really damaging for the future of this conversations but the must be some compensation and there must be a process of learning from all the political class to understand that people cannot take it anymore because they're not mean they can't live with this to do with this conditions. oil spilled in waters off for zillah has washed up on beaches beaches
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of the popular tourist destination now but usually pristine santa forte dekel anus in her number state has been marred by stick black sludge sticky sludge oil has been contaminated the country's beaches for more than a month now brazil's environmental star has claimed venezuela or the disaster a direct flight from new york to australia has touched down in sydney as part of quantas attempts to push the limits of commercial flight the boeing dreamliner aircraft take 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach sydney carry 50 people who are brain monitoring equipment to see how their bodies cope with the extended time in the air qantas hopes to be again flying the new york to sydney route commercially by 2022 points that happens to be the world's longest commercial passenger air service andrew thomas has more from the airport where the plane touched down in sydney. the whomping of a longer one off flights in the past but if this is for new york city and back
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becomes a regular scheduled service well that would make it the world's longest passenger flights on this flights the 2 passengers that the well to business they will have one but so no one had to experience being stuck in the middle of an economy row for almost 20 hours nevertheless the airline quantas carried out experiments on but the passengers and the crew measuring the levels of metal total and for example to see whether they were getting sleepy in flight seeing whether different food at different stages in the flight kept people awake when they wanted them to be awake help them sleep when they want them to sleep the passengers that i spoke to said it was a very comfortable flight for them with 50 passengers on board only and the ability to walk around the whole of the plane it wasn't exactly representative of what a real flight would be once the allan wants to get they service up and running by about 20202023 but that is subject to a few things not least regulatory approval for a flight of this length they've also got to do a new deal with their pilots pilots who are skeptical about working on such a long flight and they need. on the go see it with the union to get that through
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and then of course the economics of the world have to stock up primarily though this is probably be a flight to business people travelling between sydney and new york need to get their boss because in the great scheme of things saving 3 hours 3 and a half hours perhaps on the current service is top 3 los angeles or houston at the moment well they'll be a premium in terms of price attached to that and not everybody will want to pay. geoffrey thomas is the editor in chief of airline ratings dot com he says people would happily pay a premium for a direct flight to the point of how popular the series the perth to london service which is nonstop of course as we know the large sector of the corpus is achieving on that slide is 92 percent and in premium class is 94 percent so it's extremely popular and people are there's enough people buying a bit more of a premium and people in a company premium economy also it's the best way to go they really like it because there are people who just want to go nonstop and there are people who want to stop
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so you know this is enough market there for buzz cuts of services the certainly more and more nonstop so writing up the boeing 787 which is just the perfect sauce which qatar airways has about 60 yards it's a perfect size airplane to these norms these new nonstop routes and since it was introduced into service they 787 has opened up almost 'd 200 new routes that were never served before so the economics of the airplane and the fact that extend these nonstop flights is really ticking boxes and it's now one of one of the most demanding bike races in the world after a grueling stages and 650 kilometers the crocodile my mountain bike race has wrapped up in australia they caught up with one of the riders to learn more about this brutal experience. my name is not to be so that i'm a race a cork about trophy i grew up in austria but cycling was always just
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a way to commute so i got into mountain biking when i came to australia according to trophy it is a hard race usually they have probably been about 2000 calories he my estimate is around about $8000.00 so big breakfast is important you probably equal 5 pigs is opposed to one or 2 for the variety of terrain you have here is very unique to this race you have corrugated rows did a horrible so right on this it just shakes you to bits you get sandy sake sions which take the energy right out of you really fast flat things where all of a sudden you know you can why along it eat up those kilometers and loose rocks the sense with big holes in them where you need to already look ahead a long way to choose your line you need to be concentrated for 7 hours when your mind starts drifting you make mistakes as this is zone and it's just on and you just absolutely on fire nothing hurts you don't care about anything you just go go go go go across the finish line. sometimes you high 5 your fellow
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competitors it's usually a facepalm for you know i had jake then drink and drink and drink and drink to the point wait gets tedious. lamination is my light truck but then go to bed early try to get 78 hours of sleep and get up again and 66 o'clock in the morning and do it over again. and we shall carry until hobbes at the top stories on al jazeera for ministers and lebanon's collection government are set to resign adding to the turmoil on the streets ahead of the lebanese christian forces parties and their a guest says he did not believe the current government could push through economic reforms and there's a celebrated by thousands of protesters who want the entire government to quit. the u.k. is asked the e.u. for a 3 month extension to bracks that parliament forced prime minister boris johnson
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to send a letter seeking a delay after he lost a crucial vote he did not sign the letter sending another document saying an extension would be a mistake spain's acting prime minister has dismissed cattle on leaders call for dialogue pro independence supporters are angry that 9 of their leaders have been imprisoned. turkey's president has about your press on with his offense have been northern syria and crushed kurdish forces if they don't withdraw from the proposed safe zone the truce is largely holding despite both kurdish forces and turkey accusing each other of violations under a deal brokered with the us kurdish forces have to leave an area 32 kilometers deep into syria where turkey wants to establish its so-called safe zone. police afraid around $150.00 students in northern nigeria who say they were subjected to abuse the schooling to do not claim to be teaching the koran it is the 4th rescue operation in the past month the total number of students freed from religious
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schools to more than a 1000 a curfew has come into effect and capital following protests about planned price rises for public transport president sebastian pinera has backed down on the increase fares but the crowds are still out on the streets the decision provoked nearly 2 weeks of violent demonstrations and led to a state of emergency being called on friday. a direct flight from new york to australia has touched down in sydney as part of quanta says attempts to push the limits of commercial flight the boeing dreamliner aircraft tick 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach sydney carry 50 people who wore brand monitoring equipment that's because qantas is trying to test the effects of this on the potty they hope by 2022 to have a direct flight from new york to sydney once that happens it would be the world's largest commercial passenger air service. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera counting the cost is next. told to notice their own.
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they don't believe in a 2 state solution the deal you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that are on the edges their own. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the 7 word tweet that proved too much for beijing the n.b.a. counts the cost as china silences critics and access to its 14 trillion dollar economy. a few years back you could rent an oil tanker for less than the price of hiring a ferrari prices though an hour soaring will tell you why. the laziest fish farmers face hefty financial losses as pollution destroys the coastline.
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president donald trump called it a substantial phase one agreement but any talk of a truce of the trade war is pretty wide of the mark washington hasn't removed any tariffs and got a little relief for its famous beijing got crucial access to pork after its pig farmers were decimated by swine flu substantive issues still remain and there's an ongoing economic war in all but name washington slams $28.00 chinese tech companies with sanctions for their part of the repression of weaker muslims meantime beijing is using access to the chinese market as a weapon against those who criticize its policies and handling of hong kong protests the n.b.a. was the latest to step into the chinese quagmire as a serious rob matheson reports from beijing. he sees one of the fastest ways for u.s. basketball to risk. losing billions of dollars of chinese investment has been
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a 7 word tweet daryl morey general manager of the houston rockets n.b.a. team voiced his support for hong kong protesters now chinese companies have been suspending sponsorship deals and t.v. coverage from n.b.a. games player and. we can no longer watch rocky smashers so i think a lot of rockets fans will be very sad but of course this matter involves a state level issues so we can't allow this to happen but the u.s. national basketball association has had a presence in china for more than 30 years it's estimated about 300000000 people in china regularly played basketball a few months ago the chinese company 10 cent spend over one and a half $1000000000.00 securing the rights to continue streaming n.b.a. games in china for the next 5 years and that's good news for about $500000000.00 chinese basketball fans who regularly watch those matches in 2018 it's estimated
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that the n.b.a. is market in china was worth $4000000000.00. china sensitivity about the hong kong protests hasn't just affected the n.b.a. a video game or was banned by gaming company activision blizzard for apparently supporting the hong kong demonstrations blizzard has insisted its decision was based on gaming rules and not on its china connections a chief economist at swiss bank has u.b.s. said in a podcast that an outbreak of swine flu in china would only matter to chinese pigs parts of china's financial sector called the comments distasteful and racist other companies including gap clothing marriott hotels and the daimler car group have been forced to apologize to china i think defend their your mindset. in the western country you said 3 dumb of speach. in china we also have freedom of speech. but some areas. shouldn't types but
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deeply. bottom line china seems to be saying that for those who rely on its money there are some lines which cannot be crossed joining us now via skype from manchester in the u.k. simon chadwick simon is a professor of sports enterprise at seoul for business school in manchester good to have you with us simon how do you see all of this playing out i mean the n.b.a. is a pretty big deal in china not only in terms of sport but in terms of jobs. i was actually really surprised by this incident because the n.b.a. for the best for the 2 decades now has not only invested a lot of money but has also invested a lot of time into their activities in china and this is really helped to not only boost the n.b.a. in china itself but also to bust basketball more generally and so what you'll typically find is as many young chinese people are either active participants in
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basketball or else watch basketball so i think we have some major incident but i do expect it to to die down in the medium to long term i think in the short to medium term they're going to be some turbulence and certainly this week compared to last week it's been a rather quieter. people really and the n.b.a. and china really are so intertwined with one another i think there will be a way for what ultimately for all concerned what does it mean for businesses away from sports who want to tap into this 14 trillion dollar economy i mean you'd have to take some pretty extraordinary measures to restrict the freedom of expression of your employees would you. well it's very interesting because over the last 10 days we have seen some businesses some sponsors commercial partners broadcasters really stepping back from from china from the n.b.a. from the coverage of games that have taken place in china involving n.b.a.
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teams during that period so i think what it does show and we've seen this in other industrial sectors is that sport will now have to confront the reality of if it wishes to do business in china there is a certain way of saying and doing things and i guess is always this is not unusual because if you are operating in cats or if you're operating in great britain the same is true there are local norms local ways of doing things but i think ideologically in china politically it is so highly charged that essentially what we are beginning to see is is is really this clash of ideologies whereby principles of a western principles of free speech and open speech are being moderated or even curbed by the political necessities of operating in china and as i say it's the n.b.a. this time but i think moving forwards from here will find lots of other organizations in supporting football in most sports and other areas facing similar issues of what it read you a quote which perhaps sums up what what you were saying it's from been hung from
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a saloon theory he says that companies need to make a choice he says do you want to preserve your authenticity and your brand or do you want to preserve your earnings guidance and share price choose one he says you can't have both. if you're going to do business in china i have to concur with that as somebody who is a regular visitor to china it is very clear that there are certain norms of behavior that you have to comply with. but those norms of behavior very firmly embedded within our in a very strongly political context and it's very clear in in china if you want to operate in china as a business as an organization if you want to succeed if you want to build a fun base if you want to secure financial return make a profit then there are the rules of the game and you have to comply with those rules and if you don't what you will do what you'll find is you slip into the
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situation that the n.b.a. now finds itself in and so i do agree with the courts i think it's very very difficult to find a middle way there is only one way in china and you either accept it or you don't but coming back to the n.b.a. sports has always been thrust into geo political tensions in formula one in bahrain. and the joshua about to fight in saudi arabia why are our sports men and women managers expected to keep storm one we hear from diplomats who and many business leaders who manage to get away with with with with you know seeing things that aren't palatable to the countries in which the boonies. well the 1st thing i think i would say is is we're not in in new territory for those of us who are old enough to remember the cold war. and some of us will remember further by the night if you go back to for instance the 936
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olympics when at all hitler was in power in germany sport and politics despite their often an easy relationship of have always had to co-exist to a greater or lesser extent so we're seeing this playing out again in china with the n.b.a. so i think that that's an important contextual detail to to to to to to mention but i think for individual athletes obviously these people are incredibly high profile and there are people who are constantly in the public spotlights they are not only representatives of themselves of their own brands they are also representatives of their sports but i think to a certain extent to the these these athletes and teams are also representatives of the team of the countries from which they're there from where they where they're located and historically i think there's been this view that football just plays football in a box just boxes but increasing or we know all this is what they say how they behave is scrutinized to such a large extent that you are no longer just
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a racing driver you know you're no longer just a football effect of your you are as if you're communicating at a message a set of values a strategic position and so increasingly what we're now finding is that there is training for awfully it's this training for people working for teams because there woods potentially could be so highly charged these can cause the kinds of problems that we see with the n.b.a. and again this is why i find what has happened with the n.b.a. over the last 1010 days actually really surprising because historically and typically the n.b.a. is always very measured and very careful in the way that it communicates with the world some of this but really gets to into your own culture because professor many thanks indeed. thank you. now here's something that hasn't been widely reported but it has consequences for all of us the cost of shipping crude around the world has shot up to 11 year highs after the united states blacklisted chinese ships more than 40 v.l.
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cc's or very large crude carriers operated by china's cosco shipping energy transportation have been blacklisted for moving sanctioned iranian oil cosco has a total of $1100.00 ships iran's oil tankers estimated to be around 54 of also been sanctions in total nearly $300.00 tankers have been black with listed including venezuela's that represents about 3 percent of the world's oil tanker fleet according to refer it if i come that set the cost of hiring a ship from $18000.00 to almost $300000.00 a day to ship crude from the u.s. gulf to asia the longest routes to ship oil now costs around $14000000.00 will add to that sanction countries a still managing to get crude to customers by offloading at sea and switching off tracking devices who better to pick all this up with than rajat kapoor managing director of oil and gas at a.w.i.
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lloyd thanks for being with us roger so what needs to happen to bring tanker prices down should we be concerned here who's shouldering the cost. obviously a big effect on the tanker prices and the way it is and where they are today has got to do with the current sanctions that the u.s. administration has put on iranian crude in order to prevent offloading often include in the high seas in order to stop at least do it to the bare minimum export of group to china the u.s. as you know last month inboard to sanctions on the tanker subsidiaries of costco which is a china shipping line and in the largest shipping line in the world so once you have the sanctions coming in from the u.s. on these entities on these particular bang.


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