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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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and why refugee women in jordan and how to learn to be promised more that stay with us. how you've not seen the end of significant rain in japan the cloud of the moment is just streaky stuff and there's not very much fulling that's fine but we're not going to see the rain a city disappear sounds as if anything is going to come back up towards you there is tucked in just this bottom of your screen the developing tropical site or probably thai food on his way out so monday sees the rain into q shoe and on tuesday significant rain across honshu there is necessary going to be strengthened in the wind over to watch them keep back t.v. for the rain yes it is going to fall of the places where you don't want it to forwards already stockmann. that's not true of the korean peninsula is finally here and it's true for north east and china beijing's up to 20 degrees again in quite
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sunny weather now much as china should be looking to an increasing dry scenario but we've got more rain developing out in the west and it is moving slowly east was and could be significant doesn't reach hong kong doesn't reach shankar in the next 2 days either way things haven't changed much for a couple of days the rain to the south has a fairly big gap watch of luzon should be fine much of vietnam should be fine but to thailand northern sumatra singapore and all of borneo this is the rain belles at the moment the size of that including java is dry. 1980 to egypt in israel built on that drive away between the neighboring communities the sinai and gaza. i'll just. have some stories. oh division oh i.
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got sinai and the. on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the al-jazeera the head of lebanon's christian forces party. has asked his ministers to resign from the government but the mentum is growing and protesters are on the streets for a 4th day bombing deeper in the temple. ongoing police have been firing tear gas at protesters throwing petrol bombs as thousands of pro-democracy activists running against a ban on thanks mosques and to government demonstrations began 5 months ago spotted
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by an extradition building which was later shelved. and turkey says one of its soldiers has been killed in northern syria it says it happened during a reconnaissance mission and comes despite a truce in the area turkey's president has vowed to press on with his offensive if kurdish forces don't withdraw from a proposed say so. now polls are due to open in an hour's time or so in bolivia's presidential election after 14 years in power even as a fight on his hands to get reelected his rival is the former interim president was attracting support by condemning what he calls his dictatorial leadership john ullman has more now from the past few. past years elections were a walk in the park for ever more rallies libya's 1st indigenous president. this time around he's full of things wrong comfortably close. his campaign slogan is a secure future and his socialist policies have always managed to keep the economy growing and one of the highest rates in latin america while still so cut in poverty
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through social programs and only. he says if reelected plans to keep on doing the young. it will. be what we would like to give 5 more years of experience to bolivia so that it continues to grow economically to finish a great project plans like construction of roads and airports. but for the 1st time in a while there's a credible challenger carlos messer a former journalist and prominent intellectual and he's attacking his achilles' heel he's questionable commitment to democracy. in the last 13 years almost 14 there's too much it's too much injustice too much corruption and too much authoritarianism that's leading his towards a dictatorship. it all started with moralist his latest reelection bid after 3 terms in power he needed to change the constitution to run again. he called
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a referendum to let the people decide now really they said no then he did it anyway . and then outraged many and although there are 8 opposition candidates mrs become the figurehead for the discontent but analysts say the former interim president bolivia's loss leader before moralists this if you policies of his own. for him even though he hasn't done enough it's a protest vote. he doesn't have a political party he hasn't done a campaign if you show more kind of he wouldn't be 8 points down he'd be neck and neck and maybe even beating it will morales a moralist does seem more vulnerable than ever before environmentalist say the recent violence which burnt down 5000000 hectares of forest helped along by his government's allowance of slash and burn. allegations of corruption who also tainted his movement to socialism party but so far there's only one favorite ever
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more rallies is still there from want to hear and that's because of his handling of the economy which has consistently grown and poverty which has been significantly cut that's why a lot of people still see. poll him but they're all question marks about his approach to democracy itself and that's where his rivals a gaining ground. at sunday's vote may not be enough to see more of his home at the latest polls are right this could be close enough to go to a 2nd round. john heilemann out to sea to lead pas. well. president. he's. in the primary vote in august but it's been a huge show of support as reports. was it was called the 1000000 march hundreds of thousands of people gathering in the center of one of scientists to sing yes we can. and show their support for argentina's precedent.
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i have terror if parent is and comes back we are here to defend the republic because if the others come back they will destroy everything the others are opposition leader at the farm and this and former president cristina fernandez that kirshner from the peronist party. presidential elections are one week away and everything shows that what is called the fed and then this forum and this formula will win. it. was. in august the primary election results show that there was at least a 15 point difference between freedom and. some say the difference could be bigger
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next time but markey believes they can turn the results around january watch over. previous governments of rests with arrogance with the way they have conceiving power that so many of his reject enough of that. came from venezuela 2 years ago he says he's afraid that if cristina kirchner comes back argentina will follow the steps of venezuela with a populist government that he says could become increasingly. soon there isn't enough i'm here to support argentina because this is a wonderful country and i don't want it to end up like us argentina is in the middle of a new economic crisis and that's the main reason i could lose next week but on saturday there were millions who believed his still has a chance because i will want to fight us in chile as capital soldiers are patrolling the streets to enforce a curfew and the state of emergency at least 3 people were killed in something i'll
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go in a supermarket was set on fire and metro train stations have been ransacked because of plans to increase ticket prices president sebastian pinera backed down on the fare rises but i'm there continues at the high cost of living. among the chilean research university of cambridge he blames the government failing to listen to the concerns of protesters this should be a political dialogue this should be a certain some sort of. agreements table 2 to talk about this to maybe step back with a decision of pricing the 1st of the of the metro that cost all of this but actually that is just tip of the iceberg many things will be defined in the events of this next 3 days he said because we have tanks in the streets we didn't see that in the last 30 years we have the military in the streets so that might happen something really really damaging for the future of this conversations but the must
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be some compensation and there must be a process of learning from the political class to understand that people cannot take it anymore because they're not i mean they can't live with this sit with these conditions spain's central government has dismissed a cool for talks with castle and separatist despite a week of mass protests people in barcelona are angry after separatist leaders were handed a lengthy jail terms for their role in the band independence referendum and 2017 although the demonstrations have been largely peaceful the violence has flared up leaving hundreds of people injured when the police. image campian violence i just think there are many people that are very tired the path of peace and dialogue didn't work when there is fire and garbage containers in flames the world reacts and listens to what is happening here they need to start with you know us having to be in prison for a 100 years just for asking people to express their opinion their political idea on
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the future of catalans can't be normal in other european countries you wouldn't get a violation of penalty or anything. that jordan has one of the highest levels of water scarcity in the world a warming planet and growing population are only making the problem worse but is under schapelle reports now from the capital amman there are plenty of people taking matters into their own hands. after fleeing from syria not long after the war began found herself learning a new trade by accident she's always been good with her hands and decided to sign up for a jewelry making class. in arab it her new home but then something funny happened because one of the arabic phrases for jewelry making is the same as the word for plumbing that i was or know i was about to leave the workshop with other ladies but then we remembered we had plumbing issues in our homes and through this training we'd get the chance to help ourselves especially when we can't get men into a way of homes while we are living alone without our husbands the women banded
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together and found purpose training other syrian and jordanian women to be plumbers more than $600.00 so far most of her customers households schools and other public facilities are wasting a lot of water not good in a country that sits 2nd in a global list of nations with the highest water scarcity and only one of the going to. people think their leaks are in pipes and the ones because they think it's the only reason why banks go empty but we always find that the man really isn't as. a broken float valve in a tank like this one can lead to a loss of more than 10 liters per minutes that's all it with running water can waste up to 15 leaders per minute so in countries that are dealing with water scarcity households have a big responsibility to stop the leaks it's estimated that a quarter of the water provided by jordan's penis will networks leaks away before it can even be used with more than 10000000 people tapping into a water supply that's only big enough for $3000000.00 the government rations water
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to households them with love and people notify us there is a leak in that neighborhood then we go fix it well roads are dug up and pipes replaced the ministry of water and irrigation says households need to help by maintaining their own tanks and fixtures they would see if they would save money in this guy and. we should try to save up for. leaky pipes aren't the only reason of course even more water is lost due to theft jordan's growing population has been over exploiting its supply for decades but these female plumbers are doing their bit to help preserve an increasingly scarce resource and are schapelle al-jazeera a man there as a national security council's due to visit south sudan for the 2nd time since it gained independence in 2011 the visit comes 3 weeks ahead of the formation of a transitional government and as the country tries to recover from 5 years
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a war. going reports in the capital juba this is the only lifeline for margaret's guy with 4 children to feed and care for she says the high prices in the market make it hard to provide for them. life is hard we struggle to support our own children since the war started my own kids haven't gone to school for years because i couldn't pay for the fees. place i can provide meals and if i get enough then they can go to school. margaret's children dropped out of school a year after the outbreak of civil war in south sudan they are among at least $2000000.00 children missing out on education according to unicef the war began in 2030 when the country's president accused his deputy of attempting a coup to peace deals have since been signed rights groups estimate over 400000 people were killed in the nearly 6 years of fighting and damage to the economy has left inflation running at over 50 percent it's not just the economy that has
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suffered as a result of conflict in south sudan in various parts of the country fighting has forced people to leave their homes creating a refugee crisis that has 4000000 people displaced many of them in dire need of aid in total more than half of the country's 12000000 population now rely on help the u.n. says since the last peace deal was signed there has been improvement but stability is needed to be able to properly cater for them the bureaucratic hassles and that's particularly in the opposition areas and there are some stoppages on the road by our government forces particularly in the south of the country and in the northwest but overall we're seeing. an improvement and we hope that that will just continue on. last the deal find between president salva kiir and opposition leader rick much are stipulated that a new government be formed by me that deadline was extended to november so all sides could settle on security arrangements and the number of states in the country
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it was very clear when we made the extension when we made the extension it was clear and we had agreed that no more extension so that comes to us we are setting up a government. setting out of the government and any other security issues or whatever aspects or parts of the agreement which are not implemented will really be implemented in due course margaret says she feels any discussion about stability has gone on long enough she wants to see peace become a reality not just for her family but all south sudanese people morgan al-jazeera. egypt has unveiled a trove of well preserved wooden coffins believed to be around 3000 years old despite their age they remain colorful with decorative painting still clearly visible the coffins are believed to be the final resting place of some of egypt's pharaohs archaeologists made the discovery at a site in the valley of the kings. and he said in russia 6 gold miners remain
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missing after a dam collapsed killing at least 15 of their colleagues they were asleep in 2 dormitories which was swept away by the deluge from the illegally built dam in siberia the search for survivors has resumed after an overnight course on saturday . donald trump looking for a new venue to host next year's summit of g 7 leaders he's abandoned his plans to use his own gulf result in florida after criticism of misusing the presidency for profit u.s. presidents denounced the opposition as crazed and irrational hostility the camp david presidential retreat as a possible alternative venue for some. a crude oil spill in the sea of brazil has washed up on the beaches of a popular tourist destination the usually pristine sounds a port a big. state has been marred by sticky black sludge oil has been contaminating the country's beaches the more than a month now those ills an environment minister has plenty venezuela for the
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disaster. that's a real tragedy of the definition exists it is unbelievable the lack of help from the state and areas from the municipal to the state to the federal amateurism is unbelievable. don't forget you can catch up on all the news website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera. talk a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera protesters demanding political reform in lebanon have been given an unexpected boost the head of the christian forces party some measure as lost as mrs to resign from government but the mentum continues to grow and crowds are back out on the streets for a 4th day demanding political change tens of thousands of them demonstrating across lebanon since thursday to protest against tax increases on the alleged political corruption. in the capital. of the
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country in the northern city of tripoli. the government there the. early elections are. the buy in from the 3. prime. ministers to come up with a new. require. on the people. of hong kong police have been firing tear gas at protesters throwing petrol. those thousands of pro-democracy activists rally against a ban on face mass on these are right pictures now coming to us here from the streets of hong kong anti-government demonstrations began 5 months ago sparked by an extradition bill which was later shelved. turkey says one of its soldiers has
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been killed in northern syria it says this happened during a reconnaissance mission and comes despite a truce in the area turkey's president has vowed to press on with his offensive if kurdish forces don't withdraw from a proposed safe zone the u.k. has asked the e.u. for a 3 month brags that extension prime minister barak's johnson lost a crucial vote in parliament on saturday forcing him to send a letter requesting a delay however he didn't sign it and also included another document saying an extension would be a mistake in chile's capital soldiers are patrolling the streets to enforce a curfew and state of emergency at least 3 people were killed in santiago when a supermarket was set on fire metro train stations are ransacked because of plans to increase ticket thing that's now been scrapped but anger continues at the high cost of living. so those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story station that's a water bottle. is
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there a solution to lebanon's crisis protesters are demanding an overhaul of the political system the prime minister blames rival groups in his government for blocking reforms and has given them 72 hours to find a way out all their hopes for meaningful political and economic change this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm the star of the attack outraged defiant and united behind
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a demand for political change lebanese people from all religious and political backgrounds according to the prime minister president and other leaders to resign they say they want a revolution many criticizing their own political leaders something unprecedented in a country divided by thick tarion as in 2 days and nights of the largest protests in years was sparked by tax reforms including charging to use phone calls on the social media said this whatsapp that plan was quickly scrapped but there are other longstanding grievances they include high unemployment constant electricity shortages poor infrastructure and corruption the protests are a challenge to the unity government and prime minister saad hariri he's blaming parties in his coalition obstructing reforms required to unlock in they've been $1000000000.00 in aid pledged by international terrorists the drug lord mayor lou i'm giving our partners in the government a very short deadline 72 hours to give us a solution that can convince us and the people in the streets and our international
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partners. correspondent anahata has more from beirut. day 3 of the protests people are still defiant despite a government crackdown security forces and the army on late friday used heavy handed tactics to disperse the crowd and forcibly open highways which were blocked by burning tires people here continue to demand the resignation of the government they chant told us our revolution revolution but it's easier said than done because the response from the ruling alliance has been we are clinging on to power the hezbollah and the hezbollah movement which to me leads the ruling alliance the message from the secretary general was very clear you cannot topple the ruling alliance people here were very angry they consider this as a challenge as a veiled threat saying that if we decide to protest the balance of power will change so basically dismissing the 10s of thousands of people who have been out on
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the streets demanding for better economic conditions hezbollah's the solution is that the government officials will find another way apart from taxing the poor to raise much needed government revenues but people here want a change in the system but in the words of hasan nasrallah even if there is a new government it will be the same political forces that will make up this government that to a certain extent there is a reality to that because the political elites they've been ruling this country for decades there's really no alternative the civil society has tried to make some sort of a comeback but they haven't been able to do that so it seems officials are working behind the scenes to find some sort of a compromise people here will not be appeased by that definitely but then we could probably expect a security forces to even use even more heavy handed tactics in order to calm the street so really difficult times and it's unclear what is going to follow but what is clear the balance of power is in the hands of the they really authority. center
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for their friends. story. well let's take a look at some of the problems that been on has the world's 3rd highest debt level and more than a 3rd of under 30 five's are unemployed the government is accused of failing to provide basic services with domestic waste piling up in the streets and generators needed to overcome electricity blackouts lebanese were further infuriated when the government needed foreign help to battle the west wildfires in decades because fighting helicopters were grounded long running political instability has shaken investor confidence and made it harder to revive the economy that's led to shortages of dollars and threatened pensions another drain on the economy is looking off to one and a half 1000000 syrian war refugees. well let's have a listen to what some of the protesters in the streets have been saying. there is no future for jobs and this is not acceptable anymore we have stood up for a long time and now it's time to talk and this is the goal of the these people did
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not take to the streets to cause riots and chaos but to express their pain and suffering caused by this political situation but none of. the regime must be toppled from the top of the pyramid it's not useful if just one goes away we're hungry and tired we have no social security we don't have anything i don't believe that this city did the because i'm 60 years old every day i go to beirut just so i can feed my family these politicians pass in front of me and no one looks at me we want to overthrow the government the regime and the parliament. well let's introduce our panel of guests who are all in lebanon's capital beirut so by skype we have my yahia who is the director of the carnegie middle east santa ana corey a political activist and also by skype sami nada and economist and also director of the 11th institute for strategic affairs welcome to you all well run out starting with you these problems have been going on for some time now what's been the
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tipping point what sports you all out onto the streets i think 1st hello and thank you for having me i think there is. a lot of bad performance a lot of belittling of the people's minds throughout the years and i think the people who are ready to say we had enough they were ready because they clearly had enough more poverty less freedoms more oppression it was too much now a lot of people are linking it to the decision of or the discussion within the government of the what's up tax i think this is just another tax that the people said we've had enough of we're not going to pay the price we're not responsible of the bad management of this economy it's been going on for years we gave this mandate 3 years as a chance it's just collapse even more and that's it so it was i don't think that was the main reason i think the whole performance of the government and then there
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was a lot of. bad decisions one after the other a lot of bad. behavior with the people a lot of activists were put it throughout the year 2001960 activists and journalists were asked to come to secure to security forces into a geisha just because of a facebook status more taxes no employment very bad behavior towards the people i think all of this have or had to come out 20 well you mentioned bad economic management there and i was taking a look at the numbers and they're pretty extraordinary lebanon's public debt is now equal to more than 153 percent of g.d.p. the 3rd highest level in the wild so dollar reserves depleted the country is now staring down the barrel of a possible devaluation of the lira sammy how did we get here we did it to you because for the 8 year in a row started in 2011 there's. a very delicate situation and banjo
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situation that when deficit i mean on one side you have the budget deficit which shared each. very. worrying levels the budget of the financial statement you have more. dollars all sora gonna see getting out of the accounts didn't. invest that to the situation where where we are today and brought us. a good horse which is barry did not increase one percent so we are that big the until the 8th year in a row and they have a deep recession and this is 10 stated by how another. unemployment this what takes the people to the street today but the absence of the 4 was the one major reason why this what should budget deficit kept a growing and widening deficit of balance of payment now it's very
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important and this is one major industry. they want that change their easy and when they say they want to change. they need to change i'll step out and upgrade an operating system which is 60 very young based what we called and that a big news on one hasa whereby the political forces in in the 6 get him to who they are because and think. emptying that treasure what resources of country and. district and university and is the other thing of production well i do want to ask a little more about the economic crisis and then we're going to move on to some of the other political issues because i i understand that harry has been doing the rounds and paris abu dhabi trying to often money to solve some of these problems and both western governments and gulf countries seem to be not terribly wanting to
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bail out again so is this a case of government saying to beirut enough is enough. very much so i think it's saying to the current ruling elite these are you get your act together particularly i think the position of european governments there was a you know. mccann ism that's what established a couple of years ago too and around 11000000000 were pledged to lebanon through sad some of them were grand some of them were soft clones long term soft loans with favorable interest rates none of this funding has been released because it's contingent on reform until now that the form has not been forthcoming so what the message that they wrote is getting is enough is enough you need to get your act together you need to undertake painful but necessary forms.
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in order to for the something to be released and in order for us to continue supporting the country now for the international community to their core they're sort of also caught between a rock and a hard place because they would obviously much rather not have another failed state on their hands in this region but at the same time there's been so much support coming to lebanon although the past few decades. and much of this continues to be mismanaged both economically and politically well there's no yes right and i think unless unless these reforms are undertaken we're not going to see any funding coming this where there has been it really is conventional rather than these issues for some time now though but now we're hearing the word unprecedented in relation to these protests so stay with you talk me through what's different this time around because i know we've seen kids coming out with with families in the streets we've had people calling out their own sectarian leaders by name so talk us through
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what's different that we're seeing now. i think what's very different are a couple of things one is the spread and the location of these protests they're happening across national territory and not just in the main cities there where they were very spontaneous so it's not a political party that's been calling for people to take this to the streets and perhaps most importantly is we're seeing criticism of the political leadership coming from the community that they're supposed to. be in control are so we're seeing protests against the will of those hezbollah and the amount of movement from within the shia community.


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