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is a major condition of a ceasefire deal between the u.s. and turkey ankara wants to establish a so-called safe zone in the area president of the one is born but his forces will begin to attack kurdish fighters again if the evacuation isn't complete by tuesday evening john strafford reports now from the turkey syria border. but certainly according to a statement released now by the f.d.a. those kurdish will see today saying that there are no s.t.'s fights is left in russell lane they say that they left along with what we understand could well be at least a couple of 100 civilians wounded civilians wounded fighters in the 2nd to calm voice the 1st one having gone in yesterday. so yes the s.d.f. saying that their fighters have now with rule from that town. just to talk a little bit about russell i and it's been the focus of some of the heaviest fighting in the build up to this cease fire. we saw predominately what we
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believe to be. sorry syrian fighters these are the free syrian army fighters that have created a full frontal despite fighting alongside the turks they effectively surrounded that city that was besieged. for well over a week so there were huge concerns for the civilians trapped inside a great relief that they are out now but what were made to be seen and what needs to be attention. to be focused upon is the fact that the president or the one wants this has proposed a safety zone to be 440 kilometers along the border and around 30 kilometers deep inside syria what we understand is that according to the s.d.s. they had agreed to withdraw all their fighters from russell line to tell labia which effectively is around 120 kilometers in distance between the 2 so we're
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having some analysts estimating that only around the very most 25 percent of the area within that proposed safety so. as to force these have moved out from that area when you have threats from president obama saying that effectively in 48 hours. this is temporary ceasefire. and if those forces haven't we haven't left that area then food military operations will receive draws great great attention to the concerns of united nations aid agencies to the work in this area the question of potentially hundreds of thousands more civilians will be trapped in another conflict zone. we're going to weather update next here on out syria then divide it of independence for last castle lands outside barcelona what they think the protest group. and canadians vote in a general election that's seen as
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a battle between breast and conservative. head of the nest it was a fairly short lived event which is good news it means the rain the wind is continuing to kick away off the east coast of the united states now as you go through monday readers pick up a pace that all this rain hues they had just sitting well off the funnel that is still tied to that system but elsewhere we've got more rain all the way is coming from a system which is really sitting on the upper midwest and you got this line of dog green that's where the rain will be heavy at times even some severe thunderstorms possible we've got cooler air behind and moist warm air head and is that clash of masses that produced the severe thunderstorms it will continue to work its way east was as we go through tuesday and you can see plenty of rain through eastern canada and the winds coming down from the knoll so as they wrap around the backside of
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this system we will be seeing some snow i was well across into the northern rockies the sunshine that is in and i look about $33.00 degrees celsius and sunny skies that conditions across the caribbean and even central america a little bit better as you start this new. some heaviest wally from nicaragua on tools panama but as you can see elsewhere some clearer skies in the picture quite cloudy generally throughout the caribbean. but again as we go through cheese a fairly calm if you have ana and showers in mexico city. rewind returns with a new scenery. and brand new updates on the best about using these documentaries if i would compare it to an onion we haven't done in the 3 to spot it's so hard to see the company this is the old city rewind continues with motown to greytown being
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all here in the soil learning about health by eating good it's changed my life i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera. hello again this is al jazeera let's take them over to remind you of the main news this hour protests in lebanon are growing despite reports that the main political parties are close to agreeing on a package of economic reform reforms sunday so the largest rally since demonstrations began 4 days ago. jimmy's government has extended a nighttime curfew cities across the country it's in response to violent protests against the cost of living at least 8 people have died. at the early results and
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political as presidential election showing companies everybody is ahead of rival carlos messer but it appears that neither the secured an outright win which means they'll likely be a runoff in december. the u.s. defense secretary has made a surprise visit to afghanistan marcus for help talks with the defense minister and president ashraf ghani president donald trump abruptly broke off talks with the taliban last month. as the u.s. wants to get a political agreement he also says that washington could reduce its troops in afghanistan from 14000 to just 8000 without affecting counterterrorism operations. people are straining i woke up to a striking sight on monday morning the front page of every newspaper blacked out and redacted it's part of a coordinated campaign by publishers to highlight government secrets secrecy the fight for press freedom intensified in june after police raided the australian
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broadcasting corporation and the home of a news corp journalist they were searching for leaked government documents that have been used in critical reports andrew thomas reports now from sydney. well those rights back in june were the straw that broke the camel's back in the words of one of these head and it's here that was already a ramping up of the law and the national security laws that were increasingly being used to prosecute journalists in australia and scare whistleblowers into staying quiet but let me 1st show you some of these newspapers this is the australian the nationwide paper in this country and you can see an entire stylized front page which looks as though an altar call has been redacted hidden from the public view its rival the sydney morning herald here in sydney as well likewise another article redacted the stamp of secret at the top and the tabloid daily telegraph the same kind of picture and that's true of all newspapers right across this country within ads running on t.v. as well it's featured very high in the t.v.
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news across the commercial networks across the national a.b.c. here so all these normally rival media organizations joining forces to say that new laws that have been introduced in australia extensively all about national security going too far and they're restricting the rights of journalists to do their job and those rights back in june 1 was on the home of a journalist a work of study newspaper another the main sydney offices of the a.b.c. both those organizations have published stories about the actions of some australian soldiers in afghanistan those documents were secret said the government they were leaked illegally by a government employee and the police here went after the journalists initially to try and find out how those leaks have come about that really really sent a chill through the media scene here in australia. for independence supporters in catalonia have protested for a 7th night they're angry about the chaining of separatist leaders who organized a band independence referendum 2 years ago the matter of barcelona the regional
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capital has appealed for calm after some of the protests turned violent hundreds of counter protesters from also out in force they want catalonia to remain a part of spain now does either a sunny or gable traveled outside the regional capital to jarana where many remain divided over the issue of capital and independence the flags of spain and catalonia flying side by side on top of jubran as courthouse below the crowd is protesting against the arrests made during friday's demonstrations here that turned violent. the procession supporters blame the national governments justice system. protests were sparked by the recent sentencing of 9 catalan politicians and activists after that failed a bit of a session and 2017 frustrations from 2 years ago have been reignited the resentment has grown as has the mistrust of the national law enforcement systems few by harsh
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police interventions there's no doubt that the question of independence in catalonia is an intensely emotional one it goes right to the heart of people's identities here however a recent catalan opinion poll stated that 44 percent of people wanted to secede from spain whilst 48 percent want to remain. in another neighborhood just outside of g donna there was a very different tone to that of the protesters many here do not have catalan roots but they share a pride in their homes even if they do not share the same opinions. and i was born here and married had my children here but i don't want to renounce my spanish roots i am catalog and spanish but they are worried about being left behind she thinks. that. if you're president then you attempt to be neutral you can't only
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support your son because what about the rest of us we live in catalonia as well if you support independence i think that's fine each of us have the right to express ourselves how we want but the rest of us we're left without a president there has been wide condemnation over the violence of the past few days that prominent castle and figures who are against independence are leading calls for tougher measures against the regional government for the most anger reserved for the procession as president. i want to government of my country to defend all the citizens from these powerful to reduce from the people who are blocking roads from those who applaud violence from those that called mobilizations against the judges of their sentences this is not tolerable and this is why we need to stop talking to. the procession as groups have captured the attention of those who perhaps thought that this crisis was under control but it has not necessarily drawn more supporters catalan society is polarized and with
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a general election coming up next month no promise yet of any resolution soon. or your own or. political parties have agreed to an early election in april to talks on joining the e.u. will blocks prime minister says that he's angry and disappointed at the delay he'd hoped that a date would be given for talks. changed the country's name to end a long running dispute with greece both countries lay claim to the name macedonia despite the e.u. stop north macedonia is expected to be accepted into nato later this year. canadians head to the polls later on monday as prime minister justin trudeau struggles to keep his liberal party in office it's expected to lose seats following a series of events that have cost trudeau and his posse the popularity john hendren reports from ottawa for many canadians justin trudeau those charismatic to lure his
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d.m. in a star north american numbers either 4 years after he won a broad majority promising change he is now scrambling to rise above a dead heat with a conservative leader who promises change from him mr trudeau you are a phony and you are fraud and you do not deserve to govern this country it's been a precipitous fall since he cut a dash in figure at his 2015 inauguration leaving him to remind voters of what he's done we were able to stand up. stand up to donald trump and his punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum were able to stand up when he wanted to tear up a trade deal that winds or indeed all canadians rely on the vaunted trudeau's sheen has been tarnished by his nationalizing an unpopular pipeline a finding that he had pressured his attorney general to go easy on a corporate prosecution and the revelation that he had repeatedly warned blackface is a young man still many voters consider him the lesser of political evils mr trudeau
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hasn't done as well as i hoped he might but he's vastly better than his opposition a lot of people are wasting their votes like a lot of people on a vote for the green party but they're going to vote for liberals because they don't want. the conservatives and liberals could each failed to reach a majority that could leave the smaller parties becoming kingmakers joining one of the larger parties to form a majority you do not need to choose between mr delay and mr deny there is another option but with the rise of incidents of anti immigrant sentiment illegal border crossings the birth of the populace people's party in a controversial new bill in quebec banning religious symbols such as he jobs some canadians fear into immigrant populism is growing some say canada is not immune to the forces of populism we've seen elsewhere around the world but in country after country the u.s. the u.k. people said he can't happen here and it did i see.
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especially in western canada because of the kind of he's not going very well and so people wonder well what the federal government is doing for me the government is doing nothing for me so maybe i should look at other options the election will determine whether liberalism will continue to be canada's governing philosophy or whether this nation of 38000000 makes a decisive tilt to the right john hendren al-jazeera auto. one of the natural wonders of the world is in the hills of northwestern iran. is the largest water filled cave anywhere it could have been a candidate to become a unesco world heritage site but it's not a name all the same as ravi reports villages say that commercialization is to blame dinosaurs still walked the earth when spring water began cutting through rock to create what is today the largest water filled cave in the world in the heart of
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houma don province elise other cave is an estimated 150000000 years old local historian say shepherds from a nearby village began using it for water and shelter around 900 years ago it's been open to visitors since the 1970 s. . roughly the length of 280 olympic sized pool most of it is only accessible by boats in some places the water is so deep it could fit a 3 story building they got to the visitor numbers are controlled to protect the caves ecosystem bring food in is not allowed algae that gradually grows inside the cave due to body heat and light is controlled as well the 1st priority is preserving the cane then providing services to visitors provincial government has spent the last decade cashing in on the caves pulling power with hopes of attracting even more visitors this is the largest part of a lease other cave that is open to the public people that are mapping these caverns know that the network of tunnels keep going but much of this cave remains unexplored and inaccessible to preserve the delicate ecosystem some sections are
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off limits 3 restaurants that were once inside the cave were shut down to control pollution but using the cave as an economic engine to drive the local economy has led to the in evitable clash of humans and nature despite the best efforts of its caretakers there is evidence of commercial interests leading to environmental consequences that's. almost 1000000 people visited the cave one of the items we look at the tourist sites is visited it was and there was a naturally the government took some measures welcomed by tourists and open air mall souvenir shops cafes theme park rides a hotel even a celestial observatory all the 1st things visitors see when they step out of the car the entrance once you get to it looks less like the mouth of an ancient cave and more like an airport complete with ads for other attractions there's a nearby zoo visitors can go see next. people living in the village of say
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commercialization is what cost the community a chance at unesco world heritage status. last year a group came here from unesco but unfortunately they raised 2 shortcomings the entrance of the cave is ugly and needs to be. and the steps built inside the cave should have been made from the original materials to preserve its original form at the edge of the villages the original entrance to the cave abandoned buildings once a market now falling down while the village has experienced economic progress you know status is something that would have been a game changer for this small community the rush to replace the old with the new for those living here is a door that is now closed and an opportunity missed. their village in hama province iran. have you with us hello adrian fenty going to the headlines and i was there
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a protest in lebanon are growing despite reports that the main political parties a close to agreeing a package of economic reforms and the people say the reforms are just not enough stephanie decker reports from. going to all people about this tonight. that it wasn't and that no we don't we don't care about their reforms we have a problem with the people who are running this country want them to change they lie to us who are they going to lie to i think it's too little too late these protests are all very. and you know it was like a party atmosphere it certainly was on friday night when the army came down hard used tear gas and also what you can and we were there so again with these things anything can change in a 2nd. government has extended the nighttime curfew to cities across the country it's in response to violent protests against the cost of living at least 8 people.
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early results in bolivia as presidential elections show incumbent a woman alice ahead of rival carlos messa but it appears that neither has secured an outright win which means that they'll face a 2nd round of voting in december in syria kurdish fighters and civilians being evacuated from a strategic town near the border with turkey opening the way for turkish backed rebels to take over the kurds departure from brussels is a major condition of a ceasefire deal ankara wants to establish a so-called safe zone in the area so he says its forces will start to attack kurdish fighters again if the evacuation isn't completed by tuesday evening pro independence supporters in catalonia have protested for a 7th night angry about the jailing of separatist leaders who organized the banned independence referendum 2 years ago but there are barcelona the regional capital
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has appealed for calm after some of the protests or violence hundreds of proselyte counter protesters were also asking for us now al-jazeera time for rewind. on counting the cost the $7.00 would tweet the proof he watched the beijing china silence his critics in the eyes access to its 14 trillion dollar economy the cost of hiring an oil tanker is soaring and the lazy and facing financial losses. counting the cost on al jazeera. and i welcome again to rebuy and i'm elizabeth piron and our task here on the wind
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is to dig out some of the best and most influential films from the past decade and to find out how the story has moved on since one of the earliest series launched here on al-jazeera was earthrise a show which tackles increasingly important issues of climate change but also tries to find good news stories wherever it can back in 2012 reporter russell band traveled to detroit and the heart of the usa is decaying rust belt a city built on kamen you factoring he was on the trail of a growing urban farming movement aiming to change the face of detroit and reverse decades of decay rewind recently returned to see how that movement progressed the 1st let's take a look at motown to grow town from 2012. in 1900 detroit covered 30 square miles and was home to just 300000 people with an
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economy based on manufacturing the railroad cars farming and timber industries. thanks to the introduction of the mass assembly line by the 1920 s. detroit was the world capital of automotive production and america's 4th largest city. 50 years on and things were very different the major auto companies moved their factories out of the city to the suburbs and the workers followed meanwhile the city's racial tensions were exploding into some of the bloodiest race riots in american history. today more than a 1000000 taxpayers have moved out of detroit leaving behind 40 square miles of vacant land nearly $40000.00 abandoned houses and a municipal government struggling to pay the bills. for many detroit is the epitome of urban blight but to find out how detroit's urban environment is already showing signs of a green renewal we head across town to georgia street community garden. set up a few years ago by mark colvin tin urban farming pioneer and local hero mark.
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hello i. am i have to lead a neighborhood when i was younger it was a car dealership owner on down the street we had restaurants all the stores shoe shops everything you need it was writing. down. over half a 1000000 detroit is lived closer to convenience stores than groceries and with limited public transport and nearly half of the city living below the poverty line access to healthy affordable food is often a challenge they call if you don't drive it and he can't get out of town the malls where people buy food. like this. tours das stations and the little scarce markets that we grocery store that we do that because we do have places where people can go get food but it's how healthy it is you know and how cheap i
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can non-police is for you to buy you know when you come here and you get a you know. sized pepperoni pizza for a dollar. all this used to be how this is just a a bacon street cred right now for the. 10 they get lots are vacant houses to one inhabited house. people move to the suburbs for a better life and the more people do move away. the less tax breaks we had on this tax base the same comforted in the mean is that i don't want people don't realize what a tax base really means to a city you know as far as getting things done and having money word play so a lot of things we have to do on our. n.s.a. you police and each other and clean up after each other.
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but this this is where it all started. i lost my job in the summer of 2007 i had to move back home on george street with my mother my grandmother and. i came out when the snow started melting off all the garbage trucks powered up on the curb and in the process of cleaning it up. i just said i need to put some food here and i'll hear you know work and start talking to people in the neighborhood and finding out that a lot of us are struggling you know our senior citizens we try to choose whether to pay for them or by medicaid. and i decided to make it bigger everything i've done i've tried in days to get you mean but it's easy for me because i know everybody so . much help in the garden from the city not really
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other than because technically having a community garden is illegal still has eagles right yes growing food. is technically illegal in the city detroit i got family here living like columbus ohio and friends that we have in mississippi which is a farming state and now it's like going home in detroit yeah i'm like yeah right the middle of detroit you can go to chicken in detroit i'm like yeah right in the middle of detroit so i can hear them actually in the distance it's a you that's it's as if that's a pheasant you can a pheasant you know the wild what. are you joking me yeah we got pheasants rabbits fox if you if you took a shot right here it went right across the street it looks like you in a forest kind of speck that can go from a no when people ask you what you do they say would have been clear in.
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my coding tints no the only open farmer in detroit in fact he's part of a growing movement when i started obviously roland seedlings in the house my dining room i'm thinking it was full of plants somebody sent me e-mails and there was a meeting of diners and they were telling them about the different resources that they offer it's all like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and well yes i have to just. you know. must take me to that's what's highly productive urban agriculture and education hub supplies would be city farmers with everything they need from support to seedlings morning. among the stuff you know that i. is to be able to have a space where folks can learn how to grow food at a level that. would be for their own economic interest so if they were trying to grow it to start a farm where they made money or if they were trying to grow it at
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a scale in order to provide a really nice amount for their family that i introduce you guys real quick to this is russell yeah we can find him a spot this is a lot of our youth works and it's hard for a training program and we're learning to be harboring farmers so what we working with here. actually you know it's a good one that's got some good roots on the good lou i got into it because i have i have young children i want to be able to grow as i think they are growing out who is one of the most revolutionary at. you can also disobey me. and i also have a small. beginning catering company so how can a girl cook for purposes you want to make a business say this. tray is not only unhealthy financially but with health i did it 1st then she can do so here yourself is do you have somebody for you so we do it ourselves we know what we have. and be gentle with them they're just so fragile these little at the last concert was saying it's stronger than you
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realize really. folks oftentimes think of the gardens as that and the farm as being what we do but we see it as being more like the canvas upon what we do our work that really the work is about people these seedlings will be distributed to over a 1000 families in community gardens all over the city on the days when we pick up transplants it's like a carnival there's so many people want to one you know. this is a hope house part of it is using this as being sort of the classroom but then showing that it can be replicated on a smaller level you know you can go out to the hardware store and do this instead of being dependent that's one thing being able to provide the food but you think people would start more fresh fruit vegetables if it was available as a country we don't not grow enough fresh fruits and vegetables for what we're supposed to be eating so that. capacity has to ramp up of that we have to be growing at farmers that are growing fresh fruits and vegetables. the flipside of that is how do we get folks to eat fresh fruits and i think it's relationship based
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and i think for most the folks you talk to that find this work very sacred almost always there's going to be some sort of memory attached to it it might be way back in the back of their mind but when you start asking them they'll almost say you know it's because of a parent or grandparent or my neighbor taught me how to do this and we carry that with us still this is my friend ada floyd and she's. one of the pioneers bloddy for taking over vacant lots and growing food. having our daughter. would allow to. you know if you were a. lawyer this image. it is moved to detroit as a child in a 40 years living on mount olivet street she's seen a lot of changes so how many houses used to be on the street 6464. and i can count 123. x. 56 literally just 6 you can see from here we have done this 1st lot right here and then the next house got torn down to the next one. and we kept on going until we
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got down to the end so how many how many look to be adopted so far just 28 just 28 puts this school there's washing thing is the pick i mean bush. they are delicious read good schools. wow this looks great and what do you think mark what do you reckon to all this learn a lot of work it is a lot of work but it's fun oh yeah and. i've always say i get tired but it's a good tired but not content with utilizing detroit's adopt a low program that allows residents to lease abandoned properties for personal use it is plans to turn the whole street into a drive through fruit market. and if they want they can take it out and take it themselves and if they call me a day before i have it ready do you believe that this is you going to be able to manage that this is easy all you got to do is have the clip when you visit only
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a note. you just got the grant money she needed to buy the truck by volunteering to maintain the local park. just think i was coming with a push. up the boat up to 3 lot more notice it does not work you need to get a track i can't believe this just remember we're in the middle of detroit. oh. ok ok so we're going to do some 2 in here now we're going. to look. at it. and thanks to this you can turn that where the tall grass into productive farm gate it is.


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