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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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perseverance is transforming her community women make change analogy 0. 0. hello i'm exhausted and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes takis president is in russia for talks just hours before a ceasefire deadline as kurdish fighters keep pulling out of northeastern syria. lebanon's government pledges swift and sweeping reforms to revive the economy but will the move to keep protesters off the streets. in bolivia confusion over the election results stokes concerns about foul play.
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and japan's prime minister plays a big part in an elaborate ceremony for the new emperor. and in sport one of the most hyped players of the n.b.a. xi'an williamson is set to miss the start of the new season plots spying allegations at the rugby world cup is anyone spot an odd unwanted spectator at training added their semifinal against new zealand. now tech he's president time about iran is right now in the russian port city of sochi for talks with with vladimir person has repeated his threat to restart the military operation against kurdish fighters in ne in syria the leaders are expected to discuss the tuckers ceasefire that was brokered by the united states which is due to expire in a matter of al is the kaddish syrian democratic forces have pulled out of some
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areas along the border but not everywhere agreed under the terms of the truce now before heading to sochi here's what i don't have to say. vladimir putin and i will discuss all the steps to be taken in order to maintain the territorial integrity of syria and to cleanse the northern parts of syria from terrorists and terrorist organizations we will also be revisiting the efforts made for drafting a new constitution and we will also discuss it live and the significance attached to this area including a ceasefire we want a lasting peace in syria i hope our meeting will make progress. meanwhile syria's president bashar assad has called the president out on a thief he made the remarks during a visit to areas of province taken from turkish backed rebels by government forces and put on a do gumby and the whole of the thief he stole our plants and factories our partners and he stole our oil with the help of ice so now he's stealing our lands
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and who we are cold. but i do want to ledges to have entered syria of his own choice however over the past 9 years he's been trying but couldn't or rather not authorized he said to have informed the americans as he you are simply a servant you were ordered to enter and you did. allow correspondent stratfor does and that's near the turkish syrian border charles was the clock ticking down now to the end of the ceasefire in the text saying they could resume their offensive what's happening on the ground there. was certainly the ceasefire seems to be holding but there are serious concerns because certainly according to our sources these are fighters with the free syrian army that have been very much part of this turkish military campaign in northern syria they're saying but there are still that huge areas that the s.d.f. those kurdish forces still control so it seems at this stage doubtful whether those
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forces will have withdrawn in time before this deadline this deadline hits which is well around about 6 hours from now we've been speaking to some of the people who've been working some of the the the military that have been working inside wrestling which is behind me some of those syrian arab fighters there saying that there have been a deployment there has been deployment of more troops more fights is s'posed to the east and to the west suggesting that the turks could well be readying themselves for a new front if indeed the demands that are being made by turkey in this. u.s. brokered cease fire deal are not met and we've been looking at some of the events that initiated this crisis and how it is unfolded in the last $1015.00 days or so and this is our report. pentagon officials democrats republicans and european leaders said the withdrawal of u.s.
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troops gave turkey a green light to act militarily against the kurdish s.d.f. in syria. the kurdish s.d.f. called it a stab in the back. turkey's president received type has long described kurdish fighters in northern syria as terrorists pose an existential threat to turkey. but the 8 turkish artillery and strikes began targeting kurdish positions across the border. erdogan says operation peace spring is a campaign against terrorism not the kurdish people and he's rounded on international critics. with 3600000 syrian refugees in our country whiting to go back to their homes the european union look at yourself i repeat at the moment you cannot call or define no operation as an invasion is easy we could just open the doors and 2600000 refugees we've seen them back to you
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turkish forces and their syrian rebel allies made quick gains on the battlefield larry control of the border town of. the 14th. un and aid organizations warned of a new humanitarian catastrophe as tens of thousands of civilians fled the turkish forces of bonds as the fighting intensified international pressure on turkey continue to mount european countries including germany france and the netherlands counseled weapons sales to turkey on the 14th of october the us treasury announced targeted sanctions on turkey's defense energy and interior ministers and to their respective ministries fears grew about the military operation weakening the battle against eisele when it was claimed up to 800 eisel prisoners and family members had escaped an s.d.f. controlled jail shelled by turkish forces. with their former us allies moving out of the turkish military and turkey back syrian rebels advancing kurdish s.d.f.
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items were forced to go to the syrian regime and that lies the russians for help. it is a deeply easy alliance the assad government which had days before described the syrian kurds as traitors and separatists was quick to act the syrian army deployed to various positions around 35 kilometers from the turkish border russian military vehicles patrolled some of the areas in between to prevent a potential confrontation to turkish back syrian rebels and the syrian army in a letter dated october 9th trump had warned order while not to launch an operation against syrian kurdish fighters though to be a tough guy it said thought so but the 17th a u.s. delegation led by vice president mike pence flew to ankara for emergency talks and is traded insults and threats with world leaders criticizing his military operation no one expected
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a pause in the fighting to be announced today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation peace spring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of y. p.g. forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours. president early on valve that if kurdish forces haven't completely withdrawn from within the proposed safety zone by tuesday night then full military operations would continue the kurdish s.d.f. said they would only withdraw from a contact line stretching around 120 kilometers between the towns of russell i mean and to be out. on october the 21st the day before the ceasefire was due to end kurdish residents of the town of commission spat u.s. military vehicles with fruit as american soldiers headed to the iraqi border leaving their one time allies behind. some very interesting reaction
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coming from the iraqi government with respect to those u.s. soldiers that have moved across the border is reported today but the iraqi government says that is u.s. troops do not have permission to stay in iraq now we know that the iraqi government has been under a lot of pressure. in recent times as u.s. and iranian tensions have have increased because of course the great relationship that iraq has with iran so there are concerns there certainly highlighting what certain critics are saying us is the weakening position of the u.s. in this region as a result of this troop withdrawal as we go towards this deadline within as i say 6 or so hours from now you can only imagine the kind of concern for what certain aid agencies say up to 200000 people that have already fled the fighting so far in northern syria at least 7000 of those have actually crossed into iraq we understand
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according to sources we have across the border so all eyes on tsotsi as president putin at least one would think is trying to do all he can to of verts the turks. from resuming their military campaign charles stratford on the turkish syrian border keeping an eye on things there for us thank you charles well now let's go to sochi for more on those talks between the russian and turkish leaders step fasten is that step we are all counting down to the end of this cease fire it seems that mr pearson is the main power broker now in the syria conflict and the russians i believe lord he said they want more information from ankara about their plans what else do they want. well all eyes indeed are here on this meeting inside she only around 6 hours until this cease fire will expire both leaders have now been in talks for more than 2 and a half hours it was actually scheduled to have been finished already and we were
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expecting some statements have come out already but there is a lot to discuss president putin has a very big ambitious plan for this peace in syria he wants to connect turkey with the syrian government and also the syrian government with the kurds and he wants to go back to an agreement that was made in 1908 between turkey and syria which sort of went downhill because of the war but it's basically who wants to try to convince both syria and turkey that that agreement should be the basis of their future relationship basically syria should then make sure that the p.k. k. that it could is fighters have no room in syria and that should convince president or one to eventually pull out his troops but this is of course a very long term strategy also the presidential spokesman peskov already announced that this would be long and complicated negotiations and the situation on the ground of course is very different and that is something that of course in the next
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few hours we need to find some kind of short term solution that president putin here wants to clear with the one and much will be debated about this saves is also a disagreement between turkey and russia about this saves zone which according to the russians shouldn't be as large as 32 kilometers so we hope to hear in the next hopefully maybe minutes or i don't know maybe hours what the outcome of this very important meeting here in sochi will be indeed and step vasant will be staying across those outcomes and there is talks in sochi for us thank you step. well as charles was saying iraq's military says that u.s. troops who crossed over from syria do not have permission to stay in the country the soldiers the posts of those forces who withdrew from the old in syria as the turkish operation against kurdish fighters began well let's go to the white house now where candy how that joins us live can be war so we're hearing from officials that seems there's been some confusion about the actual troop movements was this
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all part of the plan. well all we can say right now is that there are 2 different sort of plans that seem to be in place there's the iraqi leaders who are saying that the american troops that have left northeast syria are simply not allowed to stay and that directly contradicts the statement coming from the defense secretary mark esper that said the plan in the eyes of the united states was for those roughly 700 soldiers to go to western iraq to continue the campaign to combat eisel prevent his researches so we know that there are a couple of things happening we know that the defense secretary is expected to talk to a rocky leaders we also know that there is a discussion of potentially lined up for wednesday with the defense minister but in the midst of all this you have to remember some of the sensitivities on the part of iraq not only the 2003 u.s. invasion of iraq that still lingers and in many miles but more recently in early
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february the u.s. president donald trump made military leaders in iraq and leaders furious with his suggestion that the united states perhaps use a rock as some sort of base for not only combating eisel but also to monitor iran and this is just another example of the impulsive nature of donald trump strategy when it comes to syria this sort of the chaos on the ground as people try to put the pieces into place because it has been so hastily arranged now in the midst of all this we should also remind you that the u.s. congress is still pretty upset about the u.s. is sort of hasty withdrawal and movements and sort of the disorganization of it all that's what we know that this week that the democratic leaders in congress will be putting forward some sanctions package they say that is bipartisan that means it includes democrats and republicans members of the president's own party they feel they want to try and undo what they say the president has done and kimberly in terms of feather reaction to that u.s.
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troop withdrawal from republicans how's that playing out with president thompson policy. a well certainly there have been a number of vocal republicans you have to remember that the u.s. president's goal here is to try to deliver on a 26000 campaign promise to end the endless war so there are many campaigning republicans that are trying to support the president satisfy their constituents but they're in a difficult position given the fact that many of these people also represent military communities many of those communities have soldiers who have fought alongside kurdish fighters and there's a real sense of abandonment not just around the world but in the u.s. congress but also from those on the ground so the president is walking a fine line certainly it's going to play out in the u.s. congress this week can be held at the white house correspondent thank you committee . staying with iraq and iraq's government has released a report now on a preliminary investigation into the killings of protest is that report found that
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security forces used excessive force and live fire against demonstrators at least 157 people mainly civilians were killed during weeks of anti-government protests the violence poses the biggest challenge to the government since the defeated i saw it in 2017 well for more on this let's bring in our correspondent in iran con he's in baghdad for us and ron what reaction are you hearing from senior officials there how has this report been received. well the actual report hasn't been released to the general public gets what's happened is a statement was read out on behalf of the prime minister's office on state television that had most of the meat that was in the report now what the report said was that they confirm that life i had actually been used against the protesters and they admitted to excessive force what they've done is they've sacked a number of very senior public military officials including 7 commanders from the
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various provinces they've been removed from their posts. the report went on to say that there is going to be judicial investigations to take place to see whether there will be any court cases in the future involving those individuals also updated the death toll to a 157 people across the country being killed and over 3 and a half 1000 people who were injured this report has been long awaited it was supposed to come out on sunday it didn't come out monday it didn't there was some talk as to whether it might be buried completely however it has been certainly not released to the public but we know what's in it jus to the statement that's been given will it be enough to appease the protesters who say that they want the people responsible for firing on them to be brought to justice well let's see what happens on friday's going to be kate is a huge protest that is organized on friday let's see what the chanting let's see how the protestors take the issuing of this report obviously
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a lot of protesters will be willing to will be wanting to see people responsible in a court but that won't happen quickly. for us in baghdad and thanks very much for that update a man will be watching those protests very very. well moving to lebanon now where protesters there are demanding more reforms despite the government to prevent sweeping economic measures to improve the economy well there are thousands appeared to be tightening security as police and military dispersed protest is trying to erect barricades prime minister saad hariri announced a plan to diffuse the biggest demonstrations in years against the nation's leaders activists say they will keep going to the streets until the entire cabinet steps down well our correspondents anaconda is just north of the capital beirut. zana
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where do we go from hand we've reached the seeming stalemate between the government and the protesters what are the options now going forward. will the crisis like you mentioned is far from over the government presenting an economic plan to the public hoping to calm the anger in the streets but that has not happened protesters as you see behind me they remain defiant this is a main highway that connects the lebanese capital beirut to the north of the country it's closed protesters are blocking roads yes some side roads remain open but it makes it very difficult really for people to move from one area to another the bank association is announced that the banks will remain closed they've been closed since friday there's a cash problem in the country people do not have cash a.t.m. machines it's very difficult to withdraw cash from a.t.m. machines now the education minister trying to resume normal life saying that schools and universities are going to open tomorrow but students associations faculty staff they're saying that they're going to be on strike so there's still
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the finance what happens next will be full here believe that if they maintain the pressure on the government the government will resign but the governing coalition really has made it very very clear we are clinging on to power we are not going to accept to step down so are these demands really realistic are they going to be. able to achieve their goals especially since the opposition is very weak politically the governing coalition controls the government controls the parliament but both sides have the borders and when we saw yesterday some of the political parties in the governing coalition their supporters took to the streets carrying party flags attempting to reach the area of the protest site the army intervened to keep the people apart right now of the role of the army is really keeping the peace and many ways there is that the session by the prime minister and the army chief to ensure that public life is not disrupted but as you can see behind me the army is still not using force to open the roads and some areas it has managed open road but
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it is using prevent thing it's trying to convince the protesters to do so so the army if you can see them there they're everywhere there in the street south in force to maintain the peace but they have not taken any side in this ongoing conflict. not just north of beirut thank you very much for that update sanna well let's go to other correspondent in the country stephanie deca who joins us now from the northern city of tripoli staff there in lebanon 2nd largest city we saw those enormous numbers of protesters in the capital in the last few days what's the atmosphere been like outside beirut. all has been protest as you said not just beirut here in tripoli particularly a major turnout throughout the last 6 days i'll just get ali to give you this is the main square here this is as you mentioned lebanon 2nd biggest city it's been
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really ignored and disregarded by politicians it is a sunni heartland in the sense that this is a stronghold of prime minister assad how deeply but that model is no longer there these people are returning to the streets disagreeing with their all the titians disagree. with their policies and sticking to the same lines that we've heard in beirut over the last couple of days and in other cities of the south as waltz the ball the titians need to go and what's so interesting about this place is that is that this this is this was unexpected even for other areas this is a place that there's a lot of poverty is probably the poorest major city in the country it was very much affected by the spillover of the syrian war you had gotten bottles between 2 neighborhoods. of each side at the east versus the knees really regarding a war zone a couple of years ago so people were very surprised i suppose people saw it as a cliche but were very surprised when they saw these kinds of scenes families
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coming out of particular on saturday nights you had a d.j. play to the crowd people jumped it was almost like a rave in that video went viral that was here many people initially thought that was beirut no that was tripoli well the mood meant tains very upbeat as you can see it's still early days it's for around 4 30 in the evening here now we are expecting the crowd to grow we're going to have to wait and see whether this momentum continues and of course everyone we've been speaking to say that they will continue to come out they will continue to mount the government to pull but of course at this point that's looking very difficult steps than it was just showing us in beirut and the army presence on the streets there and the show of force essentially from security forces is then that kind of presence on the streets in tripoli as well and and is that could that affect the atmosphere there amongst protesters. while they're over this more here to secure the protesters we drove out from beirut our viewers a day and they're still remain a lot of roadblocks by the protest it's
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a very good natured mood there is army along the way also police but there are no forces you heard from say no they're not forcing them to close the roads they're just staying there with them there's army around this area as well but at the moment it's more. secure that say this is also the mesh we heard from prime minister saad how do you think yesterday to the people he made it very public so if that changes he will be held accountable he said you have the right to protest it is my duty to protect you and the army to protect you if you protest peacefully while it's a very peaceful protest it's been very peaceful throughout the last 6 days the question is is patience going to run out from the politicians at some point if the momentum continues again everyone as we keep saying these are extraordinary times not to but nobody knows what what what the days ahead are good in a good i going to play out it's just very very unpredictable and stephanie to have that joining us from tripoli watching that situation for us very closely thank you
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stiff on the other news now in at least 5 civilians have been killed in yemen during the as strike by the saudi u.a.e. coalition and struck a moving vehicle and tough district that's in the northwestern province of sabah 2 children and 2 women were among the dead the u.n. says ending the war as soon as possible is crucial the saudi u.a.e. coalition has been fighting with the rebels alongside yemen's government since 2015 and taliban fighters have killed at least 16 afghan police offices that happened in the district and province 3 fighters were also killed now it's time for the weather his everson with news of hot cold and stormy weather in north america. yeah that's right the stars are going to roll going on across north america at the moment we have got fires in the west we've got potential flooding in the a sense thummim well just about everything going on in between this is a scene from yesterday's is the clear up which are now nice to type place following
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on from the tornadoes that hit dallas texas say the process of making its way further research with that massive hook of cloud which is pushing its way over towards the eastern seaboard very active system this one this cold front will continue to drive its way further ways with big area of low pressure just around the the lakes there have a dragon in much cooler air as a result of that rush out of central canada 3 celsius there in winnipeg single figures from minneapolis as well the heat that is down towards the southwestern corner l.a. getting up to around 34 celsius around 200 homes are at risk of wildfires here i'm afraid no sign of any cold weather coming into southern parts of california over the next couple of days the cold air that sliding out of the rockies south of the plays the great plains then we go from 17 down to around 5 celsius and as we go on into thursday that was the weather's a said clearing away from the eastern seaboard brighter skies come back in behind
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with bits and pieces of snow for good measure mr. well still ahead on al jazeera. back in power challenges away its prime minister justin trudeau forming a new government in canada. trying to clear the air how south korea is paying a high price for what it calls a social disaster. and one of the most highly anticipated n.b.a. debuts has been put on hold all the details in sports later on in this program. for you protesting about how does this in question whether online life face minstrelsy comes directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on saying this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion this real unarguably talk about the
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solutions on al-jazeera. al-jazeera clearly is different because there's a maturity about its views go over the years really generally the report also has shown that the birds took the risk of a story a little bit over the knowledge of their most going to build a 0 these says you know the boys would be a little more grown up the other girls will grow slowly become the the magic of the beast of the world that's what we do most of those we do will.
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have again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour. to. he's president rushed up to about 0 on his and sochi where he's meeting his russian counterpart at iran has repeated his threat to restart the military operation against kurdish fighters and northeast and syria we do expect to hear from both leaders very very shortly these are live pictures now from sochi ahead of that press conference a day is a ceasefire that is due to end delay so on tuesday. iraq's ministry says u.s. troops who crossed over from syria do not have permission to stay the soldiers are part of forces who withdrew from northern syria as the turkish operation against kurdish fighters got underway. and protesters in lebanon are demanding the reforms despite the government approving sweeping economic measures authorities appears to be tightening security as police and military dispatched protest is trying to erect barricades. now caution guinea has sentenced 5 people involved in recent
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demonstrations against president alpha condé up to one year in jail the protest ages were found guilty of inciting civil disobedience protesters rallied earlier this week against a proposed change to the constitution that would let the president seek a. second term expires next year and he's refused to rule out running again at least 10 protest is what killed by security forces but our correspondent nicholas hock is joining us now live from dhaka in neighboring senegal nick how significant is this ruling how people reacting to these sentences today. well there was just a small crowd outside the courtroom when the sentencing was being read out but there was paramilitary forces and police in full force at the course just to give you a sense of the situation in guinea right now because this court ruling is significant especially for members of the opposition and members of civil society
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just a reminder those that have been convicted for jail time or are not politicians are not an innocent members of the opposition this is an economist an artist a blogger these are members of the general public that they say are not affiliated to any political party and they're fighting against what they say anyone touching guinea's constitution it's what they want is to ensure that alpha condé doesn't extend his stay in power he's 81 years old and most people in guinea now are under the age of 18 and they feel disconnected with their leadership as. well as the government in responding especially to the deaths of protest is at the hands of security forces and could be seen lots of people take to the streets again potentially. well it says exactly there are more protests that are planned in the days and weeks of to come and it seems that this movement is defiant despite this court ruling the government was hoping that
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through this court ruling it would be the end of the crisis but it seems it's just the beginning coming back to your question alpha condé is in russia right now and before he took off to meet with blood amir putin he said that these protests were not very significant even alluding that some of the video footage that we saw were not even from guinea itself but maybe from haiti or were fake news now he's currently in russia for the africa russia summit he has the backing of mir putin remember that guinea is a former soviet union outpost russia has a lot of interest in guinea which is rich in minerals and so he hopes to garner more support around his attempt to stay or extend his stay in power he says he's going to respect the rule of role although and calls for a referee for a referendum but the problem is the opposition do not trust him to hold free and fair elections coming back to the violence that we saw last week we saw from our own eyes the paramilitary going out with live ammunition shooting down protestors
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human rights organization among them amnesty and human rights watch have condemned the action of security forces in the heavy handedness of it the african union the united nations and the european union are some of the international organization calling for dialogue between the president civil society and the opposition and that's the elections the presidential elections are just a year away so this is very much the beginning of a process and the beginning of what seems to be a crisis now that speaking to us from back on senegal thank you nicholas. well there have been violent protests in bolivia the president there is being accused of trying to manipulate sunday's election results so he can avoid a runoff in december even moralez appears to have a 10 percent lead over his main rival but carlos messer is refusing to accept the results john holland reports from the palace but that was the streets abilities
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capital disappearing into a haze of t.v. . it was aimed at the thousands of mostly young people who came out of the night against the lection they saw this full tilt at that number is down we are protesting because we are tired of this government which many places which doesn't respect our vote was they were bins into the road to block the police and lit fires to counteract the effects of the tear gas why are elsewhere those more harmful burning down voting centers and sue clearly and pull to see. it was strange to think the old sunday night they've been celebrating the preliminary vote count showed challenger color heading into a 2nd round behind the incumbent president eval moralise won the last 2 elections by a landslide and then the vote count froze when it came back 24 i was later ever more or less was far ahead and suddenly on the brink of
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a 1st round victory. it wasn't just these protesters who questioned so did the organization of american states officially observing these elections. the electoral court presented dasa with an inexplicable change in trend which dress to clean modify the end result of the election and generates a loss of trust in the electoral process. was president yet declared himself the winner but his opponent colas message is ready to announce the process. the government's trying to stop us going to a 2nd round that was clearly established yesterday to revoke counting system. that was stopped arbitrarily. the as it were is remains the country's most popular politician he's grown the economy dramatically cut public but in recent years he's lost some of his overwhelming support partly through what many have seen as a gradual erosion of democracy were the group that for many this would be the last
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straw is mostly young people that been protesting here into the night basically they say that what's happened in this election is a fruit and that they don't accept that they won't change the earth there are already calls for a national strike a mass protests these people is just the beginning of the struggle john holding out dizzy to the past. now canada's justin trudeau has secured a 2nd term as prime minister but his labor party hasn't gained enough seats to form a majority in parliament and means trudeau will need to rely on the support of the new democratic party in order to push through legislation now the main opposition conservative party picked up votes where liberal support fell the new lack reports from toronto. for justin trudeau it definitely could have been worse this. series. before the campaign polls showed growing public mistrust with
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a man who won a resoundingly jordi just 4 years earlier. then photographs emerged that showed him wearing racist black face makeup as a young man adding to earlier scandals about ethics and accusations of broken promises in the end the canadians gave him another chance tonight canadians rejected division and negativity. they rejected cuts i know a stereotype 10 days voted in favor of a progressive agenda and strong archon punk climate change. the result is disappointing for the conservative opposition leader andrew scheer who had been steadily improving his standing with the voters before the campaign he faced his own challenges on the hustings accusations of encouraging fake news and online trolling and revelations that he had dual us canadian citizenship and hadn't
4:38 pm
told the voters he promised to fight on and hold mr trudeau accountable after the 2015 election when justin trudeau looked on stoppable when all the pundits and experts said it was the beginning of another trudeau dynasty that he would have 8 or even 12 years in power but tonight conservatives have put justin trudeau on notice and mr trudeau when your government falls conservatives will be ready and we will win the. climate change policy was a strong issue in this election with the conservatives promising to scrap a carbon tax brought in by trudeau's liberals and do more for the country's oil industry but most voters disagreed and backed candidates including liberals who promised more aggressive steps to fight global warming and the changing climate. call this if you will a strong minority government mr trudeau's opponents may have the numbers to beat him in parliament but there are unlikely to do so canadians won't have to face a fresh general election for some time to come daniel like al jazeera toronto. all
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politicians in the u.k. are preparing to vote on legislation that would pave the way for a negotiated exit from the e.u. by the end of the month debate has begun on the withdrawal agreement bill although opposition m.p.'s fare they aren't being given enough time to consider as now even if the bill is approved m.p.'s could still vote down the government's tight timetable to secure britain's departure of the festival. if politics refuses to allow a picture to happen and instead gets its way in decides to delay everything until january possibly longer in those circumstances can the government continue with and great regret i must go directly to point b. the owner of the gentleman raises a great regret i would almost say that the bill the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward much as the right over there may not like it will have to go forward to a general election now facebook says it suspended
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a counselling to russia and iran which targeted us users with political messages the social media platform says the russians trying to influence voices and swing states such as florida and virginia the account holders pretended to be locals and posted comments targeting both sides of the political spectrum on the scuffing the 2020 presidential candidates alan fisher has moved from the capital. this is all about facebook trying to get its house in order before the 2020 presidential election or at least being seen to try to get its house in order before the 2020 presidential election you remember the platform took a lot of criticism in 2016 for except ing advertising from russia directly and through proxies and many people see that that advertising was misleading and it led to people being misinformed and in some cases was actually dangerous well they're changing the rules for some political advertising on facebook 1st of all they're
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going to flag up anything that is put on there by state funded media the say that that is going to follow the example that has been set by you choose which introduced that practice recently they are also going to flag up any videos or pictures they see are false and misleading or partly misleading and this comes in response to a number of democratic presidential candidates who have been criticizing facebook quite vociferously over the last few days a lizabeth war and a front runner among them and interestingly on monday facebook also announced it had suspended a number of accounts with direct links to russia and also to iran you know there are some cynics who would suggest that the timing of this is all very convenient because mark zuckerberg is due to appear on capitol hill on wednesday he's not planned to talk about elections and political advertising instead he's going to talk about the new digital currency that facebook is intending to introduce
4:42 pm
something that could make the company a significant amount of money. tension has escalated between india and pakistan after shelling near the kashmir border on sunday the 2 countries have been draining each other for the incident the pakistani army says 5 civilians and one soldier killed by indian forces is also said it killed 9 indian soldiers but india denies that and insists its forces killed at least 8 pakistani soldiers and destroyed a military bunker new delhi without indian ministers kashmir as autonomy and early august has more from jura and pakistani administered kashmir i mean bureau but draw. the law murdered from the line of control on sunday night the indians there is ordered toward. war and indiscriminate and unprovoked fire using medium our delivery and mortar the indian military saying that they were dog or doing training
4:43 pm
camp but we're going to you know showing our. head in general there were 3000000. people who were killed one florida dread 9 others were wounded and we're going to be indians are desperately trying good guy word danger and from what is happening in indian administered we would do the next stage over all down in order to die were the international opinion what is the need of also showed us is the damage caused by indiscriminate shelling across the line of. done acceptable bogert on had. been or were crude. this year alone and that the situation along the line of control remain in. now has reaction from new delhi. the indian army has been very clear the indian army says that over the weekend pakistan violated the cease fire along the line of control in our sector our line
4:44 pm
of control is the line that divides pakistan out midst of this me from indian items to me and after this have. forces started to launch pad he says these are the long and india fighting groups operate in that box on let's them operate from areas. also added that in these attacks they managed to kill 6 to 10 and fighters as well as 6 to 10 soldiers now the governor of indiana has gone a step further he said that if pakistan does not raise and continues to support elements who want to instigate militancy in the kashmir region that in the future the indian forces can cross this line of control go inside and get more such a launch pads of these elements the indian army has also said that not 9 but do indian soldiers were killed and one indian civilian was also killed when pakistan violated the cease fire now after this we've also heard from the united states the
4:45 pm
state department and they have backed india's concern as far as pakistan sheltering these groups is concerned and said that groups like the. conducted many attacks against india are in fact in box on and that continues to be a concern but they also express their concern over the humanitarian situation in region. now south korea's government has announced a record rise in its budget for the coming year party to tackle the growing problem of air pollution the country is preparing for the seasonal buildup of fine dust particles which poses a health hazard rob mcbride reports. south korea's expansionary budget comes as the country deals with mounting challenges it's facing severe economic fallout from its trade dispute with neighboring japan and from the trade war between the u.s. and china but also an environmental problem it's termed as a social disaster. chettle cannot read or respond properly now we will have to pay
4:46 pm
a much bigger price in the near future this is why an expansionary budget is not a choice but a must as south korea prepares for winter it's also getting ready for what normally comes with it toxic air high levels of micro dust that turns the skies from this into this. spending on the environment will increase by nearly 20 percent much of that earmarked to tackle air pollution. a new warning system allows the government to close schools control vehicle use and shut down construction sites. but environmental groups say it's not enough. money to pay and yes honey the budget to tackle micro dust is higher than ever which shows the government is taking the issue seriously however the government policy mainly focuses on short term measures it lacks measures to reduce sources of market dust the government points to longer term solutions such as increasing the number of
4:47 pm
electric and hydrogen cars to a 3rd of all vehicles in the next 10 years also reducing the amount of power generated from fossil fuels a task overseen by a presidential committee headed by a former u.n. secretary general. allen our coal consumption is on the rise some of criticizing south korea even labeling us a climate villain. the goal is to reduce micro dust emissions. over the next 2 years. but there's little south korea can do about pollution from neighboring china which increases. in. beijing has been cutting down on pollution in recent years but people here are still at the mercy of what the prevailing winds bring. and.
4:48 pm
in just a few minutes. hello
4:49 pm
again now it's time for sport with some controversy at the rugby yeah that's right mr england rugby coach eddie jones has spice things up ahead of their world cup semifinal against new zealand they claim someone was spying on their training session david stokes reports. england's players are preparing for the biggest game of their lives this part of training was open to the media but coach eddie jones
4:50 pm
says there was an unwelcome spectator during the closed session with the safely someone in the park filming. modern japanese van jones at mit's he used to use spies but not since 2001 because times have changed you just need to do it any moment because you see everything. you can watch it runs training on you tube all or whatever there is is everything out there there's not a value in doing that sort of thing absolutely 0 his team are unbeaten so far at the world cup and were impressive in dispatching australia in the quarterfinals but you zealand the world number one sided 3 time champions present a far greater obstacle england of one just one of their last 16 encounters with the all blacks put up. the now and now on things we can win there's now pressure on us where he's going to have a great way to enjoy it relax try and. enjoy this great opportunity we're going to be thinking of there will. be looking for this world cup so that does bring
4:51 pm
suppression no sign of any spies that you seen in training but plenty of rain coach steve hansen speaking before jones is spying allegations agreed with his counterpart that there's pressure but not just for his team applying a series. we're really. going to be pressure on both former new zealand star israel diag says all the pressure talk is just classic psychological warfare from jones. every talent and he's already in the media talking them up in giving them praise and. little mind games at the coaches players in the world cup when lawrence dallaglio agrees with jack and says jones is just doing everything he can to give his players the edge on saturday this is his moment as a coach and he knows he's got to say that a capable. you know what a way to fall in love. and winning is to go all the way england have to overcome perhaps the most formidable soit in world sport history the all blacks juggernaut
4:52 pm
has not lost the world cup match and 2007 and it's going to take some stopping david stokes al-jazeera. one of the most hyped and be a debuts ever will have to wait number one draft pick zion williamson's will miss the start of the new season after a nice surgery on monday it's a crushing blow for the new orleans pelicans with their 19 year old forward expected to be out for 2 months the new n.b.c. gets underway on choose day when the pelicans take on reigning champions the toronto raptors these 2 master o's are preparing to host the washington nationals in game one of the world series on tuesday the astros are favored heading into this match up their play in their 2nd world series in 3 years having won the championship title just once and 2017 but it's one more time than the washington nationals it's been 905 years since a washington team last won the pennant the franchise was called the senators.
4:53 pm
dread must speak on choose day or the move closer to a 1st several champions league group stage exit also like those are in some trouble in group a their bottom with just one point from 2 games they're also coming off a one no loss to around new york or in the league at this past saturday or else form has prompted speculation on the future of coach is in a day. they don't know what come yet another so what happens in this match won't change a thing there are a lot too much is left and we're going to try and till the end well firstly we will try to get to 3 points that's what we're here for but as for the rest always talking about the pressure that they might change the coach we can't change that. the 30 man shortlist for the ballon d'or is out but most people are talking about who's not on the list he is she in brazil star neymar failed to make the grade for the 1st time since 2010 shortly is put together by france football magazine and they described neymar as having a blocky year they started injury and disciplinary problems pass' aborted move back
4:54 pm
to barcelona which alienated him from many p.s.g. fans last year's winner luca moderates also failed to make the cut well these are some of the players that have been nominated 5 time winner and current holder of the best award lino massi of barcelona is shortlisted as is his old rival you ventus forward cristiana rinaldo another 5 time winner of the ballon d'or the portuguese recently celebrated scoring his 700 career goal virgil van dyke is going for his 1st ballon d'or but the dutch defender is the favorite to win this year after helping liverpool win the champions league north korea has been stripped of next week's a.f.c. cup final because organizers want fans to be able to watch it as follows last week's world cup qualifier between north and south korea and pyongyang where there was no live broadcast and no fans in the stadium final moved to shanghai instead and it was a really embarrassing moment for one player during a top flight match in italy on monday russia's florin
4:55 pm
a out of the ball in the nads against fiorentina and what followed were some really quite unique celebrations well sadly for him his fun was cut short the video was the referee spotted a handful in the build up and the goal was overruled it was the closest pressure got to scoring with the game ending no male. unlucky and that is all your sport for now in the back to you thanks very much for. a centuries old ceremony in japan the big occasion was emperor ascending the throne with representatives from 180 countries at the ceremony in tokyo shot about us has. this is the highlight of a series of ancient rituals that see japanese emperor never he took a seam to the throne he took over from his father who abdicated in may and the ceremony makes it official. i inherited imperial status based on
4:56 pm
japanese constitutions as well as imperial household law i hereby proclaim to japan and outside the country that i have in throned. for your prime minister shinzo represented japanese citizens although. exclaiming benson long live the improve 3 times completing the ceremony. 2000 people attended the once in a generation of aint including representatives from more than 180 countries the festivities are scaled back in the wake of typhoon hack of this some japanese still lingered outside the imperial palace. which will be nice if the new year i'm proud will be haunted as the former and stay close to the people. a national poll suggests 70 percent hold friendly or favorable views towards the royal family despite debate over a law that allows only maine to become impressed japan's royal dynasty goes back
4:57 pm
2000 years this was the inthe romans of naira he took his grandfather in 1928 in peru hirohito he was treated as a goal and in his name japan into it willed water after its defeat he renounced divinity and subsequent imprison lost all their political powers it's now a symbolic role the next emperor was accurate he tore scene here in 1946 on his 1st day of high school he spent his life working to improve japan's international relations in may he became the 1st jeff anees monarch to abdicate in 200 years emperor a narrow he tows rain will be called bray one meaning order fortune and pace shallop ballasts al-jazeera. well that's it for this news hour but i'm back in just a moment with more intriguing ongoing coverage of the tacky syria border as we countdown to the end of a ceasefire stay with us. in
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a world of alternative facts and truths one filtered social media spreads misinformation unfavorable reports become for a commuter's day downing the enemy of the people and press freedom is under attack . in a brand new documentary series we explore the media landscape of the future how our journalists the world over are coming to terms with this new reality and finding ways to challenge mainstream misconceptions whose truth is it anyway coming soon on a.
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we have a newsgathering team here that is 2nd to none and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job and information is coming in very quickly all at once we've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. i don't deal with poverty unless you deal with the girl you decide oh i just agree with that toy systems that are blaming the public the country for the problem not literally mean anybody these people all well trained things much of the islamic state machinery has been very. popular as it alters you to join me as i put the 0 from questions to my special guest one challenge them to some straight
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talking political debate here al-jazeera. turkey is president is in russia for talks just hours before a ceasefire deadline as kurdish fighters keep pulling out of northeastern syria. hello again i'm the stasi attain this is al jazeera live from also coming up lebanon's government just swift and sweeping reforms to revive the economy but will the marines keep protesters off the streets. and preliminary report says it was excessive force by iraqi security forces that led to the death of dozens of anti-government protesters this month.


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