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tv   Cinema Morocco  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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30 years of policies that many see as being bad for the nation. fishermen like you said barrios say they hope political leaders will act on the demands of demonstrators before their quiet seaside town joins in the protests. so once again so more than 1000000 people out on the streets the hopes is that things remain peaceful we can confirm at least 1000 people have been killed in the last week the united nations is sending a delegation there on monday that will be here for 4 weeks investigating alleged human rights violations from armed forces in the chilean capital and in the rest of the country so things smell of course we'll be monitoring events with you from santiago and of course across chile while staying in the region the u.n. says it supports an audit of bolivia's disputed election result amid allegations of fraud these are live pictures coming from the political capital libyans have of course blocks streets and lit fires in the past calling for their vote to be
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respected the u.s. brazil argentina and colombia have called for bolivia to hold a runoff vote you know actual tribunal confirm the controversial reelection of president evo morales extending his rule to 2 decades. to europe where the family of a young vietnamese woman have come forward fearing that she was among 39 people found dead in a container truck east of london relatives of the 26 year old say they haven't heard from her since receiving distressing text messages in which she describes suffocating british police have not confirmed either the identities or nationalities of the victims and the hayward has the latest on the investigation from london. well i think the police have made a 4th arrest in this fast moving investigation he is a 48 year old man arrested at stansted airport on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people a manslaughter 2 other people were arrested earlier both 38 a man and a woman in northern england with
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a lorry driver arrested at the scene is still being held by police the real focus now of course is trying to identify the victims in the early stages of the investigation it was thought they were all chinese nationals but some vietnamese families are reported to have raised concerns about the welfare of their relatives including the family of a 26 year old woman who they believe could have been inside the container the deputy chief constable of essex police gave this updates we owe it to those who have died to get this investigation right and speculation is not helpful it may in fact hint around 1st occasion in its progress. to falsely not be commenting on any speculation about the nationalities of those who have tragically lost their lives well this clearly is becoming an international investigation involving the belgian or thought is where the lorry came from and also the chinese authorities who are pushing the british police to find out exactly what happened on the focus really is on trying to find out where the lorry started its journey and how those people came
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to be on it in the 1st place your sellers will be beltran flying into all cuban airports except for violence starting from december is the latest by the white house to undo the easing of restrictions so to state my request of the move that will buy u.s. flights to 9 cuban ports the u.s. transportation department says is a consequence of cuba's quote ongoing repression of its people and its support for the as well as government. the u.s. court says the secret portions of robert louis report must be released to cole grist look concluded a 2 year investigation into russian disappearance of the 2016 election earlier this year but large sections of his findings were withheld by the justice department democrats all seeking the full report as part of their impeachment investigation of u.s. president donald trump kristen slim because wolf the launching to d.c. democrats are particularly interested in any information in that report that could
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pertain to a possible obstruction of justice charge against the president and you may recall that the moller report found that there was russian interference in the 2016 election but insufficient evidence to show that president trampers team were involved in any way he also left open the question of possible obstruction of justice for how president trump handled that investigation his efforts to stifle it remember he fired f.b.i. director james comey that raised a lot of questions in the possibility of charges there but the special counsel said that he could not charge the president because it was justice department policy not to charge a sitting president that's the responsibility of congress congress wanted to go there now the judge is saying they can indeed go there and have access to all this information that was withheld by attorney general william barr this is a major victory for democrats in addition to getting access to all of that
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information the judge validated the impeachment inquiry in the 1st place now the president and republicans have painted this inquiry as a sham accused democrats of not following procedures because they haven't held a formal vote to have an impeachment inquiry but the judge said that was incorrect that there was ample case history to allow the integrated go forward. well still out here all al-jazeera riot police are out in full city but warnings that anti-government protests could lead to civil war. hello there in across much of central and southern china there's some rain coming in with this as well and is generally in the same areas the central provinces have seen rain over the last several days as more as we go through saturday but not much
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the way of sunshine more of that rain nickels across into northern areas of it now on across heinen as well as quite a strong on shore flow and then what we might see by sunday is clearing skies and across into shanghai 21 celsius your high temperature and warmer to the south 28 in hong kong but feeling fairly humid with that onshore flow plenty of rain across into borneo as well it is a wet couple of days ahead for you and central sumatra seeing some rain over the next couple of days so we'll see scattered thunderstorms and some rain showers across into singapore then we head towards india now being talked about this tropical cyclone it has developed this is it on the satellite this is tropical cyclone kyra i'll talk about that in just a moment but of course we have seen again more heavy rain some flooding rains particularly in to the west that this is being the just look at the streets this is a couple of days very persistent rain this more in the forecast but what we will see through saturday and sunday is this likely pulling away from the west coast taking
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a lot of moisture with it but it will stay wet in mumbai 32 celsius for you on sunday. whether sponsored by cattle or. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill the person when they're suffering new but it didn't have the power to do it he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and the cure is to draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families. if i could just find a finger i could bury bone hunter on al-jazeera.
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looking like you're watching al-jazeera at least the whole rob a reminder of our top stories at least 30 people being killed in the latest major bout of violence during protests in iraq thousands rallied in several cities rejecting the prime minister's promise of reforms and calling for political change security forces have also moved in on huge crowds in some tiago following water cannons and tear gas more than a 1000000 people came out for the largest antigovernment protests yet. the u.s. house judiciary committee has been granted unrestricted access to robert miller's reporting to russian interference in the 2016 election democrats demanded it as part of the efforts to build an impeachment case against donald trump. to give the protesters in the levels capitol of clashed with supporters of hezbollah riot police were brought in to try and defuse the situation has blood is a political armed movement and is part of prime minister saad hariri is coalition
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government its leader hassan nasrallah was that if the government falls there could be a civil war 70 deca has more from beirut. it's the 9th day of these protests and we've seen some trouble already at the protest areas we had a group of men who supported hezbollah enter the square in front of me government not as we're just a couple 100 meters away from here they started throwing stones and sticks the word injuries among the protesters it was very tense people were very scared the police on the ground riot police trying to separate the 2 sides with this is one of the fears number doesn't really matter the political parties will start to send their men down to the streets to make trouble now and has distanced themselves with these men we have heard from some of the leader of hezbollah he spoke earlier today his voice boomed out over the microphones here and everyone listened to what he had to say this is a little bit about what i'll mainly look to see under the current monetary and
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economic situation and the fragile political climate and all of the targeting that is happening internationally and regionally void will lead to chaos void will lead to destruction well the reaction here from the protesters no welcoming that sweet shop or to give any sad nod to the worker and out of the mold also to the protesters who is behind funding. so many people here not too happy in terms of the protesters about his message that we're not the free of all the messages of fear and that it's been promoting with a good image to stay on the streets and that it. doesn't make any difference a. little bit it was interesting for the 1st time behind us not just follows the lebanese model not the flag of hezbollah clearly sending a message that he has been a lebanese leader i don't want all but even by salma admission of moderate by iran these are very difficult and hard protective old times and yes they are not
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unprecedented yes there is euphoria and hope on the streets but what happened here in the square is when you see the current. jason the dream man supportive of all those political marches that never made many of them will show you why people are concerned about the way for the message of that moment did it was it's not time to move this government he is of course the most powerful political and military force in this country at the moment we're in a stalemate the government isn't standing down the protests are not leaving it is uncertain which way this is all going to go. 300 russian military police have arrived in syria as part of a deal with turkey for joint patrols across the border region now the soldiers have been deployed to syrian border cities between the commission and other agreements reached on tuesday by presence rest of the one of glad to be of putin require that russian troops on syrian border guards remove kurdish militia from within 30 kilometers of the turkish border the u.s. brokered a russian turkish deal aims to reduce fighting in the region but as i have been
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reports of more violence on the ground. there's been more fighting in northern syria forces loyal to the syrian democratic forces the kurdish fighters are saying that turkish forces backed by turkey as well as arab fighters on the ground have been attacking their positions something that's been denied by turkey turkey saying 5 of its soldiers have been wounded and there has been more violence these are clashes that have continued for the last 24 hours despite the cease fire but they are happening outside the ceasefire zone turkey has insisted that kurdish fighters should leave the 30 kilometer area on the turkish syrian border deep inside syrian territory in these 150 hour window which expires on tuesday a feeling that turkey will move in with force on the diplomatic front between hearing from the turkish foreign minister reiterating his demands for his western allies including the european parliament as well of the united states that turkey wants them to be on the same page as turkey in is fighting what he calls and what
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president there don has been calling terrorism and he's been speaking specifically . on the issue of the kurdish general who many senators in the united states have vouch for and want him to be granted a visa so you can come to the united states the turkish stance on this is that the turkey justice ministry wants him to be arrested gentlemens doom who they say is actually shine is wanted for crimes inside turkey a nato army he's been carrying out attacks and there is an interpol red notice issued for him so it is a fluid situation but diplomatically and on the battle lines despite a cease fire although the guns predominantly have fallen silent but fighting continues on the ground. for the 36th consecutive friday algerians have been demanding a complete change in their political system they want anyone to present abilities beautiful eco to be removed from power beautifully that was falls from office in april after weeks of protest that many of its former allies retain senior positions
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demonstrators are also rejecting a presidential elections that darva december saying it will not be free or fair. zimbabwe's ruling party is pushing for an end to international sanctions that stems from the time of robert mugabe's rule the rulings only appear party held a rally blaming the u.s. and e.u. for choking the local economy but only a few 100 party supporters turned up instead of the many thousands expected the u.s. says government corruption and mismanagement of the cause of zimbabwe's troubles now 8 people have been killed and 2 injured after a russian soldier opened fire on his fellow servicemen it happened at a military base near the eastern city of sitter the man is said to be having or suffering a nervous breakdown when he opened fire on his colleagues he's now in custody. telephony is biggest utility company has admitted that its electrical quick quick mint may have sparked
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a wildfire that's burning in the state's wine country the blazes destroyed to dozens of buildings pacific gas and electric is imposing sweeping blackouts affecting around half a 1000000 people to stop further blazes another fire in california santa clarita area has forced more than 50000 people to leave their homes let us call this man the larger cummings has been remembered as a champion of truth and civil rights at his funeral his home city of baltimore he spent the final years of his life as a face critic of donald trump and played a leading role in impeachment efforts political hay looks back at his life mr president mr president mr vice president with that the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives sent the message this was no ordinary sendoff this was no ordinary congressman elijah cummings the longtime democratic leader he was known as the party's moral voice to former presidents celebrated what they called his very
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american story his parents were sharecroppers from the south. take tobacco and strawberry it's. and then saw something better. in this city. south baltimore it's not even a teenager when he holds down the swimming pool and joins a group to integrate it in for his trouble gets banged on the head with a glass model leaving a lifetime scar. which he bore with honor. he was a civil rights activist that often promoted his hometown baltimore a majority black city in 2017 as riots consumed those streets with protests against police brutality cummings took to the streets with a megaphone to send a message of color 1st of all i want your car just. back from washington one of the
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people. but his final months would find him in the center of a presidential storm cummings led the committee investigating president donald trump's conduct and trump lashed out as he often does on twitter the president calling baltimore disgusting rodent and rat infested cummings widow responded but congressman chairman cummings did was not easy and it got infinitely more difficult in the last months of his life when he sustained personal attacks and attacks on his beloved city. and while he carried himself with grace and dignity in all public forums it hurt him. the underlying message of the entire hours long service cummins spent his life trying to perfect the promise of this democracy which he saw in his final years as being under threat where we're dancing with the. question will be as 2019 what do
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we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact yet we stand on the sidelines and say nothing political hanging al-jazeera washington. your challenges there it means a whole new round of our top stories at least 30 people have been killed in the latest major bout of violence during protests in iraq thousands rallied in several cities rejecting the prime minister's promise to sort reforms and calls for political change and security forces have moved in on huge crowds in santiago in chile firing water cannons and tear gas more than a 1000000 people came out for the largest anti-government protests so far manuel repeller has the latest from the capital friday was an eventful day not only in
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santiago but in other parts of the country involved but i saw at the national congress protesters attempted to storm the national congress interrupting a session of of representatives sending every everyone home is a big concern with so many people out on the streets well over a 1000000 people out on the streets on the 7th night of a military enforced curfew is that things will remain peaceful this is been one of the reasons people been so angry over the course of the past weeks is the unrest began with the heavy handed response from police and armed forces with use tear gas water cannons and even live ammunition to to disperse the crowd now the u.n. says it supports an audit of bolivia's disputed election results amid allegations of fraud bolivians of block streets and lit fires in the past calling for the vote to be respected the u.s. brazil argentina and colombia have called for bolivia to hold a runoff vote the electoral tribunal confirm the controversial reelection of
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president evo morales the u.s. house judiciary committee has been granted unrestricted access to robert miller's report into russian interference in the 2016 election democrats demanded it as part of efforts to build an impeachment case against donald trump. the family of a young vietnamese woman have come forward fearing that she was amongst 39 people found dead in a container truck east of london relatives of the 26 year olds say they haven't heard from her since receiving distressing text messages in which she describes suffocating british police have not confirmed either the identities or the nationalities of the victims and then to government protests in lebanon's capital have clashed with supporters of hezbollah right police who are brought in to try and defuse the situation as blind as a political armed movement and is part of prime minister saad other theories coalition that are out of course you follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in a half an hour but next on al-jazeera it's inside story do stay with us.
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egypt and if you resolve that just futile over water disagreements over africa's largest down project raising days of conflict how should one of our own most vital was also has been managed this is inside story. how the welcome to the program. was often said to be the source of life and it's
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increasingly becoming the source of conflict in various parts of the world the building of the largest hydroelectric dam in africa has reignited a dispute about its longest with the line if the o.p.'s says the $5000000000.00 grand if you're going to run it sounds damn near the border with sudan will be a massive boost to the economy and create $400000000.00 if he'll paeans egypt fears that will be at its expense and reduce its shout of my water if e.o.p. and engineers are being urged to fill the reservoir behind the wall slowly than release a high of quantity of water downstream both sides have agreed to resume talks that collapsed this month and it is accepting the united states to mediate the dispute it. if the o.p.'s prime minister and this year's nobel peace prize when so just of the dispute could lead to a war is of can down his comments as unacceptable. you asked
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about egypt saying that they will take action and want to kindly want you to understand is that quarter of ethiopia's population is poor and young so if we are to go to war with other africans we can have many millions on the front line but was do not have mainly been a fit it will not benefit egypt will not benefit sudan and it will not be enough it some may have the capability of firing missiles and some may say i will bomb cairo if it is for my country and my flag but peace cannot be brought by bombing and by fighting now egypt and if the o.p.'s the only ones involved in the dispute sudan has been involved in the negotiations the dam is located near its border with let's get more from morgan in the capital kabul. tensions have been on the rise between egypt over the grand if you can renaissance dam the dam which is building on the island which is said to be the largest hydroelectric dam in africa
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on its completion next year now since the start of the construction in 2011 egypt has repeatedly expressed concern over the impact of the dam on its shares. which its population relies on technical committees between the 2 sides are set to resume negotiations on the feeling and the operation of the down but the last round of talks between ethiopian egypt which included sudan earlier here in sudanese capital and in a deadlock egypt wanted to guarantee that the dam would be released in 40000000000 cubic meters but ethiopia said that the dems maximum capacity would be only $50000000000.00 the recent statements by the prime minister ahmed who said that he is ready to more than a 1000000 men to defend did not help with the tension now caught up in the middle between the 2 sides which while it did not see it wanted for to believe by the it said that if you try to raise 35000000000 cubic meters sudan is trying to play mediator between the 2 sides between ethiopian egypt while at the same time trying
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to guarantee that its shares is not impacted morgan for inside story. let's take a look at the long running dispute the 9 competes with the amazon as being the longest way in the world it's definitely the longest in africa flowing through 11 countries nearly a quarter of a 1000000000 africans rely on the river but egypt and sudan claim exclusive rights to the water why 90 percent of your fresh water comes from the 984 percent of the rivers water flows from ethiopia the long running dispute intensified when it began building the largest hydroelectric power plant in africa it's of fears the ground if european renaissance dam will stop the flow of vital water source and the egyptians are using to it is drafted by britain last century to argue scase.
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let's introduce our panel in how tom. foreman who goes on the 9 agreement in brussels william davison syria analyst on the international crisis group and the london alam a math professor of knowledge management and sustainable development of the university of east london welcome to you. since you have been part of the team that has negotiated the waters i just want to ask you is the whole issue about filling their reserve war within an interval of time of 5 to 7 years and then releasing water with about 35 to 40000000000 cubic meters annually is this the real problem now facing the 3 countries if the opiah and sudan. i think cutting through the strategy of this is a as this is not as it is
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a problem the division for him is of course defeatist feeling of the dump but my understanding is the interest of so then are more than that which is worth the security and this has never been discussed before so i believe the negotiation is now about the 1st feeling this is a being outside compared to the interest of the sudan which is claiming to be food basket for the whole world like and it is current what it is definitely will not meet that target and they should be looking for worth of security matters than anything else so that's why i think this is the reason for the failure of the negotiations william there's been this us collation rhetoric over the last few months where if european is or do you have any concern that in the absence of an agreement the potential for a military confrontation is there. well not particularly i mean there has certainly been some heated rhetoric recently as you
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refer to and unfortunately we've also seen that in the past notably from cairo in the past of course we had the comments from the european prime minister in parliament recently talking about a possible eventuality of conflict but conflict really is very unlikely here it's not it's not an either side's interest and in fact if egypt is particularly concerned about its water supply then the obvious way to try and ensure adequate water supplies is to cooperate with ethiopia and if there's any increase in the aggressive attitude from either side if there's a worsening of relations let alone conflict then egypt will be further away from its goal of ensuring those adequate water supplies the egyptians say this is an issue of utmost importance is exist tensional issue for the therefore they want to be part of operating that if this is an issue of national sovereignty and as you've
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heard from a hammer the movie he says that for saddam this is also a crucial issue now. is there any room for compromise where the 3 parties can cooperate for the sake of a permanent solution. thank you for your invitation i think the issue here we need to consider is of the spectacle of this all 'd complex situation we are facing now fairest of all i sing we need to remind our sense one of the measure of a stickler turning use for africa overall is a lack of an adequacy of electricity africa main challenges is really electricity and that's we're going to hinder many of the development projects across the whole continent not just in the city countries secondly water and electricity or water and energy are considered 2 of the most important items in all initiative by my countries to achieve the sustainable development goals to want to safety now taking these 2 into account the argument of the egyptian about is
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very this is show of the dam and the water is vital is what is vital not just for egypt is also for sudan and for we need to be my as my colleague from sudan just said sudan is going to have to be the food bucket for the entire africa and the arab countries and eventually sudan need the water in order to fulfill that if you like ambitious target for the whole continent not just for sudan if it got this on political problems because we have inside egypt even in the distribution of forte's not really even really if you like equitably though egypt she is very worried about the amount of ford there because we know that most of the businesses are run by corporates on the cobra's that actually belong to the army in each. issue of national security is through because there was a board $670.00 of several from the european union about how the will it's going to
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look like in 20 city or 2020 and now we already in 2020 and they argue that water will be one of the major issues of conflict between countries ok that countries which will depend on us of on water they will have a little girl see us telling to the future will tell. both those things in details late in the tale later in the show you have been talking about water sources an issue from a sudanese perspective but others would argue that the problem with sudan and egypt is that they go back to agreement that was signed almost 100 years. ago to claim exclusive rights when the world has changed and countries like if you are saying basically we need to build a dam for the sake of of our own economy our own population and 60 percent of our population does not have access to electricity this is the answer. i believe there is no problem about. to or going to get it to the city or even to use words as this
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is right the 2nd is shedding the word that but there's a problem to my understanding since the agreement of 1902 is that there is a deal between the government of sudan and the government of suicide which will be the deed is that bottom so done we have given to the yoga. as a consideration for that but the combination is that whoever it intends to build any wealth of structure has a disease. or as up they should consult with the sudan and ugly before it is starting the new girl as a border starting as a building so i believe this is the problem since its 2011 but it has never been discussed the discussion now is confined only to the furthest feeling and i think this is not fair and this will not end the conflict because what there has been said by the. going by minister that is going to millions of be able to do the
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do that that means he asked for different whatever he has occurred in this negotiation since 2011 and now i believe unless the rights of our city country just. got it this will be a year problem conflict in the future but then william if your peers would tell you that we were not part of the $959.00 agreement and therefore as far as it appear is concerned everything should start from scratch do you see the potential for the need. to reinvent the whole agreements start from square one yes in many ways i think that would be the ideal solution and in fact there's already a treaty in place i mean it's not play in place because it's not been ratified by all enough countries but it's been drafted that's the co-operative framework agreement now which are all the countries in theory could sign up to now the idea
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of that treaty is to agree principles of equitable usage and then to establish a joint institution to manage the nile river basin now that's the ideal solution because then all countries can play their role and they can negotiate between each other about how to share this water resource the problem with the current legal framework is as you suggest ethiopia and other countries they do not accept it they do not accept the legality of a treaty that they were not party to so on the one hand you have egypt talking about historic rights but they stem from treaties that egypt that ethiopia and other countries do not accept so really yes an ideal solution is a new legal framework and already a substantial amount of work has been has been done to go towards that and that's the co-operative framework agreement now that obviously the sticking points about the text because if there wasn't then it would have been ratified in egypt and sudan would be on board so there needs to be further discussions those points need
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to be ironed out but i would suggest that that is the right way forward in the long term that's something which hopefully will occur after this initial conversation this an issue issue over the the renaissance dam is solved. from your own perspective do you think this is an issue of concern about future water scarcity or do you think that the current levels of water have been traditionally poorly managed by both the sudanese and by the egyptian governments. that's a very good question in this whole argument yes it's a very good question i said earlier water is been raised by many scholars where united nation really bad lots of reward as one of the key issue and challenges for the future and i think you're right in both of them they issues here number one clearly they the very poor management of fortier embossed sudan and there's no question about that an entire africa have failed too many it's water and produce
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electricity i already mentioned that so that's one item and the 2nd item is this whole technical this is as we one we teach students at the university which is a branch of management but we also teach them something separately we call it make a broad or complex project this dam is actually both of them make a project on a complex project and this is a very serious he said jan brewer even you will be in leading companies like or in countries like the u.k. . canada or the us they normally deal with very sophisticated leigh it's not an easy brodrick so this to be given to a company which is theirs to be somehow in as a business the military because most of the chaos for the project the project information is lacking we don't know any scientific or wick not me many scientists many people who have looked into this issue of the down for the last 6 or 7 years you hardly find any data about their risk assessment about the environmental impact
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assessment about the economic assessment social economic impact community. backed on people and these are normally the key issues we look at them when we start sinking of a project like this so i think the major issue is border management yes worrying about the future because we don't do something we call it now forecast or future blanning we know people are they think of what they're going to have been 2050 and when sudan or egypt or even as you'll be itself we are very short. right therefore they you we people in these 3 countries and particularly egypt in sudan they should really leave this issue to the scientists using any of these economists as a community expert as a social scientist and that's where they don't know exactly what is happening in government in both countries ok lacking a common since you've been part of the negotiating team about the waters the idea of extending the feeling period to 5 or 6 or 7 years plus
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releasing water to match something like $35000000000.00 cubic metres a year is that enough does it satisfy the needs of both sudan and isms. to really my and that is standing in the furthest filling of the this is not the issue the we the issue is as in where she asians have been running since 2011 without any legal framework there is a learn to imagine for them where it is there is dignified him where there is a bilateral freedom with so unless this negotiations are conducted within a legal framework we cause. everybody is not the only ship that it is the world it's there are more than 450 miles to all our honest russians on just lies on the us he was started by illegal for him to agree to the rights of saudi and then you come to this is malitia 1st feeling so what is the issue here from from his father
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so there is concern the need for a new legal framework or what what we need is we need a world of security and this has been agreed on a bone and the. agreement without any refusal from any country each including issue would be so what i am proposing is that unless this negotiations are built on those agreed incentives in the entity which has taken 20 years of negotiations so i will just discover that and start new and then in towards $1015.00 come on come up with the collaboration of principles. this is a problem and i think even now. if it should be agreed to 7 years or 6 years for the 1st really i think this will serve as a problem for the 1st the media it needs but for the future needs will come i see you're going iraq where the problem will come again william when you listen to
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the to the concerns voiced by the egyptians to a certain extent you feel you feel you feel the anxiety there because they can they're concerned that if they implement these 3 appeals implement what they're trying to do with the dam this is something that could wipe out. business is in. bush millions of farmers art of business is going to create a massive massive massive problem for egypt. potentially i mean if things went badly then i mean this is why it's such an important issue because of those potentially severe consequences that you are referring to but the important thing or one of the important things to understand here or to recognize is that there does seem to be a technical compromise here and you've talked about the 35000000000 meters figure and a period of 4 to 7 years now that's relevant because that's the sort of figure and
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that's the sort of period that experts believe the dam can be filled out and it can be done in a way which doesn't cause significant water supplies downstream to sudan and egypt but the absolutely key thing here is flexibility and that flexibility relates to the variable rainfall but my understanding is that the egyptians biggest concerns other they do not have an agreement on minimum releases and they do not have an agreement from ethiopia they will be flexible in all circumstances including drought conditions this is this is really what's needed i think that yeah that we're talking about about both done a little bit in the details about what's happening now but then when you you were talking previously about the need for forward planning so in 2050 as to miss suggest that a 1000000000 people will live in countries for which the nile and its tributaries flow so we're talking about a population growth that would pose
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a strain and challenges or a continent. how to tackle this issue in the near future. i think tucker this is the future i think they you've shared this with any of them this year when they should leave you work collectively and constructively with african partners because the problems in africa are huge and we need to consider this as an african issue rather than face european or should any zone a huge shion that's number one and number 2 we need to understand i give you just one example and the united nations reporting 2016 if i remember correctly talking about renewable energy it stead of that south korea bridge used electricity grid that then the entire african continent just imagine thouse korea alone brought action of electricity is greater than the entire continent so this should be
9:43 am
considered as an african issue number one and number 2 ringback they need to understand this issue will have serious environmental economical and so sure. effects in the future and number 3 which is very important they have to bring experts expect i mean here broderick management expect complex project expanded social scientist economist and they have to be independent and what do you wish an area about sudan is trying to negotiate between both egypt and bia i don't think that is the right way we solve the problem all right this we need to look to the bigger picture this because it wants a sustainable development issue and it need to be left as expert within the can we have expert in all these so-called trees and we need to look to international experience like in lovaza thumble this exhibit lesson of history of the west for it again and so on so this is how we can solve how we tackle issues like ok we're not
9:44 am
longer in an african broadening this is a global phenomena and we have to go see that it and deal with it from a prospective understanding as practices and what wicks and what did. fast see less than 30 seconds please don't you think that it's about time instead of talking about the legal framework to talk about alternatives nation renewable energy technology new platform that would bring all those countries to negotiate a better outcome for their own population instead of just focusing on what is my white what is not right if you know better than countries with the support of many international botanists have been discussing this incident in 5 since 1950 and mine for 20 years and then the contradicted the and the bear getting it which was about to be agreed by all and they have agreed to 98 percent so i believe that is the solution because i think this feeling is only one or an issue of so many issues to
9:45 am
if so to be big i would eat it might save the gravel in quality but in the future it will get it more problems for the road out of town but i promise you that will have many more opportunities in the near future to tackle this sensitive vital issue for millions and millions of people in the african continent but the move to william davis and a lot thank you very much indeed and thank you for watching you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a.j. inside story from me and the whole team here in doha by for now. my.
9:46 am
it is impossible zouaves stated the mental scarring of the survivors which peter lived in the home until the age of 4 when the nuns sold him all to yvonne and family by that time he'd lost his system she like nearly 800 others has a name recorded in the death register going to catholic organization put bodies in here there were baptized yet to put them into our own consecration ground savages for africa become painters think the government is so frightened of the damage to the church that the full excavation would do that it is resisting its sudden death threatening course of action i think the only way in which this will be result is strew an order of the spirit courts of this country i can't see any
9:47 am
other way because there is no will there is no wish there is no appetite church and state in this country is still wedded in a poisonous pact. on counting the cost of africa opens up its borders in the hope of it relating the success of the european union nigeria shuts its borders to blaming smuggling and tax evasion plus airport expansion and the creation of a regional media hub counting the cost on al-jazeera. china is calling on taiwan to reunify with the mind. bites the consequences one of 150 gates taiwan's determination to remain independent on al-jazeera. as it breaks down. for you mostly young people coming. to the police with detail coverage was meant to be
9:48 am
a chance for people from different walks of life to political affiliations to work together to shake their futures together from around the world not many people buy a new title from take you right. he was religious there with me so romney reminder of our top news stories another day of anti-government protests in iraq has turned violent at least 30 people have been killed in cities across the country the u.n. secretary general says there is clear evidence of human rights abuses since the protests began at the start of the month prime minister abdullah behind the has promised to introduce sweeping economic reforms but demonstrators say they're fed up with empty promises and what the entire government called natasha going to
9:49 am
impose more from baghdad. the sound of stun grenades reverberated around to rear square in baghdad on friday dozens of protesters were overcome by clouds of tear gas they chanted free baghdad corrupt officials out from iraq's capital to the southern city of karbala iraqis demanded the resignation of prime minister i do not have to maddy and his government they are not many other states that's all they can not do anything they can not minutes and at the event at the school not this the country the nationwide protests were on the 1st anniversary of mehdi taking office there also a continuation of protests which began at the beginning of the month the government acknowledges the excessive force was used to somebody they call it a democracy put the hands they used to wield this democracy are dictators when they kill their people with snipers it's not democracy in addition to promising to
9:50 am
punish those responsible for killing protesters mehdi announced that he and other government leaders will cut their salaries by half and divert the money to a fund to help the poor is also vowing to reshuffle the government next week by our ties in qualifications before party or set time. for you as we heard about reforms it's just a sleeping pill to calm the people all of us are rejecting this corrupt government protesters are primarily young men desperate for jobs they can't find in a country where the gap between rich and poor only seems to grow because you are located medicaid i'm jobless i have $0.24 now i told the television station see me this is all i have. protesters say they want to live in an independent iraq not one that's a puppet of the united states and iraq the office of an iranian backed armed group
9:51 am
was torched in the southern city of summer walk the prime minister says if the government resigns now chaos will follow protesters remain unmoved they say the solution is for a new government to take over the talks are going to aim does iraq baghdad. to chill a u.s. security forces have moved in on huge crowds and some tiago with water cannons and tear gas more than a 1000000 people of thought to have come out for the largest protests yet against the government that have been lovely peaceful but as you can see from these pictures things have deteriorated but all repeller hospital from the capital friday was an eventful day not only in santiago but in other parts of the country involved but i saw at the national congress protesters attempted to storm the national congress interrupting a session of of representatives sending every everyone home is a big concern with so many people out on the streets well over a 1000000 people out on the streets on the 7th night of
9:52 am
a military and forced curfew is that things will remain peaceful this is been one of the reasons people been so angry over the course of the past week since the unrest began has been the heavy handed response from police and armed forces with use tear gas water cannons and even live ammunition to to disperse the crowd while staying in the region the u.n. says it supports an audit of bolivia's disputed election results amid allegations of fraud bolivians of block street sunlit fison calling for the day to be respected the u.s. brazil argentina and colombia have called full bolivia to hold a vote of vote the electoral tribunal confirmed the controversial reelection of president evo morales. the u.s. house judiciary committee has been granted unrestricted access to robert miller's report into russian interference in the 2016 election democrats demanded it as part of efforts to build an impeachment case against donald trump those were the headlines here on al-jazeera i'll be back with more news in half an hour we
9:53 am
continue with the bone hunter to stay with us. more than 20 years after the bosnian war one man mr ching for the bones of his people told your visual search for floor your own daughter will be in a corner. not you or your 3rd on your own little world if you will true food or water bones are all that families have to lay their loved ones to rest. of us would do with a girl once in a. life mission it will be he will know it until the end of his life.
9:54 am
laura 3rd floor. willfulness was all over the world to speak.
9:55 am
every day since 2002 ram is new catch has been scouring the forest for the remains of victims of genocides although they themselves have disappeared their memory lives on and they haunt the minds of their friends and families. he roams these words with the sole purpose of finding human bones which can be identified and finally to arrests. the breakup of yugoslavia began in 1991 when the republics of slovenia and kuwait declared independence 6 bitter wars followed by the republic of bosnia-herzegovina paid the high price for independence now more at that time mr than magic for the
9:56 am
washington government backed out i'm a free man you're out of more of that mess but i'm not a member of the program got it without. the bosnian war started in the spring of 1992 and lasted for 3 and a half months. in the summer of 19951 of the worst atrocities in europe since the 2nd world war was committed here. bosnian serb forces under the command of general rights common law ditch occupied sort of beneath on the 11th of july 1995 in the following days 25000 women and children were forcibly removed from the town. and 8000 men and boys were systematically killed.
9:57 am
thank you thank you thank. you journalist me murchadh to true pointed from 70 on the 10th of july 995. the next day was the last that his mother hieron saw him alive. those really are down is the route to the couch or my feely thought fire goes wrong on a. bottle or on just as when they lose too much because for many years incidents are going in most polls under the laws of the news good looking years are not good . but are going. to be used memories that still haunts survivors. but on is the law so large that they. these day know that in
9:58 am
a. very long as opposed to through the. machine to haze us your knows the unknown the at that time were any other the reply which your no less at the end that on our orders arnie that same law that nikka. need the money at the knees of. after the war the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia prosecuted those responsible for the atrocities committed in srebrenica bosnian serb civilian and military leaders were tried for genocide rape and the mass execution of bosnian muslims the tribunals handed down over $160.00 indictments for crimes against humanity the bosnian serb forces were aware when they embarked on this genocidal venture to harm to cause would continue to plague the boston muslims zippier schoenberger states
9:59 am
under quickly. condemns in appropriate terrors the deep and lasting injury inflicted and caused the massacre at srebrenica by its proper name genocide. the remains of 7000 civilians were found after the war in mass graves and scattered through the woods surroundings every need. 1000 more have yet to be found. a native of these quiet hamlets but his new catch survived the genocide his father and 2 brothers did not see. of his own will and unpaid his devoted 16 years to unearthing and providing the authorities with thousands of bones for d.n.a. analysis. he.
10:00 am
was very. little food. world where. dramas lives near common each call barito in the days leading up to the genocide people fleeing celebrities sought refuge in the woods around this village after the bosnian serb army attack elderly women and children fled to the un base and put a charge.


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