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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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national in turkey is forcing dozens of families back into areas that are indicative of the control of either fighters or turkish backed forces turkey says that it is bearing the brunt of more than 3600000 syrian refugees and all depart reactions to word syria are voluntary and made for security assessment amnesty international says that many families have been told their papers have not been there they haven't been renewed and in essence they are not left with any of the choice but to leave to those areas which are not safe which are under the control of fighters who are still fighting for territory so we've seen the turkish denials about amnesty says it stands by its report and saying that the families have been told to leave turkey turkey is also saying that it is carrying out this peace spring operation purely because it wants to rip out create more than 3600000 syrian refugees to this 30 kilometer deep zone inside syrian territory but again there are many players involved starkey instructions to syrian government its kurdish fighters so until peace returns until services are enabled back into these areas
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schools lead actress city sewage and food are provided to these areas is that it doesn't seem like many people would opt to return to these parts of syria. thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera protests going digital online platforms are being used to rally mass movements in spain. and argentina is recovering i cannot make racists have long affectation businesses now they could impact the country's election details coming out. how my own place aside we've got some dry air quotes the weather gradually pushing into japan but we have seen yet more heavy rainfall this is just to the east of tokyo where you have further heavy downpours falling on the already saturated
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ground see about a recent thai food and that has led to the flooding brought the skies dry weather will push in as we go on through the next couple of days the main weather system remnants of al latest toy thing which is started off shore that is now in the process of pulling away a little area of cloud just tucking in behind so there was still a few showers in the forecast but not so you must is because sunday not too bad a day one or 2 showers into central parts of honshu as we go on into where monday things brighten up nicely 900 in tokyo a little colder but certainly a lot brighter into the high teens there cross the korean peninsula into the mid teens the for beijing with some dry weather dry weather to ensue eastern parts of china but as we go through the next couple of days if there is a cloud here that we have easing over into where the western side of the country will sink its way further south which should be useful it will gradually make its way down towards the southeast and colder for the time being it's generally find in
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dry and generally fine and dry to forget parts of vietnam.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera in iraq 42 people are dead and more than 2000 injured after a day of nationwide protests many young iraqis spent the night in baghdad square demanding political and economic reform. right police in chile have fired tear gas and mud pellets at some of the 1000000 people in the largest anti-government demonstration in decades president sebastian pinera says he's heard the message of the protesters complaining about inequality in the rising cost of living. vietnamese people smuggled into the u.k. may have been among the 39 people found dead in a container. earlier reports said they were all chinese the container was found in an industrial essex east of london. a 10th day of anti-government protest is underway in lebanon where demonstrators are protesting by blocking the roads in parts of beirut security forces are trying to dismantle the roadblocks and people
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are calling for a civil disobedience until the government steps down there are frustrated over corruption as well as the spiraling economic crisis. let's bring in stephanie tucker says joining us from beirut so is her same attempt their protests stephany's to protesters keeping up the pressure on the momentum on the governments. the. fair and this is one of the ways that they're trying to to that degree one of the main thoroughfares will be able to you can see you have the security forces here with their riot gear they are surrounding the protesters who are sitting down on the ground this of course is a way that the protesters are using to put pressure on the government stopping the mobility of people across not just beirut but also the main highways. here it's going to try to you. so they've been singing the and they've been singing the anthem they've been singing mourning for the fall of the regime i. can see by the security forces now the moment.
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it's running peaceful this is one of the messages that the government or that the army has said but it seems the. orders to clear the roads at the moment we're at this standoff here are nothing happening just being surrounded there are more sort of the army vehicles down the road but the protesters remain adamant that there have not been all that surge so this is one way to keep the pressure they're 2 afraid that if the roads are opened and if they simply start protesting in the squares it lessen the pressure on the government because of this this country has come to a bit of a standstill movement in terms of the roads schools are closed universities are closed banks remain closed so this is a real challenge there is pressure on the government the reforms are not enough when you talk to people here everyone will tell you they need change these leaders have been in charge for decades they've been pilfering this country they accuse them of corruption they use them of stealing money and they want to count ability
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they haven't seen that yet so at the moment this is not the only place where these kinds of scenes are playing out security forces surrounding them protesters sitting down peacefully we're going to have to wait. see how this is going and whether the protesters stay where the army at some point tries to remove them yeah that's a thing stephanie because the army as well as the government have been warning the blocking roads this way is a violation of the law so do we expect them to step in at some point and start to forcibly remove the protesters and try to open up the roads. from what we understand the security forces don't want to use violence to get. a bad like if they have orders to clear these groups to root i think you know nobody really knows how this is going to employ particularly yesterday when you saw those supporters of hezbollah coming into the streets attacking protesters who had the security forces standing between protect them there has been a very general. you know the army has allowed these protests to continue they have
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protected the people you heard this from the prime minister he said i have a responsibility to allow you to protest peacefully so this is what the people are doing but how long are they going to allow this actually to come to somewhat of a standstill this is the question it seems that now the focus is to try to get a lot of security forces here they're not moving in at the moment do you have them surrounded and i think it's anyone's ass for you as you can see just what a road block means. there is no road so this is the people there are also people who are frustrated when it comes to to when it when it comes to this kind of failure of movement the fact that the banks are closed the fact that there's a lack of foreign currency the fact that nothing has been resolved so there is frustration i think the question is how long is this going to go on for up to date key will be how many people and and calling it god forever today i think he will tell you how many people show up to protest the 2nd week and it's daytime that will
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give us an indication what the momentum is going to continue in beirut of the people coming out to protest the moment the ruins many of them remain closed ok stephanie decker with a. update from beirut thank you. yemen's internationally recognized governments and southern separatists a reach an initial agreement to stop fighting yemen's minister of information. tweeted that a deal will be signed within 2 days the separatists seize control of the port city of aden in august. aim to reunite the coalition fighting the rebels since 2015 coalition member the u.a.e. has been supporting the separatists. and anger over growing corruption and falling living standards has also gripped yemen protesters gathered in ties to the country's 2nd largest city demanding the government sack all officials involved in a legit embezzlement the value of yemen's currency has fallen by half since the start of the war in 2015. to believe you know where the u.n.
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says it supports an audit of the disputed presidential election result in a new u.s. and regional leaders have urged a 2nd round of voting protests are continuing after the electoral tribunal confirmed the controversial reelection of president ever morale is extending his rule to nearly 2 decades john heilemann reports from. there was no way through the cars in the southern zone of le pas that the living capital of friday. groups of neighbors stood on street corners stopping traffic to protest against president evel morales and the vote count the claim to the outright winner of last sunday's election. people are coming now that the government can see the anger they have a what's happened it's the only way that they can show that's why from young to old we all have to get our one to streets. it's now the 5th day of protests not just here but in points across the country the european union and the organization of
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american states have both expressed concern over freezing of the supposedly rapid vote count for almost 24 hours when it was pulls it was heading towards a runoff between morale is the nearest challenger carlos meso when it came back online the president was on the brink of outright victory the opposition has called for a 2nd round they say fruit the president rejects that asking where the proof is. his popularity is full and in this election but many still stand behind him as a leader whose almost poverty and presided over a flourishing economy and he's 13 years in charge for them the street blocks are not justified nuisance. no you think it's someone's notice they have to accept that they're lost without president evo morales we've got nothing to complain about his work with whoever wants it and with the government before there wasn't anything i've personally been able to buy my car with a credit line. for the specially in recent years analysts say that the electorate
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authorities have become uncomfortably close to the government many feel democracy is slipping. for those who take into the streets this is where they draw the line the lights turn green but there's no cars heading down an avenue that would usually be full of the it's not all of the capital city la paz but especially in the south groups of neighbors have blocked off most of the roads. elsewhere in the country protests also continued a general strike and today its 3rd day in the industrial hub of santa cruz the election results are in but the discontent he continues john homan al-jazeera the pas in spain a judge has ordered the shutdown of a social media platform used to mobilize independence protests in catalonia so your day ago has more from barcelona. they vowed to return to the streets following the sentencing of 9 catalan politicians and activists for sedition 2 weeks ago the
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tsunami democratic a leaderless anonymous organization called on protesters to blockade barcelona's airport one of the most defiant acts among days a protest that occurred throughout catalonia the riots that came after which caused damage and disruption the likes of which had not been seen in decades. catalonia as usual peaceful protest movement became drawn into a controversy over the tactics used to encourage civil disobedience and the question was raised who or what is tsunami democratic today in the spanish of the supreme court ruling was unowned which is an direct affront to the human rights . the only person to be associated with the movement so far is to city's catalan manager pep guardiola who has advocated for the session of catalonia for his message to catalans to get behind the tsunami democratic when it came out on the
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day protesters occupy the airport the reaction from the spanish authorities was swift a judge ordered their websites and social media platforms to be shut down part of an ongoing investigation into the movement of charges of terrorism when we mind but hobbs's. this. political parties we toured with behind the 1st of the over the phone and the one also the same organisation and are now behind the anointing more blood for me but it's some kind of a political leap to be preparing. for a lot of ones they don't mean all of their website work to reduce that on july 2019 so we might. have been preparing for a lot of time so anyone who wants to join the tsunami democratic or they 1st have to download the app on an android phone and then they have to activate it by getting a q.r. code from another user that code can only be used for a limited amount of times now there's no account of such that's created however the
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user has to agree with being able to track their location so far the app is still awaiting activation but the movement has already called further action before and after spain's general election next month in a bid to make further waves in catalonia so a new vehicle al-jazeera barcelona. inflation devaluation and recession are words most arjun times are used to hearing and the latest economic crisis is on the minds of voters in sunday's general election terrorism has more from the capital one of saris. 17 years ago the workers of h. 11 a printing press took over this building when the owner filed for bankruptcy and failed to pay them any type of compensation. and a myth on silas was one of those workers he says it hurts him to see argentina is
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in a crisis once again before. the situation was already difficult many years ago but these past months everything has deteriorated even more the government increase the prices of electricity and we have to create festivals to pay the bills we are resisting because we have a history of resistance but it's not easy. inflation recession and the risk of default are affecting all sectors of the economy these days and this place is no exception officers sources say that around 40 small company on every day mostly because they cannot cope with a rise in the price of utility services and because of a drop in sales the problem that this place is facing for example is an increase in the price of some of the products they use like paper this is what is called thinking about rest of. history seems to repeat itself in argentina over and over again. since the 1940 s.
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and tina has had at least 16 crisis 15 of them happen because the country ran out of dollars and we have a currency problem people don't save basis in buying patience and we have an export problem will have enough dollars so every now and then governments doing flayed the economy by borrowing their way to growth and at some point. that says it all of the nominated that starts and taking around and greatest of asking for money and out resorting to a crisis like this is the meaning of it $1.00 of the ladies at the says this is one of the reasons why it's been so difficult for marketing to get the economy going and why he ended requesting a loan from the i.m.f. but patients were exaggerated and i think people some people in the government believe that the whole problem i think there was populism. and ill equipped so they
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believe that changing the cast will solve the problems facing the browns are more structure. but until now no government has found the solution to the problem lack of consensus and predictability have led argentina to the crisis it struggling with today. in the middle are the millions who are filled with uncertainty about what will happen next. i just went to. england has death row new zealand to reach the rugby world cup final new zealand was the favorite having not lost the world cup game since 2007 however england managed to record their 1st ever victory over the all blacks in the world cup the english eventually winning 19 points to 7 they go through to next saturday's final where they'll face either south africa or wales.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera in iraq 42 people are dead and more than 2000 injured after a day of nationwide protests many young iraqis spent the night in baghdad's tahir square demanding political and economic reform. this is a peaceful demonstration we are the government. we want to make sure that's we. just demonstrate in a safe way as we want that we want that we want get killed. i don't want to die today i want to have a good country i don't want anyone to die to. riot police in chile have fired tear gas and lead pellets at some of the 1000000 people in the largest anti-government demonstration in decades president sebastian pinera says he's heard the message of the protesters who have been complaining about inequality in the rising costs of living. vietnamese people smuggled into the u.k. may have been among the 39 people found dead in a container truck on wednesday earlier reports said they were all chinese the
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container was found in an industrial estate in essex east of london turkey says the kurdish withdrawal from syria is northern border is going as planned despite reports of sporadic fighting in the region kurdish forces have until tuesday to completely withdraw from the so-called safe zone which runs 30 kilometers into syria turkey and moscow has sent in more troops to patrol the area and clear it of any remaining fighters a 10th day of anti-government protest is underway in lebanon this is beirut's where demonstrators are protesting by blocking the roads there frustrated over corruption and the spiraling economic crisis hong kong medical workers are holding a rally in the city's financial center and they're protesting against what they say is police brutality the city's months long demonstrations of often turned violent tear gas and rubber bullets have frequently been used against protesters those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next.
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egypt and if you resolve that just futile disagreements over africa's largest down project raising days of conflict how should one of our own most vital was also has been managed this is inside story. of. how the welcome to the program. was often said to be the source of life and it's
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increasingly becoming the source of conflict in various parts of the world the building of the largest hydroelectric dam in africa has reignited a dispute about its longest with the line if the o.p.'s says the $5000000000.00 grand if you're going to run it sounds damn near the border with sudan will be a massive boost to the economy and create $400000000.00 feel peons egypt fears that will be at its expense and reduce its shout of my water if the opi and engineers being to fill the reservoir behind the wall slowly than release a high of quantity of water downstream both sides have agreed to resume talks that collapsed this month and egypt is accepting the united states to mediate the dispute. if the o.p.'s prime minister and this year's nobel peace prize when so just of the dispute could lead to a war is of can down to his comments as unacceptable. you asked
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about egypt saying that they will take action and want to kindly want you to understand is that quarter of ethiopia's population is poor and young so if we are to go to war with other africans we can have many millions on the front line but was do not have many benefits it will not benefit egypt will not benefit sudan and it will not be enough it some may have the capability of firing missiles and some may say i will bomb cairo if it is for my country and my flag but peace cannot be brought by bombing and by fighting now and if. the only ones involved in the dispute sudan has been involved in the negotiations the dam is located near its border with let's get more from morgan in the capital. tensions have been on the rise between egypt over the ground if you can renaissance dam the dam which is building on the island which is said to be the largest hydroelectric dam in africa up on its completion next year now since the start of
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the construction in 2011 egypt has repeatedly expressed concern over the impact of the dam on its shares of mild watts's which its population relies on technical committees between the 2 sides are set to resume negotiations on the feeling and the operation of the down but the last round of talks between ethiopian egypt which included sudan earlier this month here in sudanese capital ended in a deadlock egypt wanted to guarantee that the dam would be released in 40000000000 cubic meters but ethiopia said that the dams maximum capacity would be only 50000000000 the recent statements by the prime minister ahmed who said that he is ready to more than a 1000000 men to defend the did not help with the tension now caught up in the middle between the 2 sides which while it did not see it wanted for to believe by the it said that if you try to raise 35000000000 cubic meters sudan is trying to play mediator between the 2 sides between ethiopian egypt while at the same time
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trying to guarantee that its shares is not impacted morgan for inside story. let's take a look at the long running dispute the 9 competes with the amazon as being the longest serving the well it's definitely the longest in africa flowing through 11 countries nearly a quarter of a 1000000000 africans rely on the river but egypt and sudan claim exclusive rights to the water why 90 percent of your fresh water comes from the 984 percent of the rivers water flows from ethiopia the long running dispute intensified when it began building the largest hydroelectric power plant in africa it's of fears the ground if european renaissance dam will stop the flow of vital water source and the egyptians are using to it is drafted by britain last century to argue scase.
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let's introduce our panel in her dorm. former negotiator on the 9 agreement in brussels william davidson syria analyst on the international crisis group and the london alam a math professor of knowledge management and sustainable development of the university of east london welcome to you. since you have been part of the team that has negotiated the waters i just want to ask you is the whole issue about filling their reserve war within an interval of time of 5 to 7 years and then releasing water with about 35 to 40000000000 cubic meters annually is this the real problem now facing the 3 countries if the opiah and sudan. i think according to the strategy of libya this is the this is not as it is
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a problem the division of forces in is of course defeatist feeling of the dam but the man that is standing the interest of so then are more than that which is worth the security and this has never been discussed before so i believe the negotiation is now about the 1st feeling this is a being outside compared to the interests of the sudan which is claiming to be food basket for the whole world like and it is current what it is definitely will not meet that target and they should be looking for work or security now than anything else so that's why i think this is the reason for the failure of the negotiations william there's been this as collation rhetoric over the last few months between if european and egypt do you have any concern that in the absence of an agreement the potential for a military confrontation is there. well not particularly i mean there has certainly been some heated rhetoric recently as you
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referred to and unfortunately we've also seen that in the past notably from cairo in the past of course we had the comments from the european prime minister in parliament recently talking about a possible eventuality of conflict but conflict really is very unlikely here it's not it's not an either side's interest and in fact if egypt is particularly concerned about its water supply then the obvious way to try and ensure adequate water supplies is to cooperate with ethiopia and if there's any increase in the aggressive attitude from either side if there's a worsening of relations let alone conflict then egypt will be further away from its goal of ensuring those adequate water supplies the egyptians say this is an issue of utmost importance is exist tensional issue for the therefore they want to be part of operating the if this is an issue of national sovereignty and as you've
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heard from a middle of the he says that for so then this is also a crucial issue now. is there any room for compromise where the 3 parties can cooperate for the sake of a permanent solution. thank you for your invitation i think the issue here we need to consider is of the spectacle of this all 'd complex situation we are facing now fairest of all i sing we need to remind our sense one of the measure of a stickler turning use for africa over all is the lack of an adequacy of electricity africa main challenges is really electricity and that's we're going to hinder many of the development projects across the whole continent not just in the city countries secondly water and electricity or water and energy are 2 of the most important items in all initiative by my countries to achieve the sustainable development goals to want to safety now taking these 2 into account the argument of
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the egyptian about is very this is show of the dam and the water is vital is what is vital not just for egypt is also for sudan and for we need to be my as my colleague from sudan just said sudan is going to have to be the food basket for the entire africa and the arab countries and eventually sudan needs a water in order to fulfill that if you like ambitious target for the whole continent not just for sudan it got this on political problems because we have inside egypt even in the distribution of forte's not really even really if you like equitable though egypt she is very worried about the amount afford it because we know that most of the businesses are run by corporates on the cobra's that actually belong to the army in each. issue of national security is through because there was a board 670 of civil from the european union about how the will it's going to look
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like in 20 city or 2020 and now we're already in 2020 and they argue that water will be one of the major issues of conflict between countries ok that countries which will depend on us of on water they will have girls c.d.'s telling to the future will tell. both those things in details late in the tale later in the show. you have been talking about water sources an issue from a sudanese perspective but others would argue that the problem with sudan and egypt is that they go back to agreement that was signed almost 100 years. ago to claim exclusive rights when the world has changed and countries like if you are saying basically we need to build a dam for the sake of our own economy our own population and 60 percent of our population does not have access to electricity this is the answer. i believe there is no problem about it or going to get it to the city or even to use whatever this
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is right this 2nd is sharing is worth it but there's a problem to my understanding since agreement of 1902 is that there is a deal between the government of sudan and the government of sudan is they did is that backed up so the un we have given to the sukkah. as a consideration for that but the company's yoga is that whenever it intends to build any other structure who has a disease. or as up they should consult with the sudan and ugly refer to starting the new girl as a boarder starting the building so i believe this is a problem since its 2011 but it has never been discussed the discussion now is cause why it only to the furthest feeling and i think this is not fair and this will not end the conflict because what there has been said by the. prime minister is that he's going to millions of be able to do the exam that means he was asked to
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different whatever he has occurred in this negotiation since 2011 and now i believe unless the rights of our city country just. got it this will be a year problem conflict in the future but then william the europeans would tell you that we were not part of the $959.00 agreement and therefore as far as it appear is concerned everything should start from scratch do you see the potential for the need. to reinvent the whole agreements start from square one yes in many ways i think that would be the ideal solution and in fact there's already a treaty in place i mean it's not play in place because it's not been ratified by all enough countries but it's been drafted that's the co-operative framework agreement now which are all the.


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