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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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july 2009 protests broke out oh my god oh nearly 200 people were killed with reports that over 1000 we were arrested. in response the beijing government launched what it called a strike hard campaign and we get areas to suppress dissent. would it began to do is really systematically step up its police presence as well it's party infrastructure. to begin to surveil the weaker population. and so some of them struck back in really horrific ways. there was a suicide car bombing in tienanmen in beijing. there was this attack on
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a train station and that left you know over 20 innocent train travelers massacre is quite brutally. that's really when the rhetoric of terrorism really took off as something you could use a label we girls as a group that there are potentially terrorists and so you know using any means necessary is justified. in 26 to saddam. went back to singe and to marry his girlfriend not deal.
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after their honeymoon in the united states and turkey no deal fell pregnant. positive tests in his she's pregnant and that and the best have been his moment of me like. and there was actually like i'm going to be dead i'm going to have like i'm going to have baby like as lois and her. saddam returned to australia in early 2017 for work while nat villa waited in singeing for her spouse visa to be approved. but then beijing suddenly launched its mass re-education campaign and xinjiang. suddenly she called me our government start taking people's passport. the. singeing effectively became a large open air prison with severe limitations on freedom of movement on weekends
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and other minorities as well as invasive surveillance of almost every aspect of their daily lives. the 1st reports began to emerge of weak years being rounded up and detained in camps. in the community we heard stories of people's direct messages of their family members were taken there one was panicking there one was 20 find out whether they family members was safe and. we start to hear everyone's family being detained like ordinary people average people have family members being detained and then i realized something is going on. we get is who visited muslim countries or had lived overseas seem to be among the 1st to suffer who are going to the turkey's old arabia or any muslim country they putting in the people to the jail or concentration camp. people started to leave disappearing
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and communities were being emptied of adult men and women. saddam wasn't able to go to cinching to be with in the deal or for the birth of their son. the chinese consulate in sydney refused him a visa i wasn't there when he. learned he bore. you madge and the whole hard phone to having a baby by herself i wasn't there next to her. so it was hard. soon after law to be was born saddam received shocking news security forces had arrived at the deal as family home. other than the train to the work
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and then i got a message from my wife's friend saying oh your wife been taking ages. crying in the train you know like even the people in trying to ask me what's happening what's happening and i can tell them that the chinese government took her and i don't know where. that that they did. 2 weeks passed but then saddam heard that no deal had been released but she remains trapped in synching with looked to be prevented from traveling and in constant fear of rearrest. to scared she's always hugging please let me out from here. he's getting all the old like every day person who doesn't know he's there.
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in adelaide saddam's friend almas also received frightening news from singeing his wife zainab had been picked up by the police. have been arrested by. chinese police they dressing under cover up i think is more than i don't mind police officers. zainab spam only watched police put a black hood over her head and put her into a van she was 7 weeks pregnant. i can't leave her like that sob put to flight ticket very next day i left. so i spent 3 months time in orange and then i only can get the information she has been arrested because of the reason she did study in egypt. now matsson is a medina spent several weeks in the capital of singeing
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a room she looking for his wife before being contacted by the police they asked me to come to. police station talk to me face to face and i when i went they gave me the piece of paper. i need to get out of the country in 24 hours. after mass flew back to australia the chinese authorities arrested his 50 year old mother. she is a high school last teacher she has been working for chinese government for 30 years . teka from the house fave police officer come to the house and unlock the door and arrest her. in april 2019 received an e-mail from an official at the australian department of foreign affairs in canberra. she told him that the chinese government had
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sentenced his wife to 7 years in jail for quote assembling a crowd to disturb social order and then they said that my wife was assembling a call she can't even go shopping by herself like she's ever escape. they arrest her like she didn't assembling a craft to disturb social order that's impossible. kill my heart. my wife my mom they're like so important for me it's my responsibility to protect them by protect. these a satellite images of suspected camps where we get so detained china initially denied these camps existed but research is an academic's around the world have identified
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them using internet map technology essentially looking for a large highly securitized facility where almost every aspect of. the movement inside these areas is completely restrained looking for a wall surrounding the whole facility with watchtowers on the edges of it and specifically you're looking for internal fencing barbed wire 3 major high fencing. the scale of this mass internment program is enormous the chinese government refers to the camps as reeducation centers and researchers have now identified nearly $100.00 suspected facilities like these across in genk it's basically clear that a huge percentage of the middle age range especially aged between 18 and 45 years a very large percentage of them are in some form of internment or prison. researches like adrian sense have also accessed chinese government documents online
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to identify the full scale of what the country is doing to its muslim ethnic minorities. for example budget reports government reports work reports and also procurement bits construction bits that were also very detailed that said we need to reeducation camp built in this area and it needs to be this big and needs to have surrounding walls barbed wire towers surveillance equipment cameras and so on and so forth they were buying a police batons tasers. you know different instruments that could be used in torture like cattle prods. stun guns pepper spray all these sort of things that you would find in a prison setting. this video was filmed by human rights activists and shows the inside of one of the camps cells fitted with double iron
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daws. keypad locks and cameras. slogans on the wall praising chinese president xi jinping and in the so-called classrooms railings and wire separating the teaches from the students. the government's glossy videos claim that the week is a happy with their so-called reeducation. course you are far more useful to know. that the chinese government has reportedly described its new campaign as quote breaking the roots of
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extremists and so what they're doing when they say they want to break the roots break the lineage is they want to eliminate the basic institutions the basic elements of weaker culture we are society they're trying to transform the entire society. 37 year old melbourne plaster a high ruler my is one of 3 astray in citizens who've been jailed in singeing here he speaks out for the 1st time. it's been a bit hard to explain at that in my feeling at that time yeah no i've been happy like that before in my life. in august 2017 while travelling on his astray in passport high ruler was questioned and then detained at chengdu airport in sichuan province. when i go to
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that detention center. they. put. chain ogham are my uncle put on or have coughed on my hand so just a shocked because i don't know it's there is a lie i they should to this what does this tell me. i ruler wasn't allowed to call the astray an embassy or his family. security forces put him onto a plane and flew him to singeing. he says he was brought here. to this detention center near a room cheap and put in a cell with around 40 other men it. there is no in law space to you just in a lie down properly and turn around something like that you can't do that if you just sleep in 2 hours after 2 hours we wake up and then just any interest in this day
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wake up you're going to sleep something. classified as a so-called potential terrorist high ruler my and a strain citizen was forced to undergo 6 hours of indoctrination every day praising the chinese communist party and president xi jinping. you have to watch the brainwashing program t.v. there is t.v. in the detention center in there in that room did that t.v. that people is talking about. the combat communist party's rules and. is good something like that. 2 weeks into his detention high ruler says he received a visit from an australian official who introduced himself as mark from the embassy in beijing he tried to ask the officials chinese officials this guy asked me.
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why are you guys put this put him to the detention center and look him up about 2 weeks more than 2 weeks what's the reason and then the chinese official says. still . to this question. a week later hi rula was released to be with his wife and stepson. but the or thora ordered him to leave singeing and banned him from visiting for 5 years. high rulers wife was stopped from leaving with him. she just kept saying. leave me alone let me alone take me it is you. i can't i can't live. that feeling as you know.
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braking hard. i just left. him and i can't turn around and see him see her again because. from the far away near the gate i can see. just the crying crying. in a world of alternative facts and truths unfiltered social media spreads misinformation unfavorable reports become fake news fake phoning the enemy of the people and press freedom is under attack. in a brand new documentary series we explore the media landscape of the world of music how are journalists the world over coming to terms with this new reality and
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finding ways to challenge mainstream misconceptions whose truth is it anyway coming soon on al-jazeera. overthrown and exiled their point again saying if you all thought this miss me to tell you i mean to much film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth was forged by and we've. known today she thinks she is the. need for change this return of a president on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told the police find out the power markets are with exclusive interviews using that was in the stay in all and in-depth reports taking on the environmental climate crises is a battle on many fronts not least that of the ocean al-jazeera has teams on the
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ground to bring you more award winning documentary and the life of me. they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes al-jazeera shares personal journeys of people following their chosen path weakness on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera that means the whole romney a reminder of our top news stories iraq's human rights commission says 63 people have been killed in just 2 days of protests across the country. 2 populist shia cleric who. are staging a sit in a parliament in spain parts of central barcelona turned into a battleground between police and protesters following a largely peaceful march riot police used battles and charged people who'd been
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framed bottles and rocks is the latest mass demonstration in support of catalan separatist leaders who've been jailed for their role in an illegal independence referendum. chile's president has asked all of his government ministers to resign after declaring he's heard the message from mass protests sebastian pinera says he wants to end the state of emergency a nationwide curfew was ignored by a 1000000 people on friday who were out on the streets protesting about inequality 1000 people are being killed in just 2 weeks of unrest get out of the army but i want to announce to all my compatriots that if circumstances allow i intend to live to all the states of emergency starting at midnight on sunday i asked all ministers to resign in order to form a new government enter be able to respond to these new demands and to take charge of these new timeless bolivia's president evo morales says a 2nd runoff election can be held if an audit of the 1st vote count finds evidence
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of fraud it earlier declared there's no need for the loss but pressure has been building at home and abroad since morale has won an election critics say was wrecked extreme winds are expected to intensify wildfires in the u.s. state of california about 50000 people have been ordered to abandon their homes in wind producing areas just outside of san francisco it's an interesting moment to be in because we're in it to support tory theories that is obviously rather anxiety inducing and i just want to acknowledge them to haiti the fear that people have about this moment and medical workers in hong kong have spoken out against what they say is police brutality months of anti-government protests have often ended in bloodshed police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters and medics are often caught in the middle those are the headlines i'm back with the al-jazeera news hour in 30 minutes we continue with the tell the world here on al-jazeera.
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the chinese government has set up internment camps in the north western region of sudan jang it calls them reeducation centers and it's using them to detain thousands of the week ethnic group without charge the we do is mainly muslims and speak a turkic language. it has also encouraged large numbers of han chinese to move to the region to shift the ethnic balance. the police routinely arrest men and women young and and put them in the camps where they are indoctrinated for hours at a time with government propaganda. these include week as who've left china and obtained a story in citizenship but have been arrested while simply visiting singeing.
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nearly every astray and week a family has a relative in one of the camps. we are going survivor's guilt here because we live in a free country and safe and sound yet we're living this emotional prison. we are walking about walking date almost so that's how i can describe communities experiences and we feel shy away from guilt and because we can't do anything about help them and we doing what we can but does not good enough help to help. them terrans 80 year old father was among those arrested and put in a camp. he's been loyal to the chinese government all his.
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just average to what mary took speaking with us he never done anything against the government. adam's father was detained for almost a year he was finally released in august 28th scene but died only a few weeks later. i couldn't call my mom. or any of my family members and i don't even know if my dad had the funeral of her that's. the last time adam's mother answered the phone she was at a police station having been arrested for receiving calls from abroad. i used to call my mom like 3 days every week she said um. don't call me again. because i can't pick up before in any way so
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that was my last talk with my mom. and. i missed that every week. i try not to talk about it that time but in breakfast table my kids ask sometimes like do you have parents. it's hard to explain them what's going on.
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even those weak is not detained in camps a subject to systematic intrusion and surveillance. the singeing region is now widely equipped with the latest surveillance technology appearing to use artificial intelligence. every 200 it just is checkpoints to check your i.d.'s check your some odd for. their just put deal phone and then this can everything if there is a like watson facebook twitter anything like religious cult like speech like praying. that kind of abyssinia funny or in trouble. every week over the age of 12 is forced to have the biometric data captured including voice
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blood d.n.a. samples and eye scans. they had to speak into a device in order to get a unique voice signature for each person and then they did a 3 d. faced scan which meant that they had you had to have yourself a scan from all directions making different expressions on your face so that they would get a clear reading of all of your emotions. this corporate video shows the latest facial recognition technology being used in chinese cities the government is now using it to track members of the weak a community not just in singeing but across china. that's something that they're quite proud of that they can detect racial difference or ethnic difference simply you know based on that appearance. a researcher at an astray university has been in. in developing methods better to identify ethnic minorities in china
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using artificial intelligence i. leave you one kwan at curtin university has been working on the chinese government funded research that examines the faces of weaknesses and how their features could be better detected in facial scanning. is racial profiling that's essentially what this technology has been used for to distinguish we're from harm and the university has said that lee you won kwan was solely focused on the provision of quote technical advice to the chinese research team and that curtain unequivocally condemns the use of ai for any form of ethnic profiling that would quote negatively impact and or persecute any person or group. following the revelations in this film however curtain investigated its research approval procedures but has yet to report on its findings they will say well this is my area of expertise i can use this stuff to
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identify a weaker as opposed to a harm you know with party state does it as not my responsibility i think that shameful and shocking i don't think straight researchers should be involved in that and it violates human ethics without a doubt. chinese police also use an app to track the purchases phone data and travel routines of weakness. human rights watch says that the app was developed by c e t c a chinese government owned military tech company. in 2017 the university of technology in sydney u.t.s. signed a $6700000.00 u.s. dollar deal with c t c to establish a research center that included ai and surveillance projects. but following the revelations about c t c's role in singeing u.t.s.
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has reviewed this relationship and ended its video surveillance project with the company i think the u.s. and other universities here astray the have connections with any. party state company particularly in the military security sector it's to end those contracts and to pull out of those collaborative arrangements i mean essentially by doing that we were being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in shin jiang and in china more widely. the chinese government plan seems to be systematically to eliminate the pill is of we get culture like religion and language. using online satellite maps it's possible to track the destruction of mosques in. this
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large mosque and who tongue was demolished in 2019. large areas of the stablished we got housing have also been pulled down. you're saying that being systematically demolished and in its place is becoming high rise apartment buildings which are a lot easier to control. there's also serious concern for the children of the $1000000.00 weak is believed to be held in camps. those d.v.d.'s that leaked out and we start seeing the opening and a peep. even identify some of their nieces nephews actually inside of that often
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each. chinese government documents show a large increase in the building and upgrading of children's nurseries and boarding schools in xinjiang. it seems as though children are being deliberately separated from their families. what's happening to the children is that. if both parents are taken to the camps after the children are removed from the community they are a part of and they're placed in boarding schools or orphanages there's certainly been a massive increase in the building of nurseries and other education facilities for children. children are now in a process of reeducation or you know chinese assimilation. that's also how you inhibit what's called intergenerational transmission of culture
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and religion meaning their parents' ability to pass on the cultural and spiritual heritage to the next generation if you can control that then you basically have control over the entire next generation of these ethnic groups well you're doing this to the babies that gives me all the time what's going to happen if i fancy myself again. and that's it is kill my wife as well. meanwhile inside the camps their parents are being put to work mounting evidence points to a system of forced labor emerging in singeing in october 28th mean chinese state television showed these detainees working at sewing machines in a camp in photon. i'm quite used to uncovering dirty secrets of the chinese
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government but when i realized the magnitude and the impact the implications of what i found it was it was really something else. adrian zen's has been going through chinese government documents and media reports online and found striking evidence of what seems to be happening behind the camp walls. basically there's a huge scheme going on a huge plan and shinji to put all kinds of people into different forms of involuntary labor being moved around a bit like figures on the chessboard you know and they're put into places where the government can control them this kind of cooperation is not voluntary it's being enforced. government videos promote the new scheme and this young we go woman talks up.


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