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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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reflecting the d. feelings among all syrians above the state of their beloved country after nearly 9 years of violent conflict but the fact that you are here today sitting together face to face rigid to start a dialogue and negotiations is i believe a proverb food sign of hope for syrians everywhere both inside and of signed the contrary i am therefore extremely grateful to all of you for having accepted the nomination and i am confident that each one of you made a great responsibility it entails we pay your part in fulfilling the committee's mandate in the service of the syrian people.
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sitting either side of him the 2 co-chairs one from the government side a syrian government. armored cars body and on the other side the syrian opposition politician who's been involved in many of these talks howdy are they both spoke at this opening event as you might expect the syrian government spoke about the need to defeat what it calls terrorism and the opposition spoke about the need for detainees to be released but they both pledged to approach this in good faith and try and come up with a constitution for the country it will be a very difficult task adrian just look at one aspect of this and that is the role of the presidency in the new constitution is supposed to come up with and of course the syrian government negotiators know that they're working for a president who as ruthlessly over 8 and
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a half years been prepared to fight to stay in office using everything from torture in his jails to barrel bombs so no one i think has any doubt about the difficulty of the process ahead are diplomatic and it's a james bays reporting live there from geneva james many thanks. turkey's president . says the joint turkish and russian patrols in northern syria will begin shortly following the passing of a deadline for the withdrawal of all kurdish forces it paves the way for the turks to create a so-called safe zone running 30 kilometers into syrian territory president or one says the zone could still be expanded if attacks from y.p. g. forces continue russian defense officials say the kurdish withdrawal has been completed but turkish intelligence says that some fighters remain let's go live now to where the turkey syria border out of serious national data is in the sand any
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indication then how quickly those patrols those turkish joint turkish and russian patrols will begin. well most likely now are you having russian and turkish military officers on the ground assessing the situation ensuring that the withdrawal of the city of fighters has been completed before starting the joint patrols wish could be to day to morrow if they are sure that the withdrawal has been completed however we're getting also indications that the turkish government does not seem to be 100 percent please about what's happening on the ground president doesn't. say you get that according to their own sources and information still s.t.'s fighters who have not fully withdrawn from the northeastern part of a country because we had indications though he's talking about could by any members and also. those areas were widely seen as strongholds for the fighters of the have
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resisted calls in the past to pull out from this area say that the fundamental parts of their own. homeland and the think once you get an agreement between the russians and the turkish government that those areas are no safer that there's no as the fight is that's the moment where the joint patrols would start. so russia says that the kurdish withdrawal has been completed when did those fighters go. now those in so to give you an idea about what's happening in the northern parts of syria on the border with with with turkey there's an area which is now under the control of the turkish army and the syrian national army which is the rebel group backed by turkey would start stretches from some of your thought to the light the other area to the west is why you have called bali what do you have and what do you
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have tell us about as the fighters in those areas they have to move east of the euphrates that area has to be free of fighters as but the agreements between the russians and the turks last week those in areas around mislead to the east or. all the border with with iraq they will have to withdraw south the turkish government insist of the 32 kilometer deep safe so all the way for maliki to us a lot of us were talking about something like 440 kilometer area long question many thanks indeed of zeus hashem how about are there on the turkey syria border iraq's prime minister abdul mattie is under growing pressure to resign in the wake of days of antigovernment protests he along with the president and the speaker of parliament will hold talks later to try to find a way out of the crisis and discuss possible names for
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a new prime minister earlier influential shiite cleric called smarties resignation on tuesday tens of thousands of people came out onto the streets spurred on by reports of security forces shooting testers in karbala coffins some serious attention to name reports now from baghdad. the last 6 days what we've been seeing is the pressure mounting here on the street the boycotting of work the defying a curfew the destruction of government and political party building right now we understand that the port the commodities port air basra is actually as halted operations because the entrance has been blocked now we're seeing a shift with a lot of political maneuvering you mentioned that the prime minister the body the president the speaker of parliament and perhaps the chief of the judiciary are expected to be meeting today to discuss and exit out of this crisis and possibly a way forward that will of the thousands of protesters that are. going to the
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street since october 1st it's said that they will reportedly look at names of people who could succeed but not heidi so also in the last hour or so we're learning that an alliance an opposition alliance that had been formed by the true largest blocs in the parliament appeared to have fallen apart. because of the a cleric who has the largest bloc even the parliament is saying the only solution is that he has to go. south sudan's main opposition leader says the government has failed to push through a peace deal aimed at ending years of fighting former rebel leader. says that a unity government column be achieved before a bit november deadline a 6 year conflict has led to the deaths of more than $400000.00 people and internationally mediated peace deal is still in place but the still violence ongoing between armed groups around the country let's go live to a call to mount
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a serious hit morgan is the head but why does michele want this postponed. well less than 2 weeks to go and doesn't look like the parties that have signed the deal last year here in the sudanese capital of tomb are in agreement with regards to forming the transitional government now 1st of all let's remember that the november 12th deadline is already an extension from the initial deadline which was supposed to be made 12th and the opposition be direct my char is saying that the security arrangements which were included in the peace deal that was signed here in her term are not in place now according to that agreement 83000 troops from all sides are supposed to be contained into sides trained and then merged together to form a unified army the other issue that to machar has been critical about is the issue of number of states let's go back to october 2015 when the president salva kiir increased the number of states in south sudan from 10 states to 32 machar said that
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that is illegal and he says that he wants the state to be revised and and a body a committee has been formed to look into that issue but that is yet to be settled so less than 2 weeks to go and lots of issues to be resolved between the opposition the wreck machar and south sudan's government and it doesn't look like in the next 12 days these issues will be resolved or it's a what's been the reaction from those who worked so hard to pave the way and backed the agreement recently signed last year. yes indeed now i gather the intergovernmental authority on development which is a regional body had met just a few days ago and they said that it is up to the mediators of the deal between south sudan's out working parties to decide whether there should be an extension or whether they should go ahead and form a national government of national unity on november 12th now the 2 mediators were uganda and sudan and we spoke to sudanese government officials and they say that they're trying to talk to the opposition leader wrecked much are to go back to juba
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and form a government of national unity now should that not happen as statements have been put out by the european union and several other bodies saying that all working sides should actually form a government that south sudan cannot form a government without any of the signatories to the peace deal so it looks like the 2 sides have to come down to a negotiating table once again and decide whether they're going to go ahead form a government of national unity a transitional government on november 12th and then talk about the issues of security arrangements and number of states after that government is formed or whether the 2 sides and the other sides who've also signed the deal will decide to extend once again the transitional period of south sudan's government. morgan live in concert people many thanks dude. russia says that it won't be making any significant investments in the saudi oil giant around co as it prepares for its long awaited launch on the stock market the comments were made by the russian delegation who are attending an investment conference in riyadh norway has also said that it's not interested in buying around co hopes to make its initial public
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offering one of the largest ever however earlier this month saudi arabia delayed the listing saying that they needed more commitment from investors the governor of a yemeni island attacked by separatists has called on president hadi to intervene fighters from the u.a.e. backed southern transitional council attempted to storm the government compound on so culture island a source in the yemeni government has told them to 0 that they also attacked civilians and have cut off main roads he described the attack as the 1st cool against the riyadh brokered power sharing agreement between the government and southern separatists. the findings of a public inquiry into london's grenfell tarr fire have been released 72 people were killed in the tragedy 2 years ago it was the biggest single loss of life in london since the 2nd world war well the report says that one of the major failings was a fire brigade policy called stay put where residents were advised by telephone to
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stay in their apartments and wait for rescue instead of being told to escape the report also accuses the brigade's commissioner danny cotton of remarkable insensitivity for saying that she would not have changed the way her team responded to the tragedy the investigation also concludes that the fire started because of an electrical fault in the refrigerator it says the flames spread quickly because of the material used to climb the outside of the building let's go live now to west london john a whole can tell us more let's begin jonah with the reaction then too to this report by the london fire brigade. by the london fire brigade and by the local community who broadly approve of the strength of this report broadly approve of the fact that it does call out fire brigade failings because everybody believes they're worth failings even though they believe that it wasn't the london fire brigade who were responsible for what happened here but let's deal
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with the fire brigades response 1st because they have said dannie called the head of the fire brigade that she was disappointed at the way in which a staffer criticised particularly the naming of junior officers but she's very keen to point out that this fire spread to the top of the building in just 20 minutes something that the report itself also highlights as a fact that created an unprecedented residential building fire she said precipitated by significant failings of the buildings fire safety measures in other words and as i say is a point being made on the ground here this was not the fault of the london fire brigade it was rather the fault of cloud being placed. around the building which had polyethylene at its core this is a sort of rain screen that was put around the building during a renovation in 2016 polyethylene at its core highly flammable combustible material which meant that the fire once started spread very rapidly up the outside of the building far faster than the firefighters were able to cope with it they also
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weren't entirely able to understand what was going on or why the fire was spreading so quickly which in turn gave rise to this stay put order people to stay put inside their apartments inside enclosed rooms which should have been fired protected that order was in place for a full 2 hours after firefighters arrived here in the end of course 2 hours far too long for many of the people inside the building what's the government had to say about this. boris johnson the prime minister he is do i think to give a statement fairly shortly in the house of commons he has spoken about this report during the course of the morning he of course was mayor of london a few years ago at a time when major cuts were applied to the fire services to private of crucial resources also one of the causal factors here he said the government would act on the facts of the fire no matter how difficult that made feel the problem for people on the ground here is that they just don't have a lot of confidence of previous fire 10 years ago recommendations were made and not
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followed that could have made a big difference here is johnson can say what he likes in parliament he doesn't as i say inspire a great deal of confidence on the ground 0 in west london many thanks indeed. british m.p.'s are voted to hold a general election on december 12th hoping to end the deadlock over briggs as prime minister boris johnson currently leads a minority government wants to secure a majority in parliament it will be the 1st december election in almost a century. security concerns are keeping health workers in the democratic republic of congo from containing the largest measles outbreak in the world more than $4000.00 people have died this year alone many of them children the rural areas are the hardest hit 00 traveled to one of the most affected villages in the province of do more things to the capital kinshasa catherine sawyer reports. in remote villages in banda region of the democratic republic of congo and. thousands of children are
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brought against measles. largest outbreak having killed more than 4000 people many of them children this death toll is higher than that. in the east of the country that has killed 2000 since the outbreak began in. one of the most affected provinces many children have died more are critical. louise my d.d.'s children have been unwell for nearly 2 months. my 4 children have me and 2 of them are too weak to hook i try to treat them using alternative medicine i hope that for . this children can actually least access treatment many others even more remote areas where there are no health centers and security is a problem but. the conditions in some hospitals are there are no medicine no money or any kind of medical aid coming in we have many cases of measles less
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than what you're seeing here. you don't have to go very far to see children in very poor health this is the main hospital in costa banda children with measles are treated for free but many are brought. when it's too late. we tried what's in it of many children of the them but the problem is we don't appropriate equipment or money for logistics like troubled areas where there are no health centers. medical aid agency doctors without borders ses nearly 2000 children have died since january in banda more than 200 cases are reported every week we have to make choices and very difficult choices because we have to choose. when we dislike the. one place we know that we're abandoning the other and potentially been. so appealing to have a bigger response and response means medical care to patients where 6
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means urgent vaccinations and in truth surveillance system. for now health workers have to do what they can with limited resources to make sure as many children as possible are vaccinated catherine soy al-jazeera. tiny glimmer of hope in northern california where of course those wildfires are raging but it is only a tiny glimmer of hope it's tell us more is joining her yeah right asian tiny indeed this is the satellite they can see straight away across really all of california there is no cloud there is absolutely no humidity it is so low between 3 and have a sense that you cross into the sound so when it comes that glimmer of hope it's actually about the strength of the winds now having said that throughout wednesday still there's a critical fire danger posted to the north of the state and then in the south they have what they're actually calling an extreme red flag warning they've never posted this before and it's because of the very high probability that these fires will spread but still we got 26300000 people under some form of fire warning so
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improving to the north but very gradually meanwhile in the south look at this hurrican force winds continuing through wednesday and possibly into thursday humidity levels a so very low this is all the reasons we got these strong winds we got 2 systems a high up across the northern plains and this low off the coast where these 2 masses come together we have got these very strong santa ana winds that at the same time that all this is going on we've got this arctic air coming down from the north plunging southwards bringing with it some very heavy amounts of snow so this is demba so whilst all those fires are ranging denver through tuesday wednesday picking up as much as 20 centimeters of snow now it's a fairly fast moving system but my goodness the cold air is coming in look at this minus 6 in number throughout wednesday the high normally this time of year is 11 degrees celsius meanwhile the rain is very heavy to the east where it's milder a work its way up the eastern seaboard and very wet day in new york snow in chicago
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and those fires ajor and continuing to burn in l.a. . jenny many thanks indeed this is the news hour from up 0 still to come on the program we'll tell you why turkey is furious with politicians in the lower house of the u.s. congress. and the sweet success for thai sugarcane farmers who are struggling to survive we'll tell you why. later in sport into line go top of the league in italy will bring you the best of the action.
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in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenges going to be. men and women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
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again this is al jazeera live from doha a very unforgiving with the news of the headlines lebanon's president can't take a prime minister saad honeybees a form of temporary government resigned on tuesday after 2 weeks of nationwide protests early on wednesday the army declared all major roads in the capital beirut open once again they've been blocked by protests a meeting of a serious constitution is underway in geneva that aims to repair the fractures the many believe led to the civil war 157 syrians pulled together from various factions sitting down for the 1st time since the war began and south sudan's main opposition leader says the government has failed to push through a peace deal aimed at ending years of fighting former rebel leader says a unity government can be achieved before a mid november deadline. the turkish government to summon the u.s. ambassador a day after the house of representatives passed a bill threatening sanctions over the military operation in northern syria
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a 2nd vote true further anger recognizing the mass killer of a killing of armenians at the end of world war one as genocide a time rejected by the turkish government alan fischer reports from washington. are 403 the nays are 162 from the u.s. house of representatives an overwhelming bipartisan message to donald trump it's time to sanction turkey for its military action against the cards with these targeted strong sanctions america is holding accountable top turkish officials responsible for human rights abuses including attacking our kurdish partners it was elliot this month donald trump suddenly announced he was pulling u.s. troops from northern syria that led to a turkish operation in the area against syrian kurds who with the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. had been the u.s. partner in the fight against eisel the syrian observatory for human rights says by the time a cease fire was the cleared around 140 civilians had been killed and more than
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175000 people displaced as turkey tried to create a 30 kilometer safe zone on the syrian border. president trumps decision brought widespread criticism even from his closest allies one of them republican lindsey graham said after the house floor that he was ready to take up the measure in the u.s. senate twitting at the one created this mess and he needs to fix it congress is intent on standing by the cards and s.t.'s forces who helped his destroy isis against turkish aggression it was a bad couple of hours for the turkish government the sanctions vote coming after the house voted to recognize the mass killing of armenians by autumn and turks during the 1st world war as genocide we can say that the ottoman empire committed this grotesque crime against the armenians. but their campaign of extermination failed and above all we will never forget
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it will never again be silenced tuckey denies there was a campaign to kill armenians and is rejected the idea there was an orchestrated operation. tells us is that their relationship is really in trouble. jerusha position. for actually having or what ever since. well. i don't want to. hear it wait for the duration mission in syria there is great opposition officially the vote in the house of representatives is not legally binding it's not going to be raised in the senate anytime soon so they'll be nothing for donald trump to sign so they officially u.s. position remains that what happened at the end of the autumn an empire at the end of the farce world war remains an atrocity and not a genocide alan fischer al-jazeera washington 2 more u.s.
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government officials are about to testify at an impeachment inquiry into president donald trump christopher andersen and catherine croft both served on the former special envoy he of crane could volcker the pair follow alexander vend been the national security council official in charge of ukraine policy who testified on tuesday he was the 1st impeachment witness who'd listen to the call between trump and the ukrainian president which is at the center of the inquiry lived out of washington at a white house correspondent kimberly helka so after the testimony yesterday which we were reporting that the president needed to be worried about what's to to happen today. yeah well potentially 2 more very damaging testimony is coming forward as part of this closed door process what we know as you pointed out to state department officials that worked underneath the u.s. envoy to ukraine kurt volker the former u.s. envoy to ukraine what we expect from these testimonies adrian essentially
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timeline's questions about ukraine policy we do know that one of the witnesses will testify that in discussions that she was privy to that in fact it was under the direction of donald trump that there was the suggestion to withhold military aid to ukraine contingent on investigations into one of his political rivals something the u.s. president has denied so essentially what this is is a deep dive into ukraine policy under the administration of donald trump bus however damaging this could be to the president today's testimony the real action is likely to come on close to usenet. yeah that's what everybody is looking ahead to because now the white house has been alleging this is a closed door process there's no transparency and therefore no legitimacy to counter that democrats are under the direction of the speaker of the house nancy pelosi have announced there will be a vote on thursday to formalize this process this is not the vote to impeach the
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president what this is is to counter those allegations that the american public has been left in the dark what this will do is it will affirm the investigation that's already underway this will allow for testimonies request of documents of procedure of the hearings to be transparent to the american public as socially this is a tactic by the democrats to counter those allegations by the white house that this has not been an open door process it's not legitimate this means that white house will have a very hard time now withholding documents and preventing witnesses from testimony essentially this allows the democrats to counter that argument that there has been obstruction by the white house or rather this will allow the white house to no longer obstruction in the eyes of the democrats this will provide the legitimacy that the white house says has been lacking up to this point and white house correspondent kelly how could live in washington kimberly many thanks. firefighters
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in northern california battling a growing wildfire that has destroyed more than 100 homes and is threatening thousands more residents in wine country are being warned of more of them maybe need to move maybe may need to move to safer ground in the south strong overnight winds are expected to fuel another blaze that's burning on the outskirts of los angeles. police of fun tear gas of protesters in bolivia's capital as demonstrations continue against the disputed reelection of president obama's the government has invited opposition candidates come off message to observe in order this of the results which he says was fraudulent john holdren reports from the. fresh faces taking to believe you streets it's been noted by the opposition and the government that young people have been the driving force behind the protests. my against a president who's already been in power for most of their lives and to this election went for an unprecedented time that coming to this ticket and more us on
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practically says i remember ever more or less has been in charge here. i won't change a change for the better the. president or at least has made a difference in the country almost pumping puppets and providing a prosperous economy. but a cavalier approach to the environment has been my sum for aspies and the perceived lack of job opportunities has meant his fall from trending among the young. and this election there was significant doubts about the vote counting process the return him to power many of those going to the polls for the 1st time have taken that personally the arctic's trying to take something that we fought for for many years to max and that i think that the bolivian politicians it seems folly to discount that voice the younger readers voted in this situation because almost 40 percent of the electorate is age 30 and say going to have
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a critical role to play however which way this divided us still president run his claims those who turned against him of being paid in money grades we put that to students there is enough about it because it's disrespectful to the universities and to the students he's trying to minimize our vote they haven't paid us all given us great yet it was. the leading opposition candidate has acknowledged the role in north korea the young this new knowledge this indomitable spirit has woken up to say mr morales they had to defend democracy and they had the heart of this transformation. but he himself is far from a fresh face he was president the fool ever morale is ever i believe that's why student committed moralise says he'll stick with a government which has brought stability a more recognition for many of the country's indigenous groups to get on that but it's got on the other foot and then when
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a new coherent candidate comes up with new policies i would completely vote for them but right now we just have. the same old opposition politicians. to be as old as politicians bowing to control it could still be begun to determine what happens next. john hoeven how does nader oppose. sugar cane farmers in parts of asia struggling because of an oversupply that sent prices to their lowest levels in 6 years some of the world's largest producers have huge stockpiles including in thailand where the heart of the new harvest is about to begin in hay reports. this factory in north east thailand isn't supposed to be operating at the moment it's usually a time to prepare for the new harvest of should be cane to arrive from farms around the province of tiny instead it's still processing and bagging last season's product which for now isn't going any further than the storage sheds which are
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becoming increasingly full right now is that yeah because everything is throw. wait and see last season thailand produced more sugar than ever contributing to a global surplus and helping the price to plummet it has a stockpile of around 7000000 tonnes over a 1000000 more than it had at the same time last year another reason there is so much excess at the moment is because historically a lot of time and indian sugar has been smuggled into china but this year chinese authorities have cracked down on that illegal process to try to protect their own sugar industry. exports from thailand are also being affected by the strength of the thai baht which has been asia's best performing currency this year its farmers who are hurting the most costs are going up while their income falls through.


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