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civilians fleeing the recent fighting gathered at a buddhist temple seen as a safe haven most of them are part of the dutch hill tribe for generations they have cultivated t.v. as their main source of income. because they have been fighting like this you can't go and pick the teal this cause this is a big problem the tea ever ripens and nobody who want to buy it and that's cause economic problems. northern shan state is one of myanmar is the least developed regions of the fighting continues there's little hope that the situation will improve for the people here an example of the failure of a nationwide ceasefire agreement signed 4 years ago but it could also mean political difficulties for a leader on song suchi once she starts campaigning for next year's election it's got hardware al-jazeera. fire has devastated an ancient castle a japanese island of okinawa it's one of the region's most popular unesco world heritage sites although pride has more. surely castle is one of aachen ours
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best known tall response and had earned world heritage status in 2000. the fire broke out in the main buildings before dawn the flames spreading quickly through the ancient timbers more than 10 fire engines were sent to tackle the blaze but there was little they could do local people looking on helplessly the full extent of the damage was revealed at 1st light many of the buildings reduced to smoking ruins the castle dates from the rio q kingdom which spanned 450 years until lock in our was an expired japan in the 19th century. as a symbol of the island's heritage it had in recent days been holding an annual festival recreating rituals from the past. ok now as loss will be felt by japan as a whole. i understand sure a castle a world heritage site is an extremely important symbol of okinawa i feel my heart
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ache a stan my heartfelt sympathy to the people of iraq in our. the castle had been wrecked and restored before from fierce fighting between u.s. and japanese forces at the end of world war 2 the government has promised to rebuild it once more rubble bride 0. there's very army has arrested a prominent palestinian politician during a raid on her home in the occupied west bank city of ramallah early that arar is a former member of the palestinian legislative council she's also a leading figure in the popular front for the liberation of palestine a party that's been banned by israel. now the owners of perjury and feared chrysler have announced a merger that would see them become the world's 4th largest automaker the companies intend to evenly split shares of the new operation which will which will be based in the netherlands the automakers say the merger will help in the development of
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electric vehicles and autonomous driving the agreement comes months after a few at chrysler ended merger talks with its french rival rana. now versions of vocal and colorful speaker of the house of commons will step down on thursday john bercow served 10 years as parliament's taskmaster must not to be trying to keep rex that proceedings under control as laws lay reports his legacy will be both loud and contentious. i. every circus needs a ringmaster and throughout the entire city of bricks it's john bercow has been there to crack. his extraordinary intonation the way in which he says the word order. to shut up when they're all shouting at each other the way in which much of the u.k. has become transfixed by a parliament that usually ignores all of it combined to make bercow something of an
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international celebrity. given of the role of speaker is to set the terms of debate and act as referee inside the chamber trying to keep on top of politicians during practice it would have proved virtually impossible for anybody but we've seen both the opposition but also the government trying to use parliamentary procedure to their advantage which has meant that in certain situations the speaker bercow in a situation has has been put in a tricky position and has had to make quite controversial decisions. he may have been a conservative m.p. but bercow gathered many enemies on the progress of benches of parliament they accused him of being biased against them because he ruled that the government couldn't keep trying to pass bricks at legislation after losing votes on it my ruling is therefore that the motion will not be debated to day as it would be repetitive and disorderly but in reality he was only
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a paying the rules is just the dregs it has become so disorderly itself that any decisions he took a bound to be divisive he was the person who facilitated this referendum process. from the outset by allowing some of the euro skeptics to table and amendments which was unusual to allow it to be voted on so i think he's he's represented both camps his role is to stand up for the government his role is to stand up the backbench will continue to do. was never afraid of making enemies and speaking his mind most famously the president trumps from speaking to parliament from during his state this year all the imposition of the migrant ban by president trump i am even more strongly. you know dressed by president from. westminster. because success will be announced in a few days they'll be forgiven for hoping they might live through slightly less interesting times barnsley al-jazeera. still ahead and for what.
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i wanted to washington d.c. and united the city bringing home a big problem jonah thanks was. it
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is time for sports with the great underdog story here absolutely it is but yes the washington nationals of baseball's new wealth series champions a win in game 7 i had the astros in houston sailed that debut crown harding has the
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action. was politics aside washington d.c. is united for the 1st time in franchise history the washington nationals have claimed their title as the best in the world series. used to win the game started well for the houston astros in a winner take all finals. the team were at home and put up the 1st 2 runs to change . the way they ended up being their only going 76 against the nationals answered back how we can jerk an anthony ran don't both hit a home run in the 7 any i was when it all came down to this point to i was the washington nationals beating the houston astros 62 years for the 1st time to thank you i say story. i i i they.
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are for i i just those that like the 1st team wins this is amazing the nationals are the 1st team in the world series to win all 4 of their away games disappointing this houston crowd this year. i can honestly say nothing but a surprise to me i mean for more we started so a traveling boost. i mean you name it we've been through a lot but like i said before these guys we stuck together if you want to lift this thing up the nationals had a rough start to their season only winning 60 percent of their games but they pulled it together for the ones that counted i. was. c it was was was it. was this team have done what no political party could unite their fan base in the u.s. capitol. but 7. the. was
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partying al-jazeera. well over in the n.b.a. the worry is injury worries continue golden state will play me phoenix suns on wednesday losing $121.00 to $110.00 i would be anyone's to go down to time and repeat this story fell hard breaking his left hand and going oh he'll be out for a while or is now without cars during the dollar and thompson all of them are injured. in an unnamed unchanged starting lineup to face south africa in the rugby world cup final on saturday captain owen farrell and leading try scorer jonny may have been passed fit after taking knocks during the semifinal win over new zealand for the title of 731 caps it's an experienced england side and coach eddie jones says there are no nos who have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion say
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that's why the flies conveyor like says far can be relaxed because we now have done the work but we're not relaxed to bat knowing what's sitting in front of us for a nice average is going to come hot yeah they've got a history of being the mise physically intimidating team in the world so we're going to take that away from the. south africa's head coach resi arrest mous has named his squad to face england and made just one change wing chest in colby return to the side having missed the semifinal victory of wales with an ankle injury i know god has different plans for for different people and busy old men need these make sure that on the radio. doesn't it seem a final 5 now for the final so my focus is the really strong and i just believe in the thing i think you call exams so football now in toronto will face the seattle sounders for the m.l.s. cup this year the canadiens advanced over defending champions atlanta united in the eastern conference final on wednesday nick delay on school the decider in the
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$21.00 win the final takes place on the end of the 10th in seattle is the 3rd time to run tie will meet the sounders in the final. now liverpool have survived a 10 goals thriller against also keep their hopes alive winning 4 trophies this season with a place in the english league cup quarter finals on the line penalties were needed after it ended 5 all at the end of regulation they've imposed penalty takers help their nerves to win the shootout 54. in spain real madrid swept aside bottom club league on hughes 5 nil to keep the pressure on the legal leaders barcelona their point behind in the table meanwhile over in italy eventis moved back top of city our point ahead into milan a stoppage time penalty from cristiana rinaldo saved them from a draw with genoa 21 the final score. placed atlanta catalan to kept napoli at bay forcing a $22.00 draw with the equal as a cause tempest a free including that of napoli coach carlo and it was shown in the red card after
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his argument with the referee. in germany but has him mention glad back may be leading the league but they're out of the running for this season's german cup instead it was british at dortmund they came from behind to beat them 21 but don't mince coach will be the one sitting things out for a while after he appeared to injuries hamstring while celebrating julian brunt's winner. tries in theory rarity steps into the ring with someone as big as him but he may have met his match on thursday the undefeated heavyweight makes his progress in debut at a vent in saudi arabia fieri will fight brawn strawman better known as the months and months to among men and as you can see it is hard to argue with monica now they're done staged entertainment fury says he's taken more impact in wrestling training than in boxing so it's going to be a brilliant show you know massive stadium. it's going to be sold out going to probably great show you know a super stars. right governor that he wants today it's going to be an amazing show
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. for those of us but for now we'll have more for you later like you very much for that joe and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour but do stay with us daryn abigail is here with a full length news all the time and just a couple of minutes thank you for watching. a young gal. of bias wendy popped up this indication. when they had this opportunity. so the young gals both through secondary school
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with the 4th to be able to stay in full play that's one path and able to change have fun. meet the women in going out who are going places when it comes to education women make chains on how does their. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sick tarion violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home.
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to. cool. stuff. a gas cooker explodes on a train and practiced on setting carriages the lights and killing at least 70 people. who want you know is there a life from a headquarters and. also a heads i'm not going to stay in this country any longer if the air i breathe the
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water i drink up with. the testers in lebanon are adamant to continue with their demonstrations on told the entire ruling class is removed schools on banks remain closed. internet minister kashmir is formally divided into 2 regions directly controlled by new delhi. and a crucial day in the democrats purse to impeach donald trump the u.s. house of representatives is braced for its 1st showdown over the un choir. hello a gas stove has exploded on a train in pakistan sparking a huge fire that killed at least 70 people survivors recorded what happened as the flames tore through several carriages the train was on its way from karate to roll pindi which is just outside islamabad. leap year
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after morning prayers i was sleeping and suddenly i heard some passengers were shouting about a fire in the train after that we started jumping from the train i lost most of my colleagues know what was going on don't worry about it there are more casualties due to the speed of the train window coloring the fire that's why dozens of people are dead and wounded. plans to reopen schools and universities in lebanon have been cancelled as anti-government protesters continue their sit ins in parts of the capital protesters have been blocking roads in and around beirut's they're calling for political leaders to go prime minister saad quit on choose they but he's been asked by the president to stay on as a temporary caretaker until a new government is formed xenophobes a puzzling update from beirut's. what happened yesterday was that daily life really was returning to normal schools universities were supposed to open today protesters left the streets after the prime minister sato happy to announce his resignation
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but the protest movement was hoping that his resignation will be followed by a decision to create a new government a new government made up of the technocrats people who are not affiliated with any political party in order to carry out much needed reforms and instead the ruling coalition remains stubborn they continue to cling on to power so that is one of the reasons why they returned to the streets but as you can see behind us the security presence across the country there they're opening or simply opening roads not allowing the protesters to continue to paralyze this country or to cripple of the movement they don't want the public life to be disrupted even the lebanese army in a statement was very very clear we are going to continue to allow you to peacefully protest that is your right but you have to protest in 11 and couldn't confine yourselves let's say in a public square so the arm. security forces out in force opening roads but
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protesters remain just as determined to topple what they say is a ruling class which has been in power for decades and last which has been corrupt and mismanaging the country local media in syria are reporting at least 9 people have died in a car bomb in the country's west it happens an awfully in in the aleppo countryside there been several bombings in the region since turkey began its offensive in northern syria earlier this month the israeli army has arrested a prominent palestinian politician during a raid on her home in the occupied west bank city of. how does our god is a former member of the palestinian legislative council she's also a leading figure in the popular front for the liberation of palestine that's a party that's been banned by israel. indian administered kashmir has been formally split into 2 new territories under the control of the central government it follows india's controversial decision to strip the disputed region off its autonomy in
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august. house more. in the end prime minister narendra modi's move to strip indian administered kashmir of his special status on august 5th was celebrated by his supporters but it sparked a fall out with pakistan and led to some international condemnation both india and pakistan claim kashmir and for all but only will part of it here is a state of play 3 months later india administers part of the disputed region and pakistan the other these parts are separated by an internationally recognized line of control china also administers part of the territory in a dispute that dates back to 1962 but india's version of the map is somewhat different this area shows what india considers to be its sovereign territory in kashmir it plans to converge on moving kashmir from a self administered region into union territory this means india's government will gain more control over its political affairs india also plans to split the area
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into 2 the new indian proclaim state of jammu and kashmir which will gain as a legislator and the remote region of the dark which will not. visited the casts were valid to see what's happening on the grounds. have started flying on the roads in the capital of india not listed kashmir but commercial vehicles have not. both speedball and connections have been restored but internet is still cut off shops have reopened but only for a few hours. almost 3 months after the indian government stripped indian administered kashmir office autonomy and imposed severe restrictions some have been east but the people of kashmir valley are in limbo they are caught between the indian army and the rebels between the need to register their protest and for survival. 16 year old nabil the a class 10 student is doing last minute preparations for his social sciences exam
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even when the school officially reopened his parents thought it was unsafe for him to return they feared clashes between the indian army and the rebels and worried about him getting caught in the middle. and boys belted stornes my parents were afraid i may get caught in the protests so they didn't send me to school. riaz i am a shopkeeper and a father of 2 says he is forced to open his shop in the mornings but he keeps a chop the rest of the day to protest new delhi's decision reopen the shop because it is our livelihood because we have to support our family but i shouted down now in protest to abrogation of article 370. businesses across the kashmir valley are following us of the bull strike the people hope that one day the world may take notice their silent protest. they could not all denies like previous times because anyone who could leave was apprehended by the indian government. the incidence of
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attacks and security officials are on the rise in recent attacks officials said 5 truckers and 5 laborers from india what gunned down by suspected rebels should be resolved their resistance will yield results eventually the indian government is hoping to dial him out in a battle of wills do you believe this indian government will gave in the press really protesters in general continuing their opposition just because they taking their kids to school or going to work does not mean they have accepted new delhi's decision also more al-jazeera srinagar do not mean at least 10 people have been killed when an earthquake hit the island of mindanao in the southern philippines magnitude 6.5 percent panic residents running from homes shopping centers and a hospital several buildings collapsed this is the 3rd earthquake to strike the same area in the past 2 weeks and has more from manila. emergency operations are
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well underway and both national and regional resources are being put together to ensure that those who are believed to be trapped in many devastated structures across mindanao in many parts of mindanao are rescued immediately now the information is slow to come in that is because these areas who have experienced devastation from the earthquake early thursday morning are the same areas that have been devastated by the last 2 earthquakes this month an earthquake 2 days ago left at least 8 people dead 16000 people displaced and according to the philippine government that number is expected to rise in many areas of the southern philippines dabbles city of adults or province in north about the province a lot of the areas remain cut off the power lines are down it is believed also that communication lines are inconsistent but the philippine government assures that all
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resources are being put together to ensure that the basic needs are given immediately nearly 5 months of protests have pushed hong kong's economy into recession the city has now recorded negative growth in 2 consecutive quarters it's the 1st time hong kong has slid into recession since the 2008 global financial crisis u.s. china trade war has also slow the economy. well china will roll out the world's largest 5 g. mobile phone network on friday the launch is a key step in beijing's ambitions to become a global technology superpower at a time when it remains locked in a trade war with the us florence louis has more from beijing. china is not the 1st country to roll out 5 g. network to the public the u.s. and south korea have already done so for the launch on friday means china will have the world's largest commercial operating 5 g. network and this is expected to boost not just digital technology in the country
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but also china's inhibitions to become a technology superpower officials have said there are plans to build another 50005 g. base stations in as many as 50 cities across the country by the end of the year and the chinese government has made building a 5 g. network a priority and it's expected to have huge economic potential 5 geo 5th generation cellular technology is fast it has huge capacity it can be up to a 100 times faster than the current 4 g. network and this means it's well placed to support new technologies ranging from remote surgeries to drive in this costs the fact that china has accelerated the rollout of 5 g. networks is a boost for companies like rahway technologies now this company makes smart phones as well as hardware that's used by telecom for its one of the world's biggest seller a 5 g. equipment and the u.s. has been trying to block this fall way technologies around the world on fears that it's a credit that could be used for spying now with the celebrated rollout of 5 g.
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networks across china on friday that means there's going to be a huge and ready customer base for huawei technologies to develop and to improve 5 g. and other technologies the technological on this phrase between china and the u.s. it's heating up south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 unidentified projectiles towards the sea of japan it's believed the objects were launched from a central area north korea. coast guard says they landed in the sea more than 370 kilometers from its coastline. still ahead on al-jazeera. and make $30000000000.00 a year the head of boeing is grilled over the 2 plane crashes that cost hundreds of people their lives plus right. now. baseball unites the u.s. capitol as the washington nationals win the world series it's.


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