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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 175  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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down and in the city itself it's been very still a lack of wind has kept the smoke here those fires north of sydney have destroyed a lot of forest and in those forests wallace live and it's there hundreds may have died it's from the air that you really get an idea of how hazy this city has been now the state government and others has said that to most people the smoke doesn't pose any kind of health risk but those with acid i've been told to stay indoors and don't do any sport this is unusual for sydney it's normally a city with very clear air but on 1st day things are very different. now fire has devastated an ancient castle on the japanese island of okinawa it's one of the region's most popular unesco world heritage sites from a pride reports. surely castle is one of aachen hours best notorious spots and had earned world heritage status in 2000. the fire broke out in the main buildings before dawn the flames spreading quickly through the ancient timbers more than 10
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fire engines were sent to tackle the blaze but there was little they could do local people looking on helplessly the full extent of the damage was revealed at 1st light many of the buildings reduced to smoking ruins the castle dates from the rio q kingdom which spanned 450 years until lock in our was an expired japan in the 19th century. as a symbol of the island's heritage it had in recent days been holding an annual festival recreating rituals from the past. okinawa's loss will be felt by japan as a whole. you found a understand a world heritage site is an extremely important symbol of okinawa i feel my heart ache a stan my heartfelt sympathy to the people of iraq now or the castle had been wrecked and restored before from fierce fighting. between u.s.
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and japanese forces at the end of world war 2 the government has promised to rebuild it once more rabbit bryde al-jazeera. twitter is banning political ads saying messages may be misleading the new policy goes into effect next month the company's c.e.o. jack dorsey says political messages should be earned and not bought he also says internet advertising is powerful and effective but it brings risks to politics where it can be used to influence votes that affect the lives of millions of people on dollar terms 2020 election campaign manager says twitter has made quote a very dumb decision brad pascal it also says twitter has walked away from hundreds of millions of dollars of potential revenue you also accuse the platform of yet another attempt to silence conservatives. now britain's
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a vocal and colorful speaker of the house of commons will step down on thursday john bercow served 10 years as parliament's taskmaster most notably trying to keep rex that proceedings under control but honestly looks at because legacy as britain prepares for another election aimed at breaking the bricks at deadlock. i. every circus needs a ringmaster throughout the entire city of bricks it's john bercow has been there to crack. his extraordinary intonation the way in which he says the word order. to shut up when they're all shouting at each other the way in which much of the u.k. has become transfixed by a parliament that usually ignores all of it combined to make bercow something of an international celebrity. given the role of speaker is to set the terms of debate of the actor's referee inside the chamber trying to keep on top of politicians during
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practice it would have proved virtually impossible for anybody but we've seen both the opposition but also the government trying to use parliamentary procedure to their advantage which has meant that in certain situations the speaker bercow in a situation has has been put in a tricky position and has had to make quite controversial decisions. he may have been a conservative m.p. but bercow gathered many enemies on the progress of benches of parliament they accused him of being biased against them because he ruled that the government couldn't keep trying to pass bricks at legislation after losing votes on it my ruling is therefore that the motion will not be debated today as it would be repetitive and disorderly but in reality he was only a paying the rules is just the dregs it has become so disorderly itself that any decisions he took a bound to be divisive he was the person who facilitated this. referendum process
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from the outset by allowing some of the euro skeptics to table and amendments which was unusual to allow it to be voted on so i think he's he's represented both camps his role is to stand up for the government his role is to stand up the backbench continue to do. it was never afraid of making enemies and speaking his mind most famously the president trumps from speaking to parliament from during his state this year off to the imposition of the migrant ban by president trump i am even more strong me ok you know dress by president from. westminster. because success will be announced in a few days they'll be forgiven for hoping they might live through slightly less interesting times barnsley al-jazeera. will have a head on the new. politics aside
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washington d.c. united the same bringing home the crown jewel of baseball. it
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is time for sports with joe and a good news story coming out of the u.s. capitol hill and me yes that's right elizabeth the washington nationals baseball's new world series champions a win in game 7 over the astros and he sed in sale debut crown lee harding has the action. was all arctics aside washington d.c. is united for the 1st time in franchise history the washington nationals have claimed their title as the best in the world series. used to win the game started
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well for the houston astros in a winner take all final time the team or at home and put up the 1st 2 runs to change thanks i ended up being their only brings in 76 against the nationals answered back how we can jerk an anthony rant don't both hit a home run in the 7 any i was when it all came down to this point to i was the washington nationals beating the houston astros 62 years for the 1st time i don't think she's 20. 5 guys i love they. are horrified i just that that like the 1st 5 team wins it is amazing the nationals are the 1st team in the world series to win all 4 of their away games disappointing this houston crowd this year. i can honestly say nothing would have
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surprised me i mean from where we started sourav a traveling blues i mean you name it we've been through a lot but like i said before these guys we stuck together if you want to lift this thing up the nationals had a rough start to their season only winning 60 percent of their games but they pulled it together for the ones that counted i. was full of all that there c was. was it. the this team have done what no political party could unite their fan base in the u.s. capitol. for. the. half . hour we'll harding al-jazeera. well over in the n.b.a. the worry is injury worries continue golden state will play in the phoenix suns on
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wednesday losing 121-2110 they weren't the only ones to go down 2 time m.v.p. steph curry fell hard breaking his left hand and going oh he'll be out for a while the warriors now without curry durant it dollar and thompson all of them are injured and then of 19 unchanged starting line up to face south africa in the rugby world cup final on saturday captain owen farrell and leading try to score a jonny may have been passed fit after taking knocks during their semifinal win over new zealand with a total of $731.00 caps is an experienced england side and coach eddie jones says there are no nerves we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion say that's why the players can be relaxed that's why our can be relaxed because we now have done the work but we're not relaxed of that knowing what's in front of us really nice average is going to come out yeah we got a history of bringing them as physically intimidating team in the world so we're
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going to take that away from the south africa's head coach resi arrest most has named his squad to face england a may just one change when chesler and colby will return to the side having missed their semifinal victory of wiles' with an ankle injury. i know god has different plans for for different people and busy old men he says make sure that on the radio i. was in for a semi final 5 now for the final so my faith is as really strong and i do believe in making offerings to cards and so people now in toronto will face the seattle sounders for the m.l.s. cup this year the canadians a bronze star the defending champions atlanta united in the eastern conference final wednesday nick to leon school the decider in the $21.00 when the final takes place in the end of the 10 in seattle is a good time tronto will meet the sound as in the final. it will manager you can call post threatened to pull his team out of the english league cup if the
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tournament organizers fail to find what he calls a proper date for the quarter finals of ball reach the last 8 off to beating also on penalties following at 55 draw at anfield they've been drawn to play aston villa in the quarter finals that game is scheduled for the week commencing the 16th of december but that week liverpool will be in capital playing in the fee for club well cup i'm not concerned somebody else has to be concerned because we didn't make the fixes we didn't make this schedule with the telltale said already outside in a t.v. in the real with the fever told us with the team world cup will be there you have to come there with the do the premier league tells us you have to play the premier league but we do have history and the carob work up what they did tonight in if they don't find a place for us at an appropriate place not 3 o'clock at christmas day or some of them in the morning and morning. at christmas day then we don't play it. chinas lee how tong has taken the lead after the 1st round of the well gulf championship event in shanghai the final total into the p.g.a.
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tour asian swing saw only shoot 8 under par to take one strictly to vic to paris but the shot of the day came from south africa as louis oosthuizen a hole in one on the 6 that sent him up that leaderboard he sits at 10 on to paul going into the 2nd round. formula one now lewis hamilton is set to win his 6th drivers' title at the united states comprehend alston this weekend max 1st. ahead of that race in texas the drivers have been showing off their skills along the streets of hollywood in los angeles the one driver that can stop hamilton winning the world title is miss avies teammate everything. from the 1st time i got to drive i don't cart i was 5 years old and yeah i fell in love with the sport immediately and i say to everyone then i'm going to have one driver one day a champion a dream is still alive. i'm still dreaming that ferrari will win the championship
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that is both from out there is that you very much for that and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour the do stay with us we're back in just a few minutes with all the latest from washington d.c. but the u.s. house of representatives will vote in about half an hour on the procedure of president trump's m.p.h. meant inquiry. and the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular bill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with. enough the cost of living on.
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the most incredible stories are often true. and sharing all experiences. makes the on for me or for me. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something great of their soul and destroy what is freedom of expression. garage door and. into the dark. because you dislike the design and to understand the. nature of. and the human condition is universal. too often on the streets of india really are victims but
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a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the backs for india's. on disease. a crucial day in the democrats pushed and pitched donald trump the u.s. house of representatives has braced for its 1st showdown over the inquiry and the top russia specialist on the u.s. national security council resigned this week is the latest official to testify before. the hound.
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welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead a gas cooker explodes on a train in pakistan killing at least 70 people. and thousands of protesters a back on the streets in iraq which in pressure on the prime minister to resign. and another wild fire breaks out in the u.s. state of california destroying homes and forcing more evacuations. for weeks the trump impeachment investigation has been conducted behind closed doors what lessons have been questioned about allegations that the u.s. president improperly pushed ukraine to boost his chances of reelection that president family denies later this hour the democratic majority house of
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representatives is due to vote on measures to throw the process open to the public and set up the next steps and if the house ultimately votes to pursue impeachment it would require a simple majority to trigger a trial in the republican controlled senate and that trial would be presided over by the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court 2 thirds of the $100.00 senators then be needed to vote in favor of conviction for donald trump to be removed from office the congress has only ever conducted 2 impeachment trials one of which was for bill clinton but both presidents were acquitted richard nixon resigned in 1974 during the watergate scandal before the house could vote in a moment we'll go to capitol hill in washington d.c. . more about how the day's events will play out but 1st let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly how get in as the house debates before the vote committee the white house has had plenty to say about this impeachment if it. yeah there is no official event on president donald trump's public schedule however he has taken
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to twitter as he often does a series of friends it suites in advance of this vote making his case that he has committed no wrongdoing in fact he even said read the text transcript the transcript of his release by the white house of his july telephone call with the ukrainian president where he says there was no quid pro quo never does he say he offered to withhold aid in exchange for. the promise of an investigation into one of his political rivals so the president on social media is saying that republicans need to stand together against what he calls smears he says there's been no crime in fact he calls this a show trial saying that this would be a long drawn out trial in the senate would merely validate perpetuate the fraud began in the house the crisis is of the democrats own making it's up to republicans to make sure this doesn't happen in other words he's framing this as something that
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is partisan something that the democrats been trying to do since the day that he was 1st elected and brought into the white house committee thank you for that finale that's going to help live and washington d.c. will no doubt be going back to her after the house votes now us democrats on system to the impeachment investigation is fair and transparent a resolution allows for greater member participation then under past impeachment proceedings procedures including a robust process for the minority to propose witnesses and even issue subpoenas if authorized break them by committees and let me just say i think that the fact of the matter is i don't think there is any process that we can propose that republicans who prefer to circle the wagons around this president and prevent us from getting to the truth would accept the republicans according for the process to be voted down. put a ribbon on the sham process does it make it any less of a sham never forget how this whole thing started democrats are trying to impeach
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the president of the united states 13 months before an election based on anonymous whistleblower americans understand that this is unfair americans get fairness they instinctively know this is unfair and partisan process they will see how unfair part is today when the vote happens on the floor of this house. that's going to cost her she's in washington's capitol hill where congress sets and the vote aside there's more testimony today in the investigation heidi interestingly from a national security council former national security council official who resigned on wednesday just yesterday. that's right just on the eve of his testimony to morrison who is the russian expert on the national security council just last night announced his impending resignation he's still at the moment technically a white house employee but he has defined the white house order by appearing right now behind closed doors to the pietschmann inquiry panel and investigators have
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been have been looking forward to questioning morrison because he was named by previous witnesses as a primary source of information on the inside thinking of president trump as he was withholding this military aid for ukraine while his surrogates were undergoing this were carrying out this shadow campaign to get ukraine to open investigations on trump's rivals in fact morrison was said to say that he had a sinking feeling when he heard trump deny that there was a probe but at the same time request that the president of ukraine go to a microphone and publicly announced that there were investigations that were about to be launched so morrison again is testifying now behind closed doors and concurrently of course the other thing we're watching is this vote that could happen in the next hour or so and as you heard from both sides of the aisle there it is likely to fall along partisan lines of course democrats have the numbers to
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get this measure passed so the question isn't so much whether or not it will happen but how many republicans will come along and i should point out that in previous impeachments of u.s. presidents there has been a bipartisan effort to launch the inquiry phase. that may not be the case for don. thank you believe a lot is from the u.s. house of representatives where adam schiff who's the house intelligence committee chairman is speaking let's listen in about the efforts to secure political favors from ukraine who have provided important testimony about the efforts to secure political favors from ukraine we have reviewed text messages among key players which show how securing political investigations was placed at the forefront of our foreign policy towards ukraine this resolution sets the stage for the next phase of our investigation one in which the american people have the opportunity to hear from the witnesses firsthand we will continue to conduct this inner inquiry with
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the seriousness of purpose that our task deserves because it is our duty and because no one is above the law and speaker i urge passage of the resolution and i yield back gentleman yells back gentlemen from oklahoma. thank you madam speaker i yield one minute to my good friend from the great state of texas mr babbitt gentleman is recognized for one minute think. so we were listening there to the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff who was talking about the resolution saying that it sets the stage for the next phase of investigation one and what american people will have the opportunity to hear from witnesses firsthand adding that no one is above the law let's get more on this knowledge oin by casey big at president senior fed on the governance project of the austrian street institute it's a libertarian think tank and he's joining us live from washington d.c. thank you very much for staying with us on al-jazeera as we cover this the votes in the u.s.
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house of representatives what do you think you know nancy pelosi putting the impeachment procedure to the vote in the house tell us about how confident the democrats are with the findings so far have been investigated. say what you want about speaker pelosi but she's she's no dummy when it comes to getting things done with her caucus she's held tight she's postponed. the investigations in general and this vote longer than a lot of her caucus was calling for even publicly so her throwing it on the floor today is a clear signal that they're confident they have the votes but as the lead in mentioned everyone's watching for how many democrat defectors there are and if if the democrats can pick up any moderate or vulnerable republicans to to join the democratic days to get this thing rolling you know that will be very interesting to see wanted because as we were hearing from our correspondent heidi previous they haven't been many impeachments before only 2 impeachment proceedings but both were
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seen at least to be bipartisan so it won't be interesting to see how many democrats voted against this motion and how many republicans wanted for it. and this is again i apologize i want to interrupt you because we are hearing from nancy pelosi now let's listen in to her provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our prost their posterity do ordain and establish this constitution of the united states it goes on immediately to establish article one the legislative branch article 2 the executive branch article 3 digit to share the genius of the constitution a separation of powers 3 co-equal branches of government to be a check and balance on each other and yes to that that we take the oath of
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office we gather here on that opening day with their families gathered around to proudly raise our hand to protect and defend the constitution of the united states . and that is exactly what we are doing today sadly this is not any cause for any clearly comfort this is something that is very solemn that is something prayerful and that we had to gather so much information to take us to this next step again this is a solemn occasion nobody i doubt anybody in this place or anybody that you know comes to congress to take the oath of office comes to congress to impeach the president of the united states unless his actions are jeopardizing
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our honoring our oath of office so i'm grateful to our committee chairs for all of the careful and thoughtful investigation they have been doing as this inquiry has proceeded and today the house takes the next step forward as we establish the procedures for open hearings conducted by the house intelligence committee so that the public can see the facts for themselves this resolution ensures transparency advancing public disclosure of deposition transcripts and outlining the procedures for the transfer of evidence to the just committee to use in its proceedings it enables effect of public hearings setting up procedures for the questioning of written ases and continuing the precedent of giving the minority the same rights in questioning witnesses as the majority which has been true at every step of this inquiry despite what you might hear from an aging there.


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