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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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yes. a secondary school student leader is seen here being dragged out of his home by security forces without an arrest warrant. another student leader is taken away illegally from her apartment building scenes reminiscent of chile's former military dictatorship. community activist daniel mina has been sleeping in a different place every night since he filed a complaint with chile's human rights institute so for security reasons he asks to meet us in a park where they would be said to me i was beaten by the police and then they choked me for a long period that was in the 20th police station of point 3. 1000 of them he was eventually released but then nearly lost his right eye 10 days ago when he was hit with a lead pellet during another protest you know what i guess. they operated on me here to take out a pellet to hit me here and fortunately stuck in my eye socket and one of the lucky
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ones who didn't lose his eye are no people who have lost both eyes off to be shot by pellets and tear gas canisters. a mission from the u.n. commission for human rights is in chile investigating hundreds of charges of abuses by security forces from illegal detentions to excessive use of force to torture and rape. and misty international says have been scores of complaints of sexual abuses even against minors i couldn't let him go but you must take into account that many people are afraid to take legal action against those who may have abused them or family members even after the state of emergency was lifted on monday the police continue committing human rights violations against peaceful protesters. a member of the human rights institute was shot by police with pellets earlier this week while monitoring a peaceful protest. here in the capital demonstrators commemorated all saints' day with. silent march to protest against those allegedly killed by security forces in
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the last 2 weeks of social unrest the human rights charges are contributing to mounting calls for president to get his resignation and in an unprecedented move in chile return to democracy and impeachment request has been presented in congress by members of the opposition. authorities insist that with rare exceptions security forces are respecting international protocols. will continue in accusations of abuses seem to indicate otherwise you see a human al-jazeera santiago. we have much more here on the news hour including protests showing no sign of slowing in iraq now rights groups are calling for an investigation into the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators plus. musicians with a message about a massacre at a time when an indonesian province is beset by more violence. and paul reece and
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yokohama way england will take on south africa and the ripley world cup final in a match that could take the sport far beyond its traditional hollands. severe flooding across a large swathe of somalia has left more than a quarter of a 1000000 people searching for shelter and it could get even worse. at least 10 people have died in the town of bullet wine west of the capital mogadishu and 270000 people have now been displaced with large parts of central and southern somalia underwater and there's another tropical storm on the way which could affect about a 1000000 people in the east africa region priyanka gupta reports. roads have turned into rivers in central and southern somalia. people here are struggling with
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rising floodwaters after days of unexpected heavy rainfall in. towns and villages. families displaced. thousands of hectares of farmland destroyed. aid agencies say to try to diseases like cholera malaria are real. and hunger. is going to get you know we desperately need help here from anyone who can help us things are bad and help needs to come fast before it's too late. the oktober down pose came off to one of somalia's try stream. seasons in more than 3 decades. before the flood there was a serious drought here now many of these areas a cutoff because of floods with people trapped inside their homes there are casualties but it's not known just how many people have died. we're working on rescue operations we so far have managed to find the dead bodies of 5 people thanks
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to we did our best and we'll continue looking for more dead bodies more than 1000000 people are affected by floods across the east africa and people in somalia south sudan and kenya i'm now bracing for more rain that could last for up to 6 weeks and a tropical storm in the coming days priyanka gupta is here dozens of soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack on a military base in northeastern mali the army says more than $35.00 soldiers died in the attack on an outpost in india a mine in the human aka region but it says that number could be higher no group has claimed responsibility israel's military has carried out rides on camps along to palestinian groups in the gaza strip the israeli ministry of health says 3 palestinians have been injured following is strikes it comes after at least 10 rockets were fired from gaza into israel southern territories israel's military
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says it's on dawn defense system intercepted 8 of the rockets. russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northeastern syria ankara wants to establish what it's calling a safe zone in the border region and it wants fighters from the large the kurdish syrian democratic forces to retreat. or reports and send their effort near the turkish syrian border. the most crucial phase of the turkish russian agreement on a safe zone in north eastern syria is underway there joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces or as the last month turkish backed opposition fighters swept through s.d.f. territory they now control an area that stretches from tel aviv to arthur lane along the border with turkey the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. they include the outskirts of kabbani man bit telerate fired and
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all towns and villages east of us elaine to maliki on the border with iraq. syrian president bashar al assad has promised to recapture all the territory including even if it means going to war with turkey the surface will you thought the syrian land is wired and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent in this war we were fighting this aged turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option for. this is tell of recently taken over by turkish back syrian national army or as they 80 years since the start of the conflict in syria the city has changed hands many
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times. our assault demand and that of our people since the start of the revolution is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the country and for the time being russia and turkey would have a biggest say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control. russia backs. and rejects any attempt to sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. on its border the 2 countries though have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution. there's been a candlelight vigil for more than 250 people killed in protests across iraq in the past month hundreds marched in basra in memory of those who have died since demonstrations began more than 10000 people of being wounded in the rallies which
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were spot by angle of a corruption and unemployment the president has vowed to hold elections but has yet to announce exactly when as the task and i'm reports from baghdad demonstrators are rejecting those life as promises from the government. the current iraqi government remains in power but protesters say they own tahrir square friday marked one month since demonstrations in baghdad and other iraqi cities began against a government protesters view as corrupt dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraq on thursday the president announced prime minister idol lobdell mehdi would resign and elections would be held but did not offer a timetable rather than a problem if it's meaningless and useless we want to change the whole constitution the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have been killed and
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5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala many have been injured by tear gas and returned to protest with gauze bandages on their heads arms and legs and the may they throw it on any person they see whether it's a woman a child or a men it makes no difference to them their goal is to people in baghdad bridges leading from tahrir square to the fortified green zone have become deadly standoff between protesters and security forces and amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade tear gas grenades 10 times more potent than typical tear gas canisters and they're intended to. still not disperse protesters the group says it has documented 5 cases of the canisters imbedded in protesters scholes in the last week and there is no crowd control need
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to fire to engine pretty grim come and go into calls such as such where it doesn't matter if you're firing a bullet or you're trying to kind of. the truth is you know protesters are being killed and by prime minister a study says the end of the reporting. and past friday weapons experts say rightly or this week the chief of police didn't baghdad that this security forces are being attacked and yet not a single bullet has been fired he says excessive force has not been. protester after the 1st wave of protests in early october the iraqi government vowed to hold those responsible for killing demonstrators to account now amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into the use of tear gas and the deaths of all iraqi protestors natasha going to. baghdad. papuans
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in australia are calling for the government to speak out against violence in the indonesian province they fled dozens of people have been killed in the past 6 waste with indonesia's government banning foreign journalists and diplomats from visiting the province to help focus attention exotic popcorns have put together a book news it album describing a previous massacre and her thomas has. the song commemorates a massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around an independence flag people had raised above a water tower at the highest point on. parts of papua they cooled for an end to what they considered indonesian occupation a new book and it still album of written testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the
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flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows a bullet hole in the water tower so more than 100 people. we wanted to come up with something that was really had a really strong melanesian sound. so it was artistically strong culturally strong and politically strong as well. we. struggle with. our pain the aim is a full investigation into the b.s. massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua but by late 216 the investigation stalled. a team to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it
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stopped right there there was no more progress after august 2016. these human rights violations happened a long time ago the president does care but because it's such an old case opening the documents is complicated the president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papa has spiked once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into calls for independence from indonesia president djoko would otoh says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to
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resolve the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion. in the meantime papuans in exile hope that in part through music they can help keep attention focused on the province they fled andrew thomas al jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera it's economics not human rights that's on the agenda as ice in leaders meet in bangkok making moves fitbit reassures uses that outer recife after its multibillion dollar sile bad formula one reveals a new car design and new rules in a bid to revolutionize the sport will have details with real.
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how the weather's slosh he said fare for a good part of china at the moment the majority of the west the weather the heavy rain that stand across northern parts of vietnam well them the central areas seeing some pretty disturbed weather live. as shallow as drifting their way through the south china seas picking up the moisture dumping a fair bit of wet weather here as we go on through the next couple of days a sinking little further south which is we go through sunday for much of the said it does look fine and dry what is 2 showers over to western side of the country but hong kong gets up to around 29 celsius in the sunshine sunshine abdalla us through southeast asia we got those showers then around vietnam cambodia could see some wet weather russia showers into central and southern parts of the philippines as well some of the live you saw the notice so wet weather now starting to show his hand into indonesia as we go on through the next couple of days but the wetter weather will certainly be reserved for vietnam some pretty wet weather continuing to insist
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southern areas of in the air we have got this tropical system making its way into the arabian sea pulling away from the western side of in the air but we have got some showers there just around the west of the country the wetter weather remains across the southern areas and also for lanka. sponsored by countdown and. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker it's managerial it's reclaiming its image by putting its young residents behind the camera. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. this is europe on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be cut and the story needs to be told police cars
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just how far apart markets are with exclusive interviews using that was in the study you know and in-depth reports taking on the environmental climate crisis but on many fronts not least better be ocean al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in more road winning documentaries and live news. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories the u.s. president donald trump has been addressing supporters at a rally in mississippi as the impeachment inquiry against him is about to go public he's accused of pressuring ukraine's leader to investigate democratic rival joe
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biden during a call in july. protest against economic inequality continuing to live with thousands of people marching in the capital santiago the unrest across the country has hit the tourism industry hard with hotel reservations down baja. more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia have been forced from their homes by severe flooding agencies say at least 10 people have been killed at another tropical storm is said to batter the region. funerals have been held for some of the 5 indigenous leaders killed in colombia the government is blaming the groups connected to the drug trade leaders and activists who stand up to traffickers are often targeted. reports in the cocoa province in southwest colombia. the indigenous nasa community held funerals traditional funerals for 3 of the 5 indigenous leaders that were killed in this location last tuesday allegedly by members of
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a dissident group of the former fire rebels but the reality is that these killings is just the tip of the iceberg of an increasingly complex reality of different armed groups that are operating in this region trying to fill the vacuum that was left by the mobilization of the feyerick in the signing of a peace deal back in 2016 and truly the colombian government has been willing or unable to implement that peace agreement and then as a people here say that so they have been left essentially to deal with this problem as their own as these groups have been moving and threatening the population and increasingly killing indigenous leaders and also members of the indigenous guard this volunteer group of indigenous people that protect their territory
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and it's also clear that this situation is not going to be easily solved the car that you see behind me it was crippled by a bullet on tuesday but somebody in the night between thursday and friday burnt to the ground in another clear terrifying message to the community here telling them that they will have no peace the u.s. state department is liable to brothers the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism is part of an annual report which claims to run spends nearly a $1000000000.00 a year supporting what the u.s. describes as terrorist groups the report says the group's service iran's proxies and expand its quote blind influence across the globe. schools and banks of reopened in lebanon after 2 weeks of antigovernment protests but fear is that people will rush to withdraw money have led to restrictions on just how much can be sent abroad prime minister saad hariri also stepped down earlier this week after allegations of corruption and a downturn in lebanon's economy stephanie decker reports from by readers. after 2
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weeks of closure the banks finally unlocked their doors there are more people than usual but no panic they can do about it for all sorts of the us some to produce dictions it is not very annoying the crowds are not that big i was expecting long queues it is above the normal days by a little there are some restrictions on the diligence actions with they give us $2500.00 per week only but they place noticed actions on lebanese pounds the cap on withdrawals and foreign transfers are a way to prevent a mass outflow of funds lebanon's economy is already at breaking point so the banks are open schools and universities as though the following suit and despite some back and forth most of the roads are open to so a sense of normalcy is slowly being restored across the country but by no means is lebanon's political crisis over in fact you could argue it's only just forget. for the 3rd time since the protests began hezbollah secretary general and arguably the
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most powerful man in the country address the nation as an astronomer said he didn't support prime minister sad how did his resignation and questioned the road ahead and walker what we worry about is a power vacuum and that is our concern supposedly in the coming days they will have to designate a new prime minister to form a new government all the lebanese must cooperate in order to avoid a power vacuum and a new government should be the government there regains the trust of the people and that should be a priority as president michel aoun spoke on thursday night as scheduled speech marking his 3 years in office he hinted at a possible nonpolitical government saying ministers from now on should be chosen based on their qualifications and not political affiliations but for many here they are empty words decades of mismanagement and corruption have eroded all layers of
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trust between the people out protesting and those. who have run this country for decades there is also still no date set for the next step in the political process the binding consultations between parliamentary parties and the president and they're needed to propose a name for the position of prime minister a role reserved for a sunni muslim sad how to be who is now serving as caretaker prime minister could be nominated again. the message from the street is that words and promises will do nothing to appease the they say the only way to end this is through real palpable action and real change stephanie decker al-jazeera beirut more than 100000 protesters have rallied in algeria's capital as the country marks independence day they tied the head of next month's presidential election which activists fear will be manipulated by the military the rallies began in february leading to the resignation of longtime president abdullah says. tens of thousands of
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anti-government protesters are rallying in pakistan's capital demanding prime minister imran jon and his government resign within 2 days i say towns of the the ship is illegitimate and propped up by the military some of binge of it has bought from islam of the earth. tens of thousands of protesters from all over pakistan are gathered on the outskirts of islamorada the striped flag is dominant because it represents one of those rough months party a politician and cleric who leads hundreds of religious seminaries he began the march from the southern city of karachi and made many stops on the way gaining people and momentum further a man has encouraged people to reject the results of last year's election and what he calls a selected government opposition party say because of the ineptitude of the government the economy's weak and there is more unemployment especially among the youth they have only told me that was not change this is the real change change will come it will bury the politics of magic and superstition the politics of lies and u.
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turns. participants have been told to conversion of the main gate the numbers kept increasing as we drove through the park recalls security officials have been telling us for about 18 kilometers this crowd stretches on both and this is by far the largest crowd that we've seen in the front and arrangements are being made to stop them from entering the red zone the red zone is an area of islamabad that includes government buildings and the supreme court continues have been build the together in front of parliament the government says it's provided the venue and expects the protesters to stay where they are it's deployed more than $20000.00 security personnel to ensure safety. the prime minister's team says his resignation is out of the question and called the opposition gathering in an attempt to avoid addressing corruption a lot of older man has issued a deadline for the government. yesterday on this gathering so the world that the people have the right to rue pakistan not of the institutions the government has 2
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more days to accept our demands. people have brought bedding in essential supplies to camp out and say they are ready to stay as long as it takes to ensure the government's downfall chardin a middling you will see here for 3 or 4 days peacefully and if the government does not meet our demands we'll go for the 3rd option protesters are already drawing parallels with what's happening in the middle east they say iran hung the example of the lebanese prime minister and resign. so far that seems unlikely but it has emerged as the biggest test yet for hans year old government simon job a down to 0 islamic buck opposition politicians are calling for pakistan's row wide minister to resign following the worst trying disaster in more than a decade they've been funerals for the 74 people who died in thursday's bligh's the fire broke out when a gas stove used for cooking exploded amy and workers in just fearing for their lives after the region's autonomous status was scrapped by the government in new
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delhi a live a known kashmiri workers have been killed in the region in the past few weeks after . reports from bug a main indian administered kashmir. with bullets this was best evidence of the killing of 5 indian laborers include guards in indian administrate because. they were pulled out of their rented home and shot dead a few days ago. basin's by profession they were planning to go back home to invest for the winter instead just their bodies were sent back. in the last 2 weeks or so 11 on kashmiris workers and truckers have been killed in the region indian officials say separatist rebels are behind the killings and many local media accuse pakistan of funding the rebels but the rebel group has thus far claimed responsibility. afzal from the northern indian state of bihar returned to
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work to the ply without clean but gone in the region a day after the killings he was among the non-cash media workers who left the rally in early august after the indian government revoke the region's autonomy he says the recent killings have stunned him but he has no work in bihar and no money. for the recent killings have instilled fear in the us but what can we do about it we can't leave the main paying. thousands of noncash media workers are employed as farm labor construction workers and apple transporters in indiana administered kashmir many more cost me these are spread over india studying or working in february of this year early ours and i call a local revelator wanted on us media workers to leave the valley if the indian government stripped the region of its powers including control over its land but it isn't yet clear exactly who is behind the recent killings analysts say the attacks
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show an emerging division between kashmiris and meeting. but absolves employers says he has assured his workers of their safety to whatever extent he can the workers see the law. frankly. my entire business is dependent on them because they are more skilled at this task than the kashmiris. days before the programme attacked 5 truckers were killed in also in the south of indian administers and a rebel stronghold. this is never happened before you're scared now i don't know why you are feeling so scared. shortly after our visit police visited the factories in and asked the workers to leave for their own safety even as new delhi insists normalcy has returned for non-cash media workers here the valley has become unsafe and its future uncertain. al-jazeera but damn indian administers.
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all schools have been closed in india's capital after a health emergency. in new delhi for the past week caused by farm fires but worse by construction now all building work has been bad and there are plans to restrict the use of cars next week pollution particles in the air have reached 9 times the safe level. they cannot mix is expected to overshadow human rights at a meeting of asian leaders in the thai capital bangkok trade and the dispute over the south china sea set to be high on the agenda but don't expect to hear much about crises like the plight of the rohingya reports. these should be uncomfortable times for me i'm as leader as she attends another international summit but on sun suchi knows she'll face little if any public scrutiny your criticism from her fellow southeast asian leaders when they meet in
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bangkok it's expected there will be discussion on the potential repatriation of reading from bangladesh to me and and providing humanitarian assistance but it's likely the difficult issues of why they fled in the 1st place and how to stop it happening again won't be given high priority many of these countries including i n.g.o.s have been trying to seek a compromise or a part to access me in dialogue with me and shows and what they're really training here is the political rights of the right wing every time they make a deal with. the government. eroding the rights of. hundreds of thousands of ridding garron camps in bangladesh after they fled attacks from me and my security forces in 2017 a repatriation process was supposed to start almost 2 years ago but most don't want to return until their security and rights can be guaranteed in a country where they're largely regarded as illegal immigrants when it comes to
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issues like human rights the association of southeast asian nations has proved time and time again that it's largely a toothless body this summit isn't expected to be any different instead the main focus is likely to be trade with the host country thailand hoping to announce the finalization of the 16 nation deal the regional comprehensive economic power. the ship includes all 10 members plus 6 others including china japan and india but not the united states negotiations started 7 years ago and after several delays the members hope a deal can finally be reached particularly now and mid trade tensions around the world china is in a high stakes tariff war with the united states led by president donald trump who is regarded as a protectionist who prefers bilateral rather than multilateral deals we need something tangible we need something strong enough to that we.


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