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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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much. like. the multitudes the magnet for tourists from around the globe the behind the picturesque landscape young men leaping to by with on groups in syria when i went east investigates on al-jazeera. to.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera the seller of our top stories donald trump's fired back at attempts to impeach him but a rally in mississippi. investigation is about to go public after the house approved a resolution setting the rules for hearings also protests against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people marching in the capital some tiago the unrest across the country has hit the tourism industry hard with hotel reservations down by half. more than a quarter of 1000000 people in somalia been forced from their homes by severe flooding aid agencies say at least 10 people have been killed another tropical storm is set to batter the region. russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northeastern syria and group wants to establish what it's calling a safe so in the border region and it wants fighters from the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces to retreat has an album reports from the turkey syria
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border. the most crucial phase of the turkish russian agreement on a safe zone in north eastern syria is underway there joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces or as the last month turkish backed opposition fighters swept through s.d.f. territory they now control an area that stretches from tel aviv to arthur lane along the border with turkey the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. they include the outskirts of could by any man bit telerate fired and all towns and villages east of us a lane to maliki on the border with iraq. syrian president bashar al assad has promised to recapture all the territory including even if it means going to war with turkey both of us will use the whole the syrian land is wired and the theater
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of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent in this war we were fighting this agent turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option for. this is tell of recently taken over by turkish back syrian national army or as they 80 years since the start of the conflict in syria the city has changed hands many times. our assault demand and that of our people since the start of the revolution is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the country and for the time being russia and turkey would have a biggest say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control russia back. and rejects any attempt
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to sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. on its border the 2 countries though have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution. there's been a candle a vigil for more than 250 people killed in protests across iraq in the past month 100 bastra in memory of those who have died since demonstrations began well then 10000 people have also been wounded in the rallies which was sparked by anger over corruption and unemployment the president assad to hold elections but has yet to announce why and but as the going to report from baghdad demonstrators are rejecting the latest promises from the government. the current iraqi government remains in power but protesters say they own tahrir square friday marked one
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month since demonstrations in baghdad at other iraqi cities began against a government protesters view as corrupt dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraqi on thursday the president announced prime minister ayad alawi hedi would resign and elections would be held but did not offer a timetable i don't mind if i believe it's meaningless and useless we want to change the whole constitution the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have been killed and 5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala many have been injured by tear gas and returned to protest with gauze bandages on their heads arms and legs and the army they throw it on any person they see whether it's a woman a child or a men it makes no difference to them their goal is to people in baghdad bridges leading from tahrir square to the fortified green zone have become deadly standoff
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between protesters and security forces and amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade tear gas grenades 10 times more potent than typical tear gas canisters and they're intended to kill not disperse protesters. it says it is documented 5 cases of the canisters embedded in protesters goals in the last week and there is no crowd control need to fire to engine pretty grim come and go to cause such as such where it doesn't matter if you're firing a bullet or you're trying to kind of. the truth is you know protesters are being killed in baghdad the districts that. the party. has tried to weapons expert they really are this week they believe the baghdad security forces are being attacked and yet. has been fired he says excessive force.
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protester after the 1st wave of protests in early october the iraqi government vowed to hold those responsible for killing demonstrators to account now amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into the use of tear gas and the deaths of all the rocky protesters natasha game. baghdad the u.s. state department has labeled iran as the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism it's part of an annual report which claims a tehran's finsbury a $1000000000.00 a year supporting what the u.s. describes as terrorist groups the report says the group serves as iran's proxies and expand its quote malign influence across the globe schools bones have reopened in lebanon after 2 weeks of anti-government protests but says people will rush to withdraw money have fled to restrictions on how much
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can be sent to brought prime minister saad hariri stepped up a step down sorry earlier this week after allegations of corruption and a downturn in lebanon's economy stephanie decker has more from beirut. after 2 weeks of closure the banks finally unlocked their doors there are more people than usual but no panic. sort of the us some tempers to actions it is not very annoying the crowds are not that big i was expecting long queues it is above the normal days by a little there are some restrictions on the diligence actions with a give us $2500.00 per week only but they place noticed actions on lebanese pounds the capital withdrawals in foreign transfers are a way to prevent a mass outflow of funds lebanon's economy is already at breaking point so the banks are open schools and universities are slowly following suit and despite some back and forth most of the roads are open to so a sense of normalcy is slowly being restored across the country but by no means is
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lebanon's political crisis over in fact you could argue it's only just beginning. for the 3rd time since the protests began hezbollah's secretary general an arguably the most powerful man in the country addressed the nation as an astronomer said he didn't support prime minister sad how did his resignation and questioned the road ahead and walker what we worry about is a power vacuum and that is our concern supposedly in the coming days they will have to designate a new prime minister to form a new government all the lebanese must cooperate in order to avoid a power vacuum and the new government should be the government there regains the trust of the people and that should be a priority as president michel aoun spoke on thursday night as scheduled speech marking his 3 years in office he hinted at a possible nonpolitical government saying ministers from now on should be chosen
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based on their qualifications and not political affiliations but for many here they are empty words decades of mismanagement and corruption have eroded all layers of trust between the people out protesting and those. to have run this country for decades there is also still no date set for the next step in the political process the binding consultations between parliamentary parties and the president and they're needed to propose a name for the position of prime minister a role reserved for a sunni muslim sadie de who's now serving as caretaker prime minister could be nominated again. the message from the street is that words and promises will do nothing to appease them they say the only way to end this is through real palpable action and real change stephanie decker al-jazeera beirut israel's military has carried out raids on comes belonging to palestinian groups in the gaza strip health officials in gaza say 3 people have been intrigued strikes but it comes after least
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10 rockets were fired from the gaza strip into israel southern territories israel's military says i and defense system intercepted 8 of the rockets sort of to europe where the british prime minister boris johnson has ruled out striking a deal with nigel broad is back said party ignoring the advice of his ally donald trump for archers called on the prime minister to drop his bricks deal or face a brick sit party candidate in every seat in the december election barker mall. the odds are in according to bookmakers prime minister boris johnson's conservative party will win britain's general election but don't count on anything entered nigel ferrars leader of the brics a party he wants to leave the e.u. without a deal and now wants johnson to ditch his brakes a plan and build a leave alliance like an johnson's deal agreed with the e.u. last month to a used car destined us to break down i'm going to say this is johnson drop the
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deal. drop the deal because it's not rex drop the deal because as these weeks go by and people discover what it is that you've signed up to they will not like it ferocious proposed a non aggression pact with johnson he wants the conservatives not to stand in 150 different constituencies where they've never won he thinks his party can do much better especially in constituencies under labor control where the majority of people voted to leave the e.u. thompson has until november the 14th to accept the breaks of parties terms johnson has consistently ruled out a pact with the party if the breaks the party stands against the conservatives it could split the leave boat in individual constituencies to risk having many seats to other parties and to be honest with you this person who definitely backs a pact is the us president donald trump who had this to say during an appearance on
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my show for rogers radio show every year and he get together. and stoppable force and corbin would be so bad for your country he'd be so buried take you in such a bad way he'd take you in just such bad places the labor leaders accused trump of meddling in british politics and trying to buy britain's treasured national health service in a post trade deal trump denies this. on the other side of the breaks of debate pro remain parties are also in talks the liberal democrats green party and others could agree to avoid running against each other to ensure employees who pack a 2nd bret sit referendum are elected or. forget conventional calculations this will be no ordinary vote need barkha al-jazeera westminster. british police say they believe all $39.00 migrants found dead in a refrigerated lorry truck near london were from vietnam the news comes as
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a 2nd man from the other was charged with multiple counts of manslaughter 23 year old ayman harrison appeared in court in dublin where he faced $41.00 charges and is awaiting extradition the truck driver who was arrested at the scene was charged on monday with similar offenses that have also been 2 arrests in vietnam. fracking in england has been immediately hold it after report raised new concerns about its link to earthquakes the government's decision follows research by the oil and gas all 40 which found its not only is not able to accurately predict the strength of travel is linked to the gas extraction process the investigation was prompted by a magnitude $2.00 quake in the sighted north of england in august the country previously banned franking for 7 years due to earthquakes as at asia pacific now a pup ones in australia are calling on the government to speak out against recent violence in the indonesian province that they fled dozens of people have been
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killed since mid september with indonesia's government banning foreign journalists and diplomats from visiting the province to help focus attention exam pop ones have put together a book and a music album describing a previous massacre under thomas as. the song commemorates. one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around independence flag people had raised above a water tower at the highest point on that part of papua they called for an end to what they considered indonesian occupation a new book and digital album of britain testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows
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a bullet hole in the water tower so more than 100 people scaling way indonesia. we wanted to come up with something that was really had a really strong melanesian sand. that was artistically strong culturally strong and politically strong as well. the aim is a full investigation into the b.s. massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua but by late 16 the investigation but still. they appear to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it stopped right there there was no more progress after august 2016.
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these human rights violations happened a long time ago but the president does care but because it's such an old case opening the documents is complicated the president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papa has spiked once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into calls for independence from indonesia president joko widodo says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to resolve the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion.
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in the meantime papuans in exile hope that in part through music they can help keep attention focused on the problems they fled andrew thomas al jazeera. to south asia now where all schools are being closed in new delhi after a health emergency was declared in the indian capital i think a he says shrouded the city for the past week caused by a farmer fires that have made been made worse by construction now all building work has been banned and there were plans to restrict the use of cars also next week pollution particles in the air have reached 9 times the safety level. with me so rob and a reminder of our top stories donald trump fired back at attempts to impeach him as a rally in mississippi the impeachment investigation is about to go public after the house approved a resolutions that in the rules for the hearing told
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a supporters thursday's vote is an attack on democracy itself the american people are fed up with democrat lies hope says that extremism the democrats outrageous. has created a majority that will vote many do nothing democrats out of there's. protests against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people marching in the capital some tiago be addressed across the country has hit the tourism industry hard with hotel reservations down by the hearth the republic has more from santiago. thousands of people have once again taken to the streets other chilean capital today now marks the 40th day in a row the 2 week mark since the un rest began here and she led if it's not those of people it's tell you the thousands of people mostly peaceful protesters that are once again calling out a number of grievances here in the country but the one thing that all of these
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demonstrators have in common is this perception of growing inequality does the soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack on a military base in northeastern mali the army says more than $35.00 soldiers died in the attack on an outpost in in in the region but it says that that number could be higher more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia have been forced from their homes by severe flooding aid agencies say at least 10 people have been killed another tropical storm is set to batter the region. health officials in garza say 3 people have been injured during israeli airstrikes israel's military carried out raids on camps belonging to palestinian groups in the gaza strip it comes after at least 10 rockets were fired from the gaza strip into israel's southern territories and hundreds of people in the iraqi city of basra have marched in memory of those killed in protests across the country at least $250.00 people have been killed in the past month more than 10000 people have been wounded in the rallies those are the headlines about the
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more news in half an hour do stay with us while the one east is next. talk to notice there are winners they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges era. with sandy white beaches and palm trees the moldings is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. but behind this picturesque landscape looks a darker reality. that a collector's edition say is going to different. people would not hesitate to queue in the capital market with buildings battle for space in assisi divided by street gangs the future appears bleak for many multi-vitamins before in
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a more this is a paradise but we don't get the white sandy beaches of a any off that they are to go it is a concrete jungle that saw a many problems political problems and people problems one o one east asks why so many moldavian have tightened up arms to fight in syria. this is the moldings a small republic of 1200 islands that stretches across 800 kilometers in the indian ocean. it's sandy beaches and turquoise waters attract nearly a 1000000 and a half tourists each year.
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interaction with locals is limited. most of the hotels by even by visit is are on private islands cut off from regular multi views . the local population is concentrated on $200.00 islands but most tourists notice a. deed and is one of them. the 2 kilometer long island has a population of 4000 papal. here there are no women in bikinis and the silent consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. in the maldives sharia
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is the lore of the land. in the islamic republic the constitution requires that every citizen must belong to the religion of the stakes. life revolves around prayer and fishing. ali hutcheon was born indeed and has been married the island since 27 teams. today is children's day and the school has organized a celebration to mock the event. it's a happy occasion but he is concerned about some of the more negative changes in his community over the years i think it's basically articulated right off the more extreme is where we're. going to go just right. traditionally and culturally a peaceful place. over safety security and military for granted. and
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nobody really pays any attention for that but we shouldn't. think the world has. country has. this island has also changed it hard to say the residents a weary of revealing. we've got a gun guys going to through all these places. we can we. can go. among those 5 men from d.d. was. in early 25th date he left to fight with groups in syria. up to the nazi it was working for the poor the multics and was barely 23 years old when he left his country. he died in battle
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. we managed to track down his parents. and to manipulate him it's like not only is he right and the only law how likely he makes. his family refused to say. on the pretext of a fishing trip we talk to some young men from the army who knew abdulla in the field.
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if you are not my friend. he was he was an almost. and all of sudden who. knew why he ran he just when he gave us i think spared and told them. they were heartbroken and said do we have a problem. this extremisms extremes people here. it is a big problem here. and some say it's common us and i don't say this. and i possums and. them and send them to syria. it's a problem that spread across the archipelago according to muhammad the former president of the moldings rio the highest per capita over in the country got has gone to war in syria. 300 but i think intelligence agencies
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around the. figure out of about one policy. those who make the journey to syria leave from the capital murray. networks operating from the city handle the logistics the days to punch it. inside these credit buildings parents are mourning for their children who live to syria. we're here to meet one of them we found a maid. believes her son with influence didn't show up to being arrested for a phone then and i thought i don't come out and i would i'm with them then it has the any. guy today my it day by law in a mean one with them with my man here i with the with am i'm a connected and. the cockle miss it with their vocal. about
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a phone with i don't want to modify it in the you know what i look back on i did the any come to think of what i get that it was minimal bound to go there do you mean. how do you think of anything of this kind that may come the 2nd knowing day and i had a comic on what i mean if i was the you know a number with a contact would i know my it with a voc and we didn't and then it was i am born without of a company must live on about love about what i mean when it can mean me up already mama my model the film is kind of on the throne and on because i took on that that it did in one. a few months after he was released from prison mincey left the country with his wife. he was 28 years old. he told his relatives that he had a medical appointment in sri lanka after that there was no news from him for several days then me police have was in on them but i don't read them anyone for a half hour to turn are. more known come on. talky flayed tell me about article
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message to them. then i mean whistle and then me get it have started air the fast one i'm on my side me help myself i was at the head a what am i to see a line way into a hole me. amended to get a mist coming in then not a minute the way in the devouring the duo ended up going well and then then before . them for not only for iraq and rest of the. thing it was a lot of rules. to be a mom but cannot. then what i was going to mean a long term deal to. me. then so not that they were on again off about
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what i decide then you're not training that they must overtraining. none of us i mean we're in a day at a time time by the hour how come ned. of a bang and then they're going to sum up. my team and they go world that i'm going to. give us. the avani i'm a mom. then. when we come back committee that if another the name of the president will anima me well they're. putting it on a phone on air come i hate anybody if anyone and even better the heavy bag that if
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with as my friend. sue reached to ross has written a book about the mel devean stanley who left the syria he says many citizens began following a strict a form of islam after the 2004 tsunami. anything. under the guise of. helping people a number of saudis sponsored n.g.o.s suddenly started sprouting in mali's it is very easy to isolate people who are basically living marginally about the power to live in and then to tell them that this unfortunate set of events that has come upon you is because you are strayed away from the path of true islam and over the last decade and a half this slow brainwashing and infusion of salafi the habs them
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that is what leads to and radicalization of an entire country. shiri says mel debian's a particularly popular among recruits is in iraq and syria. deviance where preferred as good soldiers because a and islander is a very strong robust person b. if they are part of a gang then they are already wall and they are used to bloodshed and seek more importantly because of saudi influence in these. they are considered to be stronger more rigid and more islamic recruits from india they're not given weapons to fight in syria because india teaches softer were sort of islam maldivians were made immediately warriors and given weapons. to keep up a constant flow.


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