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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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one division did half of the. other leave because in order to see the outcome you know i didn't hear much from other than the public. and what danny just because i'm god but until until bernanke is because i'm going to be good but people need to be driven and i want to be in. the police station the scene near portland we keep putting up with joe they're going to need someone who got here because he has a in get counseling get out get out get and go short out but i'm the only media that i'm going to they want to get. as many title i want opening up a new office and. i'm going to mr the. focus and the. without counsel so much check out may not be. always be there but it won't really get you gathered about me and what you do not get as much good. when there's a maximum you going to get. the bus in the end of it exactly to give it to the oh
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my goodness yes my. good it did not even among those who are included in the american society the government of this whole new america are going to do the very tough girl walked over to you about the academy regular member john king our. boy about our martyrs here this little bee as it goes on the maid anybody can you hear them i am their voice on star mother my god again the next to me is the meaning and i just follow you give me use how to do you know to go to. our club you're going to scream a mean of fear nobody look out of the will get you can you also. have that now with some of the. those who are in the phantom cut of the deal to get rid of the d.c. objects and offer global financial muscle up to. make additional meant to. learn to keep the recruiting they're going to get out there though we will tell you me being a good athlete could be made us may not need you we see why you could. sa say old
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me they were not in it to get me to go to. war you will sort scandals out of it quickly but that the will for everybody to buy what you need not be that of what you need the media that it was running in your view that it was on a deity. not going but if you go ozzy of what you're going to emerge over 10 years a little nobody has a key idea of a change the new little league of that can't. the side of the line up playing field is an element of he's the king of my life. that is my observations of a good 2nd one is a lot out of get a good living out of my little bit well you know that's all and i know that was new to. you that i was really excited as one of my heroes wall street looks an all out of the book doesn't even live mock than the do all the sinaiticus look at it. take it what is your busy life have begun this book as
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a do not sequel. but you want taught me as a mom women would be if you. like only i don't have money because you go that was never the warm up baby thing. when you put on a mean little bit of something all of it other than give them a shelter you were going to be the most of while and still get anybody want a good deal. with the modern offices idea that little bit of it. is you gonna go also be gorgeous and do your little girl. but heavy on what are you doing to me. here are the new numbers were so big that he would tell you go up there to get. the message to me and.
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do all of that he will bow to me got a call but he was out of we don't need opening here channel boy the odds of it all were told me. to keep up and he got a little bit done to me as we will look back in the am in the senate do you do you or i said you know what i'm saying they. never give up because you don't come i could have got my to go just as hard to please them to move up big by the amount of good. i never been going to you but i think that it was you when he said it to be to the moment i think i've given up you know i don't know any let up on me that they know that i'm going to know what i didn't know we had about 5 of those orders were does he look. at them and everybody did their. side of multiplayer or to go to the gym membership i mean you know i'm never i'm not.
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you know again but you never know what we need to buy that bullied me. to get my head home at all but. you know he was in there when he. took the woman to go but you know also what i mean i'm getting people to look at the moment. with them so then i will come you will be a good thing you have been so yes i may. be like very close to montauk isn't this the way. to get out of. the failure you got to get the feel. good that you go a little. bit with your good looks i'm not that old good about the work but.
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but over the way the light the good old days are gone. what do you. do to get the blood. the. female hand it done before olive skin why do you go to be. just maybe a lot of jewel in michigan accounting get some woman is going to it was hard to be home in. but he was out of the big 3 which i'm not but that would jump at. the time a child left a message by giving. your head. bouncer
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to your son lines we were going to. get in when we. had. to give you time with us to continue to. screw the good feeling as a fake id you feel you. are monday morning here. at the door but they removed your we feel pretty want to do not. hear them in a book you don't honey but it did what he wish of you delivering it was any other name calling you think give me a break you think. they. either don't. because i'm going to
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put on your thumb a case by him only that he know we know that i'm supposed to be going on who made the. movie you can this was a home and it would have been a big job in the. you know what i was doing on my own child being a child of a child going to. achieve what they will because. you know what i will be in the room when i supplant with. some wasn't which and some of them are this meanwhile the number of the. they. are not that. women in india today are better educated and more independent than ever still
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almost possible girls of the 19 experience harassment violence from men. such men unknown as eve jesus. combating them is the job of the school. as it were to me and maybe. us leave. i'll go do a male police station and walk walk. walk a liquid you need. to get going to need. we all knew it was fair so one day it was but. they are global never going to be going to. do all a lot of good some good. woman going to be only a very. young lady get the aid. moving to human dignity and one
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day visit without someone from july yet i'm going to lobby won't be paying the debt i think overfull. told her not come take out on their knees yeah can you turning in. his you can stop putting your money going on the police while away i saw it all before going to the car not leaving nothing to do or do things that i think are any good i'm told finishing in for finishing it was sam on the president's cup with all of you going to will be hauling alpinist them some depression even though. it's nearly 2 o'clock the busiest time for the school girls are leaving college and the patrol has found 3 boys acting suspiciously at a bus stand oh it was time to get. the boys have been reported
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for taking drugs but malone wants to bring them in before their behavior gets out of hand. or you might want to it's not allowed to by the people who live. on the love of all the jungle learning are the there was just someone. on the job. for you today the opportunity over. ownership of the look. of mom or doesn't come. but in good advantage for the love of the man for the life of the social. media because i have never been on the brink. of the teams around the power. of the bench i was sitting on going but then i'm up and i was at that number
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there's a seat up out so that it's going to let's see the gentleman sort of. come up the 1st time. to put that i've done i've got to. run the ribbon round to get it done he. doesn't even know the word of. the column today. but i do love the new yorkers unite the party and. all that do you know that it's not written all over well pretty good but a little bit tough because he could. not shout the. odds you know in it or on the other side fairly will get what you read the luck good luck mornings it. legally action of being in love with to really. go with victim get better in solving
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a better school south in what ways that. the lady cops deal with many your fences committed not on the streets but in the home. often these relate to dowdy the custom of the bride's family giving presents and money to the groom and his relatives. it's a tradition open to abuse so while it's still acceptable to give presents making demands for them is now illegal. can give money but they're looking for her point one can learn nothing because. when i got sick. yawningly again i did it mom vulcanic yardley are your normal. people have to pick up the cold water but only when you don't give. shall be happy and usually the person who. the moment i mildly tell you the words are the
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batteries. and yet here are you to mark the one who got in here and there was a guy who could. pass a quick part. to us it was a. day since he would be near you because. buddy he's no money you do this it would be the. right move how much about. who gets all the work you've got there you did me good. you know. that he can come up he does do so he started them and we hear. that he goes again likelihood that by careful how. often you learn to do good because of the book he will think you have
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a good one me down because i have to take it with. the police so obliged to treat diary crimes as serious offenses some women claim their dowry victims because they're nor they'll be heard. other does compliment him as he wants. but we're still remember to get our image on a board. not that i'm. the one going to she's in league one. but her team resolve many disputes by counseling so families can avoid legal formalities for the lady cops are increasingly on the frontline of more traditional police work. it was the big guns were going to get released among people. to people who would. all be. other we'd love to hear them as well as on a positive line with
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a point. to. go but boy you are probably one of them. it's been a while. then we would see on the dies are they but the log of one of them gets out . tomorrow morning the lady cops will join forces with other police to maintain law and order if the protest violent just come this way you do it you know what i said boy the program has made ordered only that it will be good. days i never said it was delayed for service just. how much reaction are you to the girls on the creature of the scale of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous with just seeing the tip of the iceberg really to sort of call them or slavery or i'll just be sure all the groups don't come rushing to punch someone in
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the storm or have a company's need to stand but this is exploitation if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and there are some very very nasty people out al-jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade. why injections of the well to beaches and the sports of squash. from some of the top players who sounds. good but that's fun to watch us play because we focus on skilful and hard challenging shock. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year old celine book his mother is dead her father is gone
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killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is celine's do you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. stan grant in doha the top stories on al-jazeera police have fired tear gas and used water cannon on protesters in july's capital santiago people angry about low income poor public health care and the growing gap between rich and poor tens of thousands of iraqis have joined another mass protest in what's now the biggest uprising since the fall of former leader saddam hussein in 2003 this was the scene
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in central baghdad where anti-government demonstrators rallied in tahrir square they're angry about economic hardship corruption and what they call interference from iran and the u.s. . those people who are protesting they're only demanding the fall of the government and the parlor. that the they're not going to destroy it's already took is not enough for them and they also want to take more from us we want to block this process in order to get our demands now the people want the fall of the government for the government to resign they're asking for change we want a new government to give us our rights and be fair with us we don't trust them now because there are no reforms for iraq he says. in syria a car bomb has killed 13 people in the town and it's controlled by turkish backed opposition fighters 30 others were injured in the attack has seen some of the heaviest fighting since turkey launched a military offensive against kurdish fighters last month hundreds of mourners have
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been attending the funeral of a palestinian man killed by an israeli strike in the gaza strip. died in the early hours of saturday morning after israel launched air strikes into gaza there is concern about the well being of a prominent libyan politician and women's rights activist being held by warlord holy father hostiles forces misty international says has been held for 3 months and nobody has been able to reach her the rights group fears that she's at risk of torture. illegal loggers has shot and killed an indigenous land defend in brazil's amazon rainforest the god was from one of the country's largest indigenous groups and was hunting in a reservation in the north of the country when he was ambushed illegal loggers and miners have stepped up their activities in the region since right when president jeb also nara took office at the start of this year he is valid to weapon up the amazon to development those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera
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after india's lighty cops. you're going to meet. the love
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and. don't deal only with crimes against women they also have to handle traditional public order challenges in really poor little. someone near. us alert again we're allowing my get i mean us i mean forget to get on the get a pretty. good product and. go pee. that i want to community as a. motto but it doesn't want. to did the construction of a super highway. but the land it crosses is contested and local protesters might turn violent. the lady cop's presence is essential because of a change in the law not only female officers are allowed to have physical contact
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with women. in the. hall. they've got to be because of. a lot of say a. son of god gave me a public event mean to me more down the. hall home and you don't like. all the force my list. might. go more laying the character being a. victim. and limiting what it is leading the protest he owns 2 plots of land. in the path of the proposed development and he doesn't want to sell you a condom i want to acclimate you to. use america on the young make out why did you all be on sex until he. didn't mean to need money to get out you know.
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if arguments over you want to know where and. management. off the books if the weather. was not so boy. who names had the audacity to call made it back or you feel god needed to give your dad that's to mean they don't mean you can be above the goodwill of them up with the mother god why don't ya go i don't want out of his love i don't play i'm sorry but don't want to walk if you don't want to have you here i keep up with a totally forgot about the autumn's of maybe i don't have time to be. going to that then back out in the open now been the only. one genuine hampel who serves the some. one piston using force. and then you can see them coming. to me. because if you want. to me kind of thing. about the.
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2 i was led to a decision is made. the rules must be built without the dealing on them to be will there be any community here dick does anything they believe. he will sort out a little step not kong. some protesters detained while the land is cleared but no one is arrested.
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2 villages have been leveled to make way for the new. this sunday god didn't have so he could be had god made a big deal because god has meant his hard man i mean hans and i'm going to be you. because you will make little he said no he will look good. the man will literally do excuse i mean he will simply ring the. welcome did almost all of it up to the
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wall cannot have been. funny if we told the who she was that the police that he put in the home go to the son's body. lord the meeting of the people that also clearly isn't going to shoot this against kids and it was bullshit she was. going to let us. know the night campaign if you're going to be down that's. what it's going to get if you're the guy you're never going out. with the could. not. do the movie that gave her the family who wound up going to speak with the people i had the most of because of the exalted. good women learned when you go to school make it could
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that bond to get up there make much work do it i'm going to live look think you're going to be you don't know what you'll do. good engine met her husband at a school for the deaf. he's a local boy but her family is from neighboring punjab they've been married less than a year but cultural differences are already creeping in here expecting to ship. the ship will cool guys. are not going to like us back in a couple of. oh
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it'll be easy enough meanwhile take a look not only the lady who. was able to get in. and this. is the god. he's going to give you a good news if you're going to do a little bit do you want to do there's. when i share and married for love 8 years ago they defied both the communities. it's rare in india for people of different
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costs to marry. another man says yes which is when you can see that going to be a little. nobody as if you wonder how it's going to bring them in order to malcolm you don't want to you know look at a political. into all of topical months time going on for the man y'all were talking a young woman going to. work most people do love it when you are doing. here which is where the group was going to be and discuss a good sound they are going to. get will begin to go to school but a little bit but i was going to get a little use for you. we're covering a graphic right now in the number. of my weekly you know it's.
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hard to get every month maybe need to touch 10 years already pretty much to. get me to ban our financial into the man cutting is not so demand it's what i believe in get us to the best and those kids out there would be bending. us 800. 30 admitting that it would eat like a chore to add to the place you. don't need sauce and i'm a tory to the guys that don't know me put up with a compass and then. it's a criminal offense to discriminate against a person because of the cost skin color also shield standing. always tries to get people to deal with their grievances informally. their friend they say is out of the it and i was going to be. good to get together these
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critical months are going to get married and i was going on it look at me. ok sort of there through that then one of them you are logan a song that either put up or about anybody poor wife and about your entirely and her kids. you know trying to get causes good by suddenly to go back to. not be but you certainly didn't i think it was a stupid capital city maybe to go to human metal time. light it up by saying with him only got it all in the one with the divine don't go but because of the dozens of might have onyx the moneybox in the moses the god of the other night who do you want to get out of the hole who are later liberated usually will get up ok right and you can see for counting by going to a local level martin and you could end up yours unless of course you're there what will get married you can live your whole life. take care you cynical and introduce you to all dear boy your bunny qualities and you will be so looking out of the
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continuum of winning those who want to let anybody shame and not court on day unless you can get it out it will make you seen a cowboy. when there is one without an excuse to stick around with the love. obvious paranoid percent because of this terrible day i got no need to need to do obviously there was some legs or. so would do a day or leg in ignores the logic of l. i will cut them all down there and not the knee i'm going to use some of that up but am talk of beyond that. but meant to be a good thing without oh i'm going to go on a lot of cool mosconi more like god never done but i'm going to. head the salute. when they've gone to get the monk on a motorcycle. to get a t.v. series on. t.v. but it didn't. take. on a bit.


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