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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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deals been signed to end fighting in southern yemen pitted saudi arabia against its allies. we're going to come on santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera no backing down iran's president announces new steps that will move teheran even further from the 2015 nuclear deal also a renegotiated e.u. withdrawal deal and another referendum britain's main opposition leader lays out his brakes a plan ahead of the general election. i. am
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a hero's homecoming we're in johannesburg as the springboks return from their rugby world cup triumph. so in the past hour or so yemen's internationally recognized government has signed a power sharing agreement with southern separatists the deal was brokered by saudi arabia it aims to end months of fighting that opened a new front in the war the conflict also driven a wedge between saudi arabia and its coalition ally the united arab emirates yemen's president the saudi crown prince and the u.a.e. crown prince all attended that signing ceremony in riyadh these are the key details as we understand them under the plan yemen's government will return to aden to put state institutions back in place cabinet positions will be given to members of that sudden transitional. the u.a.e.
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backed separatist movement had turned against had these government and seized aid in august it was looking for self rule in southern yemen here is james bay's diplomatic editor who is that the united nations in new york hi james any reaction to this so far yes well i think people are welcoming this it's been talked about for some time and clearly we have now a peace deal in place that if it is followed through by by those on both sides will mean potentially some peace in one part of the violent conflict in yemen it is though of course one part of this very complex multi dimensional war and of course this in some ways is the most recent part and as you've been saying what we've seen here is a battle between the southern separatist forces and the government of yemen one of those backed by the united arab emirates and the other backed by saudi arabia are
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nominally they're supposed to be members of the same coalition certainly when the deal was announced security council ambassadors here in new york were arriving for a very separate meeting on bosnia and i have to tell you they didn't know about the signing and i was breaking the news to them this was the reaction from the german ambassador the development as such as positive but we have to see of course what the substance is and the implementation that they have to put it into some sort of context as james of how the sits in the the wider yemen conflict. well it's worth reminding me minding you compile that last time we had a peace deal in yemen which was the one that took place in stockholm in december last year it was all there was tension it was relatively peaceful in the south this is actually a separate conflict that has broken out in clashes and led to the seizure of aden
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just in recent months of course there's long been tension in that part of yemen has long been a cause for separatism and remember the southern yemen was a separate country for much of the cold war but it does absolutely nothing to solve the wider conflict between the saudi led coalition and the who thiis and remember the impact of all this on the people of yemen it remains the worst humanitarian situation anywhere on earth you can look at syria going to the places of africa and the un's view is yemen is still the worst place to live james bays as our diplomatic editor in new york thank you and andreas craig as assistant professor at the king's called out of london joining us from london nice to see you undress what's your initial take on this deal. i think this is a mild optimism i think it's a good the right step in the right direction but you know the problem is in yemen we don't really have
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a scarcity of agreements and treaties the problem is always the implementation and the following through of these agreements and i think the same thing applies here i think short from a short term point of view yet and yemenis always operate on short term rather than long term short term this brings an end to the fighting so that's positive power sharing is positive but long term is the question of whether both sides to this one conflict as you know the predecessor said you know it's one conflict of many of a multi pollak conflict to what extent these 2 parties to that particular conflict between the northern the south can actually follow through considering that particular the hardi government is very weak in comparison to the to the s.t.c. in this agreement i think if we look at the power and you know the support from southern constituency in southern provinces of yemen i think that the f.c.c. has a generally a competitive advantage over the hard government and key to the implementation here will be whether the hard government is able or even with you know people from the
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s.t.c. joining his government whether they are able to actually follow through on his security or security sector reform to what is needed is that these highly armed well trained former sorry goods are still sorry goods of the u.a.e. the s.t.c. can actually demobilize and somewhat embed into the chain of command that leads to the president hadi and follow his commands and i am quite skeptical about this and i don't think that the s.t.c. want to really want to give away that kind of leverage and where does that leave the saudis and the iraqis as we always would say the saudi u.a.e. coalition but this was something which divided them. oh yes absolutely and i think yes the immoralities have withdrawn and the this is part of it which is sure there is a media campaign going on whereby the saudis and their moralities of the want to show the world that the united against a common front against the who these but if you look behind the facade you see that the saudis very much have an interest in fighting this in northern yemen their morality is less so the same applies to the sergeant so hardy as and has an
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interest in fighting the who these because they are somewhat the contestant of his power while the s.t.c. is more interested in bogging down or in kind of implementing their objectives in southern yemen in the same applies to the rockies they're more interested in the south so the divergence of interest long term are still there and is not really solved by this conflict and i think that the iraqis will you know meant tain that kind of leverage into the south of yemen via the s.t.c. and they have left a void that needs to be filled now by the saudis that have arrived in aden over the last week and i think it's a it's a void that i don't think the saudi forces are able to fill and the iraqis in the end of the day are leaving then a hearty government that is very weak dependent on the saudis and somewhat exposed to the mercy of the s.t.'s see that as i said before have probably more leverage in this because they hold the monopoly of force they have more of an buy in from local southern constituencies and will probably hold the heart of government to account
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wherever they can so long term i'm very skeptical that this kind of agreement to really bring about the change that most people want to see and there sat before this is just one conflict of the much wider war that is going on in yemen interest craig always appreciate your perspective thank you. to iran now which is taking another step away from the 2050 nuclear deal president hassan rouhani says it's about to start injecting your rainy and gas into more than a 1000 centrifuges this is the latest fallout from the u.s. decision to pull out of the agreement last year and is still such a bar reports it's also likely to put more pressure on the remaining signatories. president hassan rouhani arrived at this factory in teheran for an inauguration ceremony but he used it to announce enron's 4th and most significant step in scaling back its commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal more as fire door on iran's 4th step will be launched at the forto nuclear facility and i will advise the
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atomic energy organization to start as of tomorrow by feeding gas into the centrifuges i will also inform the p. 4 plus one of the step this new action will also be under the supervision of the international atomic energy agency the 4 don't you clear facility is the only place where iran can and has produced 20 percent enriched uranium that's considered an important stage towards developing uranium with the potential for a nuclear weapon it has always been a controversial facility its existence was revealed to the world by iran in 2009 that was after the united states intelligence agencies alleged that there was a secret nuclear facility in iran and the president acknowledged that there are sensitivities surrounding the plant. this step may increase concerns we know people are sensitive about for when it centrifuges but whatever they uphold their commitments we will reverse our steps. under the nuclear deal of 2015 for doe had
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become solely a research facility it was one of the most contentious points of the joint comprehensive plan of action o.j. c.p.o. way agreed with world powers to limit iran's nuclear program. since the united states withdrew from the deal in may of 2018 and imposed the series of new sanctions on iran officials here decided to gradually reduce their compliance been saying that if they are not able to sell their oil or to get the benefit of the transaction with the global financial system there is no benefit for doubt to remain a party often cardio. to president rouhani declaring in may that every 60 days iran will announce another step until the remaining european signatories uphold their end of the. this latest announcement will have serious consequences for iran and officials here are very aware of that but president rouhani has stressed that all these measures are reversible as soon as the european signatories of the deal show
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full compliance until then iran will continue to take these steps while the international community continues its condemnation. dorsett al-jazeera tehran. britain's main opposition leader has laid out how he plans to resolve the bragg's that crisis if his labor party wins december's election jeremy coleman says he negotiates a neutral deal with the e.u. which would keep britain closely aligned with the block and he would then put that deal to voters in a 2nd referendum where the other choice would be counseling briggs it all together the u.k. parliament will be suspended from wednesday ahead of that general election labor launched its campaign in harlow northeast of london and jamal shell. prior to launching his party's manifesto ahead of the upcoming general elections labor party leader germy corbin chose to deal head on with the arguably the most divisive issue in britain today that is read the. speech in what is considered to be
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a strong leave constituency in the north east of london germany quoting 3rd got his party would sort out what he described as the mess that is briggs it's within 6 months of coming to power a century his plan entails renegotiating a deal with the european union and then presenting god to you in another referendum whereby the choice that the british public will have would be between this new deal and to remain essentially he's trying to reach out to all sides of british or the all sides of the british divide he said that whilst his critics may find that to be something negative he believes the only way forward was to unite the country people sometimes accuse me of trying to talk to both sides at once in the breaks today to people who voted leave and people who voted. you know what they did right
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absolutely dead right why would he want to talk to half the country. i don't want to live in half a country anyone seeking to become prime minister must talk to and listen to the whole country. labor stands not just for the 52 percent or the 48 percent but for the 99 percent we drink late. for if his party was elected and brought into power that not only would they sort of break this within 6 months but they would also unveil in radical and true. government works would serve the 99 percent of what some of the many and not the few. meanwhile prime minister bars johnson's conservative party is being accused of suppressing a report into accusations of russian meddling in the 26 referendum johnson is under pressure to release the document before the election on december 12th appropriate
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that factions are keen to avoid the any suggestion that the u.k.'s divorce from the e.u. was treated unfairly in the news ahead what is next for the world's climate change agreement now the u.s. has formally started the process of leaving. how i once again welcome to look at the international full cost with us last fall and drive for good parts of central and eastern china we're going to have some pleasant sunshine coming through but huge swathe of plant here as you can see in the south china seas and that may well develop into a tropical system tropical depression tropical storm as we go through the next few days either way we're looking at more very heavy rain rolling across the philippines and it will gradually push over towards central and southern parts of vietnam most of that as you can see warm sunshine to hong kong gets up to around
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$29.00 degrees celsius lots of dry weather hazy sunshine into northern parts of india and i saw any rain nothing to clear the filth out of the air there in suwannee delhi for example well right now to have to be further south we got some wet weather there they insist for lanka to go mark will see developing system push its way in here showers longer spells of rain on the eastern side of the bumping go through the bottoms up towards and ma western parts of india also seeing some wet weather at the moment and notices circulation that is mohamed making its way back towards good as we go through the next couple days a possibility of some localized flooding just notice so welcome showers notice both of mine possible to the north. reminder times with seemingly brand new updates from the past amount to scenes.
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remind continues with rendition you see inside libya's prison when the members came to tripoli. so she ended with gadhafi regime it was in the office of spying and i found a stash of documents which reveal the collaboration between british and libyan intelligence services on al jazeera. so the top stories here on al-jazeera yemen's internationally recognized government has signed a power sharing agreement with sudden separatists the deal was brokered by saudi arabia and is aimed at ending a power struggle in aden iran is taking another step away from the 2015 nuclear
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deal president haasan rouhani says you rainy and gas injection process will be started which was banned under the agreement. and britain's main opposition leader has laid out how he would fix the braids of process if his party wins next month's general election labor's jeremy called and said he would negotiate a neutral deal and then put it to voters in a 2nd perforate. at least 9 u.s. citizens have been killed in northern mexico after members of a cartel opened fire on their cars reports say the 3 women and 6 children had been living in a mormon community. security officials believe the gunman may have mistaken them for a rival gang mexico city now here we go john holman to bring us more details on this one john. yeah this is actually a family that's very well known emits code the led by our own family and they're well known because who live in liberal and is
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a well known activist here against violence after about a decade ago now a brother of his and also another member of his family were killed by organized crime says a fresh tragedy for this for this family that you couldn't u.s. citizens they've lived in the state of chihuahua for a long time is pretty horrific actually what happened in this who live in the liberal and came out talking about it and he talked about a mother laying dead beside her baby about 4 of the children who managed to escape and were forced to just try and walk out into the hills and hide out into the hills from these gunmen so even the level of violence that we've seen him it's kind of this time i think this is something that has still just shocked shocked the country here in the fact that they are citizens and they've got this u.n. citizenship. has only helped to make it more public to get the u.s. involved get president trump involved so this is turned out to be a big deal for that reason but also because we're talking about women and children
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here innocents killed in this and any sort of official reaction yet john. you know there's been reaction from both sides and president trump has come out with a couple of tweets offering to get the u.s. army involved it seemed and also in another one saying it was time to to go to war he put that in capital letters and to white the cartels off the earth president lopez obrador came out and he's mooning press conference and said that he welcomed corporation with american agencies but he said the war is not something that we're prepared to go into he said that anyone's experienced war or anyone who's read about war knows about something that we don't want to happen now there's a long history here as well of course over the last decade president calderon now a decade ago he said that he was well more than a decade ago he said that he was going to go into full frontal will with the drug
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cartels and the only thing that happened after that was more and more violence or president trump putting out that tweet i suppose it's quite a it's quite a catching soundbite to talk about war but in the context of what's happened in mitt's co and what they've tried to do with a full frontal confrontation with these cartels it seems almost irresponsible to be talking about that one thing that we've been talking about with security analysts over a decade here in mexico every single one of them has said that the way to deal with the violence in this country is by building up the police force bit by bit by reforming it by making it better equipped and better clean they said that takes time obviously to do and that's something that doesn't always fit in with political aims president lopez obrador has come up with a new national guard and he said that that's his approach to deal with this to deal with this problem creating that new force out the army in the place it's something
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that's been tried before and it's go it's something that hasn't worked before when it's been tried in mexico and this is a really critical point now for his government about a month ago just less than a month ago his security minister came out and said we're. a point of inflection now where violence is going to start going down since then we've seen 14 police killed in the western state michu a current we've seen a drug cartel leader arrested and then let go by the army which was a huge botched operation and now we've seen this so it's only going to the pressure on his government to do something john homan in mexico city thank you the netherlands has admitted carrying out an attack on a suspected eisel bomb factory in northern iraq in 2015 which killed 70 people the attack destroyed a neighborhood in the town of how ija the dutch initially denied civilians were harmed dutch f. 16 s were used in iraq and syria between 201416 then in 2018 as part of an
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international coalition against eyesore. iraq's human rights commission says 2 people have been killed and dozens injured in bouncer it's off to security forces opened fire on protesters camped at the entrance to a port earlier 2 protesters were killed in nasiriyah as thousands of people took part in the largest antigovernment protests. and as those protests are few signs of letting up in the talks are going to name the went to meet some office to see how they are putting their anger and hopes on display. these students are skipping school to give the government a master class in protest art we want to live in peace ok so. we're trying to create a art so people can understand our the salon was that everyone can understand this once gritty tunnel underneath tahrir square has become perhaps the country's longest mural i think all the young people painting his say is
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a sacred place said they want to make it a symbol of the revolution there are ranges from simple messages such as free iraq to elaborate symbols of liberation and fortitude it was seen as are the issues i'm painting a lion of mesopotamia that represents the hero protesters i have found a lot of heroes demanding their rights this is an art installation featuring tear gas and stun grenades canisters that protesters have collected as well as photos of the people who have died amnesty international is accusing security forces in baghdad of using quote military grade tear gas grenades intended to kill not disperse protesters the government says it's investigating across tahrir square teachers set up a tent and are distributing flyers outlining their demands schools in the courts have been closed in baghdad since last week members of the teachers and lawyers
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unions are on strike they govern. nobody just the governor the parliament nobody trust them anymore that's it simple like that just resign and do an election or that people here might then you act at this evolving wall of protest students come each day to paint and pose they hope one day soon they'll return to school with a lesson learned that protests can make a difference natasha going to al-jazeera back to. the united states has begun the formal process of withdrawing from the paris climate accord pact between $185.00 countries were set up and 2015 to fight climate change it will take at least a year before the u.s. can officially the this report from the math june 27th and president donald trump announces that the us will no longer support a global agreement to limit greenhouse gases the united states will withdraw
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from the paris. climate of court. the u.s. is estimated to be the 2nd worst polluter in the world trump says the deal puts an unfair burden on u.s. workers on monday the u.s. began the legal process of pulling out the world's worst polluter is said to be china its economy is heavily dependent on coal but it's staying in the powerhouse agreement. we believe that climate change is a common challenge faced by all of humankind all members of the international community should join hands to cooperate. among china's allies another signatory french president emmanuel mark wrong you know for the let me must confirm next year new commitments 420302050 the cooperation between china and the e.u. in this respect is decisive somebody of climate change is happening naturally
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others say the driven by industrialization and human consumption environmentalists say the number of extreme weather related incidents is increasing there are 22 of the 50 states in the us climate action plan says 550 cities who are doing so so in this sense trump does not represent the entirety of the us he represents the federal aspect of it which is which is really a helpful leaving the powers agreement was a trump campaign promise but the u.s. cannot officially withdraw until november 4th 2021 days after the next u.s. presidential election rob matheson. it has been 3 months now since new delhi strips indian administered kashmir of its autonomy it said the decision would our share in developments in the region but many kashmiris say they've lost an entire
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summer of income from tourism and have no idea how the government plans to turn things around reports from indian ammons to kashmir's largest city. is said to have described it as a perfect place to meditate maybe it was because of its serene lakes but since the indian government asked all tourists to evacuate the valley in august the place hasn't been very calm. chocolate is one of the most popular houseboat on the water . this summer it's been. at least half the people living in the valley depend on tourism and hospitality and many have suffered heavy losses since new delhi's decision. very one or 2 clients me shock it says although the government says it wants to develop their vision what businesses need is to belittle what development really is needed other than restoring peace in kashmir that's the 1st and foremost element required. good mark is
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a favorite spot for indians travelling to escape high temperatures it's hotels are usually overbooked during the festival season but this year there were hardly any to race. but his now spending his days playing cricket he's worried that even the winter when skiers from around the world usually arrive. can be the same but his biggest fear is that well the indian investors will come to question and buy up the land. the indian government doesn't want anyone to come here they want the people of kashmir to suffer so much that the last thing they have their land they stole their land to feed their families. land is at the heart of the dispute between kashmiris and the indian government the indian government says it is working on a 15 year development plan for india not miss this week which will change the face of the reason but so far nothing has happened and many of the sleaze see it as
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a land grab. the president of the chamber of commerce says the businesses have lost billions of dollars over the last 3 months and new delhi should help. local people should be encouraged they should be given preference everywhere in. the real development have. put on monday a grenade was thrown in a vegetable market in srinagar india that mr city killing one person and injuring 15 it was the 3rd such attack in 2 weeks many kashmiris see any development can only succeed if new delhi takes the right political steps to make sure the violence and arch of water. street in indianapolis to push me. in the past couple of hours south africa's rugby world cup champions are returned home to a hero's welcome here they are coming back to johannesburg 3 days after beating
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england 3212 in the rugby world cup final on significant player missing though policing the 1st black captain to lift the trophy was in on this particular flight is due a little bit later the squad will then embark on a 5. day victory tour right around south africa. you're with are just there these are the headlines yemen's internationally recognized government has signed a power sharing agreement with sudden separatists the deal was brokered by saudi arabia and aims to end months of fighting that opened a new front in the war under the plan yemen's government will return to aden to put state institutions back in place and cabinet positions will be given to members of the southern transitional council more from james but is that diplomatic editor in new york i think people are welcoming this it's been talked about for some time and
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clearly we have now a peace deal in place that if it is followed through by by those on both sides will mean patton surely some peace in one part of the violent conflict in yemen it is though of course one part of this very complex multi dimensional war. britain's may not position leader has laid out how he would fix the brags that crisis if his labor party wins next month's general election jeremy corbyn says he'd negotiate a new withdrawal deal with the e.u. which would keep britain more closely aligned with the bloc he would then put that deal to voters in a 2nd referendum where the other choice would be cancelling brings it all together iran's taking another step away from the 2050 nuclear deal. from within say iran will start injecting uranium gas into more than a 1000 centrifuges a process that was banned under the agreement but rouhani didn't say whether it
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will be used to make sure any. iraq suman rights commission says 2 people have been killed and dozens injured in. after security forces opened fire on protesters camped at the entrance to a port earlier 2 protesters were killed in the city of nasiriyah as thousands of people took part in the largest anti-government protests so far and the netherlands has admitted carrying out an attack on a suspected i still bomb factory in northern iraq in 2015 which killed 70 people the attack destroyed a neighborhood in the town of the ija that initially they denied civilians were harmed dutch f. 16 to be used in iraq and syria between 201416 in 2018 as part of an international coalition against isis all you have to do with the headlines here on out as iraq rewind is next.
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hello and welcome again to rewind i'm come all santamaria here on rewind where revisiting our extensive documentary archive to bring you some of the best and most influential programs of the past decade as well as news of how the story has moved on since from the early days of al-jazeera english the award winning people in power series as.


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