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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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movie studio script on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara samara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes police shoot a demonstrator at close range as hong kong's protests take another violent turn a probation supporter was also set alight. the opposition senator tipped to become bolivia's interim leader after the sudden departure of president ever more obvious a course in the hague orders the netherlands to repatriate 50 children born to
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dutch women who joined the i saw in syria and scientists and stargazers witness a rare cause make a friend as the planet mercury passes between the earth and the sun. with this thought is a football or a shard the red card and sent off this part be the victim of racist abuse in ukraine. hong kong is reeling from one of the most violent days of anti-government demonstrations in more than 5 months one protester is in critical condition after being shot at close range by police well demonstrators are accused of setting a probation supporter on fire chief executive kerry lamb called the protesters the enemy of the people and said the she will not yield to pressure sarah clarke has more from hong kong. protesters started blocking roads and ran lines during the
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morning rush hour at a crossroads inside one home district on the east of hong kong island a traffic officer was filmed as he grappled with a demonstrator and then pointed his gun at a 2nd protester and shot him in the torso the peach was good on facebook and then underwent surgery and was put in intensive care only. hard haha. that boy without any warning and it's ready it is very very very dangerous i will. read this and will thing is all run fine by me had to thank me and then. in a neat though the. police have confirmed 3 bullets were fired during the incident police moved in to clear the barricades the shouted at by hundreds of people to gas his 5 to clear the roads some witnesses were quick by surprise to spot tear gas being fired by police these protesters have returned and they tried to once again block the intersection where that protester was shot early this morning on monday
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morning with that live round of ammunition and they came with a focus is to try and keep create once again the 5th communique also oh god police say a quote beijing supporter was also since large but protests. in the chaotic scenes across hong kong as the anti-government movement called a general strike targeting the road and around if the major highways were blocked well then 20 train stations closed and flash mobs paralyzed parts of the city to gas rubber bullets and pepper spray 5 by police in at least 10 districts a press conference on guns chief executive kerry then condemned the bonnets if there is do any. wishful thinking that by escalating violence the hong kong as a government will you do to pressure. to satisfy the so-called political team on the. i'm making this statement. that will not happen.
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violence is not going to give us any solution to the problems that hong kong is facing some members of the public accuse the police of using unnecessary and excessive force against them during this event. that. we are hundreds citizen we are homegrown dozens of people were taken to hospital and others are arrested as police crackdown on the demonstrations violence like this has become the new norm in the city with the shooting of one protester and city on fire as another escalating an already fragile situation. al-jazeera hong kong was saying in hong kong police say that they've suspended an officer who drove into a crowd of protesters during monday's violence video shared online shows the officer weaving through a small group of demonstrators at high speed amnesty international says the video shows an out of control officer with a mindset of retaliation. like this child was
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a leading pro-democracy activist and represents the group with them though she says hong kong police are abusing their powers. i mean there's some behavior of the progresses are not proportional but i hope that people won't be only you know focusing on what the police have done or what the protests have done but the problem behind that the reasons behind that oh why are they such a latch acar and it's contents to what the government's is because of you know the police abusing power and it's use fire that's just was purchased as they should go and again today and that makes and that makes people think that you know why police are being so on call from the boat and even people say c.n.n. i am not being protected by the police but you know in the end the other way our
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lives are being threatened. well dr andrus folder is a senior fellow at the university of nottingham asia research institute and author of the book the struggle for democracy mainland china taiwan and hong kong he joins us live now from the time sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera we heard their pro-democracy activists saying police are abusing their power as we have seen months of protests but really violence escalating in the past the day or so how do you read the developments of what's going on in hong kong well we've been on a downward spiral so to speak since end of august beginning of september and it seems to me that this was probably not probably the time where the chinese communist party decided that they would start a real war of attrition and instruct carolan the hong kong i say our government and the home police force to use increasing levels of. state violence frankly
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not just against let's say militant frontlines but all saw peaceful demonstrators or merely bystanders a soul. you know we have to bear in mind that this escalation doesn't come from nowhere a young protester died and there are that was last week and there are speculation is that the police could have been involved in his untimely death and so the fact that we've seen this situation escalated today should come we also were surprised we've also heard kerry last in a statement this cry protesters as the enemy of the people i mean considering the escalation of violence that we've seen how do you read that coleman to what do you think or fear might happen in the coming days and. it's actually quite concerning she had just seen paying let's not forget sitting ping is a stalinist presiding over leninist party state using maoist techniques and what
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she is doing here is really out of the playbook of the chinese communist party using this you know stalinist mahler's rhetoric and suggesting that somehow these young protesters at fault i think it's high time that she runs into this out of control hong kong police force which is actually acting more and more like a militia. it was interesting what we heard her say a little earlier as well when she was talking about satisfying the so-called political demands she was going to yield to satisfy the so-called political demands i mean obviously the situation has been escalating we all know what the catalyst that was for these protests but but do you think it's just gone beyond any kind of political concession that the hong kong government could could make for the protesters. you know you're really picking up on something this terminology like saul called political demands in chinese way the this is again party
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rhetoric which is there to undermine any kind of legitimate demands that are being articulated and frankly the problem is that this problem will not be solved through political dialogue when 5 years ago actually carried herself met with student leaders during the umbrella movement that dialogue actually eventually led to the imprisonment of these young activists so people haven't forgotten that and so all we're really now in an impasse so is so i mean you say be difficult to find a solution between the 2 parties who else do you think should get involved you are obviously speaking to us from the united kingdom the united kingdom has historical reasons for for getting involved what do you think the role of the u.k. or other members of the international community should and could be to try to solve the situation. sure as actually a signatory of the 184 sign of british joint declaration the united kingdom
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actually has. a legal political and historical obligation to ensure that the one country 2 systems formula is upheld unfortunately however our current prime minister boris johnson he's not only letting the british people down with his miss handling of the backs of process but also letting down the good people of hong kong but what a hoodie i think you know me for interrupting you but what could realistically boris johnson or any leader of the u.k. do at this point. well very specifically. the british government should declare the chinese common commits party in breach of this internationally binding treaty and they should sanction individuals like chief executive curry lamb because if the british government does nothing is then this does really bold for the future of this country because then we must assume that foreign policy is not being made in london in westminster but actually in beijing and i think any british
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leader would want to avoid that impression dr andrus fuld a senior fellow at the university of nottingham asia research institute sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you. coming up on the al-jazeera news hour a change of course for the u.k.'s breck's it party why nigel faraj says he will not contest more than $300.00 seats in next month's election and cambodian opposition leader kim soccer is freed from house arrest as the government faces intense scrutiny over its human rights record and how a shoulder charge on a coach cause the payoffs that's coming up in sport with. but 1st mexico's foreign minister says it has accepted him asylum requests from bolivia as ex-president ever moralists this comes as the organization of american
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states plans to hold a special meeting following where all this is resignation on sunday the session on tuesday has been called at that request of a number of states including the u.s. and brazil as concerns grow about the country's political future the u.s. is urged bolivia's legislative assembly to meet sooner rather than later to formally accept the resignation and begin a civilian led transition and opposition politician is expected to be sworn in as bolivia's interim leader tomorrow. well the i mean an yours is a politician a 52 year old member of the democratic union party she was a t.v. presenter and a lawyer and she has accepted to become olivia's next interim president likely to be sworn in tomorrow she is at the national assembly here behind me with some of the politicians and she has already said that there is already a timetable for libya to have a new president on january 22 in the meantime able moralists has gone back to the
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place where he came from in the top by the region where he's coca farmers supporters are there he has been actively tweeting. in the last 24 hours saying that he resigned because there was a coup d'etat in bolivia he's been saying that he's showing his solidarity with the protesters that are still protesting in the streets of of bolivia now analysts say that he is taking a strategy of waiting to see what will happen is a protest in that favors he will hold in the streets in the next few days and weeks and then after that he will he may decide what his next move will be so that's the latest from live passes there will come a reaction from the u.s. with roslyn jordan who joins us from washington d.c. rosen good to see you the u.s. state department have just had a briefing on the crisis in bolivia what are you hearing. well
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a couple of senior state department officials told reporters that 1st and foremost they do not consider what happened in the last 24 hours to be a coup against the now former president evill marlice these officials also told reporters that they want to see a quorum established in the national assembly as quickly as possible one of those officials said that he believes this may happen within the next 24 hours so that constitutionally the country can get back on track and that new elections can be held within the next 90 days they also are indicating that this is a victory as it were for the bolivian people and these officials barbara also dismissed suggestions that somehow this was an act of class warfare or of ethnic divisions inside bolivia they said that during war alice's tenure yes you saw
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a lot of progress made in terms of inclusion of indigenous bolivians but they said that what happened in this case was political theft pure and simple and that morales and his and is a composite traits who were involved in the october 20th election irregularities needed to step aside and of course those regularities that according to u.s. officials were verified by a technical mission carried out by the oas the organization of american states which had been invited into the country by morales's government and join up with the latest on that from washington d.c. thank you. and protests once again broken out in chile despite a pledge by the government to write a new constitution riot police and fire tear gas and water cannon of them on the streets of the capital santiago president sebastian pinera has offered to rewrite the current constitution which dates back to the pinochet era congress would lead
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the process of the document would eventually be put to a public referendum however opposition figures say the plebiscite should be held 1st so that people's views could be considered. a court in the hague has ordered the netherlands to repatriate 56 children of women who joined eisel in syria 23 dutch mothers asked the court to allow their families to return because of the poor boy living conditions in a camp in northern syria a judge found that only the children must be sent back to the netherlands or insley has more now from the hague. figuring out what to do with women and children associated with the enemy isn't a new problem for a country but when you bring into the equation it becomes hugely controversial. at issue in the netherlands what to do about $23.00 dutch women and their $56.00 children under the age of 12 many born in the vast desperate el whole camp in
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northern syria their families have demanded they be brought home the government had said no thanks excel than i was even a kindler and for ordering in his ruling the judge demanded that the dutch state had a juicy to show it was trying to repatriate the children and their mothers to if the kurdish come command has said so and all within 14 days so if the kurdish resort authorities say were only willing to give back the children if the dutch authorities also take back the women then that's the way it has to be and that has been the kurdish position until now they won't give any children unless the mothers are also brought back among the women there is child who was a little girl was as innocent looking as anyone but a family say she suffered mental health issues growing up was targeted by eisel supporters in the netherlands and persuaded to go to syria to be a bride so a fighter and this is chatty and now she lost a foot in the explosion but she doesn't have children and so she stuck her family
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devastated we had her passport when we saw that she was running for 2nd travel to syria for the possible to wait for yes of course every family did that dutch government don't get their responsibility again they said yes there are dare is not our problems and it's very hard to to hear that so what might the dutch government do now putting the onus on the dutch authorities to go into northern syria to get these women and children out is one thing whether the dutch are actually prepared to do it themselves is something else again because they've always said it's too dangerous but the americans have in some a sense of that they're prepared to go to al hole to perform the task for them very likely then that the dutch will be trying to outsource their own problem the big problem in any number of european countries is public opinion which overwhelmingly insists anyone who went to syria within the last 5 years knew exactly what they were doing and should lose their rights assuming they are brought home the next question will be what to do with them lawrence lee al jazeera the hague. well
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meanwhile a spokesman for turkey's interior ministry says his country has begun a program to repatriate captured i saw fighters an american and a german were deported on monday with a danish national expected to follow fighters from ireland france and the netherlands are shy jule to be deported in the coming days officials say that just over $1200.00 isis fighters are currently being held in turkish prisons at least 6 people have been killed and dozens injured after 3 car bombs were detonated in a kurdish town in northeast syria 2 of the explosions were in a commercial street income while the 3rd happened near a hotel a spokesman for the syrian democratic forces blamed groups backed by turkey there have been several attacks in the area since turkey began its military operation into syria on sunday 8 people were killed by another car bomb in which turkey blamed the kurdish why p.g.
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spain's socialist party says it will act fast to form a government after winning the most seats in sunday's parliamentary election the leader pedro sanchez had hoped that the vote which was the 2nd this year would break the country's political deadlock but with the far right vox party more than doubling its support the country appears more fragmented than ever before jonah hall has more from madrid this is the final resting place of francisco franco the spanish generals memory will tended despite his often brutal one party rule that ended with his death malden full decades ago. he's been here in a private family tomb for less than a month franco's final journey began in october when the socialist government ordered the former fascist leaders remains removed from a grand more the live in madrid famous family of the forward it's easy of course to see parallels here the memory of franco dishonored in the view of many and then
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less than a month later the country's 1st far right party in parliament since his death war than doubles its count becoming spain's 3rd largest political force. but the reality owes more to post economic crises disaffection with mainstream politics and the threat posed to spanish unity by catalonia his drive for independence it's still early to say which sort of fire right we have here because. initially it was a splinter group from the people aspire to its leaders came from the people's party it was more of a hard right than a far right party but now we're beginning to see some elements within vox that perhaps have some. some nostalgie form of franco symes sunday's election result will only deepen the concerns of the far right with socialist leader pedro sanchez forced now to consider a fragile alliance of the left that might even include capital and probably
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independence parties. that's an ugly prospect across large swathes of spain particularly as they watch separatist protesters blocking roads and even the border with france in the north west on monday and as disaffection with politics increases amid signs of economic slowdown in spain so the list of grievances will likely grow . hopes will help us by stopping benefits for people who don't deserve it i don't think it's normal that people come from abroad to live on state benefits i myself have worked abroad but i didn't go there to commit crimes and live on benefits it's not the box party was created in the immediate franco and what he stood for but in a country with a living memory of fascist rule the party's popularity could yet unleash sinister forces join a whole al-jazeera madrid. i think your case brett said party leader nigel farage says he will not challenge the governing conservative party seats in the next month
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general election in a significant boost for prime minister boris johnson farrah's said his aim was to stop anti bracks at parties winning that the center vote he says the move would hopefully prevent another referendum and make a hung parliament much less likely or as johnson has welcomed the decision saying that he's glad there is recognition that only his party can get breaks it down for britain has. this is an extraordinary u. turn by nigel farage who on november the 1st when he launched the bricks of party campaign said that boris johnson's bracks it deal was not rex it's a tall and he vowed to stand his party candidates in all $650.00 seats across the u.k. now he's saying that boris johnson's deal is close enough to bracks it that he will do a deal whereby he won't compete against the conservatives it's an extraordinary setback
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and you turn for the bracks of party the reaction has been across the spectrum boris johnson the prime minister said he was glad that there was a recognition there's only one way to get done and that was a vote for conservatives but the labor leader jeremy corbin said that it was a pact between nigel farage and boris johnson and it was a pact with donald trump's backing that the trump alliance was thatcherism on steroids meanwhile the lib dems leader joe swinson said the conservative party is effectively the bracks it party now they are out the arithmetic is going to be intriguing if the party contests against labor seats it may be that they split the vote in those seats and give labor a better chance of holding on to some of those marginals that would otherwise have been threatened so the impact on the election could be profound but the contradiction in nigel farage his position was probably best summed up by one commentator who said well look if boris johnson's deal really is brecht's it then
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frankly the bracks of party shouldn't should be standing in any seats at all. iran has begun enriching uranium and the latest step away from the 2015 nuclear deal the un's atomic watchdog says iran is producing enrich uranium at an accelerated pace the underground fordo site was activated last week in preparation for the enrichment which is banned under the nuclear accord iranian president hassan rouhani says all steps taken can be reversed if sanctions imposed by the u.s. are lifted but the e.u. says iran's uranium enrichment is of major concern but it remains committed to the nuclear agreement let me stress that there was again today around our table full commitment to the agreement that remains crucial for our security even if it's increasingly difficult to preserve it we will continue our efforts to have a full implementation of the agreement still to come in this news hour
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remembered as a real humanitarian the man who helped to found the syrian white helmets is found dead in turkey chinese e-commerce giant i'll be bob breaks new records on the world's busiest online shopping day and the football club in argentina returns to its former home with an opening ceremony to remember. hello we've got the storm clouds gathering across central parts of you have lots of wet and windy weather here just around corsica sardinia pushing over towards italy and the balkans and so driving its way in from the atlantic very stormy conditions across that western side of you have a little suspecting of shouted out there you can see just rolling into the blustery
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showers here will make their way across the british isles the low countries too pushing in scandinavia some snow up into parts of scandinavia 7 ourselves is the best we can hope for in london and paris back down into the mediterranean there we go with that very wet that very windy weather winds suggesting to around 7080 kilometers per hour nasty weather this mistral blowing across into that western side of the mediterranean some very wet and windy weather just around the age of radical making as well little further east which is we go on into wednesday eastern possible to bad kiev 14 see this on the fly there in moscow lousy dry but on the grace i there's some wet weather there just pushing around the baltics day similar weather making its way towards the far northwest of europe some wet weather to just around northern areas of spain and portugal for a time all the parts of africa will see some heavy rain there is lots of the flooding in tunisia on tuesday.
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mass protests forcing the government has put are we seeing the true listen to such to understand we follow journalists on the front line description. pretty committed to reporting the facts of this officer's gun pointing comes out journalists say stop hong kong fact and fiction truth lose it anyway on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be hurt and the story needs to be told the police are the pop artists with exclusive interviews you think that was a mistake you know and in-depth reports take you on the environmental and climate crisis many fronts not least but of the ocean al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more real good documentaries and live news.
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time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera mexico's foreign minister says he has accepted an asylum request from bolivia as former president havel morale is a day after the last he resigned from office he's asked his bolivian counterpart to guarantee a safe passage out of the country police said on call have shot and critically wounded a protester in another violent day of clashes the city's chief executive kerry live has called the demonstrators and enemies of the people and the netherlands must actively help to repatriate the children of the women who joined the islamic state
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in syria a judge in the hague said that the. in a victims of the actions of their parents. the european union is threatening to cut cambodia's preferential trade terms because of its crackdown on the country's opposition and its human rights record meanwhile in cambodia the opposition leader . has made his 1st public appearance after being released from house arrest but he's still charged with treason and is banned from politics and from leaving the country when he reports now far from. the president of the opposition cambodian national risky party spent his 1st full day of relative freedom still in his home in the capital phnom penh he met diplomats the 1st was the ambassador of france which is one of the countries applying most pressure on the cambodian government. didn't talk to the media but his spokesman said the meetings were an opportunity to say thank you it just to visit to express critics.
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and in person a low key is still banned from political activities and the charge of treason against him stands the decision to end his house arrest came the day after the acting president of his party sam rainsy flew into malaysia from exile in france saying he'll return to cambodia. the security has been deployed on the streets of phnom penh as a warning to anyone thinking of helping him achieve his stated goal of overthrowing the government on tuesday the european union will deliver a report to prime minister hun sen's government outlining its concerns over a decline in democracy and human rights. it's threatening to withdraw cambodia's preferential trade agreement if significant improvements aren't made but the ruling party says the court's decision on kim was not made in response to that threats. this is the opinion of outlawed rebels who have always taken up the issue of the
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cambodian government came so close case is under the control of the courts so it's not relevant. the developments come in the middle of an important holiday in cambodia the annual water festival. politics is absent as crews and boats from around the country converge on the capital to mark the end of the wit season when the tunnel asap river changes direction even if the government is able to appease the european union there are big question marks over whether there will be any significant space in the short term for the cambodian national rescue party prime minister hun sen has tried very hard to destroy the threat posed by the opposition that undoing the damage completely now seems unlikely. still the members of the band party see the international pressure and attention as an opportunity to try to restart their political careers and resume a campaign to change this country's direction when hey al-jazeera phnom penh. or
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earlier the co-leader of camps office party sam rainsy told al-jazeera that faith will only be restored in cambodia as political system once charges against opposition leaders are dropped when come so recovers he says freedom. when all the charges against him are dropped and when order charges against. opposition activists and opposition leaders are dropped then the opposition party the only credible opposition party to see an r.p. must be reinstated this is really dissolution but so far there is no real solution because it is it's come too little and too late for the case of them sicker bank staff in lebanon have been urged to stay away from work on tuesday as the country's economic and political crisis continues the bank workers' union
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says staff or risk from customers the man doing to withdraw their deposits the call for a strike comes after weeks of anti-government protests forced the banks to shop at the central bank says it's working to secure the posits and stabilize the lebanese pound after fears of a rush to take hard currency out of the country 82 migrants have been found in the back of a single truck in turkey the vehicle was stopped by soldiers from the turkish mary near the western town of i vy jacque it's thought that they were going to attempt to cross to europe by sea that migrants were sent to a repatriation center to be deported. i document leaked from the egyptian foreign ministry and the pertained by al-jazeera has revealed that egypt sent weapons to the libyan warlord holly for half that the league also mentions training camps for his soldiers operated in egypt under russian supervision russia denies those claims
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reports. scenes of the struction in the libyan city of benghazi and in the capital tripoli they are the impact of a campaign by world of high level have tough to depose libya's internationally recognized government and control the country and as these satellite images obtained by an undersea investigative team seem to show foreign military aid has been important to have tell us war efforts chinese wind blown the drones were spotted in this airbase in a job for the main air operations center in libya for have top the same type of aircraft has also been spotted at the united arab emirates military base of an adam to the east of benghazi here satellite footage shows the aftermath of an air raid by the tripoli based government on the edge of for air base where some military cargo planes were destroyed the planes are thought to be foreign owned america airborne weaponry has been used in an attack on the misrata airbase as of this year a house previously found out. other satellite imagery shows and you wrote that in
12:36 am
our links the earth man military base inside egypt with the eastern libyan city of . what we're learning. could intrigue asian documentation necessary for establishing. the u.s. . in. a really bad situation. according to a leaked egyptian military intelligence document that's been obtained by our dizzier russia is helping have to and training his soldiers are to military camps near the border with libya russia's foreign ministry has denied the charge after also seems to be getting military help from sudan. a draft report by the un committee for international sanctions on libya accuses sudan's lieutenant general mohammed 100 doug lute also known as mitty of sending up to 1000 upbeat support for soldiers to libya to fight with have to and another secret document this time from the egyptian foreign ministry includes a letter in which charging president idriss deby advises egypt against using the
12:37 am
services of sudanese armed factions. the u.n. draft report has accused several countries including the united arab emirates sudan dourdan and turkey of violating the u.n. arms embargo imposed on libya meanwhile the internationally recognized government in tripoli has demanded an explanation from paris following the reported discovery of french owned missiles at a base used by have to france has denied being involved and says the missiles were missing before being found with have to us forces many are concerned that foreign interference in libya is threatening to make any peacemaking efforts a lost cause. of disease. one of the founders of the organization which set up the white helmets rescue group in syria has been found that in turkey james the miserere was the founder of may day rescue which trained volunteers after syrian government forces began bombing opposition areas his body was the scabbard near his
12:38 am
home in central istanbul but a cause of death has not been established lost a real humanitarian the causes of death at the moment are unclear we will be looking very closely to see how the investigation goes i hope the turkish authorities will be able to investigate family and i'm sure will will want to give the many assistance they might require i do just want to take the opportunity to say on the record that the russian charges against him that came out at the foreign ministry that he was a spy categorically untrue gambia has filed the case against myanmar of the international court of justice accusing it of committing genocide against muslims more than 700000 rohingya have fled to neighboring bangladesh since 2017 in the military crackdown in the northern state of rakhine un investigators have said that it was carried out with genocidal intent both me and maher and gambia are both
12:39 am
signatories to the un's genocide convention it prohibits states from committing genocide and compels all signatories to try and to prevent it and punish it reed brody is from the international commission of jurists he says gambia made a bold move in defending the muslims. well i think it's very positive that a smaller poor country like gambia takes up this case you know it shouldn't be just the powerful countries and the rich countries who determine who has to live up to international law and not i think it's really to gambia has created even this it's going through its own very painful truth commission process of examining past atrocities by the previous dictator that gambia has that kind of solidarity to take
12:40 am
a bold move like this to defend the rohingya muslims 7000 miles away it's the kind of international solidarity that we don't see you see often enough these days that the world's the busiest online shopping day may have broken new records chinese in commerce giant alibaba has reported booming sales for the annual event but sales crossing the $30000000000.00 mark this here many retailers are turning to video live streaming to attract customers florence clearly has more now from beijing. singles day or double 11 used to be a strictly chinese retail event but in the last 10 years or so it's going to be much more than that sellers on digital platforms across the region are taking part and here in china it's not just home grown brands that want a piece of the action but also international brands including makers of luxury goods consumers can get almost anything they want from groceries to even real
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estate a 1st for this year's single state now politics may affect this year's sales somewhat last year hong kong was the largest destination outside of mainland china alongside russia and the u.s. this year protesters have urged shoppers to boycott the event amid antigovernment protests that have lasted more than 5 months that's not expected to dent sales much however because the numbers coming out a staggering more than 200000 brands and more than half a 1000000000 shoppers expected china is forecast to overtake the u.s. as the world's largest retail market by the end of this year according to a market research firm and what's driving this is of course growing wealth but also a rise in online shopping e-commerce makes up about 35 percent of retail sales that's a far higher percentage than any market in the world the rollout of 5 g. technology is expected to be a game changer faster mobile internet speeds will open up new retail opportunities
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but don't rule out physical stores like these ones just yet they still dominate with 65 percent of market share and what it does mean however is that it's going to be a tough fight for them to take a lot just slice of the expanding chinese retail market. stargazers around the world but in particular in north america have witnessed a rare show as mercury passed directly between the earth and the sun as the solar system's smallest planet mercury orbits closest to the sun of though it's still on the average of 50 a 1000000 kilometers away earth is nearly 100000000 kilometers more distant that the closeness means temperature is on the sun facing side of mercury around 430 degrees celsius making it totally impossible to support life mercury's orbit of the sun is very short a year takes 88 earth days and the conditions that allow us to see its transit are
12:43 am
very rare this past summer cross the sun will help researchers see the planets exile sphere very thin atmosphere of gases and help them discover planets outside our solar system john hendren reports. around the globe in fair weather and foul astronomers turned their telescopes to the sun there's this little dot right here on monday the sun shone a little as brightly as mercury transited across it leaving a freckle of darkness on the message star for a small planet that's a pretty big deal transit of mercury is cool because it just doesn't happen all that often. a transit occurs when a planet like mercury or venus crosses face of the sun as seen from earth and every century it only occurs for mercury 13 times there are only 2 planets between the earth and sun the last time mercury was visible crossing the solar face was in 2016 the next in 2032 transits
12:44 am
a venus or even rarer if you missed it in 2012 and want to see it live healthily it won't happen again till 2117 for centuries when mercury transited the sun nobody noticed because it's so small by comparison to give you an idea how small if this is the size of mercury that. is the size of the sun. by watching the way planets cross the sun in our solar system scientists are able to identify new planets or exotic planets in others more than 4000 exoplanets have been discovered since 1992 universes billions of years own this like human life is only so short and there's only so many things we can see in our sure amount of time so for me it's like being able to see as much as about our universe as possible and learning more about the universe by watching a pinprick of darkness crawl across the sun helps those of us here on earth understand a little better how we fit into it john hendren al-jazeera chicago well kelly
12:45 am
couric is an astrophysicist at the harvard the smithsonian center for astrophysics she joins us live now from cambridge in the u.s. state of massachusetts madame thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so we had a brief explainer there of basically what happens and it's something very rare thing the next time it happens what 2032 or something like that but what is it that we can actually learn beyond understanding about mercury itself what else can we learn about the solar system by this transit so these transits have helped us learn about our place in the solar system and kind of where we are and how distant we are from the sign so knowing the names we're in a cemetery arch and then taking measurements from earth we can actually tell how far we were from the suns that was one of the historical uses and then as also to see if previously it helps us really understand exoplanets those planets that we're looking for outside of our solar system. and why is it so significant that mercury
12:46 am
which is the smallest planet in the solar system is actually transiting. i'm assuming it's really important just to really understand where we are in our relationship and to take that look and to see that that deficit of light that we're getting because america is the same deficit of light that we would look at if we're looking for far off lands and so it teaches us a little bit about how to look for those atmospheres of those atmospheres that contain oxygen that we're actually one day tell us where we're light is another planet it is incredible when we think that when it is facing the sun the temperature reaches such levels as to make it always impossible for the planet to sustain any life on a book do we actually know about the mean there is no life on mark real quickly but what else do we know about the planet itself. right the planet tell is very close in and as you said very hot rocky and so it's it is one of the courses on habitable places that at least for human life and then as you go out what we look for is
12:47 am
planets that i would be further away that would actually have the ability to have life such as earth so a more goldilocks zone where were things that are less warm and more habitable and ability to have water on them and oxygen. kelly couric. asked a physicist the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics has had let me just ask you one last question because i believe the transit now is over is that correct it was meant to last 5 hours that's already happened when it comes the images that we have anything specific what have you been seeing what surprised you of the actual images rights to be the beautiful images that we see for the solar dynamics observatory nasa's nessa's eyes on the side we're just really always breathtaking to see that we see these very live this very little planet so far away transiting this large star and so they're always just kind of makes you wonder where your place is in the universe when you see when you see how small we are going to stars
12:48 am
always good to keep things in perspective kelly couric from the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics thank you. and still to come on al-jazeera in this news hour the underdog was up against his rival in the finals well we'll tell you who came out on top oh and. thanks to. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. thanks. to.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. oh and. thanks. for the sport. thank you or a footballer has been sent off during a match in ukraine despite him in the in the victim of racist abuse brazilian tyson
12:50 am
who plays for shakhtar donetsk kicked a ball towards the network here found using racist language towards him all the referee gave me a red card for vast the official had already followed the 1st 2 steps of your life as a protocol asking for a stadium announcement to be made before taking place into the dressing room for 5 minutes but he didn't and act the 3rd rule which would have been to abandon the match entirely. today my players showed this strong character once again i would like to support all those suffering from racism those guys who faced it today because racism is unacceptable it was and it will be a shame for all and we all have to fight against it every day every minute every 2nd or tyson is also given his reaction instagram in which he said i will never stay quiet after seeing such an inhuman and despicable act in
12:51 am
a racist society it isn't enough not to be racist we must be anti racist they are messy and time grabs men and in hazard are all set to play in saudi arabia next january 8th follows an announcement by the spanish football federation that the next 4 editions of the newly revamped spanish super cup will be hosted by the kingdom the new 14 formats will feature barcelona athletico madrid and volunteer barmy and it continued to search for a new head coach a week after they sacked. but they shouldn't bother calling the former arsenal manager arsene wenger why because he's ruled himself out of the running. well you were approaching it but you never felt that you were a candidate for the job i'm not a candidate for the job right so does that mean you're done i just it's clear that there's no difference and it was. just a simple reformat and you're done with management no you know not necessarily but
12:52 am
right at the moment i'm in fact there's an offer coming in. well as for barr and they say interim boss wants the flick will stay in charge for the foreseeable future following this very impressive fall or when i have a grocer don't win on saturday find chief executive col hines room a nigga said the club would in his words calmly continue with the 54 year old and these 2 games in charge flick has are the seen some very impressive victories are into milan in the champions league in this one though. well there was a while then to freiburg one when our our intrepid frankfurt frankfurt captain david agra hand some of the charred opposition coach christian strike sending him flying it's not funny and for sparked a massive brawl with the referee handing out red cards throughout. retaliated on his coach's behalf. didn't they can he ran towards me and knocked me over i
12:53 am
couldn't have gone are doing he was coming at me socialist he's a strong little these are young boys i'm 54 years old but i could have moved the way i had no chance but it's all done. to italy now where there's trouble insuring your ventas christiana ronaldo not happy after being substituted for the 2nd time in awake it happened in the 2nd half of you guys going with ac milan were now though a loss and then had words with coach about it to your salary before stomping off to the changing rooms well according to local reports for now then left the stadium before the end of the game and wasn't there to celebrate his team's victory is replacement paolo di bala scoring the winner in this match it means that you've i go into milan at the top of the sary. and i had doubts christiane i could play the full 90 minutes he's been having this problem recently which is having an impact on him he can't train like usually does so i decided both
12:54 am
he and paolo should not try the full match we should thank cristiana for offering him self because so many other players would have stepped back and not played but you could tell he was struggling so that's why i replaced him and i'm happy with his work ethic he clearly still wants to help the team are coming to tennis now where the world number one rafa nadal has been beaten at the a.t.p. finals in london he was taking on the world number 7 alexander's erev who is the defending champion in this one and it was already who won this 6264. well you know well number 6 definite city pass finally beat his longtime rival danny medvedev at the 6th time of asking a 21 year old is the youngest player in the event and had lost his previous 5 previous encounters with the russian world number 4 but this time it was the greek . and he did it in straight sets 766. it's not easy coming in knowing that you've lost 5 times before. but you know i made
12:55 am
a deal with myself i'll keep trying until i get it doesn't really matter if it's than 20. means a lot to me the crowd means a lot to me that game you know support me so much so much love so much support everywhere it's almost feels like i'm playing enough and honestly. british people great people's. best best feeling right now. is all the former coach a 4 time olympic champion modifier has lodged an appeal with the court of arbitration for sports against his ban from athletics back in september the 61 year old long distance coach was suspended for 4 years for doping violations after an investigation by the u.s. anti-doping agency usada probe said salazar had been involved with trafficking testosterone as well as tampering with the doping control process during his time as head of the nike oregon project hearings expected before next march defending n.b.a. champion the toronto raptors have brought an end to the l.a. lackey i like his recent fourfold the bron james had 13 points 15 assists and 13
12:56 am
rebounds for what was his 85th career triple double it wasn't enough for the lakers lazy for the 1st time since. taking this once 18 to one. now if you talk football club or city and to certainly went all out when they released their new stadium a giant hologram of a flaming line was their way of an ogre writing their new ground ahead of a game against club athletico to lead is a study answers haven't played at the venue since 2005. there is always but for our . thank you and now just time for a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera mexico's foreign minister says it has accepted an asylum request from believe his ex-president ever more on this it comes as the organization of american states plans to hold a special meeting for resignation on sunday the session on tuesday has been called at the request of a number of states including the u.s.
12:57 am
and brazil as concerns grow about the country's political future the u.s. is urged bolivia's legislative assembly to meet sooner rather than later to formally accept the resignation and begin a civilian led transition an opposition politician is expected to be sworn in as believe into leader on tuesday and protesters have returned to the streets of the capital despite a pledge by the government to write a new constitution president sebastian pinera has offered to redraft the document which dates back to the pinochet era the process would lead would be led rather by congress and the new constitution would eventually be put to a public referendum but opposition figures say the plebiscite should be held 1st so that people's views could be considered moral the stories of course on our website the address al-jazeera adult call me i'm going to have more on that and everything else that we've been covering on the news and this news hour just
12:58 am
a few minutes about. i also see this as opportunity to understand a very different way were there before and we don't move on. the u.s. is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years us the world's leaders to agree on a solution. but taking the truth into their own. with
12:59 am
its actions to get it's going to sound that it kills people and that it kills people now it's critically both fronts with the people's doors just 0. ruins that speak of a rich history and in co once reigned from this pond that's more than 600 years ago this is the old town of che to the door to the sacred bond of the past and to the century of much preaching ancient traditions are still being embraced here today that may change less than 2 kilometers away bulldozers are never ling the ground for a controversial new airport that's expected to shuttle millions of tourists to historic sites the airport should then be the sacred following she sure has culture and traditions for thailand but the big powers warning because it's the door much of which in the beatles were kind of who is poor is dividing them and then i would be in favor of an airport if more people come and make business with us but only if it
1:00 am
will preserve our environment and our ruins some farmers like it look east they believe their lives may change it will bring development to our community and country. mexico grants us siloam to believe years ex-president have a day after he resigned from office at the military's request. hello i'm barbara starr at this is al jazeera live from london also coming out police shoot a demonstrator a close range as hong kong protests take another violent turn a probation supporter was also set alight a court of the hague orders the netherlands to repatriate 50 children born to dutch women who joined the.


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