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tv   The Peoples Voice  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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hong kong is on the brink of a total breakdown that's according to a senior police officer to gas was again fired at pro-democracy activists on tuesday as students at one of the city's universities threw petrol bombs and bricks at police a situation remains especially tense after the week began with extremely violent clashes bushfires in australia threatening the sydney's northern suburbs as a mix of hot air and strong winds continues to fan the flames the weather is expected to continue to to facilitate the bushfires and authorities say they may not have them under control until next week. earth rises next featuring the social movements fighting for environmental future if you stay with us you can buy for. u.s. president donald trump is about to host turkey's president richard duran at the white house with their countries and odds over syria and threatened u.s.
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sanctions. join us for extensive coverage of the 2 leaders meet on. climate change is an existential threat to life on. the world health organization predicts that in 30 years it will be directly responsible for the deaths of over $250000.00 people each year. many fewer governments the failing to respond and it's unlikely that the paris agreement targets of keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade will be met. but to time and pressure groups believe change is possible this seeking to push urgent environmental action
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to the top of the political agenda. and these movements gathering momentum. i mean are all tore and the us worker dying activist is pushing for a radical shift in government policy in order to avert a climate crisis and i know from the carbon in the u.k. and i've come to learn 'd about movement known as extinction with eliot these members believe that the only route to environmental change is for a people's rights. fearful for the planet their own heritage young people around the world are standing up and demanding a better future in the u.s. a growing and passionate group of youth is campaigning for urgent environmental action and the forces. the adults to listen to. what hockey go even how many. miles. this is to summarize movement.
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and speech just 2 years this group of activists most of whom are under 30 has grown 210-0000 members on but. not with them on. their strategy is clear to hot climate change by working within the system and lobbying politicians into pushing through legislative and economic before. i've come to boston to find out how the sunrise movement has become a force to be reckoned with in u.s. politics. leading the charge is 26 year old partially percussion. while studying in massachusetts she joined the university's fossil fuel divestment campaign before co-founding sunrise in 2015. so you've been at the sunrise movement from the very beginning what made you started a number of us young people all under the age of 30 were saying that the hurricanes
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were getting bigger the fire seasons were getting longer and the floods were getting bigger but there wasn't a movement big enough for young people to win sure that we had a habitable planet for our future generations q talk more about why you feel you need to actually write now so scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years to make unprecedented changes to transform every part of our economy and so our society today carbonized to get off fossil fuels to invest in renewable bowls and to protect life and human civilization on this planet as we know it and yet our politicians have not done what's necessary they have not built and garnered the political will that we need and people are dying as a result. of the heart of this in our strategy is the green new deal. a radical environmental change policy the idea for which was conceived in the u.s. in the 1960 s. . the deal's goal is to completely transform the u.s.
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economy by ending its dependency on fossil fuels investing instead in renewable energy and creating jobs in the process. the green new deal is massive economic mobilization at a scale that we have not seen in this country since world war 2 that is an effort to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs. i'm curious to find out whether real political change is possible with people power alone particularly by those so young. i've come to the sunrise boston. there are 204 hubs like this spread across the nation. here every month 60 sunrise members gather to share experiences and get behind the cause. welcome your 2nd husband. i mean i guess it's the way.
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they're. every thing. that. i get that was. the hubs give people of all backgrounds and opportunities to come together and voice their concerns every single person who decided to come to the scene and say is a part of this movement as a part of this freighter moment in history these are young people need to be heard it's precisely with routines by rote. and they want to take positive steps to fix the world we live in bristol has and the folks who actually understand. the hopes listen to breakout group. it's where they plan their next actions what do we think will actually make high schoolers and listen we just both like their green background with the words like bring new deal and put
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a link in our bio or something i don't interact so feel free to ignore me dear friends in high school care about climate change a lot of people i know know that climate change is an issue that that's not a debate that debate is how willing they are to get in i think a lot of young people don't feel like they have the power at all to make any change if we actually come together which totally can change so many things i thought i was coming into the meeting and it's really a lot more than that there is energy be there in gauge you feel this sense of urgency it's not just 6 days reality for them this is are you sure you can feel like they're. there for all the question how effective a sunrise actually been. invited me to her to show the impacts on rice's had in the top tiers of power. so this was from
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our 1st action at nancy pelosi office in washington d.c. and as you can see there's literally hundreds of young people lining up the halls and they're carrying signs that say what is your plan our ultimate goal was to share our vision of what the green new deal is all about looking at this or seems to be a sort of plan of action right there's a there's a style that sunrise is using to achieve your goals we're really trying to embody the fact that we are young people fighting for our future and we wanted to be joyous and we wanted to be raucous and we wanted to be serious and we wanted to be determined and resolved. say that older generations chronic inactivity on environmental issues is inexcusable. the united states will be all implementation of the non-binding paris accord the current republican government refuses to even
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acknowledge there is a problem so sunrise believe they must act to make change happen it is a lie that can stop here right now and they are being heard the green generation that's risen a growing number of democrat senators now support the green new deal and sunrise have found influential political allies in socially conscious representatives like alexandria ocasio cortez this is right before representative of causing cortez unprecedentedly joined us on her 1st day of orientation as the new congresswoman to say that we have nancy pelosi in the democratic party's back in pushing for the most progressive and ambitious energy agenda this country has ever seen this about you know the stuff here and back here for you me that. you know that it will not. but
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firm opposition to the green new deal remains on the 26th of march 2019 a draft of the deal was unanimously rejected by the republican controlled senate how did you feel when the resolution got voted down in the senate the goal of the resolution is for it to be a statement of values to chart a blueprint to lay out the projects of what would be included within the green deal we need an attitude shift we need to put into gear and into momentum these big ideas so that we can write the policy over the next year and get these things to pass. sunrise aim to create momentum for their cause by directly lobbying political leaders to do it higher do. shawn and his team plan to doorstep andrea campbell the president of boston city council. the gold states get to decide that no fossil fuel body which got it later down the road will work with her several other cultures to craft a resolution for a green new deal that's going to pass the city council highway yes that's the way
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it's going to. the 1st step for the group is to encourage politicians to sign a pledge promising that they will refuse money from possible companies who want them to act in their interest. over $1400.00 politicians have signed so far. as we approach the council president's office i'm struck by this group's confidence they walk straight in. just to meet you and your shadow nice to meet you can't we're here to ask you if you could sign the no fossil fuel money pledge absolutely i mean i will say before i even you know sign this thank you for your advocacy. work this stuff doesn't happen by accident if people aren't showing up so happy simply just to pay happy to do this i just want to say thank you. so it's not just a movement where there and confronting a lot of hostility they're actually getting support and encouragement and warmth
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really from politicians. i think we lead by example and i know i do and so by saying let's do this signing on and committing we hope that others will follow our lead it's impressive to see these young people having genuine success in the halls of power having meetings like this is really refreshing because it shows that we do have allies out there that we can be working within the system to promote change that we want to see in the world and this job if you look at. the sunrise movement is clearly influential and it's getting results where it matters most. their ultimate goal is to convince the majority of congressmen and women to sponsor the green new deal. so when the next government is elected in 2020 the bill has the weight of support to make it policy this summer is movement. asking for a lot and they're asking for it quickly critics say they're too idealistic but for a problem as massive as climate change if we do need ambitious radical solutions now.
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was today's environmentalists cite risings of the past as proof that incredible social change really is possible. in 1000 eyestrain britain the suffragettes campaign for women to have the right to vote with a rallying cry of deeds not words they often resort to extreme acts. at some racecourse emily davidson even gave her life for the course. these tactics worked in 1020 eight's women won equal voting rights in britain 35 years later in america the civil rights movement to end racial segregation martin luther king led the peaceful protests. are far. better weapon available over new throwing the freedom and human dignity. by 968 after
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a decade of campaigning african-american secured legal rights to equal employment voting and housing. i am allies in possible resistance movements political scientist anyway identified a threshold for success if 3 and a half percent of the population mobilize against the establishment social change will happen. force many of us need to look us to change the way we treat all and there is one group which is taking things to the next level. in october 28th the group of activists angered by political inaction on climate change declared themselves to be an open defiance of the take of them and they call them. extinction rebellion ex off the shore doing the right man i really think management pretty much like they walk outside the system engaging in bold nonviolent acts of civil disobedience it's
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best to create headline grabbing protests designed to maximize public exposure they believe this will gain them a mass funding and force real change in just 6 months they have already expanded into 15 countries spread across 4 continents. i'm at the london headquarters on the day of one of their most extreme actions yet . in a protest day a cooling blot of all children exoplanets till 500 liters of fake blood on downing street the office and the president of the british prime minister. have i been his very nice me one of exiles co-founders claire farrow. when did the idea of the blood of our children. we were already suffering a genocide because of. the impacts of pollution so we're trying with this action to
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get people to understand that it's that it kills people and that it kills people now it's already killing people it's not like something ahead in the future. and i try to help them as we make our way to downing street i want to know why they're compelled to confront the political establishment in such a drastic way. we think it's simple and the options are direct it's a couple months because it's only i think a study led internationally that's going to make a meaningful change to the situation when so we're trying to represent the kind of this real reality of death and suffering which climate change has already started to cause around the world in which it will always in the future. the procession is designed to feel like a funeral botch it comes to a stop and the crowd full silent. this
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is the part of most children of god children and often don't people here today. making a profound statement just a stone's throw from the prime minister's office. we need to take action we don't have much time left. please don't let this be the now thats it. i'm struck by the rule emotion on display what is the political change the extinction rebellion want to see. what do you want to achieve by all of this we do have 3 main demands the 1st one is that for the government to tell the truth tell to communicate the crisis to the public the 2nd demand is to reduce carbon emissions to net 0 by 2025 and then the 3rd demand which i think is the main prize
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is to achieve structural political change in the form of a citizens' assembly ordinary people who are educated on the facts and then come together to talk about what might be the best route forward do you think it's achievable. i think it's necessary. to. exile want to become impossible to ignore so its members are planning the biggest protest yet they hope to bring london to a standstill with a 2 week human blockade of the city's streets at. one of the chief coordinators of the shutdown maxie what we're doing with the rebellion is having a cause in the level of disruption that could bring about you know the government to me are demands do you think that you are risk of almost alienating yourself by crossing over into a legal category look there's a common crisis there's an ecological crisis we're here to stop this existential
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threat we face we non-buoyant the maintaining respect but putting ourselves on the lines with our liberty the plan is to block the streets of the u.k. scrap to the people chain not and even glue them south to structures and to one another these actions are deliberately planned to create maximum disruption and cause arrests just in stein trains members on how to deal with the police in a nonviolent way can only have a activist. it's really a rest area golf is. willing to go. in not an easy members are trained to go limp as soon as they're touched right what we're going. to move or take as many as 5 police officers to remove a single activist by maximizing the number of a riced x. are believe they can create publicist and
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a groundswell of support. for extinction and insist the only way forward is the only way they believe things are going to preserve civil disobedience in these kinds of actions. 15th of april 2019 and it's the morning of the nandan shutdown the organizers are expecting thousands of protesters they plan to block london to main streets and bridges for 2 weeks bringing the city to a grinding halt what i'm eating claire as she prepares for what could be the biggest demonstration in x. hours history. thank. a feeling hopeful i'm feeling hopeful that we're going to have more input and more people are going to understand the message and the seriousness of it the reason why we have to do this is because it is this band we do feel this afraid of don't know what else to.
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extinction rebellions target is the government but the people who will be hit hardest today are the everyday commuters as they try to get to work. there's potential then that all of this could be disrupted and people might not be able to get to where they're going is objections at a high price and how is that just i read a story that we don't really want to do this but we also don't want to pass on. a livable planet to the next generation. we're either to oxford circus at 8 30 am and only a handful of activists are here. we quickly get a taste of web publishing favor might like. look. i'm not quite sure how the group succeeded in blocking the very heart of london was the plot thickens at the moment the right isn't occupy if there's nothing on it so what's going to happen in groups of people are going to close their eyes and then
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something should be arriving. the way. out of the blue reinforcements to write. something i didn't expect. so this isn't covered by you village people at home but it's just in the middle of the. hundreds of activists crowded around the boat on the london shutdown has become. and. in a matter of hours 10000 supporters descend upon 5 sites across the capital oxford circus parliament square marble arch piccadilly circus and waterloo bridge manned by nots and his team. they have blocks to entire structure framed with trees a music stage counts and
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a human being and place and. all that and i've managed to find nothing who started to notice police activity though and you know i'm just watching them go boy. what's been happening i was just going to monitor in the place as numbers have increased slightly and that's some point they're going to be under pressure to clear the bridge i mean what we've got to try and do is get numbers to build the question is how much disruption will the government force us to create until they do the right thing and meet the demands and stop trying to keep. sites i know willing to lose their liberty for it and get arrested if people are willing to sacrifice to live it say it sends a message to the public to the media and to the good of the politicians that this is a serious issue house were demonstrations are escalating as protesters target the knowledge is toil and gas company. shall just run down to a site western rebels have superglued themselves and look themselves up outside shell age where paperback i got back. i mean lyndon edwards and one of the lead
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demonstrators here tell me a little bit about why you have showers known about the problems of climate change for over 30 years hyundai on one of the biggest emitters of call in the world that's all right these acts of criminal damage of the catalyst for the piece to make the 1st arrests. that needs a hard sell accountable for the atrocities to humankind and so on not sure well. we've just seen 2 extinction rebellion revellers been taken away by hades i know it's weeks ago betty and exactly what they're up to. 8 hours after the shutdown began police take action. citing section 14 of the public order act which forbids obstruction of the highway. more than a 1000 arrests and $30000.00 new recruits later with growing support across $33.00
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countries the u.k. government finally agrees to meet tax on. on the 1st of may 21000 the house of commons makes history becoming the 1st national parliament in the world to declare a climate ecological emergency. climate change activism stretches back 50 years april the 22nd the 1917 that saw the launch of us day. 1000000 americans took to the streets in the modern environmental movement was born in the eighty's greenpeace took matters into their own hands heading to the seas to battle the commercial dumping of toxic waste nuclear testing and whale hunting today the movement has a new figureheads gretta to the older generations have failed tackling the biggest crisis yes it's
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a. strike she inspired 1400000 students and 112 countries to join her in a global. the message has been clear for 50 years but today the voices a louder and more insistent and. the cry change must happen now. but it is a genius to. be ideological battle over abortion. is challenging a woman's right to choose some of the groups that's been ignored now for decades has been. against those lined up to defend that choice we're talking about being able to make decisions for our body fault lines investigates the abortion bans on al-jazeera. investigative journalism below the curtain.
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lobel experts in discussion 3 times you've got a deal and you disagree with that deal because of the terrible twos it was to let it was brett's of us who want to have stories from other angles open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on al-jazeera. what kind of care does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the cost we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in so is it possible for trump is actually a mature way to be haunted counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. this is al-jazeera. from doha everyone on come on santa maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera. you don't think that either while i have life the fight will continue. libya's stoodley to strike the defiance noted as he arrives in mexico after being granted asylum. in the news a national strike brings parts of china into a standstill weeks of protests against in a.


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