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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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a global fight against i saw turkey deport 7 suspects to germany as more than 30 nations meet in the u.s. to plan how to defeat the. law and has this is live from doha also coming up. as more protesters are killed in iraq demonstrators say they'll stay on the streets until their demands are met. a shaky cease fire rockets are launched from gaza into israel hours after a truce went into place. a new report on the downing of
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a malaysian airliner in 2014 says there's a strong link between top russian officials and separatists in eastern ukraine. began with a global effort to defeat eisel turkey is continuing to repair a tree 8 captured i saw fighters and their families to their home countries up to 7 german citizens accused of belonging to i saw on their way home another 23 europeans are expected to be deported in the coming days. our foreign ministers from more than 30 nations are gathering in washington today to discuss strategies to defeat i saw it is the 2nd meeting of the global coalition this year it was called to review their strategies after the recent death of ice a leader i will becker in baghdad we have correspondents covering both angles of
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this story rosalind jordan is at the conference in washington but 1st let's talk to dominic cain who is in berlin so don what more do we know on these repatriation efforts. wise and we know that the 7 people concerned arrived back at spurgeon's tegel airport just over an hour or so ago and they 'd find themselves landing in to a bit of a storm of controversy because they are clearly in the eyes of the turkish government people who are so dangerous that they needed to be deported back as you were saying in your introduction to their home country and yet landing in germany there is no charge against any of the individuals concerned we understand it is for women to men and one babies include the baby would not have any charge against them but nor do the 6 others who are part of this group and as i say because there is no
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charge against them and there is no charge that can be brought against them as it stands under german law regarding whatever activities they may or may not have taken part in in the middle east they are there for as it were scot free they are able to go about their lives as it were in the in berlin elsewhere in germany we understand some of the people concerned come from the area of hilda's time so they are free to go about their own business but clearly this poses a question for the german government because they know that the turkish government wants to repatriate more german citizens in a similar position and there are many people in this country who say who are saying . do we want such people to come back to this country but of course the authorities find themselves stuck given the fact that these are german citizens they cannot deny them their rights of return so clearly this issue is very important issue and it's one that's dividing the political classes here in berlin dominic cain live 1st
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there in. let's go to rosalynn now in washington where that meeting of the foreign ministers for from the coalition to defeat eisel is taking place so roslyn this whole issue of repatch nation of citizens from western countries from europe and so on one of just some of the major points of contention at that meeting well it is a major up point of contention this idea that the u.s. military is in northeastern syria primarily to protect the oil fields and potentially to profit from those oil fields it's been clarified by the special envoy for the global coalition to defeat isilon basser james jeffrey that is not why u.s. forces are still in northeastern syria he has stressed to reporters this week that they are there to support the ongoing efforts to prevent eisel from regenerating
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and from retaking control of the territory as our viewers know i salute the revenue from selling oil from those refineries in order to finance its operations and that was one of the 1st key efforts that the previous administration undertook to what try to degrade isolate the fact of miss and control over both eastern syria and northwestern iraq it is a matter of focus as we heard earlier on thursday from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. today we're watching the space once occupied by this fraudulent caliphate like a hawk that's why we're maintaining our residual president saddam from the southern syria and a capacity to conduct air operations we reposition some of our troops in northeast syria and in the broader region as well to make sure that isis will never get a 2nd wind and to prevent isis from recapturing the oil fields. we've got
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assurances from coalition partners and our partners on the ground on their responsibility for foreign fighters and we'll hold them to account now of course you might expect that for a meeting that's taking only about 4 hours or so behind closed doors that simply focusing on the effort to prevent eisel from regenerating would be enough on the agenda but the delegates who are here are also supposed to be dealing with the larger question of the syrian civil war it will be very interesting when there is a press briefing later here at the state department on thursday to find out just how much progress the 31 representatives from the coalition countries and international organizations were able to make. roslyn jordan live for us there in washington rockets have been fired from gaza into israel hours after a cease fire was agreed this would appear to have violated a truce struck me tween israel and the islamic jihad 34 palestinians have been
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killed in israeli ass tracks the escalation began after the israeli army assassinated a senior leader of the group on chews day rob matheson has more from west to recent . those immediately after the announcement of the ceasefire on thursday morning were relatively quiet but it was in mid morning that we started getting reports that 5 rockets have been fired from gaza into israel we don't yet know who was responsible for firing those rockets we understand from the israeli military that at least 2 of them were brought down by israel's iron dome aerial defense system but it doesn't seem to have had any impact on the the ongoing cease fire itself we understand that israel islamic jihad is saying that it has got to gain some agreements from israel in order to achieve this cease fire one of those agreements is related to israel's use of what's called targeted assassinations it was one of
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those targeted assassinations that resulted in the killing of an islamic jihad leader in gaza and his wife and that in fact was the spark that led to 48 hours of shelling on both sides islamic jihad is also saying that it's got israel to agree to stop shooting protesters at the border the gaza side of the border with israel and that it's got to make some concessions when it comes to the movement of goods and people backwards and forwards between israel and gaza now for its part israel says that that is not the case that its policies have not changed as far as gaza is concerned and as far as the palestinian armed groups are concerned israel's foreign minister israel katz has said simply that calm will be met with calm now this is a phrase that israel has used in the past when it comes to to cease fires because it does not want to acknowledge that it has been part of negotiations for the ceasefire but it does want to acknowledge that
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a cease fire exists now after 48 hours of deaths in gaza and terror on the streets of some israeli towns both sides are now just anxious to see whether or not this cease fire is going to hold. at least 4 people have been killed in iraq's capital jewing antigovernment protests 62 others were injured many of those who had choked on tear gas and all were hit by rubber bullets more than 300 people have been killed since the beginning of october iraq's government has taken some measures to ease the unrest but many protesters want to complete overhaul of the political system i'm a gem jhoom has more from baghdad. we've been told daily that there are going to be substantive measures discussed and taken in parliament to recession's and really they have yet to really transpire the parliament continues to meet there are expectations by
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a multitude of protesters on the streets that they will hear perhaps some news that would indicate to them that the government is actually taking their concerns and their demands under consideration discussing them in parliament and yet that doesn't seem to be the case yesterday as well as today it had been expected that perhaps a part of electoral reform would be taken up in the parliament that perhaps ways of combating corruption would be taken up in the parliament that doesn't seem to have happened it didn't happen yesterday despite the presence of the head of the united nations assistance mission here in iraq today we're told it has not happened as far as we can tell what we've been told by some officials is that there was a draft law that was completed by the president's office with regard to electoral reform that was then given to the head of parliament rather the cabinet and then it's gone to the president of parliament and that it will be discussed at some
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point we just don't know when and that's one of the reasons the people that day after day continue to protest despite the threat of violence and that's one of the reasons they keep coming out. tsunami alert has been issued in indonesia after a $7.00 magnitude earthquake the u.s. geological survey says the quake hit 134 kilometers northwest of the coast of the moluccas islands will bring you more dates on this developing developing story as and when we get them still ahead on al-jazeera could climate change be to blame for the worst flooding in decades in this popular tourist destination also .
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hello there want to see bits and pieces the cloud across the sections of the middle east it will the not really across into afghanistan and pakistan that is where we have seen some rain but also some snow pretty cool in kabul on friday 6 degrees celsius and cooler into northern around just 12 cells is interim and there is a chance that those showers just the line the coast that in the southern caspian sea and heading further to the south the temperatures are considerably higher than that it is a fitting pretty woman still because not as he made as we have seen however what we have seen with all this moisture is some snow and this is to a general shams and you can see it quite a dumping of course this is on the high elevations up into the mountains but very reduced visibility coming down obviously with this snow but once you move away from that to the coast it is very nice 29 celsius in will scan 30 celsius in abu dhabi on friday what we might see is some blowing sand and dust into northern sections and around riyadh and there is the chance of some showers at the same time that moving down into southern africa go to few showers into madagascar over the next
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couple of days also most southern areas of mozambique a very vigorous area of low pressure just sitting off the eastern cape so scattered thunderstorms on friday for johannesburg and been $22.00. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable views of the people that are involved in the h one n one push is it getting much difficult for you now that w h o has just passed who says don't you in terms of trust that you trust who are knowledge is 0.
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again you're watching edges in a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey is sending more captured i saw fighters and their families back to their home countries of the 7 german citizens accused of belonging to i saw on their way home another 20 european nationals are expected to be deported in the next few days. foreign ministers from more than 70 nations are gathering in washington to discuss ways to defeat oscillates the 2nd meeting of the global global coalition this year this one was called to review their strategies after the recent death of ice a leader. dead. at least 4 people have been killed in iraq's capital during protests 62 others were injured many of those hurt had choked on tear gas or were
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hit by rubber bullets. an investigation into the 24000 downing of the malaysia airlines flight m h 17 has found evidence that strongly connects russia to ukrainian fighters in the east the plane was shot down over eastern ukraine killing all 298 people on board investigators released phone call recordings they say are between separatist fighters and high ranking officials russian officials in the weeks leading up to the attack russia's foreign ministry has challenge the authenticity of the recordings so far 4 people including 3 russians have been charged with murder and more on the report released by the dutch led joint investigation team it says the names of senior russian government officials have been mentioned in the released recording of phone calls and it states there was almost daily telephone contact
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between separatist fighters in eastern ukraine and moscow's report also suggests russia's influence went beyond military support the investigation team is now appealing for more witnesses to come forward before the trial of 3 russians and one ukrainian charged with murder in connection with the case status and has more from ukraine's capital kiev. some very interesting details are now coming out of the joint investigation in the netherlands about the downing of m h f one team here in ukraine 5 years ago intercepts of phone conversations between leaders of the separatist movement here in the east of ukraine with the people high officials lower officials in moscow are now being published and one of these high officials is flooded slough off with a special advisor to flood if you put in on ukraine and in another phone call the minister of defense. was mentioned also very close confidant for vladimir putin and in that phone conversation the leader of the separatist movement
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sat that on a man that with a mandate of man were traveling from moscow to the separatist area basically to remove the leadership of that separatist area all these details are important to basically paint a picture not only military help came from russia but these phone calls also paint a picture that the whole administration of the separatist area also the whole budget was coming from russia until now the joint investigation team has mentioned for sub suspect 3 russians and one ukrainian they are basically from a lower level and the investigation team is now aiming for those who are high ranking who have given orders to make sure that the book missile that bound the m h f one team made its way to it into ukraine and that it was actually being used it's very doubtful that any of these suspects will actually go to trial that which
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starts in march next year in the netherlands but there will be destroyed and more suspects are possibly going to be mentioned. china's president says mounting protectionism and bullying have eroded international trade and investment as leaders from 5 major emerging economies are meeting for the 2nd day of the bric summit in brazil's capital xi jinping says threats across the world are also weighing down global growth the 11th annual bric summit in brasilia is happening with the backdrop of on rest and several south american countries a mammogram polo is live in brasilia for us so well tell us more about what's happening there right now. that's right houssam it's now day 2 of the bric summit here in brazil through the main points that we've heard from the 5 world leaders that are attending this summit are a renewed commitment to fair to international trade policies that are more open and
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and and sort of push away the idea of unilateralism opening up the playing field for more multilateral approach to international trade more multilateral commitments to anti-terrorism policies the same could be true about climate change policies a whole wide array of discussions that have been had but i want to give you a sense of the atmosphere here in the brazilian capital since the start of the summit take a listen. brazilian president greeted the leaders of russia china india and south africa for the $2900.00 bricks summit the theme of what is now the 11th summit of the so-called brics nations is economic growth for an innovative future we free country is going to send out a strong message to the international community ziyad that are we are defending strongly multilateral system i'm all open free fair international trade system one controversial topic at this year's gathering is the
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question of venezuela which has put brazil at odds with russia and china but it was never on the wednesday fights broke out on the street in front of the venezuelan embassy in brasilia between supporters of venezuelan president nicolas maduro and supporters of opposition leader one military police were called to the embassy as rival factions fought over control of the diplomatic compound. weapon if it was assaulted it was irresponsibly attacked by criminal groups and it is currently under siege we haven't recognized people inside the facilities international law is being violated the geneva convention is being violated we call on the international community to speak out. there were also other protests in the brazilian capital some were against the visit of chinese president xi jinping with demonstrators showing solidarity with the ongoing protests in hong kong the brics summit is taking place during an especially tough time in latin america discussions over the
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ongoing crisis in venezuela as well as the recent resignation of bolivian president evo morales are likely to take place among brics leaders though not publicly. despite the obvious differences in geo political agendas the focus of this year's brics summit continues to be the strengthening of international trade. you know china is a trading partner and to give it with my entire team as well as the brazilian business community we want not to just expand we want to diversify our trade relations. the bric countries represent more than 40 percent of the world's population and almost a quarter of global g.d.p. . so today being the final day of the brics summit and and the planetary session taking place today there was a final document submitted from the brazil summit that highlight was a wide ranging document but among the topics that were listed was a international commitment from the brics nations toward a diplomatic solution to the israel palestine conflict there was
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a reaffirmed commitment to the paris climate change agreement that's a significant one here in brazil given that brazil under the leadership of the nat'l had threatened to leave the paris climate change agreement there was also a desire for the brics nations to have a more prominent role within the framework of the united nations and looking forward we did also hear from president vladimir putin of russia saying that that he is looking forward sounding optimistic about the 2020 brics summit to take place in st petersburg russia has a model rapper low in brazilian thanks for now it's unease government says it's declaring a state of emergency in flood ravaged venice that will allow the city to receive funds to repair damage from the highest tide there in 50 years officials there are blaming climate change at least 2 people have died and many have been left devastated by water when a submerged more than 85 percent of the city's historic squares and streets.
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skidded album us out flights everything look at what we're living with here i just want to cry and you want to tend to say to you no no i've never seen anything like it in my life there was a terrifying when it was a hurricane and i can tell you that it was really something more a bomb almost a rustler is the director of the world heritage center at unesco she says climate change is not the only issue that's been a threat to the city. this is very much affecting the city and the built environment for which the city was recognized on the unesco world heritage list and we have been working to city and italian all story to use for a number of years because this is not the only site to venice have huge issues with what tourism is ever large. increasing capacity of cruise ships. you have issues off affective management off the city etc so for the past years
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looking into all of these issues and climate change now increasing effect such as. rains in the mediterranean and so many it's not the only city beaches affected but you have heavy rains all over and in venice especially these times. have led to. this decision to enhance the climate change plan that actually be. all about heritage sites we're updating our climate change policy so be encouraging all $193.00 countries which have ratified of old heritage convention to do their job no most and this updated climate change policy will go to the voltage committee next year in 2020. health officials in the democratic republic of congo are beginning a major clinical trial of
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a new impala vaccine but the rollout is already facing criticism catherine sawyer has more from the eastern border city of goma. a new a ball of vaccine for a major child scientists are testing it on up to half a 1000000 congolese over the next 10 months to study its effects. the vaccine is safe it has already been tested on a small sample of people elsewhere according to professor would not have approved it if it was harmful to the people but some people are concerned that the long term effects of the drug made by u.s. multinationals are not yet known and the fact that it needs to those this 8 weeks apart may not work on people who travel often it's a challenge to show rates between the 2 duties will be your indication of the acceptance of his vaccine to population. we we will work with the communities we explain to the communities we believe though that if we explain simply things to
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the people say they are able to understand about 250000 people part of this region are already being injected with another vaccine made by a german company that has just been approved by european regulators those receiving the newer drug even areas that are considered at low risk of an outbreak this is a very busy border crossing between d.r. congo and rwanda tens of thousands of people mostly traders use it every day health workers say vaccinating them is crucial feelings here over both vaccinations are mixed. destruction is good it helps us go a better business without fear. of them and i can never do it i don't know what they're injecting into us they didn't benny and people are still dying a ball of wax. nations in the democratic republic of congo have long been controversial and political one health minister is reported to have lost his job.
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for pows in the u.s. study some congolese say they don't trust what's going on but health workers insist this is the best way of beating a disease that has killed many people catherine sorry al-jazeera comma are protesters in hong kong have blocked many parts of the city center for a 4th straight day of the they're angry after 2 demonstrators were injured in confrontations with police and left in critical condition protesters are occupying the city center and blocking several major roads schools are being kept shut until sunday. sri lankans are preparing to vote in a presidential election on saturday got by an edge of parts of the brother of former president mahinda is a favorite to win is campaigned on national security to be easter sunday suicide bombings that killed 263 people but as smith reports from colombo and.
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mahinda rajapaksa is not running for president he's already served the maximum 2 terms yet he's the man these people have waited hours in the rain to see. it is older less charismatic brother got a buyer who's on the ballot politics is a family business for the rajapaksa it's. got a buyer announced his candidacy after the easter sunday suicide bombings the targeted churches and hotels killing 263 people. we want to save the country and make it a safer place in the future. we're hoping that he's the one who can save the country for our children. as defense minister and president rajapaksa as were credited with crushing the towel tigers in the civil war got to by our faces lawsuits in the us in relation to human rights atrocities allegedly committed joining the conflict in peacetime the rajapakse has borrowed billions of dollars from china for
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infrastructure projects trying to sit in the middle of strategic indian ocean shipping lanes china has a 99 year lease on a port on the southern coast if supporters have any concerns about that they've been put to one side or what has become important for them is to be assured to be able to make the assumption that i can go out of my house i can send my children to school whatever that there is no question of imminent threat to them rajapaksa has promised another $5000000000.00 on new infrastructure projects if he wins. on your taxes to rely on strong so no problem. well that's not all right it is always some votes that minorities you know it is a secure victory that vote is being courted by their main rival such as. a candidate for the ruling coalition. also has support from the cinema community and
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it has a wider appeal among some grassroots tamela muslim voters worried about the return of the rajapaksa. but he serves in a government that is presiding over a stalling economy and has been found responsible for ignoring intelligence warnings that could have stopped the easter sunday attacks big hurdles the premadasa to overcome it is to achieve victories. but admit al-jazeera colomba. this is al jazeera it's going to round up now the top stories turkey is sending more suspected i still fighters and their families back to their home countries of the 7 german citizens accused of belonging to i saw have just arrived another $23.00 european nationals are expected to be deported in the coming days dominic cain has more from berlin we know that the 7 people concerned arrived back at
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airport just over an hour or so ago and they find themselves landing in to a bit of a storm of controversy because they are clearly in the eyes of the turkish government people who are so dangerous that they needed to be deported to their home country and yet landing in germany there is no charge against any of the individuals concerned we understand it is for women to men and one baby some clue the baby would not have any charge against them but nor do the 6 others who are part of this group. 4 ministers from more than 70 nations are gathering in washington to discuss ways to defeat eisel it's the 2nd meeting of the global coalition this year rockets have been fired from gaza into israel after hours after a cease fire was agreed this would appear to have violated a truce between israel and the islamic jihad. at least 4 people have been killed in
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iraq's capital during protests 62 others were injured many of those hurt had choked on tear gas or were hit by rubber bullets a tsunami alert has been issued in indonesia after a $7.00 magnitude earthquake the u.s. geological survey a survey says the quake hits 134 kilometers northwest of tomato a off the coast of the moluccas islands the international criminal court has agreed to investigate crimes against muslims in myanmar a brutal campaign against the regime that was launched by myanmar's military in 2017 the i.c.c. says there is reason to believe widespread acts of violence may have been committed those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now inside story.
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and protests in bolivia after janina and yaz declare says self interest a leader and the departure of evil mandalas ended the crisis opened a new chapter on the role long regional and global powers playing this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sami's a than bolivia's leadership is in turmoil the president has quit and fled his replacement doesn't have the government's full approval senate leader jeanine and he as is declared
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a self interim president but is fiercely opposed backers of former president evo morales boycotted the vote making congressional approval impossible and he has claimed the pope.


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