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the thing is to tell it right and to be i suspect. it's great to get to know the person for me to. 0. in on has this is when you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes to 47 suspects germany has more than 30 nations meet in the u.s. to plan how to defeat. the. audio. has more protesters are killed in iraq demonstrators say they'll stay on the streets until their demands are met. a shaky cease fire rockets launched from gaza
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into israel hours after a truce went into place. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london with the top stories from europe including investigators probing the shooting down on the malaysia airlines flight in 2014 telephone calls showing close links between top russian officials and rebels and ukraine. and in sports as much cricket as sets returns of pakistan for the 1st time since 2009 acts on the host sri lanka 10 years after the sri lankan team were attacked by gunmen in look. we begin this news hour with the global effort to defeat foreign ministers from more than 30 nations are in washington to discuss how to eliminate the group but on the other side of the atlantic turkey is sending more suspected i. so fighters and
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their families back to their home countries 7 german citizens accused of the longing to iceland in a short while ago another $23.00 european nationals are expected to be deported in the next few days officials say just over $1200.00 eisel fighters are currently being held in turkish prisons where the meeting in washington is the 2nd global coalition gathering this year was called to review their strategies after the recent death of ice a leader back at daddy so we have coverage correspondents covering both ends of this story rosalind jordan is at the conference in washington but 1st let's talk to dominic cain who is in berlin so how is our is this news being taken in in germany that number of these suspected eisel fighters are now back home. well it's certainly something which is causing controversy houssam because that's
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because of out of the 7 people back in this country now for the best part of about 2 hours landed in berlin for women to men and a baby they are in the eyes of the turkish government so dangerous that they are not allowed to stay on turkish so they must return to germany the home country for all of them and yet here in germany there is no charge against them and on the face of it there is no evidence that can be used to charge them with any activity they may or may not have been involved with in the middle east and yet the raw about this is definitely strong and running because there are many in the political class who don't want people accused of the sorts of activities that the turkish government has said that these people have done they don't want them to come back and yet the government faces the dilemma of knowing that these are german citizens who therefore have an absolute right to return to this country pretty much under any circumstances given that there is no charge against them in germany some of the
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details of emerged about to the group concerned it is reported that this group of people flew to turkey at the end of january of this year and that they may have been held by the or thora he's in turkey in the city of some soon and that the baby that is part of this group was born there little more is known about the circumstances that revolve around this group of people other than to say as i have said there is no evidence that the german authorities have that can be used against them in a court of law in germany and that on the face of it these people are scot free and able to go about their lives in germany. dominic thanks very much donna cane in berlin roslyn jordan is live in washington for us so way that summit meeting is taking place of the foreign leaders in the coalition to defeat i still saw obviously this whole issue of repatch reacting suspected eisel fights is letting
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them be turned to their home countries is is going to be just one of a number of areas of contention as those foreign ministers meet there and not just that issue but there's also the big question of what the coalition can do now to prevent eisel from regenerating there's already a replacement leader for. gandhi and they don't want him to gain any more power than he had there's also the concern about offshoots of eisel having established themselves particularly in the sa how and in west africa this is some of what the secretary of state might pompei alluded to during his opening remarks at the session on thursday today we're watching the space once occupied by this fraudulent caliphate like a hawk that's why we're maintaining our residual president tom from southern syria and a capacity to conduct air operations we reposition some of our troops in northeast
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syria and in the broader region as well to make sure that isis will never get a 2nd wind and to prevent isis from recapturing the oil fields. we've got assurances from coalition partners and our partners on the ground on their responsibility for foreign fighters and we'll hold them to account now of course the question of whether the u.s. is looking to profit from those oil fields in northeastern syria is certain to be one of the matters of contention it caused some controversy when the us president donald trump alluded to that in recent days but there's also the question about repatriation what countries legal obligations are and of course there's also the matter of what to do with the refugees who fled syria and northern iraq to get away from iceland not to mention those who fled the civil war inside syria a lot to get through we expect to get a readout in the next hour or so from the special envoy for the global coalition to
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defeat eisel ambassador james jeffrey about thursday's meeting rosalyn thank you. rockets have been fired from gaza into israel hours after a cease fire was agreed the attack appears to violate a truce struck between israel and the islamic jihad. 34 palestinians have been killed in israeli astra is the escalation began after the israeli army assassinated a senior leader of the group on choose day high force it is live for us now from gaza so harry what's the situation there now. well the ceasefire is holding bird only just really the there is still been some more rockets being fired out one at around night for which the israeli military says was intercepted by its anti missile iron dome system and then in the last 15 or so minutes there was another rocket fired which we're told fell inside gaza territory some other things to
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update you with in the last few minutes islamic jihad has held another statement has broadcast another statement in which it said it was committed to this ceasefire but that its fingers remained on the triggers on standby for any israeli breach of the cease fire and there's been a protest in northern gaza involving hundreds of people on the streets who have been calling for the ceasefire to be abandoned and for attacks from here to continue in retaliation for what was the deadliest attack in terms of the israeli airstrikes which took place overnight wednesday into thursday were a house was destroyed an entire family killed israel said that the husband and father of that family was himself a senior islamic jihad commander but among the dead were his wife sister and 5 of his children now the israeli government have from the beginning of this maintained
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that this did this all began with a what was a targeted strike against the islamic jihad leader and the response from from gaza has been rocket fire into southern israel it hasn't escalated into anything further than that at this point but is there a danger that this could go into into a larger escalation. i will note that there's certainly always been that danger as there is often with with these these very regular flare ups that we've seen in violence between israel and fighting factions here in gaza i think one of the key points of difference and interest and intrigue in this particular a round of violence has been the the policy adopted by hamas which has been i would have cost controls the gaza strip and has the main fighting foresee the arcus on brigades. it has supported the actions of islamic jihad hasn't tried to stop
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islamic jihad firing its rockets but its own people have not been firing rockets out all the way up until the ceasefire it seems that hamas is itself very concerned about the prospects of a wider escalation it has been trying for many months now to negotiate a long term truce with israel potentially it hasn't been particularly happy with the actions of the man that israel assassinated early on tuesday morning and that could be another reason why it's it hasn't taken part in the response although of course it's not stating anything like that publicly it is saying that they are twinned together certainly there is a feeling among many here that that this cease fire is just the latest cease fire in a round of them which haven't brought much progress in terms of the material difference to life here in gaza and there are concerns of course on the other side as i say israeli communities on the other side of the border they have decided to keep their
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schools shut tomorrow for fear that the ceasefire won't hold harry thank you very fortunate in gaza. in the middle east at least 4 people have been killed in iraq's capital during anti-government protests there 35 others were injured many of those who choked on tear gas or were hit by rubber bullets will 300 people have been killed since the beginning of october iraq's government has taken some measures to address the grievances of many protesters want a complete overhaul of the political system how much has the latest from baghdad. we've been told daily that there are going to be substantive measures discussed and taken in parliament to recession's and really they have yet to really transpire the parliament continues to meet there are expectations by a multitude of protesters on the streets that they will hear perhaps some news that
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would indicate to them that the government is actually taking their concerns and their demands under consideration discussing them in parliament and yet that doesn't seem to be the case yesterday as well as today it had been expected that perhaps electoral reform would be taken up in the parliament that perhaps ways of combating corruption would be taken up in the parliament that doesn't seem to have happened it didn't happen yesterday despite the presence of the head of the united nations assistance mission here in iraq today we're told it has not happened as far as we can tell what we've been told by some officials is that there was a draft law that was completed by the president's office with regard to electoral reform that was then given to the head of parliament rather the cabinet and then it has gone to the president of parliament and that it will be discussed at some point we just don't know when and that's one of the reasons the people that day after day
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continue to protest despite the threat of violence and that's one of the reasons they keep coming out. all right plenty more ahead on this news hour back on the streets in chile protesters make their voices heard as they demand an overhaul of the country's constitution and the trouble in one of the world's top tourist spots water levels in venice at their highest levels in half a century. in school we'll hear from the rugby league star who's just become the highest paid player in the history of the game. so protesters back on the streets in chile a day after the worst day of violence with widespread rioting and looting demonstrators are marching through the capital santiago politicians are locked in a dispute over who will draft
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a new constitution constitution after president sebastian pinera is promise on tuesday that the protests began in october over an increase in subway fares and since chileans are calling out on inequality and policies inherited from the pinochet dictatorship. let's go live now to santiago where latin american and newman is standing by so you see what's happening there now. hello has imo we are in what there is no what has now been nicknamed ground 0 this is the italian plaza where people have been converging now for exactly 28 days that's 4 weeks since all this began there are several 100 people behind me this is the one year anniversary of the killing of family look at the young guy he was a an indigenous my leader a community leader who was shot dead by police in a very very scandalous if you like incident because then the police tried to cover
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up their tracks and they were discovered so it is a very it raises a lot of anger amongst people many here are wearing black to commemorate this and also the number of people who have died or been very seriously injured in these last 28 days but what i'm seeing now to my right are a group of medical student volunteers they're wearing blue cross helmets they're preparing to treat voluntarily the number of people will almost surely will be injured when this gets bigger and it will get bigger because it has every single day especially on a day like this and as you say this is happening as congressman the representatives of the different political parties from the opposition and the government meet to try to figure out what the mechanism for a new constitution will be one of the parties interestingly enough the president's party said that they had 48 hours to reach an agreement because time had run out to keep chile standing on its feet. and as you said there's the potential for
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things to get bigger and what began as as protests over subway subway hikes suddenly grown into something far bigger than that grievances over over inequality i mean these were not yes problems the just sprang up overnight on it. no no no i mean these it was a it was a miniscule raise in the metro fare but it was the last straw the proverbial drop a straw that breaks the camel's back and it just made people explode from one from the all walks of life except perhaps the most affluent in this country and you're hearing already people are sort of starting to throw a little rocket send out i've seen people within century devices nearby so we'll see what happens soon but going back to what you said this has been mounting for a long long time chileans have been marching by the millions over the last 20 years demanding better pensions salaries health care education and their politicians
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haven't listened and so that is why we are in the situation where we're in now everybody is listening but they can't agree a what the solution is going to be in the short term while chinese economy begins to plummet this was remember the most stable economy in the americas even more stable than the united states in many ways so people are extremely worried and that is why there are hovering together to try to for once in their lives agree on something that's very important for the country all right and soon human life 1st there in. china's president says mounting protectionism and bullying have eroded international trade and investment as leaders from 5 major emerging economies are meeting for the 2nd day of the brics summit in brazil's capital xi jinping says threats across the world are also weighing down global growth the 11th annual summit is in brasilia this year happening with the backdrop of unrest in several south american countries is live for us in new brazil's capital so manuel how
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has the unrest in the region affected the summit there. well hasn't brazil has managed to avoid much of the type of unrest that we've seen in countries like bolivia and over the course of the last month but it's been that brazilian president now knows position as a as a right of center conservative leader that has put brazil at odds with russia and china when it comes to the question of the unrest happening here in the region specifically on the question of venezuela and most recently on the question of bolivia the resignation of bolivian president evo morales was applauded by the brazilian leader and in fact it was the 1st to recognize brazil's current interim president as the legitimate president of of bolivia while while russia has called the situation in bolivia of coup so there are significant differences in ideology
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and in politics and in views of the of the geopolitical situation in the region among the brics leaders but it hasn't distracted from the focus of the brics summit this year and want to see what are what's come out of these talks so far among the brakes leaders. well it's now day 2 of the bric summit and some of the main points that we've seen over the course of the last 48 hours has been a renewed commitment to anti-terrorism policies commitment to 2 free trade today being this the 2nd day of the last day of this summit we've seen we've seen the calls for a more multilateral approach to international trade that's been a document that was released from the bric summit a wide ranging document that touched on on economics a touched on diplomacy it touched on on the brics nations playing
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a more prominent role in the united nations it called for a diplomatic solution to the israel palestine conflict it called for a commitment to the paris climate accord something that's very important here in brazil given that brazil's president once again not a had threatened in the past to to abandon the the pair's climate accord so that is something worth noting there was also a look toward the future president vladimir putin of russia said that he feels optimistic about the upcoming 2020 brics summit that's to be held in st petersburg russia as i'm my rap and i live 1st there in brasilia ice now an international team of investigators building a criminal case in the shooting down of the malaysia airlines flight and this 17 in 201417 rather in 2014 of eastern ukraine is released audiotape suggests links between russia and rebels in the region were closer than previously thought for
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more on this let's cross to mani am and the team in london at a european brawl cost center. yeah 4 suspects have been charged and a juicer go on trial in absentia next year for the killing of all $298.00 people onboard when the plane was struck by a missile of a separatist territory russia's foreign ministry has dismissed the latest findings as not verified these the transcripts of telephone calls has in but investigators allege a top aide of president vladimir putin was in contact with rebel leaders on any a daily basis and other minorities who look at who look you know we will regret it worth a look at it you have to look showing your kids you know knowledge of. them which are true is that real critical of a common europe with you good luck with a little. or. you will although i'm. more now from step vasant has n.k.f. . some very interesting details are now coming out of the joint investigation in
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the netherlands about the downing of m h f one team here in ukraine 5 years ago intercepts of phone conversations between leaders of the separatist movement here in the east of ukraine with the people high officials lower officials in moscow are now being published and one of these high officials is flooded sluff off with a special advisor to vladimir putin on ukraine and in another phone call the minister of defense surely go was mentioned also very close confidant for vladimir putin and in that phone conversation the leader of the separatist movement sat that. man that with a mandate of man were traveling from moscow to the separatist area basically to remove the leadership of that separatist area all these details are important to basically paint a picture not only military help came from russia but these phone calls also being
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depicted that the whole administration of the separatist area also the whole budget was coming from russia until now the joint investigation team has mentioned 4 subs suspect 3 russians and one you grainy and they're basically from a lower level and the investigation team is now aiming for those who are high ranking who have given orders to make sure that the book missile that downed the mh haven't even made its way to it into ukraine and that it was actually being used it's very doubtful that any of these suspects will actually go to trial that which starts in march next year in the netherlands but there will be this trial and more suspects are possibly going to be mentioned altera is a political science professor at the national university of care while academy and joins us now also in the ukrainian capital you have i'm showing you have studied these transcripts in some detail tell me more about what they reveal around the
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relationship between separatists in ukraine and russia and the nature of that relationship. well until now we've had a lot of good investigations by on the one side the church on the other side through various 'd. times like barely got to britain which are pointed the finger and they have given. the evidence of which russian military units came into ukraine and find the book a surface to air missile that brought down the civilian l. i want this new intelligence and the evidence shows is who was in charge of all of this and they obviously points the finger at russian president vladimir putin and his senior advisor is to some core of who is the one monday to buy to take care of this rebellion the separatists rebellion eastern ukraine. the atmosphere at
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the time was that there was panic among the separatists because they would be defeated by the crazy you know the which was using air power to really pummel them . and so hence by june july of 2014 russia began sending in heavy military quitman that could shoot down ukrainian planes just to prevent that ukraine advantage and that was the source of this tragedy of book service all of this out of an engine crash and what we now can see is that this was ordered by moscow right then and so it is as you say the transcripts or hail something of some of the players involved at the time something about the chain of command if you like we know that russia has denied it played any role in the shooting down of m.h. 17 in 2014 the russian government also responded on far as i saying that it couldn't verify the authenticity of these intercepted telephone calls well because
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russia's position has been all along to this very day that this is a civil war between ukraine and russian speakers. and that russia is not involved at all in this war and bush is obviously ludicrous because no and nobody believes that in the western world because where do these rebels get all this very modern and heavy duty military equipment from except from russia plus these 2 regions are economically and for the actually totally dependent on russian subsidies so the idea that they are all somehow russian proxy statements mr president can i just quick can i just ask you quickly one more question how will these transcripts possibly aid the case of the prosecution why would they be publicly shared now. they will aid the prosecution in pointing the finger that this person's a rogue operation by some lower ranking military officers to help the rebels but
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this was part and parcel of the of the russian presidential lead operation. illegal operation because there's no declaration of war between ukraine and russia sending military equipment and military teams into ukraine and without that those separatists would have been defeated it was a purely artificial rebellion so this helps the prosecution beginning in march of next year in painting a case that this was directed from the top of that which you are so i thank you for joining us there from capital kiev and i have more from london for you a bit later on in the news hour now back to. thanks miles still ahead on al-jazeera we're in the democratic republic of congo where a new abode of vaccine is being rolled out but some there are skeptical. these figures show is the huge pressure that is on the n.h.s.
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. the worst hospital wait times in 15 years making health care a major issue in britain's election campaign. and fellow riders pay tribute to the 3 time moto g.p. world champion getting ready for his last race. hello there want to see bits and pieces of cloud across the sections of the middle east it will the not really across into afghanistan and pakistan that is where we have seen some rain but also some snow pretty cool in kabul on friday 6 degrees celsius and cooler into northern around just 12 celsius interaction and there is a chance that those showers just really lined the coast there in the southern caspian sea and heading further to the south the temperatures are considerably
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higher than that it is a fitting pretty warm still because not as he made as we have seen however what we have seen with all this moisture is some snow and this is to a general shams and you can see it quite a dumping of course this is on the high elevations up into the mountains but very reduced visibility coming down obviously with this snow but once you move away from that to the coast it is very nice 29 celsius in will scott 30 celsius in abu dhabi on friday what we might see is some blowing sand and dust into northern sections and around riyadh and there is the chance of some showers at the same time that moving down into southern africa who go to few showers into madagascar over the next couple of days also imo southern areas of mozambique a very vigorous area of low pressure just sitting over the eastern cape so scattered thunderstorms on friday for johannesburg and been 22.
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since its inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in the rape sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. from the al-jazeera london from a cost center to special guests in conversation as the resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that unprompted uninterrupted why are all of the people of color and their just one color this is why that is why don't they should every people have no color but exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot they look like a bad movie studio unscripted on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching a minder of our top stories this hour turkey is sending more suspected high school fighters and their families back to their home countries up to 7 german citizens accused of belonging to isola arrived in berlin a short while ago another $23.00 european nationals expected to be deported in the coming days rockets have been fired from gaza into israel hours after a cease fire was declared this would appear to have violated a truce between israel and the islamic jihad group. at least 4 people have been killed in iraq's capital during protests 62 others were in. many of those heard had
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choked on tear gas or were hit by rubber bullets. at the international criminal court has agreed to investigate crimes against muslims in myanmar the i.c.c. says there's reason to believe man mas military committed widespread acts of violence in 2017 and they could qualify as crimes against humanity will and 700000 fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape what human rights officials have called ethnic cleansing or here's what's happened in the past 2 years violence began in august 2017 with the military crackdown in raw and state it led to more than 700000 scaping to neighboring bangladesh the un called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing as you say after satellite images and accounts of extradition killings were revealed in 2800 myanmar stablished a commission to investigate the allegations of human rights abuses repatriation
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efforts are being worked out by the un and bangladesh after a failed attempts last year many were refugees refused to go back home because they didn't think they'd be safe return kiran is a really good activist and president of the burmese regime your organization u.k. joins us from one osiris via skype thanks very much for being with us so presumably this is this is good news for you this is a step in the right direction your reaction. yes this is a historic moment for the rohingya we've been waiting for justice for a long time and now today we have seen this. today we have seen this alimony and investigation have been opened the investigation been approved from the judges so this is time for their own we want justice no bobbies military general me on lang and other generals killed raped mother 1 bond down thousands of rohingya houses and this is incredible unbelievable the way the brutality they did to the rohingya
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so we hope something is moving squat for the justice for the rohingya and we want to highlight here that you know this is a incredible week for the ruling of people and other minorities in burma we have seen i.v.c. case monday and yesterday when the day we burma is running out of the nation you kid we hear or file a case and identity in court on going to bus or do restriction today i think the case so justice is coming very soon burma is military they cannot escape they must cooperate what international justice and accountability measures go in not against this lead you say justice is coming up but it's a long road isn't it until until that happens and there's a possibility it may not happen at all i mean how much confidence do you have that
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those accused of being behind this violence will ever see the inside of a courtroom in the hague i mean could that they could just choose to remain in myanmar where nobody can get at them i mean how how it's going to be a challenge isn't it suited to find those responsible and bring them to justice. of course like this i.c.c. case i see the case universal jurisdiction big cases may take longer but this is barry a strong message to the military what they are a skilled practice in exercising on going jet that was ongoing genocide against their practice because genocide against rohingya in our 100 states and other parts of burma a crime against humanity they perpetrated against other minorities so this is a strong message there have to think. twice or they will have to stop these crimes against ripping us and other minorities one thing secularly there is 3 cases
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and we believe that you know something will move forward anyhow because. if may take sides but 3 we have to. we have to walk on more stronger. you know these issues and we need we you know we need to look at this is the case from deportation case but we still calling for international i.c.c. or apart from security council we need to look at not 1000000 about rohingya as in bangladesh there are about 600000 rohingya they are facing ongoing general side in rakhine a state so this is important that international community have to put much much pressure to stop genocide against rohingya and other minorities because this military been enjoying impunity for a long time so including here i want to point out the 1000000000 government have
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too much pressure much more where the ruling yes are still a step there is no such talk about repatriation full citizenship rights restored in that and returning the origin a place through us our 1000000 people in bangladesh a squalid condition so we need to look for the short term what's going on against rohingya eroding as we're going to have to leave it we're going to have to leave it there we're going to have to adapt a good team of very racially hateful thanks very much ray whether spy. new figures showing hospital waiting times are at their worst level on record in the u.k. state funded health service as proof paled the issue to the top of the agenda of campaigning for next month's elections for more let's cross spectrum on the team in london at our european sense. yeah that's what has in a situation has become so bad that hospitals are appealing to the public to stay
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away from accident and emergency departments unless it's a genuine emergency key targets have also been missed for cancer treatment prime minister boris johnson has blamed a huge demand but opposition party is saying it's because of lawyers of budget cuts by the government well paul brennan is following this story and is in the studio with me now so full of very significant information and figures here in and of itself but it comes at a very sensitive time in the middle of an election campaign yes indeed i mean the n.h.s. waiting lists for many chest england were due to be published today anyway so this is not timed to coincide with the election is just coincidence that said from the conservative point of view it wasn't good news the conservatives obviously are very keen to keep the election campaign focused on bracks it that's their single biggest campaign issue labor and the other opposition parties though very happy to broaden it out into other issues and the statistics gave them a stick to beat the conservatives with today one patients in every 6 is having to
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wait more than 4 hours to be treated at english accidents and emergency units now the targets is that 95 percent should be seen within 4 hours the actual statistic is $83.00 are being seed within for the missing the target and it's the worst performance level since records were collated started to be collated back in 2004 it's pretty grim and this on the back of i mean the report that i did for on friday showing that 67 percent of acute care hospitals are actually running a financial deficit at the moment the number of unfilled vacancies in the n.h.s. is running at $100000.00 this is a service which is beloved of the british public and yet under immense strain and you know the prime minister was struggling to try and have an answer to this today because he described it it's been seen very much as the bracks election but as you say the state of the national health service is. thing that people really care about in this country yeah i mean because the conservatives want to keep it on
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a breakfast footing they've. found themselves hostages supposed to circumstances mcmillan said what was the biggest problem that we have met was the op opposition of events he said now. it's not just bricks at the problem it's the flooding that we've seen in the north of england that the prime minister has had to go and address that wasn't planned he didn't have that as part of his campaign strategy now we have these n.h.s. statistics that are blowing him of course if actively and fall into the hands of labor and the lib dems knew these statistics were coming labor launched the n.h.s. spending plan on wednesday 24 hours ago they were prepared and so labor of looks at 3 thoughts on this whereas the conservatives less prepared and on the issue of the n.h.s. when you and figures like tests come out you obviously have the conservatives saying look it's a structural thing it's about more and more demand more and more people going to hospitals and the pressure that puts on the health service and labor of course will
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be keen to highlight the issue of austerity which has been a big thing here it since the financial crisis yes i mean. health after health secretary says we are spending record amounts on the national health service the n.h.s. is safe in our hands record amounts is true however critics say those record amounts simply have not been increasing fast enough to keep up with inflation and so the net effect has been that the an n.h.s. has been falling short each each year with budgets look 77 percent of the n.h.s. they want to see it maintained 90 percent agree with the founding principles of the n.h.s. the care should be free at the point of contact not based on need rather than the ability to pay and any party that is seen to be untrustworthy as far as looking after the n.h.s. is going to struggle in the poll on december the 12th thank you so much bill. well in other news it's equal pay day here in the u.k. a day in the year when women effectively start working for free due to the average
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pay gap between men and women. is currently one of the worst in europe it will pay for equal work is enshrined in u.k. law that many women struggle to know when they are being underpaid me focker reports on this now from london. paying men and women differently for doing the same or equivalent job is illegal but new research by a prominent women's rights charity has found that because of a lack of transparency many women don't know when the law is broken and when they're being underpaid 6 in 10 women say that i they don't know what their mouth police and or think them out. and about women have a right to equal pay. but that can't be exercised by the employer holds all the data and holds all the cards that they're in a very strong it don't have to disclose paid mation to their stuff until they get to type in a situation. nor her real name had a senior position in
9:43 pm
a bank the only female director in the business she found out she was being paid less than the male colleagues she managed she gave us a statement right here by one of our producers i feel quite angry that my employer has allowed this illegal act to happen and that i'm having to syria claim in order to secure justice i feel degraded because my employer has effectively been saying i'm not worth as much as male subordinates she's now suing the company more pleasurable is just feeling devalued loss of confidence they feel taken advantage and the thing that really comes through a lot is the sense of shame that women are sitting there working to giving everything they've got and their employers essentially they feel that they've lost just being paid less than someone who's doing the same job so high profile pay to speech including that of b.b.c. journalist severe abit of encourage more women to speak out she discovered she was being paid thousands of dollars less than a bio colleague for similar work after the b.b.c. publish salary details of top earners ok she's currently being considered by an
9:44 pm
employment tribunal. on average women across the world are paid 63 percent of what man in laos in southeast asia is closest to achieving parity with women earning 91 percent of what men make is followed by barbados and the bahamas so we didn't have the highest level of economic equality in the e.u. with women earning 80 percent of what men and some of the lowest levels are in south korea india and bottom of the list iraq. good times to be less the repaid countries with large numbers of minor workers on low incomes but in developed economies in cities like london the house large numbers of high fliers with big salaries the pay go between men and women can be immense of a gap increases even further when you compare what a white man earns with a woman of color pay discrimination may be illegal but the pay gap is not the
9:45 pm
companies don't have to do anything to close it rights groups now want to change the law to all secrecy over salaries and the commitment by companies to do more to the. the. london that's it from london for now more in well and out 15 minutes time let's get back to hasn and our all right thanks mary and we're in the news we were covering the break summit in brazil for you leaders from 5 emerging economies meeting for the 2nd day want to talk more about their now with cornelia meyer she's an economist and c.e.o. of the resource group she joins us now from london thanks very much for being with us so i guess my 1st question is is this organization still relevant what what place does it have in the global economy. it is still relevant look it started out as an idea by the then chief economist of goldman sachs jim o'neill and events have
9:46 pm
taken their own in 2001 on the basis that these were a sizable economies who were growing that you know did the emerging markets which was where it's at now russia didn't grow quite as much but you know if you look at india china and a terrific growth story if you look at africa which is growing now it does make sense and yes they have built this to have built their own development bank their half their own summits and they certainly still have relevance and they have relevance as one power brock within the cheap 20 all of these economies are sizeable enough to be in the cheap 20 and obviously the cheap 20 with 80 percent of them global g.d.p. and you know more than 66 percent of world population is is the big organization but there groupings i'm almost this organization and certainly the
9:47 pm
brics are one of them. and you know you mentioned the g. 20 there and there's the g 7 as well and the criticism of international summits like this is they're often just kind of big talking shops where nothing of of real substance gets done what what what what happens in in these bric summits and what do you expect to come out of the one that's taking place in brazil. well i see the i see them i see actually that something quite a few things happened look let's not forget that they stepped if they form their own development bank and they would they are doing a lot of courting nation and i would see it as a courting nation shopped to a certain degree to get it to have to have a strong block of strong emerging countries when it comes to the cheap 20 and cheap 20 negotiations i would also say that it's particularly important for russia will structure has a declining population it may not have grown quite as much as the as some of the
9:48 pm
other brics countries because russia has been sort of kicked out of the g 8 it's very helpful for them into being an other work a nice asian that you know another grouping of countries so they can they can sort of have their influence so i would not say that they don't matter. i don't think there will be too many concrete results but did the consultation of viewpoints to go into the process of the next g 20 round which will be next which will be 2020 is very important so it's important work that they're doing and more coordination is always better than less coordination or i get to get your a perspective on this cornelia my in london thank you and health officials in the democratic republic of congo are beginning a major clinical trial of a new ebola vaccine but the rollout is already facing criticism catherine soil has
9:49 pm
more from goma. a new a ball a vaccine for a major child scientist a testing it on up to half a 1000000 congolese over the next 10 months to study its effects. the vaccine is safe it has already been tested on a small sample of people elsewhere. would not have approved it if it was harmful to the people but some people are concerned that the long term effects of the drug made by u.s. multinationals are not yet known and the fact that it needs to doze is 8 weeks apart we not walk on people who travel often to challenge and to show grades between the 2 duties will be indication of the acceptance of his vaccine to population. we. we will work with the communities we explain to the communities we believe though that if we explain simply things to the people say they are able to understand about 250000 people in parts of this region are
9:50 pm
already being injected with another vaccine made by a german company that has just been approved by european regulators those receiving the new a drug given areas that are considered low risk of an outbreak this is a very busy border crossing between d.r. congo and rwanda tens of thousands of people mostly traders use it every day health workers say vaccinating them is crucial feelings here over both vaccinations are mixed. destruction is good it helps us go about our business without fear. of them and i can never do it i don't know what they're injecting into us they didn't benny and people are still dying a ball of wax in nations in the democratic republic of congo have long been controversial and political one health minister is reported to have lost his job. for opposing the u.s. study some congolese say they don't trust what's going on but health workers insist
9:51 pm
this is the best way of beating a disease that has killed many people catherine al-jazeera comma. all right still ahead on.
9:52 pm
all right let's go old school here's andy thank you so much as well asian champion's cuts will renew their footballing rivalry with the united arab emirates of the upcoming gulf cup after initially boycotting the events the u.a.e.
9:53 pm
saudi arabia and bahrain have now decided to play and a new draw for the solomons has just been made with housecats are wrong side the u.a.e. yemen and iraq when cast off by the u.a.e. and abu dhabi earlier on this year the home team was sanctioned after fans pelted the castle players with shoes and bottles during the asian cup semifinal the u.a.e. saudi and bahrain are among the countries have been part of a blockade against cats are since $27.00 seen so the group's look with games kicking off on november 26th joining cuts on the u.a.e. a group they are iraq and yemen their group also includes 2 of the blockading countries saudi arabia and bahrain along with coates and the defending champions. australia extended their lead at the top of the asian world cup qualifying group a one nil win over jordan putting them 5 points clear of their nearest rivals kuwait's this australia's fall straight win jordan a 3rd in that group behind quite an young goal difference the top sunni group
9:54 pm
progressing to the next round on the right cats are 2028 so. i and those were the scenes in baghdad after iraq scored an injury time when it's a beat rivals iran c. one the wind takes the rockies 2 points clear of the top of group c. the match itself was meant to be played in iraq but because of security concerns it was moved to jordan the only time a rocket horrified for the world cup was back in $1806.00. england are about to become the 1st country in history to play $1000.00 internationals gareth southgate's team will hit a landmark when i play months and aggro in a european championship qualifier a draw will put their place in next year's finals it's 100 years since this dam against wales was caught on camera it seems the very 1st match well that came in 1872 against scotland we always talk to the players about the badge on the front of the show and. how we are a small part of their history and 70 players that have gone before. and players
9:55 pm
that will come after and it's important that we respect this year and try to leave in a better place than we found if you like so. so to be involved in this game is a particularly poignant moment as latin abraham of h. is concerned he's leaving the l.a. galaxy and major league soccer the swedish striker has been in the state since 28 now expected to return when it's like ac milan to be understated as ever he tweeted i came i saw i conquered thank you l.a. galaxy for making me feel alive again and once it's last i gave his last and you're welcome now go back to watching baseball. one man heading in the other direction is cherry on re the world cup winner has been named head coach of montreal impact his return to the league where he finished his playing career with the new york red bulls. pakistan have announced they will host their 1st test matches since 2009 pakistan currently on saw in australia will play c. matches against sri lanka next month there's been no test cricket in pakistan since
9:56 pm
gunmen attacked a sure lancaster team bus in lahore 10 years ago or 6 pakistani policemen and su civilians were killed in that 6009 and sacked a number of the strike it seems were also wounded says 2017 international players have featured in the country's domestic t 20 competition as the pakistan super league was in bad way sri lanka and the west indies have returned to pakistan to take part in a limited over matches rugby's highest paid player sonny bill williams has promised to give his new same value for money the new zealander has switched cards again securing the sarong so wolf part rugby league saying the canadian side will play in england's top division next season is to a year 10000000 dollars deal makes in the highest paid player in the history of either rugby code where i go i know there's a lot of the huge and a lot of good my growing things that come along with it but i just for my teammates . that was a sure there are constant are no it's once each one of the 4 of form you are this
9:57 pm
is not your school. 3 time moto g.p. world champion jorge lorenzo has announced his retirement from the sports the spaniards hold his fellow riders that sunday's season ending race in valencia will be his last 32 year old made his debut in 2008 when also in 47 races now has just one more chance to produce one of his fame victory celebrations. there are 4 significant days in the life of of a writer the 1st one is when is your 1st race. the 2nd one is your face we then your 1st watch obviously not everyone can we go see it but some of us made it and then. there you will tell you ok more from a little less from but that is if and this is a modest man has left and is like i said that's it for this news hour more of the
9:58 pm
day's news from you so. i don't deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you decide oh i disagree with that toy this sounds like are blaming the public the country for the art and all of the naming everybody these people well trained as much a part of the islamic state machine as we have been very inspirational populist altered future join me and the sun as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on. the
9:59 pm
latest news as it breaks democrats did what was asked they said we will have a vote and lay out the procedures going forward for the public testimony we've detailed coverage here in town plans meaning financial center a place that is usually teeming at shoppers during the weekends and some words from the around the world it will tend to a 1000 years for this to disintegrate and that's what's choking this city. this is a classic as you baby it is a city gets to be ideological battle lines over abortion we've are some far ahead you know one of the shot to lure make is challenging a woman's right to choose some of the groups that's been ignored now for decades has been the unborn against those lined up to defend that choice we're talking about being able to make decisions from our body fault lines investigates the abortion bans on al-jazeera. coming.
10:00 pm
up the court was. burying their dead thousands of mourners marched through gaza in a funeral procession for a family of 8 killed in an overnight has rightly asked right. know i maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program a global fight against i still to deport 7 suspects to germany as more than 30 nations meet in the united states to plan how to defeat. a new report on the downing of a malaysian airliner over eastern ukraine in 2014 finds a strong.


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