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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 318  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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in christ church darnedest attention the journalist wrote an award winning book on a smartphone about his experiences australia's been criticized for how it detains asylum seekers supporters of a high profile and made on death row in the us are calling for his release after new evidence emerged that could prove his innocence ronnie reed is to be executed next week in texas for the murder of a woman 23 years ago reza lawyers say new testimony implicates the woman's fiance 2 students have been killed several wounded after one of their classmates opened fire at a high school in the u.s. state of california police say the 16 year old suspect is in the hospital after shooting himself this happened in the city of santa clarita. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera of another bolton at the top of the hour in the meantime and sad story is that next. time no jews there are. ready to believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution
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we listen to what i just said it was the park system would never start a war i'm anti-war we meet with global news makers and tweek about the stories that matter to 0. anger and protests in bolivia after janina and yaz declare says self interest a leader and the departure of evil mandalas ended the crisis opened a new chapter on one role on regional and global powers plane this is inside story . hello and welcome to the show i'm sami's a than bolivia's leadership is in turmoil the president has quit and fled his replacement doesn't have the government's full approval senate leader janine and the as is declared herself interim president but is fiercely opposed backers of
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former president evo morales boycotted the vote making congressional approval impossible and he has claimed the post anyway critics are calling it a coup but the u.s. is supporting her by anna sanchez has more from the past. protesters clashed with police and the army on the streets of believe you live rounds were shot tear gas didn't dispel and we believe you who demanded interim president jenny to resign on her 1st day in office she's facing a country in turmoil god social and political disputes are battled all around including the national assembly on wednesday some of it will more or less is mass party members tried entering congress at the end of the other had resigned from the senate's presidency she tried to come back a police block the way you know to get this government is trying to portray the
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quote it as a natural thing where legislature's and we need to get to the assembly. on the other side of the barricade what his foes shouted adversaries a reminder of what sparked the political crisis that forced president evo morales to resign. the interim president is relying on security forces to restore law and order she appointed military commanders before the cabinet. taking up command of the armed forces at a crucial time for the state to bring this stage to an end and for new elections. the entering president has said that she wants to bring peace back to the streets of the country and that means the police will continue their patrols with the army . stability naming a new electoral court and calling on new elections in december is the priority of the transitional government but analysts say nothing can be done without
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negotiating with one ellis' supporters the president must begin a dialogue because the m.e.'s party is a reality whether people like it or not otherwise if there's no dialogue were lost . from his refuge in mexico former president model is pledged to return to. the question should be if my people ask for it we're ready to go back to pacify the country but national dialogue is important otherwise it would be difficult to stop this confrontation. in the capitol some roadblocks were removed and stores opened after weeks of near shutdown but just for a short time. thousands of angry believe ians were back on the streets early a reminder of just how far believe this from coming out of the crisis. but in a scientists i just. believe you. are right let's bring our guest into the show now we have joining us via skype from so
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cray when camelback romero political analyst an advisor to the left leaning. party in so craig in moscow dimitri babich political analyst ross years of news media agency $33.00 is also a specialist on latin america and on skype again from cochabamba in bolivia catherine lowe the director of the and they in and the and i should say information network a political and social justice think tank good to have you all with us if i could start with them. does it look like janet on the as will now be able to take over and be in control of bolivia. good morning no i don't think so actually there is a lot of irregularities in this process she assumes a president without a quorum and assembly and yes of course we're not talking about a coup probably is not right definitive of a coup but there is
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a lot of things that indicate that this is not really a democratic process so. yes she's a woman and yes it might be really get there can advance for women's rights here believe yet but i don't think that it's really representing what we are thinking i mean this is a right wing politician coming from the eastern side of the region. and yes so i don't really think if she is repressed ending the democratic. issues here believe yet that she is representing like the conservative visions of politics what i'm trying to say is that when she assumes as a president she does it with a bible in her hand and without discourse about getting back to the government so it's i think it's very concerning because democracy and believe you know is
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really frightened fragile right now and yes i think she is she is not really going to negotiate with us party and absolutely right and i think you're let me bring in the perspective i guess the counter perspective and maybe take that to katharine given all the resignations the narrative goes she simply the next one in line in throne i disagree with that completely that's an inaccurate and i my colleague in sioux create that her. positioning avarice now calling legislative session without the presence. with an empty chamber it's important to note that the mass party will the 2 thirds majority of both houses according to the guidelines are both congress and the resignation has to be accepted by the plenary in the chambers none of those things happened nor does she have a right to comment or
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a president there are people in line in front of her and this is a completely illegal process with rubber stamped by out to tional tribe nor ruling based on her prior constitution let me jump in if i may or catherine ask this question again again from the counter perspective could any of that have happened could you have had an older lee resignation given the chaotic circumstances the narrative goes the president you know fleeing even more as you know very quickly claiming his life was being threatened his home was being attacked was there the possibility to go through an orderly constitutional by the rules by the book transition. absolutely president morales they and vice president sent a formal letter to be considered on the floor of the libyan congress in compliance
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with the legal resolution that absolutely it's important important to note that yesterday marked legislative tried to go into the camera. congress building a neighbor beaten by police and tear gas at the scene multiple contusions there was a later session where they appointed a legally i happen to have. lower house of congress who would be according to the levy constitution legally in line are very firm let me again also who is to blame for that for that process being aborted. which protests well was it the protesters on assad rates domestic role do you see an outside hand in moving things in the direction of what some call a coup well morale had agreed to comply with the results of the oas audit you know i thought it would be irregularities mediately call for new elections and i'm all tea party commission to develop
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a strategy to all i like to do like will drive you this did not stop the violence this was the demand of the opposition he had complied we leave the violence continues mons were attacked and only members were attacked and politicians places were looted and burned it was a very violent process and that is the people who are pushing that issue they are to blame for this there is all alley atory i let noah respect the rule of law are not let me bring them in 3 babiche interest discussion looking at things from a global perspective to what extent will outside forces and powers whether they're in the regional or global superpowers have some influence if not decide on what happens next in bolivia. well i
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hope that they seem for and so will be minimal because obviously bolivians should decide their future themselves and i can tell you of that on the russian side there was certainly it norway involvement in this situation because. russia doesn't have business in bolivia well there is a small violator of trade but it is minuscule compared to the trade 'd that bolivia has with the united states or with china russia does have some commercial interests in venezuela because it's an oil rich country and the leadership of this country invited russian business and russians in general in order to. cooperate and find altoona t. of market so doing it your ways of development for when your soil is so it's a very different story right now in russia there is
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a big discussion what exactly happened in believe because if you have the police and i mean to you know me to jump in so i won't do one of the moscow so quick and the speed of what we were happening why was moscow so quick to comment on what's happening in la paz if as you said you know russia really has no interest in what's going on there. well we have no commercial interest economic interest but of course ideologically russia is very concerned about what's going on in ledge in america because obviously this is a very important region where our small and also small countries are now deciding whether they can develop independently of the united states and there was a globalist influencers so mr morales he was popular in russia he visited russia just recently. all russia was very impressed with his success in developing
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small and medium enterprises semi's in bolivia economically he was seen as a successful president as for the fact that he stayed in power for 14 years i think it's a huge hypocrisy on the side of the united states and some other countries. to remit them out of time that presidents can be in power let me remind you that finland which is the most economically successful country in the world it was ruled by the same person all forechecking and for 35 years here from the few of us do their ages right and all i say get to me you know that let me play last i can use it to have a voice from the other side i want to try and play that devil's advocate on this show i guess the question would be all the suggestion or claim from the other side would be it's one thing you know if what happens in finland happens according to the constitution the rules but for many of the protesters the way they see it those
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who are opposed to have them around as they felt the way that he was handling the question of cons of presidential term limits wasn't going according to the constitution let me let me bring that point back to them and say it in the way you characterize this was almost like there's a vast conspiracy here of people from the rightwing and the religious groups which are making some kind of coup but isn't the fact that there is support apparently from the military the police the roman catholic church i mean does it does that make you question whether you know there is more broader support for this new administration of and the as you know we're godless of whether she did the transition in the right or wrong way well i'm not trying to justify whatever moralist has said in the past days that he is going to mexico because of a coup driza let's stay with the biggest the big picture to read
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a lot of irregularities in this past 6 months. actually since 2016 is a lot of indications that of the executive power has been intervening at the electoral power in order to. benefit will moralists for a force but still a sion and let's let's fix to the to the big picture. and government from the in a yes that is trying to stay in power for with any kind of manipulation let's try to stay with the big picture there are 2 big blocks i mean yes on on one side and other right wing politics on the other side that are trying to stay in power or to go to power at any anyway. and yes there is a cost parisian from
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a policy for police and the best days trying to boycott at m.e.'s because of some demands that the government doesn't have how it didn't satisfy but the thing is. so why does the military say on sunday before no more alice is resigning why doesn't military say we suggest moralists. yeah resign from the presidency so there's a lot of questions that we don't get we're not really getting to get a clear picture here about what really happened and believe you're right but we can't shift the question to looking forward and ask catherine can the lawyer lists the moral as royal loyalists in congress now block i mean how much of a serious threat can they pose do you think to janine and the as is a saint. well that remains to be seen their position is legal and
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constitutional it's important to note that you can at complain about it unconstitutional move from or out or the term ended justify that with unconstitutional. added to the havior as the i mean its group is done and it remains to be seen who will end this power play but legally and constitutionally the mob blocked the mosque congress even president until his resignation it's accepted it is legally president of bolivia until the end of the constitutional elected term which he can't insert need night to 22nd excuse me january 22nd so it's not clear what's going to happen very worrisome appearance with a new cabinet government minister or to a movie you know saying that he's going to hunt down anyone who's committed sedition hunted down a former minister because he's an animal systematic locking hari coca growers from
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entering kerchief on the city at gun point be pushed against cars handcuffed photographed. and sent back that they're not welcome to not have the sense that we will none of it's acceptable survive violation of due process and a basic human rights and i think it's something that the international community needs to focus on and let me invite you mention the international community because that was going to be my next point let's take it to dmitri to what extent do you think we're going to see an appetite develop among some countries not only moscow but nicaragua mexico for example of condemned what they see as a coup or i go europe way condemning what they're calling the breakdown of law and order even argentina's president saying you know we've gone back to the era of the seventy's where military interventions take out popular governments where. as he put the you know us backing. in
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a we going to see some kind of regional divide and how much of an appetite might arise for intervention in bolivia do you think dimitri well it's not a secret for a new one that the united states does not like i will more or less person as it let me remind you of that scandalous story which happened i think in 2013 when the plane that was stake in morales from moscow you know the american suspected that he could be carrying. mr snowden edward snowden the whistleblower from the n.s.a. they were concerned that the chorus might be carrying him in his plane to believe that so let me remind you that the plane with morales was forced to land in austria and the plane was searched and there was boys basically a threat to the live for ever more or less and the plane's crew so
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let me remind you that there was an emergency summit meeting of the legend american presidents where this section of the united states was condemned and you rightly point out that the same voices were heard their voices from argentina from europe why is wrong. and if you know anything or is not too far fetched to me late in america so i think well obviously there are many people in the legend america and there are many governments which are not happy about this trend they suspect rightly or wrongly that mr morales lost power because someone influenced or basically just bribed the army and the police and that brings some very bad memories ok i'll follow that go i think it will depend on the united states but let me remind you that mr trump has openly openly called on. that army all venezuela
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to abandon the government there so that was that it was going on in venezuela a real swell letter if the time will come back to that point but since we're getting short i want to come back to vim and say what is the possibility of a that this leads ultimately to a breakdown in the institutions of democracy if this goes on in a form that's deadlocked in the congress and perhaps even the return of even more alice well i'm not i don't think that omar ellis is coming back any time soon to leave but what i'm really sure is that the next elections in 90 days will not have a lift party participating in elections will have to take some disputes between the right wing parties in bolivia and that is really concerning because we will not have a plurality in democracy which is really important element of democracy. just what we will see on a congress is. well big barri ima yes the congress man and
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woman is not really trying to negotiate something with jenny or her party and what we will see will be a really conflict of scenario and you ask assembly what right my big concern is is that the left in bolivia is going to. it will it will have like a big work in the next years to reconstitute itself so it's very concerning because a democracy right now democracy as we can see it like the constitution and everything it is only justifying one side of politics and believe yeah in this one site is right wing politics with bibles which religions and putting in danger for example the secular state and believe you're so it's really concerning what is going to happen in the next years because we are going to be to see like a competition between only lived sort. only right wing parties does really
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concerning what will happen to the left wing parties then i won the katherine our is the suggestion on this show that they're going to be generated from parliament and become somehow persona non-grata in politics some where does that leave the the the element we haven't mentioned so far the ethnic divide in the country well i think it's important to note that this particular conflict and the tone that is taken has increasingly deteriorated in to the police destroying the we. symbol of the flag of the symbol of the indigenous movements that predate morale and many attacks on indigenous people. groups far right groups far right groups that use the nazi salute like the santa cruz youth league and their former leader who is now one of the main spokespeople on the right it's important to know right now that mosque congress members mosques union leaders
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union leaders affiliated with mosques are b.c. get read repeated threats right by telephone by mail now publicly so it's very important to understand that you 1st have to create a situation where it is of a basic respect for law and human rights because it's impossible to know i think in this calm again and half and i think we've got only a minute left let me quickly give the last perhaps 50 seconds to dmitri and say what is the risk here that this will unravel all the places like venezuela well i think there is a huge risk because our previous but disciplined has said if indeed all their leftist part of the political spectrum is removed that is not going to boss unnoticed in other countries a lot of people in the ledge in america will interpret that as the current or right the way in cool so there can be a backlash there. can be kind of
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a broader backlash not only in your story hour where as we see their western supported candidate for presidency it is nowhere to be seen and we care about very embarrassing situation but maybe also in other countries people in latin america do not want every made all of the 70 s. right so that will be i think very sad if their true make is made by anyone or history often doesn't go the direction anyone thinks so it'll be interesting to watch where it goes right now in the americas but thanks so much to our guests for coming and giving us their thoughts on this thanks to come a big romero dmitri babich and catherine the and thank you too for watching you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion just head over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle there is at a.j. inside story from me sam is
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a band and the whole team here for now it's goodbye. i. thank.
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you. a story 1400 years in the making. a story of success. and jersey post the story line of venus. the women are. the kind of results. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera. those arrows and flash mobs hong kong is once again brought to a standstill by protests. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up violence returns to the gaza strip overnight just less than a day after a cease fire was agreed to. after weeks of violent protests in iraq we'll look at why many in baghdad say their cities tucked up drivers are heroes. the power of human touch stuck in isolation these people.


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