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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and then tourists from around the world it will take 10 to a 1000 years for this to disintegrate and that's what's choking this city. we've now declared that settlements are not per se illegal under international law . the u.s. operations it stands on jewish settlements drawing praise from israelis but outrage from palestinians. hello welcome drudges there live from doha i'm off mounting debt is also coming up . hong kong leader urges police to take a humane approach to dealing with protesters who are holed up inside a university campus. south korea confirms 2 of 3 vessels seized by
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the rebels in the red sea. and as west africa's largest mosque opens in senegal find out about the powerful religious group behind it. but 1st the u.s. has abandoned step cade's old position on israeli settlements in the occupied west bank saying it will no longer consider them illegal this latest pro israel move puts the u.s. adults with most of the international community and the u.n. security council. polls from washington. for 41 years the u.s. has called israeli settlements built in the occupied west bank illegal under international law that u.s. policy changed on monday calling the establish of civilian settlements inconsistent with international law hasn't worked it hasn't invents the cause of peace this is a complex political problem that can only be solved by negotiations between the
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israelis and the palestinians pump ales announcement is the latest in a string of controversial fight house moves designed to support israel recognizing jerusalem as israel's official capital moving the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv in 2018. and forcing the palestinians to close their office in washington leaving them no diplomatic presence in the u.s. apart from at the united nations pompei o. said the policy change had nothing to do with benny gantz efforts to form a new israeli government so the timing of this was not tied to anything that had to do with domestic politics anywhere in israel or otherwise this was about we were done we finished we conducted our review and this was the appropriate time to move forward the current israeli government was thrilled to see that this is a historic day and another great achievement after president trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of recognize all sovereignty over golan heights and now
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put an end to the lie that settlements are illegal condemnation from jordan and from hamas we warned against dangerous consequences of the us change of position a continuation of u.s. policy to support occupation from the palestinian leadership not just anger but also a call to action that's prole is that i was a passion is that on war crimes and this is a constituent a major threat to international peace and security and this is standing and international community from the orders of international law that all wars of solving conflicts by face for means into the horrors of the jungle the european union and many other countries say the settlements violate human security council resolutions and undermine the chances of a 2 state solution but even with what the u.s. says are the hopes of renewed peace talks the embassy has issued a security warning knowing some could target american interests in israel and the
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occupied territories in protest rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. and israel says its intercepted 4 rockets that were fired from syria towards the occupied golan heights warning sirens were heard around the heights as the rockets were downed by israel's iron defenses israel's occupy the syrian territory since 967 meanwhile syria's state run news agencies reported explosions were heard near damascus airport no other details have been reported so far. the 3 taliban commanders have been released by the afghan government as part of a prisoner swap deal sources have told al-jazeera they've landed here in qatar senior taliban leader and are so carney's among them in exchange 2 professors from the u.s. and australia have been released after spending 3 years being held by the taliban the afghan president ashraf ghani amounts
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a swap last week hong kong's leader kerry lamb is urging the protestors who are still holed up inside a university campus to leave peacefully and for the police to treat them humanely she says about $600.00 have left so far after sunday night's violence that led to the stand of officers serve surrounded the campus and they're arresting anyone who emerges but those are under 18 are being released to their parents we will use whatever means to continue to persuade to enter arrange for the remaining protesters to leave the campus as soon as possible so that this whole operation could be able to end in a peaceful manner and laid a basis for the subsequent work by the police to all stop violence in hong kong. all right let's go live now to rob mcbride our correspondent who's outside the university for the very latest and rob carry 600 having left perhaps
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a 100 remaining inside what's the situation with regard to those different more defiant protesters who are inside the university. that's right we're seeing a steady flow of people in and out of this main entrance here in fact one of the students just coming out behind me now as you mentioned there are a number of the students are treated differently as they come out from this siege basically any students who are 18 and over arrested they come out. and they then face the prospect of prosecution for various offenses including riot but as you mentioned there are a number of very young people under 18 and in fact it's now been revealed that of the 600 people or so who have been coming out of this campus over the past couple of days or so around 200 of them are under 18 and that young gentleman was one of
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them because he wasn't handcuffed at all they are not released into police custody there details are taken but they are basically released into their care and due to the care of their parents or guardians so we've seen better number of students come out who are being released very young students others requiring medical attention some being taken away in ambulances but i have to see this is the mood here compared with the last couple of days of tension of animosity it is very somber almost a low key if you like as it does seem as though this episode is gradually drawing to a close and this carry lamb the chief executive has called asking for it to end peacefully marty and rob does this this whole incident started in several days is this represents then the may sustained the most prolonged confrontation between the pro-democracy protesters and deal 13. it
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does absolutely i mean this thing is just develops and one day of rioting seems to be worse than the previous days of rioting which in turn are worse than the rights that happened before that you wonder where it is going to end carry in her press conference today tuesday has once again said that the universities have basically been turned into arsenals in a way saying that this is a very dangerous development and you wonder where it is going to lead maybe with this episode winding down drawing to a close with presumably the last of the students going to be coming out maybe in the coming hours this will deescalate things we saw here we were in the cow lu district of hong kong the place is simply a mess yesterday monday evening thousands of people came out to try to put pressure
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on the police stretch their resources have them chasing all over the streets of cairo lou and we've had burnt out vehicles roads blocked some eateries and shops and businesses associated with mainland china have been wrecked again and so it really has put a huge strain on things here it's really escalated things and i suppose their hope is that with this episode winding down it seems that maybe things will become less fraught but. the nature of the president and this is certainly unprecedented you simply don't know from one day to the next marty thanks very much rob mcbride live in hong kong and committee in china's parliament has weighed in on that hong kong court decision that overturned a ban on protesters wearing face masks the national people's congress in beijing says the territory's courts have no power to rule on such matters andrew thomas has more from beijing. there's an irony here and that is that in beijing saying that
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only it has the power to interpret hong kong's constitution not the courts they are proving what the protesters have been saying ever since they 1st came out on the streets back in may and that is that this whole idea of one country 2 systems is essential a sham the power rests solely with beijing and the beijing intervenes at will and at a whim if it chooses to and that is exactly what beijing is doing here in most democracies of course there is a separation between the judiciary the executive and the legislative the courts have some power to interpret laws and make sure they comply with one another well beijing is saying that's not the case here but the power to interpret to change the constitution rests with the executive in hong kong which has its license from here in beijing now so far beijing hasn't really intervene directly in hong kong of course it's supportive kerry laminates put out statements all the way through but
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soldiers are not taking to the streets with their uniforms on to put down the protests this though is beijing asserting yet again where the real power lies in essentially hinting that if they want to become involved they can it is part of their the main they can choose to one from tree 2 systems well the one country trumps the 2 systems and that's what beijing is saying here a very clear signal yet again that beijing considers hong kong very much part of china and it can act and will act it needs to. south korea has confirmed that 2 of its vessels have been seized by yemen says the rebels in the red sea seoul is now asking the u.s. and saudi arabia to cooperate and help to recover them they his is say they've also taken custody of a 3rd ship which is saudi and all 3 of being held near her data the saudi government describing the incident as a terrorist operation earlier the official told al-jazeera that their release is
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ships once they're sure they belong to south korea. airstrikes have killed at least 7 people and injured more than 30 others in southern areas of libya's capital according to government sources warn the drones targeted a factory where the victims were working mostly from bangladesh with some others coming from african countries well than a 1000 people have been killed since have to began his tripoli offensive in april. still to come after the weather a state of emergency in samoa as the pacific island struggles to contain the measles outbreak and an onion crisis why the staple food is becoming unaffordable so many bangladeshis.
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hello there iran has been picking up the bulk of the rain and the snow over the last couple of days and there is more in the 4 calls plenty of town streaming in from the south and also from the west but as you can see by cheese day we've still got snow in the forecast of the also feeling pretty chilly and turan just 9 degrees celsius and then to the south we have this massive rain really sitting across much of the gulf temperatures quite a lot lower 21 celsius in kuwait city just 22 in baghdad which is the same across into beirut with some pretty nice sunshine to the eastern end of the mediterranean by wednesday it does clear gradually away from southern areas of iran that rain pushing for the southwards but still very unsettled northern and central areas and again the rain on the clouds on its way into afghanistan so that rain across the gulf does mean we will see some showers in the reef a persistent drug use a across the central northern regions across into council bahrain as well and then as we head off into wednesday again it pushes southward so it should clear but look
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at these temperatures 16 celsius in riyadh that's 10. below the average for this time of year and at $23.00 and that is 7 degrees below the average as well scattered thunderstorms in your calls for durban johannesburg as we head off in to choose day. on counting the cost with breaks it make america great again to india are we seeing a backlash against globalization or is it just a little bit economic. man is worth $100000000000.00. on the. counting the cost. of. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that provides.
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time to take a look at the top stories hear it out of this morning. the 100 or so protest is still holed up in a university campus to leave peacefully she said around 600 had already left following sunday night's violent standoff with police 3 taliban commanders have been released by the afghan government as part of a prisoner swap deal among them is a senior taliban. in exchange 2 professors from the u.s. and australia are being released. the u.s. has abandoned its longstanding position on the israeli settlements in the occupied west bank saying it will no longer consider them illegal palestine's president has
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condemned the move but it's been welcomed by israel's prime minister who says it right historical wrong. the latest shift in israel's favor under president trump in december 27th seen he formally recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel he then ordered the us embassy to relocate from television to jerusalem and melts trouble real than eyes the recognize the uk if i go then heights as part of israel rather than syria all this is charm is also a promising as i call deal of the century to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict how will gesture on his executive director of the arab center of washington he says given recent history the settlements move isn't ready unexpected i'm not surprised at all with regards to the content than a statement by the secretary of state i'm so surprised though like everybody else
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probably by the time you have the statement itself was somewhat inconsistent i think it was definitely timed and it considered despite the fact that the secretary said it comes after a long period of 3 assessment of the policy the fact of the matter. it wasn't accidental that so many different administrations prior to this when looked at these really settlements in the west bank in gaza are in the golan and as illegal and a violation of international law there is a universal consensus about this issue so what is inconsistent is not what the secretary is accusing which is the wrong position by the obama administration or blaming it on former secretary of state kelly what is inconsistent here is this administration that is leaving if you will that international consensus and clearly
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itself an accessory to an international crime. now libya's interim government says it's doing its best to get around blockades that have left cities critically short of food and fuel still queues are low prices are spiraling supporters of the former president ever more or less are behind the blockage is protesting against what they say was a coup our correspondent today's a report from. the. race has been waiting for hours to buy chicken she came very early in the morning with her 2 children 2 but 5 hours later she continues to wait for those of us there are shortages of everything we've been here since 7 o'clock this morning for one chicken what are we going to do we buy it here because everything has become so expensive that i can't buy it anywhere else this is not alone hundreds of people in the past are lining up to do the same
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as the political crisis here starts to have an impact on people's daily life protests are all going around the country against the interim government and that has made it difficult for some basic food items to reach the capital the prices of chicken beef and eggs have soared and that's why the local government is trying to distribute it at a price this battle in a louder is a doctor she says road blocks need to end. the case that those who are blocking roads please stop because continue like this there is no gas no there are children here they want to make us look like venezuela. protesters here are hoping to shut down the pass and force the resignation of interim president anyone yes who stepped in after ever more or less left the country. more or less was exiled in mexico has been saying he wants to return while the racine was once able moralists lawyer when he was a coca leaf grower but now he thinks bolivia needs to recover after his time in
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office was ordered to salute him or throw now it was proven that he can. it had fraud through one body that he brought by if they thought that he would get away with it but it was so gross that there was no option and that made him resign some of his strongest supporters asked him to leave. iraq seen says the only way out of the crisis is through negotiation. the current government should only be seen as transitional that it needs to call for clean elections and if you want a clean process you need morello's party we need mediation because they are trying to destabilize the country. but morally supporters say the problem is much deeper they say they do not trust in the interim president any man yes. we did trust that woman she doesn't respect us the indigenous women that wear skirts she wants to take everything away the rights that we got with either one of this.
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and that's why the vowed to continue protesting they say they want to make sure the future generations won't suffer the discrimination they faced ever again. and. molly his army says 24 soldiers and 17 fighters of being killed in an attack on an army patrol it happened in the northeastern town of tavern corps during a joint military operation with air a west african leaders meeting in senegal calling on the un to allow a more proactive approach to be taken by peacekeepers in june the un security council renewed their mission in mali for a year but the leaders say the current model has failed to counter violence by fighters linked to eisele and al-qaeda. the pacific island nation of samoa has closed all schools and banned public gatherings as it struggles to contain a measles epidemic so far 6 people have died victoria gazin being reports. schools
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in simone capital apia are normally full of students at this time of year but since the government declared a state of emergency on saturday public gatherings are banned instead parents are being told to urgently vaccinate their children to protect them from a measles epidemic that's sweeping the pacific island nation so far more than 700 cases of measles have been reported out of a population of 200000. plus. it's. because. only outbreak there's been a resurgence of measles around the world cases more than doubled between 20172018 the world health organization blames the spread of misinformation on social media about vaccines health officials in samoa say only 66 percent of the population is immunized against measles that figure needs to increase to 95 percent to ensure herd immunity and to prevent the deaths of any more children victoria gate and be
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al jazeera. police in georgia have detained 18 people after clearing anti-government protest says camped outside parliament they have been there since the government party rejected electoral reforms from the capital tbilisi robin for a walk of reports. police were under orders to clean the streets outside parliament from protest this was was and anyone else who happens to be in the way journalists included the police have responded very quickly to listen 24 hours since the blockade started around the parliament now they're simply moving down the street clearing people away some of the things actually sitting down in the hope that the slogan was it was but it didn't take long to remove the makeshift camp last week the government has rejected a bill on 3 proportional voting it would have made it easier for opposition parties
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to agree on more seats in elections next year or so protesters declared parliament now they accuse the governing party's chairman. of breaking his promise to reform to which is electric code opposition leaders say even if she is an unelected oligarch with too much control over the country we have another example of this force so you would. want to do to the purposes of the great conference all those people were insulted by the charter the problems of illegal rarely abortion the rule of the country to make government officials say the opposition is deliberately trying to start unrest not silma part of the opposition has unfortunately again misled its supporters and what we have seen during the past 2 days went beyond peaceful protest in particular i am talking about the pickets of parliament and
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other state institutions and those activities that were taking place. sure. there were hopes electoral reform would have defused tensions instead a broken promise. today's political crisis. robin 1st you know al-jazeera to be. the un's nuclear watchdog says iran has breached another limits set out in the 2050 nuclear deal the international atomic energy agency says iran stock of heavy water reserves is now above $130.00 tons heavy water reactors can be used to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons as an alternative to rich. a powerful religious group in senegal has opened west africa's largest mosque at a cost of $50000000.00 and it adds to the considerable political influence of the read brotherhood nicholas hark reports from tuba. for a living jell-o.
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this is a special cup of coffee it's called tuba brewed sweet makes with herb this 100 year old secret recipe has its origins within a local soofi islamic group called the merida brotherhood so not only the it's good for your health if you drink it every morning you'll be placed by the brotherhood's leader and you won't get ill this is syrian too bad the leader of the murray brotherhood behind to the coffee next to him is senegal's president mikey and on the other side his political rival former president up the water a rare moment of unity orchestrated by the influential group outside millions of people gathered for the inauguration of west africa's largest mosque. turn from the rubble this is a gift for us the marines to have such a big mosque here in africa it's not an easy task but with sacrifice we did it. in a country where nearly half of the population lives on less than $2.00 a day the murray brotherhood raised $15000000.00 to build this mosque the group's
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holding include a sprawling business empire ranging from a t.v. station and transport to real estate and i recall church most of it supported by donations but rights groups including human rights watch accused some members of the marine brotherhood of forcing children to beg for money in order to enrich the murray tz the group's policy adviser denies the allegations from the group. however if our leader has a plan for our people a need to raise funds and everybody needs to contribute on the road they'd be. the movement started with a shake i do bomb by the beginning of the 1900 centuries right here into the then colonial power france forced him into exile to gain control of the merida farmland seeing the brotherhood as a threat now france considers the marines as an ally against armed groups like isis and al-qaeda affiliates in the sahara region of west africa who are trying to gain supporters among young senegalese for the 4000000 followers of the marine
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brotherhood this isn't just a holy city it's the spiritual capital of senegal because important economic social and political decisions for this country are taken away from the official capital the car and right here in tube. and so the brotherhood is a powerful institution in senegal influencing all aspects of life including the cup of coffee that people drink nicholas hawk al-jazeera tuba senegal. now it's really hard to overstate the importance of the onion to south asian cuisine it simply wouldn't be completely. and when they become unaffordable for many families like they have in bangladesh at the moment then you can expect that there will be some real political fallout tom the child to me explains from. one of the most states. in bangladesh cooking it is also the hottest topic right
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now in bangladesh media has also taken over the social media by way of parody what . $0.36 per kilogram selling for 3 dollars part kilogram government started providing subsidized right for the marginalised poor by way of special delivery vehicles but the people here can say that the onions here are rotten. these onions are not of good quality some of them are rotten but what can we do the prince the too high and we have no choice as poor people. some of the reason why price skyrocketed in recent months is because a bank of the government's failure to import onions in timely fashion india's ban on export of army into bangladesh and some unscrupulous trader holding onions to manipulate market price. you can't get onions because there's a lack of important india is banning exposure which is also why an in prices have
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gone up and in prices too hot for cooking most poor people and even the middle class stop using onion as a cooking ingredient. we have stopped buying because the prime minister has forced us to cook or dishes without it is not possible for us ordinary people to buy onions such a high price. as a symbolic gesture the prime minister herself has a larger quote not to use onion as an ingredient in our cook dishes although the prices have slightly going down because the government started air lifting on importing onions from middle east europe and even central asia but prices remain still high in the market for most people. all right it's time for us to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera this morning the u.s. is abandoned its longstanding position on israeli settlements in the occupied west bank saying it will no longer consider them illegal palestinians president's
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condemned the move but it's been welcomed by israel's prime minister who says it writes an historical wrong calling the establish of civilian settlements inconsistent with international law hasn't worked it hasn't invents the cause of peace the hard truth is there will never be a judicial resolution to the conflict in arguments about who is right and wrong as a matter of international law will not bring peace this is a complex political problem that can only be solved by negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians. israel says it's intercepted 4 rockets that were fired from syria towards the occupied golan heights warning sirens were heard around the golan heights as the rockets were downed by israel's iron dome defenses israel's occupied the syrian territory since 19673 taliban commanders have been released by the afghan government as part of a prisoner swap deal among them is
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a senior taliban leader and hakani in exchange 2 professors from the us and australia being released. hong kong leader carolina has urged the 100 or so protesters still holed up in the university campus to leave peacefully she said around 600 had already left following sunday's violent standoff with police south korea says 2 of its vessels have been seized by yemen's who things in the red sea the rebels say they're holding another ship which belongs to saudi arabia airstrikes have killed at least 7 people in southern areas of libya's capital wall orderly for have to reportedly targeted a factory where the victims were working. that's it for me find out coming up next counting the cost. and inspiring quest for knowledge that led to remarkable achievement. al-jazeera wells meets the algerian entrepreneur. who helped
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pioneer competing in the arabic language and the egyptian islamic scholar honored for his contribution to arab culture both building successful lives abroad but never think getting their roots arabs abroad the translator and the innovator on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week are we witnessing the end of globalization as we know it briggs it make america great again make it india is this a backlash against trade or just some other economic. this man is worth more than a $100000000000.00 overtaken bill gates to become the 2nd richest man we find out how a why france like many other western the.


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