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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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al-jazeera. the arab. back to build this is the news hour live from ahead courses coming up in the next 60 minutes 2 witnesses who listened in on donald trump's july phone conversation with ukraine's president described his comments as improper and unusual it is improper for the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and a political opponent. but libyan security forces open up access to a major fuel plant which had been dropped by supporters of former president evo morales also this hour the u.k. prime minister and his main challenger trade blows over break sit in their 1st one on one t.v. election debate bus. i'm florence italy on young chang lake easton china where
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harry crabs off on that so popular and expensive that that imitations in the market that story coming up. the arrow. would begin in the united states where the public hearings in the house impeachment inquiry into president donald trump have ended a short while ago and 2 senior white house officials have testified that the president's july phone call with his ukrainian counterpart was unusual and in appropriate new tenant colonel alexander of inman and jennifer williams both listened in on the call they have been speaking as i said before the house intelligence committee even men the top ukraine expert on the national security council said drop made an improper demand by pushing ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden. on july 21st 200-1000 present zelinsky won
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a parliamentary election in another landslide victory and he proposed that president trump call president salute zelinsky to congratulate him on july 25th 2900 the college heard our listening to on the in on the call in the situation room with white house colleagues i was concerned by the call what i heard was inappropriate and i reported my concerns to mr eisenberg it is improper for the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and a political opponent on july 25th along with several of my colleagues i listened to a call between president trump and president selenski the content of which has since been publicly reported prior to july 25th i had participated in roughly a dozen other presidential phone calls during my closed door deposition members of the committee asked about my personal views and whether i had any concerns about
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the july 25th call as i testified then i found the july 25th phone call unusual because in contrast to other presidential calls i had observed it involved discussion of what it appeared to be a domestic political matter and the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine kurt volker says he should have realized early at that president on ukraine were tied to joe biden at the one in person meeting i had with mayor giuliani on july 19th there giuliani raised and i rejected the conspiracy theory that vice president biden would have been influenced in his duties as vice president by money paid to his son as i previously testified i have known vice president biden for 24 years he is an honorable man and i hold him in the highest regard in hindsight i now understand that others saw the idea of investigating possible corruption involving ukrainian company barista as equivalent to investigating former president vice president biden i saw them as very different the former being appropriate unremarkable the latter being on acceptable let's
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bring in alan fischer in washington d.c. for as long day on capitol hill what were the main takeaways from tuesday's testimony. but an important day as well here for so long the republicans have said all we're hearing is people who have secondhand information of this phone call here who are 2 people who were actually on the phone call one of them of 10 it colonel alexander vigilant an army veteran the ukraine expert on the national security council someone who also speaks russian and ukrainian he said that as soon as he had the phone call he was so concerned about what donald trump was asking that he immediately went to a white house lawyer now he's come under attack from republicans saying that because he was born in ukraine and moved to the u.s. as a toddler was actually offered the job of ukrainian defense minister then there is perhaps something suspect about tenet colonel that meant what you have to remember is that he is a army veteran who was wounded in the battle in fallujah in 2014 and has
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a purple heart and also he made the point that the reason he decided to give evidence because is where america does right now jennifer what was also an important witness she said the phone call was perhaps unusual she is top aide to mike pence on the foreign policy side so the fact that she was concerned is interesting then we had. volcker who said that. joe biden wouldn't have done anything wrong wouldn't have used this position as vice president to get involved in anything untoward in ukraine that dismantles a key republican talking point and then perhaps what is going to be very interesting and will play out again on wednesday because of who's going to give evidence then was from timothy morrison who said that he was told by gordon sunderland the ambassador to the e.u. that the ukrainian aid would be unfrozen if the president announced there was going
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to be an investigation into the 2016 election and also possible corruption by joe biden so gordon sunderland is due to give. evidence on wednesday that little nugget certainly makes his that is testimony much much more interesting not that it wasn't going to be interesting before and certainly another key testimony on wednesday just remind us and what happens once these public hearings are finished. well we still go a little way to go public hearings they go through we will get what we saw at the end of the hearing today both sides stating their case the republicans through devon in a standing up say this is a farce see you tomorrow and adam schiff the committee chairman saying look this is where it all points this is what donald trump did wrong this is why he cannot do this he was looking to get personal benefit from a political decision of the united states government no it goes to the house judiciary committee if there is
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a recommendation for impeachment the house will then vote the committee will then vote if it passes and given that there are more democrats on that committee than republicans you think that's a pretty safe bet it goes to the field house for the house will vote again more democrats than republicans it goes to the senate this is where it becomes interesting there's a trial in the senate and mitch mcconnell who is the leader of the republicans in the senate the largest party in the senate essentially saying today and i quote it is inconceivable that there will be 67 votes to impeach donald trump and kick him out of office what's important to note is that many people back during the watergate hearings and i know it was a long time ago. they thought that there wouldn't be enough republicans to turn to impeach richard nixon the reality was as the case built against him and i'm not saying the same thing will happen here but is the case against him built more and more republicans felt it was politically unsustainable to back the president and therefore would have voted for his impeachment donald trump commands massive
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support in the republican party many people are tied to his success therefore it seems unlikely they will get the 67 votes and maybe mitch mcconnell is right but the republicans are still going to fight against that in the senate in the meantime the democrats are going to keep pushing this through the house allan thank you very much for that alan fischer live for us in washington d.c. has more about this to kyron higgens professor. law at cardozo school of law he's live from new york thank you so much for being with us. as we said it was a long day but a sunny a very important one which of the testimonies that we heard today do you think were the most damning for for the president and why. lieutenant colonel did when men of course he was the one who said that immediately upon hearing the president say what he said on the call on july 25th that it was inappropriate
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he went to the lawyers for the national security council where he's an official he was told by that lawyer to report anything else he heard and he has great credibility as a military man and the republicans only line of defense against him was really to attack his his character to repeat some allegations that his judgment was in question or that he had leaked materials from the n.s.c. right and what about kurt volker a witness that the republicans had pushed for offered a different and somewhat different testimony then when he spoke behind closed doors how significant is that. well it's he was very good at changing his testimony put it that way he he managed to play dumb he managed to reiterate that he didn't understand at the time the president once doing anything improper what he said today is that well now that he's heard the other witnesses he
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realizes that there was something improper but his story is basically that he had heard talk about. the company that 100 biden was a director of he had heard talk about ukrainian corruption but he just never put that together with an investigation of the bidens which is really very implausible we know from prior testimony that he was very closely involved with rudy giuliani and mick mulvaney who appeared to have been the instigators of the investigation into berries and him biden and the crazy conspiracy theory about crowd strike in the ukrainians playing a role in the 2016 election and then excuse me volcker spent his testimony today trying to separate himself from those people saying he was not one of the 3 amigos as they call them right interesting do you think kyron hagan's that these
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testimonies these public hearings are going to move anything in. well in terms of american public opinion and it may have a marginal effect the democrat base is high is is. you know dug in the republican base is dug into their their views but there is a you know a middle faction in american politics they call them the independents. and there are they they do have the ability to swing the election it's possible the impeachment hearings alone could sway them this is what happened to hillary clinton the republicans conducted hearing after hearing on alleged wrongdoing by hillary clinton really with much more merit the democrats are doing the same thing with president trump and there becomes this effect in among the independents the people
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who are half paying attention that well where there's smoke there's fire there must be something there because there's such a fuss being made and so they have the power to tip the election in 2016 that might have that effect but in the senate certainly no effect i would think i think mitch mcconnell is correct that there are no there's no way that 20 senators which is what it would take are going to turn against president trump as your correspondent said he is wildly popular with his base and i thank you so much for sharing your views with us kyron higgins professor of law at cardozo school thank you for your time. there's plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including an argument among our allies as if the west and south korea clash over the cost of american troop deployments past a warning from the pentagon that i saw could be on the rise in syria once again and tottenham hotspur are looking for
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a new manager be here in sports with all the details. to bolivia where at least 3 people have been killed during a security operation to end the blockade of a major fuel plant by supporters of former president ever they're demanding the return of the leftist leader after he resigned earlier this month and made anti-government protests reports. violent scenes once again in the city of hundreds of members of the security forces headed to the sink at the gas plant on tuesday supporters of elmore dallas were blocking it to prevent gas from reaching the capital. several people were killed and many others injured when security forces cleared the way and. they are killing our bolivian brothers we want freedom we want a president with our blood we will fight for it with our lives. there are
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roadblocks in many parts of bolivia and the streets leading to the capital are no exception protesters say bolivia's democracy is under threat but protests like this one are preventing gas diesel and some food items from reaching the city. people here say that they want to repeat what indigenous leaders back at that he did when he shut down all access to the capitol well they're saying that they want to do exactly the same right now to force the resignation of interim president johnny 9 years. back at that is subjective in $781.00 was to isolate law passed in the fight for independence from spain he was later killed. under siege was a tactic also used in more recent times in 2003 then president. was also forced out of office after massive demonstrations that closed the capital
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with ever more or less out of the country and an interim administration in place security forces claim they won't allow the past to repeat itself many say the violence needs to stop. bolivia is split into it is a good country it will more or less is gone and what are we going to do about it i would like to see people unite and find a candidate for elections stop throwing rocks we are killing one another among the libyans and elections will come and we won't have a candidate violence needs to stop. the attempt of us happened as the interim government is negotiating with a one what i list party for new elections this people that want to have a new process within the must but there are no negotiating with with a government for new elections by the radical people within the party led by a. person in this people with threats and everything to do with the
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government some type of consensus appears to be the only way out of the current crisis a crisis that has this and the a nation on the edge. the organization of american states mean losses from medical instability and human rights abuses are having a damaging effect on democracy in nicaragua hundreds of nicaraguans have been killed jail before seemed to exile since protests against president daniel ortega began in april last year demonstrators want ortega to step down and hold fresh elections. and hong kong dozens of anti-government protesters remain holed up inside a university despite repeated warnings to surrender some demonstrators have been trying to escape in an effort to avoid arrests following sunday night's violent standoff with police on tuesday hong kong's leader carry those inside to surrender peacefully and i did that those who are under the age of 18 would not be
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immediately arrested the siege was one of the most violent confrontations since on race began 5 months ago in hong kong let's bring in sara clock for the latest sour what's the current situation at the polytechnic university are they still protesters inside at this hour. there are the latest reports indicate there are between $60.10 protesters still holed up behind us at the polytechnic university the callinan campus where we are the entire area has got 24 hour around the clock monitoring by right place this is one of the entrance points where some of those protesters have fled over recent days obviously the right place a surrounding that particular campus now as you mentioned the place of confirmed around 1100 people the press has already left the campus and as you mentioned 600 of those were volunteers one story volunteered to surrender and 400. to $100.00 were under 18 of those under 18 we're going to be charged they simply had their names recorded for the time being now we do believe we know there are pictures
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bombs still it within the campus a large number of petrol bombs and as eventually got around the clock monitoring by these raw play some tried to flee overnight about filed and as a result they returned back to this particular campus which rigged. that's to this area and what's happening around here we still have a bit of traffic congestion we had those burnt out cars and massive amounts of rubbish titles change umbrellas rubbish bins strewn across the highways in the major thoroughfares around this particular campus some of that has been cleared but we still have trying lines that are being blocked or stopped this where we are now it's the hung home. bus and trying to change this particular spot this is a man and a mine and connection between as from here to china that. so large parts of area are still under lockdown around polytechnic university macallan campus. and the u.s. senate has just passed human rights and democracy human rights and democracy act
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which they see aims to protect human rights in hong kong what can that achieve. will this particular as you mention has just been unanimously passed in the senate in the us now this fund simply is a way of the us being able to kind of threaten sanctions on hong kong if they believe that the one country 2 systems policy is being undermined now this now goes to the house of representatives and that was where that would be where the wording of this particular act is negotiated and then it once again after that then goes to present donald trump a bit mean certainly that the u.s. can introduce various kind of tried traits against hong kong now the senate has a 2nd bill that bans the export of certain munition to the hong kong police force and that includes. purpose and and stun guns as well as rubber bullets now the hong kong government has responded to this release this morning of this act being passed by the senate it says it deeply regrets this act passed it said it's unnecessary
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and unwarranted it also sets since it will affect the relations between the u.s. and hong kong and it says the u.s. should not interfere in hong kong internal affairs thank you very much for that sour clock life for a scene hong kong and the u.s. has broken off talks with south korea in a dispute over the costs of basing around $30000.00 american troops a present donald trump is demanding almost $5000000000.00 that's a 5 fold increase let's speak some more about this not abigail bard who's an independent ager policy analyst she is live from washington d.c. on skype thank you so much for being with us just how much stress is this defense costing issue putting on the u.s. south korea lines. this puts a lot of stress on the alliance this is a pretty on press. to the net amount to demand from an ally and it's frankly the trump administration treating a very valuable partner of the united states almost like it's a member of
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a protection racket people this is politically super unpopular in south korea and it's going to take a lot of time to get this right and trump has suggested that u.s. troops could be withdrawn from the korean peninsula can he just pull out i mean what would be the impact of such a move for south korea and old soul for u.s. national security interests in the region the united states has troops in south korea because it directly protects u.s. interests the united states is threatened by the presence of north korea if you if trump were to just withdraw all of the troops from south korea that would have a profound impact on the stability of the entire of northeast asia and the greater into its effect. a lot of countries there rely on the united states to maintain peace and stability in the region and that would create a huge power vacuum and so where does this so leave u.s. effort to reach a negotiated end to north korea's nuclear program. that it also puts that under a tremendous amount of stress if the united states continues to put this sort of
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financial pressure on south korea popularity for the alliance popularity for terms diplomacy will fall and that we get a lot harder for the united states to coordinate in good faith with south korea and with japan towards resolving the north korean nuclear situation in a peaceful way that also meets what the u.s. wants out of the situation you have but the thing is that the u.s. wants to have a presence in the region doesn't it so is president trump bluffing when he's threatening to pull troops from south korea. i mean i wish i knew exactly what was going on in the president's head he has exhibited an incredibly concerning pattern of criticizing the u.s. troop presence in south korea and japan saying that our allies don't pay enough and threatening to withdraw the troops. i don't know if he'll really do that but he does have the power to make that happen and that's a scary prospect i think you have to go for speaking to us about this abigail bard independent analysts for asia policy joining us there from washington thank you very much for your time. now 3 shifts that were seized by yemen's who's the rebels
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in the red sea have now been released according to south korea the freed vessels consisted of 2 soft korean ships and one from. a saudi arabia they were being held near the port city of her data the saudi government condemned the seizure as a terrorist operation though the hoofy said their actions were justified the rebels have in the past targeted vessels off yemen schools which is one of the malls world's most heavily trafficked oil but. right school mr international says more than 100 protesters have been killed across iran since the government ordered security forces to come down on demonstrations iranian state television has broadcast footage it says shows some of the 300 people reportedly arrested for writing in threatening shopkeep as protest against a shop increase in fuel prices began on friday authorities say 6 protesters and 5 police officers have been killed the information that international of
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paying to the horrific pattern of unlawful killing across the country. according to creativity poise that he'd have received next time she days since last friday at least $106.00 killed is there have been kids in 21 cities of the country they believe that the enemy meet much higher and give and i told told a near total. log on access to the internet and many are not able to communicate information and but they lost out there not once. dutch police say they found 25 refugees and migrants inside a refrigerated container on a cargo ferry all were found alive to have been taken to hospital they were discovered just as a ferry left the netherlands bound for the u.k. just weeks ago the bodies of $39.00 people were found in a truck container in eastern england boris johnson and jeremy corbyn have faced each other in the 1st televised leaders' debate in the u.k.
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general election the prime minister and the labor party leader chalcedon bracks in the health service and even christmas paul brennan follow the debates. prime minister boris johnson came into this t.v. debate with a double digit lead in the latest opinion polls with the possible disadvantage of being the incumbent in this race the labor party leader jeremy corbyn came to solve it with the pressure of knowing that with less than 3 and a half weeks until polling day he leads a breakthrough soon with lots were drawn to call been spoke 1st on public services to many families or without a proper home struggling to make ends meet while tax cuts are handed to the super rich johnson led on bracks it whether you voted for leave or remain people want to get bricks it done and to unleash the potential of this entire country the questions ranged widely from bracks it to government austerity to personal
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integrity how can we trust you. at times the moderator struggle to keep the debate on topic and on time this is. interesting this is why this is quite interesting and i know you want to return to practice it is your thing but in the specific moment we are talking about the n.h.s. on brics it a labor government would read negotiate a new deal with the e.u. and then put it to a 2nd duty referendum johnson repeatedly demanded to know whether colvin will campaign for or against his own breakfast deal in that referendum but we don't know and i've asked this before we don't know which side mr corbyn would campaign is he going to campaign for leave can remove cameron from the other direction it's called impress the prime minister on the future of the national health service and emphasise the point with a personal anecdote about a friend who'd recently died of cancer the nurses that were trying to help her were unable to get anyone to see her because they were under such strain and stress and
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so she recorded a video saying please in my memory make sure nobody else goes through this pain other opposition party leaders were excluded from the main debate and allocated to separate t.v. interview programs the liberal democrats the scottish national party the greens and the party i would revoke article 50 something the prime minister has the power to do and we do that on day one westminster governments can does a poor as a direction of travel when a corner is and policies that we don't warrant upon us and therefore that really illustrates the importance of scotland to say don't for our sales what kind of country we want to be here we really do need to transform our whole country in the next 10 years we know how to do it we just need to make sure we've got the well and the investment to make it happen the plan is to get some bricks at boyce's into the house of commons to hold boris johnson to his promises political commentators will wrangle over which leader came out on top from this debate but there are several
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more televised encounters still to come in this election campaign plenty of time for voters to make up their mind before december 12th paul brennan al-jazeera london. still ahead on this news hour an admission by chile's president that security forces have overstepped their mom. will tell you have a group of mothers in guinea is rallying opposition supporters against the president and in support argentina are in impressive form on day 2 of the new davis cup be here with all the action distance. hello again we have got some pretty good case guys through much of eastern china some of the cloud is that much higher levels pushing out over the plateau and you know it is quite a massive cloud around the philippines now by wednesday this really should be the
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remnants of the latest typhoon but it will continue to do some very heavy amounts of rain into northern luzon elsewhere to the north ago case guys not bad in shanghai bit cooler 6025 degrees in hong kong and then you'll see on thursday it is still very unsettled into the northern philippines is coming from another system said into the east not developing quite yet into a tropical storm but we will monitor that very closely so when we head further to the south again you can see the rain it is really to the northern philippines a lot drier further to the south and then we got a line of rain showers across northern and central borneo out across sumatra fairly southerly as well as we go through wednesday and by thursday we could even see a few shots push into western areas of java now from there we head across tools india we've got the usual showers further to the south we need them this time of year and they are expected so that should be good news carola and across into tom and i do want to show is down into sri lanka quite a trout across into northern sections of you to pradesh it out she pushes before
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the south was on thursday so 26 in new delhi with some clouds. sponsored by town and. 50 years ago britain forcibly removed the inhabitants of this tropical haven and least it's to the u.s. military. for 5 decades geragos islanders have preserved their culture in exile and they're now escalating their struggle to return home. but their fate still lies in the hands of their colonisers. another paradise i witnessed a documentary on a. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha the reminder of our top stories more witnesses have been publicly questioned in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump white house ukraine expert lieutenant colonel on xander inman described times phone call with ukraine's president as improper jennifer williams and an advisor to the us vice president also testified saying she considers the call to be unusual testimony was also heard from former u.s.
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special envoy to ukraine kurt volker he said he didn't know we need take audion efforts to investigate tom's rival joe biden but admitted he should have realized what was going on. and at least 3 people have been killed in bolivia during a security operation to end the blockade of a major fuel plant by supporters of former president ever more honest they're demanding the return of the methodist leader after he resigned earlier this month i meet on thai government protests. 3 taliban commanders have been released by the afghan government as part of a prisoner swap sources have told on jazeera they've landed in qatar senior taliban leader and a commie is among them in exchange 2 professors from the u.s. and australia have been released after spending 3 years in taliban custody the pair of been handed over to the u.s. military afghan president ashraf ghani announced the swap last week. now a new report published by the pentagon says eisel has strengthened its position in
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the region after exploiting recent developments in syria it says turkey's offensive into northeastern syria and the drawdown of u.s. troops have allowed deisel to rebuild its capabilities and resources the report also says a death of isolated baghdad would do little to slow the armed groups resurgence it warned the group could attempt to free detainees currently being held by u.s. allied kurdish dominated forces let's bring in not me who is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he's via skype thank you so much for being with us i must say this was somewhat expected wasn't it did did the trump administration consider the risks associated with pulling out u.s. troops and supporting the turkish operation in northeastern syria what this report by the pentagon has highlighted was widely expected wasn't it. it was completely predictable donald trump's or you meant was that isis is defeated. the
5:34 am
conflict in northeastern syria doesn't concern the united states it doesn't affect american national security interests but one of the concerns right from the beginning when trump affectedly pulled american troops out in green lighted the turkish turkish incursion was that the region would be further destabilized and one of the beneficiaries would be isis would reconstitute themselves and so now we have another report that confirms that scenario so what's what was the motivation then what motivated the trumpet mr ations decision to pull these u.s. troops out and to support this offensive. well you're asking me to explain the behavior of donald trump and that's anyone's best guess but i think if i had to you know provide you with a reasonable answer i think it largely has to do with domestic politics i think we
5:35 am
are in the beginning of an election cycle in the united states and this narrative that donald trump has consistently stuck to that the united states is involved in these 4 ever wars that other countries should take up the responsibility for fighting some of these wars were pulling our troops home and that was the that was the the stated argument of course you know it doesn't make any sense because donald trump really wasn't pulling troops out of northeastern syria because around the same time he had certain more troops to protect the syrian oil fields and if you look at the larger middle east region since may of this year united states has increased american troops you know in the region but with respect to his you know base supporters who believe anything that he says this is a line that's very popular i think that largely explains the president's decision just coming back to the to the eisel threat the report also said that the death of abu dhabi would have little effect on i cells ability to reconstitute so what are
5:36 am
the options and novel preventing a new eisel safe haven in syria if there are any. well i mean there's short term challenges and long term challenges i think the short term challenge is to try and stabilize this area it was previously stabilized by american troop presence in alliance with kurdish forces so now that that arrangement has been. changed i think that's the immediate i think the pressing challenge is to find some alternative security arrangement that prevents this area from further destabilizing allowing isis to you know insert itself and to reorganize but of course the longer term challenges still remain in these have to do with you know that the social economic and political conditions that produced isis to begin with to have to do with you know authoritarian regimes unemployed young people the lack of hope and also the ideological challenge that isis still poses as a as
5:37 am
a movement that can still attract disgruntled young muslim men from around the world so i think those are the you know those are the 2. immediate imperatives that i think need to be dealt with thank you so much for your insight and me from the university of. denver thank you so much for being with us today on obviously thank you israel says it's fighter jets have launch attacks in syria the israeli army says the attack in the early hours of wednesday targeted positions of both the syrian army and iran squids force syria's military says many of the rockets were intercepted this comes a day after israel shot down 4 rockets launched towards the occupied golan heights from syria. and inside israel the political parties there remain dead after prime minister benjamin its now and his rival benny gantz failed to make progress in forming a new government the pair met on tuesday as gantz tries to secure
5:38 am
a coalition he has until wednesday to form a unity government if he fails the country could be forced into a 3rd. both leaders failed to secure a parliamentary majority in 2 separate elections in a span of 6 months swedish prosecutors have dropped an investigation into julian assange over a rape allegation that decision ends a threat of extradition to sweden for the founder of wiki leaks is currently at a british high security prison and is wanted by the u.s. on espionage charges for some london. 9 years on the quest to get julian assange before a swedish judge is definitively over this swedish prosecutor says she won't proceed with an investigation into a rape allegation made in 2010 after a review of the evidence member damning at sam. after the complimentary investigation conducted over the summer and the beginning of autumn it's now clear the testimony in support of the statement given by the plaintiff has weakened this is primarily because
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a long time has passed since the event took place memories fade for natural reasons the deputy chief prosecutor said the complainants evidence of was deemed credible and reliable but julian assange now $48.00 has always denied the allegations back in 2012 when sweden was trying to get him extradited asylum skipped bail in london and sort of siloam in the ecuadorian embassy all along he insisted he'd cooperate with the swedish legal system but said he feared being sent on to the us where he might face the death penalty really is the most extraordinary compendium of war that has ever been released during the time of war. he's been criticized by u.s. officials of the wiki leaks published secret cables relating to the wars in iraq and afghanistan passed on by chelsea manning a former u.s. soldier who spent 7 years in jail for the leak in may of this year julian assange was removed from the ecuadorian embassy and arrested he was later jailed for 50 weeks for breaching his original bail conditions he's now in this high security
5:40 am
prison in london while the u.k. government considers a u.s. extradition warrant a sanch faces allegations of conspiring to hack into a classified computer at the pentagon and could potentially face a jail sentence of up to 175 years his legal team insists he simply acted as a journalist and say his health is seriously deteriorating in jail on tuesday assigns briefly appeared at a london court via video link but full extradition hearing starts in february nadine barber al jazeera. funerals have been held for 5 people killed during anti-government protests in haiti hundreds of people attended services in port au prince for the victims 3 of them were allegedly shot by police while protesting more than 40 people have been killed and dozens injured since demonstrations broke out 2 months ago the rallies have been organized by opposition leaders who want presidential anomalies out of office over alleged corruption. police say they'll stop using birdshot on protesters at least for now the suspension follows an
5:41 am
admission by president sebastian pinera that security forces have committed abuses . or sometime tackle. on monday thousands took to the streets in sheila's capital santiago protesters commemorated one month since the unrest began nationwide but demonstrations like these are taking place almost every day across china. so more incidents involving police using violent tactics to disperse crowds and. the level of violence of this government with a president there's almost a pandemic of people who have lost their eyes or have been the one not only that there are people who have been tortured or have disappeared but almost like a dictatorship under democracy. this ongoing crackdown by security forces against demonstrators has become one of the biggest sources of anger among protesters were employed. i would see lower police just
5:42 am
a ploy here yes once again against peaceful demonstrators and it's these tactics that people are protesting against and reforming the country's security forces is just one of the many constitutional changes that protesters are demanding. chilean president sebastian pinera has admitted to the use of excessive force by police. down in unfortunately and despite the firm commitment and all the precautions we take not only the government but also our forces and police to protect the human rights of all in some cases the protocols were not respected there was excessive use of force abuses or crimes were committed. in an effort to calm the unrest public officials have announced that a referendum to establish a constitutional convention will be forthcoming. this is a historic opportunity for chileans who for the 1st time. will have a chance to write their own constitution this is what the people want and they
5:43 am
don't want political parties deciding what is written in essence this is nothing more and nothing less and the creation of a new chilean republic. was measures by the government to change the president's cabinet and hold a constitutional referendum have done little to calm dissent. but it was near the front lines of monday's protests the scene was chaotic protesters armed with slingshots and rocks were met with tear gas and rubber bullets several people were injured amidst the chaos the 2 caught for the most part the protests marking 4 weeks of unrest were mostly a celebration although the consensus among chileans is that there's still a long way to go. ukraine says it's ready to accept a reasonable compromise on settling the conflict in the east of the country more than 13000 people have been killed in the 5 year conflict between russia backed separatists and ukrainian government forces leaders from ukraine russia germany and
5:44 am
france are expected to discuss the issue at a summit next month ukraine's foreign minister says they'll go to the meeting with open ideas and an open minds in eastern ukraine meanwhile brushback separatists have just finished a weeklong operation to remove land mines the work in a village near donetsk took place after both sides withdrew their armed forces from the area. to guinea now where hundreds of women have taken part in a rally to demand justice for their children who died in opposition protests for more than a month now thousands have been demonstrating against a possible change to the constitution that would allow president afrikan day to seek a 3rd term they tory gate and the reports. of their banners and plaque on show the faces of boys and young men who they say were killed by police during protests against president alpha condé the mothers have one message for the president who they accuse of wanting to hold on to power for
5:45 am
a 3rd term. and we are here to talk to stop killing our children enough is enough he has to go we don't want to be in power for a 3rd term to continue killing our children. police say they used force after protesters threw stones at them during violent confrontations relatives of 12 year old mammy do who shot dead last week say that use of force was disproportionate. they want to kill us they kill our children when they're impaired when they go to school when they play we will be on the street until after condi leaves office. the older month thousands of people have been marching through the capital conakry week after week. angry about a possible constitutional change that they say will push me into a dictatorship the. we're here once again to protest against the killing
5:46 am
of our children in the prime of their lives a little over 10 days ago we recorded nearly 8 deaths before about 11 this is an acceptable 81 year old condé 1st came to power in 2010 it was guineas 1st democratic election after more than 50 years of mostly military rule since its independence from france in 1958. that these protesters 10 years of condi is government is enough victoria gay to be al jazeera. to us jail guards charged with falsifying prison records the nights geoffrey epstein killed himself have pleaded not guilty tovan oil and michael thomas are accused of failing to perform checks on i've seen every half hour and fabricating log entries to show they had epstein was found dead in the cell in august says you are way to trial on sex trafficking charges. the u.s.a.'s of south dakota's untie meth campaign is getting knots of attention for the wrong reasons. so i my.
5:47 am
campaign was widely mocked for featuring the slogan man i'm on it however the state governor says the ads are helping to raise awareness on a serious problem the number of teenagers using meth in south dakota is double the national average. after a few months each year young change make in china bustles with activity for harry krop season the chinese delicacy has become so popular restaurant counter feeds in the markets france really has a story from eastern china. has been working the waters of young turn lake for more than 20 years he's one of thousands of crowd thomas here autumn is harvest season for chinese mitten crabs also known as hairy crabs a delicacy prized for its rich growth so the humor i sleep on my houseboat every day i have to keep our eye on the crops or so they don't escape also how to look
5:48 am
out for thieves. hairy crabs are also reared in surrounding lakes but it is farms from youngstown lake that are believed to produce the best ones to preserve the quality of the water the local government has limited the number of farms allowed on the lake. it has created a whole business channel restaurants logistics and tourism every year we see more tourists coming. to enjoy the crops which are of the highest quality the crabs are sold all over china and exported overseas last year the output from this area was a 1600 tons but what was marketed and sold as harry crabs from young chang amounted to $20000.00 tons that's a lot of fake young crabs out there the crab association here has taken measures to protect its famed progeny that secure our code on each tag and once you scan it
5:49 am
a screen comes up giving you information as a statement confirming that the scribe is from young chang lake as a serial number there's even a phone number you can call to make sure the crab you've got is the real deal. connoisseurs insist they can tell the difference between crabs raised in young gent lake from the rest. quality of crabs from young lake is much better than crops from anywhere else their shells are also thinner. i don't eat craps from anywhere else other than a young lake to meet flavor and the role it's reach or. being eating crabs for a long time i can tell the difference they're more expensive but it's worth it. as long as there are people willing to travel all the way here the genuine young gent hairy crabs farmers like to won't have to worry about competition from
5:50 am
counterfeits florence louie al-jazeera young child lake eastern china. on the.
5:51 am
thank you very much well european champions league runners up tottenham hotspur have sacked their manager. after 5 years in charge recent results for spurs have
5:52 am
been disappointing the club is in 14th position and the english premier league spurs chairman daniel levy said the club have made the change reluctantly but do so with the club's best interests at heart the 47 year old arrived at tottenham in may 2014 after a successful stint at southampton highlights included finishing 2nd and the 20162017 season and reaching the champions league final in 2019 however a poor start to the season with the team line and 14th place in the premier league has alternately brought about his downfall louis enrica has been reappointed as spain's national head football coach having stepped down in june to care for his late daughter the former barcelona manager had been in the job for 11 months before leaving the role his 9 year old daughter subsequently passed away in september after a battle with bone cancer and his former assistant robert marino took charge in his absence and led spain to euro 2020 qualification spain's football federation says
5:53 am
he wanted to make way for enrique's return but after monday's 5 nil win over a mania he reportedly left in tears this is the 5th managerial spell 1st spain's team since june 28th all under the leadership of spanish f.a. president luis lists. going to the long term a hurdle and. we've been very happy with coach robots who we've always said so we think he's done a really good job before we can only be grateful for his work here but the leader of this project who began this was luis enrique and i say the game wide open for luis enrique the minute he wanted to come back they feel we have been consistent and of course without belittling anybody who is a reeky is an exceptional coach with an amazing resume and he's the person we trust to lead this project 2016 european championships semi fire. unless wales have snuck into euro 2020 thanks to victory over hungary on tuesday coming into the match the welsh were outside of the automatic qualifying places in group the hungary and were
5:54 am
actually 2nd in that group but thinks to 2 goals from aaron ramsey wales will take their place at the euro 2020 hungary are out. elsewhere on the night there were also big wins for germany the netherlands belgium and russia while slovakia latvia poland scotland and north macedonia were also on the winning side the new look davis cup finals format has served up some genuine drama on its 2nd day and madrid france were forced to go the distance against japan before they. took this court in the doubles rubber the 2 teams were locked out one each wilford tsonga had put the french in the only it but then yoshihiko levelled matters for the japanese that was when i. became the heroes for france winning 676475. i mean responsibilities for everybody you steps up on the court i mean you have to play for your country you have to give your best try to win this responsibility we
5:55 am
had. but especially the no one it's a deciding who is going to win the match so for sure a big responsibilities and i'm happy today with nico we gave everything we had. paid so really happy about that australia are also off the mark in madrid they went to nil up against colombia after alex to minard defeated it didn't before that the bad boy of tennis nick kyrgios set the ozzies on their way when he won the open in singles rubber against gonzales 64 and 64 elsewhere argentina comfortably took care of south american neighbors chile to go schwartzman defeated christian garren 62 and 62 after guido paya had beaten nicolas jari in straight sets to set argentina on their way to argentina and completed a 3 mil sweep by winning the doubles 2. cleveland browns n.f.l. star myles garrett will appeal his indefinite suspension for striking another
5:56 am
player with a helmet on wednesday garrett who number one pick in the 2017 draft was at the center of a mass brawl during the browns game with the. pittsburgh steelers last thursday at one point he ripped off the helmet of pittsburgh quarterback mason rudolph before hitting him rudolph was not seriously injured the n.f.l. have suspended garrett for the rest of the season without pay it's the biggest band ever handed out by the n.f.l. for a single game incident that's not a great look for us sport and neither is this in the n.h.l. ice hockey nothing unusual about the brawl between the washington capitals and anaheim ducks but caps player garnett hathaway in the red was thrown out of the games for spitting on the ducks in the refs reviewed the video and kicked him out but hathaway could still get a fine and a longer suspension it overshadowed a 52 victory for the caps who have more points than any other team in the n.h.l. so far this season. now when you talk about sled dog race in this is probably what
5:57 am
you're imagining but they're doing things slightly different in england not much snow in early november but there is lots of mud so conditions are perfect for the $21000.00 dry land world sled dog championships course around $250.00 dogs competed in a variety of classes at the event in southern england competitors coming in from all parts of europe including russia belgium and spain i mentioned before the muddy conditions were perfect for the dogs slight less so for their owners. want funding to be a part of well that's it for me in sports we'll have more for you later. thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera of the for you back to one out here thank you very much for watching daryn jordan is with you next disturbing this. white supremacist violence is on the rise in america he was about in this hall and
5:58 am
around network 8 full time speaks to the victims of recent attacks when he shot me i turned around he were killed my daughter and asks how an ideology of loathing has found its way into the mainstream can you draw a through line between the rhetoric of president trump and the conservative media in america to what happened here in el paso license to hate on al-jazeera. and the slaughter of the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life no versity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than our soul in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression.
5:59 am
the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the darkness. because you dislike the desire to understand the world. makes us human. and the human condition is universal. stranded 8 long years on the sioux is canal. creating their own community and they called to me it was you know president bush used you could go in. al jazeera world tells the tale of 14 cargo vessels accidentally caught up in the arab israeli conflict it was quite a surprise to find myself in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships survived the desert sands the yellow fleet on al-jazeera.
6:00 am
it was inappropriate it was improper. a white house official testifies it was wrong for donald trump to press you praying to investigate a political rival. at one time in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the dwindling number of protesters still inside a hong kong university weigh up their options as police went outside. u.k. prime minister and his main challenger a trade blows of a break that methodist one on one to the legend debate. on chilly.


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