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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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it will take 10 to a 1000 years for this to disintegrate and that's what's choking this city. this is al jazeera. santa maria and this is the news out from al-jazeera. was there a quid pro quo as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting the answer is yes that's the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. testifying donald trump wanted ukraine's president to investigate his political rival in exchange for military aid. not only did we win today it's all over
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but trump remains defiant insisting he wanted nothing from ukraine and that the inquiry should and. also students is still under siege at a hong kong university as the u.s. congress approves a bill demanding china respect human rights and a new symbol emerges to represent the diverse groups of people behind the protests in chile. so more dramatic testimony has been delivered on the 4th day of the public. pietschmann inquiry into u.s. president don't trump and just the past few hours we've heard from the deputy assistant secretary of defense laura cooper also david hale the under secretary secretary for political affairs but when asked what they knew about u.s. military aid being withheld from ukraine now in her testimony cooper mentioned that ukrainian officials are asked about the stalled a as early as july 25th contradicting president trump's defense that they had no
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idea anything was on hold my staff showed me 2 unclassified emails that they received from the state department one was received on july 25th at 2 31 pm that e-mail said that the ukrainian embassy and house foreign affairs committee are asking about security assistance the 2nd email was received on july 25th at 4 25 pm that e-mail said that the hill knows about the f m f situation to an extent and so does the ukrainian embassy and then in the earliest session the us ambassador to the e.u. gordon sandland gave what was the most anticipated testimony so far he said while trying never told him directly about a reciprocal agreement or quid pro quo as they say for military aid it was made very clear to everyone involved that there was a pressure campaign against ukraine was there
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a quid pro quo as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting the answer is yes mr giuliani conveyed to secretary perry ambassador volker and others that president trump wanted a public statement from president selenski committing to investigations of brewery sma and the 2016 election. of course this inquiry is assessing whether donald trump withheld military aid to ukraine in order to pressure the country into investigating his rival joe biden following the latest testimonies trump himself said the impeachment inquiry should just and not only do we win today it's over and some of the family friends of which there is a deal mike said this thing is over nancy pelosi is a competent she's got nothing done in congress and now with their big star witnesses and it's going to be their star witness that just so you know i don't know him very well he's the guy that got put there he wasn't even on my side he
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came over to be i didn't even know that he came up to me after i defeated other people i defeated them all. let's pull of together with alan fischer now has been following developments in washington alan it's not over is it in fact today is possibly pushed the house closer to the idea of impeachment actual articles of impeachment than ever before. well i don't know what media donald trump is looking at saying it's over i can't see anyone saying that i've also been looking at fox news and some of their commentators are saying this was a very damaging day for donald trump no if you've been at what cold day or you can't sit next the television or the radio we've been watching these impeachment hearings so you don't have to let me tell you the big reveal is of course court and saundra and saying look there was a quid pro quo or you remember this all started because an anonymous whistleblower
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hared the call on july 25th or let me correct that got reports from people who were on the call on july 25th and said there was something wrong about this so lodged a complaint with the inspector general for the intelligence community that then sparked these inquiries and that led to the impeachment hearings were seeing no essentially the whistleblower said he was told or she was told there was a quid pro quo always denied by the republicans there was no quid pro quo or donald trump or said that many times here is gordon sunderland one of the main conduit between the white house and the ukrainian saying yes there was a quid pro quo donald trump saying i hardly know the man he delivered $1000000.00 to the inauguration campaign he would regularly in contact with donald trump according to his testimony he said that senior figures in the administration including the vice president the secretary of state the energy secretary the chief of staff they all knew that there was
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a quid pro quo that they were putting pressure on the ukrainians to deliver an investigation into joe biden a political rival no interestingly enough in the last couple of hours we've heard from the vice president's office and we've heard from the secretary of state's office they say that gordon's on dylan's testimony was wrong he gave evidence under or thought means if he is lying he could be in big trouble and they just put out statements to the mean. saying that they got this thing wrong this was a big day it was an important day it could possibly be had historic day you're seeing the republicans moving closer and closer to articles of impeachment the republicans for their part they keep saying nothing to see here move along i mentioned alan that this is the 4th day of the public hearings at least what is still to come this way next great beyond. well you know i've lost my list of people who are coming up in the next couple of days but what we will see is the
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democrats continuing to build a case putting testimony after testimony that backs up a lot of what they've been saying this isn't just a random less that they have built this in the very methodical way so that it will get the initial statements and then you will find out what gordon sunderland's said and that was important and we saw that in the last couple of hours just as you highlighted from the woman who was at the defense department whose name escapes me for the moment laura. could park who said exactly laura cooper who said that. look we've we're told by the ukrainians they were concerned about not getting this aid on july 25th an important date for a number of reasons 1st of all because that is a month before the white house says that the ukrainians found out about it so nor they knew that it was being held up and july 25th why is that date important come on you know the answer that is the day that donald trump held this conversation
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with president selenski and released the transcript that transcript where he says although he never said the word would like a quid pro quo he says and perhaps you could do us a favor so there are going to see more and more of this just building up a case that moves towards articles of impeachment and that is likely to happen soon but as we've said before come on we've said in the last hour america united states $2900.00 politics here is very tribal the democrats think they are building a very solid case towards impeachment the democrats the republicans don't think they're doing anything that brings donald trump course to impeachment and so that's where the 2 sites sit and although the house might go ahead with impeachment it's still unlikely inconceivable says mitch mcconnell the leader of the publicans in the senate that they'll get 67 votes to impeach don. trump and remove him from office it's been a big day on capitol hill our thanks to alan fish if it's taking us through it so
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let's step back a little more with a quick look at how this impeachment process actually works it begins in the house of representatives it debates it votes on whether to bring as alan was talking about the articles of impeachment the charges against the president if that is successful then a trial of sorts presided by the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court happens in the senate a 2 thirds majority would be needed in that 100 member senate to convict and thus remove the president and historically we'd have to say impeachment are rare out of 35 attempts only 2 presidents have actually been impeached. is one of them richard nixon bill clinton the of the other one neither have been removed from office. richard nixon he of course resigned when the proceedings were under way from one alan fischer to allan lichtman now in washington d.c. a professor of history at the american university mailed friend who was here 3 years ago of course for our election night coverage allan when donald trump was was
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elected and you said if it wasn't back then you said not long after that that allan donald trump will not only be elected but he will be impeached you would be feeling fairly confident about that now. it is endeavor to bull that donald trump will be impeached look the republicans are wrong the democrats have not been pushing for the impeachment of donald trump ever since he was elected quite the opposite the leadership of the democratic party particularly speaker nancy pelosi has said we're not moving to impeachment but then donald trump brought it down upon himself gratuitously by opening up this entire ukrainian scandal he forced the hand of a very reluctant democratic leadership but they will not have gone this far and the evidence is so strong that an impeachment is guaranteed as you say we can talk
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about the senate as well we'll get to that in a moment i 1st just want to talk about the hearings that we were watching today and that we've seen these 4 days of public hearings do you get the feeling sometimes that the democrats and republicans are just watching different things or just hearing different things i know it is each of their jobs overseas to push their own party line but the interpretations are complete other ends of the spectrum. they really are and in heard republicans say we don't care what the evidence is we are going to stand by the president no matter what and that's what you've seen play out look at the devon noone is the lead republican on the committee the ranking member if you watch his opening and closing statements he almost never talks about the evidence he simply goes through these rants denouncing the democrats and bringing up these utterly debunked conspiracy theories that it was really the
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ukrainians not the russians who intervened in the 2016 election i think today's hearing though was very important because the blew away substantively 3 of the republicans most important defenses number one they said there was nothing linking this to donald trump well gordon sunland who has direct access to donald trump directly linked it to donald trump directly through a directive from donald trump through donald trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani who donald trump also said presidents dyleski should contact after he asked him for these politically connected investigations secondly gordon seidlin blew away the defense that there was no this for that he said absolutely rudy giuliani told him that there was a quid pro quo that they would not get. the critically needed meeting with donald
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trump in the oval office unless they announced these investigations thirdly we've heard from laura cooper which blew away the republicans defense that oh the ukrainians didn't even know about this until maybe late august as your reporter indicated they were expressing concerns on the very day that trump out his conversation would selenski allen as you point out the senate is where it all really. happens provided we get to page meant the likelihood of a republican lead we will actually. removing the president from office is unlikely so if that is the case what will the impeachment have done with it and given donald trump a bloody nose so to speak in a reelection year absolutely if you look at the past history 2 presidents impeached richard nixon resigned to avoid impeachment in every case their party lost the next presidential election with the cloud of scandal hanging over
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them now remember a senate trial will get much more public attention then these hearings it's very dramatic we've only had 2 of them in the history of the country and at the senate trial the house can appoint prosecutors who can bring forth witnesses and documents make opening and closing statements cross-examine the president's witnesses and the president will have to mount a real defense not just the bluster we've seen from him and not just rudy giuliani style spend no matter what happens in the senate vote it's going to be a very bruising experience for donald trump right in the middle of the election year allan lichtman always a pleasure thank you for joining us. here's what else is coming up for you on this news hour a family affair because newly elected president names his brother as the prime
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minister putting a firm grip on power also pressure mounts on colombia's government as the country braces for its biggest national strike in years and in sports as a marine you're settles into his new job his 1st training session as the manager of talking. to other news a magnitude 6 point one earthquake has struck in thailand it happened near the district of one in the north just east of chiang mai in fact so far. no reports of damage or casualties. to hong kong about $100.00 protesters are still holed up in the besieged polytechnic university the remnants of the hundreds who took over the campus for several days international condemnation is now growing over the treatment of the protesters centers in the u.s. of a even approved a bill to support human rights in hong kong china says it's meddling in the summer
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and a u.s. diplomat in beijing let's check in with sarah clarke outside that university in hi sara just bring us up to date with what you know of how many protesters are left and when and if they're going to go. we've got about 100 protesters still left inside there refusing to leave this campus impellor in the polytechnic university and we've had some. some voluntarily surrendered and we've had a 1000 leave over the last few days but this hard core group remains barricaded up inside we do know from some of those protests is that the hungry they've also indicated this we saw on monday when. this particular camp itself i don't buy tear gas and rubber bullets by the place now since then the police and the government have negotiated a deal with your group of the principals teachers and headmasters who said can we get can be at school at some of these protests is that if we do you would you
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please let me exit and i asked for that camp said still inside round this area it's all still congested with a lot of traffic congestion around hong kong this morning and we still have a cross have a town which is right behind me it's been closed since wednesday after those protesters lit some of the top it's certainly here in hong kong the last of the 100 practices of behind me but we have brought down this particular area in a very busy part of hong kong so i mentioned the same passing just before the u.s. house of representatives passing this hong kong human rights and democracy act and it's got to go to the president yet for approval what would the reaction to that be in her own course. yes it passed unanimously yesterday in the senate in the u.s. and today obviously the house of reps has passed it now it has 10 days to go to president donald trump well no doubt house is something outside this off simply because it's gone through both houses now now this put this in particular this bill
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the government here has rejected it angrily they've said that told the u.s. not to interfere in the internal matters or internal affairs in hong kong china has had a similar response to what this particular bill does that requires a state department in the u.s. to certify that that hong kong is protecting respecting the human rights of people here in hong kong as well they've also looked at the bill requests also allows hong kong to qualify for a special u.s. try to sanction so if the u.s. believes that the hong kong and china are not respecting you that protecting the one country 2 systems policy i can interact so i do as i mentioned trump has now 10 days to pass it but the hong kong government once again and china has rejected it angrily thank you sarah clarke for the update from hong kong at least 11 people have been killed after an strikes and missiles targeted parts of syria's rebel controlled italy province activists are blaming the syrian government iranian militias for a missile that targeted an internally displaced persons camp near the turkish
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border syrian regime air strikes also targeted the city of marjah in southern italy israel's opposition leader benny gantz has been unable to form a coalition government which means the country may be going to the polls again israel's political system has been paralyzed for months after 2 inconclusive elections one in april 1 in september the incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu did not receive any overall majority so they tried to get the support of our door lieberman's party he refused to support either candidate and urged the 2 to work together to form a unity government sorry force that explains all of that now from west jerusalem. well for hours before the expiration of the deadline for benny gantz to make a coalition government he came to the microphones to admit what had been coming increasingly clear throughout the course of the day that he had failed but he put the blame for that squarely at the feet of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying he had been fortifying himself inside a transitional government against the will of the israeli people just to try to
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avoid prosecution in impending corruption cases and he used a particularly personal language in a very strong attack against netanyahu saying that no party leader was above the nation no person had the right to deny the people their vote no prime minister on leader could say that my interests are more important than yours and he said that netanyahu had been putting poison into the israeli political process through hatred and incitement and he said that israel now faced its greatest democratic test in its history as now the 21 day period begins where any member of the israeli parliament the knesset could theoretically try to form a coalition government if they have enough support otherwise israel is off to a 3rd round of elections within less than a year because our would so usually school. netanyahu needs to remember israel still has a democracy even if it doesn't appeal to him and he should have come to terms with
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the fact that the outcome of the elections required him to negotiate directly with no blocks or barriers well earlier the right wing politician of a door lieberman has been seen as the kingmaker in this process so that he hadn't been able to convince either netanyahu or gantz to compromise enough to form a joint unity government the only kind of government that he said he would support with his crucial seats in the israeli parliament so what comes next for the only way really that a 3rd election could be avoided is if the threat of that election which is so unpopular with the electorate is enough in itself to try to pressure key players to compromise more or if when netanyahu and we do think it is when they're finally gets charged by the attorney general in the coming days in his 3 corruption cases whether that changes the calculus within his own party enough to try to splinter support away from him there's been no sign of that in the run up to those charges coming in the support has so far been rock solid behind him and so for now this
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grinding political crisis goes on with no sign of an end perhaps it will only end and maybe not even then if the 3rd round of elections happens in the early part of next year iran's president hassan rouhani is blaming the united states israel and its other regional enemies for the mass protests in his country in the past few days the capital tehran is now largely peaceful following demonstrations which began on friday when the government hiked petrol prices. iran is also disputing amnesty international's figure of more than 100 people dead in the protests calling that number speculative ronnie's the protests were a security issue not a popular movement. variables were organized and armed and they were precisely following a scheme plotted by the backward state in our region as well as the zionists and the americans i consider this another big victory for the iranian nation after supremely devastated our people have come out of it totally is a different times in the face of our enemies plots and this time as well in my ears
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that with the enemies plot for creating insecurity people gained complete victory. sri lanka's new president got the buyout rajapaksa has named his elder brother prime minister mahinda rajapaksa was the president himself between 252015 he will replace ronnie with karma singer when sworn in on thursday in elfin and as reports now from colombo. running the vicar missing who went on television to address sri lankans about his decision to step down by him into about 3 operative people not even though we had a majority in parliament we accept the mandate received by mr rajapaksa decided to allow him to form a new government as he wishes but. his announcement came after he called his cabinet to a meeting at his official residence on wednesday for some members of his party it's high time for change even the that national party needs new leadership to move forward new people need to come and take responsibility and particularly because
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the general election will be coming closely because missing has led the united national party for 25 years drawing increasing criticism for not handing over the leadership. his body helped defeat the government of law in the rajapaksa brother of the new president in 2015 but lost support when he trailed to keep election promises to bring change and stamp out corruption he was sacked by prison mighty palace it is seen in october last year only to be reinstated by the supreme court which ruled the move was unconstitutional. on thursday president go to the rajapaksa will swear in mind as prime minister as ron overcome a single leaves tempered trees his official residence that you see behind me he and his united national party must now look at regrouping to ensure they mount a strong opposition in parliament to counter the power of the rajapakse has been
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a fernandez al-jazeera colombo. full libya's interim president and years has asked congress to approve a law allowing for new elections after the disputed poll a month ago it comes as supporters of the former president evo morales continue to demand his return he stepped down 10 days ago and fled to mexico amid allegations of irregularities at the polls 32 people have now been killed in the unrest since that election. colombia's government is mounting a massive security operation in preparation preparation for what could be the country's biggest national strike in years riot police and soldiers have been deployed to the capital. and the country's borders have been shot to prevent foreigners from joining in. the latest from bogota. it has been a tough 1st year for colombian president. but the last 30 days it's been worse. center party suffered heavy losses in regional elections failing even in areas that
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had once been strongholds. in 5 indigenous leaders were killed by an armed group that happened that's the army struggles to contain violence in areas where the implementation of a peace deal with rebels has been delayed by government opposition to the agreement . finally his defense minister was forced to resign after it was revealed that at least 8 children had been killed in an air attack against the dissident faction of the fark the president's response to that. what are you talking about dude normally the 1st year he said good year for the president to have this haunting public opinion and people are not convinced at this point of the story that this is a good government that they are at the country they don't think that the hatha an overall 'd project for the country. support for the president in polls is falling to 26 percent with growing discontent over government actions and proposed economic
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reforms opposition parties unions and students have called for a national strike that's expected to be the largest in years and like that said by this one we are the 3rd most unequal country in the world the 6th worst in education and with the protests across south america from ecuador to colombians have been emboldened people are asking if we are worse off why don't we also do it the biggest fear for president the government is that there. strike could spike in cologne get the same kind of rest that a seriously stabilised number of countries in the region. former president has accused foreign agents of inciting violence some critics say that could be a way to criminalize the protest but government representatives say that's not the case and i believe every comment has a right to protest it whether it is wonderful spread or under the right. shoes but at the same time we have to question those who ask people to do on
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a national strike even if they're really if they really have the interest in mind or if they have political benefit in mind. despite such comments many colombian say they're ready to join people across south america in the mending social in economy grow forms they feel they've been denied for too long. in the news ahead why the greek government says it will close down several large migrant camps housing fouls on its own migrants largest the cigarette maker in the us is accused of targeting teenagers and misrepresenting the safety of its products but in support andy murray now really avoids the shock to face and his emotional return to the davis cup.
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i once again welcome to another look at the international focus with this law she set fire across china at the moment we have seen some very heavy rain recently into the philippines northern parts of luzon taking a little bit of a battering as a tropical storm made its way in through here it's east across the north of luzon pushing out into the south china seas and it will run towards the central and southern parts of vietnam as we go on into the next couple of days or so weakening as it does so rain starting to pay through just not just another band of rain another system another tropical storm pushing up towards taiwan as we go on into friday come back into china stine try and find hong kong gets up to around $29.00 degrees celsius maymont across southeast asia it is sunshine and showers rashes showers there from the philippines easing of its walls some parts of vietnam will cease or russia showers to when to borneo malaysia sinks in levittown poles and all
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the parts of java might just catch rain shaft or time but i think by logic still looking essentially dry showers continuing there across a month approaching up into the my peninsula some parts of thailand seeing some very heavy rain some parts of india also seeing some very heavy rain those showers pushing over towards further north it's generally trying for most. the weather sponsored by catherine was. white supremacist violence is on the rise in america he was about in this whole underground network 8 full time speaks to the victims of recent attacks when he shot me i turned around the prime that he were killed my daughter and asks how an ideology of loathing has found its way into the mainstream can you trawled through line between the rhetoric of president trump in the conservative media in america to what happened here in el paso license to hate on al-jazeera al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we
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don't move to a bribe with a few token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today the stewards discussed then the price will go to war over not involving some of the region's highest officials murtha the work of. al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale. on the news hour here at al-jazeera let's take you to the headlines the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. is delivered some of the most anticipated testimony they don't trump impeachment
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inquiry gordon song and describe broad involvement of the trumpet ministration in a pressure campaign against ukraine the white house says is testimony completely exonerates the president and trump says the inquiry is over. $100.00 protesters are still holed up in hong kong's besieged polytechnic university international condemnation is growing over the treatment of the protesters in fact senators in the u.s. have approved a bill supporting human rights in hong kong. and at least 11 people have been killed after airstrikes and missiles targeted parts of syria's rebel controlled it labor province activists are blaming the syrian government and iranian militias for a missile that targeted an internally displaced persons camp near the turkey. right place in zimbabwe have attacks opposition party supporters with batons tear gas and water cannon gathered to hear. give a speech on the country's struggling economy there is growing frustration and up
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the government over the lack of fuel and medicine out of which also with more from what. they came to hear their leaders speak in see the opposition supporters by riot police who made it clear they weren't allowed to attend already organized by nelson chamisa the head of the movement for democratic change party struggling to deal with the worst economic crisis in a decade the shortages a basic commodities including fuel and power. when chinese i arrived he said he wanted to tell us about what his m.d.c. party plan to do about the economic crisis saying president goggle and. government has failed the m.d.c. is a large movement in this country it cannot be bought by another bodies from party. for that reason we. are shamed mr decide to use the military and the police in the way he has got this morning today but the fact
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of the matter is not going to change is not going to give it to mislead and it's not going to stop the m.d.c. from moving forward with its problems and agenda. the police had only given permission for the ready to go ahead just outside the capital central business district but the m.d.c. wanted to gather outside party headquarters in the city center the police say the reason why they didn't allow this body to go ahead is because they were concerned they would be violent that's why they deployed in full force the m.d.c. the opposition party say they will still continue trying to hold gatherings try to hold rallies because they face prosecutes and this is an infringement of ferrites to express themselves. the police have banned several and. gatherings this year human rights workers have often criticized security forces to use an excessive force when dispersing crowds this year be ended in a ploy to where we have 14 sinking and we will leave
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where we share market yet. i don't have the t.s.b. she flew the lazy citizens who simply wanted to. be an army but the polish went for years. and this seems to be mounting as the economy worsens but in a country with a history of repression speaking out against the government can sometimes be dangerous. if europeans in the region have voted on the creation of a new federal state preliminary results are expected on thursday this initiative aims to give ethnic groups more autonomy somehow or fear the vote could actually bring more fragmentation in july the referendum was delayed triggering days of unrest that left dozens of people dead security forces in iraq say at least 27 protesters have been wounded in the capital baghdad police used tear gas to
5:36 am
disperse people advancing on the green zone which is home to government buildings demonstrators are still occupying the main bridge leading to that green zone as well as 2 other keep bridges in baghdad they're also blockading the southern port of. which is the entry point for much of iraq's imported food more than 300 people have been killed since anti-government protests began 7 weeks ago. the greek government has announced it will close down several large migrant camps and replace them with closed facilities with a capacity of at least $5000.00 people each also vowing to step up deportations of migrants not eligible for asylum. seekers to be proceeding with the arrangement of close centers not only said they cannot move apparently there was but because a clear message needs to be sent to those planning to enter the country illegally when they know that they do not qualify for asylum of. the government also plans to move $20000.00 refugees from the islands to the mainland by the end of the year but
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that decision is facing a backlash from many locals as john psaropoulos reports now from the greek region of macedonia. this hotel in northern greece is surrounded by cotton fields far from the sea and the tourist sites it would most likely be closed for winter instead the international organization for migration is paying it almost $2000.00 a day to house 135 syrian afghan and iraqi asylum seekers moved here from the greek islands where there's no proper accommodation for them asked matt who spent 2 years on the island of heroes has been granted asylum and can now dream of the future here now to find other work on this and we used to get moved from wherever we pitched our tent on chios it was a small place nobody wanted us now i plan to go to work for another barber and in time i will save money to open my own shop but not everyone in the local town of help you've gone and thinks refugees should be allowed to work here the economic
5:38 am
crisis has left nearly 20 percent of people unemployed including the local mothers i spoke to us they're not refugees they're illegal migrants refugees are from war zones afghanistan isn't at war nor is kuwait no the african countries they pick up their i phones and tell their relatives back home there's free accommodation free food free healthcare and free transport and our children have nothing they have unemployment and they get bullied by the migrants in the nearby camp of the avatar a 1000 people have sponsored cash cards to spend on local groceries locals also find work caring for refugees and 4 and a half 1000 apartments nationwide a rented 2 asylum seekers paid for with e.u. money but this refugee economy is not addressing growing greek concern the government has moved about $4000.00 people from the island since september and plans to move a total of $20000.00 by the end of the year but many greeks are beginning to feel
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this is a pointless exercise the islands quickly fill up again with new arrivals and camps like this one in northern greece a growing. greece is now hosting about $100000.00 asylum seekers arrivals from turkey are averaging almost $10000.00 a month more than triple the numbers at the start of the year the greek government recently us to its e.u. partners to take $4000.00 unaccompanied minors off its hands only one country responded the benefits of the refugee economy are giving way to refugee fatigue and the feeling that greece is facing a global migration crisis all on its own jumpstart awful us al-jazeera in the greek region of macedonia. protest in chile have been going on for more than a month now and as the unrest continues to grip cities across the country a symbol has emerged calling attention to the country's indigenous communities and the reports now from the capitol hill. thousands of people continue to march on the
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streets of cheating the frustrations of demonstrators are rooted in social inequalities many believe are getting worse. one of the most iconic manifestations of this discontent is an indigenous banner belonging to chile's map which it is. gone is a mark which a scholar and one of the original designers of the flag she says the history of this marginalized group is what's made the flag an emblem of resistance among she has demonstrators but get them they get are going to say look we should recognize that this struggle is about diverse sicked is that have been excluded women young people sick child diversity migrants who open heart of the reality in chile that has been denied. the flag has begun to appear more and more at street protests and it served to highlight one of the many inequalities chileans point to that the country's constitution doesn't guarantee the rights of indigenous people of which you were simply. them up which have always been oppressed and today i identify more
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with indigenous flag than with a t.v. and flag. oh many other flags are also visible at demonstrations representing just about every sector of society is the diversity of to lame protesters and their wide range of demands that together have sparked the largest social mobilization in a generation. this is chill as national flag with holes burned through it says it symbolizes the more than 23 people who have lost their lives in the violence i mean military i want to it would hurt me to see a new constitution written that doesn't consider them a pussy cool's who because of sexual diversity i'd be upset if everything the book for and for for ended in a constitution of the doesn't take into account all of the voices. i write more than 2000 people have been injured in protests since the crisis began 4 weeks ago the calls for justice over the deaths of demonstrators ensures the unrest will continue madrid up in. santiago cheating. foreman
5:42 am
egyptian army contractor who inspired street protests against the egyptian president by posting critical videos to social media has announced what he calls a roadmap for political change in the country mohammed ali made the announcement in london before embarking on a tour of europe and the u.s. he says he wants to unify the opposition and overthrow president. you back are reports from london. he describes himself as an accidental revolutionary but muhammad ali is now embarking on something very deliberate a plan to unite egypt's opposition and the country against president abdel fattah el-sisi. he says he's assembled a team of experts who will present the egyptian people with a political program in a matter of weeks without going into any further detail on the program or who the so-called experts early then wants to hold an online referendum on the plan and if he gets enough support he's hoping for a change of leadership within
5:43 am
a year if sisi fails to go quietly at least threatening to provoke more protests. in the coming days our program will be presented to egyptians will then ask sisi to leave if he doesn't leave will start a revolution against him he was once the head of a large construction company raking in lucrative contracts from the army and police he describes it as the shady world of bribes and nepotism he says he built a palace for sisi intelligence headquarters and hotels owned by regime members but he fell out of favor with powerful people and was blocked from further business. and this is how he responded scripted videos ridiculing sisi also in barcelona he alleged corruption at the highest level has. eclipsed quickly went viral inspiring some protests and several egyptian cities in a country where more than 30 percent of people live in poverty during those
5:44 am
protests more than 4000 people. arrested. and he says he stopped the videos for now getting a personal responsibility for those who had his calls to protest but for someone with no political experience who made his fortune working as a contributor for the egyptian military part of the corrupt system he wants to overturn early is now trying to build some credibility you're somebody there started very well working with the current egyptian. can you explain where the moment happened where that relationship turned out what is motivating you now to do this. i was brought up in a culture that made me believe that our leaders knew what they were doing and that they were honorable and respectable people were told not to talk about politics or get involved in it that it was larger than us who were frightened of it but we understood that a single person controls the destiny of everyone and that's when i began to understand how the government works. the c.c.
5:45 am
leadership is dismissed early as a troublemaker and a traitor something he would jack's social media has given him the power to mobilize some people the fight against sisi he says is entering a new phase. parker al-jazeera london. just over 3 weeks now until the u.k. is general election and the main and he brags that party the liberal democrats have published their manifesto the party's main pledges to stop breaks it and instead use the money they say would be saved to improve public services they're estimating that figure around $65000000000.00 the liberal democrats currently 3rd place in the polls meanwhile the ruling conservative party's controversy after the 1st televised leadership debate prime minister johnson went head to head with the opposition labor party leader jeremy coleman for the 1st time but it is events behind the scenes that have made the headlines paul brennan has more on that. off the back of
5:46 am
that debate which took place on tuesday night in fact the headlines weren't really dominated by what the 2 men said but what had happened on social media and a kind of scandal that has erupted not for the 1st time i have to say about the behavior of the conservative party press office who rebranded themselves as fact check u.k. for the duration of that debate and essentially mimicked the 3 or 4 fact check independent nonpartisan fact check web sites that there are out there it's cause a real political storm journalists are not happy about it the opposition political parties are not happy about it accusing the conservative party of playing somewhat fast and loose with the conventions and norms of nonpartizan campaign rules twitter has said that it will take stern action if the conservative party tries to do it again the electoral commission which is kind of the governing body of elections has said that it has no power to reprimand the conservative party for this but simply
5:47 am
reminded all political parties that they have to abide by transparency rules and it makes it obvious and is yet more evidence that behind the kind of headline campaigning that is going on the conventional campaigning there is a real guerrilla war happening on social media and the rules and regulations are perhaps not as nimble or as effective in keeping people along the line. as he'll as far as abiding by the guidelines that have long been set out and one other note from the u.k. prince andrew says he's stepping back from public duties for the foreseeable future he says his ties to the convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein of become a major disruption to the royal family prince andrew facing a backlash over a recent interview in which he said he did not regret the friendship. to the u.s. where is cigarettes and of a ping industry are being blamed for a health epidemic amongst teenagers new york is the 2nd state this week to sue the
5:48 am
electronic cigarette maker jewel for illegally targeting minors with its marketing campaigns rayleigh mohammed has more. they were designed to help adult smokers quit smoking but are now described by many as a health crisis affecting millions of young people new york has joined 4 other plaintiffs in the united states taking on its biggest make up of electronic cigarettes they accuse jewel of targeting teenagers and downplaying the risks and use of nicotine in so-called of a pig the company controls around 70 percent of the market in the u.s. and new york's attorney general alleges it's misrepresented the safety and value of its products and rising numbers our children are vague and we know that no matter how it is delivered nicotine is addictive in its harmful and it's especially harmful to our youth and right now an entire new generation of americans have
5:49 am
become addicted to nicotine jule labs is accused of conscious public health crisis by glamorizing its products and selling to minors earlier this week legal action was launched against the company in california and north carolina our lawsuit alleges that. targeted under age californians with its marketing and sales practices of its nicotine addictive they've been products today one in every 4 high school students is. just 2 years ago that number was one in 9 despite a federal law banning cigarette sales to those under 18 but hasn't stopped millions of under-age youth consuming jewel products health officials have linked around 40 deaths and more than 2000 lung injuries to severe vaporing related illnesses in the u.s. this year and the health concerns have taken a political turn despite calls to ban flavored isa gretz in september u.s.
5:50 am
president donald trump is reportedly backtracking amid pressure from the tobacco industry he says and it could affect his. votes in next year's presidential election julie lab says it does not intentionally target under-age uses and it will cooperate with authorities and public health officials it has since announced a series of changes including a new chief executive and a promise to drop the fruit flavored products only to sell those tasting off tobacco but despite juleps promises other health authorities and states in the u.s. say they are preparing to take legal action to mohammed al jazeera still ahead. the n.f.l. player his opponent on the head with a helmet. against his ban the details foreign among.
5:51 am
5:52 am
time for a look at the spoke before a thanks very much joe as a marine who held his 1st training session as top manager renia was appointed on wednesday just 12 hours after the london club sacked him or its c.e.o. pasha tino a former manchester united manager has signed a 4 year deal worth of reported $19300000.00 a year that makes him the 2nd highest paid coach in the world after pep guardiola spurs are currently 14th in the premier league table 11 points off the champions league places saturday will be its 1st match in charge as taught in travel to west ham the 56 year old has won $25.00 senior trophies in
5:53 am
a career that began at benfica 19 years ago is one a total of 8 league titles in a record 4 different countries portugal england italy and spain and marino is one of only 3 managers to won the champions league twice but to clap sport 0 in 2004 and enter in 20 tak earlier i spoke to football writer gave him ballot gay we asked him if he thought this was a good appointment for top. daddy leader will tell you yes absolutely yes because i think the target of the club or not it was to make sure that. the company that was a quote in the eyes of the world. so what. is that got to the shareholders to the owner 'd of the funds as well as the media they want still. a little thing is what they want to ask you to do. because it's the beginning of a perfect i know.
5:54 am
he was just the perfect. donna has quit as coach of argentina team him in a.z. after just 3 months they've lost 5 out of 8 games since he joined back in september and they're on the verge of relegation argentina's world cup winning legend played down concerns about his health or earlier this month saying he felt more alive than ever of the 6 clubs he's managed only one job has lasted more than a year and of all star models gareth attended an appeal hearing in new york on wednesday the cleveland browns defensive end wants his indefinite ban reduced get was involved in a fight with pittsburgh steelers quarterback mason rudolph he ripped off rudolph's helmet and then smashed them over the head with it during the hearing garrets team argued that the suspension be reduced on the basis that a player involved in
5:55 am
a similar incident in 2013 only received a 3 game back britain's andy murray says he wasn't in the best a shape as he made a return to the davis cup after 3 years away the 3 time grand slam champion survived a real scare against the netherlands talon greeks for on wednesday murray who had careers saving hip surgery just 5 months ago fought from the sat down to be great for his victory helping great britain go on to win the tie to one. i got i think i deserved to win that match i mean i mean i thought it was really hard at the end but you know he was dead saying a lot of the points. i mean he's. amazing like he was going for a huge 2nd so was and. you know i wasn't able to find a way to take the points today and i just fought hard to try to get one i should ball back at the end. also on wednesday noted jock which won his match as serbia
5:56 am
ease their way into the davis cup quarterfinals with a 2 love victory in their tie against japan and the 2010 champions faced france next we always knew that that is a big possibility that it might come down to france or serbia you know and all the respect to japan of course they have a really good team. but we did we did our job in singles hopefully we can get another win in doubles because every win regardless of the. fact that we won this die it's important to try to get the 30 clean sheet. wearing malcolm roy has a chance to finish the year with 5 tournament wins the northern irishman is competing at the world tour championship in dubai which begins on thursday and goes into the event at number 6 in the race to dubai you know how to few days at home and then straight to dubai and try to finish the season off well here i think one of the big things around here is if you have a bit a length that's an advantage. but you know everyone you know that you know it's
5:57 am
a top 15 on most of the guys that are here this week of play here before and they know what it takes to play well here so. it'll be a good week such a racing as announced this withdrawing from the world rally championship with immediate effect the move comes after their star driver sebastian always err announced his departure from the team a frenchman won the title every year from 2013 to $28.00 teen. one the crown ending our 6 year reign sitter and made the decision to leave due to what it says is the absence of a 1st class driver for the 2020 season has not yet confirmed where he plans to go next and that is all your support for the war later. thank you for that far and that is where we will leave you for this news hour the headlines as ever at al-jazeera don't call me whenever you want them and daryn jordan will be here in just a few moments time with another full force and it's i'm come all santa maria thanks for joining us.
5:58 am
from the al-jazeera london pool cost center team special guests in conversation when societies divided when women are divided the only thing that benefits from this contract itself and from states uninterrupted is are 1st words good girls are those who are who don't work for him or in his shaft back whether he's saying cash
5:59 am
if you like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalising studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. if you want to love and love the world might look like very serious regard 100 i'm hungry as in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. seems mass ration story we had paunch questions before we caught yours and the problem is that the culture of that these. cars should say it's a rating to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like good fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global tried. this is very very uneventful kulai to us depressives is without resistance we are tossed the danger
6:00 am
has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. was there a quid pro quo. as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting the answer is yes the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. testifies that donald trump wanted you crane's president to investigate his political rival in exchange for military aid. and i'm down and all this out as they are live from doha also coming up not only did we win today it's over and some of the family friends of which there is a deal mike said this thing is opened.


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