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health conscious we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera . al-jazeera. on our entire this is the out there news hour live from london coming up. more questions for the white house over ukraine the state department is forced to release documents that show trump's noire was in close contact with the secretary of state. dozens killed and dozens more feared missing after landslides sweep away villages in western kenya. u.s. vice president mike pence makes an unannounced visit to iraq to reassure kurdish allies 2 months after the u.s.
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pulled out from syria. and thousands march in france to highlight the hidden problems of domestic violence against women. and i'm we are hearty an endo hearts history for canada in tennis baby russia 21 to reach their 1st ever davis cup final. the u.s. state department has released records related to its dealings with ukraine they were made public after a lawsuit by an ethics watchdog the documents confirmed multiple contacts between ukraine secretary state my pompei oh and president donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani it supports testament pitchman to inquiry that senior officials were in the loop on efforts to pressure kiev into investigating trump's presidential rival joe biden john hendren as well from washington. the cast of president donald
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trump's ukraine pressure campaign grows ever wider 100 pages of newly released state department documents show that secretary of state mike pump aoe spoke to president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani twice in march that was shortly before u.s. ambassador to ukraine maria vonn of h. was removed from office scott lucas says it's not hard to win for when they were talking about but the day before pompei 0 2nd call with giuliani there was a time line prepared which set out all of the material about biden his son hunter and maria on a bitch trying to set up in other words a paper trail for the secretary of state of these alleged alleged activities by biden and yavanna bitch that wouldn't have just wanted an investigation by ukraine the impeachment inquiry is looking into whether the white house engaged in a coordinated campaign to withhold nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to ukraine until the president of vacuum tree publicly announced that he would investigate
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president trump's chief political rival former vice president joe biden president trump denies that accusation i want nothing. that's what i want for you that's what i said i want nothing the newly released documents support this damning statement from embassador gordon sunland was there a quid pro quo the answer is yes everyone was in the loop we kept the leadership. of the state department and the n.s.c. informed of our activities and that included communications with secretary of state pompei o. the state department had refused to give those documents they were obtained through a freedom of information lawsuit by the watchdog group american oversight now senate democrats are asking pompei oh in a letter to recuse himself from the state department's response to the impeachment inquiry pump aoe was quick to respond i'm not going to accuse myself from this i
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know precisely what american policy was with respect to ukraine i was working on it and i'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished also joining in the circle of those implicated in the presidential pressure campaign is the president's top defender in the impeachment inquiry republican devin nunez clearly these little chris accusations don't reflect committee members who are honestly searching for the truth on saturday reports emerge suggesting nunez met with a disgraced former ukrainian prosecutor to find dirt on biden that is according to a lawyer for a businessman live parness indicted for his role in working with giuliani to prompt a ukrainian investigation of biden and his son if true the circle of all the president's men in the ukraine campaign just got bigger john hendren washington gave his own to joins us now from washington or where do things stand now with impeachment trial proceedings in congress. well it's very complicated but things are going to be moving ahead very quickly in the next few weeks right now it is
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with the house intelligence committee that's been the committee that's been looking at this testimony this over the past week that we've been reporting on for so long now and now it's going to be moving most likely to the house judiciary committee right now the house intelligence committee chairman adam shift will be writing a report he will then send that report to the judiciary committee here we think in the next coming days or weeks or so and then it will be up to the judiciary committee to decide if they will draft articles of impeachment against president donald trump essentially those would be the charges against the president if they do that then it would go to a house full vote of the house of representatives a full vote that would decide if the house decides to impeach the president or not now when can we expect this process all to play out it's a little unclear at all depends on the various different factors but democrats have
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said and signaled at least that they're hoping to have this process and in a pitch in pietschmann vote against the president done by that in december so off till it's happened what are the chances now that could be removed from office. well it's looking like if the house votes to impeach him that they would probably have the votes the democrats have $233.00 seats in the house the republicans only have $197.00 so the democrats definitely have the votes to impeach him and that's the way that it is looking at now but then it goes to the senate and the senate is the one body that will then have the trial that could last about 2 weeks or so maybe a little longer and it's the senate that will ultimately decide if donald trump is taken out of power or not the republicans control the senate by 10 votes 10 lawmakers in the senate they have an advantage there so if it stays along party lines. the senate would would not vote donald trump out of power but again this is
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all going to be coming out here in the next weeks and months really but chances are now that it probably will go to the senate and if it goes along party lines the chances of a donald trump being a voted out of office seem unlikely at this point but there's still a long way of the process for this to go there isn't a thank you very much. austin has is executive director of the watchdog group american oversight which is the group that obtained the release of these latest documents he joins us via skype from washington thanks very much indeed for being with us so. give us an idea of what you think is the most important element to come out of these documents. in terms of the link to my pompei a phrase opel. well if you look within the documents the most important evidence i think is the direct paper trail connecting not just rudy giuliani to mike pompei a multiple times but doing so via the oval office one of these calls was set up
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by donald trump's personal secretary who has been referred to in the past past as his gate keeper that's new evidence we didn't have that before and it shows that donald trump was using the power of the presidency to further rudy giuliani scheme which at the time of these e-mails and call which was march of this year seems to focus on the smear campaign against the sitting united states and vaster necessary extraordinary thing to think about the president of the united states the secretary of state of the united states were castrating the smear campaign against a sitting u.s. and master but the other person was just that these documents have never gone to congress american oversight got them because we could go to court but the congress has not received them which just underscores how my company or any administration writ large has been obstructing congress is it right that you don't actually know what what the content of those polls are and in in that case isn't it at best
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seconds doubtful and something that again will be able to that they had it to say well if you haven't you have got proof that you say we're not admitting to anything . if you 0 in on just the words on news pages sure you don't know what was said but if you zoom out just a little bit in the us and to the testimony that we've heard over the last few weeks we do know what they talked about rudy giuliani is going to television to brag that he talked to mike on payroll about how the ambassador was bad news for term peace sent her he sent secretary a dossier of conspiracy theories about her we do know roughly what these phone calls were about we didn't know that there were this many of them and we didn't know that they were routed through oval office so in totality the evidence is just getting worse for the president worse for my pompei you know and again more than that this is the 1st time they're blockade on documents is breaking down as it were you know yes and if you expect him to either do what he said he more information
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and what's going to be the biggest headline from that well we don't know exactly what the biggest headline will be but i can promise you american oversight and other watchdogs are pursuing documents related to the new cream scandal abusing the freedom of information act american oversight of loan has several dozen pending open records request and i believe it is for lawsuits with more to come to drive things out in the open and it was just as a piece so i didn't understand it is that potential mccain is a potential of damage to trump and that and republicans from this impeachment inquiry isn't that also potential damage that the democrats in that but potentially people look at this and think this is all kind of granular detail about ukraine and that people think the democrats and he backwards at something in the pasta not looking forward to what they might achieve if they did get into office. i'm sure i can't stand the types of arguments that donald trump's our allies in congress will make but that would amount to blaming the police for entering a bank vault after was robbed american oversight is looking for evidence congress
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is looking for evidence because the president and his allies did something very very wrong and they almost got away with it just very quickly did you run into fox and friends after 2 weeks of testimony and you think he's rattled. i don't know if i can speak for the president whether he's rattled whether he's watching impeachment i do know that if i if i were him i might have woken up on friday morning you know 60 well thank goodness the testimony is over i know what the evidence is and i would hoop this morning a little nervous because i'm saying groups like american oversight are starting to crack down stonewall in getting documents that he wants to keep secret austin of us thank you very much indeed for the time talk to us and i was there thank you thank you and he's 36 people have been killed by a landslide in western kenya heavy rains caused overnight flooding in several remote villages in the west pokot region and rescue efforts have been put on hold because bridges and roads have been washed away more than 30 people are missing
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that will authorities say the disaster is unprecedented. is a local journalist covering the story he gave us this update but for the little people being and. or been there probably had to get a lot of what and we know that they give in the book quite a bit before put the phone in there with it but don't think we've not yet the relief that this be in because obeyed by the board we've been a bit down the patently we had about 1000000 year break we got thought and. i think it is obvious about playing up in a bit old that the area that is happening because one of the big heavy down for that it is big it is in the area. i see most of the head on news hour including protesters gather for a 3rd day in colombia after defying a government pet food. travel trouble in sudan's red sea state as
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a curfew fails to calm tensions. and his supporters a marine year makes a winning start to life as the new top manager here will have details coming up in sport. yes vice president mike pence has made an unannounced visit to iraq where he's met the leader of the country's kurdish region president. a senior u.s. official says the trip bill is to reassure iraqi kurds they remain washington's allies last month check you know watched an offensive into kurdish territory in syria not long after the u.s. withdrew most of its forces from the region. and earlier pens landed at an aside base he says he addressed the ongoing protests in a call with iraq's prime minister regarding our conversations with prime minister ahmadi we we spoke about the under arrest that's been taking place in recent weeks
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here in iraq. he assured me that they were working. to avoid violence where the kind of repression that we see taking place even as we speak in around the he pledged to me that the that they would work to. protect and respect peaceful protesters as is a part of the democratic process here in iraq i also encourage them to listen to those who are protesting and their calls for reform. you know one person has been killed in the capital baghdad after security forces trying to stop protesters from reaching the central bank. and the. security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters for a number of people were injured some demonstrators threw molotov cocktails and stones at these 330 people have been killed since protests began in early october
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sparked by anger at widespread corruption and mass unemployment. at least 10 people are being killed in a car bombing in the northern syrian border city of tel aviv several more were wounded in the attack in an industrial area of the city which is controlled by turkish backed fighters has seen some of the heaviest fighting since and current launched a military offensive against kurdish y.p. g. forces along the border last month israel's opposition leader benny gantz says once again called on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign over corruption charges it follows that on yahoo saying on friday that he would not step down over the 3 indictments calling that an attempted coup imran khan has more from television. well against time to statement perfectly for the evening news and this was very much a message not just to the israeli electorate but to the likud party he said itself he actually spoke in that building just behind me here in the television expo center where he had an offer for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to take
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a look at what you had to. call for unity government is a lodge is possible i will be the prime minister for the fish as well netanyahu can deal with his legal issues if cleared he can come back as prime minister this is the only way to prevent an unnecessary election. so the idea is that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be appalled all of the government but he won't have any ministries and certainly won't be prime minister instead of any guns just thing is that he fights his court cases and then studies result that they can take a look at any idea of a power sharing agreement and anything that might take place in the future between the good and the blue and white party whether that's going to be acceptable to netanyahu remains to be seen but the entire game at the moment seems to be avoiding a 3rd election we're in a period of about 17 days left where any member of the knesset can try and form
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a government if that doesn't happen then the country goes to the election which is what all the politicians seemingly are trying to avoid so this was not a generous offer to netanyahu but very practical one to try and avoid going to a 3rd election that see what the prime minister has to say about this he's also under a tremendous amount of pressure from within his own the group policy as well gideon saw is a pretender to the israeli throne and he says he wants the could party to have a primary election internal election and to choose a new leader and to move on with the process of forming a government so netanyahu under a tremendous amount of pressure right now. and to get an impressionistic continuing in colombia for a 3rd consecutive day on. hundreds of protesters were dispersed by tear gas for an overnight curfew and isolated looting in the capital bogota president even ordered the curfew but thousands gathered on friday night in defiance taking part in demonstrations asunder amputee joins us now from bogota so
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a 3rd day of these protests what's been happening. well lauren once again as you were saying in your introduction for us consecutive day protesters took to the streets of. small groups of a few 100 in different parts of this year they were protesting demonstrating peacefully but every time they tried to start marching towards downtown they were confronted by the police in particularly the largest group or close to the center. one of the main parks in the city were attacked by the police as they were marching and we also were there gas canisters were flying on the crowd and also the police used to stun grenades and people start
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running away towards hills and we've seen this happening over and over again throughout the afternoon it also happened once again in the center of town close to class a volley of our which has been the epicenter of these protests but people are telling us that they want to continue protesting and that they will continue them straight to this fight this continues confrontations with the police the mayor. didn't say if there will be a 2nd curfew after the one that was imposed on friday night so we're going to have to this to see what the decision is there but he did make a reference to some of the looting and vandalism that we've seen in past days and he said this has nothing to do with spontaneous protests but instead he's convinced he said that behind the. political who he said are orchestrating
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a plan to create panic in the city and across colombia and president because not that he'll start a national dialogue next wednesday will this. help quell the demonstrations. probably not lauren we understand that people are unhappy with the way the president has responded to the president to really demonstrations in bogota colombia is not used to sustained demonstrations especially in the capital in the major cities as it has been happening now for for 3 days in a row and people think that the president has been focused focusing too much on the vandalism on on saying what a great job the police has been doing instead of responding to the many of the man's that the protesters have some of them have to do with economic reform spencer reforms of labor reforms that were hinted to or announced by the government
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but also the fact that they feel that this government is not doing enough to defend the lives of social leaders indigenous leaders that have been killed at an alarming rate and defending the peace process so the most likely thing is that this will continue as 100 mpg thank you very much indeed in bolivia congress has passed a bill paving the way for new elections it's hoped the developments will be a political breakthrough after weeks of violent protests in the country over its contested october election brianna sanchez has this update from. well the bill to call the elections was approved unanimously in congress after a heated debate now the interim president will enact it to begin the process of selecting members 2 for the electoral tribunal and set a date for a new election. will give new look to nicholas has done for the next government cannot be abusive either with the rural or urban people it has to be neutral to
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manage the country well but if it's favors one or the other it will be lost part of the demands made by members of the mass party that's it will more or less as party was to take the military off the streets in turn the government wanted no more protests now streets have been quieter here in the past few hours after this past week clashes between protesters and the police and the army left 8 people dead here now the government wants all road blocks to be lifted to allow passage of food and fuel around the country but there are still many roadblocks that need to be cleared many parts of the traffic is fluid food is slowly making its way into stores but here there are long queues of people waiting to get gas and many here say they're not happy. things are not well yet we're not getting gas the government doesn't care we're being discriminated against not only here in the. sun in other places
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around the country there are cars long lines of cars and trucks queuing up to get gas however here many people are saying that the approval of this bill to call elections is giving them the confidence that now the country begins to move forward . and the 6 people have been killed in fighting between tribes in the sunni state of red sea violence has broken out sporadically over the last 6 months in the region before she's of imposed a curfew but many say they want action to end on rest it has more from port sudan in the state a red sea. a few days ago mohammed was cleaning in the restaurant where he works when men carrying swords and knives and raided it and attacked him mohammad is a member of the benny ahmed a tribe he says he was targeted because of his ethnicity what began as a normal day at work and did with him in hospital contemplating living the rest of
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his life with a serious disability. they're going with this i was simply walking the tables when they entered the restaurant in large numbers they were from the head on the one tribe and they started attacking us one drew his sword and with one blow it cut off my hand ethnic violence broke out between the benny amad and the head then there were tribes in sudan's red sea state last week it was the latest incident in wave of outbreaks over the last 6 months health workers say more than 6 people were killed and more than a dozen injured it started after an opposition leader returned to the state which had been under a state of emergency for nearly 3 months witnesses say people from his tribe celebrated his return but that provoked tension and fighting. who's from the head then to a tribe was among those wounded he says he was stabbed with a knife all of them were that i was waiting for transportation and suddenly i was it's on the backward in life i did not know what some of the fighting of that sorry but everyone throughout their lives and source of fights. since june sporadic
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violence here has killed nearly 100 people and left more than 250 wounded according to health workers 2 pac's have been fined in the past 2 months to try and contain the tribal tensions but people here say they are worried they are temporary solutions to problems that go back decades. the people live in eastern sudan and also parts of neighboring eritrea but for decades other tribes have viewed them as outsiders and they accuse them of backing sudan's former government ousted in april after months of anti-government protests and while that government may have gone the rivalry hasn't sudan's new transitional government says it's working to resolve the problem but it will take time. for now we are focusing on the security solution because of the regular outbreaks of fighting between the tribes but the solution to the long term solution has to be political and that would need all sides to sit down and dialogue so while we were working on the political solution
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we were addressing this by securing an increase in forces in the state to contain the situation. how much says he hadn't expected to see such violence but he wasn't surprised it happened and he worries that have no political solution is found there will be more are bricks of violence and more lives lost people more going on just 0 or so down. elections there live from london still ahead the internet in iran is back online a week after the government shut down the service in response to a wave of protests. activists call for justice in the philippines 10 years after the country's west political massacre. and in sport us here in the kailash if and just play another world cup record and support for their.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we have been tracking a storm system all the way from the atlantic now across parts of the mediterranean and into western europe for several days now you can see the clouds right here extending from the u.k. all the way down to the northern part of africa as we go towards sunday we're going to be still dealing with some very heavy rain and very gusty winds across much of this area the flood threat from northern italy to southern italy as well as around the adriatic is still going to be heightened as the system slowly makes its way towards the east from sunday to monday we start to see a little bit of break with the storm system particularly up here towards the north but as you can see down here across much of greece it is going to be a wet day for athens tempter there of about 19 degrees in terms of the rain though it is going to be significant as i said up here across parts of northwestern italy france as well as down here across southern italy some areas could be seeing well over 250 millimeters over the next 3 days well that same storm system is going to
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be a big factor here across parts of algeria we're going to be seeing some very windy conditions also for tunisia as well and those winds will continue down here across much of the south wins for algiers continuing today as well as into the weekend on tuesday we are looking at calmer winds with a temperature of 20 degrees. from ancient embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex coming soon on down to 0 from the al-jazeera london pool cost center to special guests in conversation when society
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is divided when women are divided and the only thing that benefits from this contract itself from states uninterrupted is are 1st words good girls are those who work for him in a shop vac be sweaty soyinka people like to think that their nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalising studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. or mind of the top stories here are syria the u.s. state department has released records related to its dealings with ukraine the documents confirm multiple contacts between ukraine. and president donald trump's
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personal lawyer rudy giuliani. at least 36 people have been killed by a landslide in western kenya dozens more feared missing heavy rains caused overnight flooding in several remote villages in the west pokot region. u.s. vice president mike pence has made an unannounced visit to iraq where he's met the leader of the country's kurdish region president. a senior u.s. official says the trip is to reassure iraqi kurds they remain washington's allies. thousands of people be marching across france to highlight the problem of domestic violence against women france's one of the of one of europe's highest rates of domestic violence so far this year 116 women have been killed by current or former partners a report released this month found that french police and the justice system often failed to protect women about the reports. joanna tilly thought she'd finally
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escape her violent partner when she moved out of their home with their children she'd suffered years of abuse but then one day in september he killed or join his friends in the northern french city of love say her murder made them determined to help other victims of domestic violence so they teamed up and launched a telephone helpline they've been flooded with calls. when we saw how joanna had tried hard to get help her death made us think we have to do something we have to be heard there are some organizations that help but it's not enough. in our city join a story touched our shocked many people raise the awareness we hope our suspicion will get people talking. it was outside her local supermarket the joanna tilly was fatally stabbed by her former partner in front of her 3 young children just weeks before her murder she'd filed a complaint with police but they'd done little to help. a woman is killed by her
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partner or ex partner every other day in france many others face daily physical sexual and emotional abuse campaigners say that even though violence against women is widespread police judges and prosecutors rarely take it seriously every woman know because she heard that she will not nobody's going to listen to her go there is already the culture that if you go to the police you're not going to be understood you're not going to be listened and your case is going to be closed. for months cesar activists in paris have been running an underground campaign after dark they put up anti violence feminist messages in the street as people realize that this is mass killing disguised as crimes of passion one of our messages says you will never kill because of love so by raising public awareness and often women who are suffering violent tell us these messages help them to. the french government is working on new legislation to tackle violence against women but
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campaigners say the proposal so far failed to address the root causes of abuse they say what's needed is to change attitudes to women and better educate children and adults domestic abuse often thrives because it is hidden these striking messages of bringing the problem out into the open where it can't be ignored natasha partner al jazeera paris. and in russia a small rally was held against a new bill which targets domestic violence russia doesn't currently have a specific domestic violence vegetation but this new bill would crack down on harassment and get stricter penalties for violating restraining orders conservative critics say the law would represent state interference in family issues. well efforts to introduce or strengthen laws to protect women from domestic violence have met resistance in some countries often from conservative politicians and far right groups as well as those advocating for traditional family values this. month
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the kremlin said russian men are more likely to be discouraged they did against domestic violence investigations it was in response to 4 domestic violence cases brought by russian women before the european court of human rights a report in australia has sparked a debate over whether domestic violence is a male problem or connected more closely to economic and social disadvantage that position is that media coverage of domestic violence is mostly lies some political leaders are coming under growing criticism for the use of such a mistake and sexist language that somebody for a hindering the fight against domestic violence. beth makes with the national network to end domestic violence she joins us by skype from washington thanks very much indeed for for talking to us so what would you say is the biggest problem with domestic violence members it's kind of a to do with underreporting was it to do with the system not taking it seriously. i mean i think there or you know sort of a number of things that are always problems getting the system to respond but we do
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certainly see a rise at the moment in the number of there are speaking out about wanting to change domestic violence laws we have a number of people here who are part of the all right who masquerade as women's organizations bar of the language and then ask legislatures to introduce bills that are actually drawn back women's rights so that sort of a new frontier to have to fight against for us what about that issue of and we saw that in the statement to the european court of human rights the russian deputy justice minister. downplaying the gravity of domestic violence and saying the problem of non-family violence is far more topical is that distinction that the kind of distinction between what happens inside the home and outside part of the problem. yeah to some extent because a lot of violence that happens xterm only it is born out of teaching
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violence internally right and so we've had surveys done here in various states that talk about 80 percent of the inmates that they're housing have experienced domestic violence in their lives as they were growing up so. downplaying one for the sake of the other means that you're not able to address either appropriately it's not an other it's not a it's not on one or the other it's a book. that needs to be addressed culturally how do you address the kind of the to busan of it the fact that people don't you know often don't want to talk about it. well it's interesting because you know we've had this need to movement in the united states which was largely about sexual assault but it's really encouraged and emboldened women to talk about what's happening to them there certainly is a growing who all of journalists especially women journalists who are writing about the issues in great detail we just have a journalist run
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a very detailed look by alliance against me to american women in alaska and. we've got reporters looking at what happens to women when they're jailed and why cults are used appropriately and so to some extent this hoosh from these kind of all right groups has actually bought into people to raise the conversation and we're just now starting to kind of on earth all of these things in the public sphere that makes thank you very much need for to understand i was there thank you sir. after 10 years families of the victims of the philippines worst political massacre say they may get justice a verdict is expected next month in the trial of $100.00 suspects accused of killing $58.00 people including 32 journalists tomato and got reports from manila. it is the single deadliest attack against journalists in global history and one of
12:38 am
the philippines the worst incidents of political violence on the vendor 232-0098 group of gunmen working for a powerful political clan in the southern philippines herded everyone in the convoy to a hilltop and executed them $58.00 people were killed $32.00 of them were journalists they were on their way to cover a local electoral event they were shot multiple times and were buried in mass graves using a back hole the basic facts of the case are undisputed the armed men were working for the powerful empire too and clan state forces were also implicated the harder. they shot my wife said back in times they shot her on her breast her prey big bird or such and they were going to cruelty my siblings were killed to expect nothing more than a conviction for all the major suspects at the very least when it happened we all
12:39 am
saw the. drug abuse grow without government into our. the stopping. it was a violence that shocked the international community and yet 10 years on not a single conviction has been made 'd this is a case that has been complicated from the beginning with the word through hundreds tossed back over a 100 of them are in jail but over 800 of the accused remain i floored the judge hearing the case as out of the supreme court for more time and the high court has granted her request giving her until december 23rd under it is that. journalists and activists remember there's callie they hope for a conviction for all suspects they see it will act like a beam of light at a time of political darkness 2 governments have come and gone but the culture of
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impunity continues this spike to being threatened with their lives filipino journalists continue to hold the powerful accountable with courage and conviction. in dokken al-jazeera manila. students at one of indian capital's leading universities have been protesting against a proposed housing fee hike and they say most of the students are poor and can't afford an increase they also allege the indian government wants to privatise higher education difficult for many to attend universities actual war has more from new delhi. thousands of students gathered in the heart of new delhi and demanded their right to affordable education they have been protesting for weeks since the university decided to increase the fee for their accommodation their leaders say as many as 40 percent of the students come from families who struggle to make a living. is a ph d.
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student who says he is the 1st in his family to get a university education he credits the local magician fees for his success if not better if public funding is a person must not i would not been able to walk through probably come from the national. debt was. there was a large police presence during the protests a few days ago during a similar demonstration several students were beaten by police and detained for hours. david was one of them she says the police broke her arm in the scuffle but she's not deterred and will continue to protest by a woman i want to vote like that i wanted egypt and jordan one year to fight what they are right it's just that i did it not at all martin. many of the current and former professors also came out in support saying the accommodation fee hike is the beginning of the indian government's plan to
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privatized every state funded university the students of this university are also dods with the government and other areas they see there only fighting for their right to dissent with the supporters of the government accused of sedition. to start. their year. versity has faced several controversies many students here were accused of raising anti india slogans and backing those who the indian government defines as terrorists the students however say they are being targeted simply for not agreeing with the government they want to be very carefully controlled and organized and all this new there is there no contradiction between them and us but india's governing b.g.p. or party agent the party insists the students must pay more 7 7. nobody is looking at the fact that lacks in lakhs of rupees are spent every month every year on each student i'm defeat is the lowest in the country why should it not
12:43 am
be greased. the students say the protests will go on they insist this is about their future and they are not in a mood to give in on any issue. arch of laura al-jazeera new delhi. iran has restored internet access after the government imposed a shut down last week in response to widespread protests and demonstrations began after the government increased fuel prices by up to 200 percent and international says more than 100 demonstrators have been killed by security forces a figure rejected by iran's government said bay has the latest from tara. as of this moment it's back up to 70 percent and that's up from 5 percent when it was shut down last week that was falling demonstrations and riots that took place as a result of the announcement by the government of a fuel price increase of up to 50 percent now that was a very sophisticated shutdown according to analysts that iran has made to shut down
12:44 am
the internet inside the country stopping people from communicating outside of iran but the internal network inside the country still was up and running so banks could carry out transactions you could order taxis and absent access news websites within the country those are based inside the country but we still don't know how many people died during this last week now the official iranian campus 12 that's including security forces but amnesty international has put the figure as over 100 now iran denies denies and rejects that figure but business is have been affected to exchange currency exchanges travel agents people trying to communicate with family outside the country now iran says it was necessary to maintain stability in the country but what they did manage to do is stop people communicating organizing and sharing videos of those demonstrations not only within iran but outside iran to social media especially facebook twitter and you tube have been called the greatest
12:45 am
propaganda machine in history and comedian sasha baron cohen made the comments at an anti defamation league summit taking place in the u.s. to reinforce his point he said if facebook had existed in the 1930 s. it would have let hitler by anti-semitic advertisement. democracy which depends on the shared truths is in retreat an autocracy which depends only shared lies is on the march hate crimes are surging as a murderous attacks and religious and ethnic minorities now wouldn't know these dangerous trends have in common i'm just a comedian and actor i'm not a scholar but one thing is pretty clear to me all this hate and violence is being facilitated by a handful of internet companies that amount to the greatest propaganda machine in history. but is because responded saying the actor has misrepresented its policies and that quote nobody including politicians can advocate or advertise hate violence
12:46 am
or mass murder on facebook but its c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been criticized for his decision to allow political advertising that contains lies on facebook twitter has banned all political advertising globally a recent report found evidence of social media manipulation by a government agency or political party in 70 countries that's triple the figure in 2017 it says facebook is the number one social network for disinclination with organized propaganda campaigns in 56 countries larry magid is a technology journalist and author based in silicon valley he says you can see attitudes there towards the use of social media changing. 1st of all i want to say that if he had made this speech 2 or 3 years ago he would probably get widely criticized in silicon valley for promoting censorship thank giving this speech now i think it will be taken very seriously because people are moving their thinking patterns are changing facebook may be a holdout but in general it's
12:47 am
a lot more thought about how we can stem the tide of hate speech and misinformation but having said that i do think it's a really interesting dichotomy here because on one hand i think it's laudable that facebook and twitter and other social media companies are promoting a community of ideas and free speech but on the other hand because of misinformation and the lack of shared truth what we call free speech of the really become as as he said an opportunity for propaganda and misinformation so the question is what is the responsibility of private companies remember the 1st amendment in the united states applies to the government it doesn't apply to private companies and archipelago in the western pacific is home to some of the most intact coral reefs systems in the world and a spectacular range of biodiversity the pressures from climate change tourism and overfishing are intensifying that cub travel to the pacific nation of palau and sent us this report. it is an extraordinary sight exposed
12:48 am
structures of ancient coral reef framed in one expensive took weighs the requirements of a unesco world heritage site and beneath the surface the profusion of variety of life is stunning one of the highest rates of biodiversity on the planet but the challenge is a new worse in amongst a jumble of islands a series of marine lakes hold more one does this is a. lake it is connected to the sea but only through a series of small correction fishes in the rock it's effectively isolated sealed ecosystem and beneath the surface lies a unique subspecies golden jellyfish they've evolved to harvest energy directly from sunlight there are more than 2000000 of them and indeed that's a significant reduction in the past there have been as many as 30000000 in this lake but fluctuations in the weather have recently taken a toll. the biggest challenge that we face in terms of the jellyfish snake is
12:49 am
climate change very recently within the past. year and a half to 2 year saw. the golden jellyfish the site is famous for around the world completely disappear because of climate change the limit deal. well so the temperature of the water to face these ranges are on the lookout for illegal fishing in protected so called notes implemented to try and conserved when giving free species along the coast for the commercial fishermen and little fish it's usually the big ships mothership so it's everything from giant clams to churches to secure cumbers to fish and then from next year the marine protected area will be massively extended into the open ocean but. 2020 all the stuff sold will can only be 15 that 20 percent of the water and the reason for that is that we want to make sure that 80 percent of. the ensure this is there more to meet or we're seeing
12:50 am
that when we don't. give area a refuge of conservation area you can see it's 5 times as much space in an area with the hope that there is another ultimately overriding concern not just on palau but for the 2000000 islanders across the pacific sea level rise can 0 has lived here for decades and he says full moon tides are getting. and that can have a devastating effect this is a 1st time i've seen these kind of. high thanks come in and it's hard because you have to find another place to move to and if you don't have the money to build a new house then you won't be able to do that so pretty people are pretty much to stop. the wonders of this part of the pacific are many and so to other pressures allow is standing tough when it comes to environmental protections but its people are going to need all the resolve they can muster in the coming years nic luck
12:51 am
al-jazeera. and more still ahead on the news hour. we know was coming but we don't know when it's coming and when it comes baby goodnight or the heavyweight boxing champion talks up his chances ahead of his latest title defense. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic billeted and if you can give them the opportunity a wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations the most impact from. the main things that sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok so a. little more complicated operations probably if this is not an act of
12:52 am
creation i mean i don't know if the office of the work you're doing here is amazing but there are so many fossils and it feels like this is just a day and what was your relationship with normal were ok doesn't look. like this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. thomas bought his beer. thank you lauren will canada have reached the davis cup final for the 1st time in history they did it by beating russia in
12:53 am
a thrilling semifinal encounter with a tie level at 11 it was do or die in the deciding doubles rubber the canadian duo of didn't shapovalov and a bus across the sill outlasted the russian pair of other a robe love and care and catching on in 3 so. it's honestly i believe i'm in a loss of words it's it's incredible how far we've come as a squad and you know i mean by she blamed playing this we were just just playing on on a different level that it's just unbelievable to see and you know the clencher like this with the doubles with bosh a guy i want to have in any other way. chose a marine you know has made a winning return to life on football's front line has taught him team beat west ham 32 and the english premier league radio was back in the dugout almost a year after his exit from manchester united he replacement dino at spurs who was fired on tuesday saw his team go 3 nil up at the london stadium before they conceded 2 late goals it was tottenham's 1st away win in the league since january
12:54 am
so i seemed cizik lee the team had a break and. probably also a little bit scared of that if that if that mental barrier of the result so we sold the last 2025 minutes was was not easy but i think we played that is very well thought about an hour really really well and i'm. very happy for the boys. elsewhere leicester beat brighton to nil for their 5th premier league victory in a row manchester city are back to winning ways with a 21 defeat against chelsea and liverpool left it late but managed a 21 win at crystal palace to go 8 points clear at the top of the table you have to be had we have to do by the challenges and so they'll do pretty much everybody and their dogs that. they come from so many different national teams back so that today absolute no problem if you go on a brilliant because in
12:55 am
a game like this your chance to make sure that you are ready to fight for the result of the road that from the 1st minute football teams across the netherlands are using silence to raise their voices against racism on the pitch. players of this match between i extend heraclius a meadow didn't kick the ball in the 1st minute of this match in protest against racism and said they stood together and clapped this comes after excelsiors ahmed mendoza moreira was abused by din boss fans on sunday during the minute of silence the scoreboards read of racism they don't then we don't play football an extra minute was added on the injury time in the 1st half of the asian champions league will be decided on sunday saudi arabia's i'll take it one nil advantage to japan for the 2nd leg of the final against iran reds have a chance of becoming the 1st team to win this title 3 times hello have never lifted
12:56 am
the continental trophy the winners also had tickets are for the club world cup. golf world number 2 rory mcilroy continued his roller coaster of a ride at the season ending world tour championships in dubai after opening with a 64 followed by a 74 the northern irishman finished a 3 with a bogey free round of 65 the lowest score of the day mcelroy is just 2 strokes behind john rom who is now in a strong position to win the race to dubai after grabbing a share of the lead with france's mike the end of their. american skier mckayla schifrin started her season by breaking a world cup record she grabbed her 41st career victory in the slalom in finland on saturday she beat the 32 year record set by swedish great ingomar stan mark who won 40 slaloms shifrin reach this milestone after just 7 years in the sport. and in poland the best teams were competing for the ski jumping world cup austria took the top spot with 2 members of their team jumping or flying more like it 133 meters
12:57 am
norway came in 2nd with poland in 3rd. heavyweight boxing champion dante wilder says he's already planning his next fight as he prepares to get back in the ring with louis artie's wilder and ortiz have weighed in ahead of the contests in the u.s. city of las vegas later on saturday the w.b.c. champion is also lining up february rematch with britain's tyson fury. look good don't you know as a champion you want to see your opponent look good and look you say so when it comes saturday night i will have no mercy on him when i'm ready to do what i do we know was coming but we don't know when he's coming and women. good night. and then he drops the michael that's it for me in sport and you back over to lauren in london. thank you very much and that's it for me for this news hour i'll be back in a moment with another day's news. website.
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talked to notice there are. they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that go to 0. driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh
12:59 am
and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was powerful if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world for you know testing about how does this impact where their online life face mental state and directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on sand this is an attack on academic freedom fed on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue minard is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera. was.
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was. more questions for the white house over ukraine the state department is forced to release documents that show trump's lawyer was in close contact with the secretary of state. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. dozens killed and dozens more feared missing after landslides sweep away villages in western kenya. u.s. vice president mike pence makes an unannounced visit to iraq to reassure kurdish allies 2 months after the u.s. pulled out from syria.


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