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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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on al-jazeera. despite angry protests in the eastern d r c demanding better protection from the u.n. a new rebel attack kills 19 people in a nearby town. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up more positive signs from yemen the saudi led coalition says it will allow some flights out of santa airport for people who need medical treatment. the celebrations in guinea bissau were 2 former prime ministers are through to the election run off but not the president to fire them. and mexico demands urgent talks with president trump after he says he's working to designate mexican drug cartels as
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terrorist groups. thank you for joining us at least 19 people have been killed in a brutal rebel attack in the volatile eastern democratic republic of congo this amid growing anger at u.n. peacekeepers for failing to protect civilians the allied to democratic forces are believed to have carried out the door left tackle in a village near the city avoid they've been blamed for a string of recent massacres around benny which sparked days of violent protests against the un at least 6 people have been shot dead in clashes with security forces catherine soyuz in the eastern city of goma she has more details now on the brutal rebel attack and the attempts to stop it. the military has confirmed that their talk carried out by attackers all of. a. group so
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they came in this morning to this village in or is about 30 kilometers from beni town but still within that. region of benny's so they came and attacked these villages. congolese soldiers went to repulse them but people are saying that the soldiers when they are late they was a confrontation between the soldiers and that is that hackers fled it's not clear whether there were any casualties that caused by both the attackers or the military and this just goes to play 5 prefer stray sions that people in beni are feeling the saying that villages are being attacked by e.d.f. even as an offensive against them is going on the congolese army is carrying out an operation in the forest against a.d.f. but then this group is able to come to villages and attack people in the last 3 weeks about 90 people have been killed this government offensive has been going on
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since october so that's why people are so angry and they're also. grew with the u.n. because they're saying the u.n. is there but then these attacks keep happening and the u.n. is not protecting them that's why you see them going and attacking this u.n. base is the thing that they do not want the u.n. there. catherine so reporting there will the united nations is now saying that one of its peacekeepers shot and killed one of the protesters who died in the last few days they say new evidence has emerged and an investigation is underway earlier in beni people drove the casket of a man killed during demonstrations on saturday of around the streets protests against the u.n. and the army have now spread to the regional capital goma where activists have called for a 2 day strike starting on thursday françois green you all know is the deputy special representative at the u.n. mission in the d r c he says the u.n. is being used as a scapegoat in the conflict. one of our peacekeepers showed that
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a protester was throwing molotov cocktail at them at the peacekeepers so we are still in the process of very fine all the facts and fact checking the reports we have received but this is indeed the circumstances that we understand to place yesterday what is going wrong is that we are in a situation where the mission is used as keep goot for explaining and answering the anger and despair of the civilian population i came here following the meeting between the president presidential security and our special representative to be able to work together with the national army with the police to strengthen our security set up to increase protection on civilians this is the only way that we are going to make progress and i would see a counter these current wave of violence this is by working together and working
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with the population to be able to prevent you know these offenses days nor the week . the international criminal court in the netherlands has rejected an appeal from the democratic republic of congo's former vice president and rebel leadership have been back the court has upheld the 12 month sentence handed to bend for bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial but he won't go to jail having already served 10 years in the tension and that was acquitted of war crimes in june 2014 after an appeal. thank you thank the saudi led coalition says it will start easing the restrictions on the yemeni airspace so that people who need medical treatment can fly out of the capital sana'a airport has been closed to commercial flight since 2016 a spokesman for the coalition said flights out of rebel held sunnah will be operated in cooperation with the world health organization the coalition has also
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released $200.00 who the rebels to support peace efforts aimed at ending the nearly 5 year war mohamed el a tab has more now from santa where many people are in desperate need of medical assistance abroad. i have talked to senior officers here and the son are but the the the told me that they have cared they have just heard this news about the reopening of this and on to national airport but on the ground there is no complete mation and the. many officers are hoping that the international airport will be open specially for those who are in need for urgent medical interventions. especially human. a lot of people have died because they haven't been able to travel outside of yemen according to the ministry of health. its report says that over 45 people 1000 people have died just.
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over the past year and the a lot over 200000 patients are in the last waiting for the chance to travel outside yemen. the situation is difficult for those who are in need of. medical interventions outside yemen especially the more than 45 percent of the country's hospitals have been. have been paralyzed because of the war and also because of the direct attacks. at least 5 people have been killed during the latest anti-government protests across iraq 2 people were shot dead and 35 others wounded when security forces used live ammunition to disperse them strangers in baghdad and elsewhere protesters prevented government employees from getting to work in bastra by installing concrete barriers one person was shot dead in the southern city and 2
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others were killed overnight incredible. lebanon's petrol stations union has called for an open ended national strike from sir's they are angry at the increasingly expensive black market for u.s. dollars which station owners used to buy fuel it's the latest disruption in lebanon which has been the grip by weeks of anti-government protests the military was forced to intervene for the 2nd night in a row after supporters of the shia movements hezbollah and hamas attacked anti-government protesters in beirut in the northern city of tripoli similar clashes reported between supporters and opponents of president michel. 2 former prime ministers have made it through to a runoff presidential election in guinea this hour but not the current president just say many of the main goes to finished 1st with 40 percent of the vote he was 1st prime minister but was sacked in 2015 in the sender runoff he will be up
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against. who got 28 percent of the vote and ballot was also one of the 7 prime ministers that fired during his 5 years in office present themselves to finished a distant 4th with just 12 percent of the vote yet pledged to respect the result but has already said that the election was rigged it was hot reports from the capital. outside the party headquarters are going to be sounds presidential candidate tomorrow she should go and bello hundreds of his supporters gathered here they didn't expect him to get through to the 2nd round but he did with 20 percent of the vote for his movement for democratic alternative party because. we are tired of 50 years of the ruling party who are duping people selling drugs nepotism and corruption the people have come to say no calling for a new generation of leadership. many of them both supporters are pouring in from
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the countryside and felt ignored by political rivals in particular the african party for the independence of going to be south in cowbird also known as the ph d. c. the party has been in power since independence it's candidate to domingo's. who campaigned as a modernizer fell short of a clear majority to win outright a professional i've been in politics i have some records and people know me to work for the south and who might just be possible in the way i look after himself and bring people together and i'm looking to for. appeal to voters in the capital be so in those be so. now living in other countries. most of the voters live in the countryside many villages have 5 no running water no access to electricity and school all the medical centers are shut down the state is outside and so much of this election results reflect that anger among these people
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when their politicians have failed the. incumbent president who stood for the independent party came 3rd in the election with only 12 percent of the vote it's been an expensive election and some are wondering where the money came from to finance it the country's law enforcement agency suggests some could have been drug money $22.00 tons of cocaine was seized over the past 5 years worth billions of dollars that in a country where most of the people live on less than 2 dollars a day. the choice down for voters is between ferrera and umbrello one calls himself the man of the moment the other the general of the people who believe they can solve going to be sales problems and offer you hope in the u. direction for its people. a court in bangladesh has sentenced 7 members of an armed group to death for their role in the 2016 attack which left 22 people dead the siege on the holy arses and cafe in dhaka killed
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mostly foreigners the men say they will appeal the charges which include training the attackers and supplying arms explosives and funds they're accused of being members of. which is trying to establish a shari'a rule in the country. hong kong police say they will return to the polytechnic university to seize weapons they say were made by pro-democracy protesters during a 2 week standoff security teams fail to find anyone during a sweep of the campus jesting the students who had barricaded themselves inside the facility have now left police plan to gather evidence and remove dangerous items including petrol bombs and corrosive liquid violent clashes between police and protesters broke out at the university this months last week about 1000 students were arrested while trying to escape. still to come in this half hour as rescue
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workers in albania race to find more survivors from tuesday's earthquake others prepare for another night sleeping outdoors plus. on the boris johnson and i trust on the table will be a force like britain's main opposition leader accuses prime minister boris johnson of offering up the national health service in trade talks with the us. head of the still a very unsettled picture across much of europe we've seen some pretty have just across the south clearing away from greece heading on tools turkey at the moment but not before we saw some pretty dramatic aligning have a look at this is just off the coast of athens 34 weeks that luckily hitting the
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sea so no damage was done and then away from the rain and the storms in the south a little snow farther to the north this is minsk in belarus a nice amount of snow it looks nice and it hasn't caused any problems so far but it's a very unsettled picture it should be a kero certainly in batteries on a thursday feeling fairly mild in walsall across into poland at 9 celsius the rain is further to the south of course this is a line of the alps and to the north as well some fairly widespread strikes through much of scandinavia where the still pretty brisk but that system clearing eastwards away from u.k. away from the low countries so friday is a slightly better day should generally be a dry day further to the north. slipping further south we've got a fairly unsettled picture again a. few more showers further to the east but despite all that weather through the med we've got some clouds along northern coastal areas of africa but it stays dry and mild $23.00.
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are you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system to walk through each and every layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once a week entry has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice before the northeast 36 o'clock our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is iraq. welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n.
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says one of its peacekeepers shot dead one of the protesters killed in the last few days in the eastern democratic republic of congo this says at least 19 people were killed in a rebel attack on a village near the city of. the saudi led coalition says it will start easing restrictions on yemeni airspace so that people who need medical treatment can fly out of the capital the coalition has also released 200 who the rebels to support peace efforts aimed at ending the nearly 5 year war. and 2 former prime ministers have made it through to a runoff presidential election in guinea bissau next month's presidential same radio ra's was eliminated after finishing 4th with 12 percent of the vote. u.s. media is reporting that president donald trump was aware of a whistle blower's complaint against him when he unfroze military aid to ukraine try. facing an impeachment inquiry over allegations that he withheld the money to
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force ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden the new york times says white house lawyers informed trump and oldest before they told congress it's cross live now to our white house correspondent kimberly hackett 1st of all what else do we know about these revelations and crucially what effect could they have on the impeachment inquiry. that will this is just bolstering the case that the democrats are building they're arguing that the president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors and therefore needs to be impeached by the terms of these latest revelations the dates really significant as you point out they're reporting that the president was briefed on the whistleblower complaint that ignited this impeachment inquiry and then only later in september did he release that 391000000 in security assistance to ukraine but even more significant is the hold and what it was placed on that aid we're learning now that it was placed on july 25th the same
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day the president had a telephone call with the ukrainian president where he was asking for a favor of this transcript has been made public we are understanding that 2 officials in the office of management and budget or the o.m.b. is called in the united states were so upset about this that they actually resigned now where does this head we know that there is a judicial committee hearing that will take place december 4th and most interestingly the president trump is kind of dangled out there that he may potentially even testify that would be unprecedented in modern history for a sitting president but in the last few hours the white house press secretary stephanie grisham kind of throwing some water on that saying essentially that the white house is reviewing whether or not the president would appear he has been invited but she also called this an illegitimate prospect or probably rather illegitimate process so as a result it doesn't appear the president is going to turn out for all of that but in the midst of that we sure know what the president has been thinking about all
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this he was speaking at a rally in florida late last night is there for the american thanksgiving holiday he once again called this of which he also denied there was ever a link between security assistance and an investigation into his political rival joe biden he says that he believes the foundation for this is that democrats can't win the presidential election in 2020 kimberly how can with the latest on that story kimberly thank you. mexico's president has rejected any intervention by the u.s. after president donald trump said that he's working on officially designating mexico's drugs gangs as terrorist organizations trump says this in response to the number of deaths resulting from drugs trafficked from mexico he revealed the plan in an interview with conservative radio presenter bill o'reilly we're losing 100000 people now multiply that times 10 to families and it destroyed to me and i am ways that are absolutely destroyed it is
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a very very sad situation so you are going to designate are you going to have to you're going to donate i'm actually god told her group designating that god absolutely are absolutely a big story i've been working on that for the last 90 days you know designation is not that easy i now go through a process and we're well into that process and where do you see the attack you for doing that i mean i don't hear well designating a group as a terrorist organization is supposed to hurt it in several ways it becomes illegal for anyone in the u.s. to knowingly offer support to that group members are banned from entering the u.s. and then he already in the country could be deported and the american financial institutions that become aware that they hold funds belonging or connected to the designated group must block that money and alert the u.s. treasury department is getting more and more now on how this is going down in mexico from alan fischer who is live in mexico city and alan one presumes that
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mexico didn't know anything about it until they heard it heard it on the radio so what reaction so far. well there had been some talk about over the last couple of days and in fact at the beginning of the week the foreign minister here said that he didn't think the americans were going to go ahead with it and then we have got all trumped going on to the radio and saying yeah we're looking at the designation he says he's been working on this for 90 days or so in fact many people believe that he came under pressure from the lebaron family that might be a story that you may have missed that was a family 9 americans who also have mexican citizenship were driving in a rope remote part of northern mexico when they were ambushed by a cocktail gang no 6 children and 3 adults were killed and many members of the family petitioned the white house to have cocktails designated as terrorist groups while the whole thing came up at the president's daily news conference he was asked
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what he would say and he said look it's just before thanksgiving we should be talking about cooperation not confrontation he is very reluctant to go up against donald trump but it's clear there are people here in mexico who are can sound that if that designation happens then america might think it has carte blanche to start launching military attacks into mexico itself that would be seen as an attack on mexico's sovereignty and speaking to one expert in the last 24 hours he said look if that happens that will provoke a huge nationalistic backlash here in mexico itself. do we have an understanding as to why the president has decided to do this because when we read the list of the the things that happen when you designate an organization as a terrorist organization one would presume that a lot of these things also apply to the drug cartels. exactly right but it will play strongly to his base and also the barn family well
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they were devoted mormons they lived in mexico and so it plays to donald trump's idea of protecting the christian religion in particular so he thinks that please well to speak so politically this is a win for donald trump but there will be those inside the administration who will say look hold on a 2nd this is huge implications because as you see many of the restrictions are already in place if we start designating criminal gangs as terrorist gangs where do we draw the line and that it could cause a problem with our nearest neighbor was ok to launch drawn assaults in syria and in yemen it's of a lot more difficult to do with the people are right next to your border mexico have had this sort of thing from donald trump before remember when he said he was going to close the border and didn't do that well they think this just might be him letting off some steam and they're going to talk to the american administration to see if they actually going to push ahead with this plan because of the implications
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it will have helen fisher with the latest on the story from mexico city allan thank you. spanish police have seized a homemade submarine that was carrying 3000 kilos of cocaine across the atlantic the 20 meter long vessel was intercepted off spain's northern coast after an international police operation it had been deliberately sunk by its 3 man crew to epa dorian's have been arrested one more is on the run submarines are commonly used to smuggle drugs in south america but police say that this is the 1st to be intercepted in europe. rescue workers in albania racing to find survivors from tuesday's powerful earthquake at least 26 people were killed and hundreds injured when the magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck near albany is a 2nd largest city of buddhists at least 20 people have been reported missing and rescue teams are sifting through large amounts of rubble in the hope of finding anyone alive thousands more were forced to spend the night outdoors as their homes
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have been destroyed john says of the doris football stadium where people are preparing for another night out in the cold. the situation here at the daughter's football stadium is that the entire area outside the the grass of the playing field itself is covered now with tents housing families who have been staying here overnight and you can see to my left there are some individual terms for families but there are also some much larger army tents which are housing several families at once right now there's a lot of activity here as people attempt to distribute food centric human chain that's been formed going from to a collection area where boxes of edible things are being piled up the army is keeping guard over there and presumably is going to oversee the distribution these people have possibly not and since lunchtime yesterday they've been here all night
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as tents were being set up the army was doing this as people were arriving so for many hours people were often simply sitting here in the cold overnight waiting for the tent to be erected over them and now i think they're going to be not only very very hungry but also preparing for another night out here until their houses are inspected and they're told that they can go back and re inhabit them in many cases though that won't be possible if you drive around the city of dallas you'll see that there are many blocks of flats in individual homes that appear to have structural damage or at least very serious damage walls have fallen out you can see into the interiors of homes clearly many many families will not be going home tonight and there has to be a long term or at least a medium term solution for those people some kind of hard shell container housing where they can stay through the winter weather because the forecast for tonight rain and through tomorrow and these tents are going to be inadequate housing
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civilians. bridges opposition leader has accused the prime minister of offering. the country's national health service during trade talks with the us jeremy corbyn released hundreds of pages of documents which he says prove the government wants to open up the n.h.s. to us pharmaceutical companies are strong so though this missed the allegations as a complete diversion paul brennan has more. public services in the n.h.s. in particular are the central theme in labour's election campaign in a post britain with the u.k.'s free health service be undermined by predatory trade deals with us pharmaceutical companies president trump this year said the n.h.s. was on the table so n.h.s. or anything else are a lot a lot more than that but still he later backtracked labor says it now has the proof 451 pages of it these uncensored documents the forest johnson's denials in
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absolute tatters voters need to ask themselves and very serious questions is the n.h.s. safe in boris johnson's hands we've now got evidence that under boris johnson the n.h.s. is on the table and will be up for sale labor says renegotiated patent rules could add an extra $640000000.00 a week to the n.h.s. drugs bill the documents show that in november 27 seen the u.k.'s lead negotiator wrote the impact of some patent issues raised on n.h.s. access to generic drugs i.e. cheaper drugs will be a key consideration going forward the following march the minutes of the meeting notes the u.s. approach makes total market access the baseline assumption of the trade negotiations. the prime minister has dismissed labor's claims as a complete diversion and flatly denied them we are absolutely resolved that there
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will be no sale of the n.h.s. no privatisation the n.h.s. is not on the table in any way not quite true according to this former trade negotiator it doesn't appear that for example the n.h.s. or food standards have been red lines as far as we can tow we haven't seen anywhere in the text saying the u.k. site said this was not on the table and could not be covered in a trade deal if it doesn't say that then it's on the table the scottish national party has reiterated its proposal for new legislation to definitively exclude the n.h.s. from future trade talks this will gadding t. that c. deals will not under main the founding principles of the n.h.s. nor open it up to profit driven exploitation documents don't commit a johnson government to actually agree a deal involving the n.h.s. but they do seem to show that the issues have been discussed. labor's general election campaign has been buffeted by headwinds in the past 48 hours and the release of this massive trove of documents is an attempt by the labor party to get
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back on solid ground the n.h.s. the question is is there enough mud in here to stick to the conservatives brennan al-jazeera central london. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least 19 people have been killed in a rebel attack in a village near the city of voice in the democratic republic of congo meanwhile the united nations says one of its peacekeepers shot and killed one of the protesters who died in the last few days. apologies and to be having some trouble with the vat interview we'll bring it to you in the next half hour of news now the saudi led coalition says it will start easing restrictions on yemeni airspace so that people who need medical treatment
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can fly out of the capital some airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2016 a spokesman for the coalition said flights out of the rebel held sana will be operated in cooperation with the world health organization because it has also released 200 who the rebels to support peace efforts aimed at ending the nearly 5 year old war. a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of the jeff after anti-government protesters stormed the iranian consulate building meanwhile iraqi security forces have denied reports that 2 protesters were killed in baghdad after live ammunition was used to disperse them and strangers their protests have also been taking place in the southern city of basra where crowds prevented government employees from getting to work by installing concrete barriers one person dead. 2 former prime ministers of made it through to a runoff presidential election in guinea bissau now but not the current president just
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a mighty avaaz vase was eliminated after finishing 4th with 12 percent of the vote a course in bangladesh is sentenced to 7 members of an armed group to death for their role in a 2016 attack which left 22 people dead the siege on the holy artisan cafe in dhaka killed mostly foreigners the men say they will appeal the charges which include training the attackers and supplying arms explosives and funds those were the top stories that do stay with us coming up next it's the stream and lauren taylor will have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching by.
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i have 3 ok i'm really glad i knew you're in the stream today protests in a wrong what happened while the country's internet was shot all will speak to people inside iran for an update and since several of our community members for quested today's topic we want to hear from you what questions you have for our guests send us a tweet or join the live chat streaming right now on you tube. this is jasmine ramsey and the communications director of the center for human rights in iran and here in the spring. a shop increasing the price of petrol center iranians to this.


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