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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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as a journalist was. getting to the truth as a lawyer that's what his job. is iraq. and there are 19 and this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up as protests spread in the east and d.l.c. demanding better protection for civilians a brutal rebel attack kills another 19 people. iraqi protesters set fire to the iranian consulate in the southern city of najaf after another day of deadly demonstrations. more positive signs from yemen are sounding
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that coalition says it will allow some flights out of some airport people who need medical treatment. and mexico demands urgent talks after president trump says he's working to designate mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups. with sport i'll have the very latest for wednesday's champions league plus. another upset at the top here in doha qatar saudi arabia are beaten by kuwait a team runs 87 points. and he's 19 people have been killed in a brutal rebel attack in the volatile eastern democratic republic of congo is amid growing anger at u.n. peacekeepers for failing to protect civilians allied to democratic forces are believed to have carried out the door attack on a village near the city of they've been blamed for. string of recent massacres
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around benny which sparked days of violent protests against the un and the army the un now says one of its peacekeepers killed one of the 6 protesters in recent days from goma catherine sori reports another tense day. there barrymore he door body of protesters shot dead by a policeman on saturday. the policeman was later killed by an angry mob. they marched through the city with his body in. the area where he was shot in the head. body is one of 6 people who have been killed. over the weekend people here are angry and their anger is directed to the u.n. peacekeeping mission called one school they blame the peacekeepers for failing to protect them from a tox from an armed group in the area called democratic forces or. the un mission in benny has also been accused of using excessive force of protest as
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one of our peacekeepers showed that a protester was throwing a. team a day in the peacekeepers so we are still in the process so very fine old socks and fact checking the ripples we have received in the midst of all this another tragedy happened and morning attack by a.t.f. on a village about 30 kilometers from benny more than a dozen people hopped to death with machetes some of them to copy tainted. on the streets of benny is also being felt many kilometers south and north. was protestors here have expressed their frustration police have been deployed to keep them from getting too important says this is just a small group of people who have a lot. of police. fired tear gas at protest the all the blood libel
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that's in the air to the fact that this one here this is the feeling much more all of what is going on in benny they fear the killings but he also said the united nations me called one move must leave the country. the message was clear and they told us no matter what force is used to remove them from the streets they'll keep coming back until the demands of the people of benny i met what i can at the moment is money being are tired i come from op people are being slaughtered. the u.n. and our soldiers are there and doing nothing why then all this force is there if not to protect our people. they finished their protestant a police station. where they paid their last tribute to he door battle. and back in bed me he was buried by family friends and hundreds of other protestants determined to keep the pressure on until the ballot stops cathy zoi al-jazeera.
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one this separate ical alister michael emergence minister he's from the london school of economics thanks for coming in to talk to us so just initially this latest attack it sounds really that it was quite horrific yes it sounds like rugby actually was horrific because when i see some markets 14 people have been hacked to death using machetes and does it do we are expecting this was the same group that was responsible for previous attacks and you're also today yes exactly reports in the same boat exactly the a.d.f. . i mean. in the recent past the islamic state will have also sort of actually come up to say make ownership of it. but this time no one is likely to see anything in the offing the fingers are pointing to the a.d.f. so what i mean we had heard originally from the government that they were going to try and beef up security after the previous attacks and many what did did you know
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was there any change in the way security was set up with the u.n. and the army or not in the last few days i mean. basically is i mean the u.n. to keep this by you actually need peace enforcement to be taking place in iraq to cover get the above monday to write and also to yuba to balance the situation there are actually in collaboration with the congolese army see looks like as a tactic of the can release army doing the peace enforcement it's why i asked the un peacekeeping it's our back now. so you're say it's just that there isn't enough there aren't enough people and troops on the ground to protect the villages or yes but also i mean this is about the 14th attack in the space of about 5 weeks so either the intelligence someone is no further than up on that or there's not enough troops on the ground to actually meet up work the rebels are doing here and the huge problems india are seeing is they've had they've had an embezzler outbreak as well and we've had some of the engineers saying that they've had to evacuate health
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workers and so on because of the 6 security situations it gives an idea of the knock on effect of the security situation on humanitarian side of things you know exactly i mean it's quite important that the him until humanitarian side is actually operating in peace so they're relying on on the troops the peacekeepers to actually be able to ward off the attacks of the can actually operate because apart from they've been their systems and need to free that they can actually come for treatment without being attacked and so this has a knock on effect on the humanitarian side of things and we've seen the un. arrest people are angry with the u.n. in particular and and the army would that seems to spread not to go massive can does it that these there are no us to spread. very significant because if the citizens are saying that they don't want you there it becomes very difficult to be able to operate. partly because they've been there for quite a while and this spate of attacks is quite ongoing in the last 5 weeks and they're
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expecting that the u.n. presence you have to be able to protect them but we haven't seen that happen in our thank you very much indeed for coming to talk to us thank you thank you and the international criminal court in the netherlands has rejected an appeal from the democratic republic of congo's former vice president and rebel leader bender the court has upheld the 12 month sentence handed to the bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial but he won't go to jail having already served 10 years in detention was acquitted of war crimes in june 28th after an appeal rescues in india osses capital kinshasa searching for bodies after tuesday's flooding which killed at least $39.00 people heavy overnight rains caused landslides and brought a rubbish dump down on top of densely packed housing 2 bridges also collapsed and a road fell into a ravine people in west kenya looking for relatives are still missing after heavy
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rain caused flooding in landslides there at least 65 people have died in the past 3 days with up to 120000 more affected from the village of time callin west pocket county monitor reports. the people of time called village in kenya west book called county. mission days of the floods and landslides swept away vale homes there such and for the bodies of the missing relatives william domi killer is looking for the body of his 5 year old daughter much somebody's gonna i found the body of my son who also died not far from here so i've asked my neighbors to help with the search for my daughter had body is under this rubble the flood some landslide in followed days of torrential rain entire families were wiped out when a vast side of water rocks and mud swept across the village the land that once held their homes is now covered by mud and rocks but if. lost his entire family
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down by the melissa it's hard to bear the loss of my sister who had just finished school today as well as my mother and 2 brothers i'm all alone in the world in all 21 people died in time come 11 bodies have been recovered the rest are still missing. william capello is yet to find the bodies of 7 of his 9 children who died began you know with my appeal to the government is to help me raise and educate my only remaining son life will never be the same for us we also need machinery to move these rocks to check if there might be anybody's underneath. but government rescue workers are yet to reach this far flung village they've been hampered by the torrential rain and floods which also swept away bridges and roads in was the court that tried to do that took place here as part of a grim picture affecting many parts of west county and with continued rainfall there's a possibility of water repeats government officials have been appealing to people
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to move to safer ground but the people of this village say they conned do that until they find the bodies of their loved ones locals say told the last disaster that but witnessed and they dread and if for the loss of life. we need the government to carry out some conservation work deforestation over farming has made this problem to sliding. chosen to live in the open not sure if their lives. in. a cafe has been imposed in the iraqi city of now jeff after anti-government protesters stormed the iranian consulate and set fire to the building it's believed stuff for the consulate were evacuated before the incident meanwhile iraqi security forces have denied reports that 2 protest says were killed in baghdad after live ammunition was used to disperse demonstrators than 100 joins us on the phone from
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baghdad i mean what more information is emerged about what happened in. the lord as you mentioned what we know so far is that government demonstrators. are about sure are the images the poor the south the page storming the iranian consulate. and set fire to the iranian consulate earlier this evening religion or out of the car that they evacuated before the incident and shortly after the incident authorities announced very quirky has been imposed in leverage serious relationship which going on iran. these protests continued to grow it began in early october and what we see it happening again and again in the country shall we leave shii majority cities
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a little measure of people to be a whole and so the portion is that there are protesters there that are very upset with me but they feel it's too much to influence people exercised by neighboring iran on iraq and so that is why you are seeing attacks on the iranian consul defeated 2nd attack in the south on an iranian consulate in early november you had to go testers in the city of karbala also could literally see through to the shia in iraq they attacked the consulate there they scaled it with concrete barriers surrounding the iranian consulate of course they will had security forces moved in and whispers the crowd several were injured but again and again in the country's top you are see a mostly shia protesters that are demonstrating because they are upset that iran is exerting to greater included in the politics now when it comes to buckle down as
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you mentioned earlier today it was reported to medical sources that another 2 protesters have been killed when there were clashes with security forces in bulk that is only the latest such events than the last several days again and again we hear a biometrically here of protesters who killed and usually shortly after that the government denies that that has happened which again happened today but all of that's really going to show that this protest movement needs not slowing down even though there is the specter of violence even though people are worried what might happen if they go out in various cities across iraq they are continuing to come out now we did hear from iraq's prime minister are documented he had a cabinet meeting yesterday and he addressed the protest movement and he said that it is everybody's right to come out and protest they should be paid to do. so there are also they cannot break any laws. to be someone to be a tory. but it really hasn't changed every.
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episode of the anti-government demonstration with capital. they do not believe in the government. to listen to their demands to show that they are trying to make any kind of government here to say look like. they are having a leisurely parliament speak to the truth which is they say. nothing within the. overhaul of the political system here. and i mean john jim thank you very much and a thought out there that 7 and petrol stations union has called for an open ended blast all strike from thursday they're angry at the increasing expensive backlog at the us dollars which station is used to buy fuel and latest disruption in lebanon which has been gripped by weeks of anti-government protests the minute she was forced to intervene for a 2nd night in a row after supporters of a sham movement hezbollah and
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a lot of attack antigovernment protesters in beirut in the northern city of tripoli similar trash as were reported between supporters and opponents of president michel i will. coming up on this news hour from london president trump seeks to distance himself from his noir rudy giuliani and his activities over ukraine. the sort of actions in guinea-bissau where 2 former prime ministers are through to the election runoff but not the president who fired them. and in support preparation delays in the philippines leave for the teams sleeping on floors days before the start of the southeast asian games. sounded coalition says it will start easing restrictions on yemeni airspace so that people who need medical treatment can fly out of the capital some our airport has been closed to commercial flights since 2016
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a spokesman for the coalition said flights out of rebel held santa will be operated in cooperation with the world health organization the coalition has also released $200.00 hoofy rebels to support peace efforts aimed at ending 85 years of war and even from the norwegian refugee council says thousands of people have died unnecessarily as a result of the airport's closure but now there is reason to be optimistic. this is reg limit of the hope in a in a desperate war situation for 4 years we've asked for sun our airport to be reopened for these medical flights but also for other commercial and the 1000000000 flights this is the place where which always had to send patients out of the country because they couldn't care for the worst and most complicated medical treatments then the airport was closed at the same time as
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the medical systems in yemen collapsed so poor yes now we've seen thousands die in unnecessary for both hope is over but for many patients there is now hope that they can get abroad and get treatment u.s. media is reporting that president donald trump was aware of a whistle blower's complaint against him when he unfroze military aid to ukraine thomas facing an impeachment inquiry of allegations that he withheld the money to force ukraine to less to get its political rivals joe biden a new york times says white house lawyers ensuring trump in august before they told congress and an interview with former fox news host bill o'reilly trump has sought to distance himself police lawyer who giannis activities on ukraine saying he has not directed him to work on ukraine matters. let's get more from on this from
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article hayne in washington d.c. so tell us more about how this is happening mr distancing between trump and giuliani. it's really a familiar pattern at this point isn't it lauren somebody gets in trouble that's close to the president the president comes out either says i barely know the guy or no i didn't direct him to do that so the president now going as you mentioned on that conservative radio show and saying that he didn't direct rudy giuliani to take care of the ukraine policy the problem for the president is that his own transcript that the white house released what's basically a summary of the call between himself and the ukrainian president the president says talk to rudy talk to the attorney general it also contradicts literally pretty much all the testimony we heard from all of the witnesses in the impeachment hearing that were either told or believed there were any had been directed by the president to tackle this ukraine issue that was so bothering the president that he apparently held up almost 4 $100000000.00 worth of aid so the backstory of all of
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this it's not just that this is something the president does and it gets in trouble he's tries to walk away is rudy giuliani likes to go on t.v. just about as much as the president does he's been on conservative media he came out he said he's not worried about the president throwing him under the bus like other people have felt that they have been because he had an insurance policy so now reuters is reporting that jude giuliani's lawyer has directed giuliani to call the president to say he was just kidding he doesn't really have an insurance policy the problem for giuliani is this is the 1st time he's said that about the president of the united states and giuliani is definitely in the crosshairs 2 of his associates have been indicted for campaign finance violations one has said that he's basically in a spill everything that congress his lawyer says he's going to has handed over e-mails and videos so all of that could become a part of the impeachment hearing we believe federal prosecutors are targeting giuliani that they've issued subpoenas for documents from his firm and reporters
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are really digging into him right now the new york times is reporting as he was allegedly trying to get this information. for the president he was in talks to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from some ukrainian officials to represent them so rudy giuliani trying to send the message that he is an insurance policy publicly privately telling the president he doesn't well the same time it is very clear federal prosecutors have a target on him benteke again thank you very much indeed. mexico's president is calling for cooperation rather than intervention by the united states after president all trump said he is working on a fishing designating mexico's drug gangs as terrorist organizations trump says it's in response to the number of deaths resulting from drugs trafficked from mexico i don't fisher has more from mexico city. the death of 9 americans in a cartel ambush earlier this month sparked widespread outreach for the victims 3 women 6 children were traveling through
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a remote area in northern mexico when they were attacked jule u.s. mexican citizens the family the labatt ins demanded the white house days ignorant mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations you're going to do a telephone interview with a right wing talk host president donald trump said that process is underway i've been working on that for the last 90 days you know designation is that there is no i don't go through a process. mexico's drug cartels are huge operations they control large chunks of the country and they're involved in drug trafficking assassinations kidnapping and political corruption being designated a terrorist organization by america means it becomes illegal for anyone to knowingly support the groups if banks realize they handle any cartel funds they must block the money under and form the government a new members are banned from entering the u.s. and so taking this move while it might benefit the president in the united states and it might make people feel righteous and justified and satisfied here that we're taking stronger steps alternately may make it harder to do business with the
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mexicans and we need to be a team with them in order to get this problem solved mexico's policy on fighting the cartels has changed under the new president and this man well the obrador who's been in office almost exactly a year he believes in hugs not bullets and that social conditions need to change to make the cartels less economically powerful got bit as young. see in the engineers more not but one expert says if the u.s. president follows through on his threat to clear out the cartels and uses military action there could be significant mexican backlash with this they do a side it can stay in mexico and organize who are one attack or something against a mexican gov't that's in mexican soil and this is the problem because mexico is being the scene at least in that because of their country and that's it any
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difference of that the mexican government has had donald trump make threats like this before remember when he threatened to close down the entire border and then backed away they will of course start making plans but they're hoping that the white house will back away from what many people here see as a dangerous and dramatic overreaction alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. well andrea is the author of napco inside mexico's criminal insurgency joins us via skype from mexico city thanks for being with us so is that the biggest concern in mexico city that that this could turn into something which authorizes or ends up authorizing some kind of military intervention into mexico by the u.s. . yeah that's the kind of alarm bell is ringing from and this is coming amid quite tense times following the mask over the lower on family discussed in the report. then offered military back up to mexico there were some congressman republican
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congressman saying if mexico carvers old this we should take matters into our own hands so this idea of kind of american troops poor and over the border to shoot some cartel members it was kind of a fantasy for a long time but now it's something that really appears on the sable and if it was a designated terrorist group you could see the action or drone strike like there's been actions to attack foreign targets ensuite down pakistan many other countries it's us i thought what kind of difference would it make to designate cartels as a terrorist organization what kind of powers does it does it including. so it's really has it would have all kinds of things and maybe some unintended consequences if you look at what happened with the fock release in colombia that there's a net terrorists and some of the paramilitaries then they were arrested next jointly united staes and charged on terrorist crimes and that could be something which helps prosecutors guard the cartels but who is also could have some other
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consequences for example most of the guns helped by the cartels in mexico come from the united states between 207-0080 there was 150000 guns taken from criminals and traced the u.s. gun shops or gun factories most of the people on the u.s. side only get suspended sentences or probation if they're caught taking guns to the cartels but if this happened they could be given senses like 20 years in prison another consequence could be those many refugees fleeing mexico because of the violence and going to the united states and try to apply for asylum there is very hard to get refugee status in the united states if you come from mexico you're not filling a military dictatorship you're not. filing an official war if you have clearly a designated terrorist group then a judge to look much more favorably on your case and so we've had a reaction or some kind of muted relatively muted reaction from the president saying our only say corporation yes interventionism no but they have for mysteries
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requested a meeting with my pump air so how do you think the mexican government will handle this going forward i don't think the mexican government's going to put a huge amount of political capital 'd in trying to stop this i think in itself that designation is not going to be terrible for mexico it's not to make that much difference overrule the problem is easy if it was used to justify military intervention so i think want the foreign secretary muster up broadwell will make very clear is ok you could doesn't make mysteries you can do these things but do not have a military strike into mexico that will cause all kinds of problems and there's a real danger with this administration the 'd white house they could do that and greener thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us and i was there thank you spanish police have seized a home in submarine that was carrying 3000 kilos of cocaine across the atlantic the
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20 meter long wrestle was intercepted off spain's northern coast after an international police operation it had been deliberately sunk by a 3 man crew to ecuadorians have been arrested one more is on the run submarines are commonly used to smuggle drugs in south america but police say this is the 1st been deceptive in europe. more to come on this news hour including why indians are joining the bangladeshis in cutting back on a number of favorite staples hands. french farmers broke records into the capitol angered by government policies which they say on fatty target their industry. at its core there's action from a huge upset in the world of college basketball the whole bit here to explain.
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ahead of the still a very unsettled picture across much of europe we've seen some pretty have to storms across the south clearing away from greece heading on jools turkey at the moment but not before we saw some pretty dramatic aligning have a look at this is just off the coast of athens 3 forks there luckily hitting the sea so no damage was done and then away from the rain and the storms in the south a little snow farther to the north this is minsk in belarus a nice amount of snow it looks nice and it hasn't caused any problems so far but it's a very unsettled picture it should be a kero certainly in batteries on a thursday feeling fairly mild in warsaw across into poland at 9 celsius the rain is further to the south of course this is a line of the alps and to the north as well some fairly widespread strikes through much of scandinavia where the still pretty brisk but that system kiran eastwards away from u.k. away from the low country so friday is a slightly better day should generally be
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a dry day further to the north. slipping further south we've got a fairly unsettled picture again of. showers further to the east but despite all that weather through the med we've got some clouds along northern coastal areas of africa but it stays dry and mild $23.00. al-jazeera world meets 2 arabs who left the middle east but for successful careers in other parts of the world. the lebanese kind of on the just turned on to them in brazil. and iraq to buy any of the norwegian of the industry. unusual journeys leading to unexpected places. the doctor and the will move on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people
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need to be hot. and the story needs to be told. 145000 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports they're not that big a quick check of al-jazeera has teams on the ground in school right here to bring you the relief documentaries and life leaves. and they're going to one of the top stories on our syria as anger grows in the eastern democratic republic of congo over the un's failure to protect civilians another 19 people have been killed in
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a brutal rebel attack. a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of najaf after anti-government protesters stormed the iranian consulate and set fire to the building it's believed staff were evacuated from the consulate before the incident . and the saudi led coalition says it will start easing restrictions on yemeni airspace so that people who need medical treatment can fly out of the capital the coalition has also released 200 hoofy rebels to support efforts to end any 5 years of war. 2 former prime ministers have made it through to a runoff presidential election in guinea bissau but not the current president chosen mario vows domingo's simmers pereira finished 1st with 40 percent of the vote he was his 1st prime minister but was sacked in 2015 in the december runoff we'll be up against tomorrow 6000 who got 28 percent of the vote in by 0 was also. one of the 7 prime is as far as fired during his 5 years in office president has
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himself in his to distant 4th with just 12 percent of the vote it pledged to respect the result but has already said the election was rigged because how proportion the capital base out. outside the party headquarters are going to be sounds presidential candidate c. circle and barlow hundreds of his supporters gathered here and they didn't expect him to get through to the 2nd round but he did with 20 percent of the vote for his movement for democratic alternative party because. we are tired of 50 years of the ruling party who are duping people selling drugs nepotism and corruption the people have come to say no calling for a new generation of leadership. many of them both supporters are poor and from the countryside and felt ignored by political rivals in particular the african party for the independence of going to be south and kept verd also known as the ph d. c. the party has been in power since independence it's candidates domingo's. who
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campaigned as a modernizer fell short of a clear majority to win outright a professional i've been involved i have some records show and well normal need to work for the kids and who might most of the also. look after themselves and being able to look into the. appeal to voters in the capital b. so those be so guinea and now living in other countries. most of the voters live in the countryside many villages have no running water no access to electricity and school all the medical centers are shut down the state is outside and so much of this election results reflect that anger among these people when their politicians have failed the. incumbent president who stood for the independent party came 3rd in the election with only 12 percent of the vote it's
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been an expensive election and some are wondering where the money came from to finance it the country's law enforcement agency suggests some could have been drug money 22 tons of cocaine was seized over the past 5 years worth. of dollars that in a country where most of the people live on less than $2.00 a day. the choice for voters is between pira and umbrello one calls himself the man of the moment the other the general of the people both believe they can solve going to be solved problems and offer new hope in a new direction for its people it was hard ground 0 bizarro. polls have closed in namibia's parliamentary and presidential elections the verge of being seen as a major test for the governing party which has been in power for nearly 30 years and their affairs they could be post-election violence as her would toss her reports maybe as ruling swapo party has been in power since 1990 when the country gained independence from south africa but this could be
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a tough election for president again god who's running for a 2nd term a corruption scandal involving the country's fishing industry could taint his party's image al-jazeera investigative unit and the anti secrecy wiki leaks and covered evidence of government officials accepting bribes or kickbacks from iceland's the biggest fishing firm in exchange for lucrative fishing rights the fisheries minister and justice minister has so far as the president was asked about the scandal shortly after voting. we will deal with corruption we declared war on corruption we have taken steps are slow and must also do it came from where you are coming to corrupt people we will do with ours and you must deal with you. opposition parties what namibians implicated held to account popular cannot investigate itself and want to get to the bottom of this matter and we are calling for a judicial inquiry where you probably mean judges are appointed and people in the
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fishing industry with our fear of failure. in. the matters that are happening namibia is a relatively small country but it has a lot of natural resources it's a 5th of its citizens live in poverty a recession and a drought is making life more difficult for the poor rising unemployment and inequality could also erode some of the ruling party's popularity 5 years ago again god won the presidential election with 87 percent of the vote there are scenes of. discontent but i don't think we're going to see those really come to fruition for this election perhaps in another 5 years it will be a candidate an opposition candidate or an independent candidate who can really give a run for its money both in terms of you know an opposition party and a presidential candidate. the opposition in the media is not united that other
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former liberation movements in southern africa still enjoys support from the black majority many see it as a party that for now represents black interests but some political analysts predict the result could be close and the military says it is on high alert in case there is post-election violence. al-jazeera. warlord holy for have to hand his forces have regained control of libya's feel oil fields after fighters aligned with the internationally recognized government temporarily took control of it the oil field is the 2nd largest in the country producing $70000.00 barrels per day strikes had temporarily halted production at the site the fighting reignites a conflict for control of large oil fields in southwestern libya after controls most of the country's oil fields a court in bangladesh is sentenced 7 members of an armed group to death for their
12:39 am
role in a 2016 attack which left 22 people dead a siege on the holy artisan cafe in dhaka killed mostly foreigners the men say they will appeal against the charges which include training the attackers and supplying arms explosives and funds tundra chowdhry reports into. crowds packed the cold precinct many queuing outside the building to hear the verdict security forces sell the entire area inside an antiterrorism tribunals specially created to hear this case handing down that sentences to 7 men. on july 1st 20165 men armed with guns and grenades stormed the holy orders and bakery in dockers diplomatic zone taking diners hostage 18 foreigners to bangladeshi and 2 policemen were killed for army commandos but the 12 hour siege to an end all the attackers were killed the man sentenced on the witness they were charged with training them supplying weapons explosives and finds a packed courtroom and
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a very swift verdict by the bell it took 20 minutes and the public reaction was very positive most people were happy with the verdict including some of the relatives we spoke to. excuse were taken in a prison van like this some of them were reciting arabic verses. as the condemned men were taken to prison then somewhere heard shouting. 3 authorities have denied any involvement of vises in the attack this is. the observation of the court is that those accused were trying to undermine the government destabilize the country and were trying to spread militancy in the country they were trying to conspire to establish an islamic state. in a phone interview the man's liar told i'll just say they'll file an appeal with the
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high court for those whose loved ones were killed there's some sense of justice done. to this verdict was not just the desire for my family but for the whole of bangladesh also it was that he saw an expectation for many around the world many foreigners were killed or families had high expectations for property justice and i think that it's been served. the verdict may have been a milestone but for most lost their loved ones the pain and loss remains hard to overcome chaudhry al jazeera dhaka bangladesh the price of onions has quadrupled in india leaving the stable vegetable and to reach for many people excessive monsoonal rains damaged onion crops leading to the price rise india which is the world's largest exporter of onions and exports in september to cut costs prices are spiraled in asia trading in neighboring bangladesh which has had to subsidise on imports. yet the price of onions usually between
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$2835.00 us said we were quite far to 6 kilograms of onions but now it's nearing $1.40 so we buy less. but. the production of onions has been low because of rain that's what the prices are high the cost of destroyed due to the right and now we have to say the crops again. hong kong police say they'll return to the polytechnic university to seize weapons they say were made by pro-democracy protesters during a 2 week standoff security teams failed to find anyone during a sweep of the campus suggesting the students who barricaded themselves inside the facility have now left police plan to gather evidence and remove dangerous items including petrol bombs and corrosive liquid violent clashes between police and protesters broke out at university this month last week about 1000 students were arrested some while trying to escape rescue workers in albania have been racing to
12:43 am
find survivors from tuesday's powerful earthquake at least 26 people were killed and hundreds injured when the magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck nail 2nd largest city of duras and he's 20 people have been reported missing and rescue teams are sifting through large amounts of rubble in the hope of finding others alive thousands more were forced to spend the night outdoors as their homes have been destroyed. britain's main opposition leader has accused the prime minister of offering up the country's national health service during trade talks with the us jeremy corbin released hundreds of pages of documents which he says proves the government wants to open up the n.h.s. to us from a suitable companies but boris johnson dismissed the allegations as a complete diversion paul brennan has more. public services in the n.h.s. in particular are the central theme in labour's election campaign in
12:44 am
a post britain with the u.k.'s free health service be undermined by predatory trade deals with us pharmaceutical companies president trump this year said the n.h.s. was on the table so n.h.s. or anything else are a lot a lot more than that but still he later backtracked labor says it now has the proof 451 pages of it these uncensored documents the forest johnson's denials in absolute tatters voters need to ask themselves and very serious questions is the n.h.s. safe in boris johnson's hands we've now got evidence that under boris johnson the n.h.s. is on the table and will be up for sale labor says renegotiated patent rules could add an extra $640000000.00 a week to the n.h.s. drugs bill the documents show that in november 27th seen the u.k.'s lead negotiator wrote the impact of some patent issues raised on n.h.s. access to generic drugs i.e.
12:45 am
cheaper drugs will be a key consideration going forward the following march the minutes of the meeting notes the u.s. approach makes total market access the baseline assumption of the trade negotiations. the prime minister has dismissed labor's claims as a complete diversion and flatly denied them we are absolutely resolved that there will be no sale of the n.h.s. no privatisation the n.h.s. is not on the table in any way not quite true according to this former trade negotiator it doesn't appear that for example the n.h.s. or food standards have been red lines as far as we can tow we haven't seen anywhere in the text saying the u.k. side said this was not on the table and could not be covered in a trade deal if it doesn't say that then it's on the table the scottish national party has reiterated its proposal for new legislation to definitively exclude the n.h.s. from future trade talks this will get in t. the c. deals will not under main the phoned in principles of the n.h.s.
12:46 am
nor open it up to profit driven exploitation documents don't commit a johnson government to actually agree a deal involving the n.h.s. but they do seem to show that the issues have been discussed labor's general election campaign has been buffeted by headwinds in the past 48 hours and the release of this massive trove of documents is an attempt by the labor party to get back on solid ground the n.h.s. the question is is there enough mud in here to stick to the conservatives or brennan al-jazeera central london hundreds of french farmers have been blocking main roads into paris in protest over government policies which they say unfairly target their industry resentment has been growing among farmers over what they call agri bashing and they say they're being unfairly blamed for environmental and animal welfare issues what about now has more from paris. swapping their fields for the highway hundreds of french farmers drove their tractors to paris on the city's
12:47 am
main ring road they disrupted traffic to protest against french government policies and international trade deals that they say make their lives harder and create unfair competition. in a more the former president doesn't recognize our hard work we have one of the most regulated farming industries in the world yet you allows the import of unregulated goods it's unfair this is one of the main routes to paris this is really been through a very fast moving traffic with this convoy of practices stopped here and they are completely blocking the road on the city's most famous avenue the shell's leads a pharmacy straw onto the pavement demanded a meeting with french president emmanuel mccall to discuss their grievances psy-ops our world with a new we really fired up and i agree culture is dying off seriously in all of the different sectors last week and once again i had a colleague who killed himself this can't go on. traditionally people in france
12:48 am
have had a positive image of farmers but in recent years it's changed some environmentalists accuse farmers of creating pollution using harmful pesticides and damaging nature pharma say they're fed up of what they call a grip washing. of 40 years of official has been badly treated criticised by certain people who imply that we are not doing the job the way we shoot and that we are poisoning people for us farmers that's on a step towards a professionally this parish. france's agricultural minister said he supported the demonstration and heard people's frustrations but protesters dismissed his comments they said they wanted actions not words that they wouldn't give up their protest until there was change natasha butler al-jazeera paris. 60000 people have been told to leave their homes in texas 2nd explosion at a petrochemical plant evacuations are being ordered in 4 towns around the plant in
12:49 am
the state's southeast. still battling the blaze which broke out in the early hours of wednesday still had the. sports group in the world staggering value. business update. its.
12:50 am
business. with the sport. but and thank you very much it's been a really dramatic night in the usa for champions league much of that drama was in
12:51 am
valencia as they drew 22 with chelsea in group 8 a result that means both teams will now have to wait until the final round of matches to see if they qualify for the last 16 with hindsight took the lead in this one through lead only for chelsea to equalise a minute later to cover church the london team took the lead just after the break christian politics to score but with qualification beckoning for chelsea daniel vos scored an 82nd minute equaliser final score. was nearly 4 times in the match is in group a defending champions liverpool are currently one of one with a map in plus $100.00 european game in real playing football but also look to be heading through to the last 16 that up 31 against dortmund benfica are leading leipzig in group j. to underscore there were police in liverpool arrested 5 napoli fans before the game against the reds in a tweet they said 3 men were arrested for violent disorder and another for friday following disorder before the match there's been
12:52 am
a major upset in the arabian gulf cup here in doha with kuwait beating saudi arabia to a tour around 87 places below southeast scored twice in 3 minutes through the ferry and sunny sunday on the final score 31 so you can write in the days of the game bahrain. nil now the owner of manchester city is agreed to sell a 10 percent stake in his company for $500000000.00 which values them it all might fall or even $1000000000.00 that's a record for a sports group the abu dhabi controlled city football group is selling to a us private equity firm they call silver lake and they originally invested in technology but have more recently moved into entertainment investing in things like the u.f.c. we have. a tremendous global organization. over $1500.00 players around the world over 2000 incredible employees we played on were 2005 games across
12:53 am
all our teams so this is a. this is a huge organization with a footprint in many places around the world well let's break down those numbers for you there are a lot of them as i mentioned cities are in the shape one soul is selling a 10 percent stake in the city football group for $500000000.00 the deal puts a record value of $4800000000.00 on the group remember shakman saw bought city for just under 200000000 dollars back in 2008 and since 2008 they spent 1700000000 on the players and one very successful manager and that's resulted in 4 premier league titles and that's led to an annual revenue of $687000000.00 or for more on this we spoke to sports marketing expert professor simon chadwick. the industry in general is converging with entertainment and so we are beginning to see this in inter linkage between all sports entertainment digital and so what has happened today i
12:54 am
think with the silverlink investment is testament to the fact that we're looking at an industry that's going through a process of of rapid transformation it's very closely linked to entertainment to technology to film and what the new investment should enable city to do is is to move forward much more quickly much more dynamic lee than many other clubs in the world we're already beginning to see. signs of what 6 year is doing reflected in other clubs so they're the state of for instance amazon documentaries connected to football clubs so for instance at tottenham hotspur is evidence that. football is no longer just football it's entertainment it's a source of content for digital platforms belo said rick perry spike of for the 1st time since returning to his role of sprains head coach he had stepped down to care for his 9 year old daughter who died from cancer his former assistant robert moreno took charge of his absence but was controversially sacked to make way for enrique
12:55 am
return to fill put it in the other for security i am the only reason why marino is not to my staff he came to my house and said he wanted to take charge of the team in the euros and then go back to being my number 2 i understand he's ambitious but for me that's also disloyal and a defect i would not have done that i don't want anybody with these characteristics in my staff or israel folau has upped his compensation claim against rugby australia to nearly $10000000.00 for loss of earnings he's searching for religious discrimination after being fact over anti-gay comments here originally wanted $7000000.00 but increase it because he says he could have become australia kept. the southeast starts in the philippines on saturday but organizes having to do with complaints that have been forced to sleep on floors and some even going hungry remember i'm a dog and has more from manila at a press conference here in manila organizers in charge coming from the government
12:56 am
actually denied that they have been disorderly in their management of the sea games here in the philippines they even said that they will investigate reports that some athletes have suffered food poisoning have been brought to the hospital and there is an adequate food for athletes and members of the changing team from different countries the even went as far as leaving journalists local and international for what they described as exaggeration of reports coming in on social media and in publications but journalists errant the once reporting it out police themselves have complaining of management and they have they have been asking the government to basically fix it as soon as possible specially logistical and managerial operations like organizing hotels hotel rooms and bus transport system now president of diego dared to himself already said that he wants an investigation into how the sea games is being managed by several factions of his government this
12:57 am
isn't the only controversy that has surrounded the sea games last week there has already been an inquiry in the senate about whether the budget allocated and loan for this project is overpriced and whether the funds have been disbursed properly. as in plenty of drama and u.s. college basketball as the number one ranked juke lost at home to a non conference team for the 1st time in almost 20 years. stephen often lumberjacks scoring a beating layout to win the game by 2 points in 150 game winning streak against non conference 3. that is always but for a more active role thank you very much and that's it for me in our intake after this news hour donna back in a minute with on a full roundup of the day's news thanks very much and it's fortunate.
12:58 am
as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the coming fiscal issue and the job that investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. it's
12:59 am
a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for reasons for others it's the only way to get a job despite the risks. was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as you try to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to like to serve this country. close your eyes. listen. muslim i never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the poor i never dreamt of that where the words fail music speaks to short films about how music
1:00 am
knocked down the rules and inspire hope for a better life a.j. selects on al-jazeera. last. iraq in protest says set fire to the iranian conservationist southern city of najaf after another day of deadly demonstrations. this is our jazeera live from london also coming up as protests spread in the east india all seen demanding better protection for civilians a brutal rebel attack kills another 19 people. more positive signs from yemen they're sounding led coalition says it will allow some flights out or some.


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