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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 85  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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it's very important to me it's very important. you know. people at the. end have to see when you do it whether they need to eat you the 1st fall season and does not run around you some figures and find that this is further proof that's g.-u. this. over of us and the gays and this is number one if i call and i do things that i would hope for office holder you know incompetent in nature which is exactly what. so i'm going to go through you on getting one on one person to forgive me for if you will be a running. but when we go into his opinions about how. we have to be fearful because of all those the full burden we share the full story today is also all this
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month. and i do believe that in such circumstances we debate whether we have a problem if you see truth when i do a good situation in syria you're right it is the inside. friends didn't need your presence it's what he said we have. a chance to be you don't it's impossible just a state to put money to put all this we've got to be clear on the families of what needs to be an exotic a thief want to go. peace in europe i don't know for a given all the sounds. activities. of the idea that. we have to go for the new because the officer is for germany france a lot of your in the north is. doing for russia the flooding of weeds and you are
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forgiven and i wanted your incumbent to be part of a few during the season of such a new alliance it's. when we think about the end of the state of your article is your. author's beginnings external threats and friends. will do it and proof that the. northern states in europe. but it's going to need to be $1000.00 puts him in a mansion and i'm sorry to see people have descended indication of fear or even on the day that. we needed to. they now are fighting against those who fight with fall. short of. the good and sometimes they work with eyes closed. this is true and prejudice you feel
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reduced taxes if you vote with a baby and we don't have the solutions about such as these we are not terrorists we are not so you fall so we are not serious faulty. reason and maybe those who do believe we need something she'd like to be sions our beautiful long term eastern europe moves the enemy did and this v.p. a vocal get along that i know that we do share exactly. at length in this region for the 2 of us it's more who are in the mold are you the girl is. being pretty and very efficient good story there with pools you can clear. the air the finish and all these groups and nobody to do. right more clear will also apply to the relief league reaching an african margin of more than most and that's with advantage of mystic appreciate using the united states for
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decades of debate really the way we're just proportionally too much native and you have other countries paying far too little that are verb directly benefited by it. and more the united states' involvement and we're changing that around some while important but we're very important player i think without us there certainly is not the same name as we discuss and discuss it and like this morning lou discussed it with secretary general sober but we're behind you 100 percent or the money that's been raised there all of these countries that are all of a sudden for enough money it's really interesting but we do have a great. we really have a different objective i think right now to look at every much bigger picture and that includes. you mentioned the rack are really influenced to. that look
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at what's going on around they have massive riots having protests all over the country they killed our people everybody knows that's why they target their interests or nobody can find out but if the media were to go there is i think very hard for the media to go there frankly for a lot of people but they know it's come a long way to 3 years and some of the in the the river is where winter interferes a fantastic function the very least involved that there are bar and i believe that the president is very much involved and over he was also a. problem that. we all agree. so on. we've heard a discussion of a. a lot of people that we were meeting with a lot of countries later. and they're really stepping up for the most part they're all sad because we have one or 2 that are a lot to do with them and a different way every week and listen will be over the entree we have
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a lot of power with respect to trade and make a fortune with the united states and then they go figure fills out some of the dinners come a long way to introduce become a really powerful i mean a very very powerful and it's become i think a much fairer statement in terms of the united states because we're really going to have a little bit looping ward of work 43 percent of the largest g.d.p. ever nobody's ever had an e.p. like we have right now and governments come close and other people were paying one percent so it will pay less than one percent of a very small g.d.p. not very. and they get a tax we protect them but it's not clear so a lot of changes are made fill that 'd gap mr president what is your math is right now. your. way if you are. right well aware you know that right now we will we have discussed they will be
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able to work something out of health and aged out they will do it through tax you know you can work a very strict with tax but the techs you know there are american companies the tech companies you truculent they're not my favorite people because they're not exactly for me but that's ok here there are companies and we want to tax american companies support we want to tax and that's not a summary of the steps and as the president and others we tax wife have others actually see if you will we rather not do that but that's the way it works and see that it work will work out as a mutually beneficial tax and the tax will be substantial and i'm not sure it's going to come to that by a mile if the president. get off his back or i was. well i would have said to the president today i have to give you this time we have . a tremendous amount of captured fighters isis fighters are going syria
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and they're all over laci but many are from france many of our bureau being there for the u.k. they're mostly from europe and so we've had to use our arena have that forward to preserve that. relax for the rest of your if you get it is a good thing getting anywhere you want to look at these days. the early knock over find this go wrong i'm on the phone in from the studio on the right and there it. is through the you have for the fighters coming from europe and sees a tiny minority of all the regions and i think no one of her is the because it's not efficient if you get rid of imus and this is yours this is all no little one i know of. and it's not a done serious thing that you see that fighters in this region in ca are and not in
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europe and most of all the old biddies east of the ration bases the most peoples to face situation in his eyes so that some of these foreign fighters are being judged in iraq. because the kids have resigned the. day acton's is very rich and we will have a game i can touch. with america and across all children are he organized and without a fight either but this phone is a very specific the threat is different for it is ice and no don't make any mistake you know the one falling almost for vitals this is my other friends. and you have one more itis uses evasion this is why he's a great politician because i was where the greatest hand she was i've heard her as ok because sometimes they are. given some tough decisions from the u.s.
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side of things safe in front but to be the president you say this is your own responsibility i'm sorry to see that we had some local people but if you go to get really you know the situation that the noble ones you know to be on the group with these groups this is what we thought introduce involves all pollution is dirty and i think any of these dirty video groups. is getting on the to everybody but is it to be friends of friends has actually taken them some 5 years. or we have a lot of fires in capital are people. captured 100 percent of the caliphate you know that means that it's the governor you. just said is flawed contingent did we wiped out another portion of isis we don't want to happen to me what happened with president obama we're very poor and that it became stronger there was the 1st was that we were what had happened and as i said before we take in the oil we have the
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oil so we have total control of the oil so that they are going to be able to use it they use that wealth to really. to fuel up their wealth to fuel up their their money over their prime. and the casual relationship we have now this is where these contributions come from very important people contributing begin to believe some of these people are wealthy people who make contributions and we have a list of where we learned a lot you know where we. got it i was great and i'm always you know. way a lot of information. you know and now for the 1st time we've also got a lot of good information so a lot of things happen and france has been very helpful i have said it very well. go ahead and hear what you. know are not.
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oh this is. my. school for you as you say lead me. to the pragmatism and the willingness to bring things foreign i defend french interests and a european position and i do this also one thing i make a bill and constructive relations with the united states and. in discussion so i just present what is our position. and we are engaged in the operations and we have topics for the american colleagues which we saw yesterday with the digital tax were our position is very clear if this why are we in this situation because now we have digital companies whatever the nationality is who could petition with the real
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economy will cut 14 puts and those others have 14 percent more taxation so that's the solution and based on the population they had the common european commission. a digital tag but it's not just us companies french chinese companies to correct this difference this unfair difference to some degree now france has done it with other countries as well. the question is what is going to happen in terms of your create their tax italy the same tax office 1st 3 us. which they have done on the basis of commissions so that all these countries should be treated like this and so we have this discussion which we will bring forward with the president and i think we can know. find our way through the situation.
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and the question have we got a situation. is it better for the us is it better for europe at the moment we've got 1st we had a unit that really tags which did not make distinctions but now we have a numerical tax and we're looking at each country has. got a european response so 1st of all. and the commission has expressed their views on this. and the european commission can react here as well. and i'm confident that we will find a solution together. and i'm not going to comment on one suggestion or the other but i'm here to defend the interests of my country of europe and to do this in an amicable dialogue with the u.s.
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. floor for the group is you know you just have to stay in the videogame into a position where the european union was making anywhere from a 100 to a $150000000000.00 a year in deficits to the united states they were making it we were losing it and so really had to do something that is fair not severe i think fair to assume tremendous amounts of money. and you know the european union is very strong and various various meanings are true artists get committed including agricultural products if you can't have them can't sell it and get the european union sells openly to the united states and generally a tax through or a tax to a level so these are the problems that we're talking about problems here or can happen you know the digital taxes for the stuff. i inherited a situation where the european union which was for for this reason i guess for
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whatever reasons it was formed partially to. make better or take advantage of the united states and they've done that very very good live and frankly. it's not right so if i have exposed it a lot of people didn't know it and we're good friends of the younger she was busy night it is him continue to lose kind of money that they've lost over the last literally since the formation of the european union. and i think we'll work something out they want to talk you know the new head wants to off who is supposed to be verse back to the woman. very highly respected you know forward to meeting where they were of me but we have a very unfair trade situation where the u.s. and this is a lot of money for many many years with the european union and billions and billions of dollars going to be specific $100.00 over $150000000000.00 a year so we're going to be doing that and we we can make
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a deal we can take a harsh and. roach we could solve that problem instantaneously if we wanted it but i don't want to do that these are friends of ours these are people who we've had a very extraordinary relationship with and i do personally and i'm sure you were sort of the him you mentioned earlier the you are. this the united states of course improved the role i'll work on in the run for the answer is no one i want to come into the room of her is one of the earth if you do the work of a human you're what you are fighting for if it proves world for the better part of the. way well i can only say we have a very good relationship with her and with president bush one i do. i can't speak for the president for us tonight we have heard of a relationship we told us from that recent you can patrol your own order how are you doing with it we're not going to have soldiers patrolling the border of this prison for over 2000 years. we took our soldiers have we put some of the soldiers
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around the oil and we've captured the euro to take in the euro and we have the right of. we and we brought some home or we would bring in some all new or sensible to other areas. and very probably have a very good relationship with the press and used to be here we have no color it's just. on security the trade relations on the influence of it then you're going union friends. i do respect leaders whether they can say. bad things faults. i don't say. but it's now it's a push and pull the fetus and i think we need clarification on the 2 of you she says not quite often and one thing i did i didn't actually get to glorification to be asked how is it possible. to be
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a member of. you know lines to work with office to buy office to be integrated into body has gone the only. thing is if the person. provided knowing the difference as far as you want people 2nd i miss them from good is that they want to go over the periphery of the summit. if you do know that said the from mission of terrorist organisation while you can quite easily. and the alters. as they will. not all. the people because. if they want to be the city's manner as you. use the river earlier this is really we're having meetings in those records and we'll be discussing that with the president today is this the you are if you think it is on for the over the
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surface and yes wondering if. we'll look at it now seems to argue. as you know richard you wonder why you are here the systems and the obama administration were to have. and they only let them when they were already mired in of the system which is not the same system. but turkey for a long period of time wanted very much divided and paid for the system which is our system which is what nader uses which is a great system which is the messes they were selling turton so you know there are 2 sides to the story i have said this. but we will be discussing that with turkey or what it will be reviewed. and also tomorrow there are very kind of people do you top the full view there with you seeing the europeans on somebody that we had said to so this and even said so of this decision in the. and if one were
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inflamed by the refusal a few years ago of the americans not to still it's still a bold decision even having a european. off so that you can find me this is going to be. something. for prime minister constantly for her. not quite ready. for her. when. you see what a school he resumed i think it is really. he's not here this is the house kimberley has got here i guess will be meeting with. prime minister well i'll be seeing him later on. with her over to you number 10 which is a very interesting read if you. will be discussing grew up in your years and
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planner related into the mind very happy from a few days of her here any time here her name no i don't know comment a little bit bridget tech other than to say that i was very proud of those people who would grab him and it's a judgment job and when the fire extinguishers or whatever else it was an amazing get out of they did he was reviled you could see that this was captured very much your tape. i think the the way the. i think to a british citizens the way they stepped up to the radical that was a good grid so. terrible thing terrible attack on people 'd very really hurt and believe 3 or 4 killed is a foreigner today and so it's terrible it's a terrible thing and you know it's an act of terrorism it's pretty clear an act of terrorism radical islamic terrorism by the way and it's a way to get rid of but i think the speed in the way they stepped up to me there
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was something. discussion ok. this is. not. that. radio. i don't think or i think we're all in russia because of all the pressure to give it a little we've discussed before france or italy we have to be prepared whether it's russia or somebody else we have to be here but here i have a pretty similar view of the we hear that we do go on with russia and i think it's a good thing to go with russia and i care to have no other big stadiums it will work in. the direction people would like to see it to be. a lot of it can come out for the purpose of nato is that for the purpose of there to be much more and that's where we share the flexibility over the last 2 years. when you have to turn
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to. your question and you know the alliance. is organized like this historically and we now have look at the new situation and i would joke or 3. very aware. about the conflicts in europe and the ukraine crisis. and we need to engage in a process with preconditions and methods the precondition is that. advance progress on the ukrainian situation we've got a meeting coming up in paris and then to be able to define an agenda. meet with the europeans and the members of the ally and
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can you find these precede the common threat with russia. and that would take time but if only $1.00 and $1.00 had europe stability in europe and to reduce calm. then it is important to initiate a strategic dialogue with russia it has to be done without naivety and being aware of the history. and. there has to be respect and empathy but also one has to see poland and other states. and within this framework we have to have the visibility about the protection of the alliance and europe within the alliance and france will play
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a role here. and if there is a common enemy then it is international terrorism and in particular islamic islamist terrorists. and. we have here an american responsibility and european engagement. and where we have to act. is there an isolated position is the question. also in terms of nato and europe. in terms of a strong defense and being in europe and in nato. as. well. first of all.
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this is not about cheesecake and they said as you say to compare. and we have here a coherent response if. this is goes towards the summer and t. and. why this. is what we have conflicts which are being dealt with which are in the neighborhood where they say well you have to pay more if you will of been subjected to you have to invest more this is legitimate and we are not in a situation like after they said where would we say europe is disarmed and one. part of europe does not want armament thinking of the germans and this was the situation then and nato came out of this so and the times have changed 1st of all because we don't normally have the warsaw pact the berlin wall
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fell or why the guy was and. since then now for a number of us. and i am not as pessimistic as you are in the last few years we have brought forward cooperation a european initiative. of intervention in areas where we thought it was not possible and now we have got you remember this. greece comes back to the can factor and there is a real dynamism. and. it is it happens in an integrated way together with nato. as. you know. this doesn't mean this is the end of place all experience spreads but europe is stepping up to its responsibilities. as a dork.


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