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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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a commanding victory for bars johnson's conservative in the u.k. snap election giving him a mandate to push through. and preparing to deposit off to a disappointing night germany coleman says he will not another election as a believer after a crushing defeat. now prime minister johnson has claimed an emphatic victory in the british general election seen as a critical juncture in the backseat crisis and golfing bresson the voters has left the opposition labor party that's what decades it's needed jeremy coleman has now about to step down johnson says he now has
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a powerful mandate to get brett set done and a warning there is some flash photography and ben's report. not even a persistent pre-dawn drizzle could dampen the spirits of the clearly triumphant boris johnson emerging from conservative party headquarters in london this is a stunning victory for the prime minister and removes any obstacle to him taking britain out of the european union by the end of january but his constituency counting oxbridge the prime minister was in a bully and mood it does look as though this one nation conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate. to get done. and not just to get breaks it down but to unite this country and to take it forward and to focus on the priorities of the british people the 1st results came in traditional labor strongholds in northeast inland dramatically reduced labor majority's seem. confirm the accuracy of the exit poll results valley became the
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1st labor seed to fall a 10 percent swing seeing the conservatives win there for the 1st time since $195017.00 was. across the map of britain the trickle became a torrent of constituencies turning conservative blue traditional labor seats like workington and darlington peterborough and red car in contrast labor figures looked stunned and disbelieving at the catastrophe and golfing that the labor leaders position had already looked perilous as the scale of the defeat began to sink in jeremy corbyn bowed to the inevitable he will not be leader for much longer i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will
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take going forward it's been a bad night for the liberal democrats to their leader joe swenson unseated by the scottish national party for millions of people in our country these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for hope. boris johnson for this as a breakfast election and the simplicity of the slogan get it done clearly resonated with voters but some commentators worry that politics is the poorer because of its . stance and use all the tricks in the book and i guess it's what i worry that every future political party will say that's the way to do it if you want to win and that actually over time will undermine our democracy and our ability to actually discuss big issues right now though the size of his majority means the prime minister has clear the path in front of him he can drive his own agenda without fear opposition paul brennan al-jazeera london. well let's take
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a look at the current numbers with just to see it still to be confirmed boris johnson's conservative party has won an outright majority in parliament with 363 seats the opposition labor party won just 203 states that's got us national party made major gains with 48 seats the liberal democrats are only 111 seats and their leader gerry swinton lost her seat to the s.n.p. the bracks in party didn't win any seats and 23 states have gone to others well just a short time ago a jew bill and johnson said voters have delivered a clear message with this mandate and this majority we will at last be able to do what. you pay attention to is this this election means that getting brits it done is now the irrefutable irresistible out arguable decision of the british people. and with this election i think we
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put an end to all those middle miserable threats of a 2nd referendum your hind may have quivered over the ballot paper as before you put your cross in the conservative box and you may intend to return to labor next time round. and if that is the case i am humbled that you have put your trust in me that you put your trust in us and i we will never take your support for drugs the. well let's dig into this now a little more with his life for us in westminster his room and mentor state from britain. mr good morning yes indeed it's difficult to understand how much the political landscape has changed here the political landscape has changed not as a function of having a another general election but as
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a function of having had the bracks it general election because normal predictable historically set in stone tribal allegiances have been smashed and they've been rebuilt in a completely different set of political circumstances lawrence lee is our correspondent who's been following the ups and downs not just overnight last night into this morning but for the past 3 years. my hair cells to. how did he do it kept it absolutely simple it was a complete vindication of the johnson same strategy brought in exactly the same people who won the referendum the simplest slogans to take back control it done you know you know focused entirely on the enormous public weariness of through the half years of what johnson called dither and delay kept the same messages over and over and over again said look and look dynamic you know i'm as much in a hurry to get this over with as you are just get on with it and they were helps
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enormously by the absolute catastrophe of jeremy corbyn who could be put on bricks it could be made easily as having not the 1st clue what his policy was of being hypocritical and disingenuous of saying he. i'm going to another deal and then put it to a friend i'm in which will be remaining in the european union so the conservatives you're going to hear your opinion sort of deal and then vote against it and that's just stupid you know so everything fell into place for them and you could argue all day about whether johnson's trustworthy or a compulsive liar you know these things didn't work against him in the end people said they got priced in you know which means that they were taken into account but in the end if they didn't matter they didn't matter anything like enough to the public particularly in england who basically just wanted to. have have some
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sense of closure. and some of the right papers 1st thing this morning. when boris johnson stands up at the dispatch box not only has he got a big majority of m.p.'s behind him granted labor right quotes with a small l working class conservative m.p.'s backing him and pushing him opposite him in the chamber will be a labor party in disarray a liberal democrat party in disarray and up north of the border you've got nicolas sturgeon going actually i'm really strong really powerful just now so you better give me another referendum here otherwise they'll be trouble i mean. with the exception of scotland and he just didn't ignore their calls for a referendum at least for the time being i think you could argue it's not really fair of the s.n.p. to say we demand a referendum now not even knowing what the final shape of bracks it is going to be because in the end with this enormous majority the johnson's no guts if he says to all these new intake of m.p.'s who are parliamentary career is entirely to him look
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a no he said we're going to leave by the end of 2020 but just give me a bit more time to dot all the i's and cross all it sees i will have a superduper trade deal they'll say yes that's fine because he's got everybody in his pocket and as well as that as you say you know he's got the labor party in complete meltdown and a liberal democrat part of this got no idea where it's going so you know not in their wildest dreams could they have a better set of circumstances to to you know vote the deal through by the end of january and get on with their own agenda for the next parliamentary term ok maybe so oversimplify where we are and it may change as the last few seats are returned because there's there's always a few that 24 hours the highlands and islands that kind of it but basically england conservative scotland s.n.p. however he's got to pick up the phone at some point phone up the d.e.p.t. because the backstop became a front stop and there were various things that nobody clearly wants to. talk about an election campaign whether it's jacob reese mog or some of the labor front
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benches that were kept kind of quiet and kept off the radar nobody talked about the the island it's you know during the campaign and they were all it was toxic to all of them here and arlen arlen is now a problem but not for the reasons that the that he used to be people thought well if the border comes up down ireland then then the ira my reform and start attacking nel. you know there will be no border in ireland the ball's going to down the sea between iran and violence and great britain and his former friends the democratic unionist party absolutely have the knives out johnson has no party no northern ireland that supports him. and i was over in belfast south belfast which was the d.p. lost to the alliance party if you were a few days ago or do you people there saying they would have preferred a 2nd referendum and staying in the european union to the geode to the deal of johnson's hatched all they want is to have the same deal for northern ireland as
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the rest of the u.k. and they haven't got that but again you know in the same way that he doesn't need the conservative hardliners on his side he doesn't need the d p or the party on his side either because he's got all these new m.p.'s who are entirely lords when it comes to getting it done when it comes to how we report that what happens next we know what the agenda is a new queen's speech before christmas votes through parliament which will happen now in january leave with a transition period at the end of january and then get into the negotiations but that's where it gets difficult because he's said the deal will be done by then 2020 that looks impossible let's take a look at some of the challenges now facing boris johnson as the new prime minister . the law of the bodies we are today. thank you very much olsen's outright victory in this election effectively breaks the deadlock in
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parliament it allows johnson's governments to pass any legislation it wants because he has a majority of his own unlike his predecessor reason may you think you can capture all tastes weeks because it means he'll be able to get a deal on the u.k. leaving the european union through parliament it still has to get voted through the house with a new intake of can be signed up to his deal there's no chance of the sort of dissenting disagreements. the last tour. but it isn't to say the johnson's new deal is popular without its problems even if the u.k. does now formally leave the european union on january 31st next year the current brics it deadline the negotiations then start in earnest between the 2 sides over what a new trade deal will look like as well as the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. i'm pretty citizens in europe and the clock continues to tick down with another new
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deadline johnson has insisted the u.k. will not negotiate anything with the e.u. after the end of 2020 and if there's no trade deal by then which looks impossibly unlikely then the infamous no deal bricks which nobody wants comes right back into play so it's never been tried before to try to make a trade deal that actually makes 2 nations or 2 regions further apart in terms of trade is trying to do the easiest way probably of making a trade deal within this 11 month period the boss johnson said himself is actually to remain really aligned to rules and to remain a sort of rule take for the. ruled out in the campaign but it may be the only way to get a trade deal over the line is to have suddenly a lot like the sort of breaks in the labor's talking about during this campaign rather than the sort of. johnson's been talking about since 2006 i made my statement and. as well as all that the scottish government will now agitate even
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more strongly for another referendum on leaving the u.k. in staying in the european union and business in northern ireland towards johnson's deal has soured relations hugely bold in all 2020 promises to be not the end of the brics it story is johnson suggests but just another fork in the road lawrence li al jazeera indeed just to pick up on that point from my colleague. indeed just to pick up on that point no from lawrence brooks this story is far from over let's discuss that with a subordinate he's the brakes it's commissioning editor going on a spread. christmas. of the results boris johnson big majority labor in trouble liberal democrats in trouble this is it for your paper in the good time department isn't it oh yes it's boris johnson's dream come true he has his royals 2 effectively trapped in leadership contests he has to come on big mandate majority to grab his deal through the withdrawal phase it's so not is you know you're pulled
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out the hung parliament stopped him and to raise the make it to any sort of tax deal through it's gone instead he can get this through move on to the future relations talk and this is why now we can see that we may all enjoy christmas period he'll present the bills parliament in the coming days and then we can all go off the whole days he'll get it through in january and then we can have this free for all interesting discussion of the future relations granted and here's the real secret weapon in our house he has the fantastic credibility and authority in the party they guess he has schools and you have to use but they're not going to put a foot out of line when they owe their chops about but he can't get the deal done by this self-imposed deadline of july it's not going to happen obviously he is take great pride because defy expectations and saying people didn't think you would do a deal at all whether you did it if they did have to go back on the front lines so we may want to be to sort of. no to cautious about trying to be too breezy and
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saying of course you can't however i personally would surprise think that he may well then be able to use the authority as in the past to in the coming months to say you know we don't control it's been done with it we're not with rats on the backs to the votes bugs a free trade agreement you know it's just out of reach we just needs more time to have these things out and given his colleagues they know that he's the winner he's their best chance and you know the enemies are all scattered in the last year and they're not going to kick up a pass because why they bring down the government when i have basically 5 years pretty safely in power has he irreparably changed the conservative party or his critics might argue actually damage to his critics say he's not a one nation conservative his critics say he's a one nation coward he's an opportunistic individual who just pushes himself he flips and he flops he changes policy like the wind blows in a different direction politicians of our nature of opportunists they seize opportunity to make the most of it right now boris johnson has noted 2 things one
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the tories have to be the bricks or they are extinct because. they have to break sense make the most of it that's why you see the cracks of policy with 0 seats defunct knowledge and for all you are never going to get any seats any one of those at risk there's a leave alliance there we're trying to do the standoff with the leaders but this is why not it's made them obsolete and now where is the stereotype used to be the tories to be the party of the south labor be the party of the north working man. over tories represent now that's always reached out to these voters in the northern ireland seats and really smashed through the labor's red wall and this is a license that really wants to actually get some sort of leave deal through for a moment one gets very granular and picks that the different constituencies you have to go back to 1935 to get the labor party in such a mess you have to go back to the 1980 s. to get the conservative party a tory party in such a good place for the labor party what happens to them next how do. they reinvent themselves because if you go back even to the eighty's when the conservatives were
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doing well in this country it took labor a long long time because they went from the michael foot to the new york in to the john smith who died then we got tony blair and tony blair was new labor then he was electable but i think to borrow some labor type analogy they will be having to go through some wilderness years in the state really think about this because right now a german court has allies they want the conversation and the blame to be for it was directed at the did i say it rather than policy is the thing about the semitism and the policy whereas those who would think otherwise that is about leadership try to have a solid also albrecht's it actually rather than try to play both sides to take a stronger view yet because that's the early questions the fact that the tories have a solid majority now it means that they are going to have to think several steps ahead because it will happen they can no longer argue for revoke pretend it didn't happen that sort of referendum of the thing only really short it's going to happen by the time they have any sort of election that happens they will have talking for a joint which is
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a much harder prospect really encounter so they've really got to think hard how they stay relevant given and also that. the tories have not just one of the chore to take many of their seats they've reduced many labor seats to multiples so it's to be a real high hill to climb back up thank you so much for joining us here on college green outside the u.k. house of commons of course the s.n.p. as a service saying they have done really very very very well as of this hour they've got $48.00 seats north of the border who will come down here as m.p.'s. the former conservative leader in scotland said she would go skinny dipping in lock ness in the wintertime a bit chilly there at this time of year if the s.n.p. got more than 50 or so misstatements and that she's left politics to spend more time with her family can keep her clothes on one assumes barber is our correspondent in edinburgh so the s.n.p. looking for nominally strong presumably very confident and they'll be pushing for
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that 2nd referendum in direct to. absolutely this was better than they had dared to hope for really they are almost back to those landslide levels that they achieved in 2015 they have 48 of scotland's 59 seats in the westminster parliament. before the election. the leader of the s.n.p. nicholas 13 said that she'd be awesome the u.k. government before christmas it's law a guarantee for a commitment to to allow scotland to hold in direct to a 2nd referendum on independence next year she hasn't repeated that in the last 2 hours but she has been very very clear in what she takes from. what she calls a resoundingly endorsement from people here in scotland listen to what she said i
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don't pretend that every single person who voted s.n.p. yesterday will necessarily support independence but there has been a strong endorsement in this election of scotland having a choice over our future of not having to put up with a conservative government we didn't vote for and not having to accept life as a nation out saw 8 the e.u. scotland voted by 62 percent to remain back in 2016 in the referendum as lawrence was saying earlier grex it is really an english thing right now hearing scotland there is still clearly a strong wish. majority which for remaining in the european union was for independence it's fairly evenly balanced but now that we
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have seen such a schism with boris johnson in the conservatives breaking through so well nationally but he is going but could set the expense of the s.n.p. they are now able to say we have a clear mandate we have rejected it's a huge the conservatives message here in scotland which was we want we want to stop independents nicholas sturgeon is now saying that it is up to boris yeltsin . to come up to say what his plan b. is now that her plan a has been clearly accepted there result in debt europe is eventually so a break from the united kingdom the story here is that they have made inroads into the into the conservative supports labor has almost been wiped out labor has one seat here in scotland where it was once so so dominant many former
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labor voters have now gone to the s.n.p. in the hope that the s.n.p. will be the party that might actually keep scotland in the european union. and 19 i guess as well for nicholas sturgeon and s n p m s p's in edinburgh and the s.n.p. m.p.'s here at westminster they're secure in the knowledge that the european commission the people like michelle van they've been signalling for a long time an independent scotland wouldn't necessarily be fast tracked into the european union once the u.k. leaves but they wouldn't put up any major barriers to that process happening and happening quite quickly. that's right they are the s. and p. we have been saying all along that they know they have enough supports amongst
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the e.u. for membership and for fairly fast membership they've also said that it would be fairly smooth a fairly smooth transition for the scottish economy that they would carry on in the in the short run at least in using the pound as their currency with a lot of speculation about whether they'd be obliged to use the euro the single currency and so on but this is all a matter for debate it's hard to say but what's clear is that they believe that the s.n.p. believe that the best interests for the scottish economy does like in staying in the european union now that we know the outlines of breck's it that it won't be staying in the customs union and the single market things which if you talk to small and medium sized businesses really do matter i don't think the general public
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really that heads up about the trading arrangements in such detail but for businesses it's all about maintaining as close alignment with the european union's rules as possible so going forward yes that's what you'll be telling the electorate that's what you'll be telling britain but it is possible for a nation the size of scotland with its oil revenues to be successful member of the european union. not in borrow reporting live for us there from 19 many thanks we'll talk to you later i'm sure let's take it to europe that's where the news is being digested by all those european commission officials and administrators our correspondent natasha buckley is there for us natasha any official reaction yet. well you leaders are actually locked in for a late night budget and climate talks on thursday when the u.k.
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results started to come in and i have to say there's no doubt that in brussels there is a certain sense of relief really that there is now some clarity on the direction that the u.k. actually wants to go and now we just heard from michelle michelle he is the new head of the e.u. council he just arrived here for meetings today and he congratulated boris johnson he said at last we do have clarity and that the e.u. is united and ready for the next step the next step of course would be trade negotiations before she says shah michel said it was very important that boris johnson get seized brigs that deal passed by the u.k. parliament as fast as possible because of course in the e.u. e.u. there is a sense that these negotiations over briggs's have taken far too long already they've taken up too much. time then there was a stalemate in the u.k. parliament at least seems to be behind the e.u. leaders but they still want to really get on and make this process be wrapped up as
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fast as possible. thank you very much ok just to sum up for you where we are. here in the aftermath of the general election boris johnson has been returned with to put a strong majority the number stuck up 361203484 the s.n.p. in edinburgh north of the border between england and scotland he's got a big majority he managed to sell his message and sell it convincingly to the electorate the message 3 words get breck's it done that process now picks up again he goes into top gear we assume and he says he can manage to hit that self-imposed july deadline for the trade negotiations. i'm in in 4th place the books the u.k. and the e.u. can live with more on this developing story of course throughout the day and you can also follow us on the website alter dot com or treatments with your back i'm
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happy to be one that's it from london for the moment i'll have you back to the stars here in doha. round as and now the election we've also been watching closely in algeria where 4 out of 5 presidential candidates have now either came to victory or say they're going to go through to a runoff at the end of the month official results are expected on friday but regardless of the outcome millions boycotted the election calling it a sham sarkar as has the latest the a protest is an algerian helped bring down the last president the and they're equally on happy you might replace i did as these beautifully i tens of thousands boycotted thursday's presidential election choosing to chant we want freedom instead. than angry at the presidential candidates are closely linked to
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the old regime was those are the shamefully like should we were against the gang long live the people. demonstrators stormed to polling stations including this one in the city of beijing ballot papers were destroyed making it clear they feel this presidential election was a false more than $24000000.00 people were eligible to vote but less than half of them did this is a simple tone that it's very important to be here algeria is free and independent the blood of the martyrs will not be in vain it's a new day. results were slow to be announced but for ounce of the fine candidates running for president either claimed victory or said they were going through to a runoff in a couple of weeks. the campaign leader for one of the top 2 contenders obgyn measured tabone was quick to claim the former prime minister heard one majority in the. beginning of the year of united and we'd like to thank the public for voting
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for to boom and we'd like to announce that he won 64 percent of the vote i was the military backed interim government sees the vote as one of the only ways to end 10 months of protests that forced prison opted out of these will to free could to resign after 2 decades of room. i told jerry and across the country every friday offered up with a stagnant or dependent economy use unemployment and rampant corruption. and they insist still continue protesting for a government free of the ruling elite saw the height of al-jazeera. the bodies of 6 people killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand have now been recovered taking the number of dead to 14 but 2 others are still missing families of those who died waited on the mainland to jaring operation a white island a military team wearing gas masks and protective clothing spent 4 hours there
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despite fears that the ok no could erupt again they'll go back again on saturday to try to find the remaining 2 bodies about 30 people are currently being treated in hospital for severe burns after monday's tragedy unfortunately there are mines turn more people. there we need to fart so we can also i return. so this operation will continue. we will. after returning. to see if we're going to do before anyone else told me all and now we are. deploying dogs to search the surrounding waldron's a 16 year old boy accused of shooting dead 6 people in iraq has been killed by an angry crowd video on social media showing the teenager being beaten the about dad's
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tahrir square before being hanged from a traffic light iraqis have been holding mass protests since october demanded political change but often come under attack more than 450 people have now died in the rest libyan warlord cliff i have to has ordered his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli for what he's calling for the final battle of the for the capital and a televised rallying call he said his fighters would soon be victorious after who's based in eastern libya ordered the offensive to seize tripoli in april. well that's it for me this news hour but we will be continuing our coverage of the british election result and the return of boris johnson to downing street live from london to the strain to stay with us here on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. 0. ok i'm really could be here in the stream today is co nary. a thing and the loss of us here is the shows on the legacy of colonialism will to divide us this cuisine concept of who owns the rights. and since everybody eats anyone can join the conversation tweet us at it a stream or leave a comment on our live chat and you too can be in the stream ringback. i am sure of course am dress and you are in the street. have you ever looked at the food on your plate i wonder where it all came from not just shops of the farms but the very origin of it and the.


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