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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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sponsor. this is up to. the there you were there. it's a little. al-jazeera . you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes more violence in northern india and protests elsewhere over a new law opponents say discriminates against muslims. the man set to be lebanon's prime minister lays out his plans but anti-government protesters have already delivered their verdicts. australia already in the grip of record heat and devastating bushfires is warned the worst could be yet to come. and we hear
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stories from some of the hundreds of women smuggled out every year and what's being done to help them. and i'm leah harding with sports as president says the women's world cup could be held every 2 years after the success of this year's event in france jonny in fun tino says the event may soon break away from its 4 year cycle. hello huge numbers of people in india are defying a police ban on public gatherings to demonstrate against a controversial citizenship law or rallies are being held in new delhi and elsewhere against the law that opponents see as anti muslim so violence has erupted in several cities in which are pradesh states and look now officers were seen hitting people with sticks after a police station was. damaged and
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a curfew remains in place in the southern coastal city off the lure of bats where at least 2 protesters were shot and killed during confrontations with police on thursday and in new delhi thousands have gathered outside the jumma one of the country's largest mosques they've also gathered outside a university which saw violent clashes at the weekend students there are calling for the new law to be scrapped let's get an update from sabina's for us though she's joining us from new delhi so as we've been saying we've been seeing some of the largest protests in multiple locations where you are in new delhi tell us more about those. so we just came back from the from the university location where the crowd was absolutely massive we started from sitting in a corner of the road hoping that we would be able to realize from there but the crowd just swelled on after the friday prayers and it filled up the streets it was
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tens of thousands of people and from both not only there but also in the jumma mustards similar numbers of people could be seen so the protesters have really come in the streets defying all of the government bans and really not not willing to back down at all. and what about the government's response so far sabina. so the government has been quite brutal like today. people were brutally beaten up the has been internet shut downs in areas so people have really had difficult times reaching out to the rest of the world as to what is happening so when we went to be found out a lot of the people really wanted to talk to us because they had been cut off from the internet for so many days now in assam the internet just opened in areas in
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india there are there are curfews in certain parts of india's now even where we were like there was an internet jam now what is also interesting to see is like some of the most violent protests that happen have been in b.g.p. led government the government led areas. in other areas like in delhi the process has been largely peaceful. all right we'll leave it there thank you for that update from new delhi. so the man picked to become lebanon's next prime minister says he'll work to form a new government within 6 weeks has also promised to build a team of technocrats or experts in specific fields like economists and to government protesters though some of them at least aren't convinced he's capable of lifting the country out of crisis insists he deserves a chance let's bring in tony burley joining us from beirut so what's the feeling among some of the protesters that remain on the streets are they willing to give
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a chance. well i mean in areas pretty already so the these people are very much supporters of. the outgoing prime minister and they're very much against the nomination. they want their former leader mr hariri to be the nomination but it is strange in the world of complicated world of lebanese politics that the large city block did not make a nomination that nomination for mr came from the shiite lot with the his ball and arm all of the complicated world of politics the structure of the constitution here is that the. president has to be a man like christian the prime minister has to be a citizen and the speaker of parliament has to be a shiite muslim so there's not a complicated but i have to say this this is just a small section a small cross-section of what's happening in beirut it's mainly the sunday population here that have come out and are protesting they don't seem to be a big demand to take that forward to get them out of this economic crisis they
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think mr hariri is even though both men are from the so-called old order now the civil societies have been protesting for the best part of 2 months want a complete overhaul of the political system here they want the techno politicians to be out they want the techno crutch to be in and they want a whole new look at the way politics is done here they believe that the economics of the past 30 years has to be done away with too much nepotism too much corruption now they're quiet now but they were hurt. you are throwing stones there were quite aggressive there's a very strong presence of police here and for the most part we understand the same as the going on in tripoli these people are very happy and happy about the way things are going. people are so there has to be named to these demonstrations they have to have a parliament they have to have a quota and they have to start getting. dire situation all right attorney berkeley reporting from beirut tony thank you let's take this on with john hartson he's
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a writer and journalist who's joining us as well from beirut so his sanity. us and thanks for being with us 1st of all he's saying that he's going to seek to form a government in 4 to 6 weeks maximum how challenging is this period going to be well i think the biggest challenge is in the 1st couple of days now. we're seeing someone rest on the streets. if you where there is this storm for the next couple of days in the streets condo and it seems i mean that's. that's the direction that the politicians want it to go including how do you who are supporters are right now on the streets so after that it shouldn't be much of a problem i think that political parties are cooperating that they want to help. this new face former government very difficult and
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if no major political parties. blocks him then it shouldn't be that big a problem but some of the political parties will certainly weren't with him including solder how he only received $69.00 out of the $128.00 votes so is another complication already. i mean he mr harry did not nominate mr jet but he said he's willing to cooperate and all the comments that he's made since including after his meeting with the up today were positive and he's been calling on his supporters to leave this street so he has shown some positive signs so he has not said he would be opposed to after all he was the one who rejected his own he didn't want to be nominated and he chose not to nominate anyone because of the political parties were willing to go with how do you do it so that he chose not to become prime minister so that he seems to be
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cooperating for now let's see what could happen in the next few days let me ask you about the visit of the u.s. undersecretary of state david hale he's right now in lebanon he's meeting officials in beirut reports are that he has also met with the outgoing prime minister saad howdy what do you think david hale is there to do and what are you hoping to achieve. david hale and every other u.s. envoy that visits beirut usually all they carry with them are threats and we're used to that probably has nothing new here once you know it's there and lebanon with sanctions if they give too much power to hezbollah and and what not then that's not really anything new in lebanon i don't think he has any power to enforce his agenda he just tries to pressure his allies to not capitulate to
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march. and the senate has also said that he's going to be putting together a technocratic government so it'll be a new government of quote unquote independents experts is everyone going to back him on that everyone meaning the political parties in lebanon is he going to be able to do this after all that's one of the key demands off people who have come out on the streets. well this seems to be the direction i mean the parties that nominated him which are the majority in parliament nominated him because he fits that bill and because he's going to form such a government. there i mean there is talk of maybe putting a few presented to the floor is within the larger cabinet but that seems to be that the rection they're going to end at least the majority backs that up and demands that were repeated on the streets for the past 2 months we're asking for
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that so that's exactly what's being delivered and if i mean we don't know yet just got nominated yesterday and. anything can happen but i think we should wait a few days and see which direction things go but i think there is some positive feeling about this in the general political atmosphere here ok a gem out of us and we thank you for joining us from beirut in syria thousands of civilians and in there are fleeing to the turkish border following a dramatic increase in russian led attacks activists are appealing for turkey to open its border to allow for a safe passage 7 people were killed on friday morning while at least 1900 millions were reportedly killed on thursday shelling airstrikes in the province have escalated in recent weeks and there are reports that government forces are preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the
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northern city of aleppo mohammed the dough is joining us to talk about all of this from istanbul or what are you hearing about the airstrikes on it. well the talks are intensifying the syrian government forces say to use the hundreds of. positions where the opposition fighters holed up in insolvent. we are hearing also the use all for bottled. shelling in south and it live particularly around the tunnels and what about in which the highway you just walk about. 9 in syria pauses through people been fleeing man we are. hearing from city. activists. tocs have been this could emulate with the targeting of civilian areas such as markets factories as even the hospitals' in the place
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with some even suggesting this could be the question for ground 0 sensitive which has been planned by the syrian government forces and of course there are kids there are camps in near turkey's border where many displaced people are what are you hearing about the conditions there. well yes we're hearing very. you know somebody figure is of about $800000.00 people that have left the town of alone that they are headed towards the border of turkey the official comes for displaced people along the techie city i'm bored food something that's forced people to set up camps we've seen pictures of people while trying to stay warm bonding plus ticks and all cool thing it's a very desperate picture and we are also hearing
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reports of some of the displaced people heading to its turns 5 to it's free in the turkish officials are saying that these 8000 people have the hope of crossing the border but that they are hosting millions of syrians already and it will be very difficult for city and looking at the very cold and hungry winter with also fuel shortages pushing up the prices of food and also medical care we've seen reports of medical workers saying that they've been forceful tondo all power so the unbalances that are very vital during these times when the. likes of intensified can be filled all right thank you. turkey's president defends what he calls his right to help libya tripoli government
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russia and egypt. we have a president. a logical. spurred on by donald trump's impeachment the democrats who want to replace him face off. there's a new world champion and surfing has more on that in sports. but 1st their rocks top leader has called for early elections as soon as possible grand ayatollahs astonied delivered the message through a spokesman pictured here on friday he said forming a new government is the only way out of the country's current crisis there been more protests against the government after political leaders failed to choose a new prime minister mass demonstrations for assad to step down last month.
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baghdad and she says this statement isn't coming from just any religious cleric. the highest religious authority the grand ayatollah ali sistani self issued a statement saying that the country must go to early elections in order to avoid chaos and uncertainty that is looming here this is all because the president has not been able to come up with a nominee for a replacement for the prime minister's post since he resigned on december the 1st that's because the constitution is not very clear about what needs to happen for the replacement to be nominated there is a constitutional crisis going on right now in this country and that's because the parliament has not been able to come up with a nominee for the position of the prime minister any names that have been floated around over the past 1516 days have all been rejected by the protesters on the streets they say that they want a change to the whole entire electoral system and of course that's not something
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that is likely to happen overnight and this call by the grand ayatollah only adds an urgency to the matters saying that there really must be a broader solution to try and end this deadlock because as long as this deadlock continues this uncertainty continues so will the security that is looming in iraq at the security situation is just getting worse by day day by day and they said the authorities believe that in order to bring the country together early elections could be a possible way out the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay has called on iran's president to stick to the international nuclear deal in an effort to east tensions between to iran washington made the comments while meeting hassan rowhani in tokyo the united states unilaterally withdraw rigged drew from the nuclear deal last year and reimposed sanctions against iran as a counter measure iran has steadily been walking away from the commitments it means under the agreement. turkey says it cannot remain silent against what it
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describes as russian backed mercenaries which support the forces of warlords in the bia president tell you a. bunch of comments come a day after the tripoli based government agreed to closer military cooperation with turkey russia press concerns about turkey sending troops to libya meanwhile forces loyal to the tripoli governments have launched an offensive targeting forces loyal to have to near the capital so here's how the geopolitics surrounding libya's 2 competing governments looks on the map the u.n. as we mentioned recognizes the government of national accord which is in tripoli the g.n.a.s. supported by turkey and many western powers including italy over in the east there is the it's a group based government it's the center of power for warlords khalifa haftar and his step self-styled libyan national army and he's backed by saudi arabia egypt and
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the united arab emirates fronts is also accuse the providing military support and russian mercenaries are fighting alongside troops. joining us from tripoli so it's a quite a complex situation on the ground mahmoud but what is the latest development that you're hearing surrounding tripoli and its outskirts. we'll do. the situation remains very tense fighting continues with heavy weapons this morning as the government forces targeted have to forces locations in and around the mork military camp which is close to the neighborhood and southern tripoli civilians we spoke with say that they have been hearing heavy sounds of explosions that in their areas are also government military sources they say that they have opened your front lines today near the city of that who are now which is around 65 kilometers to the southern east from the capital tripoli the city of
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horner is the main stronghold for have to his forces and it has the central command from which is general generals are running the battles in southern tripoli. now have the us forces have been increasing the airstrikes recently especially following. decision by the d.n.a. of the government of national accord to activate the military corp agreement with turkey rates and on that note and with the activation of that military agreement how does this change things on the ground militarily if it does that of mahmoud i'm going to our hands are you still with us all right apologies we seem to have lost our connection with one but we will move on mahmoud are the ahead i can hear you doing yes we lost you for a 2nd but you were talking about that that military cooperation that has now been
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activated between turkey and the and the government of national accord so how does that change things on the ground if it does at all. well it is expected to make a change of the ground if it is implemented because it remembered it entails military corp air navy and ground military corp so the government says that it's cannot stay silent white house those forces are recruiting good russian mysteries and other mercenaries from african countries like sudan and chad meanwhile this military cooperation agreement also is sending vented weapons including air defense. systems remember that the government to military commanders say that the. fighter jets have been targeting their locations in or around tripoli during the past 8 months and without that have
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to have those forces cannot make any progress on the ground that's according to the government's military sources so if the agreement is implemented it will most a probably make a change on the ground in favor of the government of national accord ok mahmoud thank you for that update from tripoli well some countries are being urged to reform their education systems to keep up with the rest of the world and produce teenage leaders such as climate activists gretz one burg so the calls been made on the 3rd or of a 4 day summit in malaysia policymakers and experts from 20 countries are discussing ways to improve people's lives in the islamic world mohammad vall is at the summit in kuala lumpur and spoke with the malaysian foreign minister about what he hopes the gathering will achieve. the minister of education today he said that muslim countries if they want to catch up with the west in terms of scientific development at technology they have to focus on education and particularly on
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scientific research but education is not the only subject we have to half politics in this summit and for that i have with me here the minister of foreign affairs of malaysia his excellent c. safer dean been up to a lot. of c. would like to ask you about. something that is on the mind of everyone what is this summit about that is different on different from the previous summits for many decades by the the by the the muslim world in general i think this. is very practical in the we are good ones for example. it would yesterday we have exchanges of agreement and memorandum of understanding on 5 areas where the participating countries are the major but is it into trees are committed to i think this is one we are to go there is we have enough of talking
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will we have to continue talking dialogue and discourse but practical concrete projects that muslims work together on and try to prove things so the idea or the claim or the allegation that this is going to be the beginning of something that is going to compete with the oh i see that's not true no i don't thing there is any intention of competing i think we want to complement the way see the good we want to do things that is practical perhaps it is best sometimes to start new small group of people and then we trade skills thank you thank you very much tomorrow is the final day and the world the muslim world is expecting concrete results on some final decisions from this summit it has been mentioned on day one that there will be some initiatives to be announced on the
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final day. climate activists have won a landmark legal battle forcing the government to take action on climate change the supreme court upheld 2 former verdicts forcing the government to slash greenhouse emissions by 25 percent by next year compared to 1900 levels emissions are already down by 20 percent so still the government had argued that a court shouldn't be allowed to dictate policy if europeans 1st satellite has blasted into orbit and will be used to monitor a climate change the $8000000.00 microsatellite was funded and launched by china it will also gather mining and cultural data it also plans to launch a communications satellites australia's prime minister has cut short his holiday in hawaii and apologize for a leading the country is the bush fire emergency has worsened record high temperatures are contributing to what's described as the catastrophic danger level in new south wales just
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a washington reports from sydney. this is the personal cost of australia's bushfire crisis 2 firefighters killed when the truck overturned after tree fell onto the road like most of the thousands of men and women battling blazes across the stranded they were volunteers who put their lives at risk to keep others safe we did it all of these men and recognised was that there is there is no phone a person of our little more of you than some monger. those willing to put themselves on the lawn for the want of nothing in return no remuneration no nothing but other than to simply mike a positive difference in their local community across their home city in sydney flags flew at half mast we can't express enough our deepest deepest sympathy and condolences to the loved ones obviously still in shock as to what's occurred and these 2 brave young men who lost their lives represent for us the thousands and
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thousands of volunteers on the ground bushfires have been burning across australia for months but this week the combination of heat waves and strong winds is making the situation even more volatile. more than 100 fires are burning in a straining as most populous state of new south wales where dozens of homes have been destroyed. as an environmental crisis unfolds the prime minister found himself facing hate over his decision to take a holiday to hawaii this week many questioned the appropriateness of the leader going on vacation when large parts of the country are on fire he told the sydney radio station the whole day was planned before the fires began because there's been such a horrendous event. that is understandably caused a lot of the state that. he's been forced to return home as the situation gets even worse authorities are warning the fire danger is reaching catastrophic
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levels just the washington al-jazeera sydney. well it's time for the weather here's rob. there is a change taking place in australia we've had yet another record broken in victorian state of a tory 47 when i was the highest ever recorded temperature the temperature dropping rapidly but actually that's part of the problem now at the highest temperature today friday these were the major cities were showing so melbourne was at 4445 new labor which is 50 yesterday has dropped significantly as this cold front gone through this surprisingly is a problem when a cold front comes in like this loads of thunderstorms now they could start far as i think we can ignore that risk for the time being but they are quite vicious storms as the front progress is temperatures drop this is the current condition that surely i looked back 5 days ago in a straight out of 33 in melbourne we're down to in adelaide 21 so it's a huge change in temperature but look at the wind direction it goes around the south and it's a vicious change so along the front itself you get quite big gusts and that tends
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to drive fires very quickly so there's a position during saturday daylight as how far through new south wales on the way out to city the temperature drop behind it has had the risk is actually on the front itself it tends to produce very strong winds and drives of size there's very little in the way of rain that unfortunately are going to improve things very. rob thank you very much well still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour british m.p.'s are set to hold their 1st major vote on prime minister boris johnson's breck's a bill to leave the european union. the houston rockets sale by the team has more n.b.a. action a little later in sport. the pool is renowned for creating some of the world's. wonder when he's goes back to school to find out the secret to this. one how does the.
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article to is it out donald trump is now the 3rd president in the history of the united states to be impeached that's what they should be they're going to want to see is major event review for the future of the rest joining us with details coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment on al jazeera. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's from rob thanks for calling i read this is there a what are you looking for today we get to assess the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom this was our go to a little get that sure is a tomato exploration process with a laser when we have that technology available to us techno on all jazzy.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour india's new citizenship laws provoking more protests thousands in the capital new delhi and other cities are condemning the legislation as being anti muslim. the man picked to become lebanon's next prime minister says he will work to form a new government within 6 weeks many anti-government protesters though aren't convinced he's capable of lifting the country out of crisis. turkey says it cannot remain silent against what they called russian backed mercenaries who support forces a for its kind if i have to add in libya president comments come a day after the tripoli based government agreed to closer military cooperation with turkey. well the debate is underway right now in westminster as the u.k.
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parliament prepares to vote on prime minister boris johnson's bricks and deal m.p.'s in the u.k.'s newly elected parliament will vote in a few hours time and it would implement the agreement reached with the european union meaning the u.k. would leave the e.u. on january 31st let's get an update from challenger running us from just outside the houses of parliament in west minister to talk us through what we've seen so far rory what to expect in the coming hours when that vote actually takes place. well in about an hour and a half's time 3 pm g.m.t. we are expecting m.p.'s to have this vote it's the 2nd reading the bill the 1st reading is it is it chris each will process what we think i mean we know that this is going to pass because boris johnson has an a.t.m. fee majority now since the election he has good numbers in that. stick to carry this through so these will clear it today then goes through the rest of the
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legislative process is hoping boris johnson to get that done by as early in the new year as possible so i go through the house of parliament so the house of commons the house of lords and then gets rolled assent so he is hoping that this would all be done and dusted early the new year and the u.k. will be leaving the european union on january 31st. of next year. and rory there had been speculation in the u.k. that with this new majority that the prime minister boris johnson has that he might somehow aim for some sort of softer brecht said are there any signs of that happening at all. well the signs are that data is not happening that any arts to remain is might have had that boris johnson's natural instincts were towards a softer breaks that those don't seem to be materializing this bracks it bill that is being put before piece today has been changed from the one that he brought.
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before and it's been changed to harden it up labor the opposition main party says that you know that it's essentially going to create a deregulator a race to the boss and that aspects of the which will build that dealt with safeguarding workers' rights have been taken out of it also this bill has been altered so that it tries to make sure that it's on temporal tamperproof that you can have campaign is m.p.'s all the courts extending brecht said saw or lengthening the transition period and that mason basically means if it passes which we know that it will that when the transition period finishes in december of 2020 then if there is no deal has been reached with the european union for a new relationship then essentially britain pulls out of the european union proper in so world trade organization terms that is essentially no deal as hard as
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possible breaks it's ok all right charles thank you. the former chief executive of the largest telecoms company in france has been sentenced to a year in prison following a series of suicides by workers former boss of orange did on bar was convicted of moral harassment that's defined as any abusive behavior that degrades the wellbeing of others or previously acknowledged the suffering of victims around 10 years ago but denies any intention to harass employees. 24 hours after the house of representatives impeached him donald trump is demanding an immediate trial in the u.s. senate's trump is only the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached but the house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't refer the case to the republican controlled senate until she knows it will get fair treatment from trunk's party the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is describing the
4:36 pm
impeachment as talks like meanwhile the democrats who once are placed on a have faced off in another debates they were in agreement about the impeachment but little else as rob reynolds reports from los angeles to impeachment was topic number one all the candidates support president donald trump's impeachment and all said they would be the best nominee to beat him in november but my job is to just go on and make the case why he doesn't deserve to be president not in states for another 4 years began on how the president made that temperament wins dishonoring the presidency of the united states we need a candidate for president who can draw that sharpens distinction between the russian of the administration and a democrat who is willing to get out and fight not just the wealthy and well connected but to fight for everyone else that's why i'm in this race no matter what happens in the senate it is up to us in 2020 this is our chance to refuse
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to be taken in by the helplessness to refuse and reject this cynicism of like in previous debates climate change played a prominent role i believe i'm the only person here who will say unequivocally this is my number one priority and maybe just baby instead of spending 1.8 trillion a year globally on weapons of destruction baby at american president byrd said this lead the world it said of spending where the body they're killing each other out baby we pool our resources. fight i would comment on are your senators climate change or there were contentious moments when you were going to what you would. have. wanted to have already been sold as a proper car had you had. time to hear to. listen to this argument senator elizabeth warren criticized indiana mayor pete buda gedge over accepting
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campaign contributions from wealthy people the mayor just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wind cave full of crystals and served 9 $100.00 a bottle why does he have. this is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself past former vice president joe biden and senator bernie harris clashed over the subject of universal health care. put your hand up for 2nd. just the way you do joe you know i know you know biden has maintained the lead in nationwide polls for several months now and many democrats seem to believe he is best positioned to beat donald trump in november by had unsteady performances in many of the past debates but tonight was probably his best showing thus far robert oulds al jazeera last chance. the u.s.
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aerospace company boeing has launched its 1st space ship for astronauts 321. and lift off the rise of starlight you wear so the starliner right there is designed to carry crew to the international space station but there weren't any on board for this debut test flights and the latest reports we're getting suggest a problem with the starliner failing to reach the required altitude to dock with the space station let's bring in jonathan mcdowell he's an astronomer at the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics is joining us via skype from somerville that's in the u.s. state of massachusetts thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera what are you hearing about why it had not it has not reached the required orbits saying that it is in a stable position but not yet in its planned orbit why knots. right well it happening what happened is where it was starting its agents to get into orbit it
4:40 pm
was pointed in the wrong direction. and so. it is the right amount of loss today but not in the right way that it did raise its leverage just enough that it didn't come screaming back down in a ball of fire and crash in the ocean so it is in orbit apparently but just not the right orbit and that's going to be tough because it's going to make it very hard for them to reach the space station on this test flight so we're just waiting for more details but yeah i wanted to ask you would this be considered a big setback for this mission. yeah i think so because. this would be very bad if they're astronauts on board i think they're going to have to figure out what went wrong it may be as simple as a software issue and that's easy to fix if it's a hardware issue that's going to take longer and so that is because of the lay getting better we're going to have fly american nationalists on american rockets to
4:41 pm
the space station now you know space x. has its own space ship that they're going to be testing in the next few months so there's a real competition going on here how significant though is this test flight as a whole. i think it's critically important for the american space effort because this is really the 1st time that nasa has let lifted its hands a little bit off the reins and given a commercial company the opportunity to send astronauts into space and so you have to show that they can do it safely and reliably and so i think if there is if this turns out to be a major problem and you know both have not be very transparent in the last hour or so about exactly what's gone wrong. so i think this is going to going to be a setback for sure so the current target date for the 1st crude flight is reportable planned for mid 2020 for both boeing as well as space x.
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do you still think that's a realistic targets i think it's for boeing it's likely as a result of this to slip at least a month or 2 i don't think it will be. you know a huge huge delay these things happen it's space flight you get delays all the time but it does it raises the probability that america will have to go to the russians cousin had them buy some more seats on the russian so you. ok we will leave it there jonathan mcdowell thank you for joining us from massachusetts oh cool. the former governor of the democratic republic of congo's katanga province always cuts him but he has formed his own political party and plans to stand in the next presidential election once an ally of the former president joseph kabila could soon be was forced into exile after defecting from the then ruling party in 2015 following year he was convicted of property fraud and barred from returning to the
4:43 pm
country and running in the 28000 presidential votes a court ruling was overturned in april allowing him to go home. and earlier i spoke to movies katz m.b. and asked him about attacks on un peacekeepers in the eastern democratic republic of congo people there say the peacekeepers are failing to protect them from rebels because m.b. defended the u.n. saying it's being blamed for the government's mistakes. what is creating the today and security ones is because congo is very rich and the people are very poor and secondly there are. these new government edited the previous government because they didn't really put money in the infrastructure the road wanted and what their order can bring also and security he usually shows group there is no factory of the gun in the congo was giving them guns because of impunity can what is people continue. up to now.
4:44 pm
having almost 5 media in 10 or this this place and they killed over 3000 people in this of congress lots of people in the east of congo the biggest problem is. the former government they didn't allow one is called to do what he's supposed to do what is important today i hope we do new day new president they are going to really to get in partnership you know if you are not in partnership with we can to do anything on security they have to be together for at least to have peace in our . in india in benny and in the temple. people trafficking campaigners say hundreds of women are being smuggled out of burundi every year to work as virtual slaves in middle eastern countries as catherine saw reports in the commercial capital budge on bora forced labor sexual abuse and no pay are common
4:45 pm
complaints but. every woman in this room has a disturbing story to tell they traveled to the middle east to become domestic workers and this is a support group for those who time. so who are on duty says she feels traumatized by what happened to her she used a human traffickers to take her to amman and saudi arabia on different occasions she says she was mistreated overworked and not paid in the years she was abroad. to night. i went there because my mom was sick and i needed money for her medication but they did not pay me and she died they did not even allow me to come for her funeral when i returned from amman life was still difficult so i had to try saudi arabia the treatment was worse than the. traffickers started targeting mostly women in booty after under arrest broke out in 2015 following
4:46 pm
a disputed presidential election and with a struggling economy life has become more difficult most of the women come from poor areas like this one. that death to get any kind of job to feed their families traffickers know this and take advantage of it. trafficking campaign is see an average of $300.00 women are being smuggled out of the country each year the traffickers face a prison tom for up to 20 years if convicted more than 20 people smugglers are in jail and several job agencies have been shut down. the law is being but then meat story a good environment for women to report to many often scared to do so especially if they have been sexually exploited they think will not be accepted. nora giro could it has just returned from saudi arabia after one and a half years she has promised a salary of about $200.00
4:47 pm
a month but says everything ended up with the traffic and. i got sick and they would not let me go home i want on a hunger strike and they finally gave me back my passport but when i asked for my salary they said the only nothing. nora give us is life in rwanda is now even harder than when she left for saudi arabia she sells pineapples making about a dollar a day she says it's hard to survive but hopes to never again be forced to make another desperate journey to the middle east catherine 0 would you were opportunity china's president has wrapped up his visit to macau on the 20th anniversary of the handover of the former portuguese colony xi jinping praised the gambling capital as progress since the return to chinese rule and warns against foreign interference in both mccowan hong kong internal affairs well so that's. what i would like to
4:48 pm
emphasize is that after the return of hong kong macao to the motherland the pairs of the 2 special administrative region are completely china's internal affairs which brooks no finger pointing from any external forces the chinese government the chinese people's will to safeguard national sovereignty security and development interests are rock hard we will never allow any external forces to interfere in hong kong and macau affairs. kind of the supreme court has ruled that a son of russian spies can keep his citizenship after his parents were deported from the u.s. for espionage the secret life as of his family was the inspiration for a t.v. series christmas salumi has more from new york the parents of 25 year old alexander vava lot of were actually arrested in the united states back in 2010 as part of a wide f.b.i. sweep that rounded up 10 undercover russian agents who were working in the united states it was such a sensational case that it was the inspiration for
4:49 pm
a television series that focused on a family like the volga lobs where the parents were working undercover and the children had no concept initially that their parents were spies the children in this case were actually born in canada their parents had moved there in the waning days of the cold war and storm the identity of dead canadian citizens to integrate into society and then they moved to the united states in the 1995 under canadian law if you were born in that country you're entitled to citizenship unless you're the child of a diplomat or a foreign government employee and that's what the canadian government was arguing in this case that they did not deserve citizenship vava law of argued that his parents were not formal employees and the supreme court sided with him this decision will benefit is expected to benefit not only him but his older brother who has a separate case pending in canada they claim that they've never felt connected to
4:50 pm
russia where they were granted citizenship after being deported they claim that canada is the only place that they feel they belong. it's.
4:51 pm
hello again time for the sports news with lia thank you durian let's start with football liverpool and the flamingo are preparing for saturday's final of the fifo club world cup in qatar the brazilian side beat liverpool 3 nil to win an earlier
4:52 pm
version of this tournament the inner continental cup all the way back in 1901 but the club world cup has been dominated by europe and only once in the last 12 finals has there been a south american winner liverpool have won 20 games straight and a lack of enthusiasm for the tournament back home in england appears to be their main problem. from the continent on a country with a clio. to wait and to come back as heroes. we go told stay at home and play the kind of old so that's a massive difference i think if you want to do europe is completely different to the view of the rest of the world but i like very much to change that a little bit in the mobile to change for me since you know you build a change to the people in europe probably not fifo president janet and santina says he's considering holding a women's world cup every 2 years instead of every 4 he believes this year's
4:53 pm
tournament in france was a game changer for the sport and said he was actively pursuing a proposal by the head of french football to make it a bi annual event. he said that we should organize the women's work of every tourist into the very 1st 2 years because it has such a big impact a big positive impact for the development of the women's game is certainly something that we need to go see there and we are considering as well so a lot. of exciting points with regard to women's football and surfing there's a new men's world champion for a brazil stole the show and conquered these giant waves pipeline in hawaii by winning the event for air also qualifies to become brazil's leading team member for the tokyo 2020 games where the sport will be making its debut but u.s. legend kelly slater missed out on the olympics after losing in this. sports like
4:54 pm
climbing and skateboarding are also being added to the games in time for tokyo and then at paris in 2024 we can expect to see break dancing lovers of this typical street performance hope adding that to the games will not hurt the culture of the dance hall rees has a story from mama. is firmly established on the bright to succeed a veteran at the age of 12. he and his 6 year old brother a part of a generation that could see break dancing breaking. complete the journey to the olympics with final approval for the 2024 summer games expected in a year's time. do you think you could be. yeah my age is going to move 16 around so i would be on the books. grading medals this week.
4:55 pm
the president this. is hosting the undisputed masters unofficial and of you world championships competitive breaking is run by different from across the globe but the license for the olympics has been applied for by the world sports federation which usually organizes. this is always been a culture not a sports meeting our ruling body such but with the boring dancing federation taking its until impacts many fear that breaking it could be forgetting its roots but then just part of it is if we lose our touch we move with this dance is really about. really represents what is though an avenue out from people in ghettos arrive from people that come from impoverished backgrounds we have to keep that part of alive and i don't think you could be that successful without really earning the respect
4:56 pm
of the community or the court for that. but i really live in. the culture is also being lived in countries like these and cameroon these are some of the places in which the olympics could provide exposure and aspiration for breaking its competitive element just as long as going into the games doesn't make it all about medals money. on the commercial people know it's not going to work the most committed with them but if you do the right people behind you with a good job and people in the community. but it's going to be good the world's down sport federation has already organized breaking out the youth the lympics with the help of the community it will find out if it wins the battle for the real thing next december pull race al-jazeera sweet and. well i can't do that and one tennis former olympic silver medalist maria sharapova looks to be getting back to the top of her game on thursday the russian faced australia's i love tunnel janowicz at the
4:57 pm
world tennis championships in abu dhabi charge when 3 down in the opening in trailed $41.00 in the 2nd eventually she would win this $164.75 played only 15 matches this year due to. and in the n.b.a. it was all systems go for the houston rockets on away turf and l.a. quiet leonard and the clippers were ahead by 17 points in the 1st half russell westbrook scored 40 points for houston james harden added 28 the rockets beating them 122-2170. 7. and donovan mitchell of the utah jazz scored 30 points in atlanta the hawks losing their 1st half lead and the game $111.00 to 106 but it was santa who struggled the most perhaps they switched out his gator aid for a not. for guy rough day well that's it for your sport handed back over to during the i thank you very much for that and thanks for watching the news hour back in
4:58 pm
just a moment with more news coming your way stay with us. for over a year protesters across france have demanded economic justice police have responded with mass arrests a military grade weapons to constrain the movement do you think he could have been mistaken between aiming at your head or you access all those people in power has been in plans to investigate the escalation of violence and what this means to free speech and the democratic rights of its citizens police on trial on al-jazeera. the un published the most comprehensive study of life on. they found 1000000 species face extinction that's more than 12 percent of known life on. while on track to destroy the much oil infrastructure of which
4:59 pm
a world that had the report identifies the 5 main drivers of this big logical crisis that's the way we use and abuse all politics was always says 75 percent of the land and spheres of the marine environment have been severely altered by human activity exploitation of species through over fishing and hunting climate change caused by a greenhouse gas emissions pollution and finally the how to create tunnel local ecosystems by invasive species the reports of order to say the decline can be slowed even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. the injuries to the mind people have been killed to the little media in the united states traumatized you all too much to try to beat this movie deal with saudi arabia and it would do for the saudis and other arabs for britain to be
5:00 pm
used to help the us labs do you believe. this meeting saddam is the interest. on al jazeera. more violence in northern india and protests elsewhere over a new law opponents say discriminates against muslims. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also ahead the man said to be lebanon's prime minister lays out his plans but anti-government protesters have already delivered their verdicts. australia are already in the grip of record heat and devastating bushfires has warned the worst could.


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