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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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al jazeera. and. this is al-jazeera. santamaria and this is the news from al-jazeera iran denounces u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria as an act of terrorism iraq accuses its american allies of attacking its sovereignty and security also in the news sudan hands down the death sentence to 29 security forces for torturing and killing a protester we will be in central african republic where concerns about a resurgence of violence are growing we're speaking to the u.n.
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peacekeeping forces there in a state of emergency in parts of australia as bush fires burn out of control forcing a rethink for new year's eve celebrations. on polar race with all that ice sports including le bron james celebrates his 35th birthday in style and reaches a milestone on the court as well. so an iranian backed group targeted by u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria is now vowing a strong response but the u.s. is also warning of further action to protect its personnel if necessary 3 belong to the group to type hezbollah. 3 of them in iraq i should say to them and syria was struck killing at least 27 fighters and injuring 51. now you know that if we are warning the united states as we warned before that they're illegal presence means
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they are standing against the iraqi people and the iraqi people have the right to confront them with all types of resistance. plenty of reaction though a breach of sovereignty is how iraq's outgoing prime minister described it iran's called it a terrorist act but the u.s. says the strikes were what it describes as a decisive response by threats by iranian backed forces against american personnel we're going to hear from a number of our correspondents on the story starting with simona fulton in baghdad she says there was pressure by iran backed factions in parliament to expel foreign troops from iraq. just heard a statement being released from the office of a grand ayatollah ali sistani who is the highest religious authority shia religious authority in iraq and he condemned these attacks on quote iraqi forces which is of course a very important statement because he's basically saying that the type hezbollah
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being part of the p.f. should be considered a state force and he called on the u.s. to respect iraq's sovereignty and not to further add to the burden on the government which is of course already dealing with 3 months of anti-government protests now we've also heard news coming from al fatah which is the iranian black back bloc in parliament now of course the p.m.s. has not only arm course but it also has its political wings and fatah is the biggest party in parliament which also forms the biggest block and they basically called upon political parties to rally together and to basically support expelling foreign troops including the u.s. troops from iraq now technically according to the constitution it's only the executive who can propose such legislation sort of parliament cannot really do that so we have to closely watch what prime minister about his government will be doing whether they will indeed table such a bill to see the departure of foreign troops and we've had you know parliament
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calling on the departure of foreign troops in the past before but it never materialized because there was no support for such a move from the government but of course parliament being dominated by these iranian backed groups means that such a legislation if tabled would easily pass and from baghdad to teheran without here's the latest iranian government reaction. well iran so far has just responded with words president rouhani was speaking earlier this morning he did address the airstrikes what happened was the foreign office spokesperson issued a statement they condemned the airstrike said it was a manifestation of terrorism they called in the united states to respect iraq's sovereignty independence and territorial integrity they also said that the united states wasn't interested in fighting isis because their positions targeted those groups targeted had caused damage to isis in the past but they also said these attacks showed negligence on behalf of the united states and they should accept the
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consequences of their actions also later on in the day the government spokesman issued a statement that he denied that iran is behind any of the attacks on united states bases and said that these kinds of allegations without evidence are not just of a cation for bombing people so the response out of iran has been a bit slow because iraqi groups responding 1st his belied lebannon responded and then we heard something from iran but what will be interesting is how his will respond because and what would united states will do next because the united states has said iran is behind this group they have close links and how how much will it take before the united states turns its attention to iran and the reaction from the u.s. with my camera in washington hi mike probably not a surprise in the end that the u.s. actually did this i mean the defense secretary almost flagged up these sorts of
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strikes a while ago and there was an american contractor killed recently as well however the idea of them being more responses i mean it could create all sorts of problems . indeed yes come on the question is whether this is part of a new u.s. offensive whether it is the beginning of something rather than a consequence of attacks by the various armed groups within iraq itself certainly the secretary of defense mark espers says that they have briefed president trump about what options remain in terms of dealing with what they see as this ongoing conflict with iran it's important to note that the whole context of these strikes being made very clearly in terms of u.s. relations with iran although the strikes were carried out in syria and in iraq the senior trump officials are painting this very much of an ongoing conflict with iran so once again you put this together with the secretary of defense speaking about
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what options have been given to president tram and also for example you have a tweet just in the last hour from the former national security advisor john bolton welcoming such strikes and saying that they are long overdue clearly this type of reaction may embolden president trump in terms of what he does next and. gives an answer to the question is this a consequence of an action or is it the beginning of the new u.s. offensive ok thank you mike hanna in washington d.c. there so one thing we should do is take a closer look at the fighters who are actually targeted in this u.s. airstrikes i mentioned there in the name already has a lot of it is part of a group that helped the iraqi government defeat i saw it's been brought into a state sanctioned group of militias known as the popular mobilization forces many of them backed by iran for dave hezbollah leader. mohammed these
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is one of iraq's most powerful men and in the past has fought u.s. forces the u.s. state department says he also advises iran's revolutionary guards so let's get more analysis from tehran with hum. political analyst in the iranian capital do you agree with that for a start what the u.s. department says that the leader of hezbollah not only linked to iran actually advises the revolutionary guard which is a very important part of iranian leadership. there is no secret service with law has been to some extent been trained by revolutionary guards and there are close relationship it went between them but the point is that it was aimed at defeating isis and fighting terrorism in iraq and syria so it is nothing to hide a says nothing illegal about that there's nothing to be ashamed about that but one
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point about what the americans have announced is that they are responding to the attacks being in united against them so in considering that this forces these forces who are we are being killed by the americans where deployed to fight against and says we can just do the math and concluding that actually americans are deciding themselves as isis yet in that terms that we equate them to each other yes these forces have been fighting against the united states by fighting against isis and and then the american statements would have some sense. will maoists collates a lot further what sort of response would you expect from hezbollah. you know americans have clarified that it is against iran as much as i want to mention and we know that if we have some let's say measures from the iranian side
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that did not receive any response from the american side we had the downing of the american drone a few months ago we have based on what the americans claim we had an attack on armco which americans and saudis are blaming iran for that but you know they do not it's this big not to do anything to respond to that and you need that some that's a performer to war to show that it is going to do something it is a well actually to do something so this attack is this seems to be a response to those movements but the 1st point is that it shows that the americans are not capable and able to attack against iran directly to react to iran directly and so. the other point is that iran is not going to react directly or by itself but if same purpose of all law and iraq is would react to that there
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are some possibilities of further attacks against the american bases in iraq and. possibly actually increase the tensions between in this situation the region here this is what i want to ask because you're saying maybe the united states wouldn't attack iran directly but it was only a few months ago we were starting to talk about things being on a knife edge there were so many more american forces coming to the gulf and it looked like there was some sort of collision course for some sort of conflict do you think that threat could still exist with all the troop buildup. no there is no possibility of direct for ike and the war against iran and between iran and iran to states because the situation on the ground here in new in the region is in a way that fight would being favor if you were on your own would be the absolute winner off any any tension in the region immediate attention on me so there is no
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possibility of any fighting because this the americans are the most one. player in the region because of their bases and because of the facilities and the troops that they have in the region so they would have any direct conflict between iran and the united states how many columns are there joining us from tehran thank you for that well the russian and iranian foreign minister is a both condemning the u.s. military action in iraq and syria so again lavrov hosted mohammad java zarif for talks in moscow they're also looking at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal that was high on their agenda to discuss conflicts across the middle east and said they were keen to increase the cooperation. despite the fact that americans are now thousands of miles away from their borders under a pretext of defending their right they have drowned the people of iraq and syria
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in blood the recent actions by americans in iraq are an acceptable state run in russia put efforts to establish peace both in syria and in iraq the cooperation between our countries within the talks is proof of that. more with my own bashar a senior political analyst now and all of this the iranians and the russians there who are already as we said trying to talk about the nuclear deal now talking about this the us iraq all these groups the drawing of lines more when there is so much going on he has so many sides to take in. yes absolutely it seems to be getting complicated as it were if it wasn't complicated before. but just listening to your guest earlier i mean. really one knows why things are not going well i think everyone claims to know the math but certainly no one can add one plus one equals 2 because the united states and iran have been both delusional and reckless in this
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region for quite some time now and the question of the. hezbollah is one of the best examples about just that the isis was created because of 2 main factors one the us invasion and occupation of iraq and 2 the iranian driven sectarianism in iraq by the likes of hezbollah and the various groups that made up the popular mobilisation so those who claim to and who have in fact fort dodge over the last 2 or 3 years are the same one that led to the creation of the dice in the 1st place so the iranian american axes the iranian american proxies the american iranian lines as you call them the shifting lines in iraq in syria in the gulf and in the middle east in general have been
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quite destructive to both peace and stability in the middle east and does that mean it actually takes us closer to a potential conflict this is sort of what i asked our guest as well because we did see that big increase of u.s. forces in the region and there were a lot of concerns a few months ago about there being a conflict now i mean there's open talk about about strong responses from both sides just over this incident. well look i think the respond by the u.s. forces with could probably have taken place by the local command or a horse the central command for the middle east i don't think this is the kind of thing that you know happening sara lee happens on national security level point being that the united states commander in chief has been quite busy with his impeachment process and his own war against you know the democratic party he's more busy with what he calls crazy nancy the speaker nancy pelosi then he is with iran
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or iraq or syria for that matter or libya so the united states under president trump has not been as involved certainly has not been as strategic meaning there are always american forces and american bases in the middle east and beyond but is there a strategy is there a commander in chief that cannot sleep tonight because of the national security threats or interests and so on so forth in the middle east absolutely not there is no such interest and that's the reason why russia and iran and apparently no an increasing interest by china to get involved because the united states is not preoccupied with the middle east is not being attention and in fact is in some form or another is pulling out of iran stepping in to fill the void is definitely not a good thing and it's not me who says that although i do think so it's the it's the iraqis that are saying that what the iraqis have told us the last 4 months in their
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upheavals in the streets in their magnificent show of peaceful demonstrations is that they neither want iraq to be dictated to by the united states nor and that's the important thing by iran meaning those that very shiite street that grew in the last 16 years under the american occupation and post american occupation rejects what's the united states and iran and their role in iraq thank you mon bashar a senior political analyst. let's have a look at what else is coming up for you on this news out responds after a living appeal to stop the fall of tripoli also a new twist in the campaign for catalonia independence as the supreme court is urged to make a landmark ruling on this train open champion arrives to defend his title paul we'll have more of novak djokovic and sports little bit later.
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least 18 people have been killed in a rebel attack in eastern democratic republic of congo it happened just northwest of the capital benny in the territory police say it's the latest attack by the a.d.f. rebels they have been blamed for killing hundreds of people in recent months. the united nations has sent a rapid response team to central african republic after violence between shop owners and fighters demanding money at least 40 people were killed in the capital bangui on thursday the un's warning against an escalation of fighting following years of unrest between muslim and christian militias. that market in bang gave which was attacked and explains now what ultimatum traders have given to the armed groups. reconstruction look at the particular 5 neighborhood market is ongoing dozens of stores were burned or destroyed by the militias when we came at tacking
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on the french mission in this market attacking traders in the process right now traders are busy trying to organize and reconstruct their stores and start business going again in the meantime this market has been closed by the authorities until when it's fully restored in the market tension is high in the way you would ultimately proves why traders so run down. the warning is that if they don't in the next 48 hours or so there will be a tough one now people afraid that will get worse before they even get ready. we're going to speak. who is the spokesman for the united nations peacekeeping forces known as he's in baghdad for us and we thank you for your time sir i mentioned that the united nations is sending a rapid response team but can you also tell us 1st of all what how much of the u.n.
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presence was already there in central african republic i want to get an idea of how much was there and to that end how this attack these sorts of attacks have been allowed to carry on. actually we have around 12. 100000 people spread all around the country. in bungay we don't have that much. when this situation happened under 20 for december we sent a crushing force of the forces around 1015 people that's not. much and then we sent un police. patrolling in the area and then only 26 december we sent a. team there and actually they are patrolling but getting is still not enough and the pollution took up of pollution. to have had them get the.
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the national forces national police not from me tell us that to now. is discussing we look at it so it is to find ways to do that so that day 2 because actually there is no state authority in fact it is the problem then that there are just not enough you said 12000 forces is that there are not enough or that as is often the case with un peacekeeping forces they are very limited in what they can do they are there to keep the peace they do not attack unless they are attacked themselves and hence attacks that we've seen have been able to carry on. this situation or in pick up 5. we had a situation where we have a court would have said different go up. there in the beginning they were there
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to to to defend the the market is a defended against what we can say ex-ante by laika and now those people. those committing are tossed it is those. collecting taxes attacking civilians and the churches have seen that. for them it is enough now i just wanted to stop they want everybody to lay down their arms so that they can 5 come back to peace like it used to be. a long time ago it's not a question of not being able to but it is a question of gangs but now we are negotiating with all the parties. traitors to gangs and i was so we are negotiating with the disappear society. to find ways to bring back peace and to pick a fight but do you think it will work because you have got
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a lot of upset people you have got trade ins with i'll to nations that. it is not an easy situation for any group to keep the peace out of it and you're already warning the united nations already warning of how devastating an escalation could be. actually they want to be a scottish one because the traders called them in used to help them solve the issue with them discuss with the gangs to have them discuss with the the local authorities and even the defense group or so they called us to help them solve the situation and for 2 days now we have been discussing all of them until today we are still discussing with them to see how we have them lay down their arms how we have suffered the difference go to untie into. a community of reduction
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vallance. so that peace we come back to to to pick a fight in the spokesman for the un peacekeeping forces in central african republic thank you for your time. now temperatures in southern australia have soared again and to help create yet more catastrophic bushfire conditions extreme fire warnings have been issued in the states a victorious south australia and new south wales many people have been told it is too late to leave their homes as the flames get miria near a cattle opens on the on reports. strong winds and record heat this fire season in australia is being described as kind of traffic and now there's a new threat columns of smoke and heat from the flames are causing thunderstorms and lightning they could spread the fires and spark new ones we have recently issued a severe thunderstorm warning for central victoria including
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a specific warning for some severe thunderstorm cells that are moving towards the melbourne area. the fire threat is high in the states of new south wales south australia and for toria tens of thousands of people including tarus have been told it's too late to leave as out of control fires burn year by they've been advised to immediately seek shelter police are already very strong to get people out of those environments get the wife from the bush environment but as you know once you go on hold out sometimes you just get it from your telephones you disconnect from listening to the right yeah you actually enjoy. fires and prolonged droughts are common in australia but this year the fire season started earlier than usual millions of hectors have burned over the past few months and more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed the government has been criticized for not tackling the fires fast enough. the fire very quickly encroaching on.
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areas and rural areas where people. living their livelihoods through agriculture or they will actually live. volunteers are also struggling to save wild animals under threat they could get away so the still around but things like possums kangaroos wallabies one bats the kidneys all of them but we're just not getting the call outs . i don't know. the fires are already described as an unprecedented disaster and emergency crews are expecting conditions to worsen into the new year card see a little bit of the yarn al-jazeera. peter newman is with us now professor of sustainability curtin university. who also contributed to the most recent intergovernmental panel report on climate change for the un he is in perth in western australia and thanks for your time and it's late to there as well what are
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your views on the climate change. on what climate change is doing in these particular fires how much of it can you put down to systemic change over the years or is this just a particularly hot summer which began a lot earlier and is just a lot tougher in this particular year. well it's been pretty much predicted we are a test case for what will happen in many parts of the world as we get to another degree temperature rise in temperature it's the indian ocean dipole has enabled this to occur quicker in a stroller it for the last year we have had the hottest temperatures on regular right across the country and it's dried everything out so that they as soon as it started to become the summer the fires just took off with
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a 1000 kilometer fire front going through the tory the whole of the southeast is a blight as it's quite extraordinary but predicted and i do think that the the you can go back and see what the scientists said sighing that this will occur a lot quicker in this part of the world and the authorities listening to that and there's a lot of political controversy over the prime minister and what he believes about the effects but i think i mean this should be the wake up call for then. it is the white house call and i think it will eventually make its presence felt certainly the did pretty prime minister agreed that some great action was needed the prime minister has tried to cool things by offering some money to the volunteer firefighters. but in terms of climate change he's refusing to move and in
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fact just a few weeks ago in madrid these dryland government tried to undermine the paris agreement it's shameful what they are doing and i don't believe that this can continue the opposition is taking a much stronger stance everywhere the public getting angry and i believe business and communities will draw out of the politics of this now and we will have some changes that will begin to work their way through to the top government our focus is obviously australia that's where you are saying these terrible fires but i'm thinking about southern california. russia there were massive fires there this is i don't know if i would go so far cyclable phenomena but something is clearly happening with massive huge event bushfires like this which become so difficult to bring on to talk and you sort of weave it together for us. yes there
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is an increase in fires and it's totally to be expected because climate change is about an increase in energy in the atmosphere causing extremes so there are some parts of the world getting streams of rifle. there are other parts getting extremely cold that are coming but mostly we're getting it streams of increased temperature that heat that he's coming through the systems and the mid-latitude areas the ones that are most likely to dry out 1st and and cause these fires to be ignited by very simple things and now you've got a situation where it's not just the thunderstorms that have been occurring naturally the fires themselves. causing thunderstorms and more
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lighting to occur so it's it's like a spontaneous combustion occurring right across the country store and i paid in human from curtin university in australia thank you for your time to appreciate it thank you. in the news ahead. let's call it what it is these people are domestic terrorists the governor of new york a cancer of hatred after all throats jews are stabbed in a rabbi's house. and it is twins in a row now for the n.h.l. champions paul has that and the rest of the sports actually about 10 to the hour. ahead of the some pretty good conditions across much of iran and east was across into afghanistan and a bit of chatter on but no real weather with that had instead it is still reserved
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for the eastern end of the med and in particular across much of turkey and northern sections of syria now as we go through tuesday it does tend to read the weekend but we have still got one or 2 showers of course the snow should clear by tuesday it's a little bit milder 11 celsius and aleppo 16 in beirut but again there is a chance of those showers but as we go into wednesday it tends to increase again some more of those coastal showers and again we could see the full cost particularly into northern areas of turkey quite a bit of cloud across into will central southern sections of iran and also the chance of a few snow flurries across into kabul feeling cold there a high of just 4 degrees celsius not cold across arabian peninsula some very nice time which is fairly cool breeze at times the overnight hours again getting cooler but you can see quite a bank of clouds across the southern coastal areas of amman and yemen it tends to dissipate a bit by wednesday but this quite a bit of cat pushing into northern sections of the of a not expected to bring any showers with it instead there are
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a few more showers really choose to stand to johannesburg and we could have some pretty strong thunderstorms from time to time. my name is wrong some people say that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think they're real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not alive but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique elopement is this
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in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist mold international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. on the news here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories an iranian backed group in iraq is promising revenge after it was targeted by u.s. air strikes in syria and iraq 5 of its camps were hit and 27 fighters were killed. rebel fighters are being blamed for killing at least 18 people and torching their homes in the democratic republic of congo police say the overnight raid is the
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latest in the eastern region of me by a.t.f. rebels who operate in both the sea and uganda. and soaring temperatures in southern australia are again creating catastrophic bush fire conditions extreme fire warnings have been issued in victoria south australia and new south wales. a sudanese court has sentenced 29 members of the security services to death they were convicted of torturing and murdering a protester in february the death of the teacher who was an important moment in the uprising against the former president omar bashir him a morgan is in sudan's capital where people are celebrating the verdict hundreds of people erupted in joy outside the courtroom here in undermanned the tent city of sudan's capital khartoum they're celebrating the very dick that the judge issued when he sentenced 29 members afghan security services to death over the killing of
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a protester in february now the story of the schoolteacher who was killed in february i gripped the nation especially when witness testimonies came out detailing how he was tortured to death by the security forces protesters have been demanding in february now for then president almost. to step down now he was ousted by the military in april and a transitional government was formed in august but the demonstrations are still ongoing people are saying that they want justice and accountability for the deaths of fellow protesters activist more than 200 people have been killed since the demonstrations began in december and people are saying that they want legal reforms and they want to make sure that despite a new attorney general and you head of judiciary in plays then they want judges to replace them to make sure that every single protester who was killed and there's justice for his or her death and they're saying that they want to make sure that the full of president bashir who was charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters is also sentenced to death so that they feel that their
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revolution is over and that the deaths of their fellow protesters did not go in vain. the turkish president is fast striking legislation to allow the deployment of troops to libya present time government is expected to submit the motion to parliament on monday libya's u.n. recognized government has requested the forces to stop the military push on the capital by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar. had reports now from tripoli. the fight for tripoli is collating now the foreign ministry is calling on the united nations and the international criminal court to intervene the un recognized government accuses forces fighting for warlords only for hefted of committing crimes against humanity in their campaign to capture the capital and. we are asking the international community to perform its role after it doesn't have any legitimacy and has been destroying tripoli for the past 8 months yet the
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international community has a lot moved to stop him only now as we have a new ally regional and international powers are rising against us the war on the southern outskirts of tripoli has cost the lives of hundreds of civilians and wanted many more have to the forces repeatedly targeted residential areas and government run facilities with airstrikes and rockets nearly 140000 libyans have fled their homes to seek safety and also under threat are oil revenues which are the backbone of libya's economy. the national oil corporation is assessing the damage following greece and airstrikes on the oil refinery in the western city of zawiya. and as government forces battle to stop the fall of tripoli have to its forces are reported to be getting very enforcement from russian missionaries and advanced weapons supplied by the united arab emirates turkish
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troops could soon be joining the conflict the promise to support for forces loyal to the government is being seen by some as crucial to preventing the fall of tripoli because president says parliament will vote next month on a mandate to send troops but as have the forces advance further into this other neighborhoods and closer to density populated areas of the capital the fuel for human casualties is growing. more that there were a visitor to paly. the supreme court judges in spain are being recommended to free a catalan separatist leader from jail so he can take a seat in the european parliament oriole charisse serving 13 years for his role in the failed bid for catalan independence is centered think a 5 months after his election as an m.e.p. spain's state attorney has advised he be allowed to go to brussels more on this with rory chalons monitoring events from london new center rory it seems like quite
6:40 pm
a bit of concession is the word but maybe you can explain what would be behind this sort of move. yeah it's an interesting decision this essentially it's an advisory the has been given by spain's state attorney general solicitor general to the supreme court to let oriel john kerry is going to brussels and take up his position as an m.e.p. and the reason why they've done this is because of a ruling that was made by the court of justice of the european union a back in december 13th. that's because oriel care is. conviction came off the us or its conviction and sentencing came after his election to the european parliament technically he was immediately he has
6:41 pm
a mean as the parliamentary immunity under that position as an m.e.p. and this is a ruling that the european court has given to the spanish justice system and the spanish justice system is making its kind of. motions to put that into practice what it means essentially is that he can go to brussels if the supreme court says that is what it's going to do they have also asked the spanish for his immunity to be removed by the european parliament that is something that the european parliament has said he would need to be requested if spain wants to keep this guy in prison the base in spain does want to keep this guy in prison supposedly they are saying go to brussels get your get your credentials come back and then go back to jail but it has a stays an interesting bit of kind of legal machinery that's going through this
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process at the moment can you put it into a sort of wider political context for us henri in the sense of the catalan independence movement which did have some real steam not long ago. yes it did and near you can you can you can sense the amount of steam that this movement had by the length of sentences that people like oriel john kerry's got for the for their role in the 30 years that i have the sentence that year there is absolutely a political context to a little of this and the context is this that the strains had to general elections this is inconclusive ones the socialist party p.s.o. he has won those elections but not had a convincing enough majority to be able to form a proper government so it's going into coalition talks one of the parties that it is in coalition talks with the moment is the catalan party. kara's leads. and so this is
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a way really of building confidence i suppose for any kind of negotiations of the they want to come to fruition to look like it's adhering to europe in legal stipulations but also let this guy out for the moment at least so that they can build to build a parliament as well build a government to interesting thank you chalons in london. now the search is on in britain for a new leader for the opposition labor party jeremy coleman says he won't lead the main opposition into another election following his landslide defeat to boris johnson and the ruling conservatives last month and arguments over the future direction of the party have already started for britain as our report. december the 12th was a disaster for the labor party and the humiliation for its leader jeremy corbyn $42.00 parliamentary seats were lost its worst general election result since 1935 the concept of party candidate 17. labor
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support in its traditional northern english constituencies evaporated the sorts of voters abandoned labor at the election in next industrial seats have been moving away from the party for some time but the support really went off a cliff in disarray action and that's partly because of bracks it but it's important to remember that a lot of people who voted remain also rejected the labor party this election so it's more than just brick said they really didn't trust or have any connection with jeremy colvin as a candidate replacement will face an enviable challenge it's not just the 123 seats labor would need to win back to get a parliamentary majority it's also the need for internal reflection particularly by momentum the grassroots group formed in 2015 to support called in socialist vision for labor i'm not saying every momenta member will sign up to that but there will be some as happened in the 1980 s. when labor we realise what the party is going to change we've got to be part of the
6:45 pm
change and we've got to be willing to reexamine our own beliefs and recognise if we're going to win an election as people on the left we have to be prepared to compromise and we have to be where the country is not where we would like it to be there are several senior figures thought to be considering a leadership bid among the existing shadow cabinet there are rebecca long bailey emily thornberry here starmer and angela raina and from the wider party to support for past critics of korban such as jess phillips lisa nnamdi yvette cooper and clive lewis the timetable on the rules of the contest will be decided by the party's national executive committee body still dominated by corbin supporters the reasons why labor's vote collapsed are very. and they are disputed and the parties response in fact it's very future depends on perhaps 2 crucial questions firstly how the party membership put aside internal factional differences to choose a leader who can accurately identify the relevant problems and tackle them and
6:46 pm
secondly do any of the potential candidates for leadership have the talents and the skills for that task paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. police in the united states have charged a suspected intruder with 5 attempted murders following a multiple stabbing during a jewish festival in new in new york rose and jordan has the full story. 37 year old grafton thomas faces 5 counts of attempted murder after an attack at a hanukkah party and muncie new york a witness called the attack terrifying just swinging is his lord a knife i don't know what it was back and forth hitting people and it is ending this crammed after me when they came out here is going to have to be hey you all got you but that's it that's about it so far thomas has not been charged with a hate crime the new york state governor says the suspect should get that and more i think this is an act of terrorism i think these are domestic terrorists they are trying to inflict fear they're motivated by hate. they are
6:47 pm
doing mass attacks these are terrorists the muncie attack is the latest in a series of assaults on jewish americans this year new york city police say that as of december 15th $213.00 anti semitic hate crime complaints have been filed this year that's 36 more than in 20188 of those attacks have happened in the last couple of weeks including a woman and her son attacked while leaving a coffee shop. in nearby jersey city 3 people were murdered in a kosher supermarket and december 10th while police are increasing neighborhood patrols and some israeli politicians say it might be time for jewish americans to leave the u.s. others say it will take much more than law enforcement to fight anti semitism we would leave these thawing even mold in a veil and you question out of and for it's was only gone through the whole course
6:48 pm
of the minds and the fight against something you think and theism atheism is a mole needed. right now people are scared and the priority is keeping people safe . al-jazeera washington. sports news in japan ski jumping sensation whiles the crowds in germany.
6:49 pm
living in the united states in the u.s.
6:50 pm
state closest to the north pole as its benefits alaska is famous of course for its pristine wilderness but as a joke caster explains that when community when many communities aren't connected by roads getting basic medical care can be a big problem. life is simple in the village of new talk alaska surrounded by water and the arctic tundra the 350 you pick natives who live here hunched their own food and take care of each other the best they can but when someone sick help is much further away that doctors are worried that they're my right the only playing. albertine a charles is a schoolteacher to get to an eye doctor and she'll have to leave new talk by plane she makes the journey every other month at a cost of thousands of dollars the alaskan government's medicaid program pays for the transportation even though i work even though i earn money.
6:51 pm
i have kids i have kids. i care and money more than a 3rd of new talks residents live in poverty in a state that's been an economic recession since 2015 alaska's governor slashed the medicaid budget last summer eliminating non-emergency adult dental care and cutting payments to specialists and travel providers by 5 percent that's led to fears of doctors and airlines dropping out of the state health program which many alaskan natives depend on with no medicine if another our child gets sick they can die. we are now in the city of encourage we're albertine as i specialist dr is found to get here she has to take 2 flights to cross 800 kilometers of mountain and i guess a journey well known to many rural alaskans well would begin. yesterday
6:52 pm
morning we try to catch right through you're likely down here but there were there were that the castle their flight mary apoc will finally see a neurologist after 2 days of travel i asked what she do without the government paid flights to the hospital alicia's still suffer. it's unfair to to penalize this group of people who live in a remote area by not letting them have their you know medically necessary care and the governor has warned more budget cuts are to come will be felt deeply here in rural alaska where the most vulnerable and isolated populations are found heidi joe castro al-jazeera new tarka laskar. time for a look at your sport now with paul thank you very much james celebrated his birthday in style as he reached a milestone in the l.a. lakers victory against the dallas mavericks james who turns 35 on monday became the
6:53 pm
9th player and be a history to reach 1000 assists he got 13 of them against dallas the lakers summer signing on to the davis had 23 points and 9 rebounds as they eased to 808 to 95 victory they stay top of the western conference funding us in memphis dillon brooks scored 20 points rookie brandon court added 18 as the memphis grizzlies proved too good for the hornets it was a 5th straight loss for charlotte the grizzlies taking it $117.00 points $204.00. the new york giants sacked coach perhaps sherman on monday after the tame team failed to reach the n.f.l. playoffs and defending champions new england patriots were given a wake up call as their regular season draws to a close they were beaten 2720 fourth's home by the miami dolphins are miss out on a 1st round bye in the playoffs the tennessee titans and philadelphia eagles took the last 2 playoff spots that were up for grabs on sunday in the n.h.l.
6:54 pm
its 8 straight wins for the defending champion st louis blues on sunday night they secured their 26 victory of the season with a 4th one win over winnipeg jets the blues bettering the 7 game winning streak they managed at the start of november. now sports sound sustainability don't often go together but one football team in the u.k. is bucking the trend with a series of eco innovations forest green rovers have already won the title of the world's only officially regan football club and have now been given permission to build a new stadium out of wood they believe their new $5000.00 seater ground will reduce their carbon footprint the lowly team already has an organic pitch solar power and an all began menu at their existing stadium in southwest england david moyes was once the rising star among football managers in the english premier league but he's failed to hold down a job since being sacked by manchester united in 2014 now he's returned to west ham
6:55 pm
united a club that he left 18 months ago saying he has unfinished business and east london where he replaces manual pelligrini who replaced him in 2018. goes business. really enjoyed not so your last job. in the same. returns that. you are the players that employers will see the world india will take part in the 2022 commonwealth games after reversing plans to boycott the event their protest was over the decision by host city birmingham england to drop the sport of shooting its inclusion is optional for organizers but india won 16 of their $66.00 medals at last year's gold coast games in the sport the country has also indicated it plans to be host of either 2026 or 2030 event. well at the rio olympics in
6:56 pm
2016 the diving competition was hit by a problem that turned their pools green and at the next games in tokyo it seems especially the problem 2020 organizers are set to take emergency countermeasures after the substance was found in the roof of the olympic swimming venue the fire proofing and insulation material has been linked to a range of health problems including council australian open tennis champion novak djokovic has arrived down on the with an extra set of judy's to take care of this year he'll defend his title at the year's 1st grand slam but before that he lead serbia at the a.t.p. cup a new team event played across 3 cities brisbane perth sydney i think it's great for sport that we have you know vacation introduced in a country that we can really say is a country that loves stannis i think it's a best place to accommodate a new concept in the new format of competition. japan's world ski jumping champion
6:57 pm
rory kobayashi was wowing the crowds on sunday nights he was in action at the obod stores in germany leaps of 138134 meters more than enough to win this event this was the 1st leg of the prestigious 4 hills total with the remaining 3 competitions taking place over the next week. sibling rivalry took center stage at the opening round of the ice cross world championships in austria in front of their home crowd former champion marco de la i was up against his younger brother luca in the final speed skill stamina and a strong pair of skates i needed to win races on these ice cross tracks mark at winning the race the 8th victory of his career the 2nd round of the championship is in the french alps in a fortnight. or your sport and i will have a bit more like code thanks paul your pulls back in the 1800 hour g m c news hour which is about the way it will take 3 minutes and we're back with another full pose in the news in just
6:58 pm
a few months time and come out santa maria. what happens when plans for a new life are brewed idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking to robbery. only i don't remember how many times just out of the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind bars double exile on al-jazeera. cultura
6:59 pm
downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain that cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or whether. this is a suburb of the india capital new delhi tibet subbie refugees here since 1964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting a better business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. with its leaders in jail a greek near nazi party when eyes on the lives mothers and daughters of the imprisoned leaders to represent them. the women behind the fearsome right wing nationalist party going to do it. when you say i'm not the you know what exactly
7:00 pm
does it mean it means national not used gold in doing this a witness documentary on al-jazeera to support the masses. an iranian backed group attacked by u.s. forces in iraq and syria and now warns of a strong response. from joe how everyone i'm come all santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera sudan has handed down the death sentence to 29 security forces for torturing and killing a pretty protester. a state of emergency in parts of australia as bushfires burn out of control and why getting to a doctor just got a whole lot harder for alaskans living in remote areas.


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