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tv   Jerusalem A Rock And A Hard Place 2019 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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every. hello i'm lauren taylor in london the top stories on our. iraq's caretaker prime minister describes u.s. air strikes in his country and syria as unacceptable and vicious the strikes targeted 3 camps of an iranian backed group in iraq and 2 in syria killing at least 28 fighters similar. and unprecedented confrontation between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil for the 1st time u.s. airstrikes targeting bases of an iranian backed armed group killing and injuring dozens the operation in response to a series of rockets that struck military bases where u.s.
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personnel are stationed a u.s. contractor was killed in the most recent attack in care coke what we did was take a decisive response that makes clear what president trump has said for months and months and months which is that we will not stand for the islamic republic of iran to take actions to put american men and women in jeopardy that type hezbollah is part of the popular mobilization forces a paramilitary group set up to fight eisel it's integrated into iraq's armed forces the u.s. has accused some factions in the pm of taking orders from to hand rather than baghdad until recently if the u.s. and the pm are fought side by side against isis following isis territorial defeat 2 years ago the u.s. retained around 5000 troops in country to support iraqi security forces as they search for i saw sleeper cells hiding in deserts one of those clearing operations coincided with the u.s.
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mission against the type that i know as an airbase here in western anbar province is an important launching pad for operations against beisel but the recent rocket attacks against bases where u.s. personnel are stationed including i know last an air base in early december could hamper operations raising fears of a proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil in an unusual announcement follow. in the acid attack the u.s. publicly blamed. the iraqi government hasn't attribute blame but has tightened security . said the very inclusive purity measures were. operation for coalition forces there are surveillance patrols and additional troops to secure the outer perimeter of a search to protect the base investigations are continuing our didn't know but it's not completed. promises of investigations have done little to reassure the u.s. none of the government's probes into any of the previous rocket attacks have been published the analysts say the details are well known and. i think that the iraqi
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joint operation command in iraq intelligence as many details about the people who would attack the k one basing cook iraqi government was confused because the pressure of khateeb his blood is deeply entrenched in the iraqi parliament and the iraqi government and that's why they decided to keep in line with iran and the iranian political parties the iraqi government divided and weekend after 3 months of protests demanding sweeping political change has called on all sides to seize any unilateral actions neither us nor the pm or appear to be listening have to take action setting the stage for further escalation simona fulton al jazeera but that is $23.00 people are being killed in a rebel attack in democratic republic of congo fighters from the allied democratic forces launched a raid on 18 kilometers northwest of the city of beni locals accuse un peacekeepers
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of failing to protect them against rebel attacks charges in sudan have centers $29.00 members of the security forces to death for torturing and murdering a protester the court in khartoum was packed for the verdict schoolteacher with hair was killed in february during protests that eventually deposed president bashir. spain says it will expel 3 bolivian diplomats as part of a tit for tat move but libya's interim president asked to spanish diplomats and the mexican ambassador to leave the country to join in and yes has criticized mexico after it granted asylum to form a bolivian president evo morales as a top stories jerusalem a rock and a hard place is next round is here people of different faiths giveth thoughts on the city's past present and future.
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when i asked my mother when was the last time she took the train in and where did she go and she tells me yes of course i took the train because of this trade in jerusalem connects us with the rest of palestine when you look at old photos and you imagine how their lifestyle was at that time and when you visit the train station today it's like a disney bark it's it's full of restaurants full of people who are completely
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indifferent to the history of the of the space who are completely ignorant words to receive they don't belong you know my son often tells me you know mama these people they don't seem to belong at all to this city it doesn't go with the spirit of the people today. who. were. we were the owners of these houses 77 percent of west jerusalem before 48 was palestinian owned and when i talk about palestinians i talk about muslims christians and the minority of jewish people.
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the new 1st train station as they call it a look at the. inside the restaurants most of those people will be palestinians probably from the west bank or from marginalized areas and to the slab with very low salaries. they are treated like garbage and this alexis then is a man who just used to get that up in no way they say if they had the guts to put up. with i love the civil one but i love i'm looking for ways to stand. by him in the muscle he i mean the outlook nice for me. i'll just push you can complete confidence to be able to still use the website. i'll feel
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with. mommy to me. that i have been will this is a good. solution. it's a place where somebody has. to become the face and share. their real i'd like to smash a ceiling but adds a little. study on school where he will tell you. if you're headed in effect. on the. list with suitable girls missing the show this. morning out of the whole thing i'm assuming it's not mechanical sophia this is a look at that is a smack in the saddle and i'm off to see a commander that i we have on he bought some having bought a. good .
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leader. my father's house is exactly opposite this street which becomes said. in arabic or that or the colony so let's go to my father's house and i hope they won't call the police so we'll do it very quickly. this is my father's house the house of the amount my father lived in this house for 8 years from 40 years until 48 with his mother he was chased out of the house like most of the palestinians because they wanted to confirm the statement of golda meir that this is a country a land without people but all these people who are living in these homes in the 1998 netanyahu came into governance and as. a
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money money maker and many money lover he wants to privatize palestinian houses in the same time as israeli telecom and and electricity water all these elements which which can be privatized so that he can gain more money my father's house was sold for $4000000.00 by plan who is a real estate agent who came from america and. neither my mother nor my son agreed to the fact that i am very passionately and emotionally involved in the past you can see that he didn't even come with me because he's he wants to avoid all these emotional issues when i came here last time. from outside i was taking a photo the people inside the house saw the flash they parked their car in the middle of the street they called the police they arrested me they put the handcuffs
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in my feet and in my hands i told them but what crime have i done what's my case i just took a photo. not a banana republic we have a court system we have a court system who is definitely not in the pocket of the right wing or the religious of this country no one can get away with just driving someone in house of anywhere in this country i mean we know the british were here we know exactly who was kicked out in what ease and $948.00 the jews also kicked out of the area taken as prisoners of war that's real being kicked out and evicted by the arab world no arab is being pushed out or kicked out of anywhere actually been driven at no such
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thing. they have been was here we'll see in this country since 17 conquerors we're familiar with wars that have tried to driven us out when brought here is imperialists we have returned home as the indigenous people to our own homeland and there's basically nothing that the world or the arab world can do about it whatever attempts they've tried one succeed the make or timid jew living in some ghetto or statue under the nazis or under the czar or under whoever it may be the pirates we are today a strong people who have come back to our lands we're back here now and no amount of arab terrorism violence or hatred is going to keep me up and they will be eaten up referenced you know it's a sign from australia that may be taken the wrong why but it doesn't mean that me
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personally will handle it because we have off already. any arab that wants to drive me out someone that wants to see someone wants to drive me out. someone that wants to stab my god forbid much like we've seen before you know that person will be eaten up for breakfast now that one beat that would be something i would do personally the jewish people the state the police whatever has to be done that will be handled. not only are we looking over the temple mount seir the place where the golden dome is no that's the place the holy of holies this is what the arab world wants and this is what they'll never get. abraham's children don't get along some brothers don't get along in this particular case in fact it's even worse because there's parts of a very very violent streak in a south and l.
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which is the combination and part of the muslim world today. there's addict in that says a south hates jacob was he upset that abraham or isaac only gave certain listens to him and certain other blessings the him the children of a ram have been blessed in many different ways that the jewish people i am isaac jacob king david king solomon all the way to little daniel luria today in jerusalem is this one chain that's been blessed in a different way the little land of israel we have the covenant with god. we have returned home designers dream is being realized all the time and as the indigenous people here the world and especially the arab world is going to have to understand that at some point in time.
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today i live in ships around where i live spiritually if i may say saw in the western part of the city i wasn't born yet in 1948 during the dr but i feel that the dark but is grounded in. these times are times which i got from my father's house actually id processed. when the house was put on sale and there they were uprooting all the ties and or what is in the house i chose to put them and document my history and my story. our ultimate goal is actually to preserve cultural heritage.
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very well that. everything. anything there for you think how to preserve and protect your traditions. whether it's the. presentation. i will accept. my father's house and i thought ok. except. of my. very very very very depressed.
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the mother would be very emotional and very. boxers and i'm about her father's house the toy store and about. all this stuff so she's very attached to the. to the past and to the emotional heritage that's called it. for me for example why i try to focus more on the present what to do in the present like well what more can i make my life better now. i'm an artist so this is
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important for my art because my art is not a ready made it's also about exploration and investigation. i had my 1st exhilaration when i was 16. and it was photography and that time it was the 1st intifada on the streets who were filled with stickers and posters and. i regret fiji's everywhere so it was like walking in the big piece of art the series is called reconstruction because it's about reconstructing. the reality of the city so this series off work is my latest work it's called wonders and signs one can see it as a metaphor of jerusalem because of the layers on top of each other and layers of
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history the layers of writings of messages. or political messages. and then you have the soldiers coming in and covering them with white paint and after it's covered with white paint and the palestinians come back and they put a new message on it. jerusalem is also a big ball a big bunch of things so it's not easy to find your place you feel like you're an intruder paradoxically the people that come from abroad they feel home because it's their promised land and for whatever reason you know. most people think that the space has been or was a battleground between villages and that's not true it was before 948 whether you were jewish muslim or christian we all saw ourselves as palestinian muslims but as
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the new christians but a sunni and jews. you have to know the truth but you have to understand the context most of the population of the country was palestinian mainly muslim and jewish and christian but mainly muslim minority was christian of 10 percent and 5 percent were jews and there has always been synagogues churches and mosques. the shared values but the underlines the relationship between us it is about that in the gym i don't care if they play on friday or set of their sunday i care about how the 3 to be we are 11 people but what is divisive is where do you stand on the policies are fewer
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government when it dehumanizes. either read the bible through palestinian eyes and we read it in the context of living under occupation jesus lived under occupation became a refugee under occupation his miracles were what done under occupation the thousands gathered around him and that occupation so we see how deeply jesus resisted occupation and we try to walk in the same footsteps. samjhauta is one of the founders of symbian and she is an excellent writer and she has an excellent blog. most of the israelis are secular jews but of course they use this to justify. that this is the city and then you find all these crazy christians i call they call themselves christian zionists their theory is completely untrue because i mean when they say all the jews have to
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gather here. the jews that israel is a happy about this part of the theory but then so that the messiah can come and when the messiah comes they have to become christians and those who don't become christians then they will have to be killed i mean what kind of a religion is this what kind of a guard is this god when the messiah comes if they don't believe then they have to be killed israel goes along with them they accept the fact the 1st part of it which is having them come over here but that makes many people would say well if this is if this is god's will i mean who wants god's will. i'm a professor articles university and my campus is basically the main campus is about 3 minutes wiped off before the warning today i have to drive it depends on the
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traffic if i'm lucky that'll be like between half an hour to 45 minutes that's from a lucky i'm going to lucked out but i almost kicked the war. i feel this was terrible because at one point i had 3 kids at the university studying university to be would waste 8 hours every day going and coming back from the rest . of separation war it's a party it's an apartheid wall is simply a spot a scene from palestinian only. reason. i started this building i mean i've thought of this building for many years and i
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would have but i've now i have to go visit me for about 45 minutes around the north side of the vans i've just arrived this makes sense i think the people who live in trailers and they would stay and normal if you choose you know not all of you but the only way one day you will just like to believe in war but you wanted to use your low. about 18 years with the school as well as he is doing but he has learned before i was. in britain because of the lack of sunshine for most of the time people talk when they meet each other they greet each other and they speak about the weather if they would make a different story were a beautiful day and he and i have not to speak at one point they speak spontaneously about the checkpoint. house checkpoint today the checkpoint is interesting what. the new one is definitely different from the walls of the city except the walls of the city.
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good moving from one jerusalem neighborhood the other through to the middle of. this is the only form of a syrian neighborhood i mean you this is a good day before many people you know it's in the morning during rush hour it's the most difficult time when you have students to be good people going make it to work. and to be being counted especially the incident that is something that we thank you but i'd like. there was a was there
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a woman name when i got on my right here when she was trying to go to 3 the soldiers were not letting go they were asking good to have a good man she would say no in front of the sorceress she sat down and she said i want to sell it to me. at the so i just started making fun of what so i remembered me and other young people and other people in the city is that the just one good thing going to that you need to back you to do good. they're not going to let you but she insisted she stepped on the mound and said i want to go to do is tell him to do. so of course the army but the son. and he come come in. so the something pressure on her to leave started encouraging we saw in her leadership that's not in us. and i remember. the boy's body enforcements another 4 soldiers came in and they said grandma with guns you
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need to go and she said no i'm not going anywhere i want to go to jerusalem to plead she was insisting then force ranchers try to carry her they could not then the soldiers give up and they said you know it this is how you would do you good to play and i remember she could you could then token so and she jumped. and then like a 3 year old kid without the support of the community without the support of anybody finding god. she made it clear to us that the.
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this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in that's something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. what happens when plans for a new life a broad idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking turn every turn. i don't remember how many times it stopped the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind this double exile on
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al-jazeera. hello everyone taylor in london the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's national security council has condemned american astronauts on a powerful shia group and has warned it will rethink its relationship with the u.s. led coalition fighting are still american warplanes hit 3 cut type hizbullah camps in iraq and 2 in syria killing at least 28 fighters and injuring 51 the group is allied with iran and has vowed revenge iraq's prime minister has called the attacks a breach of sovereignty the u.s. says the strikes were a decisive response to threats by iranian backed forces against american personnel
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mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . our senior state department official says that iraq had the opportunity to protect u.s. personnel within the area as what he said were invited guests he insists that iraq has failed to do sir giving the indication that this attack was carried out because the iraqis were unable to guarantee the security of u.s. forces who the state department official says were invited into iraq by the iraqi government but one must also note that reports from iraq indicate that the iraqi government was informed of the strikes short time before they happened the caretaker prime minister asked us not to carry out these strikes the us continued to do so at least 23 people have been killed in a rebel attack in democratic republic of congo fighters from the allied democratic forces armed group launched a raid on a tina 800 kilometers northwest of the city of beni that mean several protests in
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many in recent weeks locals accuse un peacekeepers of failing to protect them judges in sudan have sent us 29 members of the security forces to death for torturing and murdering a protester the court in khartoum was packed for the verdict schoolteacher and hair was killed in february during protests that eventually deposed president bashir. a volunteer firefighter has died while tackling a blaze in new south wales as bushfires continue to rip through parts of australia 8 emergency warnings are in place for tuesday in the southeast and say to victoria with fire fueled by extreme weather conditions tearing through the area tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. there is the top stories are be back after a rock and a hard place with news after. i
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cannot claim today that i'm respecting israel because it's not possible to respect an apartheid regime and system which brings me and justice and unfairness. when i organize the worst i try to show what we are confronting is actually a very drastic and speedy transformation of our city wherever we go in the skewed to full majestic damascus gate we see ours where police stations would say come in microscopes set to watch and to monitor the youths and the people walking in the streets and so on this is not the political story but i just want you to see that there are israeli soldiers everywhere. there is a very ugly scene today in jerusalem which i try not to beautify but to be indifferent to these ugly scenes and to show what's left of the beautiful palestine and treasures of fair the city of jerusalem. on. getting
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a. reprieve. and this is their shadows house even if he gets his house and he never actually lived here in this house. let alone. the. little. league we are here in the muslim quarter you cannot go in and unfortunately because it is an occupation because before the occupation i also mosque was open for everybody this is i think the most difficult and the most challenging part of the occupation. and i want to do now is take you to the center of west jerusalem and just show you how the occupation is mocked. art of the lives and the thoughts of the people here
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it is as if this is the room i'm originally from for my students are you from where do you so come visit the old homeland. although zionism played a role in that i was able to come here you know unlike problems to be refugees only able to you know i thought the idea of israel wasn't such a bad idea if we could accommodate with the palestinians and i really believe that we could find a way to live together and so on raiden are able to dismiss that they don't think about it it's the land of israel that's it's in the bible it's unproblematic kids ours we came back you guys. palestinians are intruders you know and you know this whole claim that actually isn't true but the whole claim that there's an organic between the israel lights and the hebrews of the bible
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and jews of today you know is what makes that tie so you know this is our land just go back and look at the bible the and that's where israel of course gets a lot of support from christian fundamentalists. not just in the jewish community and abroad we don't use the word palestinian we talk about arrows in a very differentiated a way we never use the word occupation you don't talk about settlements their community you don't talk about settlers there are jewish residents of communities so the whole language his family everything if you talk to people what is the occupation where is the occupation what is the palestinian people with you know what the hell you're talking and that's where israel has really won it's insulated its people so much from the political reality that's 100 meters away and so in that sense israel when does it take in the whole issue of palestine off the table for his right only would think about. you know we have to talk about the right ok great
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so you know. assuming the video of this image. is included in the blessing and in the promise of the multiplication this is. the problem is if you try and you do succeed in having an ideology imposed on politics or a mixture of dangerous mixture of and this is by the way for all christians muslims and jews this is not forget it was. more than 400 years ago and the of 6058 approximately he allowed the jews back in jerusalem they were prohibited from living in jerusalem for about 5 centuries. and they demolished the model to expand the area in front of the western wall. demolishing
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everything historical buildings including the mall school to the school and they have ultimately used to so that they would live in that month. tourists would buy the idea that we have well defined quarters all the way from lions gate to aware street you have basically major christian sites. that are muslim families for example who live in the christian quarter it just when you see a christian course of the most important it doesn't sound right to build on what the most of us said my name is omar named after omar of although i'm a palestinian question from one of the main question families of jerusalem i was named after him and a fair amount as
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a testimony to the beautiful relationship and to the beautiful tolerance. has expressed with his encounter with peter so for us my dear mother breastfed our christian living her name is let me because my mother breastfed my me so we became one of them a system you know one of the sisterhood that is not to be used on a beloved you know line this is some milk relationship from roman times they had this and i think that divide and conquer and the british implemented this strategy very well. we came down from the neighborhood that i live in good infrastructure the new u.s. embassy and then you drive down the 1st thing you get is a police station a border police that kind of clarifies from this point on we need to be in control and any drive through a neighborhood but because there's a settlement here the settlement behind us then you see this good infrastructure there's lights there's sidewalks and then the entrance of the settlement comes and
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just after it ends there's no sidewalk here in a palestinian neighborhood and you just really see the difference and the fact that nobody cares about the infrastructure from that point on because really it's about . infrastructure for jewish population. that's the israeli plan to have as many people here it's possible to be able to keep the jewish majority and if you want to see a jerusalem that is i don't know worth living in for everyone in it then it has to be one that is free of those concepts of racism that's free of zionism. i grew up in a kind of classic zionist left household so growing up knowing were against the occupation but having no idea what the occupation is. for me one of those like
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a ha moments of understanding what those consequences are was actually years ago i have a sister that's younger 10 years younger than me and we were on this trip with different families it was just me and her and then different random families and we were together for a week and it was a dinner and we were all talking about you know whatever small talk and i was 22 at the time someone asked me what do you do in the military which is normal is really small talk on recession and just before i answered i saw my sister kind of her face turning into this really like the we have to get in this argument again like that have to be like this every time we just not just be normal you know and that's part of what being a dissident in different ways means saying no we can't ever just be normal.
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in lebanon israeli society is the default so choosing to step out of that is is choose. to be different and the definers up is different and it has different consequences that are beyond prison it's choosing to be an outsider that is the problem there it's just a feeling that's there and it's and it's heavy and sure but it's nothing right i did that for a few months palestinians sit in prison before they're even convicted in most cases just for the duration of the trial and for years on when they are sent straight don't you think that these measures make the people of jews in fisi fish but building walls check or in more like a military police the we live in the state of fear and we are told to continue to be afraid regardless of what the reality is and i think that this is very strong
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within the israeli mentality i mean security we need to be strong we need to have. we need to be always in control and so on it's also very evident within the education system the holiday system and so on even when you ask israeli officials what is it about the wall that had to do with security like israeli security officials say very clearly the world doesn't prevent people from coming in inequality is inherent part of the city 40 percent almost of the city are not citizens of the state they don't have the the right to vote to be elected but more importantly they can lose that that's what zionism looks like interest because that's what the state looks like leverage that is the key thing we need to create it's passing resistance and we can hope that that resistance will be popular and will not be you know armed and things of the sort. when we talk about what cut
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campaigns about divestment campaigns about creating different frameworks of power the palestinians have to leverage to tell israel you want this to end you want this to change ok let's go to the table let's talk about what you give for that that's not the discussion that's happening today. the 1st thing that struck me really the heavy weight of history that everyone here bears and somehow feels that you know people who live in jerusalem comes from time into their lives just to carry the burden of its history. i think honestly newser. in many needs to slow face pressure on us threats or to move out. but if i can take the opportunity of this interview and speaks
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through you directly to them i would say despite the cost and despite the difficulties do not give up never give up because palestinians are not people who are coming through this land just just renting their apartments or their houses for a short period of time before they move on their part of this land they're part of this landscape when the flower of peter and founders of said is that the ship doesn't do too little from south africa and the as the scheme is saying that says it's an elephant is stepping on a mouse and you leave it for the elephant and the most the figured it out you're taking the side of the elephant and this is i think most of us palestinians we feel the international community observing us while we are on the margins and we need help with asking help and you're right to do that you're absolutely right to to to demand that from the international community not just to ask for it in any context this would never be
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a negotiation between equals so how much should we wait as palestinians or can we eat we feel we are drowning and we refuse to drown i think all that. that's a question that your postings have to answer and hopefully we would. welcome to the south african the president of the office i think it's always good to see. you on a consulate here this is not really a state so we call it in south african the president of the office of the but resents and it's an embracing of an embassy. we see the occupation part of what we supposed to be doing is hosting palestinians home most palestinians i can
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host them at by a distance but of us batalla de is to host people at all in essence and also as part of or diplomatic work but we had tonight that fundamentally as south africans we have treated what was called the peace the arctic front. those that oppose the party came together and we realized they were common principles and i think palestinians have to realize they have more in common than that which divides them interestingly we were called the so-called tele said we're a people nope line up to meet us people want to benefit from our experience and even the international communities and i want to name countries who have asked us to engage palestinians cross the border but don't you think the international community when it comes to south africa that has emerged as racist and it had to go away and there was strong solidarity with comes to us palestinians it seems israel has impunity we had the masses of our own destiny at the end of the day yes it is
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true international solidarity did play a role an important role in terms of boycotts sanctions and whatever else and isolation of apartheid south africa but if it wasn't the south african collective who took to the streets the palestinians have to work as a collective you have a mass movement in eugene is really a party and reengage people in terms of the common values that we have in terms of dignity in terms of human rights in terms of democracy and these common values would bring us together. underneath the golden dome of today that has to be respected is the foundation stone of the world. and yes there is something there today. just let me see. sin every religious jew believes that one day in the future there will be the 3rd temple and we're told that by our prophets
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was saying in the deserts bloom the in getting the exiles we have returned home but there are some things that in the hand of god so the 3rd temple itself very much in the same position that abraham attempted to sacrifice isaac with the 1st temple was of king solomon and the 2nd temple will also be the 3rd temple but there are some things a hand by god not in man's hand having a jew go to the temple mount today to pray to walk around the holiest place the jewish people in a place that mohammad never visited the 1st temple existed 1700 years before the dome of the rock was even build some things in the process as we left to god the bruises began with the fall of the. nothing to the temple mount there's only one tunnel and it said parallel to the western wall nothing to do with the temple man itself it's absurd hysteria from the arab world are people concerned about the illegal era building on the temple mount that's a disgrace and yet they managed to get away with the
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a huge mosque on the chimp amount destroying things the 2nd temple period that's something that should be discussed not what the jews do walking on the outside of the temple mount. the jewish people have some responsibility to act in a certain way in accordance to the laws that were given by the bible itself it's very difficult for me to know exactly today as many rabbis found it difficult to know exactly what was the specific thing the god was and with the jews about. the only people that know the future a prophets and foods and i'm neither. one
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of my favorite places to be here in jerusalem without a dash is this car door the old roman road that used to look like that. this place in israel for christians or muslims anyone we're not talking about sovereignty can't compromise on sovereignty you know what hands away their homeland this is not a multicultural democratic side this is not another astray at all or america or france or england no this is a jewish state the jewish people. so we are now in the can he still pm it which translates to the church of that is that action every the very early in the morning the muslim families would open the doors
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of the church because the church is divided by different christian denominations and there was a dispute on who should have the keys or the key for the door so they divided the church but when it came to the consensus the agreed on and on the muslim families they knew that these muslim families are one of the spark that just look right now i mean as for the seniors both u.s. officials and i as a as a muslim we had a very very tiny minority now when we are sitting in the hall where it's just like . as if this is not our space. in the past we used to worship in this church this church just oil the center of the world because a 5th of the importance of. empty tomb of christ for some centuries we have been forced. to make space for graham's foreigners and we were moved to one of the churches outside the complex of the church of the resurrection the same thing at
11:53 pm
a much almost for example no tourists would be you know turned away if they would just go through the broken gate but there are restrictions on muslims even those who have risen in my view will ever sciences unshipped my nephew and my niece their dream is to come to jerusalem they don't have a permit their dream is to come to the church of the holy supplicant. they are guys that they are trying to judaize size jerusalem you are the only one that can save this city and if you will not do it it now they fear that in the future will not be now seemed too safe because they said to live they are working secretly systematically and they are taking everything they can so you should do so samson he made italy that the city is under. the respect.
11:54 pm
it was one of the founders of a settlement in the gaza strip and it's that i am. with this and i was one of the found there was of need. it's incredible a field during these days so for old to be a settler it takes. the do years before you realize that something it doesn't wark each ideology has a price. and the prize that we are paying for their ideology of the great israel is is too much is too much.
11:55 pm
2 months after i arrived in entering into the army to go to the army because they say that this is my are all zionist should go to the army and fi for the country. knocked over 72 he you know the young people war started 2 weeks after a pause in jericho in front of the egyptian army in cia it was in an ospital for a separate mance when i start to look around me and to see people dying. there as the day lose their sounds or sounds that they lose their fathers then they started the process dad. take me from their right to being due
11:56 pm
to their left to desire an east left at the beginning and after then to do their known zionist left this is the place where i am now it was very hard to me to leave my right wing friends i change my mind but they couldn't change may sashi group and it takes one year before i say ok no more right wing. it's easier to change your man ain't down to change your social environment i was longing to see in the country. we've been traveling for a week and we've seen all the reality on the ground in jerusalem it's miserable you've met the politicians they say there's no hope you meet the united nations this literally there's nothing we can do it is up to you we must but i mean resilient we must overcome justice for the palestinians and end of the occupation
11:57 pm
join the civil society of the palestinian community initiatives like economic sanctions economic measures interesting documentation like b.d.s. and so on we cannot give in to the powerful is the rail a decision makers and their allies the trumps and the powerful in the world we must come together we all were not only for us or for jerusalem a holy place for diligence but for a future generation. empires come and go but the people remain in their face this is the story with what has happened throughout every empire across the palestine they have this appeared and became ruins but the people still stand.
11:58 pm
hello there very much back in place across the south and the southeast of australia now there is a bit of a change because this line of cloud here this is a front swinging and across the great bite now as it does that the winds will change direction so they're coming in from the ocean so that cooler winds not coming in from the dry horse interior a little bit of moisture as well but it will still remain very hot indeed and in fact there are some extreme heat warnings in place these been issued by the bureau of meteorology and in particular areas in the southeast around cameras attempt as a nazi boundary away from the pocket of air very hot just in between camera and
11:59 pm
also. a wednesday in perth with a high of 31 degrees but this is what i mean about these temperatures there but by friday 38 saturday 42 degrees celsius that is 16 degrees above the average it will be slightly cooler on sunday and then hopefully by monday there is actually some much needed rain in the full cost me one across both on and off new zealand it's dry and it is fine but even here the heat is on its way so 21 in christchurch on tuesday but by wednesday up to 33 and it will cool off as the showers push through they say in the day. my name is some people say that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's
12:00 am
a philosophical question it's not allowed but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity techno. al-jazeera. and our intel of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. iraq says it will reconsider relations with the u.s. led coalition against after military strikes targeting paramilitary groups in the country. 29 members of saddam's security forces received death sentences for torturing and killing a protester. tens of thousands of people were warned to leave their.


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