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tv   Prejudice And Pride In Hungary  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2020 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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for families all 176 people on board died after an initial denial iran's military admitted that it shut down the jet by mistake despite international pressure to abide by its 2015 nuclear deal commitments iran says it will continue to enrich uranium and its televised speech president has done rouhani said the ron was not supposed to limits sounds of the agreement his statement comes just days after 3 e.u. nations that were party to the deal launched a dispute mechanism that could lead to further sanctions being imposed on iran those headlines more news here on al-jazeera the radicalized youth next.
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if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and hungry as in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. the italian think a judge or a government that said that fascism never really went away. for me after that i was asked of us and it was our border between months markup of
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us some as a soft us. delegates are those who sure are also what you get out of your some dumb as a positive mentalities one know what i'm sure is. a lot of you so some care so ok soon you case i thought it. was i'll never forgive me. but i can enjoy. before i kill. i just said i would welcome back want to talk we are going to walk if not you do is there someone known to the new life motto some savvy that inference and what doesn't make you. a gentleman like you but you know what you are when you're faking it. as you do us gov. but i'm with.
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you. on a lot of lunch. well supported me in the film the. wrong but your god must be allowed. to chicago not defective and i'm blue neck and i'm lou have. near. enough to say you have to. make me dynamo got me was a. highwayman as i would say the 2nd most significant far right organisation of hungary and many members of the of the organisation used to be members of of the police and of the army so there are members who are really trained. people are just. ok so. you'll have to those on the trail. license number if you shake them on the shaft going to tell me
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then i'm just going on what you say as i don't really i don't know. not all. experts assume that it could be a few 100 men who were part of the organization maximum from being a 1000 people and the organization of was formed by lustful thoughts who is one of the most significant figures of the hunger and far right a model of santa claus i don't think the 'd actual columbo that much that what you mean they could do them out a lot look at the ticket that daughter bought to it hot out after they get us through it because it was all settled by dulcie got the shot go by ad lib not that good number of them because you had no idea what side what value was funny but one of the funny thing is that he did well i mean as out and they saw my daughter i'd be at the.
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really hungry there's one guy i can trust in his last little bit sky. news and we don't want to do. i can say there is a war. is a war against my dreams. nowadays you can say whatever you want to accept if you're heterosexual if you're white and different christian. put your down payment on the say he's going to have to get you some of the cast you're going to cast their as a probably might. mean your plan has a number of well you know hot sauce hates has contacted the author. at. least a scandal is going to keep him.
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on the input if you go you. know from the most as. he has on me as i was like well like when i get on nashville you want to send them to me and him me and me and sucked up better for them and they would then me and some way to be cautious when i'm given a. total yeah we sent them in a portable. as wonderful as me and as we're going on. monday i do it because it. may be worth them when you write you know. and. i believe. they can you believe it. or. you are 25 but you're 50 in your country it.
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seems mass we ration storage we had. a bunch of clashes between the cultures and the problems that the culture of death is you know i should say jim brady is he's not comfortable with european culture. thanks. for a lot of motion and a lot of. well you got to. be glad. he's out of us. now that's
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a toupee yet of iraq. was . such a dramatic contrast to monday now the police instead of letting people on board the crimes stopping them from getting access to station. some of what i'm going to trash i wanted to help him be allowed one came up. to us . about what i thought. might just. as a feeling of you know. i think i got to what australia always you all seem jenny it out magazine don't be such
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a mate i do have games i'll talk to one all of the. most adult duck confit on. the skittle i'm going to buy a lot of and i don't want to bet on that ok. so give us that don was not the most wanted i want to sign up. as a traditional suspicion of ethnic minorities that was the basis of official i'm getting bored tix. for a 114 yes no. the fear of being swamped by foreign congress which is owed feeling you know country is. especially in eastern europe as you know you know memories attached to patients and all that kind of thing is transmogrified into a myth. because of course nobody is threatening hungary we don't have immigrants at all 0 immigration but this is the one topic one political topic
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anybody and everybody is discussing. because there are no refugees and migrants currently in hungary because they not in the country be torben had to kind of invent a new enemy in this new enemy became church or russia. i am. sure they spread the message that this church taught us wants to bring refugees and migrants to europe in order to destroy the continent to destroy a nation state to destroy the kind of the christian traditional cause for a few of. mr shadows she is a very handy symbol because of course he was supporting human rights groups free higher education and such causes that are hated anyway. but it's
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very easy to explain them all from from an ism to human rights from modern capitalism to its opposite to modern socialism by the figure of the demonic elusive in explicable jews. but also that is a joke like. the before yesterday. to dob me for the like washing the city of chester crowd time as i did as a data visible. because of what i'm talking like a through and. in addition to that there's a lot. so he's one of those who did then badmouth. us all on his drug problem you know sonny don't want to look at this politically.
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nazionale isn't some better off cause i looked so of course i'm a bird let's go and i'm home i was a shaggy fighter you wanted. you know me your death was accustomed. to go through. because i. was young oh yeah. and what that has done was i'd let em but not one of us old. so they try mushroom named shawn hawking i'll give one shit i mean i should like going up to one yeah should have all of us down oh you mind you no doubt each of them then out it took. it's really hard to. receive the truth because
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a lot of times you just don't go back to search for specific information. you just . keep you see the lies or force things. i trust my friends i trust my family i just from what i read to trust strangers. on the moon i mean much of what i'm going to make sure when you watch the micromanager and. me the. letter which. we just tried to find songs. find some people who are acting for the antisocial
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i mean for example drug going to. people at night. or stack whole weeks inside a city we go up and down we try to speak to them we try to tell them the right guy just calm down don't do this go home and stuff like that and if it doesn't work for usual police. hungary ems and she says have. problems with each other there are districts here in the bush where i don't use people are leaving and those these streets have the. highest crime rates actually we really cannot sleep together for peace. ok jim good for you and i mean if you believe. that the but i'm trying to get it done along with. your number.
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2 that's right most of these youngsters do not join far right organizations because they are obsessed with the ideology because they are new your nazis perceive. most of the time they join these organizations because they want to join a community they want to belong to and to a group of people and step by step of course they start believing in this ideology . that's why i love to watch understand. does it get. us to. this is. what. we're trying to keep our christian well you stand parents honesty. and bravery
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and. well. we're not well for example in. trying to deal with these people who were just joking and they are then it's a whole different story so they attack us yeah i would fight back. so is the only solution is. obviously. sad difference we need to defend ourselves. like the mafia functions attempted outmatched it's on the same found the no human is a photo none of the shooting or try and i'm to fish on in their guts no books i don't know what he.
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would do it is just that most of them are direct answer to what if it. is up to their own feet. since. the m.b. exchange. for money to build. it is an idea a little more just totally out of the room money. folks who will. actually almost had a very senior feel. with them if. you. feel that you can cut i know that i'm not everything
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we have here but i think excited for begin to see how no one thought in 1920 candy's piece going to be lost to search the fellow country. we'll give you back. to. them as well and seemed to switch all of that i get i'm ok not just going. if we want to does that fun to shop for offering. us here what you offer me on body and blood then i'd be scared got it with you when you're getting yourself kishore sag as you may call for them under some program think that a lot of money honey you know your 14 gish middle class english we need less you're many people feel abandoned in order to really feel left behind so you look at the past in a beautiful life when everything was perfect was when everything was good. when
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hungary was a significant player the european level and when everyone had jobs. or did a quarter of tome we just difficult for them to get me. the ponies suit the shish of night as well as the and that's a lot of the stuff means i guess so a lot of them so i just nod and i usually put them on the lot of the shanks line you know i'm sick of that they don't need my phone of what they get out of for the last just going in one of these i gave out some national. when ya me you know how much does that cause if we have them united as in show me it's midnight tonight is what would have been as if it had a half a dozen action means. so-called or not for what i don't know is what i shall go
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on all around the plane going to those groups because i love to a few who have to. tell you so i guess silk i looked only. at me and say that only all body if so many more that cock sure. i mean that as that they call it that you know it's not you on the look that you are going to show you not just maybe from what i hear you have what i want yeah and to hear. him. going to get that rush to know. what the fuck you gon does about you how you act my auntie economic fears i got how you think that i will be back again we. talked last year after this number so question of are. you married on your name up back when you met your also new hope would allow me to get an even think fitting got that i gave you that.
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if you left them for. no it is my fish on my shoe if it's not me i am what. i can get for that hasn't got me on the cheek of a shaky day now got a long and yes i will keep what's right. for in the one i want you so. there's the electric. cord was only a little see later ci any junkyard goes out and shake on the ground on. jello that someone. and you look. better numb then i'm told by now most of them know yourself you know in cuba. i mean called mahdi's
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or some of my late dad who told us that nirvana did i was a shaggy rateable chuckles you don't doubt michael quote my model t. should want us again i mean do with him as long as you think we should not have known that you know you don't want the man you know he talks on the people you meet i've got a lot of them i'm. not . but i'm to study on a lot of money he goes you have to be on the ball that we don't get but i was i guess to be this out. on the sea of all but yeah boy.
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was. my. god god. god. god god. god god. god awful me whoso massaquoi. i'm going to be for the good luck going on as it's on the street and i'm still if i . was easy i mean. made by our fellow mother grandmother if you got them to you got on time in
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a minute i guess less people should butt out me well you should chill out on our camera shop. we are selling them as i say i should have half goes there ross and i are bored your holidays off for god i know your career depends mag that mr bell and . this is not like the it flashes. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global tried. very very uneventful. glide towards the precipice that resistance. we are past the danger is already happened. it was then just 10 years.
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now this is it. the model of the hours. which is cooking the books on a. people were criticizing me is very thing santa for we can afford braces not so i think that i am right they think that they are right again debate but stop shouting that goes it's not profitable. now. ah. well.
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well i always said that. i'm just a simple guy who is not. who is not from his law for a small man it was not for his region it was not for his race that's it i'm simple guy i really wouldn't call myself. for myself and. i'm just maybe you're going. they join one of the world's most notorious omid groups. but found a way out to rebuild their lives and now help us. a tale of course for crude and child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women and daughters of alice a bad part of the radicalize nude scene and it's funneled to 0. frank
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assessments the one good thing about these bush fires is that it's really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school board lawyers on 'd a boat aside him and his astonishingly patronize a in depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about still against an ethnic sectarian cult or inside story on al-jazeera. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al-jazeera.
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the 1st step in the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump is under way in washington right now is a live pictures from capitol hill as manages the u.s. house of representatives and to the senate chamber they are going to read the articles of impeachment triggering the beginning of the trial against president donald trump the presiding judge for the trial in the senate is also due to be sworn in all $100.00 senators will also be sworn in and act as jurors during the proceedings the trial which donald trump has denounced.


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